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Found 18 results

  1. Players Only Please! Day One: Re-encounter at Farpoint The Enterprise-D is crusing through space after another mission. "Well, I'd say the colonists on New Berlin are safe once more after we've dealt with that asteroid." Riker said. "Quite. I'm looking forward to our upcoming archaelogical expedition." It was not to be, however, as with a flash, the mischievous Q appeared on the bridge! "Bonjour, Picard. I apologize for dropping in so suddenly." "Q! What are you doing here!" Picard shouted, angrily. "Can't I drop in from time to time to visit my friends?" "No." Worf replied "Ah, well, you've caught me. I was doing some reading of your Starfleet records when I came across a mysterious event that the original Enterprise crew had. They played a game called mafia, and after some research, I decided that we should all do the same!" Picard and Riker stood up, quite displeased. "We will not be pawns for your amusement!" Worf shouted. "Mr. Worf, please calm down." Picard said. "We will not be pawns for your amusement." Worf sighed after being reprimanded again. "There are eight of you on this bridge. Two of you are now randomly scum. Any attempt to not play my game will result in me destroying this ship instantly. I have frozen the rest of the ship so there's no other distractions from anyone else. And I've taken Counselor Troi's empathic powers away so she can't cheat." "Oh dear." Troi said, upset. With that, Q disappeared in a flash as quick as he appeared, leaving the bridge crew of the Enterprise to decide what to do next. --- With eight players, a majority of five is required to lynch. 48 hours remain in the day. With eight players, a majority of five is required to extend the day an extra 24 hours for a maximum of 72 hours. Players (8): Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Kristel Commander William T. Riker - Lady K Lieutenant Commander Data - Trekkie99 Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge - KotZ Lieutenant Commander Beverly Crusher - mostlytechnic Lieutenant Commander Deanna Troi - Hinckley Lieutenant Worf - Fugazi Ensign Wesley Crusher - Pandora Rules (Please Read!) 1) There are eight players. Two of those players are Q's scum. The other six are loyal Starfleet Officers. There are no third party players. 2) A game day will last for a minimum of 48 hours. You may vote at any time during the day. You must vote. A player must be lynched every day or else. A majority of players can vote to extend the day by 24 hours once, meaning the day would be a maximum of 72 hours. This majority has to be reached before the 48 hour mark. 3) There are no night actions in this game. The Starfleet Officers win by voting out all of Q's scum and the scum win by outnumbering or tying the town in a parity. 4) Use the power of the vote to win this game. 5) The alignment of players that have been voted out will be revealed the next day. 6) Under the honor rule, there will be no PMing in this game, except for the scum 7) Don't quote anything that the host sends you via PM 8) Once you are voted out, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any players. 9) Don't edit your posts! 10) There's no clues anywhere. 11) You must post in every day thread! We're going to wait for Lady K, but if she doesn't show, we'll replace her.
  2. The goal here was to build a MC80 flagship for my Rebel fleet that was: a) As closely to scale as possible with 6211 Star Destroyer. b) Larger (longer) than any of my other Rebel capital ships i.e. Phoenix Home or Tantive IV. The result is below, a build I will continue to preen and cycle out better parts/colors for. I think there should be a smattering of more small orange pieces. I am more concerned with how it looks on the shelf now than with any screen accurate considerations. But it does scale very nicely with the Star Destroyer so far (pic to come). The engines are a little... large. Truth is, those blue minifig stands for Lego Dimensions are way more useful to me in a build like this. I will likely shrink the main rear engines somehow but I also need to figure out how to add the other dual engine pods on either side behind each large shuttlebay. There isn't any inside space, but I do display it with my A Wings, B Wings and next to the bridge part of 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser so it looks good with lots of Rebels hanging out in front of it. Would like to hear any suggestions builders may have on improving it. I was only using my spare parts for this so I could certainly invest in some better components for it someday. Thanks for looking.
  3. This has been my main project pretty much since Rogue One came out way back last December and I'm glad to say its finally done! My main goal with this was to make a U-wing that is closer to the actual size it appears in the movie and to have a cockpit that's connected to the troop bay unlike on the Lego set. In these respects I think its successful but I think it still needs some work, especially in fixing the proportions which were off from the beginning due to the wing design I chose. However, for now at least I'm just happy to call this finished but I'll no doubt return to it sometime! I have to say a big thanks to Kit Bricksto who let me use his great cockpit area design but also gave me lots of advise throughout the build once we both realised we had been working on our own U-wings. Sadly he hasn't finished his but you can checkout a WIP photo of it here: More pictures and info about the build is up on Flickr. Any and all comments on the build are very welcome especially ideas for improvements!
  4. Most of you probably know me for building Batman themed builds, specifically Batmobiles but I do enjoy building other things as well. One of these things is Star Wars. Since I have always had a thing for tanks and since I liked Star Wars I figured that I had to try my hand at creating a minifigure scale version of the Imperial Assault Tank or as it is officially called the TX-225 GAVw "Occupier" combat assault tank from Rogue One. Several other people have already made some amazing creations of this vehicle but sadly all of them are too big. When you look very closely during the tank scenes on Jeddha you can actually see that the tank is pretty much the same height as the Stormtroopers walking besides it. An image in the Rogue One: Ultimate Visual Guide also confirms this plus in the same guide it is also stated that the tank is 1,82 metres in height, pretty close to what I would consider the height of an average Stormtrooper. Massive thanks to Inthert as his kyber krystal container actually served as a major influence for mine. Enough talk lets take a look at some images: While the drivers hatch can actually open it won't accurately recreate the look that the open hatch has in the movie so I opted to create a more accurate method in order to show the driver, basically involves swapping 2 or 3 parts. Lets take a look: As you can see I also opted to use some stickers for detailing on the back as the clean 2x4 pieces simply didn't fit in with overal look of the tank, looks pretty good to me. As stated I tried to model my tank to the movie and as a result it is pretty much as tall as a minifigure. Well, that was pretty much all. I certainly hope that you enjoyed my little tank. (how many of you can guess that reference ;)) If you did please don't hesitate to leave some feedback as it is always greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching, have a nice day :)
  5. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    [MOC] Rebel U-wing from Rogue One

