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  1. Wow! At last! Was looking through this project in the Instagram for a couple of month! After work will see the video!
  2. I'm from that forum. There we have the same prelim pics with shadowed Mack... BTW when saw the Mack Anthem 2018's photo start thinking of building this beauty!
  3. I'm also interested because there is always not enough of Lego, but unfortunately shipping to Belarus from USA will cost too much
  4. @Lox Lego, @I_Igor Thank you very much! Very appreciate your comments, they're very important for me! I'm trying to make some video of truck's functions. Hope the result will be well enought to public.
  5. Thanks! It was also cool to install your gearbox into truck! For now there are no new projects... Fantastic renders! Thanks! Nice to hear! If any quastins feel free to ask! Many thanks to my wife! 90% photoshop's instructions is her initiative and hard work!
  6. Cool tiny MOC! Nice solutions! Can you make a simple instruction please?
  7. Lola T70 MOC

    Hello! Very good project! Like the white/blue colour scheme!
  8. Fantastic Honda! So realistic, so many functions in such a small scale!
  9. Yeah, sorry! Just did not see the image
  10. Do not know how my info is fresh, just leave it there: 42071 - blue compactor with one 5*11 grey panel and unique (for me) plastic wheels with 5 orange parts: 2 *5L beams, 2*4 x 4 beams, wheels are dbg with blue center 42072 - lime small race car 42073 - red race small car 42084 - tiny red cabin dump truck, 42076 - MAck with trailer with outriggers and arm. Looks not big scaled
  11. Show us your Working Place

    Hi there here is my working place. I like everything been under hand :)
  12. Nice tiny MOC! But not sure it exests ever in red. Try to rebuild in in DBG
  13. [MOC] Crane Truck

    Either do I
  14. Congatulates with the challenge complete! You did a great truck!