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  1. Thx Matt! To fit all in the Zetros was really hard. Fortunately all worked well in the end
  2. I think, we joined the same club ;) At the moment I clean all my desk from all the tries and prototypes for the Zetros. New MOCs will start in the next days. My list of possible model is really long, but my time is very limited ... But today I had a nice idea for one of the hot candidates. I think I'll use the old RC-battery box :) Hope we'll the first steps in a few weeks.
  3. One after another ;) I'm not fully sure what to build next. I startet several small MOCs, but nothing special.
  4. In the mustang it was still very simple. But it's a good idea. I tried leaf spring several times but wasn't satisfied with the results. Zetros as C-model: I have seen some Zetros as C model some month ago. And your 4x4 with trailer should be possible too.
  5. It's a nice one. I think it should work in your scale. Looking forward to your leaf springs.
  6. Sounds really good :) P.S. Same with my wife ;)
  7. Hi @I_Igor thx for link - and yes, I like it! It's an interesting scale you're using for your MOG. It let me think of a Zetros in a similar scale ;)
  8. @I_Igor development is still going on. At the moment I improve the connection between motors and drivetrain. Update follows the next days. Some weeks ago I tried to find some of your MOCs. But as your very active here it was hard to find. Can give me some links to your MOCs? @Lox Lego Don't know :) But thx a lot!
  9. The Zetros felt a little alone so I built a trailer for it.
  10. Last weekend the 6th SteineWAHN 2017 exhibition took place in Berlin. On around 1'400 m² nearly 50 exhibitors showed their MOCs for two days. Far more than 1'000 visitors came to the north of Berlin - and hopefully had much fun. I as one of the exhibitors can say: It was a great event - well organized and with really good creations. If you like you can get an impression of the Berlin SteineWAHN by my video (Sorry! The two days were so fast over that I didn't manage to film all MOCs). On my Flickr account there are many pictures showing nearly all MOCs: Pictures of SteineWAHN 2017 Berlin