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Found 398 results

  1. Hello everyone! Welcome to this thread Here you'll find my wishlist for CMFs, which I illustrate with drawings. I'm not a professional designer but an amateur and I do this just for fun. The CMF theme is one of my favorite LEGO themes ever and collecting Minifigures is one of my favorite hobbies. I'm always looking forward to get some feedback which helps me to improve. SERIES A SERIES B SERIES C SERIES D SERIES E SERIES F SERIES G SERIES H SERIES I SERIES J SERIES K SERIES L SERIES M SERIES N SERIES Ñ SERIES O SERIES P SERIES Q ADVENT CALENDAR SERIES R SERIES S SPOOKY CALENDAR ADVENT CALENDAR 2 SERIES T SERIES U SERIES V SERIES W SERIES X --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, here is the first wave. Let's call it SERIES A. Hope you'll like it Enjoy exciting, new adventures with Series A of the Minifigures collectibles. This series includes the Gymnast, the Giraffe Suit Guy, the Troll, the Architect, the Southern Businessman, the Crossing Guard, the Town Crier, the Lifesaver Guy, the Piper, the Mime Girl, the Galactic Traveler, the Skydiver Girl, the Robotics Engineer, the Harpist, the Puppeteer and the Organ Grinder. Inside each ‘mystery’ bag you’ll find a minifigure with one or more accessories, plus a display plate and a collector’s leaflet 1. Gymnast Part assorment: New hula hoop piece, the S3 Sumo Wrestler hairpiece, regular head, torso and legs. 2. Town Crier Part assorment: New combo hairpiece: tricorn hat + ponytail, a new handbell, regular head, torso and legs. 3. Crossing Guard Part assorment: The Series 9 Policeman hat recolored in black, a 4L bar, a 2x2 octagonal tile with a clip, regular head, torso and legs. 4. Harpist Part assorment: New harp piece. Padme Amidala's bun hairpiece, regular head, torso and slope 5. Galactic Traveler Part assorment: New molded head: head + bubble combo, ray gun piece, 1x1 translucent stud, regular torso and legs 6. Southern Businessman Part assorment: New 10 gallon hat piece, 2 revolvers, the mustache piece, regular head, torso and legs 7. Mime Girl Part assorment: New hairpiece: beret + hair combo, regular head, torso and legs 8. Troll Part assorment: New molded head, club piece, regular torso and short legs 9. Lifesaver Guy Part assorment: New duck lifesaver piece, Poe Dameron hairpiece, flippers, regular head, torso, and legs 10. Puppeteer Part assorment: New Classic King puppet, new Jester puppet, top hat. Alfred's coattails cloth piece. Regular head, torso, and legs 11. Skydiver Girl Part assorment: S10 Skydiver helmet, parachute pack neckpiece, regular head, torso, and legs 12. Architect Part assorment: Gail the Construction Worker hairpiece recolored, suitcase piece, 2x4 tile, regular head, torso, and legs 13. Giraffe Suit Guy Part assorment: New giraffe mask, new giraffe tail, regular head, torso, and legs 14. Organ Grinder Part assorment: New music box neckpiece. Beret, classic monkey, regular head, torso, and legs 15. Piper Part assorment: Hunter's hat in dark blue, large feather, mouse, short cape, 3L bar, regular head, torso, and legs 16. Robotics Engineer Part assorment: Emmet's hard hat piece recolored, 1x1 round tile (x2), walkie talkie piece, S16 Babysitter's baby recolored, regular head, torso, and legs. And an extra head for the robot with red eyes Extra pic! The little robot's alternate head: And here is the group pic! The color is lavender, of course! This Series A would introduce 14 new moulds: hula ring, harp, duck lifesaver, beret+hair piece, music box, Classic King puppet, Jester puppet, ten gallon hat, tricorn hat+hair, handbell, Troll molded head, Galactic Traveler molded head, giraffe mask and tail Leaflet: Box distribution (60 minifigures) So, that's it for now. I expect to post more of these later this year SERIES B
  2. For over a year I’ve been modifying set 75930: Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate, and I’ve finally finished it up. I started by completely removing all of the lab parts in the set. I wanted the place to be more accurate to the movie and feel way more like a mansion. Maisie in front of the Agujaceratops skull. The exterior with masonry bricks, a few new windows, a new doorway, and slopes on the roof. While the movie has lion statues, classic baby T. Rex statues take their place here. “Ms. Dearing, you’re early!” Interior overview Lego’s goblets of plants by the entrance were accurately gold, but unfortunately the real pot piece isn’t available in gold as of now. The right and left sides now connect to other rooms on the bottom floor. Sir Benjamin and the Dimetrodon When the chameleon was made in teal was when I barely realized the piece could be used for a Dimetrodon. I wondered if the rubber mohawk piece could be bent into shape and placed on it without glue or such, but in the end I had to cheat by cutting off a bit of it and using some blu-tack to keep the two attached. Iris and the Velociraptor This diorama came first and is what pushed me to get a Dimetrodon for the other diorama somehow. For both it took some effort to use a stick to move and click them in place between the wall and glass panels. Different angles Lounge area, at least one person who lives here has to like tea. Maisie’s room and the Library I debated turning that whole third floor into either Maisie’s room or Mills’ office, but her room had the door and there were enough unique decor ideas that ended up being the telescope, a nightlight, and a green classic T. Rex as a toy. I’m pretty proud of how the center of the middle floor turned out. I used the brown and black furniture to try to cover up as much of the tan wall as possible. The glass vases of plants worked out great. There’s no other piece like that landscape tile so I was very happy that it exists, and it ended up being an unintentionally accurate decoration upon looking at set pictures from the movie’s production designer Andy Nicholson. The ship in a bottle isn't present in the movie but it’s a reference to how there are docks close to the estate. That table is supposed to be the one found in Mill’s office that electronically displayed Isla Nublar and profiles of different dinosaur species. I didn’t think there was any way to represent that, but some friends gave me the idea to use a sticker from the Dilophosaurus outpost set, so that will be something to use eventually. The Indoraptor may be too big, but Blue can somewhat fit through that door and look like she opened it. Mills’ Office Retained that idea of a table and umbrella holder and gave his space a computer with a sticker from 75917: Raptor Rampage. I'll probably replace that map with the one of Isla Nublar printed on it eventually. I used the portraits of Thomas and Martha Wayne from the 1960s Batman set for both hallways. It would’ve been great if they officially had one for John Hammond. The new transparent piece from the DC collectible minifigure series allowed for that ammonite fossil to be displayed accurately. A simple bust build and a drawer with explorer items on top. Just a look at how the hallways now connect the entire bottom floor together. Eli Mills, Sir Benjamin Lockwood, Iris Carroll, and Claire Dearing. Thanks for looking!
