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  1. Aleh

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    Only after publishinh building instructions for the Charger.
  2. Hello! Here a have some updates. It may seems nothing changed, but actually model has several major udpates. General chassis view. Now in scale. Front suspension: I've replaces those dogbones and the steering becomes much smoother! Now I have to handle steering anywhere... Rear suspencion also changed - I added brakes and make the axle thicker 2 studs. And here is the model "as is": Axle with yellow knob is a gear shifter - it's suppossed to be connected anywhere. Fake V12 has dravt connection to the gearbox output. The gearbox itself is the moderated Didumos one. I make it AWD. So in the theme of the chassis I still have two problems - how to handle steering rack - I have a total lack of the room for the steering axle... and how many attempts should i need to connect gear shifter to the steering wheel... And it's time to call the project - 2020 Rollce Royce Phantom EWB
  3. I always admire haow people can place many functions into a small scale! Welldone!
  4. Aleh

    [MOC] BMW X3

    Hello! Bodywork looks complex and finished! Every part is on it's place! Great job! PS: Front gril is.. epic! Es[ecially I love front and rear lights!!
  5. Hello! Oh, susprisely, topic hasgreat responce. I have rebuild front suspension a litle bit - a replace dogbons for regular steering arm, sterring became much smooother! Thanks @Jurss! As for now chassis has connected AWD, luckily I was able to rebuild front drivetrain and now gear connections are strong without undensity. Then all four hubs has connected pneumatic cylinders - this caused rebuild of the rear chassis and rear hubs. Now I will investigate a gearbox and consider taking someone's decision as a basis because I won't develop my own - my weak point is gearboxes and differential's advances properties. I will upload several photos a bit later.
  6. Allright then, if removing front driverain it will give me a lot of room between the front wheels and I can make an attempt of housing the W12 there...
  7. Hello everyone! In these hard times I began my old dream to come true - I have started developing a car. This is definitely not a sport/super/hyper car. My aim is to build a luxury sedan. Brand will me mentioned later, I assume after the chassis with drive train will be done (if it would). As for now I'm going to build fully manual version with advanced realistic suspension with pneumatic brakes,, 4WD (actually original has only RWD, but full is more interesting and complex), interesting V/W 8-12 fake engine and rotating gearbox shifters on the steering wheel (initial and genuine idea by @Charbel), detailed interior. And from the very beginning I've faced with difficulties: Those ball-joints are very hard to rotate, the route from the steering rack to the wheel should be the strongest and the simplest in one time. Still no idea for the rear brakes implementation. No room for the fake engine prototype. I want to use regular cylinder parts, but with the crankshaft from the 42078 set (as example). Too hard to place front drivetrain, steering axle, gearbox and gearbox shifters. At my point I think I need 100*100 studs place to handle all this. I'm afraid I'll have to refuse from the front driving feature to handle all other modules. But who knows. And the last fear is the political situation in my country, I don't want to discuss it here, but the mood is very sad and I can be repressed anyway, though.
  8. It looks this is a very rare edition of the american truck, I have never seen this before. Neither I have never heard about 4 axle cargo (lowboy does not count) :)
  9. Aleh

    BuWizz and Powered Up

    Thank you very much! In that case I'll try to avoid mixing PU and PF in one connection.
  10. Aleh

    BuWizz and Powered Up

    What are they?
  11. Aleh

    [MOC] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Sorry for the delay, Here are several photos of my tiny modification. The weight is 2 Kilos, not lb! All photos: As you can see the Y-arrangement helps to the main boom independently from he boom's extension lenght or raising degree. It's fully adjustable and manual. This is the simpliest and cheapiest way. More realistic view you can get if to use chain links from 42007 set for example instead of the low string which support the arrangement from bending to the high. BUt you will need I don't know even, but at least 100 of them.
  12. I assume this would better fit in Scale Modeling chapter But actually the model looks accurate and smooth!
  13. Aleh

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    The best suggestion is to complete this cool model and discuss the building instructions creation :)
  14. Aleh

    Technic Model Comparison

    Hey! Hope you'll let me share some legendary technic models comparison in the same scale.