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  1. In 2016 I designed my own truck with trailer. It seems both are compatible with Mack truck or trailer. Trailer has Pneumatic cylinders for support. Pump was in Trailer.
  2. Aleh

    Impossible LEGO

    To be honest, to use screw is a very good idea! I'll investigate this one day)
  3. Look - I've found ancient Liebherr R9800
  4. Mate, you MUST add red eyes with lego LED lights!!!
  5. Aleh

    Impossible LEGO

    Where do you plan to put this axle? Did you see a connector in the center? :)
  6. Aleh

    Impossible LEGO

    I've tried - no way, it would definitely broke in my case because they are already "tired" from bending. i should buy this item definitely :)
  7. Aleh

    Impossible LEGO

    Hey AFOLS! During building something I suddenly understood that it could not be disassembled. And the question appears not how to be but what part to broke: Think what you personally would do in my situation and then see the spoiler what I decided to do: Hope this would be useful
  8. Aleh

    RC Extra Large Spider MOC

    Definitely not - I personally do Step by step photo sequence.
  9. Aleh

    RC Extra Large Spider MOC

    Do you plan to create instructions? I assume it may become popular!
  10. Aleh

    RC Extra Large Spider MOC

    Oh! I guess you did not make it in black to scare all neighbours alone 1 mile around? :) Where is it's spiderweb? And a bug inside it? :) nice MOC!
  11. When I receive a question like "Where are my instructions" I ask first to mention an address from what it was purchased. Seldom I receive an answer from
  12. Thanks guys, your truth. I did my best. Hope this thread would help anybody in the future.
  13. I've already sent him several messages from 2 accounts without attachments(( I have no No any info except email address :( Reminds me of an ancient Russian joke: Hedgehog got into a very deep hole, tried to get off for twenty minutes then said: If I will not get off in twenty minutes I will go home to take a ladder I can't ask him any questions. In the rest, I totally agree.
  14. No, as a test I sent empty email with only title No, Still no any attempt from his side. Ok, SOunds reasonable to leave a message on the MOC page, thanks.