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  1. Indeed. The builds were fairly basic by today’s standards, but they really captured the imagination. Thanks. Yeah, I was surprised when I looked for some inspiration that not many seem to have been built before. There are some modern hangars, but none in this classic style. Glad you like it!
  2. Thanks everyone! Yup, that was my main inspiration for this plane. Glad somebody caught it.
  3. Oky

    [ENTRY] Treasure Island

    Thanks for the great feedback everyone! Let me address some of the f the criticisms. Yes, I noticed this as well while putting this fig together. Odd how they designed it so that the patch is just kinda drooping down from the top of her head, but it’s one of the few female pirate heads. I did think about adding an animal of some kind, but couldn’t find a good way to add one in a way that looks good. Besides, I doubt anything could survive on an island with nothing but a single palm tree. As for the paddle, I was never a fan of the red ones. I was going for the more realistic color scheme in modern sets like in 70411 Treasure Island. Fair point. I just really liked how these legs match the rest of the figure as you said and thought they were piratey enough. The tree is actually a lot more stable than you might think and doing this would interfere with the play feature. While I don’t disagree, I wanted to use some modern parts for it, and this is how LEGO does palm trees in recent mini sets like the Friends polybags. If you do that, not only are the leaves offset, but also point upward too much. interesting suggestions, but I don’t think they would fit the story of the set. As you said, I was going for that typical island with palm tree look.
  4. Thank ye kindly! Good playability along with pleasing visuals is what I was going for. Making the statue’s mouth move is indeed addictively fun! I hope I can count on your vote then.
  5. Congrats to the winners, and thanks for this fun, adventurous contest! It was great to see all the entries. Looking forward to the review.
  6. Nice fort and ship, although I don’t see much resemblance to 6242. If this is meant to be a remake, I would have stuck closer to the layout of that set. Also, I believe value pack bundles like this are against the contest rules, so you might want to submit the ship as a separate entry. Is there any interior you could show us?
  7. Thanks again mateys! i have uploaded it for you. I also added it to the first post. Thanks! Yes, I feel the same about the subtheme. To me, the Islanders were always a peaceful faction that mostly kept to themselves and only defended themselves when pirates tried to steal from them.
  8. The embed didn't work, so I switched it out for a link. https://flic.kr/p/2oXLadT
  9. Thanks everyone! Yes, @The Reader guessed it correctly. The mechanism is quite simple, as you would expect from the Islanders. The face is connected to the coin container which slides up and down on the slope pillars on the sides. When you push down on the dish, the tongue simply pushes it up, creating an opening and a ramp for the coin to slide down. You can see the play feature in action in this video: Well, in-universe I imagine that it is a pressure plate that does require a satisfying amount of offerings to get the reward, but IRL the idea is that kids (or adults ) just press down on the tongue. It would require quite a lot of LEGO fruit to balance out the weight of the statue. I think that would compromise the structural integrity of the play feature. You could use the 2x4 equivalent of those tiles, but sadly it doesn't exist in gray (yet). As you can see in the video above, the friction keeps the coin from sliding too far. Also, I think it wouldn't be too clear that you're meant to place an offering there if there was no plate. Not sure how this could be done without going over the part limit. A surf board would be too thin for the coin to slide down on and doesn't have any way of attaching the dish at the front. I appreciate the suggestion though! And here I thought that would make it less offensive. I'm just trying to be respectful towards real-life islanders since the Islanders subtheme is considered a bit controversial.
  10. On King Kahuka's island there is a statue known as the Idol of Fortune. The Islanders come here when they need gold. When they place an offering such as fruit on the plate in front of it, the idol opens its mouth and a gold coin comes out. Load the coins in the back of the statue! Press down the offering plate to lift up the idol's face and release the coin! You can see the play feature in action in this video: This 49-piece set includes an Islander woman minifigure with banana accessory. I hope you like this entry for the Mini Set Category. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below, especially if you find anything offensive about the portrayal of islanders in this entry.
  11. Oky

    Disney Properties 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think it’s a pretty good design. The head is more detailed and the body more posable than the previously seen design.
  12. Oky

    Disney Properties 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    There is a new animated special on Disney+ titled “LEGO Disney Princesses: The Castle Quest”. It’s pretty fun and finally explains that odd Ultimate Adventure Castle from last year (sort of), but more importantly it features a brick-built Maleficent dragon! Given that there is one rumored to be released soon, this could be the design we’re getting, even though it looks quite different from the preliminary picture we’ve seen before. And yes, that is a Gaston minidoll riding her who serves as the main villain of the special, so we might get him soon too. Maybe the upcoming castle is indeed from B&tB, but has minidolls including him (which would be disappointing). Then again, the special also features a minidoll Smee on a giant pirate ship which I don’t see them ever doing, so who knows, maybe these are all just designs created for the special.
  13. Nice Cane-plane! Got any pics of the front?
  14. Cool, another biplane hangar for Harry! I wish we could see more of it. The plane is nice, although the propeller seems too small for it.
  15. Ahoy there! This is an entry for the Mini Set Category. In the middle of the Caribbean, there is a tiny island with a palm tree where the fearless pirate Cutlass Jane hides here treasure. A skull marks the spot! Use the shovel to remove the sand and reveal the shiny doubloons! This 30-piece set also includes a small tub and paddle that she can use to get to the island. This would be the first mini set to feature a female pirate! I hope ye fancy me entry. Comment away, mateys!