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  1. I probably wont see Coco this weekend either due to the holiday.(seriously, why are they releasing it on Thanksgiving instead of Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos?!). I don't mind Olaf (aside from the disappointment that we are getting this cash grab instead of an original Pixar short), so I definitely want to see it in the theater, hopefully next week. In other Pixar news, John Lasseter has taken a 6-month leave of absence due to reasons that are too sad for me to discuss. You can read the details in the article below, but prepare to have the image of yet another idol tarnished for you: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/john-lasseter-taking-leave-absence-pixar-missteps-1057113 On a brighter note, I saw the pilot for Big Hero 6 The Series and it's pretty good. It takes place in between the last few scenes of the movie and has the same amount of heart, humor, and action as the movie, so I look forward to the rest of the series. By the way, is anyone else starting to feel a bit underwhelmed by the Ducktales reboot? Don't get me wrong, it's still entertaining, but where is the adventure? Since the pilot they haven't even left the city except once to go to another city. And Dewey seems more concerned with getting an internship with some annoying millennial stereotype billionaire than to find out what happened to their mother. In the last episode they finally went to Egypt and the next episode will take them to Mt. Neverrest, so hopefully the show is picking up now.
  2. [MOC] Aurek-Wing Fighter

    Thanks! You can see the other entries in the contest thread on FBTB: https://www.fbtb.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=12937&p=97898#p97898 Thank you. I actually quite like the U-Wing, hence the influences in my design. The set is a pretty nice build and fun to swoosh around. Although maybe I just liked the design because it was such a breath of fresh air after all those rehashes in TFA.
  3. [MOC] Aurek-Wing Fighter

    Thanks! Nope. Completely my design. The idea of starfighters based on Aurebesh letters is what the guys over at FBTB came up with.
  4. The -Wing starfighter was an experimental starfighter which resembled the shape of the first letter in the Aurebesh alphabet "Aurek". It was an extremely fast and agile fighter with similar features to the U-Wing fighter. Its most notable feature was its prong-like retractable wings or S-foils that could split apart at the front to switch from flight to attack mode, thereby increasing the size of the ship's deflector shields and the spread of its fire, which earned it the nickname of Scissor Fighter. It also featured retractable landing gear, a central fin, laser cannons on each wing and in front of the cockpit, large engines on each side, as well as a small thruster behind the cockpit. This is my entry for the Star Wars X Building Contest on FBTB and since it's NnoVVember, I decided to make it a vic viper as well. Here is a bird's eye view where you can see the Aurek shape better:
  5. True, although I have mixed feelings about it. Sure, Pixar's photorealistic rendering nowadays looks impressive, but The Incredibles had a minimalistic stylized look about it which was highlighted by the highly stylized end credits. adding all these realistic details kind of undermines that (no pun intended). It looks a bit odd to me, but the character designs seem to be mostly the same though, so it might grow on me.
  6. I actually love that this is a throwback to the classic Pixar teaser trailers which featured exclusive animation for the trailer and didn't give anything away about the actual film, even if this is not nearly as good as those classic teasers which were almost like a short film of their own. I hope they are bringing this tradition back. Too many trailers give too much away nowadays and having exclusive animation makes them that much more special. So I guess we can now add heat vision and electricity to Jack-Jack's already vast list of powers which makes him even more OP than Superman. I'm guessing that he will eventually develop his own powers based on his personality like the other Supers and lose all the other powers as he grows up. I'm excited to see what direction this film will take!
  7. Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    Ha, that's a good one, and a little disturbing. I especially like the fig in mid-transformation. I had to make a funny with one of the Bricktober figs too, and this is what I came up with: Anyone notice something different about Ursula in the new Disney set? Where Ariel gets her legs instead:
  8. Star Wars

    Sorry to reference that other sci-fi franchise, but... Sigh. I guess it's only fitting that such an uninspired, unwarranted prequel has such a stupid, uninspired title. On a brighter note: This looks great and I live in Anaheim, so I can't wait for this!
  9. Hello! This is my entry for the Freighter Wars contest on Rebrick. Anybody order a large Corellian freighter with extra cheese? This hunk of junk food may not look like much, but it sure is tasty! Comprised of a large pepperoni pizza, a cheeseburger, a milkshake, a cookie, two hotdogs, and a side of fries, this food freighter is sure to satisfy even the biggest hunger and send the Fast Food Empire running!
  10. To the Millennium Bat! (MOC)

    Thanks everyone! I was actually planning to make it a spaceship initially with small treads instead of the landing gear, but as I was building, the mandibles reminded me of the Tumbler and I thought how cool it would look with a giant wheel in front, so I got rid of half of the treads and changed it to a land vehicle (which is more Batman's style anyway). I left the treads in the back small so that the vehicle wouldn't be tilted too much. Haha, indeed I borrowed some of the building techniques from the latest System-scale set, but had to keep it small since I was forced to use shorter wedge plates for the round hull due to the color, so I can see where the confusion comes from. I think it came out pretty good overall though. Interesting observation. That cannon is actually another remnant from an earlier draft of the vehicle where it was still meant to be a spaceship. You're right, it is perhaps a bit overkill on the vehicle as it is now, but then again, isn't overkill what Lego Batman is all about?
  11. Belated Hello

    @Mesabi Ah yes, I remember my friendly whack-off competition with @Jammiedodger quite fondly as well. Sadly he doesn't come around these forums much anymore. Wow, that was a long time ago! I guess it's about time you officially introduced yourself, so a belated welcome to you and I look forward to seeing you around the boards.
  12. To the Millennium Bat! (MOC)

    Thanks! I submitted it there too, but I just saw that your entry is not allowed to feature any other IP than Star Wars.
  13. Hello! This is my entry for the Millennium Falcon contest on The Brothers Brick. Please excuse the poor picture quality as I was in a rush to get it photographed. While Lego Batman was not impressed with those "bunch of dudes" that he stole a hyperdrive from, he did take a liking to their ship, so after Brickburg was saved, he constructed his own version of the Millennium Falcon: the Millennium Bat! Equipped with 2 quad laser cannons, a Bat-computer, a crime lab, a weapons rack, a Bat-radar, a jet engine, powerful wheels, and a dining room for eating lobster thermidor, this bad boy serves as both a big, fierce crime-fighting vehicle as well as a mobile Batcave. The cockpit opens up to seat the pilots inside. The upper quad laser cannon can be lifted up to access the gunner station underneath. And just like on all the official Falcons, the hull opens up to reveal the interior. There are tools, a workbench, the engine, a desk for detective work, and a small bed. This is where our heroes hang their weapons. Here is the Batcomputer and the sitting area. Since Batman doesn't play board games, there is a plate of lobster thermidor instead of the holo chess. A close up of our heroes: Bat Solo (who always shoots first and hits at first try), Rrrrrrobin (who is very hairy), Princess Barbareia, and their loyal butler L-FR3D. Thanks for looking. Let me know what you think of it. To the comments section!
  14. You know, people are entitled to their own opinion. Just because they disagree with you doesn't make them wrong or "insane". There are different ways to compile this list and everyone has their own way. If you go by likeness, voices don't count, but if you go just by representation in general, then they do. I agree that if you do count voice actors, you should only do so when a character has only ever been voiced by one person or when it's clearly based on one particular portrayal of the character. Dubs in different languages don't count (unless you're putting together a "Dubbers with the most minifig representations" list). Otherwise you'd have to count all the people that have ever played a character and it will just get too difficult to keep track of that. The only area where it gets confusing (and a little meta) is when you have a minifig that is not based on any particular portrayal of a character, but is voiced by one person in the Lego TV specials and/or video games, such as many of the DC Super Heroes characters. Do they count? Perhaps we should make a separate thread titled "Voice Actors with the most minifig representations" so we can finally end this debate. Anyway, if you do count voice actors, with the release of the TTG Beast Boy Greg Cipes now has three representations (with the other two being Michelangelo and Iron Fist). And Raven is Tara Strong's second representation after Mary Jane. It's kinda crazy that we only have 2 of her considering she's in everything nowadays.
  15. I agree with Biggus here. If you want the "glowing eyes" look for Black Bolt, you could use the upcoming Easter Bunny Batman or Roman Batman head from the Bricktober set. As for the torso, I'd suggest the Racer X torso. It's her hair braid.