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  1. jpx

    Winter Cup Cafè

    Thats a very nice addition to a vinter village! Id buy that if it was a set!
  2. jpx

    [MOC] Santa's Cabin

    As @Evensong writes, the first/original version was great, and this is even better! Merry christmas
  3. jpx

    MOC: Minifig rescue helicopter

    Wow great build - I could recgonize it right away, before reading the description! We have the same type in Denmark, although ours are all military-green but they are also used for rescue operations and they ofte pass our house on the way to the hospital. I also like the studs below the windows, to me it makes it more Lego-ish with a few studs than total smooth.
  4. jpx

    Lighting the Winter Village

    I've been thinking about this as well. My conclusion so far, is to wait a bit and when all the christmas decorations is taken out, I'll see if I can just use a regular christimas light, as @LegoDW wrote. The custom solutions are too expensive for me :) But please post your results!
  5. jpx

    [MOC] Icecream vendor

    Thats a very nice building! I would probably have a larger window in the ice cream shop, but thats just me. I really like the light blue (azure?) color on the mittle section! And the roof looks very detailed, Great build !
  6. jpx

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So, Promo Bricks have pictures of new GWP ( I guess), that looks like it will fit perfectly into any Winter Village. My question is, that red torso, is that new? It looks just like my kids winter sweaters, so I would like to get a few :)
  7. jpx

    [MOC] Enchanted diamond

    Wow 🤯 So many great techniques and the minifigures are spot on! Thanks for posting detailed about the roof, that's always my headdace, and this helps me tremendously!
  8. jpx

    [MOC] Apple Store sign

    Thats a very nice sign! I'd tried to build it, but I modified it a bit afterwards; changed 54200 to 6091, then it gets a bit more curvy at the top :)
  9. jpx

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    I don't know - and I can see it may have been an error on the website since it dosent show it now. So, carry on ;)
  10. jpx

    10275 Elf Clubhouse

    Wow, thats crazy. On the danish site its also on backorder, but it will ship within a week, and then a banner says they will include an surprise gift ?
  11. I have been following your thread since the first post; I too have a small Winter Village thing going on, so I'm very inspired to see your builds. I love the mountain and the layers of snow on the ground! Please keep posting updates!
  12. jpx

    [MOC] Large Excavator

    Very very cool MOC! Did you 3D-print the excavator bucket? Anyways, it looks fantastic!
  13. jpx

    LEGO Speed Champions - Wishlists and Future Speculation

    I'd love the Cybertruck, or a Roadster + Cybertruck combo, but I guess I'm biased :)
  14. jpx

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have the exact same story! Still, I think its more expencive than we think, and therefore not something to do the same time as relasing a new set.