  3. [MOD/MOC] Lego City Mars Exploration - Heavy Mobile Lab Built based on 2x 60225 Rover Testing Drive, 2x 60227 Lunar Space Station, 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport on theme : Lego City Mars Exploration - Rover - Drone - 2 articulated arms: grippers and drill - Radar antenna - Various tools - Spacesuits / airtanks - Scientific analysis equipment - Microscope - 2 retractable berths - Cockpits NCS - Heavy Mobile Lab by Horlack, on Flickr NCS - Heavy Mobile Lab by Horlack, on Flickr NCS - Heavy Mobile Lab by Horlack, on Flickr ============================================
  4. Hi Folks, some weeks ago I presented my Millennium Falcon Moc here on this page. ...but after a while I wasn't completely satisfied with the endresult, so I broke it down (which wasn't easy) and began a rebuild. The new version is larger and I tried to get the outer proportions more like the original Falcon, same with the the interior layout. Length: 58 cm (75257: 44) Width: 40 cm (32) Hight: 14 (14) Weight: 4,1 kg. First some exterior images:
  5. Here is my take on the motorization of the 42110. Basically the whole model was lifted to accomodate the bigger wheel, motors and BuWizzes. Model is powered by a total of 8 motors, 4L motors for RWD, 2L motors for FWD, one servo and one M motor. Total gear ratio is 1:3. It uses custom portal hubs in the front which have a pivot even closer than normal ones thanks to the new rims. Rear uses normal hubs and wheels, since they are sturdier. Axles use the original suspension's upper arms as mounting points along with a pair of 9L links for each axle. The original gearbox is connected to the rear drive, so it works normally. Steering is also connected to the original links, so steerign wheel and HOG also turn when steering Winch is motorized using an M motor. Video coming soon.
  6. Here is my heavy MOD of 2020 set 75968, 4 Privet Drive. The car is a dark blue version of the Anglia in 2018's Hogwarts Whomping Willow set (75953), and fits inside the added garage. Here is the front of the house. I added a visible chimney flue, as I didn't like how the set kept the one hidden inside the wall. The rear of the building features a greenhouse and back door to both the house and garage. The greenhouse folds up and open to get at the inside of it, which at this point holds only a telephone. On the lower floor of the inside is the living room (with record player, couch, and fireplace), kitchen and dining area (stove, sink, table and two chairs). The upper floor features a lamp on a table and a bed. This 1962 Ford Anglia 105E is based off set 75953 (Hogwarts Whomping Willow), but in dark blue. (and no, it does not fly!) The rear trunk opens slightly. Two of this part are missing in dark bluish gray, and four of this part are missing in dark blue to finish the car. The LDD file is available at Bricksafe here. Any thought, comments, complaints or suggestions?
  7. This topic has a lot of photos inside, to make it easier for everyone to see the latest version of my MOD, I have editted this first post to show version 4, 8th Sep 2020. Your feedback is welcome or share your MOD ideas Please! bow port by R Y, on Flickr port view by R Y, on Flickr stern starboard revised by R Y, on Flickr My Lego collection consisted mainly of SW sets and its MOCs, I was tempted to get the 21322 Barracuda Bay when it came out in April but decided to save up for the UCS A-Wing, which I still haven’t got around to build yet, I have been modify the 75175 A-wing. A-Wing Mod by R Y, on Flickr I wasn’t too keen on the 31109 Creator Pirate Ship when I first saw its photos, especially the brick-built sails. During the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, I was reading posts on OZLUG of buying multiple sets to make it a bigger ship; that grabbed my attention as I mod all Lego sets where possible after I figured out Bricklink. However, at RRP of $160 AUD each, I might as well just buy the 21322 for $300 AUD; then again thanks to OZLUG, I realised that they are $119 at Kmart, meaning $238 worth of investment, no brainer! I quickly read up on reviews from Brickset and Brother’s Brick, how the completely brick-built design is its selling point, instead of using specialized boat hull pieces. My local Kmart had no stock, so I went to the next nearest one, nothing on the shelves again and a store girl told me all they have is already on the shelfs even though the online stock check shows limited availability. Disappointed, I was about the leave the store empty handed before I talked past the customer service counter, there was only one person in line so I decided to wait and check. The service girl was very helpful and checked the stock room for me, it turned out they do have three at the back, which I gladly picked up two; she told me apparently people try to steal Lego all the time, so they keep the good stuff at the back. I had to wait for my baby to settle and sleep before started building that night. As the original model is built in 3 sections: bow with forecastle, waist, stern with captain’s cabin; I decided to build 2 x waists sections and have 3 masts. I always build repetition sections step by step simultaneously instead of finishing one section and start another, personally I find this method quicker. My aim is to stick to the original Lego design and finish the hull asap, redesign the masts into foremast, mainmast and mizzen mast, and use the remaining pieces to touch up and make the 2 waists transition smoothly. 31109 Long Side View by R Y, on Flickr I wanted to rig the ship from the bowsprit to the stern flagpole, I had to move the “Plate Round 2 x 2 with Pin Hole and 4 Arms Up” to the mainmast beneath the lookout so the arms are equal distance to the diagonal spars from the foremast and mizzen mast. I spent more time on the foremast and rigging than any other sections. I tried a few different arrangements before settled down on the current layout, where the rigging goes down to the bowsprit from the upside-down diagonal spar. I used light bluish grey Technic Bush instead of the yellow ones provided. The hose piece is still slightly short and the bowsprit is pulled upwards, but the jib sail hides most of it. Overall, I was happy that I achieved my goal. Masts and Rigging by R Y, on Flickr I added a 1 x 2 red brown plate to each of the gun port openings so they are not too close to the waterline, I initially wanted to add 2 pieces per opening, but they were too high and affected the guns inside. You can tell where each of the section ends with the breaks from the 3027 6 x 16 plate in dark tan secured with 2 x 2 blue round tiles. I made sure the 1 x 4 special plates overlap the gap to secure the sections. The alternating red and light orange strip along the deck worked out perfectly, I was initially worried that I may get a double up of same coloured plates with my MOD. Joins of the Sections by R Y, on Flickr As Lego only gives half the number of guns compare to the gun ports, having 2 sets gives me 4 guns to fill up the front gun deck, squeezed 2 minifigs inside with torches. Gun Deck with Baboon by R Y, on Flickr I plated over the opening next to the gangways on the 2nd waist, to make it look like a quarterdeck, but not really raised due to the limitation of my skills in the mod. I really like the brick-built rowing boat from the alternative Skull Island bult, I made it longer using 2 x 2 slopes at the stern and made other changes as certain parts were already used in the main ship built. I also built a boat rack with 4 cheese slopes and some plates. The rowing boat fills up on the empty quarterdeck perfectly, I really like how it turned out. Rowing Boat by R Y, on Flickr With the 2 sets of 3 human minifigs, I swapped around their outfits, brought in a pair of black legs to swap out the peg leg. Now I have 6 different minifigs, I left out the epaulette for the officer to differentiate him from the captain. a9 by R Y, on Flickr a8 by R Y, on Flickr I built the red/green parrot and blue seagull according to the instructions, again had to use some different pieces due to availability. Lastly, I added the pet baboon hanging off the shroud, it’s a really fun build where its arms and waist are twistable to get a good pose. Baboon by R Y, on Flickr I really liked how this MOD turned out, this is probably the cheapest and easiest way to get a Lego 8-gun full-rigged-ship (three or more masts), even the 21322 only has only two masts. It’s around 58cm long from the tip of the bowsprit to the edge of stern flag, around 36cm tall from the tip of mainmast to the bottom of the hull, 19cm wide at the horizontal spars. With the elongated waist, it makes the forecastle and poop deck seem small in comparison, a bit out of proportion to be honest; but at this stage, I don’t have the skills to design and make them bigger. Side Front View by R Y, on Flickr Top Front View by R Y, on Flickr Back View by R Y, on Flickr
