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  1. Looks like a large piece of sh..t.. The only hope is that this is a like one-day site which will disappear soon.. It's impossible to reverse-engineer the whole car from photos.. What they are selling? Maybe just stealing plastic card numbers...
  2. Hey! Sorry for bumping an old topic, as there are no instructions, sometimes I have thinkings to build this body from photos and put on Porsche wheels.. What are the parts used in the front grill and side mirrors? Thanks
  3. Do you mean the release of the ready product?? Or you mean the announcement?
  4. Hey Nico! Now the desription is clear! Thanks! Waiting for any upcoming information! :)
  5. Aleh

    Liebherr LR 11000

    Already seen it. Love the idea of lifting mobile phone with recording camera
  6. Too less information. Nothing to comment. Message because of message? Teaser assumes any information about the upcoming project I think. Even the description of the team do not match the photo: you are standing third from left, but count three members before you.
  7. Suppose it depend on current MOC: design, functions, presentation.
  8. People in China do not have enough original parts to buy only instructions, they need both instructions and parts. Original one is too expensive. Assume people who buy stolen sets do not care about the original author. From the other hand I do not care about stolen MOCs - I'm Lego purist and definitely will buy BI from the author instead of buying counterfeit kit. I used But it's local and do not looks suitable the the world afol community.
  9. Hi, thanks for the feedback! Appreciate you like it! I purchased 200m string coil (hoist) at the local hardware store. I may post a photo in the evening. Depends on how much you will put on the counterweight, but with the luffing jib installed not to much, if to be honest.
  10. Human can not be fully rewarded and satisfied. Totally agree! But from the other side. If person spent 20 Euro on CF BI, he can earn 20 000 on chinese market, selling kits.
  11. Great Mercedes Benz! It is based on 8110 chassis? I recommend you to use @nicjasno advanced front suspencion!
  12. Good way. But as I've heard - doantion level in lego instructions is the lowest, near to zero. As a customer I want to get my instruction ASAP after paying. In this case you have to found a CF only when you have the BI already done.
  13. Hey! It's simple - nothing helps. Watermark - phhhhhh,ok, I will buy one copy, spent a week for my own instruction without any watermarks ang go selling kits. Croudfounding? You sure none of the members is thief who will do you know what?