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  1. I also care did you develop the drivetrain (Gearbox + shifters) by yourself or took and upgrade somebody's solution?
  2. Hi! At first I thought you implemented front lights using those blue gears The chassis looks very complex! About the sketch - for my personal taste I would build a longer back only :) Keep building and I/m keep looking for this thread now!
  3. I wonder if this Ford will be as recognizable as the Corvette, considering only 500 parts or better?...
  4. I totally agree with you! But you asked "why" and wrote the answer yourself: I can build moc for myself or selling the instructions with using any parts I assume. Commerce starts when MOCer sells license to his model, build from paten defenced parts. Am I wrong? And i think TLG do everything right with this - they invested in each new part and must own it.
  5. Definitely - money! MOCers will simply do not use this part in models, been built for license sale, imo. Or don't you want to say they (we, actually) will abandone/ignore lego since that?
  6. Why? If part of their model is protected by tlg patent?
  7. They should be afraid of selling the license of their moc.
  8. I think this model was built in 42128 scale and has the same crane (or full back end) only, the rest has nothing common, imo. Agree about the separate topic!
  9. Wow, looks super cool and realistic!
  10. @nico71 Hi, I guess I found thge best mod for your Ford :)
  11. Aleh

    BMW M3 (E30)

    I was shocked by the attention to the details, especially in the interior!!
  12. Nothing to say, it's simply looks iconic. The Model Team resurrection. ok, maybe I would redesign the lights in the front bumper, but this is the question of taste, no more.
  13. Hi, very weel and smooth looking truck! Like the attention to the details! And all proportions are well!