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  1. Hooray! Only the 4th day (still the 3rd over here on the west coast) and I already got a manatee! Can't wait for the prize reveals now! Thanks again to CopMike and Siegfried! I'll send my address shortly. I bet next year the background will also be a manatee. It's manatee madness I tell you!
  2. What should Santa look like? Well, if he goes around eating cookies and milk at every single house in the world in one night, he should look something like this by the end of the day: Thanks for doing this fun raffle again! Good luck everyone.
  3. Well, most of the game takes place on Earth and there are no Martians as far as we're aware, so a whole subtheme is unlikely, but both Winston and Wrecking Ball originated from that moon base, so it's important enough to warrant at least one set based on that map. It could come with Wrecking Ball and a launch mechanism for his mech (even though Hammond didn't become Wrecking Ball until he landed on Earth). If they base the set on the final checkpoint, it could also contain a rover.
  4. These sets look a-Mei-zing (despite the lack of an actual Meinifig)! And some of them seem ridiculously cheap for licensed sets given the part counts! I love the inclusion of Pharmercy, one of my favorite strategies. All the builds look great and that Bastion is heaps better than that stupid overpriced Omnic version thanks to its ability to transform alone, although I wish it came with a minifig-scale version as well. That little health pack in the Hanzo vs. Genji set is a nice touch and makes me wish they would have one of the large ones somewhere as well, but who knows, maybe there is one hidden in the Dorado building or the rocket. It's odd that the backs of the boxes just show a slight variation of what's already on the front of the box and no play features or anything, but oh well. The only really disappointing thing is the duplicate Reaper. I know the one in the Gibraltar set has those "ghost legs", but come on, they could've at least given him a different skin in one of the sets. Aside from that, a nice selection of spot-on minifigs, and that new gun mold is neat, so I can't wait to get all of these sets! Let's hope the theme does well so that we can get another wave with the rest of the characters and maybe even a CMF line!
  5. Oky

    Star Wars

    Sad, but true. I've only seen the first two episodes and so far it's just ok. Cellshaded animation usually doesn't look very good and here it's no different, although it looks better when the scene is not in broad daylight. While some scenes in Rebels looked like gorgeous McQuarrie paintings, this series looks like a cutscene from a Wii game most of the time. And yes, it's very kiddie, but CW and Rebels started out this way too and got much better later on, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. The lead character is tolerable. I groaned at most of his slapstick more than I did at anything in Rebels, but he does seem like a good kid and he will probably get more competent in time. What I did like is that this show seems to be what a lot of people wanted Rebels to be: A SW show with no force sensitive heroes whatsoever (Unless you count Leia I guess). Just rebellious pilots doing their thing. And seeing all those PT, OT, and ST species and droids in one place was indeed a nice touch as made it feel more like a hodgepodge of aliens than any cantina scene before it. I also liked that Poe Dameron was only in it for a little bit before he left and I hope he stays away. I don't want to see that hot-headed idiot any more than I have to. Personally, I find the First Order not threatening at all despite their ridiculous amount of resources, so I almost find it comical that they're setting them up as the villains of this show. Then again, the fact that they are run by cartoonish one-dimensional characters makes them a much better fit for a kids show like this than for the movies. I think this show has potential, though, so I'll wait and see how it develops.
  6. This is one of my entries for the Incredibles contest on Lego Ideas. It is meant to take place after the events of Incredibles 2. After moving back to the suburbs, the Incredibles invited their friends over for a BBQ to celebrate Dash's birthday! Dash is playing with his new toys and accidentally splashes Violet with water as he runs over the pool, but she's able to deflect it using her shield powers. Meanwhile, Elastigirl is putting the finishing touches on the decorations as she hangs up a banner by herself by stretching her arms. Frozone has just joined the party and is also using his powers to help decorate by turning the Incredibles' fountain into an ice sculpture. Mr. Incredible is by the grill holding a huge platter of food with his super strength. Jack-Jack is helping him grill the meat with his fire powers. Edna is throwing away an old cape that she found in Bob's closet while a racoon is stealing some trash. Just as they're about to eat, the party is crashed by Bomb Voyage and the Underminer, the two super villains that have escaped the Incredibles in the past! Bomb Voyage is about to literally blow up the Incredibles' inbox with a mail bomb while the Underminer emerges in a smaller version of his Tunneler which causes a pizza delivery truck to crash into a fire hydrant. Presents, cake, and fighting bad guys? Best birthday ever! I tried to include as many details as possible in this scene, including a few of the easter eggs that you see in all the Pixar movies, such as the pizza planet truck, A113, the famous Luxo ball and lamp, and a character voiced by John Ratzenberger. Can you spot them all? Please also check out my improved purist Bomb Voyage and Frozone minifigs here. Thanks for looking and have an incredible day!
  7. It's been a while since I posted any new figs here, so here are some Incredibles characters I've been working on. I was very disappointed when the Incredibles 2 sets featured a minifig of Mr. Incredible that was basically just an inferior version of the CMF one instead of the much more movie accurate semi-bigfig that is seen in the video game, so I set out to try to create my own more barrel-chested Mr. Incredible and this is the result. I'm quite happy with it, although it turned out bigger than I hoped. I also made purist figs of Bomb Voyage and Frozone. These are different from the ones in my Dash's Birthday Bash MOC since I wasn't allowed to use any licensed parts in that contest entry. I'm not super happy with the latter. While the Cpt. Cold torso is pretty much perfect for him, it's not the same color as his legs, and there is surprisingly no headgear that correctly represents his visor, so the best I could do was the Falcon head. Seriously, why did we not get an official fig of him? Anyway, here's a shot of Mr. Incredibly Swole's back: I hope you like them, and as always, feel free to share your ideas and your own purist Disney figs here!
  8. Haha, yeah, he certainly seems less animated than the original Aladdin. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) But it was only a few seconds, so I'll wait to see more of his acting to make a judgement. LOL. I think you're thinking of that other Disney movie with a magic lamp where the evil sorcerer transforms into a bird.
  9. Oky

    A quick comment on spam

    I haven't seen any spam since the security questions have been implemented, so nice work guys! Make EB great spam-free again! Build a firewall!
  10. My excitement level for this rehash: Sorry, but without the top-notch animation or Robin Williams' talent and energy, there's just no way it's going to be nearly as good as the original. And now they added Lilo & Stitch to their never-ending list of live-action remakes. Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a bit curious to see the awesome opening scene from that movie recreated with some Star Wars-level special effects. On a brighter note: True, this one is better since we finally get an idea of what the plot is actually about, although I'm afraid they may have given away too much as I can already predict a lot that's going to happen. And yeah, it seems quite possible that Yesss is one of those surprise villains that Disney loves to have in their movies ever since Frozen got so popular. I don't think the Deep Web is going to play much of a role though. It probably only appears in that one scene just so they can make a few jokes about it. Like you said, it's already surprising that it's in the movie at all. I can see spambots or something being the Cybugs of this film though. They certainly have been the arch nemesis of EB for the longest time, although I think the admins have finally found a way to keep them out.
  11. Oky

    Marvel display input/help needed

    Adding some modulars is definitely a good idea if you can afford them. Detectives Office and the Pet Shop are the two that fit a New York aesthetic the best. Some kind of bank is always a good addition to any superheroes display considering villains usually like to rob those. Brick Bank seems to be the obvious (and currently the only) choice, but if that's out of your budget and you're able to get some retired sets at a decent price, something like 3661 would work too. 60008 also has a nice building that could easily be converted into a bank. You could also use the little stores that come in sets like 6864, 76057, and the ATM heist that has already been mentioned, and maybe even stack them to create taller buildings. There's also those smaller 3-in1 modulars. For example, you could get 31050 Corner Deli and modify it into a 3-story building with a shawarma restaurant at the bottom. And I don't know how you would add it into your display, but if you can figure out a way, I can highly recommend getting 76057. It's an excellent set and looks great in any Marvel display! You could even get two to combine them into a full bridge. Avengers Tower is kind of essential for a Marvel display, though, and it's supposed to be big. Maybe you can display it behind the other buildings? And it's a shame you can't get the Bugle as that's another iconic Marvel building that would have fit in perfectly here. Good luck with this and keep us updated!
  12. Yes, it looks pretty, and Emilly Blunt does a good job from what I can tell, but it just looks like the first movie again. Did we wait this long for a sequel just to watch Mr. Banks' son learn the same lesson as his father (which also happens to be the same lesson Christopher Robin learned in his movie this year)? Sorry to be so negative, but I'm just so tired of all these reboots.
  13. Oky

    REVIEW: 41775 Unikitty Series 1

    No, figs like Unikitty are not minifigs, and no one ever said they were. The official name of the series is "Unikitty! Collectibles Series" and it's not listed under the CMFs on their product page, so I don't see what the big deal is. And while they may not be minifigs, they are still figs (a representation of a character) so I don't mind that. What I don't like about this series is that you can't feel for the figs you want like you can with every other series and that it's just color variations of the same two characters over and over which make it kind of boring, even for a Unikitty fan. Why not include some other characters from the show? Because of this (and a lack of budget), this is probably the first series I'll be skipping entirely. Hopefully TLG will learn from their mistake and at least include some unique accessories for each fig next time. Thanks for the great review Fangy!
  14. I've never seen the movie adaptation of The Borrowers, but I do remember seeing trailers for the Studio Ghibli film "Arietty" which was also based on The Borrowers and reminded me a lot of The Littles.
  15. While it may not be as necessary to include certain characters with certain sets as it is with other licenses, I also don't think that they would just stick any random characters in each set. Like Hachiroku, I believe that they will draw inspiration from the lore to design the sets. Every location is tied to the origins of one or more characters, so it would seem reasonable to include those heroes in the set that is based on that location and perhaps even have them fight villains that appeared in that location in one of the shorts/comics. Otherwise the sets will just feel cobbled together (which would be more accurate to the experience of playing the game, but not as appealing in terms of set design) and would alienate Overwatch fans who would want the sets to be accurate to the lore. However, that doesn't mean that we won't see duplicates of some characters. I wouldn't be surprised if we get duplicates of some of the more prominent/popular characters like Tracer in the sets, likely with different skins to fit into the context of the set and to entice people to collect all versions of the figs. Although I hope that won't be the case since there are so many characters to choose from that we probably won't get them all in the first wave, even if there aren't any duplicates. They might just focus on the classic characters for the first wave and save some of the more recently added characters for later sets if there is another wave.