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  1. Hi there! A long time I wasn't alive here, perhaps it's a good moment to change it ;). As a comeback I'd like to present the model that has haunted me for almost a decade - Mercedes 300 SL gullwing. Although there are some really good MOCs around here, I just had to make my own model, obligatory with functional, well shaped gullwings door ;). More photos on Flick or Instagram.
  2. Gwail

    MOC - friendly Shelby Cobra 427

    Glad you enjoyed it, CrazyDalton777! All the chromed parts are custom (wheels and exhaust pipes), bought at Bricklink. I don't know if it's allowed to post such links on this forum, so you have to go BL and look for shops called Chrome Bricks or Chrome Block City.
  3. Gwail

    MOC - friendly Shelby Cobra 427

    Sorry I've missed your post and answering so late! Thanks anyway, glad you like it . Thank you, however the 7-wide cars don't fit the Town scale too well :). Luckily my daughters don't mind it . Thanks, pretty distinctive original, isn't it ?
  4. Gwail

    MOC: BMW X6

    Thanks a lot for all the c&c, it's always warmly welcomed! The car I've chosen to recreate is quite controversial in real, so are your posts. However, I wish the criticism was a bit more constructive :). Thanks a lot, however I can't agree that the significant details are captured perfectly - the main detail, a kidney shaped grille (the main and most distinguishing detail of BMW) is a bit simplified, but the model in this scale didn't left any more place to move (perhaps a matter of gaining some more experience). There is so many excellent Dodge Monaco models at this scale available across the websites, that I don't see the sense to make another one, unless there is something new to show... so far I haven't found it. But for sure you won't be disappointed, there some classics in my mind :). Well, pity you're disappointed, guys! Perhaps you can help me a bit to improve my MOC and point the parts you don't find as "enough bmwish" :)? Here, take a look at the comparision picture I've found - very similiar to the model I referred to, at the similiar angle. I'll appreciate any help :)! Thank you! There is so few models of comtemporary modern cars at the Lego City scale, so I've decided to take the challenge ;). The chosen car wasn't easy, but well, you can only die once! I can't disagree with you :)! The other cars I've decided to make were more iconic, classic or just popular. The BMW X6 is just a common car you can meet in the neighborhood... almost like Emmet . Well, honestly - IMHO - the overall shape isn't worse that my other cars, such as Vette or Gallardo, and even better than Mustang or Cobra. The main problem of the X6 is the grille (and front lights) - simplified at this scale. If you can go over it, you may like the model, if not - well, happily we differ from each other, otherwise there wouldn't be sense of existence for such great places as this forum. There is always a chance to exchange the points of view and learning something new . Thanks, Player! I was writing the reply so long, that I've missed your post. Glas you like the model, but it's almost impossible to make such car in that scale using 100% "legal" connections. In the X6 you won't recreate the windscreen.
  5. Gwail

    MOC: BMW X6

    I'm glad to present you another MOC in my garage! Today the model based on the mid-size luxury crossover - BMW X6, called by the manufacturer Sports Activity Coupé (SAC). It's not a recreation of a factory stock car, the inspiration was the model tuned by the german company Lumma Design. The car is adapted as 2-seated coupe (a bit shorter than an original), both for minifigs and Friends minidolls. This time the doors don't open in the primary configuration (unless you dismount the mirror clips), but there is still a posibility to use the alternative door design (however, they don't look well). Forgive my little deviation - I don't know why, but I always put the white rims to black cars . The last pic is a little joke - you can see the original here. More pics in my flickr album. My other presentations:
  6. Gwail

    [MOC] White coupe

    A lovely coupe. It reminds me the polish "highway queen" - FSO Syrena .
  7. Gwail

    friendly Lamborghini Gallardo

    Thank you! Well, I haven't considered any minivan so far (except the remade minvan from the Friends Summer Riding Camp for my daughter), but how about some SUV Coupé (or SAC - Sports Activity Coupé, as it's called by manufacturer) ? Well, yes, fresh file, still hot: gwl Gallardo LDD file. The LDD model is prepared for custom windscreen (made of riggid hose and minifig hands) - the original MOC is ready, waiting for the normal camera to make some good shots. Thanks a lot ! Well, I'm considering making a Porsche, but I was thinking about 911 Turbo (the first version didn't survive interior quality tests ;)), however it's very difficult to make something looking good at least a half as the excellent model from Zeto Vince . Your Boxster S is a nice challenge, who knows, perhaps I'll take it - there are already some nifty solutions in my mind to check out. But rather don't count on such exotic color . Many thanks, Behemoth .
  8. Gwail

