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  1. Wouldn't call being a perfectionist a problem at all lol The purpose of building a model like this was to work on a few features of interest to me, specifically the bodywork and the gullwing doors. Outside of that there's not a whole lot 'under the hood' for this model, being a 1:10. Maybe in the future I will want to keep my models built, but like you say i'd have to be really happy with it overall, and not just happy with a couple of features
  2. @lbrix @astyanax Thanks! unfortunately this has already been disassembled and parted out for other projects so no chance for instructions. @Gray Gear You might be right about the headlights, this was a fairly quick build for me (about a month) and I could definitely have spent more time on those little details. I know the details are always a big part of your projects
  3. @imvanya Thanks, I agree it looks a little more realistic
  4. @Jeroen Ottens Don't mind at all if you reuse it I have a rather big update for this project. While redoing some scaling measurements more carefully I found that my original dimensions were off and I had to either decrease the width (and accompanying dimensions) by 2 studs to fit with LR wheels or increase the width by 2 studs to fit the Bugatti wheels. It seemed like I would sacrifice some functionality by going smaller, so this is now a 1:8 scale Mclaren MP4-12C Spider. The functions will be the same as before, but now including: -7 speed sequential gearbox operated by a Didumos69-inspired shifter in center console -Drive and park gears operated by push buttons in center console I have begun a rough fleshing-out of the rear contours: Here is the shifter along with the 2 push buttons for park and drive: The convertible roof has also been essentially finalized, along with the synchronized deck lid: Convertible roof Quick question as I begin to think about bodywork: do the 42096 Porsche's wheel arches fit the Bugatti wheels? I know they are smaller than the Bugatti arches but seem to recall seeing somewhere that they still fit. Any other comments and questions are always appreciated, thanks for looking!
  5. @Gray Gear Thank you! Was planning on using 19L flex axles for the wheel arches since I prefer those in this scale. Main reason I haven't bought the Porsche RSR is because those wheel arches are printed and therefore difficult to use. The goal for this model was to practice implementing cool features like the doors and roof, so I have sacrificed the gearbox for that. Sometime in the future these will be combined in a 1:8 model where they will all fit:) @Jeroen Ottens Thanks! Yes the decklid will be synchronized with the roof, that is the current project. Below is the door mechanism, the black parts are attached to the door panels, the gray is part of the chassis, and the red is the input. So the orange axle rotates up and at the same time the green link rotates the door outwards on that orange axle. @aniking Thank you! Looking forward to working on the outer look once the chassis is perfected.
  6. Hello everyone, I want to introduce the new project I have been working on for about the past month, a manual 1:10 scale McLaren MP4-12C Spider. I plan for the finished model to be white, but I do not have most of my collection with me in lockdown so there are a lot of working colors still. The features will be: -Independent suspension -Steering with HOG and working steering wheel -Fake V8 engine connected through rear wheels -Butterfly doors -Convertible roof -Raised and lowered rear wing I am attempting to make a semi-modular chassis. Removing 8 pins and 2 axles allows the cabin + roof mechanism to detach from the rolling chassis. Convertible roof: This is only the folding roof and does not include the deck lid yet. Roof mechanism Butterfly doors: The doors are operated through the same HOG as the steering by utilizing a distribution-type gearbox ahead of the front axle. Butterfly doors I would appreciate people's opinions on whether this gearbox function is worthwhile keeping, or should I simply run the doors to individual gears that will be located under the hood. Using the transmission gears does introduce significant backlash into the system, but I do like the simplicity of one external gear for all three functions, which was the original goal. Additionally do people have ideas on where the best place is to put the control gear for the roof? Somewhere on the rear of the car? If I remove the gearbox at the front I would probably be able to place that gear under the hood as well. I have also gone back and forth on the door design. I'm very happy with the function and range of motion, but the looks don't really match the real car yet so that might require some further work. Other comments and questions are always appreciated too! Thanks!
  7. Thanks! I agree about the shape at the top of the doors, but I needed the rigid pillars to support the door when it is open. Adding a flexaxle there in addition to the pillars would have made it seem too bulky I think. Thank you! The roof is pretty flat, but it is also that way in the real car. The panels might have made it look a little better, but would have made the doors difficult to implement and as such a key feature I wanted to get those right. The A pillars are pretty realistic compared to blueprints.
  8. Hello everyone, This is my new MOC, a 1:10 scale model of a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. It has the following manual functions: HOG steering with working steering wheel Fake V8 engine Independent suspension on all wheels Opening hood Opening gullwing doors, operated by gears behind cabin Retractable rear wing, operated by gear on roof Driving selector in cabin, shifts between drive, neutral, and park Comments and questions are appreciated, thanks!
  9. Cool idea, for a first sketch as you call it the shape is captured very well. I am very interested to see how the gearbox works out.
  10. Hahaha yes it is backwards, you are very sharp to notice! I just have to move a gear from one side to the other under the dashboard. I did not do it before because in order for everything to fit in the very tight space I must rework quite a bit of the structure on that side of the car. Will be done today probably but I did not really want to wait to get the video done. No worries its fine. Its a practical gearbox that somebody might like to use.
  11. Thank you!! Thank you guys! Yes Aventador2004, I had not seen your design before, but it is similar although obviously no transmission in mine:) The drive shaft goes through the driving ring, and the grey 16 tooth gear is locked in place. The driving ring is why there is so much play when the brake is engaged in the video.
  12. It definitely does, but in the end it is extremely rewarding. Very hard to do it well like sheepo or crowkillers.
  13. Here is my new model, a manual version of a Porsche 918 Spyder. Ended up taking a little more than a month to build. Some of the bodywork pieces are not the right color, but did not want to have to make a bricklink order. Functions: -1:10 scale -4 wheel HOG steering with working steering wheel -Full independent suspension -Opening doors and hood -Fake V8 engine -Parking brake operated by lever in cabin -Rear spoiler operated by gear on roof -Front axle nose lift operated by other gear on roof Sorry in advance for the red color and lack of a transmission, but I think it turned out better that way. Please comment and let me know what you think/any suggestions! Thanks everyone!
  14. Very cool functionality, especially with the piece limitations. The raising/lowering mechanism is really well done.
  15. Impressive! I am actually working on one of these right now as well, though slightly smaller. Cool to see someone else's ideas on it!