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Found 442 results

  1. mlucas86

    [MOC] Escape from Port Royal

    Hi guys, after almost 10 years of inactivity, this year i started to build a Imperial Port to display my first ship built in 2012. I upload the final work and the WIP. Let me know what do you think about it :)
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Arrr!

    Man that sword, ye cowardly swab! Off to sail the rol-lic-king sea. Not a ship we wou-ld not rob. Pirates all are we! Ahoy!
  3. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Land Ho!

    “Dance with the waves. Move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free” Hope you like it.
  4. Morning all, This is my first ever review, and I picked a tiny set for it! 5003082 is a promotional pirates set, with 24 pieces, one minifigure and a nice instruction booklet with a postcard. I bought this for a fiver on eBay, which seems to be the going rate. It's also available on Bricklink for a similar price. The box is sealed with a sellotape disk, and a tray slides out containing the bricks, instructions and bonus postcard. There is a nice little graphic on the box of Lego Pirates through the ages, which is shown in more detail later on. Unlike most other sets, the bag holding the bricks is glues down rather than vacuum sealed. Underneath the bricks and instructions is the postcard. The theme of this little set seems to be reflecting on the past, and it looks like they have split the theme into 1989-1993, 1994-1997, 2009-2010 and 2015. The skeleton is from the 2015 Pirates Juniors set I believe. The dotted line on the map-like background is a recurring theme in these instructions. Each of the pirates is a sticker, but I'll be keeping them on their backing for now. Finally, on the bottom of the tray is this pirate, again, I believe he is from the 2015 Pirates Junior set. Arrrrr! The instructions have the same cover design as the box, but with an old looking Lego System banner. I don't recall which era this was used in, but I feel it was before my time. There are three steps for the pirate in his barrel, two for the shark and six for the deserted island. The dotted line runs throughout the pages. But hang on, we've reached the end of the instructions, but we aren't even halfway through the booklet yet! More on that later! It wasn't until I got to this image that I realised how bad the lighting was! There are no unique parts here, except for the Pirate's torso. There are no spare pieces in this set, but you get a nice selection of piratey bits. The printed shark is nice, and is making it's Pirate theme debut, although I think it now might be included in the Pirates Junior set. It now has printed eyes and gills. Most other sets it has been included in have been expensive, so it's a nice way to get hold of one cheaply. The barrels and tan parts are always useful for MOCs, and the pirate flag is only available in this set and the aforementioned Juniors one. It's more child-like than the other versions, but has a certain charm. The chrome gold bar and coins make a welcome replacement for the pearl gold ones, and are in their own separate bag. And here is the complete assembly. The palm tree is similar, but smaller in design than the one that appears in 70412 Soldier's Fort, and suffers from the same problem with a grey hook holding it up, when either a tan or brown one would be better, and the palm tree top is in black, rather than either green or brown. Other than that, the set is very neat and useful for expanding 70411 Treasure Island, your pirate army and sea creatures. There are no play features, unless you count spinning the palm tree round and round, but a few good scenarios can be found with so few pieces: Pirate colonising new island Pirate finds treasure on new island Pirate gets drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark attacks Pirate drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark eats Pirate drunk on rum after finding treasure on new island Shark comes back for treasure. Here is the pirate in question. He comes with one of the new style hats and a clear bottle, which as far as I can make out are less common than green or black ones, which is nice. His torso was the main reason that lead me to getting this set though, as I do like variation in my ranks. The belt detailing is fantastic on the front, with a nice skull buckle across the chest. The back has a pouch, a letter and a coin purse. By the looks of it he has been robbed before. And that's the set! However, I promised you the rest of the instruction booklet, so here it is. A rather sweet trip down memory lane, a tribute to the Pirate theme. It's interesting to see the 4+ and Lego Movie sets included! It's lovely the way the dotted line chronologically connects the sets. In conclusion, this little set is great for the minifigure and animal, as well as pirate themed elements. It also has some sort of memorabilia or collectable status with the booklet. The only downside is the poor choice of colour on the hook and the palm tree top. It's hard to say whether it's worth the money as it's a promotional set, but for £5 this is a great little set.
