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  1. In that case you need separate buwizz for the chassis and second for the uppercarrage, imo :)
  2. Aleh

    [WIP] Koenigsegg Jesko

    I believe this all is up to Kristian himself
  3. Aleh

    [WIP] Koenigsegg Jesko

    Too less gears on the picture for the 9+R transmission. Are you cheating?
  4. Hey guys! Isn't it too much to use 4 XL motos for drive? Reduction would be at least 1:5, how do think if using one XL per side would be enough for relaxing driving?
  5. Vvery recognizable!! Great job! Do you still have ZIL 130 on the road in Poland?
  6. This guy in red Technic suit on photos spends his time even better than me Please, do not stop making such wonderful MOCs!
  7. Wooow! Thanks Pawel!
  8. Suddenly I was mentioned on the instagram photo with my MOC, built in chrome instead of lbg colour. Do you agree it looks fantastic?
  9. Hey Pawel! Thanks for the review! Yesterday saw it with my family :) As always high detailed, no questions occurred after! Great job and model :)
  10. Wasn't any online build stream yesterday? You you'd started one by mistake?
  11. I asked him - Grohl aka Milan - designed this offroader :)
  12. It's thank to the stunning set itself) Thanks!
  13. That's what we need in Technic! What do you mean - hi is a designer?
  14. I assume this connector appears here firstly in dbg colour?
  15. Aleh

    [MOC] McLaren 720S

    Terrific quality of instructions examples!