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  1. Oky

    Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    Well, it's official: Darkwing Duck is rebooting on Disney+! Let's get dangerous (again)! No idea. I don't even use reddit. But surely there is some Disney fan forum out there. Let me know if you find a good one.
  2. Oky

    2020 Mindstorms set

    The "[button] is [pressed]" block is one of the options under the remote control blocks, so I don't think it relates to the physical buttons. I've tried other controls like the joystick, but nothing produces a sound. As I understand it, only beeps and the sounds under "Sounds on Hub" are played through the Hub. Everything else is through your device. When I put the "play sound" or "note" blocks under "when program starts" block, it does play it through my phone. It's possible that it's because I'm not connected to a hub since I don't actually have the set which is why I wanted to see if it worked for anyone else. I'm just playing around with the app to get a better understanding of the new software for the contest you mentioned.
  3. Oky

    2020 Mindstorms set

    Does anyone know if it's possible to trigger sounds/music using the remote controls in the new Mindstorms app? I tried placing a "play sound" or "play note" block under the "when button is pressed" block and nothing happens. Also, is there any way to remove any added extensions from the blocks library or remove sounds from the list that you added to the canvas? I'm using the app on an iPhone 11.
  4. Oky

    MOC: Hospital Spaceship Ceyda

    Thanks! It was inspired by the ones seen in Futurama, a show known for its retro designs. Haha, thank you very much! I'm glad it made your day. Yes, it sure was a lot of fun to build - to research the layout of modern day hospital ships and the details in each room and come up with my own version with a sci-fi twist on it. It was a bit stressful trying to get most of it done in just a month, but it was a nice challenge. And yeah, I figured we've all seen enough death and violence lately and could use a more peaceful, optimistic, and health-focused SHIP. Haha, nah, that would be Joshua Dinklage's insane entry. But thanks! Thanks! Honestly, I'm surprised not more people use baseplates in their builds like this. It saves a lot on plates and a bit of height. Maybe because baseplates are so darn expensive. The televators are upside-down Lego Dimensions stands.
  5. Oky

    MOC: Hospital Spaceship Ceyda

    Thanks! The answer is quite simple really: because I don't have any other road plates. But even if I had the newer ones, I wouldn't use them since I like the light gray color of the old ones and they have a narrower street (something I didn't notice until I was trying to create a mockup in LDD which only has the newer baseplates), giving me more real estate on the sidewalk area for the parking spots. As for the blueprint effect, I simply followed this Photoshop tutorial:
  6. Oky

    Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    Yeah, I love that about the DuckTales universe too, that it is so full magic, science fiction, and superheroes that adventure is around every corner and literally anything can happen! Racecars, lasers, and airplanes are actually the most normal things in this show. Regarding the latest episode, can I just say that
  7. Oky

    MOC: Hospital Spaceship Ceyda

    Thanks! Haha, yes, that would be great.
  8. Oky

    MOC: Hospital Spaceship Ceyda

    Thanks everyone! I just added some more pictures of the bridge and captain's cabin which I had initially forgotten, so check them out. Thank you. It's certainly not a new concept, but one that hasn't been explored very often in Lego, especially at minifig-scale, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to build it.
  9. Hi everyone! I hope you are all well and healthy during these difficult times. This is my first SHIP (Seriously Huge Investment in Parts) and my entry for this year's SHIPtember. It is 147 studs long and features a full interior. I built most of it during the month of September and finished up the interior in the following weeks. This ship is an idea that I have had for over 10 years now and I am so excited to finally have realized it. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it. This build is dedicated to all the brave medical professionals that have worked so hard this year to keep us all safe, including my awesome sister who is a D.O. and who this ship is named after. It serves as a reminder that as long as we have heroes like them and we listen to them, we can make it through this difficult time and survive into the far future where such a spaceship could be a reality. The HSS Ceyda is a moderately sized, but fully equipped hospital spaceship (HSS). Once built by the Lego Space Federation to help out in the Great Blacktron War, she now mainly goes on humanitarian missions, traveling from system to system to offer medical services wherever she can. She is equipped with an emergency room, surgery room, sterilization room, radiological services (including CT), rehabilitation center, doctor's office, dentist office, optometry office, laboratory, pharmacy, wards, cafeteria, 10 escape pods, and more. The ship has no weapons, but it has an extra powerful shield generator to protect its passengers. Attacking the HSS Ceyda is considered a war crime by the Space Police. In case a distress signal is received nearby, the ship carries an ambulance shuttle that can be dispatched to go and bring potential patients back to the hospital. Above the hangar is a landing pad only for the ambulance and a decontamination airlock so that the paramedics can land and bring patients into the hospital without carrying in any space germs. There are tools on the ambulance landing pad to service the ambulance, but for more extensive repairs, the ambulance can enter the cargo and repair bay in the back. The landing pad can be removed for better access to the hangar. All throughout the ship there are teleporter pads known as "Televators" with which people can quickly travel to different parts of the ship simply by saying where they want to go. I designed the ship to split into two halves for easier transportation. On the backside of the hangar, there is the main entrance to the hospital as well as ladders which lead up to the crew's quarters. Here you can also get a good look at the laundry room. The roof of the wards section of the ship can be removed to access the interior. There are four wards with a total of 16 beds as well as 2 bathrooms. One of the patients in the ward is a tribute to my best friend Randy who sadly lost his battle with cancer last year and was a big Spider-Man fan. Each bathroom features a toilet, a sink, and a shower with handle bars and a fold-out chair for paraplegics. The escape pods are located directly under the wards. In an emergency, the patients are automatically lowered into the pods and ejected. At the front of the ship, there is a cafeteria where both patients and visitors can come to eat. Diners can entertain themselves by viewing the stars through the large windows or watching the TV in the back. Under the cafeteria is the rehab center gym where patients can regain their strength or lose some of the calories they gained at the cafeteria. On each side of the ship are large engine rooms where the engineers can maintain the ships's engines. Underneath the bridge is the captain's cabin with a bed, wardrobe and desk for the captain. Only the captain can teleport here. The captain's chair is located toward the back of the bridge from where he can easily oversee his crew. Next to it is a holo-map and behind it is a Televator which can only be accessed via a secure access code. The bridge crew members each man a control station in front of the large panoramic window. In the back of the ship, it has 2 main engines and 4 auxiliary thrusters, as well as the entrance for the cargo/repair bay. Here you can see the cargo/repair bay doors when open. The back wall can be opened and all 3 decks inside can be accessed by removing them like drawers. Here is an overview of the three decks once they are removed. Let's take a closer look at them, starting with the first deck. This one contains the reception and waiting area, pharmacy, laboratory, doctor's office, administrative office, dentist office, optometrist office, and a restroom. Several patients are waiting to be seen, including an Explorien who got a little too close to an egg while exploring an alien planet and now needs to get rid of a facehugger. One of the Mars Mission aliens is checking in as he accidentally impaled himself. Another alien is getting his prescription from the pharmacy. Meanwhile, there are reruns of Ninjago are playing on the little wall-mounted TV. A technician is doing some lab work while Dr. Zarifi (my sister) is entering her office to see a patient. Here you can see the restroom and the optometrist office where Dr. Fram (my real-life eye doctor) is having my sigfig perform vision tests. Meanwhile, an alien is having some dental work done and a robot is performing administrative task. The second deck is reserved for the crew members and can only be teleported to using a secure access code. In the Cargo & Repair Bay there are stacks of supplies and Octan concentrated power crystal fuel cells as well as a workstation for making repairs. There is also a small mech for moving heavy objects. Opposite of the Cargo & Repair Bay are the crew's quarters. There is one for male and one for female crew members, although all genders are welcome on board. The corridor in the middle leads to the engine rooms on the sides of the ship. Both quarters have a row of bunk beds, a small desk, and an adjacent bathroom with shower. Both the inner (blue) and outer doors (gray) of the Cargo & Repair Bay can be slid open and closed. The upper deck is connected to the ambulance landing pad so that critical patients can be brought directly to the ER or into surgery. On the other side of the upper deck is a room for radiology services, including an MRI machine, and a lounge where the crew can come to take a break.and have lunch. The bed of the MRI machine can be rolled in or out and there is a small room from where a crew member can operate the machine. The surgery room is state-of-the-art and features robot arms with which the surgeon can make precise operations from behind his control desk. Next to the operating room is the sterilization room where a robot sanitizes the medical equipment. Here you can see it flying alongside all the other SHIPtember 2020 entries. SHIPtember 2020 Poster by noblebun, on Flickr Again, I hope you liked it. Let me know if I forgot to include anything or if there's anything I could improve. Thanks for looking and stay safe out there!
  10. Oky

    Witch's Grove [MOC]

    Not bad! Definitely feels like it would fit in with the MF theme. In hindsight, it seems odd that they didn't have a witch in the theme, although I suppose witches are just humans with magical abilities and therefore don't really qualify as monsters. While the proton water pack is fun, It definitely needs a vehicle too since even the smallest MF set had one. I'd recommend looking at some fire trucks from the 1920s like the one they have at Disneyland and build one in dark red, maybe with a water cannon in the back as you mentioned. Do you have any other expansions planned?
  11. Oky

    Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    You're right. I guess I shouldn't complain since true action/adventure shows are hard to come by these days. Those shows you mentioned I couldn't get into either, which is a shame since they do have potential to be great shows if they focused on the story more. I never even watched Owl House since it already looked like just another Star-type show. I was just comparing this reboot to the original. And for many, I think this is the problem. They compare it to the original too much and can't accept the changes. Yeah, it's very strange how they handled the release of this show. They never really announced it and it went straight to streaming here. I only heard about it through a post on Cartoon Brew. It's no wonder that it's not getting a second season since nobody knows about it.
  12. Oky

    Post about Cartoons and Anime you like

    Absolutely! I think I mentioned this before in another thread, but I'm a huge fan of the Disney afternoon shows as I grew up with them as a kid, especially DuckTales and Darkwing Duck. And while I love the original, this reboot is great in its own way! It has some good story arcs and I like how they updated a lot of the characters. As a fan of the old shows, I squee like Launchpad anytime they reference them. Seeing things like DuckTales characters fighting Darkwing Duck villains with the help of the Rescue Rangers is a dream come true! Sometimes it almost feels like the show is made more for fans of the originals than a new audience with all these Easter eggs! A lot of people criticize the simplified art style, but I like it as it looks like the comics. Some things do bug me a bit, like how they changed Gyro from the kindest, most optimistic inventor into a grouchy, egotistical jerk (they do give a reason for this, but still) or how they tend to focus more on the characters than the adventures (I wish there was a better balance between the two) with some adventures taking place completely off-screen, but I get that they want to do something different and that's fine. As for the Darkwing Duck special, I think Launchpad nailed it when he said that it was "not as good as the old Darkwing Duck show, but close". I was not a fan of how they turned one of my favorite superheroes into a has-been actor that no one takes seriously when they first introduced DW, but they won me over in this special as they show that even though he is such an incompetent loser, he still has the heart of a hero. It definitely felt like a backdoor pilot for a potential Darkwing reboot and I certainly wouldn't mind if they make one! Speaking of Duck-cartoons, I watched the recent Legend of the Three Caballeros series on Disney+ and found myself enjoying it quite a bit! It gave me some serious DuckTales vibes with Donald traveling the world with his friends and saving the world from an evil sorcerer. What I liked most about it is the high-quality animation. It looks like it would fit right in with the well-animated shows of the 90's. I also like how it uses lesser known characters from classic Disney cartoons as part of the main cast. Sadly, it's only 13 episodes, and even though they clearly leave it open for another season, there are no plans for one as far as I know. If you like DuckTales and other Disney 'toons, I recommend to check it out. And I definitely recommend that you check out the original Disney Afternoon shows too! Yes, She-Ra was pretty good, and Kipo was too (although not as good as She-Ra imo). Between these, Voltron, and Tales of Arcadia, DreamWorks has been putting out some quality shows on Netflix! Did I mention how awesome Tales of Arcadia is? Because seriously, if you haven't already, you need to watch Trollhunters, 3Below, and Wizards (in that order)! I can't wait for Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans! I also watched Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous which is better than the Jurassic World movies (which isn't saying much) but honestly I can't stand most of the characters.
  13. Oky

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ah yes, I forgot about that one. Still, it's much less common now than back then. Well, the first run of HP sets seemed to be mostly based on the books (considering how different they were from the movies). The current reboot is purely based on the movies, so no Peeves I'm afraid. Fortunately, the old Peeves can be integrated into the modern sets quite easily due to being gray. He even has the white pupils that modern figs do! (Was he the first fig to feature those?) All he needs is a hat. Too bad the jester's hat doesn't come in grayscale. You mean the bag with a bone and spider?
  14. Oky

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Ooh, I'm loving the look of those books! They feel like a throwback to the first HP sets - a cheap way to get some figs along with a bare-bones classroom setting - which is fitting given the fact that next year is Lego HP's 20th anniversary. It's annoying that they felt the need to shoehorn a Gryffindor into the sets that are supposed to highlight the other houses, but at least they're not all Harry for once. Come to think of it, I don't think there has been a set without Harry since the first few waves of the theme, so these feel like a throwback in that sense too.
  15. Thanks for the kind comments everyone! Thanks! Yes, the Bi-Wing Baron was a fun challenge and I'm quite happy with how it came out, although I'm not sure if the wings came out a bit short (I tried to match the wingspan of the original). I already provided pictures of the front, side, and back of it, but I can take if you like. What kind of pictures do you want? Note that you can click the pictures to see the full resolution version on Flickr where you can zoom in on the plane. It's an honor to get such compliments from the 90's Lego Maniac himself! Yes, I tried to make these builds feel like they came from the themes they are based on and restrained myself from using too many modern parts and techniques. As for Castle, I already included the Fright Knights and Ninja subthemes (which were my favorite, until Fantasy Era came along at least), so I thought I had enough Castle. If anything, I feel like I could have included more Space themes, but alas I ran out of time. If only my Time Cruisers really worked!