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Found 5 results

  1. According to Promobricks, this will come in April 2022! HYPE Lets discuss!!!
  2. Finally, the 2022 LEGO 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine the DeLorean - motorized with powered up ★ Building Instructions on Rebrickable (klick) ★ Features remote controlled motorization - fast driving, 40° steering angle - No scratching gears or rubbing tires Cockpit untouched not flying, but you can still modify it for Back to the future I, II and III version easy to reach Battery box for charging and switching on Off Battery box, Motors and Cable well hidden to not change the looks LED light kit fits in (discount code included) will add Instructions to make your own adapter to power the light kit from the buwizz instead of a seperate battery polygons very close to the movie (not flat as LEGO did it) Multi language instructions: ►english ►deutsch ►italiano ►française ►español ►čeština ►русский The Partfinder: An Inventory of left over parts in all bags to find the without scrubbing through all bags while buildingfor building from scratch Buwizz Profile - my programming for the buwizz included. ★ Details 40° of steering angle with virtual pivot point to not rub against that narrow frame Driven by upgeared large motor No Batteries in the interior, it is still there. Hood is still opening. switch the car on and off and charge from below I added a fix for the gull wing doors to stay up. Also I took the liberty to change the colors of some red/orange/tan bricks that you could see when opening the doors. I will put the bricks needed into the spare parts of the inventory. No instructions for the lights included, but they come with the Light kit. AND: I bought all my light set from Game of Bricks. And (after talking to them) I can give you a discount for a light kit for any of my motorizations. The code is included in the downloads.
  3. BMW E24 M6 - 10300 C-MODEL The classic "six" is my eternal wet dream which I hope will come true one day. Making a beemer as an alternative model comes to me with every set. I tried to make an E46 from Mustang but it didn't look very good. The Porsche 10295 was an almost perfect base for the M1 Procar version. The multitude of all bends is so hard that even building moc without parts limits is a big challenge on this scale. I may come back to this one in a future. I was considering an E30 M3 from Camaro, but Firas will probably beat me to it. In the end, I insisted on this unfortunate Delorean that it could be turned into another gray car. Well, you can't and my E24 clearly shows it. I liked the front so much that I accepted all the compromises that came along the way, and there were plenty of them. Black roof, protruding gutters on the inside of the hood and tailgate. A few extremely delicate elements like the rear fenders and the roof attachment. Visual shortcomings in the form of a very conventional dummy engine and a nightmare interior of the trunk. Apart from the shark's front, which I am very happy with, I managed to give a decent silhouette of the whole and use several functions - opening doors, trunk and hood that tilts forward. Two Delorean models are my max and now it's time to go back to LP800 from 10295. Technical info Rebuild of the set 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine Model: BMW E24 M6 Parts: 1413 - also used extra parts Height: 13 studs (10 bricks and 2 plates) Width: 16 studs (20 studs with mirrors) Lenght: 45 studs Functions: Opening doors, trunk and hood. Instruction: 540 steps on 366 pages. Instagram Rebrickable Flickr Bricksafe
  4. Mercedes C126 - 10300 B-model The Delorean is a terribly ungrateful model for any rebuild. There are not so many light gray bricks and some key elements are difficult to use in other constructions. There are definitely more black parts, but not enough to make a car only in this color. Initially, Mercedes was supposed to be built from Camaro (and probably will be but a different model) but not from 10300. In search of inspiration, I came across a photo of the C126 in such a double color variant, which turned out to be a good solution. The model itself has a lot of simplification solutions as it happens in rebuilds and a bit too square silhouette. The only function the model has is the opening door. It was possible to make a dummy engine and a raised hood, but the whole model lost its appearance then. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with the final effect, because doing something different from Delorean is quite a challenge but very satisfying. Technical info Rebuild of the set 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine Model: Mercedes C126 Parts: 1168 - also used extra parts Height: 12,5 studs (10 bricks and 1 plate) Width: 16 studs (18 studs with mirrors) Lenght: 43,5 studs Functions: Opening doors. Instruction: 384 steps on 242 pages. Flickr Brickshelf Instagram Rebrickable
  5. 1980-Something-Space-Guy

    The future of Back to the Future

    Coming April 1st, 2022: 10300: DeLorean Time Machine 1872 pcs, $169.99 Minifigs: Marty and Doc (BTTF Part II) Measures 35cm long Features three distinct building options: choose which car from the Back to the Future films you want to build first; rebuild to create the other versions (all three versions cannot be built simultaneously from the single set) Set features Doc Brown and Marty McFly incarnated as LEGO minifigures Faithfully recreated details from the three films include: tyres that fold down for flight mode, the iconic light-up flux capacitor, dashboard dates, opening gull-wing doors and hood, and a variety of other Easter eggs like Marty’s hoverboard and swappable licence plates Features windscreen and shaping element for the front of the DeLorean which are new to LEGO! ----------------------------------------- Ever since the DeLorean Ideas set came out, I have been hoping that Lego's licensing with Universal for that specific set could result in more BTTF sets. In fact, I am pretty sure that this made it easier for the Dimensions game to include BTTF. However, as a huge BTTF fan, who's hoping to get more figs and a better-looking DeLorean than what we actually got, my thirst is not satisfied by the figures and parts included in the Dimensions packs. How likely is it that we will ever get more BTTF sets? Right now, it seems that Lego is saturated with licenses. However, it would be great to see sets a la Ghostbusters HQ made for BTTF. Is there any hope?