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  1. @lcvisser Maybe this "Black cat on steroids" would be also interesting for you
  2. Hey guys, have a question - I have Buwizz 3.0 and 2.0(I guess) and I purchased a Playstation 5 several months ago. Is it possible to perform features management not via the smartphone but via gamepad? What hardware and software are required?
  3. Like the functionality over the design - looks complex, but smoothly working! How did ou implemented the backward alarm??
  4. Wow! This is not about the vehivle - it's a part of Great America! It would be nice to see more photos and descroption, as Milan says.
  5. Hello! I wonder if any technic set would be released this year (1 october for example)?
  6. Hey @brunojj1! I mean watch both models when they are next to each other, at one photo :) How bigger/smaller is the same model in different scales...
  7. Superb design! Looks VERY recognizable and fantastic! i wonder if you could post comparison photo with brunoj's original model?
  8. Congrats with the release! Stunning design!
  9. Oh, my bad, I mean not alternative but MOD of an original set. MAybe even with two those trailers :)
  10. Suddenly I discovered a pretty interesting alternative: