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Found 31 results

  1. Hi, I've built a stupid simple truck. As you might have guessed already, it is largely inspired by iconic Soviet-Russian truck Ural. Driven by two L-motors and steered by a servo, it doesn't have any other motorized functions. The fifth wheel rotates in 2 dimensions and has a simple locking mechanism as seen in a recent 42078 set. However, I doubt it will function properly due to natural tendency to lean backwards under the towing force. Overall, this project is a failure. The initial goal was to built a 6x6 truck with differentials and none-ball-joints suspension. Although the goal was achieved, the front axle turned out to be a complete disaster. First, I had to swap a 6-link for a rather awkward system in order to make the front wheels steer for at least a bit . Second, this truck can't overcome even a tiny obstacle, cause the driving gear in the front begins crackle hysterically. This happens because I don't have the new 6145859 wheel bearing parts, so in order to fit the steering bar with the old ones I had to elevate the axle center 1 stud above the 5x7 frame. And the result simply do not sturdy enough to hold the affecting forces. However, I'm going to figure out a better design later in LDCad. Hopefully this MOC will mark my return to regular building, so I'm looking forward for your comments.
  2. Normally I would prefer building something really sturdy, as a result these models are always heavy and have a lot of redundant parts. This time I tried something new. Presenting my new MOC: a lightweight 6x6 pickup truck. This model is based on the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6. It has a two-door cabin instead of the original four-door one, just to meet the definition of “Compact” in its name. It weights 1.2kg, and has around 1350 parts. I’m pretty satisfied with it given the fact that it’s a fully functional 6x6. How to make a lightweight yet reliable frame is a challenge. My solution is to have a unibody design, like most family sedans, instead of a body-on-frame structure, which commonly seen on off-road trucks. This means pillars need to help with sharing the load. The whole drivetrain is simple. All axles are live axles. Rear axles have multi-link suspensions. How to position those links is a big deal, misplacement will probably introduce unwanted wobbles. Considering the weakness of the universal joint, I didn’t put to much gear reduction into it, on the other hand, it has a relatively decent speed. Field test: With no diff lock, sometimes it struggles on rocks. But most of the time it can deal with less bumpy roads. More details: I will create instructions in a while. Enjoy.
  3. Teo LEGO Technic

    [WIP] Tatra 6x6 midscale

    Hey guys! I'm going to try something I haven't so far - a WIP thread for my new tatra 6x6 truck. I'd love to hear all the advice you guys have along the way! The idea is to make a pretty small truck with servo steering and two L-motors, one powering each side to eliminate the need for differentials. Each half axle will be suspended by its own spring. I've already come up with a front axle that I'm happy with. It's solid, good ground clearance, good steering precision despite smaller steering radius, and it's just the right side. If it's not too tall, which I'll have to figure out, the plan is to stick the servo motor vertically right onto the 8-tooth gear, which will give it excellent precision. Another gearing, if I put the servo on its side, would multiply play in the steering system. What do you guys think? IMG_6551 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr tatra-t815-7m0r39-29-306-6x6-2014 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr e4aae418a365981d46bcd6c97723a542 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr 1998_Tatra_T815_7_6x6_military_truck_trucks_q_1600x1200 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr Here are what it will scale like. The 8x8 blueprint I will use for the front view scaling, which I couldn't find for a 6x6
  4. After some month of building I like to show you my latest MOC: A Mercedes Zetros 6x6 truck. It is a ~ 1:13,5 scale model of the Mercedes Zetros 2733. All functions are Full RC. It is 69 cm long, 21 cm wide and has a height of 27,5 cm. The weight is 4553 g. As battery I use the BuWizz. The Zetros is remote controlled by 4 Sbricks via iPhone. Functions and used parts: Propulsion: 4 Lego Technic Buggy Motor Steering: 1 Lego PF Servo Diff Locks (front / rear axles + central lock): 1 Lego PF Servo 4 Lego Pneumatic V1 + V2 1x5 (Automatic) Compressor: 1 Lego PF L-Motor 4 Lego Pneumatic Pump (V2) Winch: 1 Lego PF L-Motor Telescope Crane: 1 Lego PF M-Motor 3 Lego PF Servo 3 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 2x11 2 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 1x11 Outriggers: 1 Lego PF Servo 1 Lego PF M-Motor 2 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 2x11 Lights: 10 pairs Lego PF LED plus several Lego extension wires Some more highlights: Full independent Multi link live axle suspension Portal Axes Planetary Gears Working head lights, rear lights and flood lights Working turn signals and warning lights [/url Edit: I nearly forgot some special picture pair ;) [/url] Second edit: I corrected the scale which I'd miscalculated.
  5. Hi everybody! today i wont to show you my new creation - Gaz 34-6x6 soviet truck. This truck is modification of legendary Gaz 66.I'm crazy about 6x6 trucks,thats why I built Gaz 34. So,here it is: As you see,this is not original configuration of Gaz 34.I'm added portal axles(without diffs),bigger wheels and slightly changed the rear suspension.Finally-it is really good trial truck,with great grip on sand,grass (thanks to the wheels from 42054). So,lets look for the technical specifications: -6x6 wheel drive,without any diffs -portal axles -huge offroad wheels -2 buggy motors for drive -1 medium motor fot steering+micro motor(they tern steering wheel in the cabin) -Sbrick -3s li-fe battery(9,9 volts) -Leds lights(headlights) -balanced rear suspension(thats why truck has really good suspension travel) Let see it in action!
  6. BrickbyBrickTechnic

