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Found 30 results

  1. paupadros

    My Modular Buildings - Pau Padrós

    I've, for some time, been making modular buildings. But I feel they haven't ever been posted as a whole, so I thought, why not do it. I'll try to give to background information and all. This might be updated if I create more! Hope you enjoy! My Flickr, just in case!!: 1. Magic Shop Magic Shop was my very first trial at a modular building, believe it or not. If you take a closer look, the first floor could be the base for any other building above, that's because I had no idea what to build on top of that first floor. About a month later, (while in Ikea for some reason) I remembered a trip to the Black Forest, Germany and all its houses, and that's the result. This Magic Shop is absolutely perfect and that's what I love about it. In my first attempt, I nailed shape, proportions and colour. And that triangular roof is incredibly iconic. Such a wonderful modular! Building Period: Nov 2015 - Jan 2016 Pieces: 2598 on a 32x32 baseplate 2. Italian Villa Oh, god this one's exciting! The Italian Villa (or better said: The Tuscan Villa - that doesn't sound as catchy, does it?) is an ode to the highly underused Flame Yellow colour. The design for this beast mostly comes from a scale model of a Vineyard Villa I own - shape and colourwise, but the detailing and the whole rooftop is absolutely original and wonderful. As a fact, I had this design stopped for some weeks as I didn't know how to make the windows on the middle floor right. While visiting a univeristy campus, I found the solution! This has to be one of my two favourite modular buildings of mine, as a funny note, on a Chinese Lego enthusiasts fan page they marked it as Spanish Villa. As I am techinically from Spain I found this rather funny. And Unikitty's tail in white at the roof! Building Period: Jan 2016 - Feb 2016 Pieces: 2148 on a 32x32 baseplate 3. The Iron Horse My dear Iron Horse... I totally adore this modular. After two highly-successful modulars, this had to at least match the others' quality. Not only I think I managed it, but I also created (again) a very unique modular. By the time I designed this thing, I had all the tools and techniques mastered (no weird bricks showing and all) and I could make this trully the result of my imagination. Although its name and basic structure comes from a restaurant in PortAventura theme park, I translated it to Lego and made the façade even more striking than it was in real life. I also took Brick Bank's colour scheme and exploited it at the max. Not many people know this, at the porch's roofline there are rollerskates used in sand green. A detail I've kept for myself for a long time. Building Period: Mar 2016 - May 2016 Pieces: 1886 on a 32x32 baseplate 4. Old Ben's Gallery Old Ben's Gallery, the Lego version of Barcelona's Casa Amatller and Casa Batlló is my most bizarre approach to a modular. I tried to exploid Pet Shop's concept as much as I could, and this was the result. Although a great looking modular without a doubt, it still is my least favourite of them all, there's so much competition though! This was my first trial at making custom printed pieces for completing totally the façade. This was also my first attempt at making smaller windows with porticos, if you look closer at my previous modulars, they all have insanely huge windows. It's good for a change! Building Period: Aug 2016 - Nov 2016 Pieces: 3148 on two 16x16 baseplates 5. Sweets & Co. Oh my!! This absolutely beautiful 45-degree corner modular is the favourite of mine. So many nice shapes, nice colours, nice piece usages. You can tell I adore this thing, don't you? The idea of a 45-degree building came from seeing the corner buildings in Barcelona, where two houses share the corner. The one on the left is inspired by Casa Batlló's patio (see that gradient going up in Aqua against Royal Blue background, so cool right!?) The building on the right went under four rebuilds. Initially is was supposed to be Venice's Palazzo Ducale. When I noticed it didn't fit, I built a white thingy which looked terrible. Next some sort of castle-like thingy, also terrible (thanks brother for pointing out is was terrible!). And finally I created this pattern, so good! Btw, yes, on the pattern the darker blue is the sorta discontinued Dark Turquoise, why not!? On this modular, I snuck some nice part usages, for instance, Indy's whip as dragon tail on the right door's wrought iron fence. Also the dragon head is a discontinued piece from 2003 which only found its way in some Orient Expedition and Knights' Knigdom II sets! Btw, that fence is in copper, also a discontinued colour. I also got to experiment a lot with rooflines on this bad boy. The one on the right is directly inspired by Venice's Palazzo Ducale, a reference to what the building was supposed to be! I would love to build this thing one day, but you know it's hardly impossible with all the discontinued colours and non-exisiting parts in certain colours. Building Period: Jan 2017 - Mar 2017 Pieces: 2994 on a 32x32 baseplate 6. Piazza San Marco Once I finished Sweets & Co., I went on a trip to Italy and one of the stops was Venice. The fact that I couldn't turn the Palazzo Ducale into a modular was still rattling my mind, so I set to build the most faithful recreation of the Campanile and the Palazzo in the modular form. Said and done. This is a huge over-the-top crazy piece of architecture. In fact the tower of the Campanile is 76'8 cm or 30' 2" tall! About the same as the Disney Castle for comparision. Although not my favourite modular it definetely is one of the dearest to my heart. All the details throughout the porch (something I'd wanted to revisit since I finished The Iron Horse, but with arches) are absolutely wonderful, in fact each capital is different from the other. As a reference to the original Italian Villa, the section inside the porch is Cool Yellow. Although hard to see in this picture, the whole façade is covered in a printed pattern (best seen in the section in-between the tower and the palace). Btw, two Sand Green gold ingots are there representing marble, so cool! The rooftop details are incredibly fun to build, surprisingly, and these were the best to build! Building Period: Apr 2017 - May 2017 Pieces: 3700 on a 16x32 and a 32x32 baseplate (same as Assembly Square) 7. A Summer in Tuscany Summer holidays are long, the desire to build a model are high. But what? Something daring, interesting, but with a warm feel to it (the heat was striking hard then!). Heck, I like italian architecture (easy to say... erm... out of eight models, three are entirely dedicated to the country ). So off I went trying to build something in the lines of Assembly Square (that year's modular), but closer to my heart, and let's be honest, less of a mix-match. The model came together pretty quickly, but then DISASTER! While rendering, my computer stopped, and dumb me had not made a copy of the file! Summer was long gone then, but the high spirit made me plough on to finally have it all wrapped up by Februrary of 2018. Having to do the modular all over again obviously means I had extra time to snuck details even the most eagle-observers fans won't find. Has any of you seen a little statuette representing one of those little virigins on the streets? I bet not! (Checks if it's actually there in any of the pictures). Yes. Building Period: Aug 2017 - Feb 2018 Pieces: 4434 on a 16x32 and a 32x32 baseplate (same as Assembly Square) 8. Klee Corner Klee Corner! Pop! A collage of hundreds of different buildings glued together by the man behind the keys (yup, me). If The Iron Horse was a result of my imagination over two years ago, this is me jumbling up together Berlin, Hundertwasser, Bilbao, Gaudí and the "modernist" architects with him and U2. Can you turn music into architecture? Ermmm... Sure! No official 32x32 modular has ever had three buildings. Did that stop me? No. No official modular has ever had a curved façade. Did that stop me? Of course not! As a fun fact, I messed up the colouring of one brick of the model and realised the issue after rendering. I edited and covered it up in Photoshop. Can you even spot it? Very difficult, btw! Building Period: Feb 2018 - May 2018 Pieces: 4481 on a 32x32 baseplate Why Am I Writing This? I've always wanted to have my modulars be seen as a unit, as something that one builds upon the other. Just another way of unifying. I finished another modular recently, but I've only been able to render a picture of it and my computer will just stop if I render another picture. That means that I probably won't be able to do many more modulars and make them look super cool. I will post the new modular when I can, don't worry about it though!! <- This is outdated now! Hope to hear from you guys! Leave your comments, please note this is the work of over 1,5 years, so take this into consideration! Thanks!! Pau
  2. Farseer Petriel

