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  1. Oky

    Is LEGO Overwatch a dead theme?

    If the rumored wave ever does come out, it will probably be to coincide with the release of OW2 which itself has yet to get a release date, so we'll just have to be patient. Here's hoping it's not dead as we have yet to get several of the classic characters.
  2. Oky

    The Eurobricks Flower Show: Winners!

    Fair enough. I just wanted to voice a concern I had for contests in general and in no way meant to cheapen the wins in this particular contest. Again, I think that all the wins are fully well deserved and that they would have won regardless. You're probably right that it doesn't make a big difference and, if anything, helps to promote the contest, so please disregard my comment. Once again, congrats to the winners, and great job to everyone who entered. All the entries were fantastic!
  3. Oky

    The Eurobricks Flower Show: Winners!

    Congrats to the winners! All are well deserved. I especially liked Noctura's Garden as the colors are so striking and fit the character perfectly. That said, I can't help but feel like it's no coincidence that the top two entries are the two that got frontpaged. That extra exposure probably helped with the votes. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it would be good if the staff won't favor entries like that in future contests. This is not to say that the winners didn't deserve all those votes, I just want it to be fair for everyone in the future. Anyway, thank you for this fun contest! It encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and build something I probably otherwise never would have. Looking forward to the next one!
  4. ... and many people clearly didn't. That's the definition of polarizing; you either love it or hate it. And you have to admit that the show had its flaws. Even Nick said it's junk. It's fine if you liked the theme, I'm just answering your question. Personally, I was kinda indifferent about the theme. Some cool parts, but none of it really grabbed me enough to buy any.
  5. There were many different reasons. The fact that Lego obviously tried to replace Ninjago with Chima left a bitter taste in the mouths of many Ninjago fans. Another big problems was the cartoon. It was unwatchable due to its terrible writing and voice acting. The world they created for it had potential, but chi was an obvious allegory for drugs which made the morals of the show questionable at best, and the story and concept felt too similar to Thundercats, which had a great reboot airing on Cartoon Network at the time. The two shows were competing with each other and some say that Chima was the reason why Thundercats got cancelled, probably due to cheaper production and higher potential to sell toys. Some people simply didn't care for the aesthetics of the sets and preferred Ninjago or other themes. Long story short, Chima managed to piss off Ninjago and Thundercats fans while not being able to gather enough fans of its own with its terrible, unoriginal TV show, questionable morals, and polarizing set designs.
  6. Master Wu's Zen Garden
  7. Ninjago is a world full of action and adventure which keeps the ninjas constantly on their toes! However, all this excitement can get a little tiring for the ninjas' wise old Master Wu. That is why, up in his secluded Monastery of Spinjitsu, behind his dojo he has a hidden zen garden where he comes to sip on his beloved tea, meditate, and find his "inner piece" - or to just get away from the ninjas when they are arguing over who's turn it is to do the dishes. Built on a base similar to that of a miniature zen garden sandbox, this scene features many items typically found in a Japanese garden: a torii gate, raked sand with carefully placed rocks, a red bridge over a pond, a cherry blossom tree, a stone lantern, a jade dragon statue, and various plants and flowers in calming colors. Here is a closer look at the raked sand, the pond, and what I like to call the Wienersaber Bridge. A few side views of the scene: I hope you like my entry for the Eurobricks Flower Show contest. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, please let me know. Thanks, and namaste.
  8. Here is mine. Good luck everyone! And thanks for the extension and the expanded prizes!
  9. Y'monoce Market is a bustling bazaar in the Outer Rim. Located on a desert planet, it serves as a central trading outpost to the surrounding worlds. No matter whether you're looking to buy or sell, whatever it is you're looking for, you'll likely find it here. Walking down the cobbled streets, you'll see fruit, BBQ Porg, Mon Cala seafood, Toydarian toys, antiques, slaves, droids, spice, and everything in between. Many credits and goods are exchanged here every day, keeping the economy going. Here you can see a typical day at the market, circa 3-4 ABY. On the left, there is a slave seller with attractive females from different species and males from species that the Galactic Empire has classified as "primitive". Bib Fortuna has come to the market looking for a prize for his master Jabba the Hutt and he has set his sights on Oola. He says: "This one!" as he points at her with a devious smile. A Kaadu carrying new wares passes by as the Klatooinian slaver approaches Oola with his lightwhip. Meanwhile, a shrill voice can be heard from the back: "Disa big misunderstandins! Mesa bombad senator, mesa no slave!" Next to the slave stand, a Jawa is having an argument with a stormtrooper. He is trying to convince him that the Imperial droid that he is selling was acquired through completely legal means, though the trooper remains skeptical. It's quite ironic that the Empire is concerned about their own droids being stolen, but not that there is slavery going on right next door. Next to them, a Gamorian is roasting porgs and womprats over a pit. On the other side, you can see a Toydarian toymaker selling action figures and balls as well as a scavenger selling Jedi relics she found. Remember when Maz made a big mystery out of how the heck she ended up with Luke's lightsaber in her possession? Well, turns out she simply found it at a bazaar and just decided to buy it on a whim. In the midst of the crowds, some stormtroopers are looking for a rebel spy who is hiding in a barrel nearby. A cloaked figure tells the troopers where the rebel is hiding in exchange for some credits. Nearby, a Nautolan is buying some seafood from a Mon Calamari fisherman. Speaking of rebels, Hera is also here. She has come to buy some "Meiloorun fruit" from Hondo - which is actually code for "smuggled weapons". You see, Hondo's latest scheme involves smuggling contraband weapons inside of fruit crates and selling them at the market here. The back of his store is loaded with blasters and other equipment that will be useful for Hera and the rebellion. Above Hondo's shop is a cantina where the merchants can come up to relax at the end of the day and spend their earned credits on food, drinks, and entertainment. The cantina owner, who you can see pouring drinks at the bar, can then spend those credits at the market below to keep his fridge stocked, and thus the the economic cycle continues. The guests on the patio are enjoying food and drinks while a dancer is a earning her credits performing for a Devaronian inside the building. A bridge connects the cantina building with a small shop on the other side which is run a dug and sells different kinds of spice. He who controls the spice controls, well... the spice. Over the spice shop, a certain Mandalorian is earning his credits by getting ready to shoot his latest target who had come to the market in hopes of losing the bounty hunter in the crowds, but no such luck. I hope you like it, and may the deals be with you!
  10. Oky

