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  1. jpx

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Ah yes, this looks fantastic and fits perfectly into my winter village! This will replace the gingerbread house from a few years ago, much much better! Now I just need to figure out how to add some train tacks :)
  2. jpx

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A little late here, but I'm hoping they do a new version of the market from 2013: I'd love some small 'shops' to place around a little market in my winter village!
  3. jpx


    What a fun MOC! I'll try to do something simmilar when my daughter have birthday - an army of minifigures with flags :)
  4. What set was that? I remember the Porsche 75895 had a great transparent sticker sheet, I'd wish they did that for all Speed Champions models! Personally, I tend to build the model without any stickers, and then decide which ones are needed, and which ones that I can live without. Great wishes!
  5. jpx

    Lego Pick a Brick problems?

    I can tell you, that being close to Billund does not make the delivery any faster - last time I ordered it too 2 months. Its been like that always.
  6. jpx

    [MOC] 1948 COE - Car hauler truck

    Wow, thats just stunning! Great work, I've been through your Flickr too; very impressive and great inspiration! How did you make those crome parts?
  7. I saw this tweet After the AN225 had departed Billund just one month ago. I'm crossing my fingers!
  8. jpx

    LEGO Spice Girls Tribute (40548)

    Guess what, those girls in the 90s, they have their own cash now, ready to spend on some nostalgia! It does not look like that!
  9. jpx

    LEGO Spice Girls Tribute (40548)

    This is a perfet gift for my wife!!
  10. I know, we will never know but it would be interesting to see how the average orderintake goes after these changes. I would think that most people would like the new interface better, I think thats an improvement. But after those new thresholds for shipping (or alignment as management will say...) my orders will certanly be fewer. Not that I was a "top order" before, but I really enjoyed to create orders for a specific project, or if I saw some interesting bricks that would be handy later on and the shipping fee was small.