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  1. Thank you very much. I had actually not yet discovered these groups.
  2. Thx @JarJarBonks and @LegoModularFan! If the latter has tips for me in regarding of suitable Flickr groups, I would be very grateful ;)
  3. Very very nice Mog-MOC ;) It's built in interesting scale. In my opinion the right door looks a little better than the left one. Somehow the panel seems to high in my view. Have you tried the smaller panel (same length)? Beside from this it is a really cool Unimog! Well done @I_Igor!
  4. Sweet model. I like the color scheme most. Supported already
  5. It's done. I finished the building instructions for the ATV. You can them at LC-jrx.com About the MOC: It's a small ATV with oscillating front axle and sprung rear axle. Working two-cylinder fake engine. "Lives" in Mercedes Zetros 1833 "Expedition Truck".
  6. 15 : 10 14 : 6 7 : 4 12 : 3 10 : 2 2 : 1
  7. Updated the ATV so it is build without using the flexibility of Technic parts. First pic is original version, second new version. The new one has wider protection shield. What do you think? Is it as nice as the first? Suggestions?
  8. Good luck with that! Looking forward to seeing your finished Mog
  9. Thank you! I have to get rid of the problematic parts and then we will see :)
  10. Do you really think? Can’t believe it will be successful at Ideas. You’re welcome. If you need some more pics you’ll find them at Flickr. The Behind The Moc video will come in the next few days.
  11. Small Update: I startet making instructions for some parts. First thing to release will be the ATV. Unfortunately it seems as if I used some forbidden build techniques. Here's a first render showing the ATV.
  12. Really well done! Good look and nice functionality. Your MOC impersonates the original very well.
  13. That's true. My wife think in a similar way :) Very helpful! And I see another similarity ;) That sounds very massiv! Don't you think tumbler tires are much to wide for a Zetros?