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  1. Imanol BB

    Lifting heavy loads

    Well, i must say i'm impressed, never thought that the hook would take that much weight before breaking, really amazing experiment.
  2. Imanol BB

    Lifting heavy loads

    Of course, you can use them without any problem, i'm glad the design was a success, i hope to see it in action in the video.
  3. Hello everyone, i just saw a video of a very interesting crane similar to this set, there are some pretty cool features which might be a good source of inspiration for modifications, like the 6 wheel arrangement and the removable outriggers modules, i think it would be cool to see something like this made in Lego:
  4. Imanol BB

    [WIP] Rotary Pneumatic valve

    Hi Tommy, i must say this is a very interesting design you are making, this would make pneumatic systems much more compact, as you say, i see there are not exhaust ports, but that could be solved easily, by the way, what about using the first design of the core, but put another air path in the opposite side of the core?, i made an small sketch of this, the round black part with the green paths is the core with the opposed air paths, the blue would be the air inlet port, the yellow the outlet ports and the red would be the exhaust, which could be just a hole in the bottom part of the valve: in this case, 90 degrees of rotation change the air flow from one port to the other, and at the same one port supplied with the pressurized air, the other one has a path for the air to exit; i saw this design in an explanation of how an hydraulic system operates, and it might be helpful for you; all in all, the valve you are designing looks surprisingly good, and i hope you can achieve your goal in a near future, i'll be looking forward to more updates, thanks for sharing it with us.
  5. Imanol BB

    Axle Collection Thread

    Hi, thanks for your interest, i have been working on the axle for quite some time, but sadly i haven't been able to fully recreate the steering system, however this is what I've got so far, i hope it results useful to you: 4Runner IFS.lxf , it would be great to get in touch with the builder behind the model to get a proper view of the whole mechanism, maybe @rm8 could help with that. I also found the original idea, it was shared in this thread by @Paul Boratko, here is the post: @I_Igor Thank you for your interested, actually your portal hubs were an small but good inspiration at the beginning, the only thing i haven't been able to do is fully test this design in real life (), is a bit frustrating, but i have hope in them, i must also say that i love that Unimog you are building, seems really promising. By the Way, if anyone is also interested in the Humvee, i will post newer updates in my "Workshop" topic, in order to avoid filling this thread with only my posts, here is the link:
  6. Hello everyone, has been a while since i uploaded something here, so far i haven't made much progress in the previous models shown before, but since i have a bit more of free time these days i will try to continue, some small updates right now are 3 projects i am currently working on, the first is a concept 8x8x8 Truck, which should use portal and planetary axles which are directly driven by L-Motors and use Xerion Tires,for some reason i thought i had made a post about this project in another thread, but looks like i just dreamed about it , but anyway, here are 2 picture of how it looks so far: The second one is a 12:1 scale Tatra (not sure about which will be the final model), which started just as an axle, but it could become something even better, here is the post about the axle: The third project is a Humvee/Hummer H1 of the same scale of the Tatra, the challenge in this one was mainly because of the axle design, size and functionality were crucial, the story of how and why i started this project can be seen here: Another nice thing about recreating this model is that there is plenty of space to place (and hopefully hide) the PF elements, because the real Humvee has a massive tunnel going right through the chassis and body, where the transmission goes (picture for reference): After some experimenting, this is how it seems from above and from one side using basic PF elements (1 AAA Battery Box, 2 IR Receivers and 2 L-Motors for drive), it all seems to fit nicely in the chassis, and it should be possible to put a cover for even more realism: And with the use of a Buwizz, it would be even smaller and better, but it already looks promising, i hope to be giving more updates soon, i hope you like it.
  7. Imanol BB