    2020 Mindstorms set

    I am wondering the same. I am not exactly new to Mindstorms as I do have V1 and NXT, but I haven't bought any Mindstorms or Technic since then, so if I wanted to get back into it, what would be the best way to go? V4 does seem disappointing like many have said as it seems to be trading off one thing for another for the most part, making it not much of an upgrade, especially if you don't have any other LPF 2.0 stuff that it would be compatible with like me. Any advice would be appreciated here, especially from anyone who has both EV3 and Spike Prime. Since the hardware is sadly not backwards compatible, I wonder if the software at least is, i.e. if you can have the new hub communicate with EV3/NXT? Where does it say all that? That would indeed be very disappointing if you couldn't daisy chain anymore.
  11. Thanks for the tip! There certainly are some interesting bits of information there, but once again, they just open up more questions than they answer. They refer to the blue ruby as the Re-Gou Ruby, even though it's a different color. Maybe that's an effect of the resonator? Also, it says that he built the device to "harness the ruby's legendary power for his own evil empire". Since when does Von Barron have an evil empire? I always thought he just wanted fame and fortune. However, if he had ambitions of global domination, that would explain the Ogel orb. The info on the site also implies that this is the actual former home of Von Baron which is now being used as an attraction rather than just a theme park recreation, so everything we see here is canon. I like the fact that the curse caused Von Barron to go insane from bad puns. It adds some good old fashioned Lego humor to this dark subject matter! Still no clarification about the altar or the Fright Knights connection, but I'll take what we can get.
  12. Oky

    Oky's Brickheadz MOCz

    Hi everyone! I'm back with a couple more DuckTales Brickheadz! I also wanted to let you guys know that I have made instructions available for all the Disney and TMNT ones on Rebrickable. You can get them by clicking the pictures down below. Anyway, first up we have Scrooge's nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Unfortunately, the 3x3 dish doesn't exist in green, so I had to go with sand green. And here is another favorite character of mine, Gyro Gearloose with his little Helper. Also, I have made a slight update to the bill and feet of the other Duck-headz to make them consistent with those on the official Donald Duck Brickhead. Again, click the pictures to get the instructions:
  13. I'm afraid not, but I'm pretty sure that's what it's supposed to be. We'll have to wait until reviews start popping up to find out. I suppose that's a possibility too, but that would be kind of lame and I can't find anywhere in the designer video where they say that. They say that it's a theme park ride and they refer to Adventurers as a Lego theme, but that's just for those who don't know what it is. Actually, I believe the "Sam Sinister Switcheroo" already happened in the Dino Island subtheme. The designers seem to be going by the original North American names, which is odd coming from Denmark. But yeah, he was always Baron von Barron for me. No idea why they tried to retcon that in the final wave. A little late much? But as I said, I like to think that they tried to combine them in this set by claiming that his first name is Samuel. Interesting thought. Maybe Vladek and Basil were allies back in the day (with the similar color schemes and all) and that close relationship between the two lineages remained intact to modern times? Who knows. That's a nice way to look at it! Although I'd rather look for treasure than for tidbits of information that give us a clue as to who the heck everybody is. I thought of doing the same thing - if I'll ever be able to afford this. There were several of these gems in the Orient Expedition theme, so it could be any one of those, although I like to think that it is the one from Secret of the Tomb which revolves around the Baron trying to steel such a gem (along with a yellow one). Good question. In a German Adventurers audio drama, Baron Von Barron and Slyboots/Sinister leave the Temple of Anubis thinking they have stolen the Re-Gou Ruby, but Johnny later figures out that that was a decoy and retrieves the real ruby, so perhaps what the baron is holding in that portrait is the cursed decoy. As for the Amazon subtheme, remember that the Baron was absent in that adventure, so there is no way he could have an artifact from it unless maybe he stole it from Senior Palomar afterwards.
  14. Greetings, adventurers! As you have probably seen, the next Creator Expert set, 10273 Haunted House, was announced this morning and it features many references to Adventurers and other themes as it is designed to be a fairground ride that is modeled after the manor of the notorious villain Samuel Von Barron. There is a large haunted portrait of the baron, a sign saying "Manor Von Barron" and several stolen artifacts from the Egypt and Orient Expedition subthemes. So my question is: is this canon to the Adventurers theme? If so, that opens up a lot of questions. We don't know how accurately the fairground operators recreated Sam's manor, but assuming it is accurate, we can gleam a lot of information from it. First, let's talk about the name. Baron Von Barron's infamous name change to Sam Sinister has been confusing Lego fans to this day, and TLG is muddying the waters even more here by calling him Samuel Von Barron which seems to be a combination of the two. Is this his real full name and was "Sinister" just a nickname? The portrait has a play feature that causes Pharaoh Hotep to appear behind the baron. This suggests that the baron was cursed by the pharaoh, possibly for stealing all of these treasures. Did the baron die from this curse? On the other side of the manor, there is "strange altar" with skull candles, a chalice, and a vassal with some dark red contents. There is also a skeleton with a top hat just like the one that both Sam and Slyboots (a.k.a. the other Sam Sinister) used to wear hanging from chains from the ceiling. This has some surprisingly dark implications. Did Sam used to practice some kind of blood rituals up here? Is the skeleton meant to be him or Slyboots or someone else? Were the rituals meant to free him of the curse? There is also a red snake hiding under the table which according to a German Adventurers audio drama is venomous and killed the first people who raided Pharaoh Hotep's tomb as part of his curse, so it would make sense that Baron von Barron would suffer the same fate. There is a coat of arms over the manor that references Fright Knights, specifically set 6007 Bat Lord. Does this mean that Sam is a descendant of Basil the Bat Lord?! As a fan of both Adventurers and Fright Knights, I am absolutely fine with accepting that as canon! There is also one of Ogel's orb bombs from Alpha Team in the attic along with a rusting Junkbot. Does the baron have some kind of connection to Ogel? There might be even more interesting references that I missed, but this gives us a lot to think about. So what do you think? Do all these things mean what I think they mean? Or am I just overthinking some fun easter eggs in a silly haunted house set? It's probably the latter, but either way, discuss!
  15. Oky

    [MOC] Musical Modular

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone! There is only one more day to vote, so get your votes in! Of course, I understand if you want to vote for one of the other entries - they're all very good! Thanks! While it may not be a conventional building, I wouldn't say that it is unrealistic as it was inspired by real-life buildings such as the Hard Rock Cafe or the Piano House in China. The idea was to make it fun and playful while also making it look like something an architect might actually design.