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  1. Ok I think I'll take pictures on both types of wheels; old and new. I prefer new, but the old ones are clou this set.
  2. The model is almost finished. I've refined a few details. What do you think of these wheels? I'm just waiting for these four panels in a dark turquoise color.
  3. I started my two buwizz after about 2 months of non-use. Both work that way. I tried to reset the phone . I uninstalled and reinstalled the application. I also tried with another phone. Do you have any idea what to do?
  4. Samolot

    42129 - 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros

    Long time ago I did one also. [MOC] Mercedes Zetros expedition vehicle - LEGO Technic and Model Team - Eurobricks Forums
  5. Wow. Very nice model. Well-solved lifting mechanism of the crane arm. What I don't like is the poor stability of the crane during rotation. When watching a video, I get terribly annoyed by these blackboards with subtitles. The texts displayed under the video are much better. Great C model.
  6. Very clever, i also like when someone find right way to use those bionicle parts.
  7. Nice work. Could you pleas show us some pictures of details. How do you rotate pneumatic arm ?
  8. For me now it looks much better. I will leave it like that. Thanks I am waiting for dark turquoise parts. Then i will make some experiments with colours. But i think that turquoise will be nice especialy because it returns to technic colours in last years , small plane and mindsorms. It reminds me also colour used in old soviet planes cocpits . Thanks
  9. Ok you're right these panels between the wheels had to be replaced. I got a little tired but managed to find a clever way of assembling. As for the seats, I'll wait for the ordered bricks. Then we'll see what we can do in dark turquoise. I changed the roof structure of the cab again. Thanks
  10. Forklift looks great. I would work on a truck. Maybe try to replace the door posts in the truck cabin. From liftarm to conectors. The cabin could also be done a little higher because now it seems too wide.
  11. Thanks. I will make pictures on both, white and silver wheels. Thanks Thanks Thanks, I will try to change collor on photoshop afterwards. I will keep them white Thanks. I am waiting for one bricklink order and then i will do somethink with cocpit interior.