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  1. Hubbo

    Mercedes Arocs 42043 (MOD)

    Thanks ;) Stressed, i dont think so. Im using pilot 8879, so im turning to the max of limit of the construction and thats it ;) Yup, XL is connected to the frame only, and its working excellent
  2. Hubbo

    Mercedes Arocs 42043 (MOD)

    Trailer has L motor inside, and a gearbox, so You have to connect only a cable to truck. LA is for lowering bed, small is moving the arm for suport, when You disconnect bed ;) i will make a movie soon
  3. Hubbo

    Mercedes Arocs 42043 (MOD)

    Yup, movie will be added ;)
  4. Hubbo

    Mercedes Arocs 42043 (MOD)

    Can You say what happens? Its from Google Photos
  5. Hello, I am new here, this is my first post, and my english isnt perfect, so sorry for any mistakas ;) I was worked on this project for long time (its still not finished...), and now I can show some pics. Its cabin from Arocs 42043, but all the rest is my design ( I would like to notice, theres some designs, from people on youtube, this forum etc, because if something is good, I dont want to invent it a second time :D ) Soo... TRUCK Cabin has suspension - rubber blocks Drive - 6x4 - XL motor Steering - Ackerman system - Servo motor Suspension - Front - Solid axle on leaf springs (this springs are made by Efferman, you can buy this parts on Shapeways) -Rear - Solid axles on leaf springs and air assist ( system, that minimizes stress, works like tandem-axles, air pistons are connected all together, so if one axle is going up, second axle is going down without pressure change) You can change height of rear axle/rear part of truck, like real one) 2x air connections for trailer 1x connection for trailer engine TRAILER (its not perfect, I want to use power from truck, so theres no battery box etc) Suspension like in truck, but no air assist Detach deck by pins, they are moved by air piston I will rebuild it, because I want make it better. any Q just post it, if You want more pics etc i will try to make it for You. I have no instructions, because I like to build like "sit & build" no programs, projects etc, but, i will try to help, if someone want ;) PHOTOS >