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  1. LegoElvesFanatic


    Thank You so much. I aspire to be as good as you at mocs. let me know if you have any projects you want help with (bear in mind I'm not as good as you)
  2. LegoElvesFanatic


    Hi, my name is Josephine. I am creating Elevendale with all my Elves sets (I own them all) I would love to post images and you give me feedback and advice! Thanks. My family and I are moving house so my Lego is getting packed away . Over the next few weeks I am going to be buying pieces and sketching out designs for Elvendale. If you have any pieces that have helped you let me know what ones they are and I should be posting a base sketch in a few days
  3. LegoElvesFanatic

    Lego Elves Dragon

    This is my idea of Ragana's dragon I used Zonya's body with quite a few additions and techniques. I think she turned out really elegant and I cant wait to display her in a moc. Her name is Astori. I'm so sorry for the bad photos
  4. Thanks! I am a high school student and do not have any pay whatsoever so I'm trying to ration money to get foliage and rocks. I own every single elves set and around 50 lego friends and I'm trying to create elvendale. I love your remodeling of the buildings and I think I will try to do something like that. Can I post some photos and you give me some tips?
  5. THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would you ever think of giving out some base ideas for like hills and places? cause I would love to make this. Could you do like square by square cause I'm 15 and have every single lego elves set and want to create a place I can play with them rather than having the sets just placed out on my floor. i would love to have some tips