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Found 9 results

  1. Following numerous modifications on the Mack #42078, I decided to build an icon: The Granite. This is not my first one (See here) but built on a smaller scale (1:22 instead of 1:17). The proportions of the hood have been corrected compared to the original set. It is shorter now. It is far from perfection, but I think I have found a good compromise between looks and realism. All the necessary details are here: horns, jig lights, asymmetric sides… Some areas are not completed yet. This is the case of the front mudguards where I am missing some 1x1 black beams. Also, the taillights would look better with an oblong shape. The cabin (and all the insides) have been lowered by 1 stud leading to a redesign of the steering mechanism. The engine remains unchanged compared to the set. The front cooling fan has been replaced by a 20t simple bevel gear to accommodate the short hood. The rear part of the chassis is close to the one on the snowplow designed by @M_longer (42078 alternate). It enables to place the additional snow equipment. The tipper is white, with realistic shapes. Here are some views of the mechanics (very simple): The LDD file is close to completion. At this moment, I am not sure if I will share it because of the rear axles being the same as @M_longer’s. I did not buy the instructions for his alternate, all is built after photos. Hope you like it 😊. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome!
  2. Hello, I am new here, this is my first post, and my english isnt perfect, so sorry for any mistakas ;) I was worked on this project for long time (its still not finished...), and now I can show some pics. Its cabin from Arocs 42043, but all the rest is my design ( I would like to notice, theres some designs, from people on youtube, this forum etc, because if something is good, I dont want to invent it a second time :D ) Soo... TRUCK Cabin has suspension - rubber blocks Drive - 6x4 - XL motor Steering - Ackerman system - Servo motor Suspension - Front - Solid axle on leaf springs (this springs are made by Efferman, you can buy this parts on Shapeways) -Rear - Solid axles on leaf springs and air assist ( system, that minimizes stress, works like tandem-axles, air pistons are connected all together, so if one axle is going up, second axle is going down without pressure change) You can change height of rear axle/rear part of truck, like real one) 2x air connections for trailer 1x connection for trailer engine TRAILER (its not perfect, I want to use power from truck, so theres no battery box etc) Suspension like in truck, but no air assist Detach deck by pins, they are moved by air piston I will rebuild it, because I want make it better. any Q just post it, if You want more pics etc i will try to make it for You. I have no instructions, because I like to build like "sit & build" no programs, projects etc, but, i will try to help, if someone want ;) PHOTOS >
  3. Hello everyone! EDIT: Review added So, it is time for the review! A while back, after seeing Ingmar Mack Granite, I thought it could be interesting to try it into TECHNIC. Sadly, I failed miserably…until this year because I succeeded in obtaining a bonnet good enough. The model taken for inspiration is an axle back Granite, the GU813: Of course, I could have done an axle forward one, but it would have been more difficult to put the LED lights and I think the axle back is more representative (from what I saw in Quebec). This truck has a classic configuration but this was intended. Some specifications: - 1/17 scale model - Steering by a Servo motor - Drive by 2 L motors - Working steering wheel - Working fake 6 cylinders engine - Lockable fifth wheel allowing steered trailers - Rear coupling for oversize transport - And obviously opening doors and bonnet Here are some photos taken between two rains: I have not decided to fully detail the functions here as the video looks sufficient to me. But if you want more, let me know There is a digital file. I am sorry if it looks messy but did not figure out how to put some parts together … Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this model! Any advice or comment are welcome Older post: After a long time without any MOC, I succeeded in replicating the shape of the granite axle back hood. Here are some photos. I apologise for the poor quality witch gives a worse look than in real life. The model will be driven by 2 L motors and steered by a Servo motor (and of course LEDs lights in front and rear). It will have the basic 6x4 configuration as I have not found any piece of information about a 6x6 version... Thing is that I don’t really know witch solution to choose: - Springless rear tandem suspension and front pendular axle; - No suspension at all but transmission ultra reinforced for maximum torque (a bit like Designer Han trucks); It would be really kind from you to give your feedback Have a good day!
  4. Hi. My name is KKMOC Japan. My first MOC plan is "6x4 military vehicle" I hope like this picture. Futures spec -6x4 -front independent suspension -rear leaf spring suspension -L4 engine -some details I start building^ ^ (sorry bad English. If there is a mistake in English, please tell me.)
