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  1. Looks promising. Waiting for another photos and video.
  2. Aleh

    [WIP] Rolls-Royce Wraith

    Hey! Nice to see such a topic because I/m going to build a latest Phantom! Keep building!
  3. Aleh

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Thanks Mate! I appreciate this!
  4. Aleh

    42107 - Ducati Panigale V4R

    Guys, do we already have any video review?
  5. Great idea! I will investigate if it's possible to apply any changes to the already published profile. Thank you!
  6. Aleh


    Nice to see you again Eric!
  7. Hello to everyone! I made some facelift of this model. Techical part is the same - 2XL for driving and servo for steering, I rejected the brakes system this time and doubled shock absorbers in the front suspencion. Added more LED. All the res are cosmetic changes. New fenders from 42096, tires from 42110. Wheels are highlited in this model (glow in the dark). Here you can see all the photos:
  8. Aleh

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    Not agree about great parts pack.
  9. Cool rendering and tyre modifications. Did you replace unimog tyres with tumbler ones and defender with chiron ones for any reason?
  10. Another fan Chrome photo! 20200506_175730 by Aleh Vaitseshonak, on Flickr
  11. Aleh

    [TC18] Ford GT 2005

    Really cool!
  12. I'm talking about the pictures verusu the real model
  13. Oh, missed this - LMP looks complex and realistic! Must admit cool suspencion solutions and drive train! The whole look is great and recognizable! What I personally dislike are the front wheel's wings/arches only. They are too boxy, might be closed on the internal side, I mean we should NOT see the front wheels from the front of the car. Hope It's ok that I write both pros and cons from m side.
  14. I'm not sure about the panels, but the tires are without any world, they are absolutely clear. You can observe it on 0:22. @yannichan Anyway this is a great modile crane replica, i suggest to route a string through these Y-arrangements for best detalization.
  15. I made a video of some WIP stages of developing this cralwer crane. Feel free to watch and comment. Thanks.