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  1. jpx

    Our 2019 Lego Winter Village diorama

    Very nice winter village! The photographer is a great little detail. Did he come in a set? Also, what base plates did you use? I can only find large grey, green or blue ones. One improvement suggestion would be to add a bit of snow or ice to the beautiful old oak tree in the corner!
  2. Have the page been reset? I can't see any winners when visiting the link. But I guess since I have not heard anything, I did not win, but congratulations to all winners and happy new year!
  3. jpx

    MOC: Container House

    Simply amazing! One of the best MOCs I've ever seen! You did an amazing job on the details, I enjoyed watching the photos a lot. Thank you for sharing this great build!
  4. jpx

    The Car Wash

    Welcome Paokus, what a great model - so many cool details. I have supported you on Ideas! Have a nice day!
  5. jpx

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My daughters swimming starts at 17:00, to my luck :) But where will the news be shown?
  6. jpx

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    I've been looking a lot at your house MOCs, they are really cool and well build!
  7. jpx

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    You need to get a URL for the photo, and it must be for the photo alone. What I did below was select one of your photos and selected the option "View Original" and copy the URL. In the lower right of this comment box, there is a button "Insert other media", select the "Insert image from URL" and paste the URL into the box. You should see a preview of the image in your comment, and it will show up. Now why the photo is upside down, I dont know :)
  8. jpx


    Nice van! The front reminds me a little of an old Citro├źn H Van, in a good way! And the rear door detail is great!
  9. jpx

    My Setup (has pics now!)

    No need to delete the thread, the link works fine! And what a nice city!
  10. My BrickHeadz Santa in front of my first winter village MOC :)
  11. Wow a lot of new leaks! I like the F40, it would fit nice next to my 10248! The classic Mini looks great, I'm no fan of the buggy and I still like the McLaren :) Americal muscle cars have never been something for me.
  12. jpx

    Seasonal 2018

    If your are talking about 40292 Christmas Box, then on the danish store calendar its listed as available from the 22-26 november, as a gift with purchases.
  13. I quite like it. It also does not seem that there are sticker galore, and I like that too!
  14. jpx

    [MOC] A little French Corner

    What a building! And the details in the shops are fantastic! Magnifique ! !
  15. jpx

    MOC: Vintage truck Volvo F88 timber transport

    Great truck! (I also like your Smart transporter in your signature a lot!!) Regarding the photos, use the grey "insert other media" button, in the lower right corner: