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Found 25 results

  1. Hey! The new MOC is ready and this time something completely different - Minecraft Some time ago I bought some lamps and thought that I need to build illuminated lava, so Minecraft. The project was in the making for about a month, I had to order a lot of unusual colors and elements for me. How do you like it?
  2. Hey everyone ! It's been ages since I took part in a Eurobricks contest of any kind, but when I stumbled upon the Concept Art Contest this Friday, I knew I had to cook something up, no matter how little time remained, since I am a huge fan of Ralph McQuarrie's art. About half of the wall space of my house is filled with framed posters of his drawings, as I am simply in love with his ability to capture the feeling of each location - you can almost feel how it would be like if you were there. My favorite work of his is all the ROTJ imperial imagery, like the super industrial proto-Coruscant that Vader escorts Luke through to get to the Emperor, but Palpy's throne room itself takes the cake in my opinion. The final movie version of the room onboard the DSII is iconic to be sure, but to me this version of it is an amazing, super Star-Wars-y location, and perfectly matches the Emperor's character and the tone of the sequence. My build is quite simple, as the platform and throne are quite simple, sharp and bold shapes themselves. For the lava, I wanted something a tad more realistic and interesting than trans-orange tiles on a baseplate, so I employed the classic idea of a net piece sandwiched between 1x1 plates and 1x1 tiles on the bottom and top respectively, which gives the ability to curve and shape your surface, and created a subtle wave pattern. Due to my time limitations, I switched the camera's angle to be higher up to avoid building tons of rockwork on the back, but I included the small parts near the platform using the new-ish beehive part,BB-8 heads and barraki eyes, so you can get an idea of what the rest of it would look like. So, here goes, please tell me your thoughts and critiques !
  3. Hi everybody! Together with my son we built our version of Vader's castle on Mustafar from R1. We tried to make it UCS style complete with a micro build, UCS style sticker and a booklet. The base (the lava field) is 96x96 studs; the total height is approx 125cm. It includes six minifigs: two imperial guards, Vaane - Vader's servant, Krennic, and two versions of Vader - one in armor, and one in the bacta tank. For the bacta tank version we used the torso from the collectible minifig gargoyle. We built it last autumn, but worked on it since; and now got around to take some decentish photos. Hope you'll like it. Here's the link to the flickr album
  4. When the 'So long for sunny days'-challenge on Lowlug was announced, I immediately thought about combining LEGO's currently most populair theme with a slew of sets that, in the Netherlands at least, are being sold on the secondhand market for less than a few cents and thus wasn't so popular after all by the majority. A combination Brickheadz-Bionicle, so to speak. As soon as I got that idea down, I remembered an old promotional video from 2001 that had the Toa Mata Tahu surfing over lava and molten rocks inside a volcano, which I wanted to recreate. So I grabbed some bricks, order a lot of trans-orange parts from Bricklink and after 2 months of building, I now proudly present my MOC: Because I had to combine Bionicle with Brickheadz, the official head of Tahu had to be replaced by a brickbuild Brickheadz-ified version. And as cherry on top, I constructed a fitting mask that is only attached to the head by 1 stud. And of course I wanted the lava, just like in the real world, to glow. Fortunately I could borrow 50 trans-orange Light Stax 2x4 bricks from a fellow Lowlug-member, all of which I built into this model. And let me say, in real life, the lighting effects are even more astounding. You can view a full set of photos of this moc on my Brickshelf. And don't forget to like and share this MOC on Facebook.
  5. Some people say that the prequels sucked...and they did...but I believe that this scene redeemed all 3 movies (Minus He-sa who-sa shall not be named-sa ;) So I decided to replicate this epic Lightsaber battle in Lego. This moc has over 1500 pieces (most of which are in the lava) and took me and my sister about 7 hours to build and finalize. After a week of looking at it I thought something was missing so I ordered some fantastic Lego lights and set them up under that lava to create a fantastic effect. I would love some feedback on the moc and I'd love to hear your opinions. Thanks so much for taking a look!
  6. Hello guys, For the last month, I've been working on my Dark Wizards Tower on and off. I really want to go through with this moc but I need your help to finish it. So far I have completed the exterior of 2 sides (Not enough parts for the other 2 sides) and next I am going to be building the interior. There are 5 floors and they all come apart. I need suggestions for 4 things; 1. A Name for the Tower (If I really like it and end up using it, I will send you a free copy of the instructions when there ready :) 2. Ideas for the 4 floors of the tower (Plus the dungeon) 3. An idea for the top, something really cool. 4. Overall feedback on the exterior of the tower and things I can improve. Thanks so much for looking. I'll be updating this thread as I go along.
  7. I wanted to create some different areas based on the four elements represented by the four main elves, I've mixed parts from all kinds of different sets to create these places. This one is the earth themed home for Farran the Earth Elf. I wanted it to be part cottage, part treehouse. It's mostly parts from The Elves Treetop Hideaway and the Ewok Village sets. I attached my waterfall cave alongside the treehouse I also made a fire themed volcano cave with a tall treehouse/tower neighbouring it. It's mostly made from a Lego Friends set that has a cabin and a waterfall. I kept the cabin and built the tower above it and changed the waterfall into a volcano. I've created a workshop for the Air Elf Aira in one section of the tower with a bedroom above it, an observing platform with a telescope above that and a turret room on the top. The webisodes show that Azari the fire elf is homeless and just crashes with the other elves, but I've given her a warm place to sleep inside the volcano. I kept the camp beds in the cabin for the humans to sleep in when they visit Elvendale. And here's some random pictures..
  8. I decided The Nexo Knights Volcano Lair playset needed a little something extra... I added a Skull tower with a throne and a platform for adding ingredients into a cauldron for mixing up magical mischief... Work in progress image... Best picture I could get of the throne
  9. Kendo

    [MOC] Son of Makuta

    Hey guys , this is the first Bionicle G2 MOC I made that I find worth sharing so please , enjoy : This is ______ , the son of Makuta . The devil-like _____ is as devious and insidious as his father , but also bloodthirsty and ruthless. He wields a powerful Bident gifted to him by his father ( inspired by Hades's weapon of choice ) , which he uses both for physical combat as well as channeling his dark elemental powers. His bat-like wings allow him to take his fights to the sky ( using an Ikir like flapping function ) , often dropping his enemies after grabbing them and flying high enough for a lethal drop. Finally , his satyr-like legs draw inspiration from depictions of demons and devils having similar legs , as well as G1 Makuta from 2003. "Witness the fate of your leader Toa , witness the fate of those who stand before me . Now that I defeated him , what chance do you stand ?" So what do you guys think ? Please comment , I'd love to hear your opinions and criticism , they really mean a lot to me ! I'm also looking for a name for him so drop any idea you have in the comments . Thanks a lot for looking .
  10. I thought she deserved a vehicle of her own, but I couldn't really think of many vehicles that'd be useful for a spy, so I decided to go for the classics and build a mini-mecha. To access the mecha's interior, the hood folds up and the chest folds down. Since her Ultimate's main power is beetle bomb, I gave her a little pet beetle. It could be a plushie, but that'd make the launcher completely inexplicable, rather than merely mostly inexplicable. Sadly, I couldn't figure out a way to give it three pairs of legs rather than two. Thoughts? The red light inside the hood is supposed to represent some kind of heat ray device. The tr. red tiles are a stand-in for a Nexo Power shield inlay. When I build it in real life, I'm planning to replace the assembly connecting that little grappling hook to the rest of the mech with a stud launcher. Gallery. Comments and criticism appreciated!
  11. Hello once again! I have made a moc of the Nexo Knights Lava Golem Infernox. Here you go. A Minifig can ride on top using a simple stud connection, and everything is articulated. Leg design is based of Jay's Lightning Mech. Back view, showing the clip that connects him to Jestro's Evil Mobile. And finally, an action shot with a scurrier. C&C much appreciated!
  12. goatman461

    [O - I06] If Only In My Dreams

    Location: Yetornius - I06 Tags: Christmas Finally... the beacon... 100 miles north of the Jacques LaRose Training Facility on the south pole of Yetornius, pilot John Hannibal reaches the final marker of the Octan explorer training course. As he activates the beacon to coordinate his pick up, alone, Hannibal has time to think about the past two months of rehabilitation, training, and the loss of his command. It wouldn't be long before he was again demoted and his ability to find answers to the assassination attempt would be lost. And, he knew he couldn't bring his family to Andromeda without first knowing that the would be safe. Hannibal knew just the man to put on the job... as long as he could take some time away from the important work he was doing for CEO Pombe... Damn, it's quite out here. Tomorrow will be 60 days since the attack... Christmas day... and here I am where the love light gleams... I'll be home for Christmas, darling...
  13. 3BrickFriends

    [MOC] Fight Over Lava River

    Hi all, I normally work on Town based MOCs but recently I've been building a few more 'historical' themed MOCs. This is my first: 'Fight Over Lava River'. The video below describes it and explains a few of the building techniques. Hope you like the video. I'd love to hear your comments. Mike
  14. Location: A04 - Mynderis Tags: Science, Engineering Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my fifth weekly mission in Andromeda. For this mission I have been asked to find out if we can improve our Awesomnium extraction from Mynderis. I have gone back to first principles and came up with a new extraction method taking advantage of the very high natural temperatures here on Mynderis. I have been assigned to work with Donald an Engineer to put my designs to work right away. Donald was initially skeptical of the design, but had suggested multiple improvements that will not reduce the effectiveness, but will reduce the required maintenance of the device. Donald is making the final adjustments and we are already getting spectacular results." With the light brick active the lava appears to glow Comments and criticism welcome
  15. LittleJohn

    [M - A04] An Explosive Encounter

    Location: A04-Mynderis Tags: Exploration Job: Explorer The more I explored Mynderis, the quicker I wanted to leave; lava and rocks were the main terrain, with the occasion small volcano. It seemed that most of these weren't active however, and I didn't pay too much attention to them. That is, until one of them erupted directly in front of me... Needless to say, I was rather startled, and hot tailed out of there as fast as my jet-packs would take me. More pics here: Link Just a really quick little build for this week. C&C welcome
  16. LittleJohn

    [M-A04] MANTIS Mining Base

    Location: A04-Mynderis Tags: Building, Vehicle Job: Explorer My next assignment for M.A.N.T.I.S. was a hot one. They wanted me to get some lava samples from Mynderis for them to analyze. I wasn't too enthused by the idea, until I was told I would get to use the MES (Mini Exo-Suit), which was too good an offer to refuse. I took the samples next to a recently constructed Awesomnium mining base, which was in full swing. More pictures here: Link C&C welcome
  17. David FNJ

    [M - A06] Battle on Guinevere

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: A06, MANTIS, Military, land vehicle AG: Battle on Guinevere by David FNJ, on Flickr Dave Daring------Starstriker---------Ninja Nin------Mark of Orion----Paul Bricktron--Scorpio Starstriker--Isaac Redsyn-----Little John-------Ace Jagjit LET'S DO THIS THING! Watch out for that dropship! It's got missiles! Wow...uh, why don't our robots target it? much for the robot upgrades.... That blasted robot is in my way from firing at the dropship! Yeah...and now it's headed towards us.... Maybe if the robot would only aim its weapon TOWARDS THE SKY!! I think I got a shot at this! Turning death ray to medium power.... It's too late! Here it comes! I knew I should have picked the death ray...wait... BOOM! OH YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' about! That was just AWESOME! Way to go guys, that was close. Double D! A Kawawiwhatever is coming up on your right! Thanks LJ! The air is now clear! I've been able to pick off a bunch of troops and blow up some of those drones from back here. Let's finish this! Man...didn't get to use my death ray mode... Oh look, NOW our robot is starting to work. I guess it only does well when there are no airships? That's kinda lame. ............that was easy enough. I guess that's what happens when MANTIS is on the battlefield - TOTAL DOMINATION! And...uh, is anyone else's stomach feeling a little icky today? Anyway, Ace, I need you to help blow up a bunch of these Kawashita drones things. I'll be sending you the coordinates once I get back to the dropship. I'm on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note, this story takes place right before Ace Jagjit's build: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110912 The spoiler has some black light shots, close-ups on the machines, and minifigure-free landscape shots. AG: Battle on Guinevere by David FNJ, on Flickr
  18. Mr Greeble

    [M-A06] Can of Worms

    Log of Agent G - Dave Daring and were sent to Guinevere to help with the "treaty" between Mantis and Kawashita. After "negotiations" between the two companies, we're now proceeding to head back to Torresta for a well-earned rest.- "Er, do you hear something G? "Yeah... Sounds like Yallorn nomlas fish blowing bubbles... But we aren't on Yallorn, so what is it?" "Call this a wild guess, but it seems to be the lava wyrm coming up out of the conveniently close lava, but, you know, I could be wrong" "AHHHHHH! Shit! Computer! Tell me these things earlier! Computer: Hiya sir! It seems to be that you've encountered a Guineverian Lava Wyrm. Nasty little situation you got there, seeing how it's against galactic regulations to kill it, endangered species and what-not. "G! Could really use some help over here! Stop blabbing and help me kill it! This things hide is tough! "Gah! What hit me?! I think it took it took at my cam!" Computer: Seems to be another one, sir! "Fine, you want to play, let's play..." "You've got to admit, these thing put up a good fight." "It also didn't make it any easier that you barely helped..." "Barely helped! It knocked out my cam, I could barely see! ... We should be heading back though, however endangered these things might be, there's still sure to be more... C&C very welcome.
  19. Graham Gidman

    [Challenge 1] [K - A06] Guinevere

    A volcano on Guinevere.
  20. Mr Greeble

    [M-A06] Can of Worms

    Log of Agent G - Dave Daring and were sent to Guinevere to help with the "treaty" between Mantis and Kawashita. After "negotiations" between the two companies, we're now proceeding to head back to Torresta for a well-earned rest.- "Er, do you hear something G? "Yeah... Sounds like Yallorn nomlas fish blowing bubbles... But we aren't on Yallorn, so what is it?" "Call this a wild guess, but it seems to be the lava wyrm coming up out of the conveniently close lava, but, you know, I could be wrong" "AHHHHHH! Shit! Computer! Tell me these things earlier! Computer: Hiya sir! It seems to be that you've encountered a Guineverian Lava Wyrm. Nasty little situation you got there, seeing how it's against galactic regulations to kill it, endangered species and what-not. "G! Could really use some help over here! Stop blabbing and help me kill it! This things hide is tough! "Gah! What hit me?!" Computer: Seems to be another one, sir! "Fine, you want to play, let's play..." "You've got to admit, these thing put up a good fight." "It also didn't make it any easier that you barely helped..." "Barely helped! Bah! We
  21. C03-Torresta M.A.N.T.I.S. HQ Lady Kianna slowed her breathing and focused on the movement of the rivers of lava around her. Here in the Realm of Truth, as the lava garden just outside the HQ of M.A.N.T.I.S. is called, one is expected to focus on the upcoming mission. Maxx (Maxxenne) had insisted that she come here to ready herself mentally for all that was to come. As she watched the lava flow Lady Kianna remembered how she came to this moment in her life. Born in space to a military family, she grew up with all the daily discipline and ritual the lifestyle demanded. Her father was a leader and military tactician aboard the spaceship the Black Star where she and her family lived and worked. He knew both Maxxenne and Maxximus Corvus personally as he reported directly to both of them. Lady Kianna excelled at all her studies, showing great promise as someone who was willing take charge in the most hostile of situations remaining calm and focused, to be the first in volunteering for dangerous situation, and loved a good challenge. At the end of her formal schooling years, she was required to do a three year tour aboard the spaceship Obsidian. It was there that she learned much about mining and covert military operations. After settling on the planet Torresta and as the HQ began to take shape, Maxx (Maxximus) came directly to her father and recruited her to the engineering team. Having completed the first series of mission to planet B03 - Linopeia III she was now preparing for the next series of missions. With several choices to choose from Lady Kianna contemplated the challenges of each different environment for the engineering skills she would need to best support her team. Enjoy! C&C Welcome.
  22. Location: I06 - Yetornius Tags: Exploration --Weekly Explorer's Transmission-- --Log of Eagle-Eye Silver-- I was sent by Lord Business to explore Yetornius, and spent a few days skimming the tortured volcanic surface with my jetpack. Octan Corp's intelligence apparatus suggested a moderate alien presence, but until day 6 when I stopped at a supply drop (I’ll have to thank the logistics team, the Octan flag was a welcoming and highly visible indicator!) to refuel the jetpack's awesomnium tanks that I saw any life whatsoever. Luckily I had just finished topping off the tanks when the lava wyrm exploded out of a relatively cool magma pipe. It seems the life forms of this planet avoid the lava seas living instead among the cooler zones where there is more stable ground. I'll have to report this to our science teams. Both Dr. Long and Comrade Commander will be interested to look into how this gigantic creature survives on this hostile world. --End of Log Entry-- Some builder's notes: I found I was woefully unprepared to do a build with lighting from below. I've got nowhere near enough trans orange, yellow and red pieces! I tried to compensate by going with a more "solid" landscape rather than the large expanses of lava a lot of the rest of us have built. I've had the ice cream pieces for quite some time for uses just like this, but I was surprised at just how fragile the connections are between them. It's almost as if TLG is toying with us by giving us a connection that almost, just barely, functions until you look at it wrong! Photography here is pretty "meh" too, I need to get some other colors of poster board--I think an orange would have been good here. A couple more on Flickr. C&C appreciated!
  23. goatman461

    [O - I06] Octan Barge

    Location: I06 - Yetomius Tags: Military, Vehicle, Spaceship / Airplane, Exploration [i - 06] OCTAN BARGE by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr I06 - Yetomius - Octan Pilot John Hannibal follows a modified drone to Explorer Pombe's location on I06. Forward artillery and mercenary guards protect the barge from the dangerous inhabitants of the planet below.
  24. The knight challenges the necromancer on it's own turf, his very presence changing the landscape. Grass is growing, the rocks are no longer blackened, and the lava is turning to water. Evil is surrounding him, but it cannot touch him. This was my entry to the Symphony of Construction contest. Myriad ( made me thing of a desperate battle between good and evil. Here, the knight represents good and the necromancer-ish character represents evil.
  25. soccerkid6

    Denrith Fortress

    Well here's my build for Category B of Challenge I. The fortress has a full interior and all the doors/drawbridge/trapdoor work. The lava is lit in several spots. Legonardo inspired the roof of the fortress, while kris_kelvin and DR Church inspired the fortress itself. Also Captain Beerbeard suggested lighting the lava I'd like to receive UoP credit for: roofing (one of three techniques) [Architecture], extreme environments [Landscape Design], life in Nocturnus [Anthropology], lighted builds [General Building]= 4 credits Denrith Fortress is the base of operations for the pack under Gavin's leadership. Denrith provides a secure place of retreat after robbing passers by, or more recently after attacks on the Black Spire. Gavin views the Black Spire as a threat to 'business' and thus all his efforts are now spent trying to bring about ruin for the Black Spire. The dungeon in Fenrith has held many kinds of prisoners over the years, but now it holds one Hand of Corruption soldier who the pack is interrogating for information about the Black Spire so that they can plan their next attack. There are some more pictures here: link All comments and criticism welcome