  5. In the last couple of months I have, amongst other projects, been working on the rerelease of Truck T12. Because the detachable gooseneck lowboy "Trailer Tr4 MkII" can be combined with my previously released trucks and with Technic set 8258 it is why I released it first. Instructions for this lowboy have been asked so many times that I thought it would make sense to start with it. Normally I start with a truck followed by a trailer to join it. Model "Truck T12 MkII" and is build after the Mack Granite with LEGO® in scale 1:17,5 and motorized using LEGO® Power Functions. It is a model of a Mack Granite 6x4 day cab truck. Both the looks and specifications are adjusted to match lowboy ”Trailer Tr4 MkII” and the optional jeep and booster ”Trailer Tr4 MkII Add1”. This rather heavy lowboy trailer combination, which might include a load, requires some extra power.Even though this truck is designed to go with ”Trailer Tr4 MkII” plus ”Trailer Tr4 MkII Add1” lowboy combination in the first place, it doesn’t necessarily mean it can't be used with other available trailers as well. If you prefer to give it a flat bed or log trailer, you are free to do so! If a different trailer is used it might be useful to give this truck's drivetrain a various gear setup. For this a separate PDF file is available that tells you what gear reductions to use with which trailer. It also shows you how to do so. Evidently the torque will be reduced, but with lighter weight trailers that is no problem at all. This Mack Granite model is powered by a Mack MP8 engine which is visible with the hood opened. This power source is an inline 6 cylinder engine with a displacement of 13.0 L. The horsepower range is from 425 up to 505 HP and this engine has a torque range from 1570 to 1760. You could build it yourself, building instructions and inventory/parts list are available. You will be very excited from the moment you start the build of "Truck T12 MkII" till you finish it with about 360 different parts totaling 1900 pieces.
  6. Good day everybody!Today I present my latest MOC - an APC! Powered by one m-motor for drive and another m for steering Video and photos: Will post more about this later , today is a little busy day.Enjoy some renders!LDD Model is already build in real bricks.Here is a WIP video:
  7. I am currently most of the way through my latest project to build a large Technic house moving truck and trailer. I had also been wanting to build a Scania T143m, I have never actually seen one in real life but their 'lack of curves' without better terms has always attracted me to them. I have currently got the truck built with the trailer a few hours' work away. The truck is RC with 3 functions; XL motor for drive, servo motor for steering and 2 L motors for a sliding turntable. There is also a flashing light mechanism that automatically turns on when the battery box is started. The XL motor is geared down to increase torque and decrease speed, so far the only main problem I have encountered is the drivetrains gearing is prone to slipping from the resistance put up when pulling the trailer. I have braced the gearing from the top, bottom and one side, so if anyone could give me help on how to stop that happening would be much appreciated. The truck is 50cm X 18.5cm, has 58 light pieces and weighs 2 kilograms. While I have been MOCing for many years now this is my first post on EB. I have put some photos up on Bricksafe: I will hopefully have a video up in the next few days. All feedback is appreciated, Adam (Kiwi_Builder).
  8. Based on 2013 Volvo FH16 6x4 its equiepted with ampliroll or hook lift system [media][/media] Features: 1 M motor for steering 1 XL motor for drive 1 M motor and 1 linear actuator for the sliding/locking mechanism 2 Recievers 1 Standard battery pack 1 Flat bed 1 Wood log carrier 1 Open dump body? (i dont know how to call it) And openable doors Some more info: It uses 2 linear actuators for the jib but in order to make it work i needed to get more range so i used 2 tipper scissor style mechanisms to achive it. The sliding/locking mechanism uses a 12t to 24t because the jib flexes at the middle and its only got 2 fixed points this also means that it can only be powered when the jib is in the lower position something that real trucks use to prevent the jib from being accidentaly disengaged when its at the tipping position which could cause damage cause the body would fall down. The rear pendular suspension is achived by meshing a 12t to 20t gear so that they can rotate at the mesh (this is something i saw Zblj do in his videos) Things that can be improved: The rear chasis flexes cause it only uses 2 beams at the rear where the wheels are connected The linear actuators are too slow specially the sliding cause it uses a worm gear but i didnt have more room for other thing Since i build it i was told that in the real ones the 2 parts of the jib when they are in the hook position the jib has a contac point and then both of them move together so that the lenght of the point where it pivots to the point of the hook changes to have more power in the initial part of the lift http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=527652
  9. hi guys Finaly a new topic from me with something new. Its a MAN TGX XL 6x4 the truck is already a bit changed. It is WIP so there aren't realy details. Please lease comment and something that me be changed from your eyes. It has 3 functions: driving (xl geared up),steering (M moter geared down) and opening doors here is the brickshelf map http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=515423 pic's ... Interior I gona put the seats more to the back. The sideskirts are already mounted. I think the IR reciver is in a good place. Edited for Pictures. Hope u like it