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  1. Great model. Video is a little too long.
  2. Cool. And now I want to see how he drives.
  3. 8462 Futuristic tow truck Lego Technic | Flickr 8462 Reincarnation - Bricksafe
  4. Thank you all for the votes cast for my model and congratulations to the winners. Good job
  5. I like the way you connected the lego system and technic elements.
  6. Samolot

    BMW M3 (E30)

    The model is very well built. You can see the diligence of execution. Great details. But it does not hold the proportions of the original. The front is too long. The rear door post is too thick. The front lights are too big. From the side, it looks more like an Audi Quattro than like a BMW. The whole makes a caricature impression. You can see that you put a lot of work into it.
  7. A cool machine pretty well reproduced mechanics. But it looks a bit unfinished. However, I would try with lime colour. Now there are enough panels available to build this model. It seems to me that outriggers could work faster. I would add a pair of panels 5 and 6 on the crane arm. It is very close to the great MOC
  8. And I think of course the contest should be frontpaged. This time in the competition there are a lot of small models. Such models can be built even by people who do not have a large number of elements. And if we want to attract new builders. This is the best opportunity to popularize our Lego Technic forum.
  9. Thanks. From the beginning, I listened very carefully to your suggestions and I think they were very accurate. Most of them I used in the model. The only exception is the seats. I did an experiment with liftarm seats but they looked very ugly and the choice of dark azure elements is very limited.
  10. This is how the official b model for this set should look like. Well done.
  11. I believe that the SMF forum should remain for models without motors, mechanics and Technic interior. Because where should scale models of planes, helicopters or cars be published. The Technic and Model team forum should remain for technic and model team models as the name suggests. So if the model has mechanical functions, suspension steering system, fake engine, drivetrain, pneumatics, should be published in the technic and model team section.
  12. Samolot

    [MOC] Kettenkrad

    I think it's just not fair to send models like Kettenkrad or Willys to the Scale modelling forum. The remote-controlled model that moves has a suspension, complex mechanics is not the same as the system bricks model on the shelf. Especially in a situation where, as I understand it, the decision was made to liquidate this section of the forum. Anyway, Kettenkrad might as well land in the Star Wars section or Action Figures one. I've spent a lot of time mechanizing this model, and that's what I'm most proud of. The appearance and dimensions of the model were just a limitation of where you should fit in. I'm just happy that before the transfer the model managed to spend a few days on the Technic forum and collect some comments.
  13. Thanks. My thinking about this model has also evolved. At first, I didn't assume changing wheels at all. It was obvious to me that the old wheels are the most characteristic element of the model. But when I added white air tanks and a white boom, the white wheels also made sense. And these new tires have something futuristic in them.
  14. Thanks Thanks Thanks. I only saw in the video that the right outrigger does not touch the ground. I checked and found that one half bush slid during transport and blocked the operation of the pneumatic actuator to the full extent. I've already fixed it Thanks