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  1. Would love to see a non-RC truck like 42043 - well designed and full of functions. Regarding the wheels: I think they'll use the big rims either with normal tread pattern or tractor tread pattern.
  2. Beat you? No, he has just released it earlier :) So back to your brick table ;) And here back to the topic: I'm curious how TLG built the front of the Zetros. Will they use Control+? Which functions? Maybe pneumatics? Really looking forward that set.
  3. Wow! That's a really beautiful Mog you've built. And it's really 18 month since your last MOC? Unbelievable. But when I'm looking on my brick table I see my latest MOC is also more than a year since. Good you finished the Unimog!
  4. I think that's close enough: Oh come on! You're kidding me.
  5. Or something like this or this … Hihi … Really looking forward how TLG has made it.
  6. Wow! Very impressive build and research. Some extra for entertaining all those dogs so well
  7. At the time of my test the volvo wasn't available so I couldn't test ist. If I can grab one I'll do it. I derived my considerations from my observations with the other engines. Me too :D
  8. Specs (from Spike Prime Hub which seems to be technically identically): ARM Cortex-M4 (100 MHz) 320 kB RAM 1 MB Flash (Operating System) 32 MB memory (User Space)
  9. I think TLG will take out 31313 from shops but is still supporting the old system as there's those huge user base. But for all new starters it will be the new system aka 51515. As far as I have tested and seen the motors differ only in color and ID. With my Spike Prime Hub I was able to drive all motors which where available at the time of my test in the default Spike Prime Test program. Those were: C+ XL C+ L WeDo 2.0 Medium But I wasn't able to use those motors from inside the Spike IDE. So I think it's the same with the large angular motor in combination with the 51515 Mindstorms Hub. You can see my test here (motor tests starting at ~1h15m) :
  10. No, that's the right ratio. If you go from 8teeth gearwheel onto 24teeth it's 1:3, but in planetary gears it's different. The ratio depends on which part auf the construction is fixed. If the outer ring (ring gear) is fixed the ratio is 1:4. If the carrier is fixed it's 1:3.
  11. That's right. Each XL is driving one wheel via 90 degree corner over knob wheels and planetary gears . Gear ratio is as suggested by yours 8 to 24 (or 1 to 4).
  12. Indeed - same like when TLG switched from RXT to NXT