    Axle Collection Thread

    Hello everyone, i have a possibly good addition to this topic, some time ago i saw RM8 truck trial video which included some really nice models, one of them was a Toyota 4Runner (Is the white one at the beginning of the video) and something that caught my eyes was the front independent suspension, it was pretty compact and it still was fully functional, after some reverse engineering i was able to replicate most of the design, is a mix between a solid axle and independent wishbones which enabled a such compact and still functional design (I think i first saw this idea from Crowkillers in this same thread): So, i made a similar version, i also made some small modifications to meet some ideas i had, and this all started because i wanted to make a mid-size Humvee with fully functional suspension, i was mad because i wasn't able to achieve an enough compact, functional and realistic design, the lack of parts made it almost an impossible task, but looking at this new axle, some inspiration finally made the trick. The first prototypes for the Humvee axles were like this: Yes, they are pretty ugly, and don't even have portal hubs for gear reduction (Which means that using larger tires would cause a lot of stress), i had 2 options at the moment, using the "rare" black steering arms of the upper image for better overall clearance, or use the newer hubs of the lower image but sacrificing clearance, both options were really inefficient, unrealistic, without portal hubs and too wide, and both warranted a lot of drive train stress and not enough clearance, i was very unhappy with this. This is were the new axle helped, at first it was thought for a mid-size pick-up/SUV, with about 2-2.5 studs of clearance under the differential using the 62mm tires and is about 19 studs wide from one tire edge to the other, i first thought that this new axle wouldn't be so compact, but for my surprise there seems to be so much space that i even stacked an M-motor for an optional winch or PTO, the whole unit (Including the servo) just sticks about 2-3 studs above the upper edge of the tires, this means that there is no need for a bulky hood to hide the PF elements; and here are some images giving an small "teaser" o how it works (BTW, the hubs used are the normal grey hubs with tow balls, in the image are black because i don't know why i painted them like that): And after some inspiration (And because i always try to add portal hubs to every single axle i design), i came up with this, a (Supposedly) fully functional independent suspended portal axle extremely similar to the Humvee ones, is about 24 studs wide from edge to edge of the tires and the clearance under the differential is 5 studs with those (Oversized) tires, but it should use smaller and possibly 3rd party ones for more realism, it should be around 22-23 studs wide and about 3-4.5 studs of clearance, but i'm happy with the result, there might not be a locking differential, but it should still perform well: I hope you like it as much as i do, i will try to give more details about it, i really hope it actually works, i say this because i haven't carried a full test of the axle because of the lack of parts in my collection , yes, it is not really wise to assume it will actually work if i haven't tested it in real life (like most of the political systems), but some faith shouldn't hurt, and if any of you is interested in this axle please let me know, i will try to upload the lxf file too very soon.
  8. Imanol BB

    Hummer H1 Wagon

    I really like it, the scale is good, even though it doesn't have portal hubs (i understand it because of the scale, it is almost impossible to do it functional and realistic) it still looks good and it performs outstandingly, thanks for sharing it, i really like it.
  9. Imanol BB

    Axle Collection Thread

    Hello, i would like to share with you an small idea i had some time ago after getting inspired by Madoca's Tatra, after looking at it's drive train, i first thought that it would be nice to have locking differentials and planetary hubs instead of portals to make the model more realist, but after some attempts i decided that it would be better to start from scratch but using the same principle that Madoca used in his design, the half axles pivot points dont rest directly over the drive train, their pivots are just at its sides, which means that there is no additional stress and friction produced by the suspension itself, and with some work on it i have made this so far: This current version of the axle is thought to be used in 12:1 scale trucks, but its possible to resize it to a bit smaller scales, it should feature fully locking differential, independently suspended pivoting half axles (like a Tatra), shock absorbers plus kind-of leaf spring suspension and the same steering system used in the Tatras (this will be explained better in a future), important note, this axle is NOT fully accurate to the original Tatra half axle design, because, as you can see, there are 2 separated drive trains for each half axle, i did this in order to achieve the diff-lock function and looks like it should work properly though it is not the same system as the Tatra's, but with the currently available pieces, the options were minimal: The diff-lock function is accomplish by the grey clutch which is connected to one of the half axles drive train, when locked, it engages with the differential and locks the movement of both half axles drive trains, one nice feature of this axle is the gear ratio, the gear ratio from the differential the the wheels is 15:1 (in this version, and it should be even a lot more), and with the use of planetary hubs, this should be a very though axle for quite heavy models The clearance between the 36t gears and the clutch is minimal, about half stud, but because of the length of the half axles, even an small amount of articulation can bring a lot of suspension travel, and after some testing, the half axles should be able to articulate about 10 degrees up and down without a hitting any other components, in this picture, the axle is about 10 degrees upwards, and it doesn't seem to hit anything there: And here are some pictures showing the internals: I hope you like it, i expect to keep working on this project this week if i finally get some free time.
  10. Very original challenge, there are some pretty cool models, maybe you could make a video explaining how each model works, there seems to be some very interesting mechanisms; by the way, i didn't know that was the "non-metric" measurement, thanks for the info.
  11. Imanol BB

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Well, that sounds really cool too, it could be a tractor + knuckle boom crane version, i will see if can make a military-like version of this truck in LDD using your cab, i have always had in mind a truck like this one, and the way you make the body of your models is just perfect for it, and maybe i might have luck a be able to design some driven and steered axles for suck small scale.
  12. Imanol BB

    LEGO RC Fiat Panda 4x4

    Hello, thanks for sharing such amazing model, nice work stacking so many functions in such small space, i really like the scale of it, and the axles, suspension and the winch make it even cooler.
  13. Imanol BB

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Maybe you could put some RC Motors and a Sbrick or Buwizz inside the sleeper area to gain some power, just kidding, actually it is looking really nice already, a sleeper area would look pretty cool with a detailed interior, by the way, have you ever thought about making a 8x8 version? i would love to see an 8x8 tractor or hookloader version, maybe with a crew cab, something like this:
  14. Imanol BB

    [MOC] Black Mamba offroader

    That's a really nice looking model, the performance is more than good, and the details and the body are incredibly nice as well, they look amazing, it's really impressive how you managed to "hide" most of the PF elements in a such compact design and still achieved a cabin plenty of room and with a working glove box, BTW, those rear view mirrors are pretty cool, i had never seen that design used before.
  15. Look what Volvo has just uploaded: