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  1. Aleh

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Have you noticed there are already 24 pages of discussions of nothing? No any photo exists, so, nothing to discuss in a way of 2019 sets. Prices and titles do not worth 24 pages of discussion. Just my POV.
  2. Aleh

    Ultimate 42082 with instructions

    Wow! Nostalgie! Thanks for your work!
  3. Hey guysI need to gather some opinions: what way of MOC presentations is preferred by you - new finished MOC from the first time with the feeling of surprise or beginning with WIP stage and posting update step by step?
  4. Blocked because of copyright...interesting. McLaren team initiated a claim??
  5. To prevent bending so long boom highly recommend to create Y-arrangement! Nice WIP, BTW!
  6. Thanks! Understood the technology - I used the same stuff but in white color to draw in my bicycle tires. Need experience to draw correct letters, firstly my result was awfull :( The last question my friend - do you use 1, 2 or 4 mm marker?
  7. @Paknaloid Is it possible to shot a short video of painting any part with with marker? You did it so coool!
  8. Hey! Thanks a lot for your critics! Very appreciate you spent your time! During building I have used official Liebherr LR 11000 guide: You attach images from another model, but my tracks sometimes really looks too short. I will take into account these moments if decide to build updated version :)
  9. Niiiice! Me go away buing my pen..
  10. Chrome replacements looks terrific!
  11. Simply most complex elements of the MOC.