  5. Chapter Master Helmut Von Braun of the Knights Treasurer and the Royalist Terraversan City of Nola Mar are proud to welcome all to participate in the 622 edition of the Brethren of the Brick Seas Football Tournament. Leave all hostilities at the door, and come and test your skills against the best. Category A: Get a team together! To compete in the BFT, you will need to have a team. Traditionally these are comprised of 11 individuals, with a unifying theme - dare we say it; a kit. That said, in previous years teams have comprised of such things as; 10 crates of gold and one lone human, animals, skeletons, etc. In real terms, we don't want the criteria to be a barrier to anyone, but a unified team will find it easier to pass to one another. Important: Please include your team name in the title of you Cat A post and state whether you wish to play defensively, offensively, or balanced. This will have an impact on the goal scoreline. Category B: Pitch your camp! Teams, nations and their fans are camping out all over Nola Mar, from the warehouses on the docks, to the earthworks of the interior. On a 16x16 (or greater) footprint, show us where your team have billeted, and how they've redecorated the place to make it their own. The deadline for both categories is September 30. The tournament will then be run as a straight knock-out. The team that wins the BTFT and the most impressive redecoration will win free build licences in Nola Mar. Please post your entries below.
  6. I'm not a frequent poster on Eurobricks, but I recently acquired an incomplete 6285 Black Seas Barracuda from a bought lot. I noticed during assembly that the base mast piece (4844) in fact has a factory error. The round part of the piece is rotated 20-30 degrees to the right, making it impossible to connect the brown mast rigging pieces from the side. The middle mast section sits at an angle too. Please see the following pictures: Mast alone: Trying to use it as the set is supposed to work: It's 100% a genuine Lego piece. I've tried finding anyone else with this type of mast piece, but found nothing. No sellers on bricklink have notes on any deviations of this piece at all, so I assume it's rare. I tried turning the mast part but it doesn't budge, making me conclude it's not been rotated by force from before. Please correct me if I'm wrong and this piece has been damaged in some way or appears in official sets. I know factory errors in general are rare, and even rarer for such old pieces in prominent sets, so I guess for now this piece will be a little oddity of mine, but if anyone would be interested in the piece let me know in this thread or a message! I'm not a frequent visitor of these forums, so I'll check back in a few days at most! Thanks for reading!
  7. Brethren of the Brick Seas (BoBS) Intro Thread (Just looking for the Master Index?) What is it? Brethren of the Brick Seas is a role-playing building game set in the age of discovery/age of sail. It is the land of infamous pirates, brave sea-captains, bold explorers, cunning traders, and heroic soldiers, and it is open for all who wish to join! Through official challenges, minichallenges, freebuilds, the economic game system and the raiding and commerce system, every player has a role in the development of the Brick Seas and the potential to alter geopolitics, and eventualy history. The four playable factions interact, cooperate, compete and struggle for power, just like the players do, in a diverse world, where you can help explore (and exploit!) the riches of the new world. (For a quick start guide, see here) How do I sign up? To sign up, you first need to pick one of the four player factions: Sea Rats Oleon Corrington Eslandola Then you need to create your sig fig and post it in the relevant faction thread, and you are now an official member of BoBS! (For a guide on how to sign up and get started, check out the Quick Start Topic) Where do I ask questions? For general questions, lore questions, or history questions, ask in this thread. For faction specific questions, ask in the faction threads. Ask away! Background: The year is 617 AE (After Empire) and this is the dawn of the second era of colonialism. Only time will show what history will bring, but all three nations are looking to solidify their hold on their new posessions. Era I was kicked off with the discovery of lands across the Sea of Storms. For the first time in the history of the continent of Halos, new lands had been discovered. Even more shocking, the Halosians were no longer alone in the world. Once thought to be a flat plane, where monsters roamed the edges, the world is now believed by most geographers to be most certainly round. This was proven first with the discovery of Terraversa by the Mardierian explorer, Ardmond Basker. For 100 years the Mardierians have held Terraversa as a far off gateway, keeping all others out and not allowing the information of the world to the east, or New Terra, to permeate into the rest of Halos. At almost a 1000 miles from the next island in the Sea of Storms, the island remains a most crucial point on the voyage into the unknown. As time went on, other nations of the Madrice Peninsula began to search the seas for other islands and their potential riches. South of the Basker Islands, Corrington took Tiberia, an unforgiving rock just outside of the much more lucrative tropical zone. Oleon found LeBellan, the jewel of the Sea of Storms. LeBellan sits right inside the tropical zone, and produces sugar in vast quantities. 56 years ago Eslandola took possession of An Holli and An Toli, two smaller islands south of LeBellan, both sugar producing as well. Despite gaining footholds in the Sea of Storms, the other Madrician nations were unable to voyage beyond Terraversa. This all changed with the death of King Harln of Mardier, and the vast civil war that began in the country in 595 AE. Instead of looking to gain territory from Mardier’s mainland, the Eslandolans approached the Viceroy of Terraversa and paid him handsomely for permission to trade at the island. The Viscount took it further and allowed ALL nations to pay for the privilege to visit his island. Twenty years later, as the civil war continues, Terraversa has become a defacto independent state. The Viscount’s son, Miro Oldis, now runs the island, and his father’s policies live on. It is not certain if the Mardierians will reestablish their colony or not after the war, but it may be too late. In 597, intrepid Eslandolian explorer Cato Calrelli sailed east from Terraversa into the unknown. It was thought to be suicidal at the time, but he returned 70 days later with the news that he had found more of New Terra. He claimed the land for Eslandola, and soon the Kingdom of Eslandola was the leading nation in colonization. In 605, news circulated throughout the Madrice Peninsula that the Eslandolans had found gold on their island of Nellisa, and this set off a thirst for expansion and exploration never before seen. With Terraversa as a launching spot for new expeditions, Corringtonians, Oleanders, Eslandolans, along with some Garvans, Mardierans, and Carnovans made their way towards New Terra. Many found themselves unable to find supplies at Nellisa, the Eslandolans baring even some of their own from landing on the island. These vagabonds headed south, where a new isle was found, one with few resources, but great defensive harbors. Soon, the Sea Rats had a home. Angry that they had been dispossessed and had not found aid, many turned to vengeance on the Eslandolans by becoming pirates, and many of these pirates began to prey on all nations, and even their fellow pirate. Besides Terraversa, where the Atwi tribe lives, no new natives have been found yet. The islands beyond Terraversa have so far all had strange abandoned settlements upon them, and some sailors say that there is a whole new nation of people in these far waters, but no one has recorded seeing a non-Halosian or Atwi person yet. The first era, spanning the years 615 and 616 AE, marked a rapid expansion into newly discovered lands, in a race to maintain relevancy in the power struggle of Halos. Oleon, Eslandola, and Corrington all laid claims to a multitude of islands and invested heavily in new settlement and industries. In order to protect these new holdings, a naval arms race developed, and the merchant marines of all three nations grew rapidly. In the shadow of the immense wealth being shipped home from the colonies arose a rag tag group of opportunists, who styled themselves as a loose confederacy known as the Sea Rats, plundering, smuggling, raiding, or sometimes just living free outside the grasps of the empires. All factions await new souls to take on a role in the New World. Who will win in the end? Nobody knows, but for sure the sea will play a large role in deciding the fate of these rich new lands. She can be a cruel mistress to those who do not respect her, indeed, and the only guarantee in this world is that salt will run through your veins as you become part of the Brethren of the Brick Seas. The Map: The map is a part of the storytelling mechanism. As you can see, it is not totally defined yet. This will change as time goes on. New portions of the New World (and some of the Old) will be uncovered through events, challenges, and other parts of the project. New islands will be claimed, older territories will be taken in war, and the map will stay dynamic throughout the story. Builders will have the map revealed to them over time, and they will help decide what lands are conquered. With that said, the first part of our story will take place in New Terra. Your character should probably have some feasible connection that would lead them to that region, or it may be hard to really participate in the early challenges. A baker back in Eslandola’s capitol city is probably going to have little interaction with things going on in New Terra. We will eventually have challenges that happen on the mainland, and different story events “back home,” but we are emphasizing the pirate theme and its nature primarily in the first part of this project. Once a firm piratical lore and history is established, more aspects of Enlightenment era politics, war making, and commerce will emerge. Rules Thread History and Background Thread
  8. BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS There be a new 5th rate frigate found in these waters. She be called the Fer Maiden, pierced for 36 guns. She's armed with 18 long guns on her upper (gun) deck with a further 14 carronades on her weather decks. 2 long gun bow chasers and 2 larger carronades on her stern complete her firepower. She's built at Theme-scale: a slick, fast hunter that can protect merchants ... or hunt and take prizes. In this build she is flying the black, but every smart pirate knows that a letter of marque from a faction's admiralty is worth more than pieces of eight. A "chest" of alternate flags would be a great compliment. Features: a working capstan to weigh anchor, a stove to feed her crew, a furnished cabin for her captain, standing and running rigging with yards that rotate to accurately portray various sailing profiles, and removable foc'sle and quarter decks to allow access to her gun deck and interior. This is designed and built using real parts first before I made it digital in and uses 100% legal build techniques and pieces. Now, keep that prize 2 points off our larboard bow on a broad reach, throw all sheets to the wind and let her eat. Build details: this started as an evolution from my earlier Barracuda frigate (21322 x2) but quickly became her own endeavor. I tried to nail the desired level of play vs realism, staying in theme scale and hull sections. My reasoning is that it can integrate nicer with peoples' official set collections if they choose. Because of that I decided to leave the molded shrouds off the mizzenmast, which allowed me to get the proportions of the sail plan "correct" whilst still allowing for full rotation of the yards and spanker. I fully realize some of the concessions and compromises I had to make but I like the result and challenge. Apologies for the lack of detail shots, I will add more when I assemble her crew. Full respect to you long-time MOC builders pioneering the space, and hopefully when viewing her with the theme-scale perspective you understand why I did certain things. One of which is only 4 mid sections, though her length is much closer to that of a 5-mid-frigate. I am currently building her modular lower hull so she can be displayed/played with a variety of ways - especially on an island beach getting careened, or perhaps in a yard getting her copper. BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS BREAKING NEWS: LEGO Group to Release NEW Pirate Ship! (April Fools 2021 shenanigans) Pirates were mysteriously absent from the BrickLink Designer Program but we now have the reason... The LEGO Group will be releasing a new pirate ship named "The Firebird Frigate", complete with box art evoking the retro style of the classic sets.
  9. DadiTwins

    [LEGO IDEAS] Ray the Castaway

    OFFICIAL LEGO IDEAS CONTEST - WINNER!!! Ray the Castaway has won the LEGO Group's "Do You Want To Go to the Seaside?" contest. Here is your chance to vote for another Pirate themed set in the LEGO Group's "Do You Want To Go to the Seaside?" contest. HURRY! Voting is from May 18th, 2021 until May 25th, 2021. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Hello guys, Some weeks ago we designed a deserted island MOC for a Lego Ideas contest. The theme was related to the coast and there was a limit of 250 bricks. We decided to create a MOC based in a deserted island with a castaway, and include a ton of details and accessories to make it fun and playable. We got the inspiration from an old screensaver that had this theme. So far this is what we came with: Visit the Submission Webpage on LEGO Ideas. Today we are pleased to say that our build has been selected as finalist of the Lego Ideas contest, which will decide the next Lego purchase gift. At the moment the contest is open for voting and, the next week, the design with more votes will officially become the next Lego purchase gift!. Here is the link of our entry if you want to take a look: Submission Webpage on LEGO Ideas. Best regards. DadiTwins
  10. "The Three Siblings Island" is a 3D map of a lost place now inhabited by Daniela, Paula, and Patrick, three brothers who survived a shipwreck. The waves carried them in a small boat to the island and when they woke up, they discovered a new home. This Island was discovered in medieval times. The arch that crosses the rock was one day a small gold mining site and over the years it was forgotten, and the vegetation grew around it, the inclement weather wreaked havoc on the structure of the arches, but the island survived and centuries later welcomed the three brothers. There, they rebuilt this old island at their will and while they live peacefully, they tried to find a way to return to civilization but what they don't know is that an old guest of the island left a solution to get out of there (it will be shown in future updates) and until now only the turtles know the secret of this island. Wood, fishing, and fruits of the land are the things they collect in their day to day and at night under the cover of darkness they tell stories of fear and ancient pirates while some nights they see a ship pass in the distance. The three siblings live with a particular friend named Specks. Specks is a pig who also survived the shipwreck and was rescued by the three. The island of the three siblings is a proposal to express willpower and courage, and that with effort many goals can be achieved, among the most important being surviving on an island. Thank you very much. B. Brick SUPPORT NOW
  11. evancelt

    [MOC] Island Living

    Ever since they'd set up base on Cutlass Island, the living had been easy.
  12. Disclaimer: credit where credit is due; this is a modification of the amazing X-wing moc (V2) by @Jerac (see here.) I had to make some modifications to make the theme work, but it's mostly his design. Don't know if that will disqualify me, but at the very least, treat it as a reskin. I was in the middle of designing it in Studio at the time that the contest was announced, but have since built it. In-universe (SW) history: Blackburn Squadron is group of former pirates from the outer rim who chose to align with the Rebellion when the Empire started taking control of systems in their territory. Much like the great Saw Gerrera's Partisans, Blackburn's methods are often deemed too violent for much of the Alliance's leadership. Their results, however, are rarely questions. Candidates for the squadron are heavily trained and tested before they can be considered for membership. Upon selection to the unit, every pilot must travel to the fourth planet of the unit's home system to hunt and kill two Jakerni, giant indigenous primates that rival Gundark in size, strength and ferocity. Their skulls and leg bones are then fused to the wings of the pilot's new X-wing. Real world history: The scheme is based on the Jolly Rogers series of U.S. Navy squadrons, beginning with VF-17 in WWII and passing most recently to VFA-103 in 1995. Initially, bearing just a small black "Jolly Roger" (skull-and-crossbone) flag on an otherwise normal paint job, they began to adopt the more-recognizable scheme currently utilized with VF-84. While there have been different variations, the common components are the black tail fins with large white skull-and-crossbones and gold tips, black around the cockpit that continues to the nose and "Vagabond" stripes (gold w/ black chevrons or black with gold chevrons, barrowed from VF-84's previous name.) Some have gray noses, some black and some F-4's had white ones. Build history: I adopted mostly the current version of the paint scheme, but thought the white nose was distinctive (like a skull itself), so I used it. Originally, the wings were done with stickers, but I wasn't satisfied with the results (it would have helped to have a 6 x 4 tile without studs), so I decided to "brick build" them instead. This was tricky due to the pins that stick out of the bottom. With such thin wings, I decided that they had to be fused to the top. Ended up using these to turn technic bricks for the pins to mount in. The long bones are attached with black clips, one raised by a 1x1 plate to clear the other. I haven't settled on the Vagabond stripes yet, as I had a few ideas (for example, as seen here.) Even had some sticker chevrons, but didn't use them after I went brick build on the S&CB. For the gold color, I went back-and-forth between Yellow or Bright Light Orange. Most of the actual designs are closer to yellow, but due to lighting, often look like BLO. I went with the one closer to the Trans-Yellow windscreen, which I knew I had to incorporate as soon as I saw it. Using yellow did, however, require redesigning the rear portion of the laser cannons, since ingots do not come in Yellow (but do in BLO.) Finally, the red corresponds to the inlet caution labels on many of them. At first, I used dark red, but decided to try red instead, thinking it look more like vibrant blood coloring.
  13. I see that LEGOLAND Florida has just announced a new Pirate themed ride coming to the park with a nifty little video. LEGOLAND as always is keeping the LEGO Pirate spirit alive between set releases.
  14. [pid][/pid] Hello! Today I bring you the Lego Pirates 6285 Black Sea's Barracuda Review! Name: Black Sea's Barracuda Set number: 6285 Pieces: 865 Year: 1989 (Then re-released in 2002 for the "Legends" set collection number 10040) Mini-figures: 7 (Including Red Beard and a Female Pirate) The box is surprisingly large, even though the set has only 865 pieces. The box uses the original pirates yellow "LegoLand" borders. (I miss those boxes!) The box is very sturdy, it is made from several thick cardboard layers. I have included a Bluecoat mini-figure to compare the size, and give you a good feel for the width and height. The inside of the box features plastic inner trays, to display the mini figures, parts, and the hull of the ship. The trays hold the mini figures tightly and prevent them from falling out when the box is sealed. The first thing that caught my eye when I first opened the box was a yellow printed standard size piece of paper, and a cardboard game board. The piece of paper has some nice visuals, and instructions for playing a game with some friends, and the lego pieces and mini figures in the set. The game board is made of cardboard, and can easily be destroyed or damaged, so I imagine that this is a very rare item indeed. It is very visually appealing, as it contains hand drawn images of every lego set in the first wave release. The point of the game is to reach the finish line first, using your mini figures. The game requires a dice, but does not come with one :/ Different numbers that appear on the dice give different weather effects, such as "Fair Wind" or "Gale" and other natural effects such as "Hit a Reef" and "Shark Attack" which will effect the way your mini figures progress. The set has a variety of colours, making the set easier to build when you separate them. However, there are very many black pieces. The instructions, I assume, would be difficult for a newer builder to follow because of the amount of steps on each page, and the instructions do not clearly identify them. At least the instructions are not black and white ;) It took me some time to build it, but the build was enjoyable, seeing all the crevices and storage areas in the lower hull. Once build, she is a very fine boat… err… I mean Ship! You also get a good mix of mini figures, including the rare female pirate mini figure. You also get Captain red beard, but he is found in almost every mid-large Pirates set. (and some small ones) You get seven (7) mini figures in total, it is a good amount, it makes the ship feel lively. (However, I think that 9 would have been better). You also get a standard brown rowboat. (There are never too many rowboats in any lego pirates collection!) The figurehead on the vessel is nice, a bit plain, but gives a "Classic Pirates" feel to the set. The yellow cup is also a nice addition, but a yellow headband may have also been cool to include. It would have made is seem more like a statue. The ship features many cool details, including opening lower deck doors, and a nice detailed captains cabin, accessible from the top, and rear of the ship. They open to give full access for the best play and display capabilities. There back of the ship has some nice details, and the yellow brings a very friendly feel to the pirates aboard the vessel. The deck has so many features that I am sure it will keep any builder happy for a long time. It also makes for some nice photos. Below you can see some of the crew in action! Overall I am very satisfied with the set. I believe that it is my favourite pirate ship, but I have yet to get my hands on the Skulls Eye Schooner. (It looks nice) I hope you like my review, and I hope it gives you some information, or at least some pretty photos to look at ;) Let me know how you feel about the set, and the fun game that comes with it! If you would like more photos, just ask! Could someone please add a poll for me? Maybe a poll from 1-5? I would love to know how people rate this set! Keep an eye out, I have more reviews coming!
  15. When the privateers arrived at Queenston, Edward and his men went ashore with the supplies before anchoring the frigate in a defencive position, protecting all entry to the bay. Colonel Dirk Allcock was absent from the colony while exploring the jungle, so Scarver took some liberties and ordered the construction of several properties. The first amongst them being a logging camp. As most privateers and other rough sailors are, these men were no strangers to logging, so the logging camp was up and running in no time. The camp will serve useful during the early stages of the settlement, as the palm trees proved to be effective construction materials. With the building material produced in this camp, small buildings and defencive walls can be constructed at a much faster rate. --- I thought it was fitting that Queenston's first licensed build was a logging camp, so here it is! I originally started to build it on as a 64x64 build, but I lost inspiration and decided to do one in real bricks instead. I would have loved to put more trees in the scene and I wanted to build a tent as well, but I was quickly reminded of my lack of parts... but I think it turned out good nonetheless Will be submited as a medium factory
  16. After Colonel Allcock spotted an unknown Man O’ War anchored off the east coast of Arlintina, Captain Scarver received orders to help secure the island and protect the construction of the settlement. Ordinarily, the Admiralty Board would have sent a Royal Navy warship to deal with such a threat, but preoccupied with the Lotii, they had none to spare. Anticipating a hard fight, Scarver had his frigate armed to the teeth and transferred all 3 of his (after weeks of pirate hunting, now rather small) crews onto his ship. But before leaving Spudkirk he had the cargo hold filled with supplies for the new settlement, including 8 pigs and 12 chickens. They sailed down the southwest coast of Arlintina where they eventually spotted Allcocks camp. After going ashore, Edward was met by Captain Gregor Forrester, an officer of the 12th regiment of foot. “Edward Scarver, welcome! I have been waiting for you. Follow me, I’ll get you up to speed on the situation.” As they walked up the camp he continued, “Colonel Dirk Allcock has designated a prefered location for the construction of our colony, he is currently there overseeing her construction. My orders are to stay here and keep a lookout for any ships, friends and foes. The Man O’ War was spotted about 5 days north of here, the ship flew no colors and there were no men ashore, but she was large enough to inspire us to change direction and head west instead.” “No colors you say, that’s never a good sign.” “You can certainly say that again. Your orders are to head East and meet up with Allcock at the sight of the settlement. You’ll stay there and protect the camp until we gather more information about our unwanted visitors.” “You don’t want me looking for her?” “Nay, we can’t risk her sailing into the settlement while you’re off on a wild-goose hunt on the other side of the Island. Besides, I have my best men looking for her as we speak. If she comes anywhere near the camp, we’ll know, and we’ll have you to intercept her.” “I understand, my men and I will do what’s needed, you have my word.” “Glad to hear it. The colony is on the south-eastern side of the island, I'll draw you a map of what we know thus far. It should take you about a day and a half to get there, but I suggest you head back into open water, the coral reefs on this side of the island don’t mess around.” “All noted Captain, thank you. We’ll leave at first sunrise tomorrow, my men could need a good night's rest. We brought supplies for the colony, is there anything you’re in need of? Something tells me it’s been a while since you were last resupplied.” “Much obliged, I’ll give you a list. Oh and I almost forgot, a name has been chosen, the settlement is to be called Queenston. Long live the Queen!” ---- Just a small build to progress my characters story
  17. SleeplessNight

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    Ahoy! The Barracuda has set sail and Redbeard is threatening the shipping routes once again! So the Bluecoats had to up their game to protect Imperial trade. For the start they have hastily restored the tower on the Sabre Island. What do You think about their effort? I designed this MOC as a tribute to my second Pirates set, that I think I got in 1990 and loved like hell. But I also wanted it to closely match the style of the new Barracuda. I also didn't want to use too many fancy and exotic elemens but efficiently use the stuff that most of us already have in our inventories. It's not too big with 1443 elements (excluding minifigs). The build is rather sturdy (maybe except for the furniture) but it still empoys some techniques and tricks that you might find interesting. I have published the instructions on Rebrickable: There are also a few more pictures on flickr: Stay safe and fair winds!
  18. Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 On July 31st, 1715 one of the wealthiest Treasure Fleets in history wrecked off the coast of Florida. Millions of Spanish coins, jewels, and other valuables littered the shallows. After months of Spanish recovery efforts a small fortune remained lightly guarded on the beach, open to anyone daring enough to steal it. In early 1716, a small group of pirates lead by Henry Jennings, Sam Bellamy, and Benjamin Hornigold raided the small Spanish garrison and made off with a haul equivalent to 10 years of wages for only a single nights 'work'. The wealth of this raid and the inspiration it provided for would-be pirates across the New World, kicked off the final stages of the Golden Age of Piracy. Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Treasure of the Spanish Plate Fleet, 1716 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  19. It was a dark and foggy night in Spudkirk, a group of Royal Marines were celebrating a successful voyage at a local tavern. When suddenly a woman's scream could be heard in the distance ! The men jumped to their feet and listened carefully, they stood there for what felt like an eternity without making a single sound, but then the silence broke. The sound duzins of war cries filled the docks. The men rushed to the streets where they could see bright fires coming from the direction of the bay. If any fear was felt, they didn’t show it, the men simultaneously grabbed their weapons and chased the noise. They were met with a group of unsuspecting Lotii soldiers with shock on their face, they had not expected to meet any resistance this quick. The Marines shouted their own war cries and cut down any lotii invader that stood in their way. Within minutes they had pushed back the invaders to the sea they had come from. They fought hard and without mercy, but when the lotii reinforcements arrived, there was nothing they could do. They fought to the last man, but inevitably the overwhelming lotii forces captured the docks and continued ravaging the town. In the end their sacrifices gave the opportunity for some civilians to escape the raiders. ----- Made this build for another scene but thought it could be cool to make a battle. So I decided to build a skirmish from the September 619 raid on Spudkirk.
  20. Brethren of the Brick Seas: Class 7 Another MOC from the 21322 Barracuda Ship. Venezia 05 by Philippe, auf Flickr My first Barracuda Frigate had too many flaws and things that I didn't like. That's why I rebuilt this one. Venezia 06 by Philippe, auf Flickr The bug was completely changed. Venezia 07 by Philippe, auf Flickr The gradations and Tetris curves for the cannons remain. Venezia 13 by Philippe, auf Flickr The deck only has 3 levels. Before it was 7 and I was annoyed when I wanted to place something on the deck. Venezia 09 by Philippe, auf Flickr Ship railing now has no Tetris levels. Venezia 12 by Philippe, auf Flickr The masts and rigging were built more realistically. Venezia 11 by Philippe, auf Flickr For the sails I will use fabric ones. I only built it from Lego bricks so that the photos are more interesting. Venezia 10 by Philippe, auf Flickr A ship only comes to life with minifigures. Therefore, a crew that is ready for boarding. Some pirates have bottles-grenades. Venezia 14 by Philippe, auf Flickr Venezia 15 by Philippe, auf Flickr Venezia 08 by Philippe, auf Flickr Venezia 04 by Philippe, auf Flickr Venezia 03 by Philippe, auf Flickr Venezia 02 by Philippe, auf Flickr Venezia 01 by Philippe, auf Flickr
  21. Samuel Scarver had been following Corringtons actions closely as the threat of the Lotii in New Haven grew bigger by the day... knowing that our leaders would never let them get away with it. When news of a planned invasion finally arrived, he knew he had to help. In his prime he would have taken a Letter of Marque and gone there himself, alas, his age would not allow him. However, retired from a successful trade company, Samuel owned a good handful of ships. So he had his best warship restored and ready for action. She was a Corvette he had captured on one of his trade expeditions all those years ago. The ship was fast and well armed, with a total of 18x 8-pounder guns, 4x 6-pounders : 2 bow chasers and 2 stern chasers, and to top it all off, 10 swivel guns to repel all boarders. She was the perfect escort, not a single piece of cargo was ever lost under her protection. In many ways she reminded him a lot of his mother, as she had always shielded him from danger, despite how hard he made it. So he named her, Alexandra, his mother's name, and had the figurehead represent her holding her favorite bird, the hummingbird. To tell the truth, he was sad to let her go… But he knew she would serve the Queen well, just like she had him. And to a man who bled the colors of Corrington, nothing meant more. He contacted an old friend of his from the Noble Parliament, whom he intrusted to find a suitable captain for the ship. With her Majesty's Navy having no shortage of experienced naval officers, the ship was immediatly assigned to an up-and-coming captain Foster. A mere 3 days later, Samuel Scarver stood at the docks of Belson, as he watched HMS Alexandra sail into the sunset. (There are actually 9 figures barely visible / invisible from the angle I took the image ) ----------- A new Cruiser for the Navy! She is a class 6 Corvette built for the Oaken Shield task, you are free to decide her stats, otherwise she is ready to be licenced. This ship is heavily inspired by one of "boeing_787_8_dreamliner" ships on instagram, he makes som very nice ships and was nice enough to send me the file for his ship "La Therese". I learned a lot of new technics from his ship and I borrowed 90% of his fantastic rigging as well as some other parts. (Samuel Scarver is Edward's father and was referred to in my character's introduction)
  22. Hi everyone! I would like to show you two simple constructions that I have built. The idea was to make something like shop sets, and to refer to the classics, such a contemporary version. Plus a style to match Barracuda Bay. A hut inspired by a set from 1992, Smuggler's Shany 6258, Raft to Castaway's Raft 6257 from 1989. The larger project is 188 parts, the smaller 92. I will share both MOCs with a parts list, the tutorial will be available on my YouTube channel - edge of bricks. I'm also thinking about some more modifications, maybe something from Islanders? ?? Any ideas? What do you think about this projects?
  23. THIS IS NOT MY WORK Hamster Productions has created an absolutely amazing brickfilm with a great story, lovely animation, and perfect sound editing. It's about 15 minutes long and worth every second!
  24. You can now watch all of season 1 of Being Pirates as one short film. I changed some things and added new music. Enjoy! It took me a while, but here it is, the season finale: Episode 6: Vane Indeed. I hope you enjoy and stick around for the after credits scene: And here is episode 5: Episode 4 is up: I've completed Episode 3: Battle at Sea: Episode 2 is online! UPDATE: Episode 1 is online. So if you're up for a swashbuckling adventure filled to the brim with humor, bantering pirates, and pirates being very piraty, then watch Being Pirates! If you like it, feel free to subscribe on youtube and you'll be notified when there's a new episode. Also let me know what you think! Hello There! The formidable Barracuda Bay got me out of my dark ages last march and reignited my Lego fever, especially for lego pirates. I'm new here, but actually many years ago I was a regular Eurobricks visitor, and it was great to discover this site is still up and well. Lockdown was also helpful in resurrecting an old hobby: making lego stop-motion films. I'm working hard on a pirate series called Being Pirates. Here's the trailer: The first episode is coming soon. If you like the trailer, consider subscribing. Thanks!
  25. As said in the title, something has to be done about my accounts, after having realized that I own only 7 dbs. Luckily, there are 3 ships readily available, I built them many months ago, now it's time to put them into good use. I hope they'll sail safely and swiftly and earn me a bunch of doubloons this turn. Here's another one, la Blonde It's a upgraded version of the new BBS, I've added one extra hull section and some other mods. Class:5 Cost:420 Range: 4 Maneuvre: 2 Firepower: 2 Crew: 4 Cargo: 6 Hull: 3 Total: 21