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  1. Thank you. Nice to hear it.
  2. BMW E24 M6 - 10300 C-MODEL The classic "six" is my eternal wet dream which I hope will come true one day. Making a beemer as an alternative model comes to me with every set. I tried to make an E46 from Mustang but it didn't look very good. The Porsche 10295 was an almost perfect base for the M1 Procar version. The multitude of all bends is so hard that even building moc without parts limits is a big challenge on this scale. I may come back to this one in a future. I was considering an E30 M3 from Camaro, but Firas will probably beat me to it. In the end, I insisted on this unfortunate Delorean that it could be turned into another gray car. Well, you can't and my E24 clearly shows it. I liked the front so much that I accepted all the compromises that came along the way, and there were plenty of them. Black roof, protruding gutters on the inside of the hood and tailgate. A few extremely delicate elements like the rear fenders and the roof attachment. Visual shortcomings in the form of a very conventional dummy engine and a nightmare interior of the trunk. Apart from the shark's front, which I am very happy with, I managed to give a decent silhouette of the whole and use several functions - opening doors, trunk and hood that tilts forward. Two Delorean models are my max and now it's time to go back to LP800 from 10295. Technical info Rebuild of the set 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine Model: BMW E24 M6 Parts: 1413 - also used extra parts Height: 13 studs (10 bricks and 2 plates) Width: 16 studs (20 studs with mirrors) Lenght: 45 studs Functions: Opening doors, trunk and hood. Instruction: 540 steps on 366 pages. Instagram Rebrickable Flickr Bricksafe
  3. Mercedes C126 - 10300 B-model The Delorean is a terribly ungrateful model for any rebuild. There are not so many light gray bricks and some key elements are difficult to use in other constructions. There are definitely more black parts, but not enough to make a car only in this color. Initially, Mercedes was supposed to be built from Camaro (and probably will be but a different model) but not from 10300. In search of inspiration, I came across a photo of the C126 in such a double color variant, which turned out to be a good solution. The model itself has a lot of simplification solutions as it happens in rebuilds and a bit too square silhouette. The only function the model has is the opening door. It was possible to make a dummy engine and a raised hood, but the whole model lost its appearance then. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with the final effect, because doing something different from Delorean is quite a challenge but very satisfying. Technical info Rebuild of the set 10300 Back to the Future Time Machine Model: Mercedes C126 Parts: 1168 - also used extra parts Height: 12,5 studs (10 bricks and 1 plate) Width: 16 studs (18 studs with mirrors) Lenght: 43,5 studs Functions: Opening doors. Instruction: 384 steps on 242 pages. Flickr Brickshelf Instagram Rebrickable
  4. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] Dodge Viper - 10265 c-model

    Dodge Viper - 10265 c-model I made my first attempt to the Viper before building the Hummer. I wanted to use the white stripes offered by the 10265 set. I must admit that the Viper is one of the most iconic cars that use these painting. The problem is that it has an extremely slim silhouette, and the Mustang parts are much more suitable for the construction of an angular body. The final model is the result of 5 approaches. On the fourth, I had the model almost finished and all I had to do was construct a rear diffuser out of the scraps. It was not without a slight remodeling of the rear bumper, which left me with a few additional parts, which I knew would be very useful in the front. This way I demolished half of the car and it was a good decision. Thanks to this, the model has definitely gained stability. There are a few delicate details, but there is no risk that any of them falling off when you grab onto any part of the vehicle. The fairly low profile of the whole and the desire to reproduce the engine dummy in a decent way, eliminated the possibility of installing a torsion axle, which takes up so much space on this scale that it would have a negative impact on the appearance. Technical info Rebuild of the set 10265 Ford Mustang Model: Dodge Viper Parts: 984 - also used extra parts Height: 10,5 studs (8 bricks and 2 plates) Width: 16 studs (17.5 studs with mirrors) Lenght: 38 studs Functions: Opening doors and hood. Instruction: 298 steps on 189 pages. Flickr Brickshelf Instagram Rebrickable
  5. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] [MOD] HUMMER H1 - 10265 b-model

    No, i almost every time start build on real. When i'm finished, then i create digital version, piece by piece.
  6. Dodge Challenger is one of my favorite cars. Both, the first generation and the current one, regardless of the edition, always gives me the effect of an uncontrolled wide smile on my face. After Lego released the Technic 42111 Dodge Dom set, which didn't really appeal to me, I lost hope of a 16 stud wide Creator like Mustang. However, in order not to disappoint Dom and faith in the family, the idea was born that it could be built from the 10295 set. In anticipation of your comments, yes I know it is too short. It would be useful to extend it by 2 studs. One on the hood and the other in the cabin. In the middle part it was my conscious choice, but the second one turned out to be an accident at work. Unfortunately it can be seen very much. The second biggest problem with the Challenger is the B-pillars and the roof. I'll not talk about it. Contrary to the Hummer, I tried to make as few compromises as possible and used most of available bricks. There is a steering axle connected to the steering wheel. 16 studs wide. Openable door and hood. A mock-up interior with folding seats. What I am most happy about is the back section, which I had absolutely no idea for when building it. These single-set rebuilds are a lot of fun. It reminds me a bit of the times when as a child I got my first sets and tried to reproduce the models that were presented on the back of the boxes. It seems to me that the fashion for rebuilds came from nostalgia for those times. In my case it is just like that. In addition, creating instructions is something completely new which also gives a lot of satisfaction. The one for the Challenger took me a lot of time and work. Its design is as challenging as the model itself. Technical info Rebuild of the set 10295 Creator Expert Porsche 911 Model: Dodge Challenger SRT Parts: 1247 - also used extra parts Height: 15 studs (12 bricks and 1 plate) Width: 16 studs (19.5 studs with mirrors) Lenght: 41 studs Functions: Opening doors and hood, moving wheels and a steering axle connected to the steering wheel. Instruction: 342 steps on 248 pages. Brickshelf Flickr Instagram Rebrickable
  7. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] [MOD] BMW M1 Procar - 76908 b-model

    I remember a time when 8 studs of vehicle width for minifigs meant that someone built a truck or something that big. Several years ago, this "scale" was not very popular, because of the small selection of tires and windows, although I made a few 8s wide models myself, such as the BMW E24 or the Polonez Coupe. Nevertheless, they were definitely not for figs. Lego once again confirmed its very loose approach to scale by creating the Speed Champions line. Despite the promising start in the form of 6s cars, the series unexpectedly turned into a rash of stickers with strange windows and forcibly added minifigs. When the announcement of the Lamborghini Countach model appeared, for a moment I was fooled that I may still like this series. On the one hand, these models have a lot of charm, they look nice on the shelf, but on the other hand, this huge amount of stickers is a nightmare. It made me think if it is possible to do something sensible by resigning from decals and a minifig. The BMW M1 may not be as iconic as the Countach or Testarossa, but it has its undeniable charm. The silhouette is very similar to the Lambo, so it was immediately chosen this model to build from the 76908 set. As it happens in this game, there was a festival of compromises. Rebuilding with just one set is a big challenge. Both cars are supposed to be the same size, but with about 2/3 of the model I used almost all the white bricks. I started slimming, which had a heavy impact on the rear of the vehicle, but I am quite happy with the final result. This is how the B model of the 76908 set, i.e. the BMW M1 Procar version, was created. Technical info Rebuild of the set 76908 Speed Champions Lamborghini Countach Model: BMW M1 Procar Parts: 221 - also used extra parts Height: 5.5 studs (4 bricks and 2 plates) Width: 8 studs (9 studs with mirrors and fenders) Lenght: 18.5 studs Instruction: 67 steps on 55 pages. Flickr Instagram Rebrickable
  8. Set 10265 probably needs no introduction to anyone. A fantastic model with a great ratio of the quality and quantity of pieces to the price. Initially, I bought it with the idea of placing it on a shelf. Until the firas popped out with his rebuild version of the Mustang current generation. Despite a few shortcomings, his model definitely makes a wow effect, given that it's a rebuild of this shortcoming. I had quite a lot of ideas for making another car and all of them became a nightmare for me. I completely couldn't reconcile the quick-end bricks with the sensible look. For example, when building a BMW M3 E46, after using about 80% of the parts, I had only half the car. Fortunately, I quickly abandoned Shelby Cobra, discovering that someone had already built a pretty cool one. There was also supposed to be a Dodge Viper, but then it seemed impossible to reproduce them from the available bricks. I am currently doing a second try on the Viper and this time it should wiek. However, I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't make a constructing anything sensible. The smaller scale turned out to be beneficial. Instead of the standard width of 16 studs, I focused on something at 14, or maybe 12. I considered a few off-roaders and finally I choose Hummer H1. A supposedly smaller model should solve the limited supply of parts. Unfortunately not with the car body. Doors and root i was made from rest of scraps. On this scale, it was also a problem to mount a torsion axle. Copied one from set dropped out because it is too wide. I managed to slim it down a bit, but it had a negative impact on the stability of whole the structure, not to mention the visual values. I gave it up and ended up with a dummy engine and shock absorbers. The cabin is also quite conventional. Fortunately, the model itself resembles the original from the outside, and nobody has any problems with recognizing what kind of car it is. The whole thing is stable and the model can be moved forward and backward. Real level expert. Technical info: Rebuild od the set 10265 Creator Expert Ford Mustang Model: Hummer H1 Parts: 773 - also used extra parts Height: 13 studs (9 bricks and 2 plates) Width: 14 studs (15.5 studs with footrests) Lenght: 28 studs Functions: All doors, hood and tailgate are open. Moving wheels. Instruction: 197 steps on 142 pages. Instagram Flickr Brickshelf Rebrickable
  9. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] Dragon Hunter

    When it comes to weapons, my first association is chainsaw gun from Gears of War but inverted. I really loved sculpt like this one. Teeth and whole head looks dope.
  10. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] "Dancing", glowing and other Brickheadz

    A lot of great stuff but definitely my fave is Wolverine. Looks insane and those sideburns are cute.
  11. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] Mazinger Z

    This villain reminds me a creatures from power rangers πŸ˜€. Mazinger is also simillar to Zord. Great work.
  12. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] update from the LEGO city

    Massive project. Looks awesome for now. How big the whole will be?
  13. Marcin Majkowski

    LEGO Creator 2022 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Viking ship has already official images. Its another set reffering to old series, especially to historical. I hope there will be them more, like Wild West or Adventures.
  14. I'm not sure where i read it about this (probably that was post on instagram), but Eiffel tower will be bigger than colosseum. Maybe even more than 10k pcs. I'll try to find this info.
  15. Marcin Majkowski

    [MOC] Airwolf Supercopter

    Hah you reminded me of the tv show. There was even a game for nes. Both of them was a little crapy but your model is just amazing. Great smooth shape.