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  1. Hawke's Bay NZ Brick Show 2018, my Speed Champions layout.

    George (the little boy in green and blue) decided to try out his new drone while waiting to board the school bus. Please be nice to him as it was his first time flying a drone. Enjoy :)
  2. Hawke's Bay NZ Brick Show 2018, my Speed Champions layout.

    Some cell phone photos that show the 4 lane road better with all the vehicles on it: Videos to come, enjoy :)
  3. Hawke's Bay NZ Brick Show 2018, my Speed Champions layout.

    Photos from the Brick Show: Why did the chicken cross the road? ................................................................... to see the LEGO show :) Videos to come. Enjoy :)
  4. Hawke's Bay NZ Brick Show 2018, my Speed Champions layout.

    Hi, yes I have on my vehicle and building topic.
  5. Set up day Friday 13 in Napier, New Zealand. My Speed Champions layout is made up of 14 long by 2 deep large light bluish gray base plates. More photos and video to come from the show days on Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy :)
  6. Lego Speed Champions vs Modulars (scale)

    I love the Speed Champions theme and I agree that Speed Champion vehicles are too big in scale for the modular buildings. That is why I build my own buildings on 48 x 48 stud base plates. Also the roads are not wide enough so I have just finished making a new 4 lane road on fourteen of the 48 x 48 stud base plates to go in front. My next building is going to be the Downtown Diner XL version across 48 studs without the upper floors. Picture below of my layout before the new roads.
  7. Favourite Speedchampions Set?

    Anything with 4 wheels :) Ok it would probably be the Ford GT40.
  8. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My Speed Champions sets will be displayed on 28 of the large 48 stud by 48 stud base plates. 14 at the front for the 4 lane roadway and 14 at the back for associated buildings like drive in movies, showroom, workshop, service station etc. Just waiting on 7 more base plates to arrive at the local toy shop. Layout will fit on 3 folding trestle tables making it 5.4 metres x 0.76 metre.
  9. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    Finished the low-rider. The small pistons were a bit weak to lift the weight of the car so I added the yellow rubber bands to help. Enjoy :) the video. Turn the sound off because all you can hear is the LEGO pump.
  10. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    it's really annoying when you open up five Speed Champion sets to find that 4 out the 5 sets had damaged sticker sheets. One of the two Ford Mustang sets had a damaged sheet, luckily one is now a road version so only needs one sticker. Both small Ferrari sets had bent sheets as did the Ford Fiesta set. Reported it to LEGO with photos. They are sending out replacements but I want to put the stickers on now. Don't Enjoy :(
  11. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    Upgraded the front bumper to match the rear. Enjoy :)
  12. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    A quick play with the Mustang to make it look more like the original than a race car. Will make a front grey bumper to match the rear one. Also make a black rear window sticker. Enjoy :)
  13. Allan's vehicle and building creations.

    Current project. Modifying the Jokers low rider to match the original movie version and in Speed Champion scale. I only used the purple pieces from the set and one extra lime roof. Also animating it with pneumatic's. Work in progress so not finished yet. Need correct length axles :) Will park it by a wall and feed hoses through wall to hide them :) Enjoy:
  14. LEGO The Building Toy Made In Great Britian

    Hi, I don't know. Do you think there is a demand for these. Also have a lot of sets in the 0600 range from 1970 in various conditions. I didn't get much $ for the Ambulance of that year, so am wondering if I should sell those too.
  15. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    LEGO has produced a couple of videos. I love the police car scene in the Porsche video. Enjoy :)