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Found 11 results

  1. Getting there, any thoughts, good or bad. (not crazy about how low the actuator is). Still needing to run the axle up front for that, possible on both sides. Bit more progress, finally time to smooth out the details). Still rough, waiting for parts. New here, and hoping I understood correctly to post new projects here. (Images on Bricksafe). About 3/4 done a 66 by 25 stud tandem flat deck for the "newish" Defender (also modded, black on green colour scheme, with eBay decal sheet, lifted, solid hitch, bumper tow bar attachment points, and a few others). Has 4 wheel independent suspension, with about (2.5 to 3 studs changed), of travel at each wheel with springs, a fold down ramp using one short linier ram, and a fold up dolly wheel at the front. Still lots of little things to finish, any advice on scaling, or tricks of any kind are very much welcome. Edit: now 4 to 5 studs of travel. Trying to use as many olive green panels, and black beams I can, but still waiting on a few more parts, so it's a bit of a VW Harley Quinn. I'm hoping my image works, but haven't much lunch getting the format small enough to post. If this isn't the right place to do this, please let me know, but I'm sure I don't need to ask that. Happy to be here and thoughts and feed back would he fantastic. (Still trying for an image, think this should work)
  2. The Lunar Year of Tiger! The Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 are coming as Electric Vehicle. Don't miss the Footage! Click to Watch With Camellia Mini Controller to control 2 DC motors and 2 Servo Motors. Copyright © Camellia Café 2016-2021 Camellia Café and its LOGO are registered trademarks.
  3. This is my MOD chassis for the LEGO Technic Land Rover Defender 42110 with motorization using PF motors. Features: - fully RC for driving, steering and gear selection - working V8 fake engine - driving by 2 PF L-motors - steering by PF servo motor - 2-speed gearbox (LO/HI), controlled by PF M-motor - AWD with a centre differential, including differential lock - the centre differential lock is auto engaged by the LO gear I hope you enjoy the video :-.)
  4. Hi, Since I read in another thread that you guys like WIP threads, I decided to put out my alternate of the Land Rover set as I am making it. As the set has a great array of suspension related parts, I wondered what kind of an off-roader could I build with a fundamentally different suspension than the original model. Given the green color, the Willys Jeep looked like a good choice. I like its simple and symmetric chassis, and I have never built a leaf spring suspension before, but it seemed definitely possible with 8 A-arms in the set. The gearbox parts of the Land Rover set also allow for lots of possibilities to build. I did some research, and found out that besides the gearbox, the Willys Jeep has a hi/lo gear selector, and also an RWD/4WD switch, all seemingly possible from the Land Rover. The engine is an inline 4. Here is my progress so far, maybe I am throwing it in a bit late in the process, but at least the bodywork is already getting recognizable. I managed to build the leaf spring suspension for both live axles, and I squeezed in a 4 speed H shaped manual gearbox, as well as the RWD/4WD switch and the hi/lo gear selector into a fairly packed design. The steering is functional, and there's also HOG steering. The inline 4 engine is functional, the hood opens and the windshield is foldable. Let me know what you think! Cheers!
  5. Dimensions: 29.5 x 49 x 30 studsWeight: 1524 g Instruction: download here To see all my ongoing projects follow me on instagram @anton.kablash Functions: 0. In the model i kept original chassis with improvements and adjustments HoG 4-speed sequential gearbox All wheel drive with 3 differentials Independent suspension on both axles Working detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine Working steering wheel in the cab Openable doors, hood The driver's cab can be tilted for access to a detailed V6 engine Working doors locks Detailed exterior and interior
  6. Here is my take on the motorization of the 42110. Basically the whole model was lifted to accomodate the bigger wheel, motors and BuWizzes. Model is powered by a total of 8 motors, 4L motors for RWD, 2L motors for FWD, one servo and one M motor. Total gear ratio is 1:3. It uses custom portal hubs in the front which have a pivot even closer than normal ones thanks to the new rims. Rear uses normal hubs and wheels, since they are sturdier. Axles use the original suspension's upper arms as mounting points along with a pair of 9L links for each axle. The original gearbox is connected to the rear drive, so it works normally. Steering is also connected to the original links, so steerign wheel and HOG also turn when steering Winch is motorized using an M motor. Video coming soon.
  7. Hi Everybody, This is my first post on EB. It's a modified 42110 to make a Defender Pickup. It is not a B-model, it includes several extra parts. The chassis and mechanics are the original from 42110, thus making a small pickup. Main changes: All the rear body (obviously ) Doors were reduced by 2L. HoG moved forward by 2L. Rear axle rebuild using the Steering Wheel Hub Holder with 2 Pin Holes, which allowed lowering the shock absorbers by 3L. Bonnet reshaped to hold the spare wheel. It became heavier and with no friction hinges, so it includes a support to stay open and a magnet to stay closed. These resulted in a weight redistribution, which required replacing the front soft shock absorbers by hard ones. Probably the soft shock absorbers would now be fit the back but I didn't do it. Rear lights lowered 1L. Seats horizontally adjustable. Extra center foldable seat. To do this I had to remove the gear selector, but it really is not necessary since the mechanism is accessible in the back. Some pictures: It includes some extras. A back cover: A soft cover structure: ... a spoiler ... More pictures in Thats all, I hope you like it. Wish you all a happy new year! VascoLP
  8. I thought for some bit about getting 42110. As a car enthusiast and MOC builder, I have always loved the Technic manufacturer cars, owning the Arocs, Porsche, Bugatti, and even the Corvette. All those sets wielded me some very useful pieces to make future MOCs with. However, the Land Rover set doesn't seem like a good buy for me... I have a lot of Lego already. It's expensive. I'm not into Land Rover, even though I think the new Defender is cool. The pieces. The lockable differential and the new wheels are the only pieces that I can find use with, and there's not many good ideas I have for green MOCs. I thought about getting the Porsche 911 RSR instead because of its white pieces, but the fenders have prints. So I guess I'll take a pass on both cars, what is your opinion on the new Defender set?
  9. Hello all! I know, there already exists a topic about 42110 MODs. But, considering I plan to rebuild the whole car (except exterior) - it really would be better to separate my posts in a new topic (I agree with @Nazgarot). So, for now, I just copy what I posted in 42110 - Land Rover Defender - MODs and Improvements. The actual progress is: - completed front part of the frame (it's stiff enough even without any other part of the body attached): - McPherson suspension and front differential module mounts on that frame and is easily detachable (also McPherson struts include new cv-joints from 42099): - front suspension is built with caster and KPI angles: - engine is built from 4 PF XL-motors coupled together (output gear ratio is 20:36), also it's equipped with one-way clutch (it's built years ago by @nicjasno): - given that drive shaft of the engine has half-stud offset in vertical direction, here is an "offset remover": All modules assembled look like this: And, of course, a video of the short test: This module has some little issues (at first, I need to improve stiffness of the suspension's struts - under load they bend a little bit inward, but it doesn't affect all the process of a drive), but it has a really stiff frame and it's a good start point. You can find more photos on Flickr. About the question why I decided to use XL-motors: XL-s have the biggest torque among all Lego motors (according to the @Philo's page). Buggy-motor has higher rpms, but lower torque (and it's much more expensive and bigger than XL). It's not good choice for heavy vehicles. L-motors are more compact, but, again, if you compare torque/rpm ratio among all of the motors - XLs are the best imho. I tested this setup (4 XLs) two years ago at local fest: This model hadn't any gearbox and was pretty heavy. But, as you can see, the car accelerated easily, than acceleration stopped and speed was constant - only because of low max RPMs of the XLs. Theese motors have very good potential even without gearbox. L-motors are too weak for such acceleration of heavy models. Considering I plan to add a gearbox to this rebuilt Defender - it has to be fast and powerfull))
  10. I was preparing this for over a week and more is coming soon (outdoor reviews will be available on saturday 5.10.2019 and next wednesday 9.10.2019 ). The more i'm playing with LEGO, the more i'm getting addicted. I would appreciate if you could give me a subscribe! Build time of 42100: 9 hours ( 4108 parts ) Build time of 42110: 6 hours ( 2573 parts ) LEGO 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Excavator | Test Drive with Cat Food LEGO 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Excavator | Outdoor test - do not this at home! It hurts. LEGO 42110 Land Rover Defender Speed-Build & Functionality Showcase LEGO 42110 Land Rover Defender Outdoor Test LEGO 42100 Liebherr R 9800 Speed-Build LEGO Technic Control+ App Review | Easy tutorial how to use it First unboxing of 42100 & 42110 ( I was first on youtube :D )
  11. Yes, a long video, but 12 minutes of it is speed build and I'm including chapters below: 00:49 - box and unboxing 03:18 - new pieces 04:32 - pieces in new colors 06:11 - parts list 06:30 - speed build 18:32 - functions 21:51 - impressions 28:38 - final note