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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone, this is the latest work from MTC: Benz-Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV Designed by Muen 1. Function Description ① XL×2:providing power ② Servo×1:steering ③ M×1:2-speed gearbox shift ④ M×3:3 differential locks for front, middle and rear ⑤ SBrick×2 ⑥ Small battery box ×1 ⑦Yellow hard spring ×8 2. Appearance "Modularity" is a design concept that runs through the design of the car from start to finish. From the exterior to the interior, I have modularized all the parts as much as possible, with the obvious benefit that it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, and no longer afraid of transportation. At the same time, each model is clearly positioned before it is designed, which determines the tendencies and trade-offs when designing. The positioning of this car is mainly to do my best to restore the appearance and rich interior of the real car, so this car uses technic parts to build the chassis, and particle parts to build the appearance and interior. The following are photos of the whole car's appearance, and according to the real car's beautiful pictures taken at the same angle, please enjoy. 3. Interior I always think that the interior of an RV is a very important part, so in the process of designing this car, it can be said that the design of the interior took up half of the focus and energy. Another important reason why I personally like RVs is the various storage spaces, which can be a storage space in places you don't expect, so I also built more storage spaces when designing the interior. The following is a detailed introduction to the interior of this car, I hope you can enjoy it. (1)Cab ① Seats The design of the seats uses #99563 to shape the unevenness of the surface, while the base under each seat consists of four #4532 for additional storage space. Behind the front seats are shelf baskets and in-car video for rear passengers to use and provide entertainment during the drive. ② Central Console I divided the center console into two parts, front and rear. For the front center console, there are several storage spaces with three drink holders. At the same time, there is a shift lever, handbrake and a number of function control buttons set up on the side near the main driver. And the side near the passenger side is the air conditioning vents. For the rear center console, a number of storage space and drink placement that must be the regular configuration, front and side air vents and air conditioning adjustment knob. There is a small clock in the middle for the rear passengers to see the time, but also equipped with a blue satellite phone, we all know that the wilderness places or satellite phone more reliable. Here are photos of the combination of the front and rear master consoles (2)Living area The living area is also designed with rich interiors and "modular". There are two main purposes, one is to facilitate the display of the interior, because my first off-road RV work "Conqueror F", in the process of display found that the interior can not be well displayed. the second is to allow the weight of the car to be reduced during the driving process. So the interior of the living area is very easy to remove as a whole. The interior of the rear compartment consists of 9 main parts, let me introduce them one by one below ① Kitchen Due to the limited space, the kitchen is all open, I personally divided it into 3 sections. First is the lower area, which is a variety of storage space for dishes, I also placed a garbage can, specifically for food waste. The second is the middle area, where the cooking is done, the left is the sink, the right is the stove, most RV's kitchen stove is covered, this is no exception. A variety of pots and pans as well as a wealth of spices hanging on the wall, and a range hood directly above the stove. Finally, there is the upper area with a blue microwave oven and two storage spaces. ②Bar I personally like the bar very much, so I also designed a bar in this RV, mainly for making various desserts and beverages during the rest of the day in the car. The lower half of the bar has 2 levels of storage space, mainly for cups and unopened drinks. The upper part is mainly for a small number of commonly used cups and 2 desserts that have just been made, and there is also a beverage machine with 4 different drinks. These 4 drinks are: orange - Fanta; red - Coke; green - Sprite; blue - Mizone. ③ Left side of the entrance door This module consists of three parts. The lower part is a fire extinguisher. In case there is a fire in the process of parking rest or entertainment outside the car, you can get the fire extinguisher nearby at the first time. In the middle is a white fridge, close to the kitchen and bar for easy cooking. The upper part is a small open storage space. ④ Right side of the entrance door This module is also composed of 3 parts, the lower part is a two-layer shoe rack, placed at the door, in and out of the door is convenient to change and put shoes. In the middle is a small storage space, which is mainly used to place umbrellas to prevent rain from touching the wetland board; There are also two hooks for hanging hats. The upper part is the switch box, the whole living area power switch, there is a specific instrument to show the real-time data of the living area electricity. ⑤ Sofa This car is equipped with two large electric sofa, placed opposite, sofa side armrest has adjustment knob and small display screen. Among them, the sofa near the side of the bed, the bottom is installed with a slide rail, moving the sofa, can enter the storage room under the bed. A sliding rail is installed at the bottom of the sofa to facilitate horizontal movement. ⑥ Table There is a table in the middle of the sofa. To expand the limited space, the table can be folded. After the table is folded, flowers can be placed on the table to beautify the interior environment. ⑦ Storage room The living area has 2 large storage units, mainly distributed under the bed. One is the common storage room, mainly placed washing machine, cleaning tools, repair tools and other common items; The other is a hidden storage unit behind the sofa, which can be accessed by moving the sofa and is used for infrequent items such as suitcases. ⑧ Toilet The toilet is equipped with a toilet that can also be used for bathing. There is a hot and cold water sign and a toiletries basket in the corner. ⑨ TV set The TV set is placed above the sofa and facing the bed, so that whether you rest on the sofa or in bed, you can watch TV programs and relax. Finally, a panoramic view of the living area! 4. Some Details (1)Where is the battery box hidden? (2)The living area tank is located below the rear door (3)Where is the spare oil drum hidden? (4)For parking rest and picnic outside the car, there is a foldable table on the back of the door of the living area, and it is equipped with a storage box (5)Because the car chassis is higher, so the left side of the staircase is designed with handrails, when entering the living area, convenient borrowing; There is a clock on the top of the handle, which is mainly convenient to check the time when taking a rest outside the car or having a picnic (6)The shoe rack is by the door (7)A fire extinguisher is placed in the back of the cab. (8)Skylights in the living area can be opened (9)It's 2023, car phone holder must have! Convenient map navigation! Finally! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for browsing! Benz-Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV From MTC·By Muen·For Gap.Li
  2. Hello everyone, this is the latest work from MTC: Unimog 4×4 Off-road RV Designed by Muen Function Description: ① 2×XL: providing power ②1× servo: steering.×M: 2-speed gearbox shift. -3×M - 3 differential locks for front, middle and rear. -2×SBrick. -1×Small battery box. -8×Yellow hard springs.
  3. This is my own creation of a Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4² SUV. Check out my Rebrickable post for instructions which you can download for free:
  4. Hello people, as i have seen some topics made by some members were they share their creations, modifications and ideas, i thought it was a good idea to start my own topic about that, this way i can avoid filling other topics with too many information by saving all that information here and just posting small texts in those other topics. To start, i would like to share some creations which i worked on: Model Team Nissan Frontier. This is one of my oldest models, i made it even before i knew about Eurobricks, and i would like to share it with you because you might like it or modified it: This model features front independent suspension, rear leaf spring suspension using 5.5 axles, HOG steering, working doors, bonnet and tailgate, 5 seats and a towing hitch; its very possible that some parts are with wrong colors or there could be outdated building techniques, but i think that is not too bad for one of my first LDD models (i am no sure, but if i have enough time and inspiration i could make it in real Technic parts), The LXF: Frontier.lxf. Model Team Paramount Group Marauder MRAP. Again, one of my oldest models, it is made at a pretty small scale but it could still be considered as "model team" (i think), it has pendular suspension in both axles which are damped by cross-axles which act as leaf springs, it has HOG steering, working winch and doors, a spare tire and 2 turrets that can be mounted on the roof: The LXF: Group Marauder.lxf Technic Unimog U500 Long Chassis (I have called it UNI-MOC) You might have seen it in the latest posts at 8110´s Mods topic ( ), it is a 64 studs long and 24 studs wide model which i started to make because the modifications in the 8110 got to a too high level and i wasn´t satisfied with the whole model, i created this new model to hold all of my wanted functions and details, this model has some designs from other builders: Madoca´s Tatra 2-speeds gearbox (slightly modified to fit in this new chassis), Efferman´s planetary rims, a modified version of Didumos knob gear driven axle and a 3-side dumping system and dropping sides inspired by Kumbbl´s modifications, it was also made by some help and inspiration by Pat-Ard: This Unimog has 4 M-Motors, 2 L-Motors, 2 XL-Motors, 3 IR RC Receivers, 2 AAA Battery Boxes and 3 PF Switches (brick-built with ugly colors), why so many motors? well, as you might know, the 8110 had only one M-Motor inside it, which was meant to drive the 3 main functions of the set (front PTO, rear PTO and the pneumatic pump) the problem was that the functions couldn't be used simultaneously, you couldn't power front and rear PTO´s at the same time or with the pneumatic pump and because this system uses a gearbox and axles to engage and transmit the power to the different parts, this results in a lot of friction and power losing (other of the reasons of why i started this MOC), other thing that bother me about the 8110 was the proportions of it, it was very tall with lifted wide axles, but very thin cab and bed which made it look silly, the chassis had no space for all the functions that i wanted, i couldn't place enough motors or functions on it, and the axles were another problem, the steering pivot and angle was a disappointing, the tires couldn't steer too much with the half pins, and if you removed them, the mudguards and the surrounding elements needed to be placed far away from the tires to avoid them from colliding, these are few of the reasons of why i started to make my own version of this UGN class of Unimog (which are U300, U400 and U500). Some of the good features of this model are: Improved steering pivot (2 studs closer to the wheels compared to standard portal hubs) Wheels and portal hubs can handle more torque without jamming parts The axles are more compact (less tall), so the chassis can move even lower for a more realistic performance Front steering by L-Motor Rear steering (By M-Motor) with the same axle design as the front one Anti-roll bars in both axles, which help a lot to handle with weight and give a lot of stability, and they can be easily removed for serious offroading Remotely shifted 2-speeds gearbox by M-Motor Directly driven pneumatic pump (L-Motor) and PTO´s (M-Motors) for less power losing 3-side tipping 37 studs long 23 studs wide dump bed with dropping sides using a V2 large pneumatic cylinder Drive by 2 XL-Motors So, these are some of my models, i hope you like them, and i hope to upload more of them, i will try to do my best with all them, let me know what you think about this topic and the models, and any suggestion is well received Thanks.
  5. Hello dear friends! Please let us (yes, today - we are both with ADCchannel are the authors) introduce the latest MOC - today this is Mercedes-Benz G-class 6X6 Trial edition. This truck (definitely it is!) is our common project. I was always dreaming of creating my own implementation of this greatest version of legendary Gelandewagen. I build the body with pleasure and know that ADCchannel riched senior skills in building chassis for truck trial, so I offered hiw some kind of collaboration. Luckily, he immediately agreed. The main difficulty was that we are living in different cities, but not far from. So, couple of month were spent truck is ready. To be honest body itself is absolutely new. From my previous G class Mansory edition I took only front view and side doors. Roof, interior, body frame is completely new. Mandatory point was to create easily removable body. So, you can split body from frame removing only six axles (easy to remove). Some description, though :) This monster is propelled by 3 XL motors - one per each axle. M motor for steering and we decide to power truck bu Buwizz. But it's ready to use regular Lego IR receivers. Suspension has 3 portal axles like original Mercedes. We use 7 Claas tires (actually 6 + 1 third party). Everything what can be opened - is openable - hood, doors, trunk. Unfortunately there were no room for any V8 engine due to front suspension construction. First purpose was to build truck suitable for trial. Here are the two different(!) videos. Feel free to watch and comment. Any critics would be highly appreciated. Dimensions: - Wide - 25 studs, - Lengh - 72 studs Here are some photos from bricksafe page: Pictures will be uploaded in a couple of hours. Some technical issues for now.
  6. hello, this is my lastest creation for Benz Arocs 4163 heavy haulage; it has two XL motors for driving and 1 servo for stressing.
