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  1. Hi guys, after several years of silence and other distractions i finally finished a new build. It's an AMG GT3 racecar in the colors of the Octan corporation. The only thing missing i guess is some sponsor decals from octan. The features are: - Drive and steering with powerfunctions (2 L motors, 1 servo) - Independent suspension on all wheels - Fake V8 engine - Working steeringwheel - Chassis is detachable from bodywork - openable bonnet/hood and doors Lately i'm a little bit into simracing and love to watch GT3 racing, so i decided to build my favorite car from this category of racecars. My availability of parts decided the colorscheme. I hope you like it. Enjoy building and have a nice time everyone. Rolf
  2. Another set with a similar mechanism is the Lego Creator Set 31011. There you can move the backwheel of the landing gear back and forth to spin the prop of the airplane.
  3. Hi Greg, at first i like to thank you. luckily i made some pictures during the build so i can show you the frontaxle assembly alone. The shocks are selfmade from lego parts and the spring comes from a lego shockabsorber which i had disassemblied. It's a shock design i've seen in a couple of other mocs from other people. Rolf
  4. Hello fellow brickers, today i want to introduce you into a new MOC i've started to build at the beginning of august. It's a Mercedes W123 coupé. The reason for me to build this car was one of my co-workers drives one and every once in a while he takes me for a ride in this beauty. But enough about the story behind. Here are some technical features. Power Functions: - 2L-motors for driving - 1M-motor for steering - 1M-motor for shifting gears Drivetrain and suspension: - fully independend suspension - ackermann geometry - kingpin inclination - casterangle - 3-Speed gearbox - RWD with differential - working straight 4 fake engine - working steering wheel Bodywork: - openable doors, bonnet and trunk I tried to upload at least 2 more pictures here but it won't let me do this.... so here is a link to mocpages for you: Thank you all for watching. Rolf
  5. roxXx5

    [Help] Lego steering reinforcement

    Hey Block_Smarts, i faced the same issue in one of my Mocs. The Solution sounds rather simple you have to connect the shock absorber to the upper wishbone instead of the lower one. Hope it's easy to do so on your buggy. Try it an give a feedback please ;) Good Bricking roxXx5
  6. @ Busterhaus: I switched to the L-Motors because the fit better in there and after testing it a bit i think the performance is ok for this model it has enough torque to move forwards an a way better speed than with the two XLs. @ veryrusty: just made a picture for you of the drivetrain. As you may be able to see the one Motor drive a 24 double bevel gear which has a 12 teeth double bevel gear as a follower. The power is then transmitted to the input of the torsendiff. The outputshafts of the diff are then connected via two 16 teeth gears to the axlediffs.
  7. Update from me :) I've worked the last day on the drivetrain, the suspension and the in- and exterior a bit. The reworked drivetrain features now a torsendifferntial and i changed the two XL-Motors for 2 L-Motors which are geared up slightly. I've also placed a big battery box behind the seats in the cabin and closed the bed. With all the weight from the battery box and the cabin i was in need to harden the front suspension so i've decided to use 4 small hard shocks on the frontaxle. P.S. Thanks PeterF sometimes i wish i've got a DSLR for the Pictures so the presentation would be better but i'm stuck with a small compact camera.
  8. At first thank you all for your comments, compliments and critics. @Rishab N: Yes to fill the bed will be nice but will take me while to see what will look better technic panels or system plates. And i'll have to buy those parts but it's definitly on my to-do list. :) @Balrog: As you can see in the picture below i have reworked the front a bit. The first version even looked to messi to myself so thanks for your input. Now i like it much better. Hope you too. About the cabin height i can only say that's something i won't change. First because i like it the way it is ;P and second this is the height Sariel's scaling tool (big thanks for this if you read this) gave me. So here is the picture not a big update but progress is progress even if it's slow: Edit for TheNextLegoDesinger: The All-Wheel-Drive System VW had in this thing was called Syncro and was implemented with a Torsendiff between the axles and lockable diffs on each axle i'll try to get a torsendiff in there but the lockable front an rear differntials seem a bit more difficult to me because of the dimensions of my MOC but i'll have an eye on that. :)
  9. roxXx5

    RC Hamster

    Looking great so far but i'm a bit worried about those grinding teeth which can easily harm sourrunding parts!
  10. Hey Ladies and Gentlemen, at this point i can't hold myself back and present to you my new project. This is a VW T3 Flatbed. The features i've implemented so far are 4 wheel drive with full suspension on all wheels. The whole thing is driven at this moment by two XL-motors. It has already mounted a 4 cylinder Boxer engine just like the real one, which isn't connected to the drivetrain at this point in construction though. For the headlights i've used the orininal Lego PF LEDs but the taillights are soldered 5mm LEDs because i haven't got more of the original ones and they are a bit to expensive for me. Steering is realized via one Servomotor. Hope you enjoy it and if there is a good idea just say it. Rolf
  11. roxXx5

    Hi there Folks!

    I like to build vehicles the most and my favorite at this time is technic, but sometimes i build with normal bricks too or hybrids from both worlds. A few days ago i introduced a small technic excavator here on eurobricks.
  12. @ Jorgeopesi: Yours is great too. I like how you solved the movement of the shovel on yours. @ Jeroen Ottens: I think that it's possible to gear the rotation but i don't think it's necessary but that's just my opinion =D
  13. Hello and thanks to your comments. Here is a Picture of what's inside of this machine. It's pretty lazy engineering in there and uses a lot of U-Joints .
  14. After reading in this forum for a long time i want to present you a small MOC of mine. This is a tracked excavator in mostly orange white and dark grey. It features fully functional arm driven by small LAs and steered with three HOG-wheels at the back of the body. The lower one of the wheels will lift up the whole arm. The wheel on the left tilts the shovel and last but not least the right one moves the middle section of the arm. I hope you enjoyed watching my first published MOC here. Greetings Rolf
  15. roxXx5

    Hi there Folks!

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, my Name is Rolf and i'm a 27 year old guy from Germany who never really had a thing like 'Dark Ages'. But if you want to you can say that i've learned late about all the awesome building technics that are around out there in the web. So after a long period of reading, learning and teaching myself some things about lego i'd like to share creations with you and talk about the stuff that our dreams are build of. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Good Bricking! Rolf