    [MOC] Hogwarts Castle

    Hi Eurobricks! Here is the Hogwarts Castle I made for Russian Fan Forum of Lego Moscow Festival "Builders’ Battle 2018" which was held on April 1st 2018 (this is not a joke). In 2001, when I was a little kid, I dreamt of 4709 Hogwarts Castle but could not get it because I preferred other sets such as 7163 Republic Gunship. As such, seventeen years later I made a Hogwarts MOC looking like an ultimate exclusive set from an alternate reality and combining best elements from 2001-2007 and 2010 Harry Potter sets. To overcome my bricks' limits, I took the layout of the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. Therefore, my MOC consists of Great Hall, Grand Tower and Astronomy Tower combined with the Viaduct entrance hall: The Dementors and Hedwig fly over the castle's towers: The interior of the castle: The feast in Great Hall is full of different and tasty food: You can see floating candles, banners of the Houses and a house point-calculating machine. The entrance hall antechamber can be separated from the Great Hall: Hogwarts heraldry at the entrance: A suit of armor protects the castle, ready to be animated by the wizards: The Grand Tower is the tallest structure of Hogwarts: It includes the library, the Gryffindor common room and the Gryffindor dormitory: Harry is sneaking in the library with the help of Lumos and Marauder's Map while Ginny is drinking tea in the common room: Neville and his Remembrall: The lower floors: The dungeons and the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom which is currently used by McGonagall and Hermione for extra Transfiguration lessons: The dungeons contain the Slytherin common room and the Potions classroom: The second entrance hall, Dumbledore's office and the Divination classroom: The Astronomy Tower and the Owlery: - After all this time? - Always. During the Festival, Hogwarts was displayed on the City diorama alongside modular buildings, UFO and Ghostbusters' HQ: More photos can be seen in my Flickr album.
  3. I've got something interesting to share. This is a magic museum that has a 16 x 16 stud footprint. It was deliberately made smaller than a full modular-sized building but was designed to visually fit with other official modular buildings as well as the smaller creator series buildings such as the Corner Deli and Bike Shop & Cafe. It works as a corner building or a “set-in’ building, in-between two other modular buildings. The goal of this set is to blend two creative arts together for an enriching, entertaining and educational experience. Fans of LEGO brick-building will be introduced to the art of magic as they embark on a journey into the colourful world of conjuring & prestidigitation in the “History of Magic Museum”. The “History of Magic Museum” is a historically accurate magic-themed three-storey building that highlights some of the greatest illusions and magicians in the history of magic. It is highly detailed with numerous LEGO replicas of authentic magic & illusion props used by illusionists from the past to present day. There are more than half a dozen play features and removable brick-built illusion displays. This is a Lego Ideas Project, so if you like it, please vote for it: You can watch the video preview here: History of Magic Museum Video
  4. Agent Kallus

    [MDC]-The Wizards Tower

    This was the idea that turned into my witches tower ideas project (which won't make the 100 mark but I can learn from my failure so its still good) I thought I would polish it and share it. I decided to make the witches tower and submit that to lego ideas instead( here ) as this one is a bit on the big side and I wanted to focus more on the landscaping. As with the witch's tower is is open on the back to show the interior which is out fitted with a lounge/dining room, sleeping chamber, lab and cell ,there is also a swamp out front. Thanks for looking. Can a mod change Wizards to Wizard's? please?
  5. Exetrius Saga Previous chapters: Episode 17: Grave Discovery Somewhere in the south of the Desert lands, sometime in between the Kaliphlinian Civil war and the recent Civil war of Nocturnus... Some fifty meters from the mana pool, there was a stack of three stone blocks. Upon closer investigation, there was nothing special to them. It did not seem to be part of a ruin, either. Stenran suggested it could be a benchmark, which made perfect sense, given how their guide warned them for the thick fog that may appear every once in a while. The four travelers headed in the direction of the stones. More benchmarks followed. They found a water well, the remains of a cultivated field and a collection of ruined houses, burnt pieces of wood and pottery shards that lay scattered around the place. Plunderings. They discovered something remarkable on the cemetery: aside from the variety of gravestones, twenty-two stacks of stones, consisting of three each, seemed to have been added last. Next to that last stack, the sand grinded a bit, as if there was a hard surface underneath. Sirius "There is something here, I can feel it." He unearthed a heavy tombstone. "I'm going to shatter it with an arcane shock, gentlemen, take cover!" The stone crumbled and revealed a stairway underneath. Sirius told the others to stay outside until the coast was clear. He descended. There was a short hallway that lead up to a single room. He cast a light spell and entered cautiously. He looked around. For a tomb of these proportions, the possessions to be taken to the hereafter looked rather modest. However, above the grave in the back, he saw something that gave him goosebumps. This tomb didn't belong to an ordinary person! Sirius "Could this be...?" While he came closer to the artifact he stepped on a tile and felt a slight shock. "Dang it!" Water gushed out of a barrel and engulfed his head. Scooping away the water with his hands didn't work. The tried to scream, but his words didn't leave the bubble. He wanted to go to the exit, but he could hardly see where he was. He was about to drown, in the desert, by flying water... this wizard had a sense of humour, darn him! Kestero (Samurai guard) "... Sirius, are you there? Sirius Centario!" In a flash, the samurai froze the jet of water and the water bubble with his enchanted katana. Sirius "Buhugh hugh! ... I am grateful for that, Kestero, I owe you." Kestero "It is my duty, Sir. Let it be a lesson." After that, Sirius disabled the trap spell and reached for what he had been after.. .. the lost water runes of Kaliphlin! Sirius "Father, I have not failed you! I will bring you water magic, for the glory of Zotharith! Let us head home!" To be continued.... in the next episode: Setting sail Hi guys! Third time's a charm: Sirius Centario, the mystery man, has been fully revealed! I hope you enjoyed the read and the scenes! C&C appreciated!
  6. Exetrius Saga Chapter 1-15: Episode 16: I found something! Somewhere in the southwest of the Desert lands, sometime in between the Kaliphlinian Civil war and the recent Civil war of Nocturnus... The village where they had arrived a few days ago was, fortunately, home to a navigator who was willing to guide the Zotharian travelers. In a day's time, he led them towards a region of the desert that was said to harbor ruins of mining activities. Being frank with his clients however, he admitted that he had never seen the ruins on a reliable map or in a trustworthy travel journal. Nevertheless, the navigator was of great help and the desert they found themselves in looked like it had the potential to hide something they were searching for. At the break of day, their guide returned to his village. Not long after they had resumed their exploration, Stenran spotted the remnants of a road, but it didn't seem to go beyond the foothill in front of him. He went ahead of the others to check. As he walked up the slope, a tiny structure emerged from behind the edge. On top, Stenran gazed into the shallow pit... Stenran "Master Sirius! I found something!" Sirius "It better not be another one of those so-called 'rare' cactus species of yours, because I've seen enough of those..." Stenran "What, Sir?" Sirius "Nevermind. I'm coming! What have you found, let me see?" Sirius "Ah, look at that! Not as big of a discovery as I had hoped, but this is quite impressive, Stenran. Judging by the surroundings, this mana pool must have been here for a long time." Stenran "Any chance that we could break out the crystal?" Sirius "Of course not, haven't you noticed how well-maintained this one is? There must be some mage around who is depending on it. Take a step back, I'm going to test if it is functional." To be continued.... in the next episode: Grave Discovery Hello guildies! Sorry that it took so long, I hope you like it! The build for the next episode is already done and photographed, so it won't take another few months. Comments & criticism appreciated!
  7. I wanted to create some different areas based on the four elements represented by the four main elves, I've mixed parts from all kinds of different sets to create these places. This one is the earth themed home for Farran the Earth Elf. I wanted it to be part cottage, part treehouse. It's mostly parts from The Elves Treetop Hideaway and the Ewok Village sets. I attached my waterfall cave alongside the treehouse I also made a fire themed volcano cave with a tall treehouse/tower neighbouring it. It's mostly made from a Lego Friends set that has a cabin and a waterfall. I kept the cabin and built the tower above it and changed the waterfall into a volcano. I've created a workshop for the Air Elf Aira in one section of the tower with a bedroom above it, an observing platform with a telescope above that and a turret room on the top. The webisodes show that Azari the fire elf is homeless and just crashes with the other elves, but I've given her a warm place to sleep inside the volcano. I kept the camp beds in the cabin for the humans to sleep in when they visit Elvendale. And here's some random pictures..
  8. Allemov

    [MOC] Dark Portal

    "It's time to conquer the world! It's time to open the gate to hell!" - Dark Wizard Iquez Dark Portal - LEGO Fantasy Creation by Allemov, on Flickr Dark Portal - LEGO Fantasy Creation by Allemov, on Flickr Dark Portal - LEGO Fantasy Creation by Allemov, on Flickr Dark Portal - LEGO Fantasy Creation by Allemov, on Flickr Dark Portal - LEGO Fantasy Creation by Allemov, on Flickr
  9. Agent Kallus

    Witch's Tower!

    Today I present to you the Witch's Tower It is home to a witch as one would guess.It is a model of 917 bricks ( but most of those are quite small ones) ans has a footprint of around 16 studs by 24 but the majority of that is the landscaped surrounds with the tower it self having a footprint of around 12 studs by 10 studs and the whole model reaches a height of 22 and a third bricks tall (a height of near 25 studs tall) This model is on Lego ideas (ha you probably saw that coming from a mile off) and could become a unique new castle set with your support. Whilst it is gear more to display over play it does still offer both and features a selection of removable furnishings to allow the tower to be used as you see fit. I feel that the project fills a need of medium sized castle sets (and goats) that the Lego company are currently lacking.Whilst my focus was on the exterior I was adamant to give the set a decent interior which is absent in most Lego sets in the medium range. This is my first Lego ideas project thanks for viewing. :) please share and support the project if you'd like to see it as an official Lego set. More images are available on flickr and the lego ideas page. Have a great day~AgentKallus of Hydra Sorry for most of the text turning into flickr links that was not my intent any way here is the link to the project.
  10. Sorcerer of the Smothering Sands There are stories of dark and ancient powers, lying buried throughout the Desertlands. Those who believe in tales like these are often mocked. Few have the hope and courage to look for these relics, and even fewer have ever caught a glimpse what they really are. Of course, there have been people claiming to have witnessed bizarre events. Events unlike any type of natural disaster or magic known to Kaliphlin. Unbelievable events... Yet, those who seek, may eventually find. And when they do, the heavens tremble and the earth surges! They awaken.. the Smothering Sands... More pics: Hi everyone! Here's a small little freebuild, continuing in the Kali setting. Built for the Summer Joust 2017 contest, 8x8 vig category. I revised the base several times, but I'm satisfied with the result. Anyway, C&C is much appreciated!
  11. Been having fun with my Nexo Knights, some knock-off Dinosaurs and Legend Beasts, some real Lego Legend Beasts and a random Mixel. I thought it'd be fun for each knight to have an animal steed instead of vehicles. What kind of things would you like to see in Nexo Knights? Anybody else found any cool knock offs online that you wish were part of the franchise?
  12. I decided The Nexo Knights Volcano Lair playset needed a little something extra... I added a Skull tower with a throne and a platform for adding ingredients into a cauldron for mixing up magical mischief... Work in progress image... Best picture I could get of the throne
  13. inquisitor88

    MOC The Magic Bus

    Hello! I recently saw the movie "Into the Wild", and was greatly impressed. Coincidentally, at about the same time, the competition was announced, and therefore it was decided to make work for this film. My MOC takes 3rd place. Christopher Johnson McCandless (February 12, 1968 – August 1992) was an American hiker who adopted the alias Alexander Supertramp and ventured into the Alaskan wilderness in April 1992 with little food and equipment, hoping to live simply for a time in solitude. Almost four months later, McCandless's starved remains were found, weighing only 67 pounds (30 kg). His death occurred in a converted bus used as a backcountry shelter, near Lake Wentitika in Denali National Park and Preserve. In January 1993, Jon Krakauer published McCandless's story in that month's issue of Outside magazine. Inspired by the details of McCandless's story, Krakauer wrote and published Into the Wild in 1996 about McCandless's travels. The book was adapted into a film by Sean Penn in 2007 with Emile Hirsch portraying McCandless. That same year, McCandless's story also became the subject of Ron Lamothe's documentary The Call of the Wild. A full-length article on McCandless also appeared in the February 8, 1993 issue of the The New Yorker magazine. The Magic Bus by inquisitor88, on Flickr Inside by inquisitor88, on Flickr 02 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 04 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 03 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 05 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 06 by inquisitor88, on Flickr Full set is here: Hope You like it, enjoy!
  14. I Combined parts from Naida's Spa and the Water section of Skyra's Castle, so I guess it's not really a MOC, making a waterfall themed cave/home for Naida the water Elf and friends
  15. Beneath the Zotharian city hall lays a secret, safeguarded chamber with thick, reinforced walls. The chamber is said to contain Zotharith's most prestigious projects. Ten days or so ago, Onicius locked himself in this place, only to be disturbed by those delivering either food or materials, twice a day. He has been tinkering on an immensely complicated magical device. The process from idea, to working out the design, and building took months, but now, it is nearing completion... Onicius calls it the Arcane Regulation Core (ARC), which will eventually enable him to control arcane magic flows on a whole different level. The wheels of fate are slowly starting to turn! Hello guys! I had this build in mind for the Exetrius Saga for half a year or so, but I thought it would be a fitting entry to the Challenge as well, so built it earlier then I originally planned to. Turned out fine in my opinion, even though I had to rush the base. Hope you enjoyed, C&C always appreciated!
  16. Hey again! It's me, Pau, and I know I've posted Magic Shop on Eurobricks before, but the pictures are all wrong, there's missing information and I just thought I'd post it properly again. Here goes nothing! Magic Shop (btw, the most awesome name a modular has ever had ) Please support Magic Shop on Lego Ideas: From the bottom of my heart, I wouldn't do this if I didn't feel it stopping, that's why I need your help. Rather than saying everything I've said before again, I'd much rather reflect my thoughts looking a year back. (DeLorean goes here).... I still remember the day I was building this, looks alright, definetely interiors aren't my strongest point. The detail I added on the back wall works nicely. That stained glass window is still mindblowing. Nice details throughout, nothing spectacular though. I really love the desk lamp, made from that weird piece introduced as weightlifting weights. Did you know that it wasn't until this floor was begun that I decided upon a German timbered house, the idea before that was a "glass and mirrors" sort of thingy. Great floor on the exterior, rather strange on the interior. Btw, while building this on LDD, I accidentally destroyed half of the back wall and had to be reconstructed ! The minifigs, six. Enough to populate the modular's street. Rather cool paining though. EXTRA CONTENT!! Just like there was a Mini-Modulars set, I did one for this! The "original design" included an extra floor that was just removed from the set. A very good idea in my opinion.
  17. "The wand chooses the wizard, Mr. Potter " - Mr. Olivander, wand maker Hi Eurobricks! Another stop motion based on the first Harry Potter book/movie : Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This time, we go back to the very beginings. Harry pays a visit to wandmaker Ollivander, in full lego style! --CAST-- Geertos13 as Harry Potter Gary Fairhall as Garrick Ollivander Jonathan Kydd as Rubeus Hagrid ---------------------------------------------- The Small Minifigure Legs are available at C&Cs appreciated
  18. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath 3: Equipment upgrade 4: Subjection of a legend 5: Family Dinner 6: Attack of the Hunters 7: Taking the Runestone 8: Supplies Arrive! 9: Festival of the Ranks (part 1) 10: Festival of the Ranks (part 2) Episode 11: Festival of the Ranks (part 3) It is the seventh day of the festival. About three hundred battles have taken place in the arena over the course of the last six days, with day six for resting, recovering and - for those who were still able to - celebrating. The city council had made sure that this year's party was extra grand, compromising a triathlon across the city, a two-course buffet for all of Zotharith and finally, a magical arts and fireworks contest. In addition, many pubs were offering free booze to the participants, which might have been the reason for the half-empty arena the following morning... Whatever the case, Exetrius wasn't bothered by the lack of crowd at all. The loud folk was absent. A healthy dose of quietness and suspense filled the atmosphere; perfect conditions for concentrating on what would probably be his last chance at a good battle. In his arrogance, he had lost his first fight in the blink of an eye. Even though the team fight had turned out better than expected, especially considering it was only his second fight for the regular combat ranking, it would not effect his rank as a mage. There would simply be no room for another blunder; the only way of compensating the first match and maintaining his upper middle class status was through the upcoming fight. He'd better go for it! One thing was, probably, in his favour: it was already day seven. The newbies, lower-ranked classes and those in the intermediate regions had all had their battles. Now, a whole different league was about to take the stage. Exetrius was, apparently, deemed worthy enough to enter this tiny pool dominated by big and dangerous fish, like taskforce commanders, dragon slayers and sub-elite sorcerers. If he could win against one of them... Exetrius and his opponent entered the battlefield. Like his first rival, this.. mysterious character did not have a visible weapon, which implied that he/she/it either had spells bound to the body, or integrated in the clothing and armour. Consequently, his opponent would always have an advantage in mobility, due to having both hands free. On the other hand, spells bound to cloth and skin are vulnerable, because they could be rendered useless by a small rupture or wound. He decided that he would start with a few energy blasts as a speed test. "My son, you might as well give up right at this moment, if this is the only technique you are going to use against him." Onicius thought. Exetrius was struggling hard to keep his rival at a distance. Whatever his opponent was; beast, human, or something in between, it was incredibly fast. He had never seen anyone with this level of skill in mobility and strength enhancing magic. It was using the sides of the arena to gain extra speed forward, at an increasing pace. Exetrius started to loose track, so he created an pillar under his feet to get an overview. Within seconds, his rival was blasting right towards him. This was the chance he had been waiting for: a full-frontal charge in midair, nowhere to go. He wouldn't be able to dodge this! A giant rock boulder shot straight out of the ground, towards his rival. But, he soon came to realize that something was not right... His confidence was turned into outright fear, as his opponent's right leg started emitting a powerful green glow, and it was aiming right for the boulder! The devastating impact of the kick blew the giant rock to smithereens, together with all Exetrius' hopes of standing a chance against this monster... ..who, by the way, appeared to be surprisingly friendly. This would be as far as it would go, this year. He would stronger next time around! For now, all he could do was waiting for his results, praying that he would not drop down into the lower ranks again... To be continued.... in the next episode: The ranks are out! So, I guess that concludes the Festival of the Ranks. I was planning to have a few more exciting battles with interesting characters, but school has started and a lot of other contests suddenly showed up, so those will be saved for another time then. I hope you enjoyed anyway. This build is also a CBC 2016 entry in the category "The Final Duel". Once again, if you feel like creating a little magic action scene related to this festival, go right ahead! C&C is always appreciated!
  19. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath 3: Equipment upgrade 4: Subjection of a legend 5: Family Dinner 6: Attack of the Hunters 7: Taking the Runestone 8: Supplies Arrive! 9: Festival of the Ranks (part 1) Episode 10: Festival of the Ranks (part 2) Day three of the festival, early afternoon. Exetrius was called out to the battlefield for his first magic battle. His heart skipped a beat and let out a sigh of relief. However, his little moment of joy was soon overruled by nervousness. As he walked through the stands, to the entrance of the battle arena, he felt hundreds of gazes upon him. To him, the overwhelming cheering meant one thing: they were expecting a good fight; they wanted to see him win! But, could he really live up to this? Would he be able to display the same progress as he did in his training, in front of all these people? On the bottom of the ladder, climbing five places in the ranks (his current objective) is a walk in the park. But, in the middle to upper class, the competition is very tough. Exetrius looked up from the projection of his anxious thoughts. Time to man up and focus! And then, his challenger appeared before him... He was struggling hard not to laugh. This was definitely the most plain looking chap he had ever seen! It seemed as if there was simply not a single thing going in that head of his. The announcer told he was rankless, even. Seriously, what kind of joke was this!? How did he even get in the middleclass for his first battle? There must have been some sort of mistake! Furthermore, the referee requested Exetrius to remove his armour and head gear. Fair enough, this won't last long either way, he thought... Exetrius was right indeed. The match was over before he even knew what hit him! He got beaten with a single punch... such incredible power... He swore that he wouldn't judge a book by its cover ever again. Curse him! He got on his feet and faltered back to the stands, hoping that his next fight wouldn't come too soon. A few battles later, it was Enzan's turn again. His rival was, judging from the insignia on his robes, a Kaliphlinian fire mage. This would be a very important test. They chivalrously shook hands and wished each other the best of luck. The fire mage uttered a spell, after which Enzan found himself running around the arena, chased by a flaming whip. Strangely enough, the flame only seemed to come after his right hand. Suddenly, he came to the realization that his act of chivalry was where he got tricked. During the handshake, his opponent must have transferred a magical mark onto his hand so he became target of the spell. Sly move... Luckily, the marker could be dispelled quite easily. Now, his rival had to switch to manual coordination of the attacks. This bought Enzan a little bit of time, which he used to activate the fire absorption spell on his staff. He turned around, took aim... ... and fired the energy of the flames right back at their caster in a powerful blast. Another victory for Enzan. Plenty of interesting duels took place afterwards. The last battle of the day was a much anticipated one: a clash between the Order of Zotharith's taskforce of warriors and ninja assassins, and the city's largest independent alliance of bounty hunters. The stakes of honour were high, for both both parties. The arena was trembling to its foundation under the crowd's massive excitement, generating a noise that was hardly bearable. It turned out that the organization had chosen representatives from the different hierarchical levels of each side. And so, Exetrius ended up alongside his sister and Commander Kira Derisquar, as the weakest member of the team. The enemy team consisted of the leader of the alliance, wielding two katanas and sporting a straw hat, as seen on the insignia of all members. Despite being their leader, he was at the greatest disadvantage of the team, because his strenght relied mostly on his skills with his enchanted katanas, which had been replaced by unenchanted ones for this regular combat battle. The other two seemed to be average fighters. If nothing else, the girl attracted lots of attention, mostly that of the audience. Commander Derisquar quickly came up with a strategy: she would fight the leader, Exetrius would take on the girl and Yukino would switch between defending her brother from the boy and attacking the girl. The strategy worked out more or less as planned. In a fierce battle, they gained the upper hand. And when Yukino managed to take the boy down, the fate of the battle was almost sealed. Exetrius responded by directing his attention towards the leader, who was still being attacked by the commander, leaving the girl to his sister. Together, Exetrius and the Derisquar cornered the enemy leader, directly under the noses of Onicius Centario and Zeruko Urima. Check. Mate. To be continued.... in part 3 Hello there, here is the second part of the Festival of the ranks, and there is still more to come! I'm well aware that there is still no overview of the entire build, so therefore I suggest to wait patiently and check out the next episode. Since many of you thought the last episode ended rather soon, I have made this one longer, I hope you enjoy it! C&C always appreciated! (Oh, btw: someone on Flickr pointed out that the fist is from a right hand, instead of a left one. My fault...)
  20. Exetrius Saga 1: Fallen leaf 2: Message in Kyrrath 3: Equipment upgrade 4: Subjection of a legend 5: Family Dinner 6: Attack of the Hunters 7: Taking the Runestone 8: Supplies Arrive! Episode 9: Festival of the Ranks (part 1) The announcement was made. The word spread quicker than wildfire: within an hour, all of Zotharith was bursting with life again! Warriors, mages, kids, trainers; everyone was trembling with excitement for the start of the festival. Large crowds were heading towards the public arena to sign up for the event and to meet other participants to form teams. There was only one day to sign up this time around, but luckily, Exetrius and Yukino (his sister) found their names on the list of participants the next day. A guide to the festival It's the first day of the festival. The cheering crowd in the arena went silent as soon as Zeruko Urima, first ranked user of magic in the Order of Zotharith, entered the arena. He silently walked along the edges of the rectangular battlefield, taking in the public carefully. After he had made his round, he stood still and started his introduction speech. Zeruko "Welcome to the seventh annual Festival of the Ranks [...] The arena provides all the arcane energy you need, as well as the materials for alchemists. [...] Most important rules: Killing of your opponent, inflicting permanent damage on your opponent and the use of soul magic on your opponent are strictly forbidden. This festival serves as a way of pushing your own limits, not those of others. We, as Zotharians, will use this internal conflict in order to emerge as greater force in the end! Therefore, I ask you: defeat your comrades, so we will all become stronger!" The crowd roared and applauded after these words. And then, the first duels started. Generally, the fights between lower-ranked fighters are the first to take place. After twenty-something battles, it was Yukino's turn. She was up against one of the sabre-tooth tigre assassins that her brother encountered in the forest, while training. She completely outmatched him, easily blocking the sword attack with her massive club and knocking him down with a decisive three-hit combination. Somewhat later, yet-to-be-ranked Enzan Armafur had his first duel. Soon, it became clear that his opponent was quite new to magic. The way he smiled at his (supposedly new) staff, and the overexcited expression already made Enzan suspect something like that. He wielded a simple energy magic staff. His technique was seated upon the "aim - fire - did I hit anything?" principle. Enzan wasn't very impressed. He dodged a few beams.. .. and effortlessly deflected the next. He charged forward, but then the referee declared that the match was over. Easy win. To be continued.... in part 2 Hi guys, there it is, finally! The Festival of the Ranks has kicked off! I would like to invite you to create a little battle scene (duel/team fight, magic/regular, it's up to you) for this festival, if you feel like it. Of course you can tell me below or PM me about it! Anyway, more to come. Btw, the wall of text under the spoiler tag is kind of essential, I put it there to not scare you away directly. Also, I renamed Exetrius sister to Yukino (previously 'Rozi'), sorry about that, I will try to avoid such thing in the future.
  21. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Dragon magic

