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  1. jpx

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm holding out for the GWP this year, but are there any news when they will appear? As I remember, its usually in december.. Thats a long wait 😂
  2. jpx

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Wow this is a fantastic set, compared to the two last year! This and the sleight will look good in my winter village :)
  3. This sounds interesting, do you have a link to that? I'm unable to find anything on their site - english or german...
  4. Thats a excelent build! And I'm very impressed, that you also created a sticker sheet! Thats taking it to a whole new level! And that little detail with the tile behind the mudgard, to avoid creating a hole like the new Fort GT has, it looks so good!
  5. I really like looking at all those great parts you all are ordering! I just order a little, mostly to my Speed Champions style cars or winter willage and a few figures. Here are my last order:
  6. jpx

    [MOC] RC Minifig Scaled Lego Flixbus

    Wow, what an amazing build! You make those letters and arrows look perfect! And it even has steering, what can I say, great build!
  7. What set are thoise 1/4 round brown windows from??
  8. jpx

    [MOC] Modular: The Sushi Restaurant • 寿司屋

    What an absolute amazing build! It reminds me of Japan, this is truly a masterpiece ! I love the bonsai tree on the back, just beautiful!
  9. Brickset have just teased their upcomming review on twitter: Where they show a closeup of the front right wheel og the Koenigsegg, and the printing says 24x12, so perhaps its the same tire as previous years.
  10. jpx

    Old Newsstand

    Fantastic build! It looks just like I remember -- I don't see any 'flaws' :)
  11. As a parent, I would never buy anything knock-off for my kids, and for only one reason; I have absolutly no faith in their use of materials. With geniuine Lego, I have faith that they use materials that don't harm kids if they e.g. suck on the bricks, my fear is that some random knock-off company only think money and use whatever materials that are the cheapest, with no regards to (child) safety. I get your example, but still the cars from last year was sold in the US at least, whereas neither the Bronco or GT, the Corvette or the Challenger are sold here (in Denmark). I would say it would be comparable with Lego releasing a doublepack of a Renault 5 and the Kadjar or something like that, thats perhaps known outside Europe but only by car enthusisast.
  12. The rally car is indeed fantastic! I had the original as a kid :)
  13. jpx

    [MOC] The Hills iPod House

    Very cool and modern, this is a great build!
  14. Wow those double-packs are dissapointing! Only american cars, and I had to google the Bronco - never heard of it. I'll be getting the McLaren and perhaps the Toyota, but thats it. Hopefully the next wave will have a more diverse selection of cars..