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  1. Yes, it looks pretty, and Emilly Blunt does a good job from what I can tell, but it just looks like the first movie again. Did we wait this long for a sequel just to watch Mr. Banks' son learn the same lesson as his father (which also happens to be the same lesson Christopher Robin learned in his movie this year)? Sorry to be so negative, but I'm just so tired of all these reboots.
  2. Oky

    REVIEW: 41775 Unikitty Series 1

    No, figs like Unikitty are not minifigs, and no one ever said they were. The official name of the series is "Unikitty! Collectibles Series" and it's not listed under the CMFs on their product page, so I don't see what the big deal is. And while they may not be minifigs, they are still figs (a representation of a character) so I don't mind that. What I don't like about this series is that you can't feel for the figs you want like you can with every other series and that it's just color variations of the same two characters over and over which make it kind of boring, even for a Unikitty fan. Why not include some other characters from the show? Because of this (and a lack of budget), this is probably the first series I'll be skipping entirely. Hopefully TLG will learn from their mistake and at least include some unique accessories for each fig next time. Thanks for the great review Fangy!
  3. I've never seen the movie adaptation of The Borrowers, but I do remember seeing trailers for the Studio Ghibli film "Arietty" which was also based on The Borrowers and reminded me a lot of The Littles.
  4. While it may not be as necessary to include certain characters with certain sets as it is with other licenses, I also don't think that they would just stick any random characters in each set. Like Hachiroku, I believe that they will draw inspiration from the lore to design the sets. Every location is tied to the origins of one or more characters, so it would seem reasonable to include those heroes in the set that is based on that location and perhaps even have them fight villains that appeared in that location in one of the shorts/comics. Otherwise the sets will just feel cobbled together (which would be more accurate to the experience of playing the game, but not as appealing in terms of set design) and would alienate Overwatch fans who would want the sets to be accurate to the lore. However, that doesn't mean that we won't see duplicates of some characters. I wouldn't be surprised if we get duplicates of some of the more prominent/popular characters like Tracer in the sets, likely with different skins to fit into the context of the set and to entice people to collect all versions of the figs. Although I hope that won't be the case since there are so many characters to choose from that we probably won't get them all in the first wave, even if there aren't any duplicates. They might just focus on the classic characters for the first wave and save some of the more recently added characters for later sets if there is another wave.
  5. Oky

    A quick comment on spam

    The recent flood of spam is indeed getting frustrating. It's not fun to wake up to dozens of notifications for spam topics every day. I'm sure the mods are doing their best to keep it under control, but unless somebody finds a more permanent solution, I fear I may have to turn off notifications from EB to avoid having to constantly clear my inbox of spam. Implementing a filter that blocks topics with a link or Asian characters in the title from being posted seems like the most obvious solution and has been suggested many times, but no admin has so far commented on whether this is possible or not (correct me if I'm wrong). Any response to this question or any update on where we are at in the War on the Bots would be greatly appreciated. Either way, thanks for all your work, mods & admins!
  6. Oky

    Star Wars

    Good video, thanks for sharing. It's nice to see someone try to understand both sides of the debate and he is right. People who dislike the film just want a good escapist fantasy and yes, no matter how good certain aspects of the film may be, if it doesn't provide that fantasy and instead goes completely against the previous films treating everything that people liked about those films as something bad that needs to be corrected, they aren't going to be happy obviously. And no, just because the character arcs were done competently doesn't make the movie good. None of the videos you shared addressed any of the flaws brought up in Plinkett's analysis such as the nonsensical plot or the mixed messages and tone. You shouldn't sacrifice the story (in a STORYTELLING medium) and consistency for good character development. And I'm just gonna dismiss the last video because that's just made for sexist/racist idiots who disliked the movie simply because of their prejudices rather than any actual criticisms. This is what I still fail to understand as well. If this is the Star Wars movie we "needed", why did we need it? Why do we need to subvert the expectations of the fanbase and make it more realistic (i.e. muddled and depressing/disappointing)? Why turn Star Wars into something that it's not? What's wrong with Star Wars just being a black-and-white fairy tale that everyone enjoys? Why fix what ain't broken? If they just wanted to mix things up, they should've just come up with a completely new story instead of just ripping off parts from ESB and ROTJ and just doing the opposite of what we would expect, only to have the characters end up in the same situation as where they started, except Rey is slightly better with the force, Kylo is slightly more evil, Finn is slightly more a rebel, Poe is slightly less of a reckless leader, and the two most interesting characters in the movie, Luke and Snoke, are dead. On a brighter note, while we're sharing YouTube videos, here is one that gives us all of the catharsis that we wanted in the movie:
  7. Has anyone else seen the DuckTales season finale? It was so good! It was just as epic as DuckTales The Movie, if not even more! Great action, great drama, great humor, everything! I love that it incorporated all of the characters in the show unlike DuckTales The Movie which omitted a lot of them like Gyro or Gizmoduck. It wrapped up the season nicely and gave us a nice cliffhanger for the next. And the previous episode, The Spear of Selene, really gave me the feels! That was some Don Rosa level of duck-drama right there! And of course all the many Disney Afternoon references throughout the season were very fun. Can't wait for season 2! Big Hero 6 The Series is enjoyable as well, although I feel like it's trying too hard to be funny or to sell toys sometimes. You can definitely tell that it is made by the creators of Kim Possible though, with its fun action, humor, and overall style and tone. It's not as good as Kim Possible, but still pretty good. I attended the Big Hero 6 panel at SDCC to get a glimpse of future episodes (and because it was the only one that didn't have a mile-long line) and aside from promoting all the toys based on the series, they did show a quick trailer for the season finale and it looks pretty good, so I'm looking forward to that. At the end of the panel, they also showed a sketch of what they think Kim Possible would like 10 years later which looked pretty cool and got me excited for a moment, but it turned out that it was just a segway into promoting the upcoming live action Kim Possible movie on Disney Channel which... No. Just no.
  8. Oky

    Star Wars

    I'll just leave this here...
  9. Anyone remember The Littles? I always thought it had a charming Rescue Rangers/Gummibears vibe to it. And I think Buzz Lightyear of Star Command was a very underrated show. It was everything you'd expect from a Buzz Lightyear show and more!
  10. Oky

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    BlackTron by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr UnBrickognizable by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Dusty Cinematic Universe by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr
  11. Oky

    The Simpsons Movie 2

    I'm surprised that Groening is taking on such a big project considering he is also releasing a Netflix show soon. I'm extremely indifferent towards the Simpsons, so sure, why not. The first one was decent, so I'll probably watch this one too.
  12. Oky

    Star Wars

    It's true what you said. All of it. Grievous was one of the biggest disappointments in that show. The 2003 miniseries was superior to the 2008 series in many aspects, and the characterization of Grievous is definitely one of them. He became one of my favorite characters after Tartakovski's excellent take on him, and Filoni almost made me hate him. It certainly seems that way, although I felt that he was still fairly intimidating in Ep.III despite the cough and stuff, not nearly as much of a joke as he was in the following cartoon. As for the more lighthearted tone of the show, I always thought that that's just because it was aimed more at children, even more so than the movies. Actually, he never had a backstory in the 2003 show. That was just his backstory in one of the EU books which was never really canon, and it was Dooku who transformed him, not Palpatine, but I agree, that was a much better origin story for him and I wish they would have adopted it for the 2008 series, just like they adopted Maul's robot legs from the same book. According to Filoni in this video, Lucas' idea of Grievous' backstory is that he really wanted to be a Jedi and made those cybernetic enhancements himself in order to match the abilities of the Jedi which is kind of stupid if you ask me and doesn't really give him anything to be "grievous" about. But fortunately they kept his origin kinda vague in the show, so it can be whatever you want it to be. In my head-canon, he still has his EU backstory, and him claiming that he chose those "improvements" is just him being too proud to admit that he submitted to Dooku's will. That gives him a tragic backstory to match his name and makes him more of a three-dimensional character. All that said, I do look forward to The Clone Wars returning, although I'm not sure I'll be getting Disney's streaming service. They'll have to offer a lot more new stuff than one season of a decade-old show to make it worth the money.
  13. Hi everyone. This is my entry for the Architecture Faves contest, the final contest on Rebrick. Here are some reference images of the real castle:
  14. Oky

    Single Pane Star Wars Funnies

    Cape Overload by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Separatorist Army by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr Faulty Saber by Okay Yaramanoglu, on Flickr
  15. Oky

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    Thanks! I wouldn't call that a flaw since it served a purpose in the plot. Besides, Bomb Voyage also got away in the first one.