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  1. +1. Absolutely do not care about the B-Model. I'd say just a boom differs, superstructure look almost similar.
  2. I prefer using pure LBG in the chassis and suspencion. There is a sense using yellow for separate functions if you are going to make instructions or just explanation of how does it works I thinkj.
  3. i do not know this URALs exist in 4*4 formula. Looks super realistic!
  4. Hm, world famous supercar blogger Shmee filmed Lego Chiron
  5. Aaaaah, that what are you talking about. It's clear now! Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Thanks! Sorry guys but this is not the forwarder. Ok, they looks similar, but showed John Deere just stores "trees" while Lego unit was created for cuting trees and make them smooth without branches. And I wonder If the cabin rotates with the crane or not? Pictures on the box show both cases.
  7. Imho, tyres are too slim, Jeep needs wider ones. And the rims are cool, no questions!
  8. Wow! Super! Congrats!!
  9. This does't looks like 42082's replica.
  10. A question of time when fuly RC version appears.
  11. Nice but 1100 zl equals almost $300 Dissapointd crane has L instead of XL
  12. Oh, that's just curiosity... Don't hurry up, the final result is more important.
  13. Hey, @Jeroen Ottens, between first and second parts past 2 weeks, after second part past more than two weeks, so any news about the boom?
  14. Wow! Hi-res pictures rulez!! So beautiful! I wonder how many hours were spent to design and build it. Lego factory was producing parts for it 24/7 I bet