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  1. Samolot

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    In Poland, we have the same color scheme for sea rescue helicopters.
  2. 47: 10 35: 6 51: 4 29: 3 24: 2 57: 1
  3. Thanks for feedback. And some more pictures
  4. Very nice model. I once built similar vehicles but on a larger scale.
  5. Ził 4906 Blue Bird Since the Soviet Union began intensive flights into orbit using Soyuz-type ships, there has been a need to develop a special system for recovering landers. Capsules with astronauts often fell in hard to reach areas of the Soviets. To this end, the amphibious PEU-1 was developed in the 1960s into a special vehicle, but it had many shortcomings, and the need for a more perfect design soon emerged. In the early 70s, the construction of a suitable machine began in the Moscow Zil plant (factory of Lichachiv), thus Zil 4906 was created. The new vehicle was intended to function as part of the Blue Bird PEK 409 system, which included two amphibious vehicles, one equipped with a crane to take the lander and the other with a cabin for transporting astronauts. The idea was that the vehicles should not be too big and they could be transported by air to the vicinity of the action. The vehicles were built on a lightweight aluminum frame and the fuselage was made of fiberglass, a standard 150 HP v8 engine with Zil 130 was used for the drive. The whole was made in a three-axle system, the first and third of which were steered and the drive was transferred to all 6 wheels. The suspension was independent with a small stroke based on torsion bars. In addition, at the rear there were two propellers and rudders providing water-based propulsion. The drive train was very interesting. Behind the engine was a 5-speed gearbox, then a special gearbox that transferred power to the shafts located on the sides of the fuselage driving individual wheels and the propeller shaft. When building my model, I set myself the goal of not only looking and working similar to the original but above all mapping this complicated drive and suspension system. That is why the drive from two Control plus XL engines placed under the V-8 is transferred to the gearbox which drives two shafts on the sides of the hull. These shafts drive all wheels, suspension is independent on torsion bars. The model is equipped with a remote-controlled differential lock. So in difficult terrain, you can fasten the drive of the right and left side of the vehicle. An additional shaft drives the propellers. The steering system moves the first and third axles and rudders behind the bolts. The amphibia is equipped with a remotely started compressor with two pumps and a pressure tank for moving four actuators that raise and extend the crane's arms. The crane roller can also be operated remotely. Pneumatics and outriggers are manually operated. The whole model has a chassis and body that can be easily separated by pulling out the safety axles, pneumatic hose and plug with powered up cubes at the back In total, it has 6 engines 2x C + XL for drive 1x C + L control 1x C + L differential lock 1x C + L Compressor 1x WEDO Medium crane winder it is powered by one C + hub located at the front and One Powered UP at the rear of the vehicle The model weighs about 3 Kg and is 72 cm long, it is on a scale of 1: 12.5 and is quite nicely planned with one exception. Due to the size of the technic panels, I had to slightly increase the wheelbase from 18.5 cm to 19.5 cm, but fortunately, this compromise did not damage the proportions of the model. As for the white strip between navy blue and blue, it appeared at different heights in the original vehicles, so I accepted it. I hope you like it. gallery
  6. Which one do you think is better?
  7. Steam pink war machine takes lego princesses to war. So what happens when daddy gets to his daughter's bricks.
  8. Model B for Libherr 42100 made by Eric Trax inspired me to try my hand at this topic. I have never made an alternative model, although I made an unsuccessful attempt when I bought Mack. But to the point, such a dumper was in my folder with inspirations for a long time, so the choice was simple. I think it fits perfectly with Libherr. The panels should be right on the chest and the cabin. Four motors and one hub are enough to drive. All electrics will fit in the chassis
  9. This model was created many years ago but there was no film and official publication on the forum. The quality of the film leaves something to be desired because it was only after disassembling the model that I realized that I did not record enough material. But you can see that it drives and floats My friends returned from the polar station in Antarctica and in the pictures they presented was such a vehicle in red. Somehow it seemed to me that you could stuff the Lego system hull in the middle of the technic model. I did a quick mass test which showed that the model could not exceed 1 kg. Two days later, the prototype was ready for testing in the paddling pool. After testing, it turned out that it is light enough that I can afford even a small load to make it look more interesting. The model is very simple, it only has a mechanism separating the drive from the engines to the track drive wheels and propellers. On the wheels, the speed is reduced and on the bolts increased. Both PF m, L and XL can be used for the drive. The power supply is from a PF battery because it was the lightest and with a brick so that there would be no trouble with the range. The torsion bar suspension is 1 stud thick, which was a prerequisite for the model not to sink too deeply into the water. The proportions were a compromise between the available technical panels and the system hull. Let's say it looks ok only the wheels should be a bit bigger. That's it, enjoy watching.
  10. Samolot

    [MOC] GAZ 53 Soviet dumper

    Thanks. Off-road version is also available on my channel.
  11. Samolot

    [MOC] GAZ 53 Soviet dumper

    Thanks, scale is about 1:12. There where so many versions of GAZ 52 and 53, if you search the internet for a while you will find similar to my model easily.
  12. Gaz 53 Some time has passed since the presentation of my Zil 130, I decided to disassemble the chassis from this model that has been on the shelf for a long time. But when I picked them up, I decided to bake another roast on this fire and build Gaz 53 on this frame. On this occasion, I also wanted to show how Gaz53 differs from Ził 130 because ... Ził 130 Gaz 53 People often confuse these vehicles, in real Zil 130, Gaz 52 and Gaz 53 they were very similar, but they were different class trucks. Gas 52 had a capacity of 2.5T Gas 53 3.5T and Zil 130 5T. All of them were available in many variants of construction and wheelbase. They also differed in engines, the weakest was 52, about 75 hp, the stronger was 53, 90 or 115 hp, and Zil 130 had a v8 V8 with 178 hp. Often they were also similarly painted, a blue cab with a white front. Returning to the model, I remembered that the disadvantage of my Ził that you noticed was a slow steering system. In Gaz 53, I decided to change it and instead of the version with the virtual pivot I introduced a classic solution with PF servo. Now it works much faster but there is no working steering wheel anymore. I tested the model in two variants with PF Battery and alternatively with Buwizz.
  13. It was a great pleasure to start this competition. Thank you for the votes and congratulations to the winner and all the participants. The competition was strong so I enjoy third place. I can't wait for the next competition.