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  1. Hear Ye Hear Ye! Captain Tyrell, Rogue WTC Captain, has been detained by Corrish forces in Moorington Bay. His trial is due to commence soon, as allowed by Corrington's Laws. Corrish Law allows for a trial of the Accused's Peers, which is any seafaring Captain on the Brick Seas (I. E. You!) So, We are accepting applications for Jurors in the trial Please Post in this thread. Please post a character picture for your juror, a name, and a ship for them. I'd recommend not using a main story character. The Court trial date is tentatively set for the 20th. Stay Tuned to this topic for updates! Court Docket: Charges: Piracy, violation of Sovereign Treaties, Assault on Corish Officers, Improper Ship Docking Presiding Judge: TBA Prosecutor: TBA Defendant: Captain Tyrell @Mesabi Defense Attorney: Jake Cochran @Mesabi Jurors: TBA Defense Witnesses: Captain Cristoph Tyrell (Icarus Returning) @Mesabi Captain Caroline Carolina (Beacon) @Mesabi First Mate Frederick Hammers @Drunknok Allen Landon, Bank of Corrington Officer @Bregir @Bregir Hope I'm not overstepping my bounds here. But I thought this would be a good topic to make.
  2. Hi everybody! Thats my new 4x4 rock crawler. So,here it is Specifications: -4 link suspension -portal axles -rc 108 mm tires -3s li-fe battrey -2 buggy motors -1 sbrick I hope you like it Let's see it in action!
  3. Hi everybody! today i wont to show you my new creation - Gaz 34-6x6 soviet truck. This truck is modification of legendary Gaz 66.I'm crazy about 6x6 trucks,thats why I built Gaz 34. So,here it is: As you see,this is not original configuration of Gaz 34.I'm added portal axles(without diffs),bigger wheels and slightly changed the rear suspension.Finally-it is really good trial truck,with great grip on sand,grass (thanks to the wheels from 42054). So,lets look for the technical specifications: -6x6 wheel drive,without any diffs -portal axles -huge offroad wheels -2 buggy motors for drive -1 medium motor fot steering+micro motor(they tern steering wheel in the cabin) -Sbrick -3s li-fe battery(9,9 volts) -Leds lights(headlights) -balanced rear suspension(thats why truck has really good suspension travel) Let see it in action! https://youtu.be/hHDJLmvZ4BA
  4. Good day. This is a trial truck using 1 XL motor for drive, 1 M motor for steering and powered by BuWizz. The drive is powered through a worm gear to 8t gear, creating a powerful 1:8 reduction. It uses model team wheels , they don't have the best perfomance, but it is good enough. For the bodywork I was inspired by ГАЗ-66 (gaz-66), although it isn't an exact copy. Both doors can be opened, the seats and steering wheel are adjustable LDD model available here: download
  5. hi everebody! Today i would like to show you my new 4x4 pickup truck. Specifications: dependent suspension portal axles 2 buggy motors for drive(geared 13,8 :1) 1 M motor for steering 107 mm wheels so,here it is and the video available here:
  6. Hi everyone! I am glad to present my new trial truck based on @Lucio Switch and @efferman ideas. All photos are clickable, you can see full Flickr gallery Main goals were: Enormous size of the model Durability High speed (relative to most lego trial trucks) Double wheels on rear axles Features: 8x8 drive (no differentials) with 4 buggy-motors (12 wheels total) 2 servos for steering 2 L-motors for winch 2 SBricks 2 LiPo's In-wheel planetary reductors (4:1 gearing) Anti-roll bars Durable 3-stud thick chassis Total 22:1 gearing with fast buggy-motor output Weight: 3,5 kg And here are some WIP photos: Axles with 13:1 gearing Rear chassis part with motors installed Chassis assembled Almost completed truck, with bottom view First steps Video from Moscow 2016 TT meeting As a final note, I can summarize that such heavy and hulking truck looks good only as a show-stopper, but there is nothing to do with it on trial competitions Thank you for attention, hope you liked this little fellow
  7. My previous crawler (Rock Beetle) won second place in LTR Truck Trial Competition in Trial category, and then I started to build new one for next competition. This time I decided to participate in the other category. First, I started with the chassis: Two L-motors for propulsion, M-motor for steering. The next step was the body, and the design of this MOC was inspired by Bowler EXR-S. I tried to copy this SUV, but in the end I stoped trying. So it is not the most accurate copy of this vehicle, just inspired. It has a lot of details that the original don't have, like the air intake on the hood, the spoiler and two chrome pipes. The last competition was exciting and I can't wait for the next one in April. I hope you like it! More photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/139343351@N04/albums/72157679544070205 Video:
  8. Hi! These two off-roaders were made special for Moscow Technic fest (November 2016). Hedgehog: Chick: Thanks for watching!
  9. Hello, everyone! I'm proud to invite Eurobricks members to Jeep-trial competition, that will be held in Moscow at November 12-13 by Lego Technic Russia community (https://vk.com/technic_club). If you are ready to visit Moscow those days, we are waiting for you! Build the offroader, run it through obstacles as fast and accurate as you can and win Lego Technic sets! Also it is wonderful possibility to meet Russian Eurobricks members (RM8, desert752, filsawgood - they are main organizers of the event) and many other talented builders from all over the Russia and another countries. Of course, we will help you to set accommodation in Moscow and we will do our best to make sure you are enjoying visiting Moscow and participating in competition. Please, contact me as soon as possible in PM or post in this topic if you are going to come to Moscow and participate. I've chosen this forum to post, because it seems to me that here it is more likely to catch as many Technic builders as it possible. Specially for Eurobricks forum I have translated rules of competition into English from Russian. My native language is Russian so mistakes are possible. Please, feel free to ask any question if something is not clear to you. Theme of competition is Jeep-trial. You need to build an offroader and drive it through number of obstacles as faster as you can with minimum penalty scores. Competition will be held in two categories: TROPHY and TRIAL. TPOPHY offroader should have open differentials. TRIAL offroader might not have differentials at all. General rules: Your model should be AWD offroader built in Lego Technic style. Trucks are not allowed. Only cars, buggies, pickups and vehicles that are based on these. Suspension is obligatory. Tanks and other vehicles that is not a car in an original form are not allowed. Appearance, type of body, colour, tuning is chosen at your discretion. You can use models that were built and published by you before or you can use suitable chassis and elements of chassis designer by other authors. In a case you use other author’s chassis completely, you should mention author of chassis in the entry. IMPORTANT: Bodywork of your model should be exclusively your design, copying the bodywork of other authors is prohibited. Electrics and remote control are obligatory. No more than 1 XL-motor or 2 L-motor or 3 M-motor can be used for propulsion. SBricks are allowed. Only original Lego battery blocks are allowed. RC-block and buggy-motors are prohibited. Mechanism and configuration of steering are not regulated. Tank steering is prohibited. Only steering knuckles like in real autos. Non-Lego parts are prohibited excluding the cases described in rules. Any modification of Lego parts is prohibited including stretching tires and wearing them on non-suitable rims. U-joint can be strengthen with string. Original and self-made stickers are allowed if only they do not cover two and more parts. Self-made canopies for bodywork or roof from paper or textile are allowed. Winches are prohibited. Model should have a steering wheel and driver seat. Scale of model should allow to fit the Technic figure inside the interior (figure is not obligatory). Rules of TROPHY category: All axles of offroader should have open differentials. All type of differential locking and imitations of differential locking is prohibited. Only front axle can be steered. Maximum diameter of wheels is 69 mm, minimum is 62 mm. Non-Lego tires are prohibited. Offroader should have one of the following wheel formula: 4x4 or 6x6. Do not forget the 3.1 paragraph of Rules. Width of axles should be no more than 16 studs. Width is calculated between the points of rims’ connection to the axle. Width of standard wheel hub is calculated as 2.5 stud, width of portal wheel hub – 4.5 stud. Offroader should have tow hitch. Tow hitch should be made using one of these part: http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=1368 or http://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=204. Tow hitch should be attached to the rear overhang and can be detachable for better crawling possibilities. Rules of TRIAL category: Differentials are not obligatory. Maximum diameter of wheels is 81.6 mm, minimum is 62 mm. Non-original tires are allowed as they meet 5.2 paragraph of the Rules. Offroader should have one of the following wheel formula: 4x4 or 6x6. Do not forget the 3.1 paragraph of Rules. Width of axles should be no more than 18 studs. Width is calculated between the points of rims’ connection to the axle. Width of standard wheel hub is calculated as 2.5 stud, width of portal wheel hub – 4.5 stud. One participant can entry with 2 models if only they are in different categories and in case of winning in two categories participant will get prize only for highest place. Photos and description of entry should be posted in special topic (https://vk.com/topic-40661157_36038696) or in this topic with copying the entry in PM to me. Every entry should be consisted of: Name, surname of participant. Age. Name of offroader. Category of offroader. Description of offroader, including description of additional functions (if they exist). No more than 10 photos of offroader can be attached. Also in another day, before or after the main competition, we will have some fun races on small models. Rules of races are simple: only one L-motor for propulsion with M-motor or Servo for steering and wheel diameter should be between 30mm and 43mm. I will post detailed rules of race after they are approved by organizers.
  10. Good day! After watching truck trial videos on YouTube I decided to make my own . The digital version was finished one month ago , but I had to buy 8 55976 tires to build it IRL. It was completely designed in LDD , I was afraid to have some weak points , but it resulted being one of my best designs ever done . There have been very small changes - different colors of some parts & improvements on the rear cabin support & front suspension supports. download LDD file Bricksafe The truck can be powered with any studded battery box. The drive is done by worm gears and 8t gears. Thanks to that , even using 1x m-motor for drive it is quite powerful. The steering is done by another m-motor geared down 1:2. The front axles have different steering angle. The weak point is the chain drive which sometimes skips, acting like a clutch gear. The IR receiver is completely hidden inside. The rear suspension is pendular, and both rear axles are linked and supported by 9l links ( idea from ZBLJ's trial truck) The front axles are linked to the chassis and between them by 6l links , and linked to the body & between them by 9l links. I haven't came up with a good enough interior, but there's enough space for it. LDD file Thanks for reading, I will make a video soon
  11. Hi, Summer is ending, and I decided to create something to make another outdoor video. So, here’s my trial truck: 4x4 PF: XL, M, IR, LiPo Leaf spring suspension Video:
  12. Hello all! I make it after fail Porsche. My first crawler for future competitions: 4x4, moving by 2 l-motors, 2 differentials, steering by m-motor, eazy access to battery block. And video: More photos on my flickr: https://www.flickr.c.../139343351@N04/
  13. Hi all Here is ICON FJ Baja edition. Well, actually this is Toyota Land Cruiser FJ, but in real life there is almost nothing common between them, except design. While designing first Toyota FJ in 2013-2014, I found many clear pictures of what is called ICON FJ. After my searches of high quality blueprints did not find success, I wrote to ICON / TLC, and was surprised by instant answer form CEO and designer of ICON cars - Jonathan Ward. He can't help me with blueprints, but it was nice to meet him. After meeting with ICON cars closer, I fell in love with ICON values. I decided to do some of ICON models after classic FJ. ICON is boutuqe-garage that recover Land Cruisers and produces small quantities of hand made restomods (or modified classic cars). Garage is situated in California. Final products are not cheap, usually from 100k $. And you should wait for your model for 1-1,5 years. One more fact: Jonathan Ward and his garage reputation grew so big, so he became consultant for Toyota, an even Mr. Toyoda asked him to build first driving prototypes of Toyota FJ Cruiser, that was produced till 2016. ICON FJ baja - is not the only FJ in ICON model line. They have "classic" trims that are very utility vehicles: pickup FJ45, long wheel base 4-door 6 seat FJ44, middle WB FJ43 and short FJ40. Baja - is trim that is possible only for FJ40 and FJ43. But there is nothing impossible - ICON can do everyhing you want, except crocodile leather and diamond decoration. Utility and functionality only. LEGO model have some details that match real vehicle. Custom stickers, color palette of BAJA trim, rollcage, interior details, mirrors, roof lights, front bumper. Front axle is modified - now it is 4 link triangulated. No pan-hard here. Rear suspenison is 3 link with pan-hard. In fact, real model also was with pan-hard int he beginning, and after some time they moved to multilink supsended axles. No leaf spring at Real vehicle - only coilovers, so LEGO shock absrobers are realistic this time (comparing to my classic FJ40 that should be with leafs). . winch is not included for this type of bumper, but you can modify it and there is still free space for 2x extra motors in the chassis Model was finished far ago, but I thought how to present it more interesting: not only for LEGO fans, but also for 4x4 fans, who never have experinece with LEGO. Presentation is the cover for Fifth Gear TV show with similar scenario and original soundtrack. more photos http://www.bricksafe...m8/icon-fj-baja AND here is ORIGINAL video Thanks for watching