    I'm currently busy collecting minifigure parts for and assembling lots of new, original Star Wars characters for a slightly fanboyish and ambitioned continuation of a certain story, leading into new stories around favored characters and lots of new ones. We'll see where this will go, if anywhere... In the meantime, I assembled a new MOC of the Rebel U-wing featured in Rogue One. I like this ship because it presents a new, sturdy and easily recognizable shape among the already established rebel ships, and because I love the idea of a troop-transport with hyperspace capability, as befits the tactics employed by the rebels. I went for stability and sturdyness - as I like to do - and getting the shapes and proportions right. A sleek appearance also was a main goal, so as to underline the straight, sharp lines defining the design of this craft. I hope you like it: The cockpit section can be removed to access the pilot seat and the (smallish) troop compartment: The wings fold back and line up perfectly with the back section of the fuselage to which the engines are attached, leaving no gap in flight mode. When in flight mode, the wings snap into place via a ball joint-connection similar to the official set. When in landing mode, the inner side of each wing is firmly attached to the side of the front part of the fuselage via two studs: The doors to each side of the troop compartment slide open and close without leaving gaps: Enjoy, comment, nitpick, or just leave a reply.
  6. therealjustin

    F1 2017

    To celebrate the new season of Formula 1 and the new cars, I thought I would give my 42000 an update. What started as a small refresh turned into a project The changes: -Chassis w/ simpler DRS controls -Front and rear suspension, wheel hubs -Lower, more sculpted nose -Front and rear wings, diffuser -Removable, one-piece engine cover -Turbo V6 -New mirrors -Perhaps most importantly, the car has proper rake
  7. NOTE: I have no plans on building this IRL for now, it was just for fun to pass the time. If you want the original Star wars version, see here. This model is a combination of the best parts of sets 8095 and 7565 (both of the sets mentioned are called General Grievous’ Starfighter.) but rendered in orange and white for the Neo Nexus Force. As such, this logo here goes on the nose of the craft. Background info: The ship's name in the Star Wars universe is the "Soulless One", and is General Grievous’ personal vessel in Episode 3 and both the Clone Wars cartoon and mini-series until his death at the hands of a Obi Wan Kenobi, who then "borrowed" the ship and later abandoned it. The ship was later found on a junkyard asteroid by Neo Nexus Force leader Bob, who gave a new paint job to the vessel and rechristened it "Creative One". It serves as Bob's private space vessel when on solo missions and also when the star cruisers Bright Hope and Bright Future are not needed. The ship features a slide open cockpit, which comes with a flight computer. The ship defends itself with four laser cannons mounted near the front by the wings, two per side. I heavily modified the tail, wings, and underside to attach better to the rest of the ship. Also, in case anyone is wondering, the wings and mostly from set 7565 while 98% of the body is from set 8095. The Bob figure is included with the space ship in the LDD file, which is available here. Comments, questions and complaints are always welcome!
  8. I want to present you my latest MOC. It is my entry for round 3 of the “MOC Olympics” contest (German LUG: In this round we have to build a ship or scene of the upcoming STAR WARS Movie “Rouge One”. A base of 48 x 48 was the limit. As you can see I decided to build a “beach” scene on Scarif. Because of the limited space and time I build it in Microfighter-Scale. Therefore I designed two completely new Microfighter, the Tie-Striker and the U-Wing. The AT-ACTs are modifications of the original AT-AT Microfighters. I hope you like it. Bye for now Boba Rebel Attack on Scarif by Boba-1980, auf Flickr And some details: More Infos: (German LUG) Palm technique by: inspiredbrick...e-tutorial.html
  9. JamesArts2172

    Star Wars: Micro MOCs | mini kits

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new, but I build lego Star Wars MicroMOCs; in other words 'mini minikits'. I got my ideas from the Star Wars advent calendar series- style micro kits. I have built over 200 so far and I'm still going, so if you want to see any of these regularly, check out my facebook page: and my YouTube Channel "James_Arts_2172: Lego" All I did was go through every page of both DK Star Wars Visual Dictionaries and build every single ship and vehicle in them. Of course I have made many more besides (2014-present sets, Ep 7, Rogue One, Clone Wars, Rebel, Force Unleashed, Old Republic).
  10. Kaboozle

    Scarif Reference Material

    I am working on a MOC of Scarif from Rogue one but I have been unable to find any reference material for the Citadel Tower, which is sort of a key part of the Scarif base. If anybody knows anywhere were i can get good reference for the Scarif base in general, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Trevpack4563

    Happy Force Friday!

    Happy Force Friday! I Hope You Like This! 75152: Imperial Assault Hovertank $30.00 75153: AT-ST Walker $50.00 75154: TIE Striker $70.00 75155: Rebel U-Wing Fighter $80.00 75156: Krennic's Imperial Shuttle $90.00 75119: Sergeant Jyn Erso $24.00 75120: K-2SO $24.00 75121: Imperial Death Trooper $24.00 Minifgure you can get Only today! Get this minifigure by get a star wars set today! plus you can get a rogue one set and get this minifigure! Thanks For Looking at this and BYEEEEEEEEEE!!!
  12. Most of the parts of the Makuta build are pretty easy to see in the images we were shown, but there are some things that are unclear, and some things that could perhaps be improved. I had the idea to start this discussion because I didn't see anyone else talking about it. One of the hardest things for me to notice was how they attached the 3M axle with the stud on the end, but after studying the image of the back of the neck, I realized they used this piece to do it, pushing the axle through from the back, so that's what I'm doing now. One of the alterations I made to the model was because of potential stress on parts. The images called for this piece to be placed both behind and in front of the heels of the silver feet, but the one behind would cause stress on the connectors used because of the placement of other parts right up against it, so I changed that one to this piece, which causes no stress on neighboring or connecting parts. The part is invisible on the completed model, and is not called for anywhere else, as well. I replaced the regular 4M axles connecting the small feet to the big feet with 4M axles with a stopper, because at one point I thought that the black Bohrok eye pieces had fallen off of the regular axles (I later found them in the bin of parts from all the sets I used to make my Makuta model), so I wanted to prevent that from happening, and those pieces are now going nowhere. I also placed one of these on the inside end of the connector used inside the drill, to prevent that drill piece from sliding up the axle in the same way the half bushes, gear, and connector piece stop it from sliding down. I hope you've found these helpful, and I hope you'll share any observations or alterations you've made concerning the model as well.
  13. Nikolas

    [MOC] [LDD] Midi Slave 1

    Hello Eurobricks community, Since I bought the LEGO Star Wars Slave 1 Set 75060 UCS I started looking around for midi scale MOC's of this ship and I found the now 6 years (!) old topic of 'Eichhorn', who build this very same midi scale model. Unfortunalety the LDD link run out, so I had to copy it from the pictures and finally I build my own, new version of it with new bricks that weren't available at that time. It still looks quite similar, but I gave it some curvy shapes and made it look more dynamic. So here it is, the Slave 1 version 2.0: For any questions or details don't hesitate to ask me! Eichhorn's original Slave 1: http://www.eurobrick...opic=45581&st=0
  14. This model is a combination of the best parts of sets 8095 and 7565, both of which are called General Grievous’ Starfighter. I consider both sets lackluster, so I combined both bad sets into one good one. The ship's name in the Star Wars universe is the "Soulless One", and is General Grievous’ personal vessel in Episode III and both the Clone Wars cartoon and mini-series until his death at the hands of a Obi Wan Kenobi, who then "borrowed" the ship and later abandoned it. Here, it is being re-purposed by Imperial forces, led by Admiral Oswald Lyons (my fictional character), who found the ship and claimed it as his own. The ship features a small change from it Separatist days: a Imperial symbol has been added to the side wings. (That 2x2 round tile is supposed to have this print: The ship features a slide open cockpit, which comes with a flight computer. The ship defends itself with two laser cannons mounted near the front of the nose, one per side. I heavily modified the tail, wings, and underside to attach better to the rest of the ship. Also, in case anyone is wondering, the wings and mostly from set 7565 while 98% of the body is from set 8095. Here is the LDD file: Comments, questions and complaints welcome!
  15. Nagol of Fortfield

    Clone Decals, Help!

    Hello custom-izers! I've been wanting to make some custom clones (or at least design some decals). Before I start, I'd like to know if anyone has, or knows, a good decal for this kind of clone: http://alpha.brickli...ode 2]#T=S&O={} That torso is used (I think) on all the new phase II clones as well. When I search the EU index, and the web I can only find decals for this kind: http://alpha.brickli... Wars]#T=S&O={} Also, which is you're favorite? Thanks!
  16. Hi all, I would like to share with you my new and first video (I'm working on another one) where I show how many different figures you can make from ONE BOX OF LEGO DUPLO. I think that this video it is a proof for that the LEGO DUPLO (LEGO) allows you to be creative! Check it out. I will hope you enjoy it! I'm waiting for your feedback. Best Regards Jakub
  17. Hi everyone! I'm Kooberz and I've been doing Lego animation/videos for a long time, but these are a bit different. I recently finished short films highlighting all of the next-gen consoles...Trying to represent them all in a unique way. I loved watching their reveals at E3. Which one would you buy? If you enjoy, please Subscribe and share the vids around because I've got tutorials every Monday, and more animations + Brickfilming behind the scenes all the time. I'll be posting here more often! Lego PS4 Lego Xbox One Lego Wii U
  18. Hello good peoples of the Minifig Customisation Workshop Taking a break from studying for my exams which are currently going on, I decided to create some decals based off characters from my films/graphic novel. Here's one of them, a German Major General called Angelo Vogel. Please lemme know what you think of the decal! His face: The face is based off the Collectable Minifig Series' Pilot ( Series 2 I think? ), but younger. I might re-make it with thicker Eyebrows and a deeper colour for the "wrinkles" and what not.. I'll throw in two reference pictures here, so people have an idea what the 'real' Vogel looks like. Here's the film one: And here's the Graphic Novel drawn version (In the center): The character to his right is the one who's decal I shall be making next, tomorrow night possibly. What is any decal worth if it's not applied to a minifig? I'm not sure, but I applied it to one of my minifigs, i've yet to get a proper camera, so here's a bad quality picture, sorry I might try making a bright-grey coloured "skirt" for him, some point in the future. I might make the tie on the torso darker too, it seems too bright. Anyways! Please let me know what you think, or what I could do more to capture the likeness? Axle