    [MOC] Tatra 815 UDS 114 (RC)

    Tatra 815 UDS 114! This is probably the most interesting type of excavator-truck I've ever seen, so I decided to build it on my existing 815 chassis! Here's the video for the chassis, but with a dumper: Thanks for watching! BrickbyBrick
  7. I got this idea a while ago, when I first got Sbricks. Why not make modular, expendable system of axles and chassis pieces in order to create a system for offroad truck construction. Here is what I sketched up in LDD. First we have a basic axle. It uses 2 XL motors for drive, independet suspension and steering with servo Because we need a minimum of 2 axles, I designed a double chassis holder with two battery boxes: If we combine 2 axles with the double battery holder, we get the most basic configuration, a 4x4x4: In order to expand on the system I designed a single battery chassis extension: Finally we can combine the three basic modules into a 6x6x6: Or even a 10x10x10: In theory there is no limit how far you can go, but I think anything over 12x12 might cause too much strain on the chassis. Important details: - Axles are designed for Claas wheels, which are not in LDD, hence the wheels above may look small - Each axle can use any kind of a combiantion of number of springs and hardnesses for best flexibility and weight support - Each axle is meant to also house and S brick, which allows you fine steering angle control in order to support any kind of configuration or steering mode (only front, only rear, all wheel steering, crab mode) - For now this is still a concept, so I will relase the LDD file once I build, test and polish the concept
  8. shuoshuoliuliu

    6x6 truck VS

    just made a truck similar with Mr. Madoca's new moc work same function on differencial lock and 2 speed gearbox,but 6x6 -Weight: g -2 XL motors for propulsion,1 XL for 1st axle,1XL for 2nd、3rd axle -2 Servo motor for steering,1st & 3rd axle -M motor for 2 speed gearbox -M motor for locking rear differential,1st axle - 2nd、3rd axle -Portal axles for 1st、3rd axle in order to make a powerful crawler, I need different rotating speed of front and rear axle. For the reliability, I not use the weak center differential. I design 2 seperate XL motors for 1st axle and 2nd+3rd axle. But I add a lock, to lock the 2 XL motors together when necessary. That means there are 2x 2speed gearbox + 1 lock. And to make sure the enough power, I add 2 battery boxs.
  9. A model I've been working for a little while, not much to show yet but pictures soon. 6x6 truck with locking rear diffs and 2 central diffs in the 6x6 drive making for a combination of power delivery choices, similar to the drive train of the mercedes amg 6x6. Using tires from 42054 so its, big near half a meter or so now. Rear live axel suspensions front independet fake v 10 soon to be geared in, possinble addition of 4 speed gearbox and 4 xl motors for drive. with fully rc gear and diff lock control and who knows what else?
  10. Hi everybody. last month I started a new project, while my 42043-C Unimog U4000 is on standby. I kinda like the Mercedes Benz team. so this one will be another Zetros. while my 42043-C Zetros was a C-model, this Zetros 3643 AS 6x6, will be way bigger, and not a C-model. Below is the blueprint I'm actually building from. been during a lot of research, blueprints and calculated a proper scale many times..... so by basing the scale on the wheels I figured out that a 1:12.5 scale would fit very well. I got some RC wheels 108mm, which kinda looks like the Zetros tires, but the Claas Tractor tires will fit the model very well too. Now let me show some pictures of my actual model so far. This one was my first atempt to build a proper fitting chassis for the Zetros But after a month with rebuilds and testing, I got to scrap that design, as the gearbox wasn't strong enough to power 3-4 kg of lego. also was the chassis a bit to flexible. so during january I ended up with this design: And by now I have finished most of the chassis, on moved on to the cab. As told it is the CrewCab model I'm building, mostly because it is the one I like most, and think it fits the size of the truck very well. By finishing the Chassis, it also means that bumbers and headlights are done. I'm not quite sure about the headlights yet, but it will work for now. The picture above, is the current prgress. More will follow. more pictures at:
  11. MajklSpajkl

    [MOC] Logging Truck

    Hello everybody, I present to you another "ancient" MOC of mine - built in May 2016 and only now I finally managed to make a presentation of it - The Logging Truck: At first it was supposed to be a Trial Truck, but as it grew to heavy, especially due to "model team-ish" cabin, I decided to make it more easy going. It doesn't represent any particular model, nor is it scaled or anything... It's driven by a PF XL motor and steered by a PF M motor. It has full suspension, detailed cabin interior and engine compartment. Oh, and I have to admit it is heavilly inspired by Ingmar Spijkhoven's work (2LegoOrNot2Lego). I'll let the photos do the talking... The position of the trailer trolley can be adjusted between the two yellow stops - the main beam slides through the trolley and is held in place by springs and rubber 2L connectors. While the truck is fully suspended, the trailer uses a kind of pendular linkage between both axles. The cabin has detailed interior... ...and so does the engine bay - totaly imaginatory - without any knowledge or research of the real truck engines . I guess under skirt shot is in order... I really like how the front axle turned out, the ackermann is almost to much. Here's another pair of photos to finish it off and a short video of course... I hope you like it and thanks for comment. Please find bigger photos here. Best regards, Miha
  12. This is my Blacktron fast Scouttrax. You may have seen a WIP topic about it some months ago. This is the end product. It is inspired by the 6941 which was one of my favorite sets when I was a kid. It is also the first wheeled vehicle I've build since my 'dark age'. I've been working on this for a while now, abandoning the project several times because I couldn't get it to work as I had imagined it. Specifically the steering mechanism. The steering technique that I was trying to recreate was something I had seen on TV. The basic idea is that when a wheeled vehicle goes into a corner, the main cabin will lean into the corner, a bit like a motorcycle. This style of steering has many benefits for high speed vehicles. For one, the g-forces on the driver and passengers are much more pleasant. But it also helps with getting better traction on the road. Normal vehicles that take a corner will experience a fictional sideways force which actually is just inertia. In order for a car to overcome that inertia it has to have enough traction. However a vehicle with the style of steering I used, actually uses that inertia to create additional downforce and traction, thereby increasing the velocity that can be used in a corner. I had a hard time creating something that didn't only function well in theory but also in the real world. At the moment it functions as intended, as you can see in the video. However the level of control and suspension could still be improved which is why I am building a second version at the moment. You can find additional photos on my Flickr account: I have also put it on LEGO ideas:
  13. This is my Blacktron fast Scouttrax. It is inspired by the 6941 which was one of my favorite sets when I was a kid. It is also the first wheeled vehicle I've build since my 'dark age'. I've been working on this for a long time, abandoning the project several times because I couldn't get it to work as I imagined it. There are still some things I am not quite happy with, so this will not be the final model. I have plenty of ideas on how to improve it. But I think it is far enough along to show it to you guys. I went a little overboard on motors: I really like fast vehicles :). This model is fast enough to get some nice drift action going. It looks really good when doing a fast corner. I should have a video of it up in a couple of weeks. You can find some more images on my Flickr account if you are interested (
  14. I need help making a mini 6X6 trial truck, most of it is done but I need help on the front steering. I need one with drive and perpendicular suspension with no springs.
  15. I am curious how 6x6 would steer around a corner, especially with a setup like this (9398 with a third axle). All axles steered. The Google Drawing above explains what I am visualizing. how do I calculate the ideal angle for the wheels to turn at Ackerman-style? Do other 6x6, 8x8 vehicles address this? With 8x8 it would be even worse without readjusting the wheel steering properly.
  16. It's been a busy start of the year in Thirdwiggville, with the two and a half TC9 builds, the 911, and now this, and it's only the first week of March. Granted, this has been on The Queue for a couple of months, but either way the productions is making me feel pretty good. This is a small scale MOC of the K-Tec 1233 Scraper. More can be found about the machine here, and where I learned about the machine here. Features: Steering 6x6 drive 2 cylinder fake engine full suspension lifting scraper opening dirt gate moving extractor plate Enjoy Front Suspension Trailer
  17. Sylvian

    6x6 Chassis

    Here's my latest 6x6 chassis,.. which features hub reduction, suspension and a working fake v6 engine with moving fan. I want to make it a kamaz, and include a working steering wheel and tiltable cab, but it its giving me a real headache,.. This chassis has taken me about 2 weeks to design and build.(not including previous renditions which didnt satisfy me) Also i want to extend the wheelbase by 2 studs because i think the second axle is to close to the xlmotors,.. anyhow i am pretty proud with the result so far so i couldnt resist posting the chassis. Cheers :)
  18. I have been searching new MOC subject for some time, as I want a model to be good looking for display; to have enough features but not too complex; to well use of my inventory (major sets part out mostly from 2012 onwards), and to play with my kid reliably. The new PANTHER Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) vehicle by The Rosenbauer Group has caught my attention. It’s the 4th generation ARFF vehicle launched in mid 2015 and its futuristic appearance, 6x6 chassis, unique sliding doors and feasible color scheme fit my MOC wish list very well. I started from the bodywork by modeling the truck exterior features, for example , roof profile, back exhaust louvers, incline headlights, steep ramp angle at the front and the back, and spent quite some time adjusting the body shape from being too boxy. The design of the chassis is straight forward. Since the real PANTHER is supposed to be a fast rescuing machine, I made good use of the large interior to fit in 3 XL motors to ensure enough power for driving. One motor drive one axle at a time, instead of stacking all three motors in parallel. This will avoid too much toque applying on one single Lego element. Rear axles are modified live axle suspension ‘floating’ within a rigid frame, resulting similar effect as independent suspension. Front axle is simple live axle suspension with steer function. All axles are driven in 1:1 ratio. Similar to the real PANTHER engine location, an inline 6 cylinders fake Volvo engine is seated at the back and is geared up to 2.78:1. By using the rear axles as pivot, weight (battery boxes) is placed at the back to balance the motors weight applying to the front axle. Sides panels at both end can be opened manually for battery box access. It’s challenging to pack the door sliding mechanism under the cabin without interfering the steep ramp angle at the front. The test build is done during the Christmas holiday and the doors slide quite well after a few design attempts and I am quite satisfied with the result. I am still in the process of thinking whether to use a simple swinging turret as the forth function, or a more complex high reach extendable turrets that will require an extra 2 channels and a lot of design effort.
  19. Hi everyone! Tooday i would like to show you my trial truck 6x6. 3 XL motor for drive. 1 m motor for steering. 2 AAA battery boxes. 2 v2 receiver. 3 pf light a few photos: Goog suspension travel worked steering weel and piston engine and of course video indor test: outdor test : what you think about it?
  20. Since the new Arocs relased with new suspension parts and a great idea for the rear axle I was thinking, why not also make small scale truck trial machines/races with 62,4mm wheels as a reference point. I think this translates to roughly 1:13 scale. Because this is a smaller scale the models should be easier to build with less parts and more structualy rigid I think a max of 2 x XL, 3x L or 4x M motors should be enough at this scale... What do you guys think? Wanna debate, maybe even set up some guidelines and build something? P.S. click here for some axle ideas at this scale
  21. UPDATE: Rebrickable truck chassis Rebrickable dump bed attachment Truck chassis instructions Dump bed attachment instructions Hi! I want to present my latest MOC, a 6x6 Offroad type European style truck with PF. I have been working on this longer than any previous MOC, slowly improving and perfecting things here and there, and can finally say I am finished with the base model! Oh, and also, the instructions took quite a while to perfect! Firstly I want to say thank you to Alasdair Ryan, Efferman and Blakbird for reviewing my instructions and providing valuable feedback! Special thanks to Alasdair for helping me with some LPub issues I couldn't figure out on my own! So, a little introduction: The idea behind this MOC is to make a sturdy and powerful PF chassis with advanced drivetrain and suspension on all axles. Further I wanted it to be highly adaptable when it comes to equipment to be placed on the back of it, thereby providing people with a good chassis onto which they can mount their own MOCs, and allowing myself the time to develop and publish different implementations to the model in the future. The features of the model are: -6x6 drivetrain powered by two XL motors -Steering via a worm gear, powered by one M motor -Lockable central differential (manual) -Live axle suspension on all three axles -PF "Expansion Bay" to easily integrate up to two more remote controlled PF motors -Working V8 engine Non technical features: -Rack to mount a 9V/AAA/LiPo batterybox in the cabin (for lights, etc) -Openable doors -Lower steps for the crew pivot up if hitting an obstacle -Tiltable cabin -Semi-detailed interior (including gear stick, coffee cups and some instruments) -Manual winch in the front For a lot of WIP photos, renders and high res pictures of the finished model, please visit the appropriate BrickSafe folder Firstly I'll show you a couple of pictures of the internals: The final gear ration result in a fairly low speed, but tons of torque (maybe a little too much, as some U-joints have experienced). Due to the high torque, I saw myself forced to modify the central differential, as