  14. Hello! Today I am pleased to present to the general public of the two brothers - Lego Technic Suzuki Jimny Trial Custom and Lego Technic Suzuki Jimny Trophy Custom. They are united, above all, not just a long name, but also a common chassis, all-wheel drive and compact size. I was inspired to build a Suzuki Jimny sample 2001-2010 years. They are often prepared to take part in various off-road competitions, and that I thought - why not? And that's what came out of it. Enjoy ;) Models are made in the off-road style, and have all its attributes - extra lights, safety railings, stingers high clearance More photos and building instructions you can find on my lego technic blog here
  15. Hello everyone! I want to present you my MOC: the trial truck "Asfaloth". The goal was to make a trial truck on Silver Champion's wheels with funny appearance of massive silver supercar:) I choosed these wheels because of their softness, thickness and the non-zero offset which made it possible to hide portal gearing inside the wheel. The chassis is almost identical RM8's old trophy chassis. The main differences are two steering axles designed by me, different position of XL-motor and changed position of shock absorbsers. There are XL-motor (geared down 1:3 or 5:9) for propulsion, M-motor (1:5) for steering. Model uses LED lights, V2 IR receiver and Li-Po. Model participated in competition in Moscow on 02.04.2016. Due to it's wheels it showed great results: I got second place in "trial" (without differentials) category. If I has been a little bit more careful and lucky, I would be able to get the first place, ha-ha:) However it was very funny to drive that model and there was situation in final when it was moving only on front wheels standing vertically. I hope, RM8 will show you soon that moment on video. Note that 20- and 12- bevel gears in the axles were changed to knobs before the competitions. However, with 20:12 in the axles it still has crawling cabalities in addition with funny speed:) Video is demonstrating the first try (there were two races and the models with best results made into final), that was the fastest race of both categories. Sorry for vertical video, my sister made it with phone. As I said, high-quality video will be on RM8's channel soon.
  16. Hello. I like to watch truck trial videos. These trucks are usually veeeeeeeery slow to increase torque. However, it would be more interesting if there was a road test comparison included as well. This road test would include: 1. Drive between the cones- agility test (smaller cars with higher steering locks will win) 2. Top speed down a 100m strip- best power to weight vehicle wins (favors use of gearbox, increasing realism), testing acceleration and then braking in shortest distance possible 3. Match-up / realism test- compare vehicle dynamics with IRL vehicle (is braking mechanism, number of gears, aesthetics, etc. accurate?) These tests will create more interesting races and more realistic cars. For example, gearboxes will be essential to compete well in both off-road and on-road portions. I am creating a vehicle to run through these tests, will keep update
  17. Hi! Today i would like to show you my rock crawler,but first characteristics: 1 L motor for drive(geared 1:9) 1 M motor for steering 1 AAA battery box 1 Receiver V2 4 link suspension custom shocks Angle of elevation:51 degree Angle of side tilt:55-57 degree photos The real ptototype and of course good suspension travel Video : (video on russian,but all characteristics i show here)Waiting for your comments
  18. Hi everyone! Tooday i would like to show you my trial truck 6x6. 3 XL motor for drive. 1 m motor for steering. 2 AAA battery boxes. 2 v2 receiver. 3 pf light a few photos: Goog suspension travel worked steering weel and piston engine and of course video indor test: outdor test : what you think about it?
