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  1. Show us your Working Place

    Hey @shadow_elenter! Nice video! Firstly I stored my lego in the same way, after I understood it's not comfortable and you need to open all the cases each time. So I bought one after one cassetes like Aliit Vario plus 54. 3 or 4 of them will simply replace all your 10 containers.
  2. Maybe the main problem is the lack of the rare blue parts...
  3. Chironj from the first looks! I wonder if there is any chance to complete building...
  4. @Blakbird Are you going to continue making respective MOCS in digital versions? I have already spread this through local forums.
  5. If I live in the USA and have enough thousands of dollars I should buy all collection together with the whole house .
  6. Technic Photography

    +1. It would be very useful indeed!
  7. Oh how sad to read this! @Blakbird, Erik, do not do this untill it's too late. May I ask you to to make a couple of actual photos of your incredible MOC's and Technic set's collection?
  8. Prices just OMG... "For children"
  9. 42079 Forklift Truck 42080 Forest Harvester 42081 Volvo Autonomous Loader 42082 Rough Terrain Crane
  10. In what dimension ut becomes technic?
  11. 42083 Chiron in 1:8 Scale 3599 parts. Black & Dark Azure. Maybe it's already not a news but no time to read throug the topic.
  12. Technic Photography

    Wow, very beautiful bike photos!!