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  1. jpx

    [MOC] Micro city

    Wow, your builds are amazing! As someone with limited space, this is a huge inspiration!
  2. jpx

    Single-Seater Racer (75895 B-Model)

    I never liked the wheels on the regular model, but they fit this car perfectly! Great build!
  3. Wow, that sucks! I really liked new new layout until I came to that simplified check-out view. I'd much rather pay a bit more per brick at a store located in Denmark, than having it shipped from e.g. UK (faster shipping, perhaps pickup, no tax etc....) I will leave feedback (lower left corner), and I hope they'll improve the checkout section.
  4. I wasn't a fan in the beginning either, but since I have almost the hole series, I got myself the Audi in January. After building it, I tried to widen the Ford Fiesta WRC (75885) to 8, and I really liked the result. I have then 'transformed' my Mercedes AMG GT (75877), Ford Mustang (75884) and the white Porsche 911 (75895). Currently working on the F40, borrowing the windscreen from the F8... My cars just sits on a shelf, they don't have a city to roam, though they are being driving fiercely by my 3-year old :)
  5. jpx

    Homage to 6692 Tractor Trailer

    The result is fantastic! I love the wheels, I have a few old sets with those wheels, and it just reminds me of my childhood every time I see them :) The idea about cutting the baseplate is new for me, but I can certainly see your advantages - and if it helps playability, I would do it too!
  6. jpx

    New VIP system

    I agree completely. But perhaps AFOLs aren't the majority of lego VIPs, and everybody else loves to be able to get a render of some odd detail of a harley Davidson.... And I bet that the new system dosen't integrate with their sales system, and that's why you have to get that voucher.
  7. Just as an inspiration, perhaps you could make a funicular ? It would be cool to get an insight in how you build, do you use the digital MOCs to make bricklink orders or do you have the bricks ?
  8. Thank you for the update. I've been following along since your first post with the tunnel, and I'm super impressed! Your link works but I'm not on Facebook/Instagram, so I appreciate your 'regular' updates here.
  9. jpx

    [MOC] 16-wide modular police station

    Very cool MOC! I love the small size, and all the features you managed to build in! I hope to build something like this one day, for my "city".
  10. jpx

    Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro

    This looks very cool! The new windscreen fits perfectly! A lot of clever part usage to make the orange bits :) For reference, the original car
  11. The Mach-E? The "regular" mustang looks to me just like 75871 Ford Mustang GT Then I'd rather have a tesla combo, Cybertruck + roadster (or Model 3)
  12. jpx


    I got the 6274 Caribbean Clipper for my 10 year birthday, and now, 30 years later, it seems I finally can get "the big ship" that was too expensive for my parents
  13. jpx

    Lego stores

  14. I thought just that, when visiting the Copenhagen Lego shop two days ago and seeing a lot of people all around a huge tray with the new Dots 1x1's....
  15. jpx

    Super Mario 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow this is cool! I spent so much time playing Super Mario on my GameBoy in the 90s and Mario Kart on the Wii in the 2000s!! Hoping for some nice sets and mini figs!