  7. Hi Everyone, this is my new creations for BENZ ACTROS 4163 with special effect magic box, This is the fourth time I made ACTROS, I have failed three times before my last challenge and finally got a satisfactory version of ACTROS,
  8. hi everyone, this is my new creations for BENZ ACROS 4463 dump truck,
  9. Current status: 8+N+R gearbox, D-N-R shifter, and the engine done. Also some color matchings and a little bit of interior --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, everyone. Today, I would like to introduce my new moc in progress (and the first to post here). It's Mercedes AMG GT R. (in 1:8, with porsche wheels&Tires) (From I'm planning to make it in black, as 3x11 curved black panels are available now. If amg gtr convertible model comes out, I want to try the convertible mechanism, too. My current status is only up to the drivetrain (engine&gearbox) And this is it. It's a 8 speed gearbox, with D-N-R which I built by myself. At first, I was goint to use charbel's 8 speed gearbox, which is awesome, but soon found out that the gear ratios aren't realistic (the last gear is 45 times faster than the first gear.) This gearbox is also combination of a common 4 speed gearbox and 2 speed gearbox, but different in the fact that the 2 speed gearbox is shifted every 90 degrees, and the 4speed gearbox is shifted every 180 degrees. And that resulted in a realitic gear ratio... in which the last gear is 6.25 times faster than the first gear. The hardest part was the mechanism to make one shift in the 4 speed gearbox while the paddel shift (which is not built yet) is shifted twice. The mechanism is here: Here's the sifting video: Under the chassis, you can see the D-N-R selector, which the gearstick to shift it is not built yet. As I only have times on Sunday afternoons, the progress will be very slow, but I will finish it sometime, so don't be angry even if the progress is slow. Comments are welcome, and advices are also welcome. Thanks. Oh, I missed some explanations on the gearbox. The 4 speed gearbox is just the regular one, with 1:1 to 1:5, and the 2 speed gearbox is 1:1 to 1:1.25 which doesn't work yet as currently I don't have any chains. The chains are also linked to reverse gear.
  10. Based on the Mercedes-Benz G500 Cabriolet design, and carried out a more radical modification. Two L motor drive, one servo motor steering, four-wheel drive, remote control. Using two special parts, one is above the 42043 logo, and the other is x85 (lamp bowl). Rear bumper design is still in the adjustment. http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/430479
  11. hello everyone, it's me again, let me introduce my another new moc: RC Benz 8x4 Actros Tractor Truck, it has 1Xl for driving, and 1 M motor for steering. I have another great moc, please visit:
  12. Hello :) Today I'd like to show You my new MOC. MOC built for LUGPol's contest: you must build a truck using cabin from LEGO set 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 (cabin may have several changes, including color). So I decided to build flatbed recovery truck. My main goal was to build MOC for similar official LEGO sets like 42008 or 42043 it means one PF motor and mechanical and pneumatic functions, but not full PF. I think that building transfer case is more challenging than using 1 PF motor for each function. For driven I used 1 PF M motor. So I have 3 groups of function: manually, mechanical and pneumatic. Manually: lift cabin, opening doors, fake R4 engine, winch, HoG steering. Mechanical: lifting and extendible platform. Pneumatic with using airtank: extendible and lifting fork. Desing it's just liftarm construction with a lot of technic panels (34) ;) Movie how it works: And photos in my Flickr and Brickshelf gallery: , http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=558907
  13. Imanol BB

    mini 42043 made in Lego City scale

    Hello all, i want to show you an smaller version of the lego technic 42043, the Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245, built in Lego City scale, this truck has various functions, the crane can move just like the technic version, and the bed can tilt, there are also 2 outriggers, the truck has full suspension in all the axles using rubber parts, i couldnt make the front grille because its too complex for a model this size (there is supposed to be an sticker), i hope you like it, any suggestion is well received. more at my brickshelf gallery
  14. Hello fellow brickers, today i want to introduce you into a new MOC i've started to build at the beginning of august. It's a Mercedes W123 coupé. The reason for me to build this car was one of my co-workers drives one and every once in a while he takes me for a ride in this beauty. But enough about the story behind. Here are some technical features. Power Functions: - 2L-motors for driving - 1M-motor for steering - 1M-motor for shifting gears Drivetrain and suspension: - fully independend suspension - ackermann geometry - kingpin inclination - casterangle - 3-Speed gearbox - RWD with differential - working straight 4 fake engine - working steering wheel Bodywork: - openable doors, bonnet and trunk I tried to upload at least 2 more pictures here but it won't let me do this.... so here is a link to mocpages for you: Thank you all for watching. Rolf
  15. Hello everyone, let me introduce my New Moc Mercedes-Benz Actros Tractor - Technic Figure 1:1, It has 1 XL motor for drive and 1 M motor, I have two mining machine but haven't transport tractor, Now I created a tractor for transport my mining machine, thanks for watching. Testing Tractor video: The official video: