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  1. Latest creation using Speed Champions mudguards (fenders) and wheels. A retro Landrover to tow my traffic control trailer. Enjoy :)
  2. MOC: Modular Surf & Ski Shop/Travel Agency

    Hi, the top piece is actually 3651 Technic, Axle and Pin Connector (from Bricklink) You can see it has a stud on each side in the picture. An old piece only in light gray.
  3. I have finished building the Jurassic Jeep and U Haul trailer. (Must take some photos) As a fan of John Deere tractors and their color scheme, I have designed my next project using Speed Champion mudguards (fenders) and wheels. A John Deere service truck. Off to order the parts again. Enjoy :)
  4. After work today I designed a U Haul trailer to add to my vehicle collection. Just need to Bricklink the parts. Enjoy :)
  5. Thanks, I was trying to make my Jeep look like this.
  6. Pet Shop interesting piece

    This brick was originally designed as a vertical guide track for the garage roller door pieces.
  7. A quick video for Nightfall. Includes a familiar speedboat. Enjoy :)
  8. Hi Nightfall. Yes the wheels do spin on the red Jeep. They are 30.4 x 14 tires. The grey spokes make them look like low profile tires. The parts are from Creator set 31006.
  9. Designed a new vehicle to use the new mudguards (fenders). Based it on the Jeep from Jurassic Park. LEGO Digital Designer does not have the new guards, so I replaced them with small slopes and 2 x 6 plates in the design. Enjoy :)
  10. I wanted to use the new red mudguards (fenders) that I had spare. So over an afternoon I built a vehicle based on a Jeep Cherokee. Enjoy :)
  11. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    How many are road cars? How many are Formula 1 race cars? I am mainly interested in the road cars for my layout.
  12. Hi Nightfall. I used a 9 volt battery and a homemade 555 IC timer circuit. It was originally made for a 6 wide traffic control truck in 2012. But as Speed Champions cars are 6 wide, my trucks are now 8 wide, so I rebuilt it into a trailer. I originally made 2 trucks, one with a " <- " and one with " x " LED pattern. BTW. My SUV and speed boat is finished. Photos to come. .
  13. A quick MOC today. A traffic control trailer with flashing arrow. Arriving at the traffic location ... Setting up the solar panel to charge the batteries. And now a video of the traffic trailer in action ... Enjoy :)
  14. Just when I thought I had run out of projects, another idea comes along. A FDNY (Fire Department New York) Ambulance. So I designed one in LDD. Updated design due to lack of certain parts from Bricklink NZ sellers. Also changed to headlight bricks so LEDs can be added later. Enjoy :)
  15. Al's Autos empire has expanded into boat sales. A new sales yard has been developed and parts ordered from Bricklink. Called Al's Boats there is room for a few boats and a sales office at the right corner.