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  1. Poor ship. I have to say, I am not a huge fan of its looks. It is like an UPS truck, or a beat-down cab in poorer part of the city. Gets the job done and offers just minimal creature comforts. On top of that this particular ship had no easy life either. If I had to write all the accidents it had I'd basically describe half or more of the story of the Mandalorian show, so to avoid spoilers - go watch it yourself. For now just believe me: Millennium Falcon had really easy and nice life compared to the Razor Crest. I did not plan to build it initially, but Brickvault guys asked me one time if I would and I agreed. After all this is quite a small ship, right? And boxy, easy shape, right? So I'll just do a month or maybe month-and-half detour from my plan, riiight? Oh boy. This aged like milk. We talked in May and, uh, I am not done yet, but more on that later :D This one-and-half month detour took half of the year, almost 5k pieces and was far harder than I expected it would be. Once again, an angular thing proves to be far more difficult in LEGO than a curved one. Got a tiny angle wrong and everything falls apart. And the size? Just about 70 studs. Yeah. There goes "quite a small ship". Btw, would you consider it an UCS or minifig scale, considering it is... kinda... both? So what do we have here? 5k pieces, a bit over 3 kilos of mass, plenty of features, internal frame strong enough to do this: I had some fun at, uh, "temporary local beach" (on quite a high floor!) ...and on the Levitating Plate: All the hatches open: there are also additional hatches to access interior details. Truth to be told, access is not great. This is not really a play model because it is so heavy, but you can adjust stuff inside. The cockpit seats three, front seat folds for easy access to the back row: ...and of course there's plenty of space for Mando's quarries: So, why is it not done yet? I probably got the roof angle wrong. Actually, I definitely got it wrong. But is it a big deal? What do you think? Should I just proceed with instructions "as-is" or would like to see this updated? Or maybe you actually like this slightly slanted roof section? Instructions will be available on brickvault when complete, and there's a nice preorder for reduced price for now: ------------------------------------------------------------ Razor Crest Update #1! I believe that's final design. Roof is now properly flattened, while still retaining minscule but noticeable wing angle, section behind the cockpit has been changed for better shape, and engines were updated thanks to ScottishDave's input on Eurobricks. Now I need to update the studio model (not too hard, should be few hours at worst) and I can get to making instructions. In the meantime, Brickvault will commence their internal review to ensure there are no flaws in the model, parts lists or instructions. I'd like to thank everyone who preordered, commented and liked - fantastic support from you all! Stay tuned for future updates! Thanks for viewing! EDIT: The instructions are released - to be found on !
  2. I missed out on the 5571 Black Cat as a high school kid (other priorities...), but ever since I got my hands on it a few years ago, and inspired by Andrea Grazi's truck and Ingmar Spijkhoven's trucks, I wanted to build a "Black Cat v2". An upgraded version with modern parts and more functions, such as full suspension, working engine, pneumatic pump for trailer attachments and a working fifth wheel coupling. This is turning into a "Magnum Opus" for me, since I've been working so long on it, rebuilding again and again various parts. Now that I have a rolling chassis, I felt it was time to share. I'm building digitally also, mostly to assess what parts I need to purchase and try out things: The differential that's peeking through the chassis is intended to have an idling engine by the PF motor (while e.g. the pneumatic pump is running) and that is "added" to the motion of the rear wheels. I posted the rear and front axles before. The fifth wheel coupling is adapted from @functionalTechnic Scania-inspired truck. Since I now got a rolling chassis that I'm happy with, I hope to make progress a bit faster and provide updates. Feel free to comment in the mean time; advice is always welcome too.
  3. Just playing around with a few ideas for a Treebeard moc. Thinking if I can get him done I might put it on Lego Ideas as a "UCS" version. He's not really based on the movies, more my interpretation of him from the books. Except for his moustache, he's surprisingly sturdy, clips and bars hold everything in place pretty well. At the moment I'm not sure about his eyes - they're pearl gold but I think they need to be brighter... or maybe I've overdone his eyebrows. Here's a slightly earlier version... Part of me prefers them slightly simpler. Thoughts and suggestions welcome!
  4. A new project I started working on. It'll be a model of a classic dump truck, with a pickup truck style body and two axles. It'll be something similar to the following: So far I've only done some preliminary modeling, but I already have a general idea for the cab. The model will feature a lime green cab with a gray or black dump bed, two axles with pendular suspension, and BuWizz (not for speed, but to save space as the battery/controller are all in one unit), a fake engine with mini cylinders under the opening hood, and lights. I'll either use the tires from the 42122 Jeep or the the tire/rim combination from the 10279 VW Camper Van and 10290 Pickup Truck. I've wanted to make a lime MOC for a while now (haven't made one since my CLAAS Challenger 95E MOC from 2018). I've expanded my collection of lime pieces a bit after getting the 42138 Mustang set at BrickFair this year, so I decided to make at least the cab for this model in lime. I'm definitely planning to further expand my lime collection in the future, especially with pieces from the 42115 Lamborghini Sian set. Photos:
  5. General MOC-Discussion Ahoy! Ever felt like there's not enough general talk going on here about what matters most in these waters - MOCs? Ever got frustrated over a certain issue with a WIP that you could need help with? Ever thought about posting a WIP but didn't think it would deserve its own thread? Ever wanted to announce a huge, mind boggling, or simply your next project and ask your fellow EB members what they think about that idea? Or have you ever just felt the urge to tease everyone with a blurred picture of your creation or some facts about it before releasing it for good? Well, hesitate no further, this is the place for you! Use this thread as a vessel for all the otherwise unmentioned MOC related talk, use it to discuss sail sizes and capstan designs, ask for ideas, help others with their MOC issues and tease your fellow mateys... with pics of your creations, of course
  6. Greetings, shipwrights. Whether a novice, an apprentice, a master, or a veteran shipwright, following the process of others, sharing your own, and giving and receiving feedback can help everyone improve. What's the point? This is just a place for all of us liberally to post WIP's for feedbacks, tips, suggestions, and questions, without otherwise littering the BoBS forum with WIP's. You can post just one step in the process, or several over a period. It's all up to you. So I am working on a vessel/ship - what do I do? Post one or more pictures, questions, ship-plans, descriptions, etc. here, and hopefully someone will step in with some wonderful advice. At least, I expect to do so. I know NOTHING about ships - can I comment, and how do I do? Everyone with something constructive to say can comment. No need to be a scholar in historic vessels, medieval carpentry or sail making. Sometimes it might just be aesthetics, a crazy idea, a suggestion for a technique, use of a specific brick, or whatever you can think of. Just keep it nice and constructive. In return, builders posting here will pwomise not to take offense! I'd suggest tagging the builder you are commenting on. But I am not an expert - the arrogant elite will laugh at my puny attempts at shipbuilding! First of all, the arrogant elite was not invited. In fact, they have been given specific instructions to go back to their fancy little elitist coffee houses to talk about how brilliant they are. Secondly, regarding puny attempts, take a look at my first attempt at a ship just two and a half years ago... Well, you really don't have to look. Move along... Nothing to see here... The rather obvious point being, we all start somewhere, and no matter where you start, or how steep your learning curve is. The only requirement is that you want to share your process, learn from others, share your ideas, and/or improve. Soooo, is this something official? What will I gain from participating? EGS bonuses? HAH! This is merely me gone rogue - and I may hang from my toes for it! No official bonuses here. However, I'd like to see a bit more focus on the process and techniques of building here, and I think ships is an interesting place to start. This is, however, quite likely to be replaced, superseded, or added to by something official at some point in the future. Who manages this and keeps the record? Manages? Keeps records? Bwahahaha - forget it! Just post your WIP's and comments. Don't overthink it! ________________________________________________________________________ Kick off! Oooohkay, here we go: I have been working on a 4th rate, circa 50 guns on two decks. I present to you: The HMS Endeavour. Started here: Went here: And have ended here: She is supposed to be the first in a series of 4th rates designed for colonial waters. A 4th rate is a small ship of the line between 46 and 60 guns, just above frigate size. This one is (IC) specifically designed to serve as flagship for colonial squadrons, sailing in consort with frigates and sloops. Looking forward to hearing your comments! And to see your WIP's!
  7. Here it is finally... Dimensions: 65 x 137 x 46 studs 52 x 110 x 37 cm 20.5 x 43.2 x 14.6 inches Pieces: 11103 Weight: 7.75 kg (273.5 oz) Vigilance - Venator-class Star Destroyer by Martin Latta, on Flickr Vigilance - Venator-class Star Destroyer by Martin Latta, on Flickr Vigilance - Venator-class Star Destroyer by Martin Latta, on Flickr Vigilance - Venator-class Star Destroyer by Martin Latta, on Flickr ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original post: Hello, I'd like to present here my current project - Venator in UCS scale. I set few requirements: - as faithful to the original model as possible - completely SNOT/studless - interior (all 4 hangars) - use only active and relatively accessible Lego parts - easy to transport in separated modules - the same size like my previous Venator
  8. Hi, everyone, I'm happy to share with you a project of mine that i've i've been working on and off for quite some time now. I've been improving individual modules repeatedly to improve performance. I am now fully satisfied with it functionality-wise. Some info about the model: The model is driven by 4 motors in total: 2 PF XL motors driving X and Y-movement Each motor is triggered by a Power Functions polarity switch. Both polarity switches are linked to the joystick in the middle. 1 PF L Motor - Chain Lower/Raise + Pneumatic pump 1 PF Servo Motor - Pneumatic Valve Both of these motors are connected to a third polarity switch, which is directly linked to the black lever on the right. The aim was to control both Claw Open/Close and Raise/Lower at the same time. I was trying to have both functions driven by a single motor, but it never worked reliably, so i decided to switch to a two-motor approach. Personal goals for this project: I wanted to have a clean look as much as possible; All motors except the Servo Motor are located in the base (black part) in the legs of the stand. This means that motion of the motors is transmitted through axles running the full height of the model, and then through series of 32m cross axles (the longest ones available) The 32m axles define the moving range of the claw, since the mechanism is "threaded" on those axles as they need to be continuous. Future plans: Change the color of the exterior to yellow. The control panel needs to be finished aesthetically. Comments & Feedback are welcome!
  9. Hello guys, this is a kinda last minute octraintober submission: a beurer "rangiertraktor" first off all, a little bit of backstory to the prototype: these where small shunting vehicles built by the Maschinen- und Armaturenfabrik vorm. H. Breuer & Co and where later licenced to be produced by many companys. they where used to carry around single or small groups of wagons with weights of up to 80-500 tons. the first iteration the type I had a completely open construction and a whopping 10 HP (no this is not a typo) here is a sketching of one: the type II had 28 HP. sadly i havent found a sketching or picture of this one the type III had a real cockpit for the operator to stand on and operate the machine. it looked like this and had 40HP: the type IV and V looked basically identical except that the type V had 80 HP without further ado here are the pics: there isnt much of a wip story here as the construction of the model only took me like 20 minutes. the renders took the same time as building the model the second one shows how the wagons attached to the thing. they where raised by this pin that sticks up and the weight of the wagons rested on the tractor thus giving it huge ammounts of traction to pull up to 500 tons edot: changed the position of the windows. made two renders the one where it shows how the wagons attach where made quick and dirty with pov-ray. here is the second render: hope you like this last minute submission! here is the link to the studio file for anyone to build and have fun with! edit: now i have an update for you guys. what is better than a small lego train model? a motorized lego train model! this uses a modified cheap "tower pro sg90" servo as its motor. the servo has been modified in such a way that it basically works like a normal brushed dc motor. i have removed the servo control board and the stops preventing the servo from rotating more than 180 degree. there are several tutorials available online on how to do this. the second modification the servo got was removing the mounting points of it at the top to make it smaller. the servo fits into the model like this: the drivetrain consists of a small white lego rubber band which drives one of the trainwheels directly (no need for gearing down as the servo has internal gearing already which is sufficient). the second pulley is one of the servos attachments just with the arms cutoff and made flush with the rest of the center hub). here is the whole thing complete with the drivers cab: i changed some of the details due to my parts library and space constraints with the taller base but overall it is the same model just different colors (it is a very old unit so a bit of rust is also present ). the drivers cab just fits loosley onto the model as the servo doesnt really fit into the lego geometry height wise and i didnt want to make the model any taller so thats how it is. it fits quite snugly though so no problem there. and finally there is a video so you guys can see it running: hope you like this upgrade and as always the models files can be found in the link in my signature for anyone wishing to recreate this little model.
  10. Here's a new project I'm working on. It is a model of the JCB Fastrac Two. A modified JCB Fastrac tractor, the JCB Fastrac Two is the fastest tractor in the world, and can reach 150mph. My model will feature drive, steering, an inline-6 fake engine, and a working steering wheel. The model uses the Control+ system and features 2 C+ L motors for drive and a large angular motor (from the 42114 set) for steering. So far, I have done some initial modeling in I've modeled the drivetrain and the front axle, and the C+ hub sits between them near the bottom for easy battery access. Photos:
  11. Ropefish

    2-8-8-4 AC-9 "yellowstone"

    Hey all, I've been lurking in the forums for a month or so after i saw a lego big boy some time ago by morningstrummer, Ive long wanted to get back into a model railroad hobby but never could very much due to living conditions or expense and now i find my self at an odd crossroads of sorts. The skinny is I've since made a WIP MOC of the Southern Pacific AC-9 based on morningstrummer's big boy in Stud.IO ( I have a thing for articulated locomotives ) but find myself after having just nearly finished the whole loco and its tender thinking of going with an O Scale set instead as both layouts, add-ons, rolling stock, etc. etc. will end up costing me the same but both lack things i enjoy of both hobbies. One is building with lego's, stepping back and seeing the creation ( move and make sound even! ) then two being the wider availability and setup of O Scale and to stretch even HO for that matter. At this point i just really don't know what direction i should take the dive, as i wont be able to do both by a monetary standpoint, and y'all seem to have the wealth of information. Oh and here is my wip, Spoilered for convenience.
  12. After a LONG absence.. New project! :) Aiming for done by May
  13. The fearsome First Order strikes again! This model occupies over two square feet of your average usable coffee table space at just under (an estimated) 2000 pieces. This behemoth took over two months to design - but I'm not done yet. Before the Christmas season, I hope to have instructions completed. This model is based on the First Order Resurgent-class Star Destroyer's bridge. The original model was a measly 8x12 inches: And used only around 700 pieces. The most difficult part of this stage was creating the curved portion of the front section. This took many iterations to get right. When I had time, I would plan the wings of the bridge. The wings use around 300 pieces for the left-wing (looking from the back) and 350 pieces for the right-wing. Finally, we get to the back extension. This alone uses around 650 pieces and expands the length of the model by 25%. I knew that this would be the last section for one crucial reason: I was running out of space at this point. I wanted to focus more on figure placement for this part, so I left it mainly open while emphasizing the diorama aesthetic. It took a while but I was able to obtain all of the black bricks I needed for the back of the bridge. I think it turned out well. @Monkeyulize, if I may ask for your help designing a UCS sticker for this model, here's that question. The 1x2 technic brick is designed to be used to anchor a figure stand (coming soon) - I know it's there, don't worry. At last, the finished product. A piece fell off during transport but I found it and it's back on. I'm very pleased with this but know it can be improved. If you have any questions or critiques, please don't hesitate to post. I have but one request: stay civil. I will update this post with more design changes and processes. The Flickr album link can be found here:
  14. Some of you may have saw my "YT Corellian Transport Thread" - This is what I've been working on. (Those who know - please don't share my pics - as I'm keeping things simple for now) Tonight I've hit roughly the 45-49% Mark in terms of proof of concept design wise. So now I feel like revealing the work to get some community feedback/encouragement. To date - no ones ever done one - there's been some miniatures - some rather "smallish" models - but nothing like UCS scale. EDIT: Seems I wasn't the first. Per @Geihlen who found this -> Vieral's Otana - 2012 - 10 years back - not bad - certainly didn't have the luxery of parts we have today. Google didn't see this either - not in any MOC DB's - I did in fact reach out to him as a result. I've been wanting to do this since I first saw this ship. Little background first: Back in 1999 this game showed up - I grabbed a copy - and saw this Falcon like ship for the first time and fell head over heels in love with it. To be honest - I never liked the falcon that much - yes its the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy - but as Leia said when she first saw it - its ugly (inferred or otherwise) - The Otana however was glorious in shape and design. As a lego maniac I wanted to build one. Fast forward to today - I now understand why no one's really done one yet - or at least tried and nearly went bald/insane. The ship unlike the YT-2400 and the 1300 is very different in that the cockpit is down the center-line - and it has a larger "saucer/dome" section in the main hull of the ship. Add to that - 1990's computer graphics doesn't help much in rendering. Little to no "hard facts" on this ship which makes it a bit of a challenge to interpret the design. Funny enough - everyone thought I was building the YT-2400 - which is well known as the Outrider which is funny because its already been done - quite nicely I might add (as did copy off the engine array design of one hehe) Some Info on the Otana (keep in mind - open to interpretation) - Ive decided to go with this rather nice layout design - with some room to stretch/squeeze as needed. I've put a lot of thought into this project over the years - thankfully I didn't attempt this until now. As one of my new community friends @Kdapt-Preacher pointed out - there are very nice pieces recently released that make these challenges "possible". Thankfully the biggest blessing as this is a symmetrical ship that allows for clone/copy once I get one side done. Hence my unveiling. I've also seen as I researched prior to Thanksgiving - that people have been literally screaming for this MOC - so I'm excited to be in the running for the likely first second? one done of this type or scale - certainly what I call "UCS". So I'm hoping this will get the fans to come out of the woodwork. After many months of work - its ready for poking and prodding before finishing touches. Some questions I'm expecting that ill try to answer: 1: How big are we talking? - Roughly the size of the UCS Falcon - measures at (currently) 32"x24"x11" at 7.5k-7.6k pieces. 2: Are you going to build this? YES - of course I am - but it will take time to budget and gather parts - right now I need to make sure this thing is ready to be built - still need finishing touches. 3: What kind of model aside from UCS? Playable? Insides? - Not a "play model" - there will be a cockpit that ill try to have something to show for it insides wise but this isn't going to be that kind of design - maybe in the future - but not for this "iteration". It will likely require a stand or a cradle as there are weight concerns/structure wise. 4: Are you going to post instructions if so how much? Yes at some point - but I'm undecided on whether i charge or not. Its taking 10's if not 100's of hours to get here - So I may have to consult with other designers and ask for suggestions advice. 5: This (insert this bit here) looks wrong. - Yep there's many bits that look wrong - feel free to point out and suggest. Right now the following areas are "no touchy" - Dome Suacer sections (There will be 4 - 2 on each side) - that thing has stolen days from me in redesign. I may end up having to redo it - however its looking very good. The rest vary depending on the critiquing. My to-do list will be posted so you can check that if your curious. 6:Scaling is off - yep it likely is - it was VERY bad early on as some of my new friends pointed out. Again - check to-do list before pointing something out. 7: Otana has dual gun turrets! - Don't Care :P I'm going Quad Guns - I however would like to figure out where to stick a/the Ion Cannon(s) at (Suggestions are welcome!) (In truth this is not really a big deal but Its just my little "dispute" from the game) - Yes I totally ripped the Falcon's turret off and "smashed" it to fit. I'm open to redesigning this. Yep ok you win - its not the Otana if its not to spec. 8: You going to make changes after release? - I'm going to avoid doing this for obvious reasons - so I'll try not to "rock the boat" with perfectionist syndrome. 9: Bonus Feature - Gun Turrets that drop from hidden hatches (Ion Cannon/Laser Cannon) with sliding hatches. Todo list: 1: Get some volunteers who are willing to help me evaluate this carefully and MAYBE do some test builds to make sure this will hold up. 2: Design a Cradle/Stand/Plaque 3: Surface "Candy"/Greebles/etc. 4: Cockpit needs some refinement (inside) 5: Part Audit (make sure I'm using readily available parts and nothing stupid insane aside from obvious (3 parts estimated at this point) 6: Instructions (cringe) Major Phases: Phase 1: Proof of Concept - done - ready for evaluation. Phase 2: Detail it out Phase 3: Audit to make sure the bloody thing won't fall apart and can be built out (will be looking for volunteers to test/poke) - with colors. Consider bricks and price. Phase 4: Instruction Manual (I'm not looking forward to this) Phase 5: Build it! And pray it works. Phase 6: Release! (1.0) And that's that.....hope you guys are excited as much as I am. Biggest thanks and shout outs to @Kdapt-Preacher with his tolerance of my ranting/screaming/spamming of my progress and "Darth Soban" who gave me inspiration for the dome sections. Those who are interested in helping me out - PM me and we can discuss - I strongly advise you get Discord because these boards are not suited to up to minute detailed chats. The goal is to make sure those who decide to shell out money for this - won't regret the investment (like me for instance). I will charge for instructions yes - but that's yet to be determined.
  15. Today i would like to present you a steam powered machine shop like they used to exist before electric power was widespread. It includes a powered up medium motor hidden in the side building and a train hub for powering the line shaft and making everything move. But without further talking here are the pics: as you can see it is still in the wip phase but you get the idea here is a view of the inside. you can see the powered up motor + hub in the small side building. there is a steam engine, its boiler, the line shafts to transmit the rotary power throughout the entire shop,a drill press, a workbench table complete with a benchvise and a lathe. i am planning to add more tools like a vertical mill and/or a shaper to it. a closeup of the steam engine: it features a moving piston rod and crank/flywheel, a flyweight governour and the various oilers necessary to keep the engine running. a closeup of the drillpress: it also has an oiler to oil the bottom bearing and it features an arrangement of belts (not shown here) to get the power to the head of the drillpress to get the drill spinnnign a closeup of the lathe: this one was inspired by nwbricks on rebrickable but was modified to work and look like a belt driven lathe with its two pulleys for selecting different speeds for turning various diameters and the obligatory oilers that these early bearings needed to keep running smoothly. the build was heavily inspired by Dave Richards from youtube who has built himself a workshop just like back in the steam era days complete with various steam powered metal working machines. Hope you like my model(s)!
  16. Part of what got me into LEGO Technic years ago was an interest in designing a MOC of Lamborghini's original Aventador, the LP700-4. After a lot of procrastination, I've finally started on it. I'm not 100% happy with the chassis and I put compromises in so that I could test the fit and scale of various components. This will be a 1:10 scale model and it's my intention to implement a modified version of the gearbox from the Pimp my Lamborghini Project ( I also intend on implementing some form of pushrod suspension for the front + back wheels and the original air brake system. There are a lot of things I like about the current gearbox, but there are significant space limitations I need to take into account. The gearbox may need to be redesigned but right now it fits nicely in the chassis. I'm currently having a challenge implementing the DNR and gear shifters in the small space. I'm very happy with the rear suspension as it is compact, to-scale, and captures a lot of the aspects of the Aventador's pushrod-style suspension. I've designed it to have more travel than a supercar normally would because I prefer it that way for Technic models. The front suspension is a mess of compromises to keep height down since at this scale I have 1 or 2 studs more at most before I hit the hood. Here there are many more challenges before I'd consider it done. I haven't found a 100% perfect solution yet, but I have managed to maintain my height limit by expanding laterally. I'm having trouble designing a steering rack with a good geometry, but the current version is adequate for now. The mechanism is very similar to the rear suspension, only it has been flattened and widened to accommodate steering and front wheel drive. I might be tempted to raise the height by a stud, but I'd have to begin on front fenders to see what the height limit will be. Steering is wonky but adequate for now.
  17. Here is a project that I have been maturing for 4 years and which finally takes shape from this year, inspired by a french comic strip from Arthur De Pins.. Throughout this topic, you can follow the progress of the project and the WIP. This first post will bring together only the completed games and winks to the universe. For those who do not know Zombillenium, visit Dupuis, the editor of Arthur de Pins (link in french): Park map: 1. Gretchen and his Mini Cooper S : 2. Carousel with skulls : Great inspiration from those found in the comic strip park, but which I found a bit repetitive, especially this one. 3. "At work !" : Zombillenium - "At work !" by Stephle59, sur Flickr 4. "Cheeeeers..." Zombillenium - "Cheeers... Creepy family photo !" by Stephle59, sur Flickr The family photo, with from left to right: - Sirius Jefferson the skeleton - Aton Noudjemet the mummy - A demon worker like Aurelien Zahner - Francis Von Bloodt the vampire and director of the park - Blaise Canilhac the werewolf and director of human resources - Gretchen Webb the witch 5. Candy shop : Zombillénium - Main Street, Candy shop by Stephle59, sur Flickr To be continued...
  18. Hi there everybody, since some of you asked for more WIP topics in the "Decreasing number of MOCs" topic, I thought I would take you along with my latest project, hopefully from start to finish. I wanted to build a drift car, and what other car ycould that be than the Nissan Silvia? deciding between S13, S14 and S15 was pretty easy, since pop up headlights are awesome. So I went for the most suitable model, the 180SX Type X. A quick search on google brought up this Blueprint. Not perfect, but good enough. Since this is a car with the classic FR layout I took the 6-speed manual transmission from my Nissan R32 GTR MOC and removed the AWD. I'ts running very smooth. After the pop-up headlights were completed I started modelling the front bumper. This bumper is really difficult, all the proportions are hard to recreate from bricks. I tried it like this, and while it is pretty accurate these stacked plates dont look very nice. Often it is better to choose the less accurate but better looking solution, so that's what I'll try next. I would love if someone could suggest a solution for the front lip that wraps all around the bottom of the bumper. It is 1.7 studs high and the angle does not want to match any solution I come up with. I know this does not look like much, but thats what happens when you look at the early stages of a MOC. I hope you enjoyed this, I'll try to keep you updated on my progress. Gray Gear
  19. Rockstaremcee

    What did you BUILD today?

    As simple as it sounds, what did you build today? You can be as vague or specific as you like. This is just for fun. Did you spend the evening creating, tearing down, and recreating a small part in your MOC? (i.e. archway, tree, etc) Did you build the Modular/ UCS/ desirable set that you finally acquired but had not yet built? Did you spend the day just sorting bricks? Are you planning/designing/drawing your next build? Creating a new set in Lego Digital Designer or ========================================================================================= To start it off: I worked on 71741 Ninjago City Gardens, for the 5th evening and finished the 2nd (of 3) instruction book.
  20. With my Ripsaw Tank MOC essentially done by now (just waiting for some final pieces to arrive) and my PAB order for my New Flyer XD60 articulated bus model still yet to arrive (with more pieces coming for that), I've decided to start another MOC in the meantime. This will be my second model combining Control+ and Robot Inventor after my Heavy Duty Skid-steer Loader. It will have two identical axles, each with a steering motor (medium angular motor) to control steering, and thanks to their absolute positioning feature I don't think I'll have to calibrate it every time, like on e.g. the 42099 set. I was originally planning to use Control+ L motors for the steering, and have this be a Control+ MOC, but found the medium angular motor to fit better with the absolute positioning being another plus. I plan on creating a control profile in the Mindstorms app with different sliders for normal, crab, and 4-wheel steering modes. The drivetrain consists of heavy-duty differentials and planetary hubs, so this eliminates the need for significant gearing down inside the chassis. For propulsion, I plan to use 2 Control+ XL motors, with a fake engine driven by a separate motor. This way, the fake engine can run at all times and there will be less friction in the drivetrain. I anticipate building the chassis to be pretty straightforward, as the entire chassis is essentially a mirror image with two identical axles. As for the bodywork, I'm leaning towards a red car-like body. If so, I will probably name this MOC "Red Beryl C", where "C" is for Crawler. It would be the third model in my Red Beryl series, after my Red Beryl GT of 2018 and Red Beryl X of 2019. Let me know what you think, and any suggestions you may have. Photos: The front axle, with planetary hubs, long shock absorbers, and a medium angular motor for steering: The front axle, with the wheels attached. Note that this is the underside, with the heavy-duty differential visible:
  21. My contribution for this years Octrainber "Critters" is Vollert Robot DER 100 "Leonhard Weiss", a tiny little modern shunter engine I saw the other day in real live traveling from Stuttgart to Nürnberg in Germany. A quick google search brought me to with some pictures and additional information about this a bit strange looking "thing" on rails. The shape looks a bit odd but it might be a challenge for a LEGO model, especially the dark grey triangle next to the front windows. But yes, not another KÖF, but something modern. And Circuitcubes Bluetooth controlled mini motors are waiting here to be used in a train MOC. The prototype was build by the German company Vollert. Vollert does offer a few shunting robots from very tiny to mid sized locomotives. The Robot DER 100 has a total length of 5,45 m and a total weight of approx. 44 tons. It has a pulling capacity of 2,400 tons. This robot is powered either electric (cable or battery) or diesel-electric. As option it can operate in explosive atmosphere environments, e.g. chemical plants. The version I saw is operated by the German construction and building company Leonhard Weiss which is well known in railway construction. The LEGO MOC also will be powered by battery electric but I will not pull 2,400 tons of rolling stock ;-) But it will (hopefully) offer enough space for at least 2 Curcuitcube mini motors to power the drive and as special function a decoupling unit. If this works, I will get a remote controlle shunter with a high play value. Attaching a small linear actuator directly to the motor seems to work. Now I need to squeeze in everything in the dark grey/yellow body of the Vollert Robot shunter. A few years ago I already integrated a decoupling unit powered with PF in a 12 Volt MOC engine. So I already have some knowledge to integrate LEGO set 7862 in a locomotive. Stay tuned for the further development of my LEGO version of the Vollert Robot DER 100 ...
  22. Hello, it´s OcTRAINber-Time.... WIP story and progress of "my" Köf II: I wanted to build a Köf for a long time. Yes, I know, it's not a special locomotive and has been done well in Lego. But not by me. From the beginning, it was clear to me: a locomotive must be able to drive alone, not a freight car with an engine behind it as a drive! This is not really feasible for a Köf in scale 1:41 with pure Lego means. 9V motor would be a solution, but since I am not a 9V driver, have 0 track material for it, the 9V solution is out for me. All known conversions with PF/PF Lego Technic are too big for me and would not fit to scale next to my other models. About a week ago came the announcement for the competition OcTRAINber 2021: small shunting locomotives or maintenance cars etc. were the topic. I combine: I have an unused Circuit Cube engine lying in front of me, I want to build a Köf and there is just a suitable Wettberb. Ok, then I'll build the Köf now and put other topics on the back burner for now. Ok, let's go.... at the beginning is the research. The Köf II is really very small. Link to a sketch, I come there in my scale to about 16 studs length without buffers / coupler Circuit Cube + motor is small, but somehow the Köf II is even smaller. So I thought about the placement of the motor. The first try went wrong. The motor builds up too deep at the bottom and grinds on the top of the rail. This does not work with switches and level crossings. Ok, so set the motor higher and roughly mark out the outer edges. The disadvantage of this motor position are the many necessary gears (friction losses), the advantage is, I can drive both axes. You can also see nicely how small the Köf is to become. One day later: I didn't like the many gears and I also had a crazy idea for the front. It needs space and therefore the engine has to give way: Motor is now 90° tilted. I have fewer gears in use and can still drive both axles. Nice. But the installation there is also difficult and I need MORE space on top for pretty design.... So radically new approach thought out. Motor comes down again, but turned to the side, so that it has 1/2 plate distance to the top of the rail. Advantage: one gear less (even less is not possible^^), both axles can be driven, lots of space on the top. Disadvantage: does it hold? The whole thing is also not so nice from a constructional point of view, because I have to leave the grid inside for the motor, too. The cabin sits all the time also already 1/2 plate in the grid shifted (in height), so that everything becomes very interesting. This was the moment when I also had to test the whole thing with real stones: yes, it works and the thing drives: Now I have a LOT of ;-) Space and can be filled with stupid ideas. But that's another story.... Thomas
  23. Normally I'm a slow builder and have no chance finishing something within such a short time. Still full of impressions from our last visit to the RhB in Graubünden/Switzerland I started thinking about a "Baudiensttraktor TM 2/2 92" - a MOW vehicle. Unfortunately my prototype does no longer exist and I have not seen this in real life. I only have external links: e.g. First design is 6x10 studs with Cicuit Cubes motor, running on 4 wide "narrow gauge" tracks. This is as small as I could build - with motorization: In the black/grey front thingy (what is the English word for it?) touches the rails. So I wanted to test if this is a problem in the real world. I'm using LEGO rubber bands for almost all my builds to get more traction - and these make the (tiny) difference. So my vehicle can move without touching the rails. But I was unhappy with the proportions. The front of the prototype almost looks like a square. My tractor looked too narrow. So I started with 8x12. Again I wanted to make sure it can handle switches and does not touch the rails: So the basic design seems finished - but it needs more details While searching for missing parts I need to order, I noticed that the 1x2 tile with the diagonal stripe pattern does not exist I do not know what sticker I used during import in to So I need to use a different part with existing pattern or make a custom sticker. I do not know if this is a legal "thirs party part".
  24. Si-MOCs

    WIP feedback thread

    LEGO Sci-Fi universal WIP feedback thread. Do you have a Work In Progress (WIP) build that isn't working ? Do you have a problem that you can't just figure out how to get the look that you want? Did you create something but not sure how to use it? Do you want to help out a fellow builders? Then this this thread is for you! During the great EB oppsies of 2012, one of the discussions had off forums was the creation for a universal WIP thread that everyone could post what they were working on, this helps clean up the forums a bit, as well as provide a proper and centralized location where people could get some help on what they were working on. So EVERYONE post away! Throw in things you're working on and our esteemed Sci-Fi members will chime in and help you the best we can. I'll start! This was an attempt at a micro-ship / drone.... WIP micro ship drone thingy by Si-MOCs, on Flickr I've had this thing sitting on my desk for awhile, it had promise, but I just couldn't really get it to a point where I liked it. The idea was almost a bio-ship that felt a bit like armadillo armouring, with some asymmetrical striping. But it's kinda just a blob... Anyone got any ideas? or just scrap it? ...
  25. Hey guys, here is a long-anticipated project of mine that I'm finally starting. It is a model of NJ Transit's 2020 New Flyer XD60 articulated bus. My model will be fully motorized, with remote-controlled drive, steering, and opening doors. It'll be either controlled by the PF IR system or by SBrick. The model will be propelled by a PF XL motor, which is already in place. The power source is a PF 8878 battery sitting in the very rear of the chassis. So far I have the rear portion of the chassis built - just missing most of the seats. I've already been building the model digitally on for about a month, mostly working on the chassis, so this part should be done relatively soon. However, this is not taking into consideration any potential issues that may arise as I build the chassis in real life. I also have prototypes for the doors' and bellows' mechanisms ready (not pictured), and they seem to work pretty well. So overall, it'll just be a matter of putting these mechanisms together into a coherent chassis. Aesthetics wise, my model will mostly be about the outside appearance, which means I'll focus much more on the bodywork than the interior details-wise. However, the seating layout will still be identical to the original bus, with a total of 59 seats. This is definitely a project I'm really looking forward to. It'll be the first time I model a particular real-life vehicle. I'm a huge fan of NJ Transit's buses and buses in general, and these artics IMO are some of the best buses they've ordered in recent years. And because I'm doing a digital build while simultaneously building in real life, I plan on publishing instructions for this MOC when it's finished. Photo: