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  1. Hey, i have made some more progress on the axle, now i can stack the chassis 1 stud lower to make this model even more realistic, now it uses 2 6.5 studs hard shock absorbers, this reduces the suspension travel, but it is still able to move a enough, and after some thinking, now i want to place a servo for the steering, which is not easy task because of the limited space, and i also lack inspiration for an enough good system, here are some pictures ans the current LDD file of the model: LDD: V2 Axle 09-12-17.lxf I hope you like it, any suggestions are welcome.
  2. I am pretty interested in this project, ever since i got my 8110 i have been trying to make attachment for agriculture, i tried to make a PTO powered rotary rake, which is used to align the cut material in a row to make it easier to collect, but i have also seen that making these kind of attachments can also be a hard task, because nothing works the same in a scaled model, that's why most of the things i made didn't work, despite being very similar to the ones they were based in terms of dimensions ans functions, everything from the material used to represent the "cut plants" (i don't remember the proper name), the friction with the air, the density and even the gravity, everything can change the result, but i hope you can get fully working attachments which can process a representative material, i would really like to see what you come up with, and i am looking forward for the pictures, good luck.
  3. The tires are fitted between the outer gears of the turntable, and they fit very well, here is an example: There is also the possibility to place normal rims attached to the turntables using this design: EDIT: I forgot to say, this only works for tires with an inner diameter of 1.9", this includes most of the 1.9 RC 3rd party tires (like in the first picture) and the tires of the 8110, 9398, and possibly the tires of the 42054 (not sure if someone tested it with these ones)
  4. Who likes portal axles?: It has an overall clearance of 5.5 studs using these tires, and might be 6 studs with Xerion ones, i have also started to make the rear platform: The previous axle design still fits for a more "conservative" style:
  5. I am surprised of how many different and nice color schemes fit in this set, the one i like the most is the red/white one, as Kmuffin said, it would be a perfect ambulance, BTW, after some inspiration watching some Unimogs and RM8's FJ40, i had the weird, but possibly nice idea to give this set some "attachment points", i have made the front one, it is driven by a motor which would drive the winch. The current design of the attachment point is in WIP state, but it might be very similar to the one used in the 8110 (the bumper should be improved too), you can also see my own designed winch, which is capable to lift an 8110 and has a free-wheeling option: I am also thinking to convert this model into a chassis-cab version, why? because i have the idea to add a transport platform, like a container transporter, this way a container alike cargo could be attached to it (including a camper): And this is where i got my inspiration, Blissmobil, imagine if the same concept is used in a smaller scale, could be perfect for this vehicle;
  6. Hi Teos, I actually placed L-Motors as they were of the more comfortable dimensions, but dont worry, i am sure you could place almost any motor instead of the L's, actually, this hasnt been tested in real life, so i am not sure if the gear selection is right, but i am sure that you could use almost any kind of motor if you put the right selection of gears, M-Motors may need more reduction than XL's, and if you build this in real life, i will be very happy if you share any pictures and/or videos of it )to see if it works as it should), and feel free to give any suggestion for improvements or ask anything if you need help.
  7. I have realized that the orange color fits nicely with this set, i made some more modifications and gave it a similar style to the 9398, and i think it looks very cool like that: And this is just a weird idea which was in my mind, i may try it later:
  8. Hello everyone, as i didn't see any Mods topic for this set, i decided to start it myself, and to start, i would like to share with you the LDD file for the official set (not sure if there was one already), there are some parts missing and some pieces are not fully connected (could i have used developer mode to solve this? yes, but for some reason i decided just to place apart the pieces i couldn't fit in), here is the model: Missing parts: -x4 24118 Panels in Dark Purple (Brick-built and grouped in the model) -x11 6167281 (I didn't add any substitute) -x1 6187734 (The rope) LDD file: And next is my modifications for this set so far, the first thing that i wanted to do was to put wheels and tires, and because this is an snow-themed set, i decided to put tumbler tires, and i knew that these tires didn't look good in those very wide axles, with these tires the vehicle would look silly, but after narrowing the axle a little bit, i think it is looking like an authentic snow expedition vehicle (it even looks like an JLTV from the sides), i also changed some colors, but is just a test (the model is still WIP): The goal is XL-Motor for drive, Servo Motor for steering and M or L-Motor for the winch (and possibly some lights): I hope you like it, i will try to make more improvements, and i am looking forward to see more modifications by any other member, have happy modding.
  9. Thanks, i sadly haven't been able to use my pieces in a while, but i hope this axle will work, and i have also made some modifications and upgrades, now the axle has the inputs in more comfortable places, as before, Red=Steering, Green=Drive and Blue=Diff Lock, note that the steering has 2 inputs, the one in the rear above the drive input is connected directly to the 12T gear which moves the gear rack, the one that goes above the axle which faces forward has a reduction of 3:1, so there is less torque needed to move the steering, and because it is closer to the steering itself, there is much less distortion and bending of axles, here you got some pictures of how it looks so far (and some "X-Rays"): And the Ground clearance under the axle is around 5.5 studs using Unimog 94.3mm tires, which is good (BTW, that is how it looks with the front bumper and the attachment points).
  10. I dont think that this axle you are making is bad, i actually like it, maybe you could change those 16t gears for 12t and 20t, so you will have more torque, about the steering system, if you want to achieve 4WS, you should use one motor for the front steering and one for the rear, like most of the crawler vehicles.
  11. Here are the other updates, i have made some progress in the G, now it doesn't look like a Land Rover, but now i think it looks like a Toyota Land Cruiser , at least it is similar to the one of the previous picture, here it is: I really like how the hood looks, i must keep working on the roof and the doors, but it is progressing: I must thank Pat-Ard and Efferman, their G-Wagons inspired me with the body. Now, continuing with the other models, this is the new axle that i might integrate into the UNI-MOC it has 4 link points so far (I must see where i will put the panhard bar); the Blue input is for the diff-lock, the green for the drive and the red for steering (I know, they are inverted compared to the standard axle design): The portal hub design is based in Thirdwigg's Kenworth T47 portals, they were slightly modified and i am waiting to test them in a future, in the right picture you can see the internals of the axle, including the locking mechanism, which is inspired by Sariel's locking differential, but with the lack of space, i had to make it mechanic instead of pneumatic, but i might try to make it better. I will try to upload more updates with more models soon, i hope you like it.
  12. Well, if there is not a Mods topic of other new set, you could change the tittle of this topic and it wont be wasted.
  13. Hello guys, after a pretty long inactive time, i am back with some updates and new ideas, despite i haven't been able to use my Legos in real life for a while, i used some time to make digital models, and after watching some videos of some really nice models that i liked and a video of Mercedes Benz and its range of vehicles for the desert, i decided to make some experiments, i must also say that i really like the new "Developer" feature of LDD, it has really helped me a lot. This is the video which really inspired me, these vehicles are just amazing, and i like the color selection. The first vehicles i instantly liked where the Zetros 3643 6x6 doka and the G Wagon 6x6 (which if i am correct, it might be a G300): First, the Zetros, i already saw this version of the truck a long time ago, but i didn't tried to build it until now: I made an attempt to build the chassis and axles, the front axle doesn't look too bad so far IMHO, i tried to make an sketch for the leaf springs with some parts, but i will have to wait until i test them in real life, and the same goes for the chassis (which might be kept studded): The axle should also have pneumatically operated locking differential and planetary hubs (the 14x2 plate represents the diameter of the tires, which would be around 1.3m in real life): The axle without tires will be 25 studs wide (with the outer part of the turntables removed) and 25-27 studs depending of the tires. Second, the G Wagon 6x6, i know you must have already seen the 6x6 "luxury" version, which has portal axles, bigger tires, bigger engine and all the toys everyone would like to have in that kind of truck, but then there is this version, it doesn't have portals or a big engine, or the kind of things the other has, but for some strange reason i really liked it when i first saw it in the video, so i decided to give a try at it: I started by building the axles, i was inspired by Rm8's Toyota Fj40, and used a "slighly" modified version of the front axle, it should use the new wheel hubs of the Xerion, is turned by a servo: Then i passed to the rear axles, its possible that i will rebuild a part of them: And this is a feature that i did, inspired by the zetros, the rear axles are capable of using much wider tires, and by just removing some spacers, they can still inside the vehicle's width: I have just found a better replacement for the spacers : After the axles, i started to make the chassis, but it didn't got too far, i just placed 2 L-Motors and the BB and made some progress in the front and rear part, i will have to make a real version of the chassis before i continue building it, but at least i started with some parts of the body and the cargo bed, i am a bit frustrated because i think it still looks a like a Land Rover, i guess it cant be helped : Of course, all of this are just hypothetical models, i will need to test the parts and the design in real life to be sure that they wont fall apart (and disappoint me), but i feel a bit satisfied with how they are coming out, specially the G Wagon. Another projects that i am checking and possibly redesigning are the UNI-MOC (Designing new axles and studded chassis), a new medium sized 4x2/4x4 truck and a transport ugly-buggy-like vehicle, i will try to give more information about these tomorrow because is a bit late right now, and as always, let me now what you think about these models, any suggestions are welcome.
  14. I must say that i didn't had many expectations on this model, and i thought that the 42070 was a better set, but now, after watching the videos of both models, i admit that i am really impressed with this one, in terms of functions, number of parts and modding possibilities, the 42069 is a pretty nice set, i really like how much it steers and the design of the tracks, and the elevated roof, the doors and the winch make it even better, i am sure this is a well-worth set for mods, thanks for the review Sariel.
  15. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    That is a really cool Jeep you got there, i really like the design of the suspension, it reminds me of some small Unimogs i had made years ago, but this Jeep really shows how good this kind of suspension can work, the steering is really brilliant too, and the body and all the details just make this model even better, i really like it .