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  1. Teo LEGO Technic

    [MOC] 42099 - B model - Rocky

    Very cool! You really can build some solid buggies.
  2. Teo LEGO Technic

    (WIP) "A Muscle Car" (stage 1, engine)

    Very different, I love the engine above all!
  3. Teo LEGO Technic

    [MOC]Lego Suzuki Jimny Sierra

    Gorgeous! The front is perfect.
  4. Teo LEGO Technic

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Just beautiful!
  5. Teo LEGO Technic

    [WIP] Datsun 240Z - Gearbox -

    I love the creative solutions you've got on this car! The turntables for the macpherson and worm gear used as a rack are great!
  6. That's amazing congratulations! It's a beautiful set.
  7. Teo LEGO Technic

    42110 - Land Rover Defender

    Looks damn good to me! Although I do wish that they wouldn't make a new part just for the mudguards.
  8. Teo LEGO Technic

    [MOC] Audi Quattro Group B Rally Car

    Sorry, I took it apart. There was a bit of a bump-steer problem, but I used an even lengthed rack for the steering of 8 studs, like in Piterx's Lancia and it helped. Thanks guys!
  9. Gorgeous model!
  10. Teo LEGO Technic

    Lego Mini Trial Unimog 406/427 MOC

    Beautiful truck! It looks as good as it works.
  11. Teo LEGO Technic

    [MOC] Audi Quattro Group B Rally Car

    Originally I scaled the car with the Crane Truck tires, and those are flush, but I couldn't resist using the wide racer tires for the final version. Thanks!
  12. Teo LEGO Technic

    [MOC] Audi Quattro Group B Rally Car

    I really tried to keep the parts down, I'm glad it shows. Ever since my Mercedes G class which I weighed down so much the differential teeth broke, I decided to opt for cleaner building.
  13. Teo LEGO Technic

    [MOC] Audi Quattro Group B Rally Car

    Haha thanks :) Yeah I started off with the Crane Truck wheels, but i couldn't help using the wide ones. Thanks! Yeah I can see the resemblance
  14. Teo LEGO Technic

    42099 CV joints damage after use

    We're hard to please I guess, but I agree that the new website is unfortunately garbage.