  19. Hi Our local online technic community LEGO Technic Russia took part in LEGO Technic Trial challenge this november (08/11/15) For me it was a nice possibility to test my DIY obstacles I did with my father during summer and autumn. I was inspired to build such obstacles seeing this brilliant track by OzBen and Doc_Brown (http://www.eurobrick...78&hl=challenge). The goal was to made it modular and transportable. I used wood, building foam, natural stones and other stuff that is easy to find and work with. At first it was hard to imagine all different ideas. In the end I even build river pass module - based on plastic container that was decorated with foam, stones and painted. Some obsatcles was covered randomly by grippy sealant for better wheel grip. I have only one problem - how to fit all the stuff at two narrow tables...but result was very good! Here is Desert752 As for trial challenge: we had about 15 offroaders. Some of them was based on well known MOCs (like Madoca's pickup) and some was own creations. Contestants was divided by 2 groups 1) Trophy. Mostly civil SUVs with at least one open front differential. Rear can be locked or free. Wheels 62 or 68 mm. 2) Unlimted. Tuned SUVs with wheels up to 83 mm. No differentials and wheel gear reductors possible. The idea was that trophy car had better mobility and steering,and Unlimited was able to crawl everywhere. But locked rear diff at first group makes them crawl good as Unlimited trucks. So track times was equal. We measured track time and added extra time for hitting flags or using help of hand/wrecker. Desert752's blue Toyota 6x6 Wrecker worked there as TOW service) In the end we saw that both classes was able to compete each other. First role played driving skills and driving accuracy. Glad to saw there AFOLs from different cities of Russia and even from Belarus. As for me, I have to drive with all that stuff in my car 1300 km one way. We had a nice time there. Thanks for LEGO Group for given prizes. In the end, All phots here http://bricksafe.com/pages/rm8/trial-challenge-megabricks I have a short long video of that meeting.
  20. Hello! After a while, I'll post mocs again, and for starting, I choosed one of my latest creations, a Gaz 66 trial truck. This is my third Gaz66 Lego trial truck, now with 108 mm RC4WD custom tyres, as many technic vehicle has. Equipped with two RC buggy motors for propulsion and one PF M motor for steerig, built in the front axle. The two RC motors are linked together with a central axle, however, they are located separately near to the front and rear axle. With this technique, they can help each other to move this truck over obstacles. I tried to get close to original Gaz66 with the body, but angles and others, like ground clearance were also important. It can be precisely driven, thanks to the RC throttle with 3 levels and linked pendular suspension. This was made first of all for a Lego truck trial competition, organized by HUNLTC in Hungary: Gaz66-024 Gaz66-023 Gaz66-022 Gaz66-021 Gaz66-020 Gaz66-019 Gaz66-018 The RC unit is also part of the frame: Gaz66-016 Gaz66-015 Details: Gaz66-013 Gaz66-012 Gaz66-010 The power transmitter axle between the two motors: Gaz66-011 Gaz66-009 Gaz66-008 Gaz66-007 Gaz66-006 Yes, some scratches appeared after a long run on rocks and others, but I don't care, it's an outdoor built moc. These angles can be done by suspension: Gaz66-005 ... and steering: Gaz66-004 Gaz66-003 Top view: Gaz66-002 Nowadays I have a new semi-pro camera, so from now, you can watch 1080p good quality videos, in my new creations. (but for old mocs, which are waiting for publicizing, I still only have the 480p videos). The slow motion parts were filmed with 1080p60fps and 320x240 at 240fps. Video:
  21. Trial of Haxtarus Counter guerrilla build for the High Council against Ulandus, zone C5. Haxtarus, ruler of Cefivia, a location on the outskirts of the Witherwoods, has betrayed the High Council and handed over control of his territory to Ulandus. High Council soldiers have seized him and he is now facing trial and most probably execution for his treason. In any case, the treaty with Ulandus is declared null and void. UoP credits claimed: Courtroom [Trade and Law] Counter to guerrilla attack Signing A Treaty by Kai NRG: For the Republic!