I wanted the truck to have some actual offroad capabilities. Let it be known though, that for driving on the floor (both wooden and carpet) this is not necessary at all. Then some more actual pictures of the physical model In the above picture you can see the small 9V batterybox I placed in the cabin to provide power for the blinking roof lights. Also some of the way too long wiring I had to use, as I don't have short ones. There are certain differences to my model compared to the one in the instructions, most notably the rear lights and the roof of the cabin. This is due to me lacking the proper pieces, so it looks a little bit off in the pictures. The obligatory underside shot. Here you can see most of the mechanical side of the drivetrain It's a bit difficult to get good pictures of the suspension working.. The PF Expansion Bay. As you can see the two channels are free, and there is room for a lot of wiring. You can also see the dual white clutch gears used for the steering. It makes it powerful and fast, while still preventing the M-motor from stalling. On the other side is the space taken by the lever to engage the diff lock. I originally had an RC function for this, but it turned out a little unreliable due to the M-motor driving itself back a little after stalling. Also, it took up unnecessary space. Shot of the driver's side interior of the cabin. The cabin tilts forward to allow access to the batterybox... Which can then easily be removed. Here you can also see the V8 and the "fake gearbox" with shift lever and cup holder A shot of the rear of the vehicle, meant to show the available space for additions. Okay, that about sums it up. A couple of notes: I initally wanted to have independent front suspension, but this, together with a lockable central diff took up way too much space. Designing the front axle was a real pain, as it had to be very low to not interfere with the engine. This meant the steering motor had to be placed on the chassis. I first tried to use the servo motor, but it took up too much room. The solution I ended up with is as good as it gets given the parameters I had to work with, although it does have a little slack But it works great! Like I said This is supposed to be a modular build, and I am in the process of developing said modules now. Firstly is a picture of three different LA systems that are all more or less "drop in" additions to the model (you need to remove some of the transverse 7L axles seen in the above picture). The one to the left is used for a side tipping bed, which you can see in the next picture. The other two are to be used with for example standard tipping beds or other modules This is a WIP side tipping bed, using the two small LA setup shown above. It is a bit short maybe, but that is to give room for a rear attachment, like a Palfinger style crane, or a material handler claw, like in the picture below: As you can probably see, this is just a modified version of the Unimog 8110 crane, but with a claw (a la 42006) and an extendable boom. It is manual. EDIT: Also; yay or nay regarding the stickers (from 42025) on the cabin in the above picture? I am also going to make a compressor unit that can fit underneath the bed at the cost of the tipping function. Lastly, here is a taste of the instructions, which you can download here It is currently pending approval at Rebrickable (posted last night, so should hopefully not be too long). In the mean time, here is the parts list And here is the LDD model for those interested (a couple of pieces couldn't be properly attached) So thanks for taking the time to read all this, I hope you like the model, and that some of you will be building it yourselves. If you do, please come back here and post your impressions, along with a picture or two of your build! As always, comments, criticism etc etc are very welcome EDIT 2: The truck is built in white in the instructions, so most white parts can be substituted for any other colour. Also, as I note in the introduction of the instructions, most LBG and DBG thin and normal liftarms are used in the chassis, and can be substituted for other colours. The colours are used to make the instructions as clear as possible
  22. Hi! Since I started to play Spintires I have wanted to build the Ural 4320 truck. I just added an extra axle to my mini rock crawler (, to make it fit the proportions almost perfectly. I haven't started building the body yet, which I may need some help with
  23. Just start this topic with a picture, it is full of hint about how I want To build my MOC (and I hope i success) What are them? :D
  24. Hey hello fellow builders, i dont know if i will finish in time but i will try,. For quite a while i´ve been wanting to make something like a towtruck, i know i am not the first and seeing all these awesome creations made by some of you guys i knew i didnt want to make another peterbilt or kenworth, but since i really do like US trucks i decided to go with this. The basic design for the chassis and cab is pretty much done. the location for the fueltanks isnt really logical for a towtruck and lots of kodiak´s and topkicks have the fueltank and sidesteps combined but i needed space for both the L/motors and gearing. As for the gearing, no gearbox only some reductions. The front axle has leafsprings and is only held by two pins, but its actually strong enough, also it will make it really easy to convert to a 6x4. The rear axle is perpendicular (right?) in two directions so it will move nicely over bumps and such. As for the crane and everything behind the cab, i am not sure yet. I also havent decided where to put the M-motor which will be used for the steering. Anyways, here's what i got so far. (srry for the crappy image quality) Cheers!
  25. Sorry for the double post, this thread can be closed or removed.