  8. Hello everyone, some weeks ago I bought and downloaded the manual of the classic - and for me best - Z-95 Headhunter of the Designer Moppo (MOC-30461) from Rebrickable (link to the MOC: After I had all the parts together and could start building, I soon realized that the MOC was not suitable to be placed next to all the others in my showcase on an acrylic display stand, as the photo of the bottom side shows. In order to present it next to my other models and MOCs, I ordered a suitable Medium Angled Acrylic Display Stand with a 4x4 Top Plate from Wicked Bricks (, so that I could consider and implement the necessary modification of the original model after receiving it. The idea was to construct an additional carrier and to modify the bottom side of the Z-95 Headhunter accordingly, so that it will fit the model and the display stand at the end. To do this, a sketch had to be made to determine the parts to be ordered. Modification of the Z-95 Headhunter (bottom side). For the necessary modification you need the following parts: (Structure: Designation | part number | quantity | comment) Plate 1x4 2 Knobs | 4599498 | 2 Flat Tile 1x3 | 4558169 | 2 Flat Tile 1x2 | 4211414 | 1 Flat Tile 2x2 | 4211413 | 1 Once you have all the parts together, start by removing the three flat tiles 1x4 from the bottom of the Z-95. The same applies to the Flat Tiles 2x4. At the gained space you attach the above parts from the parts list in the arrangement shown on the photo. This way we realize a mounting possibility for the carrier, which will be built in the next step and serves as a bridge between Display Stand and Z-95 Headhunter. We need the dismantled Flat Tile 1x4 for the carrier, which we will focus on in the next step. The carrier. The carrier consists of two parts. We need the following parts for the carrier Plate 1x4 | 4211445 | 3 Flat Tile 1x4 | - | 1 | From the dismantled parts from above. Half Bow 1x2x2 Inv. | 6144138 | 2 | Half Bow 1x2x2 | 6028813 | 2 | Technic Brick 1x1 | 4211535 | 4 | Plate 1x2 | 4211398 | 2 Profiles Brick 1x2 | 4211383 | 2 | The construction is very simple and can be seen in the following picture. The result. The result is that the carrier sits very firmly on the display stand and the Z-95 Headhunter is also solidly attached to the carrier, so that nothing stands in the way of presenting the model on a shelf or in a showcase. The modification of the underside has been designed so that the hunter does not gain excess weight in one direction or the other to prevent accidental falling. So everyone can decide for himself whether the hunter tilts into a curve, rises steeply or descends. Besides the possibility to show the hunter on a display stand, I also implemented a modification for the attachment of landing supports. The realization is also very easy and fast with a little disassembly and assembly. Here you need - besides the above mentioned modification of the underside - the following components: Technic Lever 3M | 6331723 | 2 2M Cross Axle w. groove | 4142865 | 2 Fric/Stump with cross hole | 4158848 | 1 Fric/Forc with cross hole | 4210695 | 2 Plate 1x3 w/Stub/Along/U.P. | 4210882 | 1 Roof Brick 1x2/45° | 4211614 | 4 Flat Tile 1x2 | 4211414 | 2 Landing skid front. The assembly of the front landing skid is shown on the following photo. In addition, the two Technic Lever 2M, which were originally mounted, must be replaced by the Technic Lever 3M in order to attach the landing skid to the fighter. Landing struts underside. The landing skids of the underside are realized by two Roof Bricks each, which are connected by a 1x2 Flat Tile. Both are then attached to the 1x4 Plate with 2 Knobs on the underside (see above). Just align everything nicely and the Z-95 Headhunter is ready for presentation inside a hangar MOC, since it is now standing on its own landing struts:
  9. gudetamago

    [MOD] B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

    Hi ! Here's a few mods I've made to 75188 Resistance Bomber in the last few days. I first changed the engines to blue (I swear it seems like blue and orange are ALWAYS reversed on Star Wars vehicles!) I'm not a big fan of stud shooters in most contexts, so I switched the rear cannons out for display ones. I also wanted them to rotate together, which took some figuring out. I couldn't find a way to use friction pins to hold both cannons so I put another axle in with a little gear system like in Slave 1. I went through a few different iterations but this was the most compact solution I could find. I transferred the stickers in the bubble canopies to clear 2x2 slopes, and switched the brackets and tiles for a little more visibility. Shorter wings to be a little more in proportion. The interior was already great, but I tiled over the floor and added a weapons rack. I added a small ladder up to the gunner position and added in some more details and stickered controls by the gunner's hands. You can't really see them in this picture, though. The exterior of the turret is mostly the same but it was a great design to start with! For the cockpit I used a bunch of stickered elements from 75105 (getting slowly disassembled in preparation for the big one!) Snap is piloting for the moment, until we find out what the whole crew will be (probably not a bunch of X-wing pilots !) The rest of the changes are just minor cosmetics all over the hull, but I've already made this too long so here's just two more pictures. I didn't capture everything, of course ! This is a really great set! It looks beautiful and is so much fun. As an AFOL I tend to just display things but it's impossible not to fly this around the room ! Thank you :^)