  22. Just start this topic with a picture, it is full of hint about how I want To build my MOC (and I hope i success) What are them? :D
  23. Here's a creation I put together in a couple of evenings after Wall-E to enter in a trial contest at a LUG meeting: The contest had a few rules: - Use the 62.4 Lego tires (which do look a little small for the height on this model) - Make it 17-20 studs wide - Use 1 IR reciever - Use 1 or 2 motors for drive - 1 motor for steering Everything else was pretty much free game. It features quite a load of "stolen" ideas: - Zblj's little portal hubs (thanks for that nice idea, though I should brace them more since they can get seperated a little under force as I found out at the trial) - Snipe's limited slip diffs with rubber bands (though obviously more people used this idea, I am not sure who used it "first", I only know I saw Snipe's post first. Either way: thanks) - TLG's 9398 steering setup (which I only made a little smaller) While I know diffs aren't a good idea on trial trucks, I refused to have no diffs in my model. So I looked at other options, came across something called "torsen diffs" but I couldn't fit them in a 20 stud wide vehicle with portal hubs (21 is the best I got). Then I came across this idea for a sort of limited slip diff, which worked pretty well at the trial. You can also see the steering axle has some free play (and 2 bevel gears) so the steering would still work when the suspension is at an angle. On a rare occassion, under force the bevel gears would skip on the gear rack since on the other end are 2 universal joints, so bracing isn't the best at it could be. Also given the fact that due to the suspension the steering axle's range of motion isn't even fully utilized I could have probably braced it in the given space, but I didn't find out until the trial that this actually needed some better bracing Trying to keep the weight low and balanced I learned that a battery loaded AAA battery box is about equal in weight to a XL motor and servo motor. So having the 2 motors on one side and the battery box on the other seemed like a good idea.The XL motor ended up with a gear reduction of 1:7. Which means it certainly isn't the fastest, but it runs up a steep hill until it would simply fall on his back before gears would grind. Gears did grind however at the trial, but that was partially due to lack of skill from the driver and especailly one very annoying (yet awesome, because it proved to be the most challenging) obstacle After I had a functional chassis, I pretty much slammed a body on top of that with a little interior. I didn't have much time left before the meeting to make it really fancy. In hindsight I would have probably made it a little bit lower and cover more of the chassis, but I still think it turned out all right The guy who organized the trial at the meeting said we had to keep a space open on the model for a 2x4 tile. He made these nice 2x4 tiles with a custom print. Of course you would like a video, but at home I don't have much obstacles suited for "trial". However at the meeting, the guy who organized it made a video, but he hasn't released it yet. I hope to see it soon so I can link it here
  24. A LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Ev3 2WD/RWD rock crawler inspired trial truck with live axle suspension, 80 N.cm torque thanks to the special adder mechanism, and more. Built for off-road yet also for speed racing 74 feet in 26.49 seconds (2 mph). For the video please click here: PS-Could someone show me how to embed YouTube videos? Thank you!
  25. Hello everyone, My new creation is a big Tatra. It is my first 8x8. All problems of size, weight, friction and powertrain were the most challenging for me. Total weight: 2790g 2 hard coupled XL motors for 8 wheel drive without differentials. They are connected to each output of V2 receiver #2, powered by 8878 battery of left side. (Motors of the rest are connected to V2 #1, powered by 8878 of right side) 1st and 2nd axle are steered in different angles by 2 L motors. M motor for 2 speed heavy duty gearbox. 9:1 (high) 25:1 (low) Working steering wheel and V12 engine. Openable hood and doors. External roll cage and LED lights are easily removable. This is my suspension setup. The central axle is free from the friction by the force of suspension movement. Each 6.5L springs limit the angle of swinging half-axles. In these limited angles, bevel gears smoothly engage. Since the building process was complicated, I haven't made instructions yet. Hopefully it will be available in a few weeks. I drove it in high gear in most part of the video. Despite heavy weight, not a single gear was damaged. In low gear, it is surprisingly powerful. Video: Building instructions and more pictures: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/117021167471864977943/albums I hope you will like it!