    If you like magic you'll like seeing a a Ninjago Dragon comes to life in glorious LEGO bricks!
  22. Ah, Sira. Kind of interesting isn't she? An earth Elf who just decided to do her own thing and take to the skies. She seems like a no-nonsense kind of gal who dances to her own drum. But, somehow she earns her keep down on earth running an inn. Did some kind of tragedy befell her that robbed her of her Sky Ship dreams? I sense a story here! I imagined what her ship would look like. It would have earth and sky colors, and a little bit of living space. You can click the images for a larger version! The ship has a mechanism that moves the wings back and forth. The sails come from the LOTR pirate ship- unfortunately only printed on one side. As for the style- "Steampunk" is the go-to style for this type of subject- but I wanted something a bit more magical. In the end I was inspired by the "Vardo" wagons Gypsies used. Baroque and a bit over the top, but very warm and homely as well.
  23. bobbrick999

    The Illusionist

    Hi I would like to share my moc any thoughts or opinions will be appreciated.
  24. Exetrius

    Encyclopedia of Magics

    Dear Knowledge Seeker, Magic has been around in Historica for many centuries. Countless mages and sages have dedicated their life to fathoming it's nature and applying newly gained knowledge to create new forms of magic. After hundreds of years of research and innovation, spells and magic forms are in such a great variety that magic encyclopedia's started appearing. Among those is the magic encyclopedia that Nerocarsus gave to Onicius back in the day. He rewrote it and has been adding new spells, enchanted items and other novelties in the world of magics ever since. Here follows a glimpse of its content. Encyclopedia of Magics Fields of Magic Introduction Definition Wizardry, Scorcery, Witchcraft and Magic are all terms to indicate the occurence of events that are initiated through the placement and activation of a spell. It is the flow of matter and/or energy which is specified (to a greater or lesser extent) in a spell. Fundamental Magic types & Interactions Magic has three basic or fundamental components. The basic types consist of Alchemy, Energy flow Magic and Cryptomagic. Each has its specific purpose in executing the spell and can be viewed as a field of magic, overlapping with the other fields. Within the overlap, magic is 'complete'. Provided that the right circumstances are present, magic will occur. If the activation of a spell is limited by one or more factors, it is called inactive or dormant magic. Three common situations in which the activation of a spell is prevented: - The amount of available energy is insufficient to power the spell. - The spell is set up incorrectly or contains an error. - A key event which is required for activation hasn't taken place. Though all magic is a product of multiple fundamental types, it is common to categorize magic by picking the most prominent one. Complicated spells that require a complex, elaborate use of all three fields are mostly named by their apparent features. A handful of other, non-fundamental types (e.g. Soul Magic) generally follows the same naming. Magic and it's caster Apart from the limiting factors above, magic will depend on the caster's capabilities. Commonly, magic energy flows through the body of the caster while casting a spell. Every being and material has a certain resistance to these currents of magic energy. Compared to average humans, mages have a high resistance and can therefore withstand stronger magic energy currents. A flow that exceeds the maximum resistance limit can cause intense pain, speedup aging and even death; magic equipment will break or explode. Alchemy Alchemy Any movement of or change in matter, which happens due to the casting of a spell, is called Alchemy. The most important rule here is that matter can neither be created, nor destroyed. There are a few themes within Alchemy: arrangement, transmutation and composition alteration of matter. Most elemental magics (e.g. Earth, Water and Air) are a form of Alchemy. Energy flow Magic Energy flow Magic Any flow of magic energy as a result of the working of a spell is called Energy flow Magic. All spells require magic energy, mainly for the alchemical part, but also for the reading of the spell. Magic energy, also called arcane energy or mana, can be obtained by drawing and converting the energy from light, heat or moving objects. This energy is often stored in runes or special crystals. These can quickly release the contained energy and are therefore essential for high-energetic forms of magic (e.g. Fire-, Lightning- and Golem Magic). Aside from boosting a spell’s speed and strength, Energy flow Magic is used for aesthetic purposes. Wizards are known for adding trails of light and other effects to their magic. Cryptomagic Cryptomagic This is where magic starts: the magic language. It’s unclear whether it was invented or discovered, but either of them happened in ancient times. A spell is written in the magic language, the symbols form the instructions for the spell. There are symbols to specify direction, position, material, force, sound, duration, etcetera. A spell is activated by a key event, for example the murmuring of a verse or a combination of hand signals. Enchanted items are engraved with spells, which can be reactivated many times. In the same way, some humans are tattooed with a spell so they can shorthand cast it, even without equipment. Scrolls commonly disintegrate during use. Soul Magic Soul Magic Also codenamed the ‘Fourth Magic Type’, Soul Magic is regarded as a forbidden form of magic. It is the displacement and alteration of souls. Practitioners of this magic can see or sense souls. Every soul is born in a body and bound to that body. There are methods to separate a spirit from its original body. The bond is most vulnerable when having extremely depressing emotions, when giving up on life, when being scared to death, or when dying (latterly). In the last case, the soul is released from the body and fades away if it does not find a suitable new body in time. However, there exists no perfect secondary body, which means that the soul will be disembodied eventually. The most suitable bodies are those that resemble the original one, like golems. A soul can be contained for a relatively long period in a soul device. Hi everyone, I am glad I finally came around posting this and I hope you enjoyed it! The first idea for this came many months ago, so well... it took some time. It's even a fresh new year! Anyway, C&C appreciated. Also, feel free to share links to your GoH builds that are magic centred, to expand the Encyclopedia!
  25. Legonardo

    The Magician

    A mystical magician approaching the solitary spire he calls home, to study the stars, read his books, and do magic stuff! Greatly inspired by the fabulous artworks of Péah. Normally I try build original completely compositions, but when I saw his work I just had to build it, it's so beautiful, and I'd love to build more of it! This is my main exhibit for the upcoming Auckland Brick show this weekend and Brickcon-NZ the following weekend, been tinkering with it for several months now, it was worth doing well I think :) unfortunately some bricks cough*lugbulk*cough haven't yet arrived which I would have loved to use, but you can't have everything can you? was a very fun build with some cool techniques and (what I think) is an awesome colourscheme, the ground is flesh and those accents are light and warm yellowish orange, I think? I finally found a use for all that medium azure i accidentally bought last year! :D Enjoy everyone! David