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  1. This is a very cool firetruck! A lot of details, just like in the real version 👍 Its very cool that all doors can open, and you have the gages for pressure also. This vehicle should be part of every lego city! Only critique is the axe and the yellow fire extinguisher on the outside of the truck is prehaps not needed
  2. jpx

    Why is Bricklink down?

    I can only stress this, if you don't, please consider using a Password manager - apps like 1Password or if you are using iOS/macOS the build-in iCloud keychain. It will save a strong (ex 20 random characters) and fill in the password when you need it. Don't reuse your password, they are leaked all the time (see
  3. jpx

    Speed Champions Dyna-Stand [v2.0]

    This looks cool! I can see myself building a few to have in front of my 'storage', if not too expensive is the place to use
  4. jpx

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    With the new Peugeot license car, perhaps we can get some iconic Peugeots in the Speed Champions line? Perhaps a 205 Rallye? Or, to keep it within the new movie-tie-in, Daniels 406 from Taxi --Perhaps with a double-set with the Mercedes W124? 😃 For those that don't know the movie, this is the beginning
  5. Hi all, Here are one of my latest Speed Champions scale MOCs; the legendary Mercedes G-Class. This is build after the older models, hence its 7-wide. I've build it in real bricks first, so the digital model does not contain an interior, the brick build version does however its very simple and only fits one minifigure because of the 7-wide scale. You can download the file free from rebrickable, if you like it.
  6. jpx

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2023 Rumors, Speculation

    This is absolutly fantastic! This is how it should have been - it looks so good withoout the stickers. I was also sure I would skip this, but now like @hellhax I might just get it, and do this modification! If only the front sticker was transparent...
  7. jpx

    [MOC] Speed Champions 2099

    This is a very cool and new take on the speed champions line! I really like your mocs, and I'm impressed how much you could get from just the bricks in the sets! Please do some more!
  8. jpx

    Mercedes-Benz W 115 (/8) in 7w

    Beautiful and instantly recognisable! And great detail using the cog-wheel for hub-caps!
  9. I've build this 'rack' for my cars years ago: I'm rotating the cars on display - newest or own builds. Its quite messy, its also the place for my 'build in progress'-PAB cub(s) :D
  10. jpx

    Toyota Aygo MkII 7 Wide

    Spot on! My inlaws have a blak/purple version of it 😎 And very impressive stud-io skills! All those angles 🤯
  11. This must be one of the best Speed Champions-style MOCs ever! Fantastic work!
  12. jpx

    [MOC] KMP's Vehicle MOCS

    Awasome! Keep up the good work - its very inspiring!
  13. jpx

    GWP this holiday...?

    A few GWPs have been shown on today
  14. jpx

    <moc> Dredge Boat (game)

    I don't know the game - it looks scary 😱 The boat looks fantastic, very nice techniques for building the hull! I might just copy that, to build a classic fisher-man boat.
  15. jpx

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Where do you see the GWPs?