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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, As a big formula one and LEGO fan my dream is to build the formula one grid out of lego. The 2016 grid was the easiest because I had only to modify the speed champions f1 sets. This year I restarted the project, and I built 4 cars in 4 days. I am positively surprised about I didn't need to buy any piece for the Racing Point. I have only 1 pic at the moment but when possible I am posting others. Pls tell me what you think.
  2. This is my first try at making a tread and posting pictures, so I hope I do it right. It all started with me making a very oldschool 2015 Sauber car out of ancient lego I found in a tray in the basement. 20190310_161317 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Later lego started making real versions of F1 cars and I remade my 2015 Sauber. 20190310_161340 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161434 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Then during the 2018 season I started making all of the teams cars and I finally finished the project, right in time for the 2019 season to begin next week The cars were made with parts available to me and might not be the perfect match, but they are good enough for me. All 10 cars 20190310_161801 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Mecedes. I made some changes mainly removing some green, which I feel are not "of the right shade" url=][/url]20190310_161821 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161842 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Ferrari. Is the official one, I think. 20190310_161900 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161913 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Red bull 20190310_161944 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161957 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Renault 20190310_162054 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162104 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Haas 20190310_162117 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162126 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Mclaren 20190310_162525 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162536 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Force India 20190310_162756 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162810 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Sauber 20190310_162819 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162831 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Toro rosso 20190310_162851 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162910 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Williams 20190310_162920 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162928 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr On the grid. 20190310_162039 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162617 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_163022 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr All of them 20190310_163203 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Some cars are a bit dusty, it was a long season and some was done way before others. I hope you will enjoy them.
  3. So here's the latest project I have been working on. I am actually waiting for 5 parts to arrive (4 tiles on the "boomerang" at the bargeboards and the exhaust in flat silver instead of LBG), but otherwise it is finished. I tried to recreate a F1 car with 2019 specfications with "typical" Red Bull stuff in mind (rake and pullrod in the rear for example). I took some liberty here and there. All the freaking winglets on these cars in real life+Technic=meh. So I went for a pretty basic flow of panels and wings. Another reason I also took some liberty was because trying to find blueprints or other good images for size reference of the 2019 or even 2018 cars were hard to come by for any of the teams. Or I just suck at searching, but I'd find it understandable if it is actually hard to find, since teams wouldn't want that stuff public. 20190921_135837 by Appie NL, on Flickr Functions are: - 8 speed gearbox (used didumos' and JB70's revised Chiron gearbox again, that I made 3 studs shorter again) with V6. - HOG steering through the T-cam and working steering wheel - Pushrod suspension front, pullrod in the rear - Had to sacrifice the driver's seat for a very basic gear selector mechanism due to lack of space elsewhere. 20190921_135940 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190921_140038 by Appie NL, on Flickr The point at which the nose goes from angled to flat is too far towards the front of the car compared to real life, as the curving point tends to be right above the axle of the wheels. I am aware of this, due to the suspension setup in that section this was the best I could do. 20190921_140228 by Appie NL, on Flickr The diffuser isn't looking too good from this angle, the only good angle is looking right into the rear of the car. Couldn't figure out a better one with the limited mounting options in that section and the diff+suspension. 20190921_140301 by Appie NL, on Flickr 20190921_140342 by Appie NL, on Flickr In case you were now going: This belly shot sucks! Got you covered! (pun intended :D) 20190921_140422 by Appie NL, on Flickr I wanted to make a similar floor at first for my Rolls too, but dropped it because I am not going to be flipping that model very often to show the belly. And having to uncover it too after flipping, would be troublesome on that model. 20190921_140610 by Appie NL, on Flickr Close-up of the pullrod suspension in the rear and my crappy DRS system. Due to lack of space to route some controls for DRS to the cockpit with a diff, suspension, V6 and gearbox blocking alot of the way, I opted for this instead. 20190921_140645 by Appie NL, on Flickr Should have angled this pic more on the cockpit, but oh well. T-cam for HOG, yellow knob gear in the headrest is to flip the gears. 20190921_140956 by Appie NL, on Flickr Since Red Bull is known for the rake they have on their cars I had to mimic that too. It's a small angle, but it's there and pretty close to real life I think. In case you wonder, the car weighs about 1.7kg.
  4. Red Bull F1 RB12 from 2016 season. Speed Champions style. This is a beta version, stickers were created by me. More cars here http://bricksetforum...custom-stickers