  10. The upcoming 42082 Rough terrain crane has inspired a whole list of possible improvements because I believe that at this scale some cool functions could/should be modeled (in random order): Two stage outriggers, preferably PF controlled Multiple steering modes (minimal 2: 4WS and front wheel steering) Pendular front axle Luffing jib, folding away against the boom Second winch for secondary hook Replace LA’s which lift the boom with an actuator with a longer stroke for bigger range in the boom angle Cosmetic changes to cabin, engine cover and upper structure to resemble real cranes more like Grove or Terex Some of these are probably overly ambitious and I’m not claiming to be able build all these MODs in one single model, but I am curious to see how far I can take this. My first step is to take a look at possible two stage outriggers. So far I’m tinkering in LDD to find mechanisms for the horizontal stage which are rigid enough to support the Crane and compact enough to fit on both ends of the 42082. I think it must be possible to fit the outriggers in a module measuring 5x7x23 studs. The ultimate goal would be to lift the crane from its wheels, but considering the size and weight of the 42082, I would be happy if the outriggers can simply provide actual support. Progress so far:
  11. As already shown in a preview in my Hogwarts Express Carriages thread, I have completed my rendition of the "Olton Hall" steam locomotive, famous for pulling the Hogwarts Express in the fictional wizarding world of Harry Potter. Here she is in close-up: [ Hogwarts Express by Phil B, on Flickr This is a model that started as a Mod of 75955, but has progressed far enough from the original set that you can call it a MOC I think. Here is a list of all modifications I made: Lengthened the entire boiler by 6 studs and placed the middle section under a one-plate angle to better capture the shape of the real Hall Class. Widened the engine to 7 studs (almost 10 across the pistons and driverods). This allowed me to accurately model the forward facing windows in the cab, and allowed me to create openings for the wheel flanges to accommodate a larger wheel size, Upgraded the wheels to Big Ben XL Drivers and Big Ben Medium pilot truck wheels - I like how they have true spokes vs the printed spokes on LEGO's regular train wheels. The model works with standard LEGO Large and regular train wheels as well. Extended the pipes from the side to around the nose of the boiler. Redesigned the front buffer beam. Gone is the "lock" from the original model, but it features the same details as the real-life Olton Hall. With the change to 7 wide I widened the cab, but kept the original firebox and gauges from 75955, which was quite an "offset" challenge to do. Completely redesigned the tender to house a LiIon LEGO battery box and a Power Functions IR Receiver, though the model can work with PFxBricks as well. The tender is 6 wide, with one pivoting axle and a fixed PF train motor. On the pictures she is pulling my consist of 5 BR Mk I coaches - 2 First Class, 2 Second Class and a combined First Class/Baggage/Brake coach. Each carriage has a fully detailed interior and is 7 wide. Progress on these carriages has been documented in my Hogwarts Express Carriages thread. Here are the picture and drawing I used for inspiration: More pictures of the engine: The full consist: And the coach interiors:
  12. I really like this set, and even it has IMO a great gearbox, one of the first things I was thinking of after completing the build, was how to make it RC. I guess most of the six functions are straight forward, but operation of the claw is obviously more tricky. I tried to figure out if it was possible to operate the claw by the hoist string. I realized that it is possible to transfer motion to a pulley in the claw simply by pulling the string on one side of the pulley, and letting out on the other side. The claw should then in theory be kept at the same level, and the motion transfered to the pulley could be used to drive the m-LA. To achieve this, I have used two reels, each of them connected to the ouputs of a subtractor (geared down 1:3 with Z12 and Z36 double bevel gears). If using tracked vehicle implementation of a subtractor as a reference, the "drive" part is done with a M motor driving a worm gear that in turn drives a Z8 spur gear. The "turn" part is done by a XL motor, directly driving the differential housings. I probably could use a L motor as well, thus avoid the coasting of the XL. The string I have used, is simple string for packing purposes. I guess it is better (and more puristic) to use the thick LEGO string, as it looks better, is more solid and no twisting. Problem is, can I get a thick LEGO string that is long enough? Please don't judge from the aesthetics, the main goal for me at this stage was to demonstrate the idea, and I have not put a lot of effort in the looks, or making it compact. Link to video: Here is my own judge for the idea: Pros: IMO it looks more clean than a hanging motor with it's supplying wires. Both hoisting and claw operation may be done simultaneously. Able to operate two functions with a simple string. Adding mechanical complexity to the model, something I like. Cons: The torque delivered to the m-LA is limited, so the grip of the claw is not very strong. It should be apx. equal amount of string on both reals, to achieve claw operation without changing the level of the claw. Claw operation is depending on friction between the string and the claw pulley. If the the claw is resting on the ground or the object it should lift, it will not work. Probably not real-life-like implementation of claw operation. Another idea I have, still not tested, is to convert the hoist string into a closed loop. the claw implementation is the same, with a pulley driving the m-LA. On the tip of the boom, there is a pulley, driven by cross axles from the super structure (the reason for location on the tip of the boom is to reduce length of the string, and number of pulleys, to reduce friction). The hoist may then be done by two pulleys pulled along the boom, towards the super structure. One of the advantages of this implementation, if it works, is that "Con #2" above is eliminated. I don't know if this description makes sense to you, I will try to test this version also. Main problem is, how to make a long, closed loop of LEGO string, without any bumps. I appreciate any feedback, including cons. And I also hope to inspire some of you to come up with a better solution. PS: Somebody who knows how to embed a "visual" youtube link, like most of the others do (I didn't figure out)?
