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  1. As I had written below the video: Really cool MOC with great use of stickers. Love the artwork. As I learned you collected them all over the web - so really cool composition. Your truck is looking very natural (so to say).
  2. jrx

    KTM concept buggy with BuWizz

    Really cool MOC. Especially I like the very geometrical shapes. Only the cabin hood looks a little fragile.
  3. Did you send me a new mail? Last one is from 19.
  4. Sounds really good. Looking forward seeing fresh pics.
  5. Looks really interesting. But I miss the fake engine ;) Just kidding. Now honestly: Will you put a working fake engine under the hood of the Fasttrac?
  6. Oh great! I'll come over and look :) Thx a lot!
  7. Thx @I_Igor For a proper working fake engine there wasn’t enough space under the hood. In the first Zetros the diff and gears were to big and in this truck the XL are to high. Maybe the third Zetros will get a working fake engine :)
  8. Finally I managed to shoot and cut the „Behind the MOC“ video. So if you want to know what the MOC looks like inside and how it works ... have fun watching the video :)
  9. jrx

    Millennium Falcon

    Really cool MOC! And I agree @nerdsforprez that this could be a new exciting field for Lego Technic
  10. Thank you very much. I had actually not yet discovered these groups.
  11. Thx @JarJarBonks and @LegoModularFan! If the latter has tips for me in regarding of suitable Flickr groups, I would be very grateful ;)
  12. Very very nice Mog-MOC ;) It's built in interesting scale. In my opinion the right door looks a little better than the left one. Somehow the panel seems to high in my view. Have you tried the smaller panel (same length)? Beside from this it is a really cool Unimog! Well done @I_Igor!
  13. Sweet model. I like the color scheme most. Supported already