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    <p> 30+ year LEGO collector. Modular's and Speed Champions are my favorite themes.</p>
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    Technic Volvo truck

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  1. AllanSmith

    Container Reach Stacker

    Will be a railroad container facility. I have 7 sets of 10170 TTX container cars that I have enlarged to take 6 x 16 containers. Also have 3 10219 Maersk sets with additional Maersk containers bought off eBay at the time. Thinking of designing a City scale straddle carrier next.
  2. AllanSmith

    Container Reach Stacker

    My latest design and build. Has a sliding cab and a weight brick.
  3. As a collector of all costumed minifigs since series 1, I am very happy with series 23
  4. Help wanted. Have just built it and have a problem. 3rd gear raises tray. Tray buttons select 3rd gear. What have I done wrong? Recalibrated it and now works OK. ;)
  5. Ok. Ken is the owner/admin of the group and I am his only moderator.
  6. Love your cars. I am a moderator on a FB Speed Champions MOC group. If you are not a member I would love you to join and post your cars.
  7. AllanSmith

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    New Speed Champions sets usually come out in the second half of the year. So I would expect to see them show up later on next year. :)
  8. AllanSmith

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    Check out the city sets in our next catalog. Allan from New Zealand.
  9. AllanSmith

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    The New Zealand LEGO online catalog for the first half of next year only shows the existing SC sets, no new ones in the first half of the year.
  10. They are the same size as the rear ones on new 2021 City tractor.
  11. AllanSmith

    Has anyone built a stripclub MOC

    Not a strip club. I built a nudist camp for a 2009 show layout. Had to erase the printing off a lot of classic yellow spacemen torso's.
  12. AllanSmith

    [MOC] The election 2020 BrickHeadz

    You have posted in the wrong forum. They are a bit too big to fit in the City cars. :)
  13. AllanSmith

    [MOC] Porsche Dealership

    I couldn't fit the Ferrari wording on the building so went with it on the wall of the outside sales yard.
  14. AllanSmith

    LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500

    Is this a new glass piece for rear side window?
  15. AllanSmith

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Sad to see that we can no longer get custom chromed parts :(