  13. [MOD] Martian Colonization Base, 4x 60227 I transformed the lunar space station into a Martian land base for colonization The blocks / modules are perfect. I also made a small NPU with train part number 55768. It makes excellent glass roof/skylight :) Picture on high quality 4096x3072 on my flickr [MOD] Martian Colonization Base, 4x60227 by Horlack, sur Flickr
  14. Dear All, after so many modding activities regarding the Crocodile it is hard to believe to be able to add something new to it. Don’t know whether this is any “new” – if not, moderators please remove this thread. (Also, please excuse my crappy photography - I am not good at this nor I believe is that tiny camera I have. Also, the LDView screenshots were made without much passion ...) Here it is though: I don’t like blind drivers. (I know that in many cases they are simply mandatory – steamers with more than four driving wheels attached via connecting rods and there we are, particularly on TLG's original curved track. I know only one exception from that: Ben Beneke’s BR23 LEGO replica: This one features 6 driving wheels; they are all flanged and each pair of three wheels is connected using LEGO Flex system parts. In addition, a split center axis is used so that the corresponding center driver is moving inward when going through curves – it is a brilliant solution) With the Crocodile though, the “noses” feature only two drivers connecting via one rod that in addition allows some articulation at the wheel - rod joint. So all-flanged drivers could have worked – unfortunately though, the pivot point of the bogie is not in the center but far out between cab and nose. Blind drivers are thus used accordingly for the pair of drivers closer to the pivot point. And I don’t like them. Particularly because my LEGO layout is rather crowded. So I decided to put some track up the sloped wall – with some curves to see the crocodile meander about – I mean this is what crocodiles do when preying … and then you just see it all the time: The blind drivers are “leaving” the track. Solution: Moving axles, as has been demonstrated in countless contributions here on EB and elsewhere. I decided to articulate the axle close to the cab, which requires narrowing the 4 wide frame – I used a two wide base (three would work as well, but I simply could not figure it out). (Note the red drivers on the side facing away from my chair - will try to get the black ones some other time - do they exist as separate part at all? Need to check) Here are some LDraw screenshots: Also, as friction leading to upward pointing forces goes up quite a bit, I made some room for some "weights", which are required to counter these additional forces. So there are 10 x 1 Euro cent and 4 x 50 cent Euro pieces in each nose, considerably increasing the value of my croc. Without the extra money, each nose weighs about 145 g (not including the pony truck) – with modifications plus the money 210 g. The values of my crocodile is thus retails price + 4 Euros and 20 cents. (Well, I had only 7 50 cent coins that day - the one in the photo is a Swiss coin of almost the same size ...) Further modifications: I simply did not like the coupling offset between noses and cab, tilting the nose downward to the front. This maybe intentionally. But when you look directly at the Crocodile's noses in front of your own nose all day – I had serious sleeping problems. Solution: Not using the 4x4 Technic brick + pin (popping off all the time drove me crazy as well …), but 1x2 plates with tow ball, which conveniently came with the extra 40411 set. That required some modding of the cab frame as well – in addition to the flanges of the new drives close to the cab needing more space for pivoting. So the slopes had to be changed. The color of the axle pins (whatever that color is - sand something) of the pony truck wheels also got me mad. They are partly hidden by the bley 1x2 plates with ladder, but again my eyes are level with the Crocodile … plus I also noticed that on most pictures I found on the web of the II version the “ladder” is missing at all. So I redesigned the truck as well, now featuring a 6L black axle and no ladder. And in addition many of the implementation of previously reported mods: @Sérgio's greebling (soo nice!!!) very slightly modified, and @Sérgio's solution for closing the gap between cab and nose (plus some very minor additions, see pictures above and LDraw files, link below). Want to add the wheel guards as well, as @Sérgio and @Duq have demonstrated. What is that "plate"/slope called, you are using? What else? Ahh – changed the frames to black, as suggested by others. Not entirely because the contrast between the black wheels and greebling is then gone. So I left a few parts in dark bley – simply to show (and: because I did not have them in black). And: I removed all but 2 rubber bands on the cab. None on the wheel of the noses. So here she is: That was it. As usual, I really learned a lot from you guys. Thank you all very much for letting me again dive into the LEGO world of bricks! Forgot: Yes, it negotiates curves (S type) very well. No idea about switches, but my crocodile will only drive back and forth "on the wall", disappearing behind books and magically reappearing … that needs some BLE programming – we will see. In that regard, a lot is going on in the Mindstorms Forum! (Here are the links to the LDraw files (really very rudimentary, just for my documentation. Deep linked - as the folder is not moderated yet All the best Thorsten
  15. I like to present you my Lego town Steinbruck. The name is from Stein=brick & bruck(old German)=bridge. This is my current layout: My MOC and MOD buildings (more detail pictures in the albums; just click the pictures to get there): I'm planning a car wash for the Service Station and will build it in the next months. I also build digital, but can't afford all of them to build with bricks. Click to album.
