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  1. Plus 1 for the Hoeflon C6 Spider Crane. Just wow.
  2. Absolutely incredible! It’s fantastic how you fit all these functions in this small package and how well the model looks in comparison to the real crane. Master work!
  3. Very well done dude! The chain decoupling is a real surprise and really cool
  4. Thanks Carsten. Thank you :) The pump house was a spontaneous build. When I built it first I used only Technic parts. But it lookd ... ähm ... not so good. Yes I can twist the stick and control two or three of the valve simultaneously. It depends on how I twist it. With twisting I can realize to wag the tail or the front :) Yeah, it’s always the same problem. I’m thinking on a solution to reduce the air flow for thw down direktion. But it doesn’t work well.
  5. jrx

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Jep, as written down several times: The saw doesn’t work. But thanks for the picture.
  6. Don't throw stones: I like the axles in yellow and red. So I can use them better in yellow and red MOCs :) @Wolf_Zipp: Regarding the pins I disagree. Would like to get the pins with friction in some more colors to blend with the rest of the MOC. I.e.: As far as possible (and payable) I try to avoid blue pins when visible.
  7. Similar to @thatrabidhobo: I don't need these glasses in daily live. Also I learned to live with it and to recognize colors correctly. I'll make errors with colors only when light is bad and I'm in hurry or not focussed. And I won't tell who decides color at home Don't know, but without it's cruel That's the advantage of Lego Technic: You can tell the color apart very well (until now).
  8. @Omikron That's an interesting question. I'm answering from my perspective. Other (partly) colorblinds may "see" this in another way. If they replace blue with yellow it's clearly better to tell apart. But I don't think that's the problem. The problem is introducing shades of colors i.e. all the different shades of blue. Also to tell apart tan - beige - yellow can be a problem if light is not good enough. For me i.e. it's hard to grab a 1x1 plate in white when light blue parts are next to it. Then I have to look very closely.
  9. @Omikron My point was: More colors doesn't help colorblind people at all not regarding the level of disorder.
  10. If you're colorblind, more colors won't help as you can't see them. Let me quote from Wikipedia: I'm partly colorblind but fortunately can tell apart most Lego colors in daylight or bright light. I've real problems when dealing with all these different shades of blue or green or all these color shades of system bricks – mostly when light is weak.
  11. jrx

    42080 Forest Harvester

    Have look there; https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/153585-technic-2018-set-discussion/&do=findComment&comment=2966400
  12. Dear @Erik Leppen, I agree 100%!
  13. That are exactly the panels I was thinking about. If I'm not wrong these two small panels and the big curved panels with 10 holes are only matching in a handful of colors. That's disgusting ... (if one is planing to rebuild a MOC using these parts in another color/version). This is so true also besides the named panels