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  1. Oky


    Who knows. Considering that it has a drinking, smoking robot as one of the main characters and that all of those projects got turned down (even ones that didn’t include the characters) it seems unlikely to me, but then again I never expected expected LEGO Simpsons to ever be a thing. All I know is if we don’t get it, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.
  2. Thanks for the extension! It allowed me to enter something, even if it was quite last minute. Don't worry, I didn't notice it in time to really make anything great. I hope people still enjoy my entry though.
  3. Do you like spooky themes such as Monster Fighters? Do you miss the high-octan action of themes like Racers and Mighty Micros? Then get ready for the next action theme: Monster Racers! Every 1000 years, on All Hallows Eve at the stroke of midnight, all of the monsters gather under the full moon to perform a ritual that will determine the next King of the Monsters: a big race through the monster realm on spooky racecars! Category 2 - Minifigs The following are some minifigs that could show up in the first wave of sets: Count NOS-Feratu - A special type of vampire who instead of drinking blood only craves adrenaline! He is very powerful and wealthy. He likes to host the Monster Race on his castle grounds and has been the champion many centuries in a row. Wereracer - A racecar driver who was bit by a werewolf one day and now turns into a big, mean racing beast every full moon. His driving style is quite vicious and wild, making him a force to be reckoned with on the track! Pharaoh Speedopatra - Also known as the Scorpion Queen, she used to rule ancient Egypt, but she had a big need for speed, so she had herself mummified and a curse put upon her so that she would reawaken when racecars got invented. Frankenracer - Created by the Mad Mechanic, this monster was assembled from the body parts of some of the best racers in the world in an attempt to make the ultimate racecar driver! Skeleton Racer - A skeleton magically brought to life by NOS-Feratu in order to give him a worthy opponent to race against. He believes that he can go faster than the other racers because he doesn't have any meat on him to weigh him down. The Headless Racer - A racecar driver from Speedy Hollow who lost his head in a car accident a long time ago and now rides his racecar in search for it, using a flaming pumpkin as a replacement. The Wicked-fast Witch - A powerful magic user who utilizes spells and potions to make her go as fast as possible. She is wicked fast, and if you try to pass her, she just might turn you into a toad! Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Ryde - Ever since Dr. Jekyl took a serum to try to control his need for speed, he occasionally turns into his alter ego Mr. Ryde, a ruthless and wild racer who greatly enjoys driving and will do anything to win the race! Ghost Racer - The restless spirit of a driver who died before he could finish his race. Now he haunts the track until he can win the race. He is completely invisible except for his racing suit and sunglasses. The Mad Mechanic - Once a brilliant scientist, he has dedicated his life to building the perfect racecar and created Frankenracer to drive it. He can be found working on cars in his laboratory/workshop or helping with the technical aspects on the racetrack. Zombie Pit Crew - A horde of the undead who were brought to life by the mechanic's mad science to help him with the maintenance of the Monster Racers' cars. They're not very bright or very fast, but they will do anything you ask of them in exchange for some brains - eventually. Category 1 - Theme Concept Set name: Headless Racer VS. the Wicked-fast Witch Pieces: 80 Price: $10 Set name: The Big Monster Race Pieces: ~250 Price: $30
  4. Glad to see I’m not the only one. Let’s see what @Clone OPatra says.
  5. Any chance to get an extension on the deadline until Sunday so that we have the full weekend to finalize our entries?
  6. How did I miss this until now? What a fun and unique idea for a contest! I’ve actually been working on a concept for LEGO World Builder and this might give me the push I need to start creating some designs for it. I must agree with some here that a $10 set doesn’t give you much to work with. Even before the recent price increases, ten bucks would only get you a motorcycle and a couple of parts and figs in most themes, but I understand the need to keep the scope of the contest reasonable and accept the challenge. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!
  7. PlunderCats are on the move, PlunderCats are loose! The PlunderCats are a band of ferocious feline pirates lead by the fearsome Captain Fluffybeard. Their hideout is located in the middle of the Catribbean on Cat Skull Island and is essentially a big cat tree. Their ship is basically just a box with sails since the cats are usually more interested in the crate that the pirate ship parts arrive in than the actual ship itself. They don't get very far with it, though, since they tend to claw up the sails much like they do with drapes. The island used to be inhabited by Mouselanders until the PlunderCats hunted them and drove them away. The only remainder of their culture is a statue on the beach. And yes, that is a cat turd next to it. After all, what is a beach but a giant litter box. The PlunderCats are always on the run from the Imperial Armada, but recently they managed to capture their arch enemy, the scurvy dog Admiral Barkington, and are holding him hostage. They imprisoned him in a kennel on their island with a dog bowl with a delicious bone just out of reach. The admiral is not happy about his situation. Inside their cat tree house, they have a table with a treasure map and various chests and barrels. Captain Fluffybeard also likes to keep a parrot here, in case he wants a snack to play with. Outside the hut, some of the PlunderCats ladies have gotten into a swashbuckling, literal cat fight. One of them is standing on the bridge that connects the cat tree with the guard tower by the kennel prison which is armed with a hairball cannon. On the roof of the hut, one of the cats dove head-first into a barrel of catnip right after knocking over a carton milk because, well, he's a cat. There is also a crane here which when not used to lift up supplies to the cat tree, it's used to dangle cat toys from it. On one of the platforms, two very popular cat musicians, keyboard piano cat and bongo cat, are playing shanties to entertain the other PlunderCats. Let's hope they don't catch a cold up here and go viral. Up on Cat Skull Mountain inside the giant cat head is a cave where the PlunderCats keep their most prized treasure: the Golden Cheezburger. A cat skeleton is here to remind potential thieves that no one can haz it but them. From the giant skull, a waterfall runs down to the river below, making it look like a cat barfing onto a carpet. Here is a closer at Captain Fluffybeard and his fearsome crew. I hope you like my entry for the pi-RATS & BUG-aneers contest on Bricknerd. Plunder, plunder, PlunderCats yo-HO! Play me out, Bongo Cat!
  8. This little clock from the Madrigal house could make a fine adventurer’s pocket watch. And the new time turner hourglass could be similarly useful. That would be great!
  9. Also, I have no interest in the Atari, but I NEED this sticker!
  10. Congrats on the win! Although I thought for sure you would get first place with how much great shaping and detail you included on this thing! I like how you gave it a bit of your own personal touch. I don't remember this ship from TRoS, but then again I don't remember much of anything from that forgettable aTROScity. Well done.
  11. Great job on this vig! It's impressive ("most impressive") how you not only fit a detailed microscale scene, but also a minifig scale interior (as crammed as it may be) into such a small space! Congrats on the win!
  12. Welcome to EB and congrats on the win! I love all of the details in your build, especially the little gray camtono. Too bad those parts don't exist in white, but it fits with the dark atmosphere of this scene. This is the way.
  13. Oky

    M4-22 The Winners!

    Grand Admiral Oky reporting for duty! Wow, thank you so much! What an incredible honor. And congrats to the other winners! There were lots of amazing entries in this contest. I had a lot of fun making these entries. Thanks for another great contest and I look forward to next year!
  14. Mickey’s safari vest from the new camping set seems useful. Not sure if it has anything on the back that might ruin its usefulness like his aviator jacket.