  16. I always like to mess around with existing LEGO sets, especially with set 3177 (a.k.a small car). So I discovered a BMW M4 with a trailer made from another BMW M4 cut in half. I used that idea to make this thing:
  17. Back in March 620, Prio Sea, North shore of Tortuga... precisely at Dr Thaum's pied-à-terre The young Iauln is up the tower, searching the horizon with his telescope, the trusted Callaghan is manning the grill, and the doctor... PSHHHHHHHH ! PSHHHHHHHOUUUT ! SHHHHHH ! SHHHH ! KLANG ! Dr Thaum : EUREKA ! It works ! Callaghan, my steam engine is working ! The wheel is turning !! YEEEEEHAAAAA ! TJ Johnson : Excuse me doctor, your parcel... Dr Thaum : I don't give a sh... of that parcel Callaghan, you're a bonehead, Callaghan ! TJ Johnson : This is not Callaghan, doctor... Dr Thaum : UH ?! Oh, sorry, TJ, which parcel ? Errr... OK THE parcel ! You've found him ! Well done TJ ! Here I come ! Dr Thaum : Wonderful guys ! Bring the coffin in my pantry... CALLAGHAN ! Show them in ! And then offer them a drink ! XXXXXXXXXXXXX Dr Thaum : Dear professor, you're finally back to me ! TJ Johnson : Allright doctor, can you explain me what's going on ? I terminated about twenty persons for bringing that corpse back. Dr Thaum : Of course Mr Johnson, You've just brought back to me the corpse of my estimated mentor, the professor Oktober Sippio, he teached me most of my knowledge... TJ Johnson : Talk, talk ! Why should I bring it back untouched and eliminate all witnesses, the 2 altonian captains and some of the crews ? Dr Thaum : OK, OK... many years ago, the war between Oleon and Corrington was in full swing, and with this war, its share of destruction, orphans, famine and diseases, notably the leprosy. The lord-chambellan came to the professor Sippio and asked for a terrible disease, ready to take a heavy toll on the Oleonese ranks and he asked for a cure too, for Corrington, of course, for a stated price... Something as terrible as leprosy. I just defended my thesis and became doctor, with my friend Henry, under the direction of the professor Sippio, and all 3 began to work on this scourge. Callaghan : Wait a minute ! You got paid for that !? For a disease ready to rampage the world !? Dr Thaum : You're a bonehead Callaghan ! I get paid for my care ! The death is offered ! Anyway, the research, especially for the cure, needed a vast amount of money the lord-chambellan was hesitating to provide, and there were suddenly changes in the royalty and the lord-chambellan was dismissed for womanizing, but this red leprosy... Callaghan : This leprosy ?? TJ Johnson : Finish your story doctor... Dr Thaum : This leprosy was good and ready. The cure was ready too, but we barely had only half a dozen unit dose, we do not have fully tested. A cleaning up was then initiated in the ex lord-chambellan business, our lab was destroyed, Henry and I escaped with few samples (including some of the cure) and books and the professor was captured as he was burning the last flasks of Red Oktober. Nethertheless, the professor was the only one to have the complete formula of the cure, but just before I vanished with Henri, he had time to say " I will point to the solution". Since then, I have done all that I can but the professor died in jail and his body ended up in a mass grave. After years the mass grave was found and under my instructions and with some money the coffin was loaded in the LaCrosse, a ship hired for the Sea of Thieves sea link. Unfortunately the ship sank near Terraversa, and it took me almost a year to find the sinking localisation. But when the LaCrosse wreckage was found, that was only to realize that 2 altonian ships found the coffin, probably floating on the sea near the wreck, and take it with them to Ulric. This is where you come in, TJ... Callaghan : Why Red Oktober, doctor ? And were are the flasks you runaway with ? I hope destroyed !? Dr Thaum : Red Oktober... because of the red color of the substrate, and destroyed... No. Have a look around you Callaghan Callaghan : Reuuaaargh !!! This is the Red Oktober ? Dr Thaum : Indeed... Callaghan: And the cure samples ? Dr Thaum : Already consummate Callaghan Callaghan : Let me develop a bit... This is the reason why Henri, Barney, Hadvice, Oggy you and I boarded the Leper Messiah and the Leper Crusader ? You and Henry tried your cure ! And it didn't succeed ! We now have 2 doomed ships storming the seas with full crews of infectious demons !! That's an outrage ! You're a fool ! You lost your best friend and even your son ! And you aren't seeking a solution anymore ? Dr Thaum : Shut up Callaghan ! The cure is a success, as you noticed it, Barney, Oggy, Hadvice, you and I are well, right ? and... TJ Johnson : Why did you give your last dose to me ? Dr Thaum : Some flasks were broken in the skirmish as the lab was destroyed and the professor captured, there was a mini leprosy outbreak after this in the city, and the professor died of his own Red Oktober in jail. So the last dose was for you, as you perhaps have to touch the corpse and bring the last sample back. And Callaghan, the solution is here ! That's why I hired TJ for bringing the the coffin back. The cure formula comes with the corpse of Oktober Sippio ! "The professor point to the solution" Callaghan : You administer me the cure ? When ? Why ? and Henry ? and Hadvice ? Dr Thaum : Enough Callaghan ! Enough ! You have a drink to offer ! Callaghan (leaving) : You smutty old fool! Dr Thaum : Look, TJ, for the cure, "the professor point to the solution", look at that right arm and the index finger... TJ Johnson : A false finger ! How did you notice that ? Looks like a true one ! Dr Thaum : Henry and I made this false finger, the professor asked us to amputate him and replace the real one with this prothesis this is an empty one and he probably hid the cure formula inside. That's why I wanted you to bring me the body back or at least the right arm ! Dr Thaum : All our efforts are rewarded ! I now have the cure formula ! This is designated to be the Doctor's residence in Tortuga, should be licenced as a medium one with court approval @Bregir @Capt Wolf @Bodi @Ayrlego (because of being only a MOD of the old fishing store official) I hope you enjoyed the story... all is not revealed, there is lot more to come ! C&C welcome as usual, bonus pics (of all that was MODed later on )
  18. Hello everybody, I didn't notice yet any MOD page of the Volvo EW160 excavator. I find this a really good set and as I'm an excavator lover, I couldn't resist to add a few modifications. I have already done 2- 3 and I have others in my mind. Here are the first ones I took away the cab elevating mechanism. I find the excavator better proportioned this way. It looks a lot more like the real machine and IMHO also a lot nicer. The cab was in the original model too much forward and got in the way of good playability. I still have to get rid of the grey beam behind the cab. I also put a swivel and turning mechanism on the grab, which also looks better and approaches the looks of the real machine. The mods I'm planning is to arrange the hoses on the boom and add rigid hoses.
  19. Hi Folks, my name is Friedie, I'm from Bonn, Germany and this is my first posting here. I was born back in 1967 and I allways was a big Starw Wars Fan. In the last years I followed all that Lego Star Wars Creations on the Internet but never took part in building Lego myself (what I did when I was a child of course). In 2017 I thought of buying the new UCS Set but I was was a bit disapointed, that the Interior was not complete and they used these "Sticker-Hallways". I know, it is not a play-model, but even a Display Model should be "complete"in my oppinion, even more when you consider the high price. But The Falcon allways was my favorite ship, as Han Solo was my favorite charater of the series. so finally I wanted to have a Lego Falcon at home, so I decided to buy me the 75257 Edition. It was fun to build but the outcome is so much different from the original thing. So I first decided to mod it and got me some more parts from bricklink. Corona came leavin me working at home and having much more spare time. I looked up a lot of mods and mocs on the Internet, and I also found this site of course. There are brilliant works (stifos!) that inspired me from the start ofmy building efforts. Finally I finished my work and it evolved from some simple mods to a fullgrown moc of the Millennium Falcon witha detailed interior. First some Numbers: Length: 53 cm (75257: 44) Width: 37cm (32) Hight: 17,5 cm (14) Weight: 3,2 kg (2,1) I don't know the number of parts, cause I just build the thing together, so sadly I don't have instructions or part lists to offer. But here are the first pics I want to show you... The "Corona" Falcons Overall Exterior:
  20. Inspired by some of the other excellent threads on this forum, I decided to have a go at lengthening my First Order Transporter: I've added an extra 16 studs, twelve of them in the troop compartment: it can now take a total of twenty stormtroopers. I have rebuilt a lot of the details: I have also shortened the cockpit and moved it back. It is accurate in profile and still fits a minifig. Finally, I've lengthened the engines and added some greeblies to the space between them. Sourcing another 16 stormies was fun but expensive: Battle of Takodana + 2 batle packs + 2 Bricklink orders. Special thanks to our very own Lobot for his rapid and friendly Bricklink service. Many thanks also to Vodnik, deskp, Veynom & Solscud007 for their inspiration. If anyone wants to build this mod, I've created a Lego Digital Designer file: (LXF) This file is slightly different to my "real bricks" version, due to Lego Digital Designer being a crotchety old block. Bonus fun - Spot the differences! To build the version in the LXF, you will need a 75103 First Order Transporter and about 470 extra parts: (XLS). Having an extra 75103 on hand (£40 on ebay with no minifigs) cuts that down to 300 parts: (XLS).
  21. Hi all! I've been trying to mod some of my older sets and after watching the new clone wars trailer, it showed a landed ARC 170 with landing gear, which i don't think we've seen anywhere else. It gives us a glimpse of the front landing gear but not the back. I have a simple solution for the front landing gear but the back is much more complicated. I have tried multiple options but none seem to work. This way the model will look nice but there isn't a way for the landing gear to support the heavy weight at the back. Also the landing gear doesn't fit in the middle as there is a gearbox that takes all the space. Does anyone have a solution?
  22. mcphatty

    [MOD] X-Wing 75218

    Update: The finished MOD along with instructions and parts list, all on Rebrickable, with new photos to follow... Thanks for your help guys! Original post- My kids bought me the new X-Wing for Christmas, they’re the best! I’ve wanted one in Lego form since I was a kid and hung on to the idea of a new set since I got back into Lego five years ago. Initially I was disappointed with how this set looked due to that ugly lever on top and similarities to Poe’s X-Wing. However, I recently saw a friend’s set and between us we worked out a few easy mods to improve things on a budget. Starting at the front we added a few plates to the nose to combat how flat the top looks, then added dishes and pins to the laser tips, also replacing the blue pins inside the roots with with black pins plus 4L lightsaber bars to reduce wobble. We added landing gear and a couple of modified plates either side of R2 to box him in. Most significantly took part of the S-Fool lever off and added a removable lid with some detail. I was thinking of adding internal gears connecting to a handle at the back but I really like that rear greebling so for now the lid comes off to to open and close the S-Foils. (Edit: I also added the extra cylinder length to the engines, thanks to Richpepperell for the design and Jerac for the suggestion) Bricklinking the extra parts costed about £6 including delivery, the skids for the landing gear weren’t common but cheap enough as used parts. Hope you like it and happy modding in 2019!
  23. My small tricks: Lego UCS Millennium Falcon engine vents rotate align modify without increase height (clone band). Blue plane: Oxford band brick, Korean air home made stickers + engine support MOD. Hope you like it
  24. Loslyn

    Easter Greetings

    MVIMG_20200409_100237 by Loslyn Loslyn, on Flickr This is a MOD of Set 40292 Christmas Gift - accessorised with lots of bunnies!
  25. Hello everyone, I have recently picked up a 42054. Immediately I noticed the insane amount of backlash and resistance in the steering system. Here's how I fixed it: 1: Finding the problem: The problem was one of these: It was adding lots of friction which caused the grand majority of the backlash. It is added in this step (step 57 substep 2): 2. Replacing the piece. This was relatively simple, I replaced it with one of these: I had to hold the other piece in before placing it into the assembly, but it was totally worth it. There is little to no backlash and resistance. So, that's it! Thanks for reading! BrickbyBrickTechnic