    MOCs: Sports cars, muscle cars, pony cars

    Another bunch of Lego town car mastery ;). Charger is the unbeatable numero uno, and the tricky curves in the Fastback make it looking well, indeed.
  9. Gwail

    friendly Lamborghini Gallardo

    Thanks, Yooha! The scissor doors arouse many controversies with this MOC, but hell, I had to make them . Many thanks, I'm glad you like it! Thank you. However, it contains too few lime and violet pieces to fit the Friends line, I suspect . I've just published the LDD file for Mustang GT-500. Let me know how is it going with Cobra. I'm still thinking about the update, including adaptation to the standard city minifigs .
  10. Gwail

    MOC - friendly Mustang GT-500

    CRookie28, thanks :)! I've managed to find some free time and made the brand new, 100% accurate LDD file (except the illegal connections of mirrors, of course ). What a shame I can't add attachments to the posts anymore, dunno why, so I've added the dropbox link to the file in the first post of the topic.
  11. Gwail

    MOC - friendly Corvette 1957

    Indeed, the car looks beautifully. Thanks, I've seen many solutions and I wanted to make something fresh. Thanks, I've seen this solution, too, I will try it if others fail. I'd prefer something with pinned wheel hubs, it won't force me to rebuild the chassis.
  12. Gwail

    friendly Lamborghini Gallardo

    Jody Meyer, I've just posted the Shelby Cobra LDD file in its topic, if you're still interested. I've checked the Mustang file, too, but it's too old and messy, have to rework it, but not earlier than in 2-3 weeks. Thanks! Indeed they do, luckily my younger daughter loves to play with them, so my wife tolerates the hobby ;). Well, I'm not sure, matter of free time and the funds, haven't building for few months. I'm thinking about something german :). Thank you! Have you seen the other cars? Links below:
  13. Gwail

    MOC - friendly Shelby Cobra 427

    Wookie, rogul, thanks! I'm attaching the LDD file - it isn't exactly replica of the presented version - there are slight differences in the in the front lower part and the rear is still one plate higher, but it looks ok, I think (I go for holidays next week and have too many work to finish). But thanks to ER0L's notice about the blue 1x2 curved slope I think I'll be revising the MOC again (the whole rear will be rebuild), so I'll try to find enough time to update the LDD file, too.
  14. Gwail

    friendly Lamborghini Gallardo

    Thank you for so many comments, glad you like such version of Lambo! Well, maybe because the rear is less fancy curved and complicated ;). In fact, I spend much more time trying to make the good looking front (over 10 combinations for every MOC, especially Ferrari and Lambo), the rear is made very quick, sometimes I have only to figure how to stick smoothly the exhaust. There were less problems with roadsters, though. Sure, got 2 LDD files - for Mustang and Cobra (the second needs some update), will make it and share in respective topics. Well, the Friends dolls always make some troubles, due to longer legs when sitting - they take so much space... but I like the challenge, as you've said, no compromises ;). Speaking of photography, I know a bit about it, so I know my pics "ain't bad", but there are some mistakes, the main was too small depth of field - happily I was able to make again some shots, so the final effect is satisfactory :). Oh, and please don't mind about "bothering", it wasn't serious (that joking emoticon at the end... :)). Thanks, LT, I see I can always count on you ! Thanks, ER0L. I'm rather sure I've seen that MOC before, same about this Ford GT. I've even made the version similiar to the Reventon you've pointed (no tilting, only the surface solution, I've even hunted down pretty rare 2x2 transparent plates), but I wasn't satisfied with effects. It's clear I have to practise more. The new wheels are tricky, they don't fit every MOC, you have to know when to use it. I wish TLG would release the reinforced wheel holder 2x2 plate, one-sided. Glad you like them and good luck :)! Thanks Nigthfall, I know it (now), I wanted to make a scissor doors car so badly, that I haven't even noticed it. I'll carry on with it, all in all, you can always customize them ;).
  15. Gwail

    MOC - friendly Corvette 1957

    Thanks, ER0L, your constructive notes always have a great value. Right, exactly :). Can you help me a bit? I was thinking about something similiar to your Impala solution: The white wheels are #3139, right? And how about #132 put on it, will it be suitable? I'd like to maintain the 21 mm diameter of my #50861 tire, I've been already forced to make some room for the front rear (that's why my Vette seems to be lowered at the end).