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  1. Greetings, adventurers! This is my entry for the 60th Anniversary of the Brick contest on Brickset, a microscale version of the classic Adventurers set 5988 The Temple of Anubis. Here is a picture of the original set for comparison: Here is a closer look at some of the more detailed parts of the set such as one of the Anubis statues, the truck, and the hot air balloon. I hope you like it and keep on adventuring!
  2. I just thought of two more shows. After Tartakovsky was able to give Samurai Jack the ending that it deserved, I would love to see Adult Swim give him the opportunity to finish Symbionic Titan as well. Also, Celebrity Deathmatch. I loved that show as a kid and there are certainly a few celebrities these days that I'd love to see beat the clay out of each other. There were talks of bringing it back a few years ago, but sadly it didn't happen. One can always hope though. If it was so great, why do you want it rebooted?
  3. Star Wars

    Well, that Solo trailer was about as underwhelming as expected. The only things I liked are Glover as Lando and that shot of the ISD in the cloud, but that's about it. What's up with all the random tentacle monsters in Star Wars lately? Was that one of the purrgil from Star Wars Rebels? This might just be the first Star Wars movie I won't see in theaters. On a brighter note, I finally got to experience Secrets of the Empire for my birthday yesterday and it was AWESOME! It's fairly short (it's 30 mins, but half of that time is spent briefing you on the mission, putting on the gear, etc.) and once the secret is revealed, it is not really explained what the significance of it is, but the level of immersion was amazing and it's just super fun to become rebels in stormtrooper armor and blast stormtroopers with your own squad like a real life SW Battlefront! If you ever get a chance to try it, I highly recommend you do! This! Seriously though, don't pirate movies (or Lego), kids. Thank you for giving your detailed thoughts on TLJ. I much prefer a lengthy analysis over the "SHUT UP YOU WHINY LITTLE FANBOYS!! THE MOVIE IS AMAZING!!!!" type of comments that I usually see. That said, I will have to respectfully disagree. I get what the movie was going for, I just think it was executed poorly. It seems like it was so focused on being subversive that it forgot to tell a cohesive and satisfying story.
  4. cartoon movies

    All the cartoon lovers are over in this thread: There is also this thread for Disney/Pixar movies specifically:
  5. Overwatch, Who's your favorite Heroe?

    I like Mercy a lot too, even though the recently added revival time does get frustrating sometimes. I like her pacifist attitude and German voice lines since I grew up in Germany myself. I'm also quite liking Moira since she can fight better than Mercy. She's surprisingly effective in deathmatches. On defense, I usually go with Bastion or Torb. Pretty cheap characters, I know, but they're just so much fun! Orisa is pretty good too on certain maps. For CTF, I always go with Symetra. Looking forward to the Lunar New Year event! By the way, if you haven't already, you need to watch Overwatch House!
  6. Star Wars

    Is it though? If their stories are going to be as uninspired as this trilogy, I have no interest in another EU surge. Personally, I have no problem with the good vs. bad stories. It's kinda what makes Star Wars what it is and part of its charm is that feeling of being a classic fairytale set in space with wizards and sword fights and princesses and good and evil. It's how you execute them that counts. The PT certainly had its shortcomings, but its story was not one of them. While it had similar themes as the OT, it wasn't a straight-up copy of it like TFA and TLJ were. There are many examples in Legends that show how it could have been done better. People usually point to the Thrawn trilogy as the prime example of how a sequel trilogy should have been handled and I very much agree. It had the same heroes, same factions, same kind of good vs. bad story, but the world around them had changed and the main villain was so different from the ones that had come before that it felt new while still feeling like Star Wars. Plus it introduced other new characters that were actually interesting and endearing like Mara Jade. Basically, what I'm saying is that the good vs. evil stories are fine as long as they don't follow any of the previous movies in the saga beat for beat. That's like saying what's the point in watching Titanic if you already know the ship is going to sink. Much like life itself, movies are about the journey, not the destination. The PT was about showing how exactly the galaxy got to such a dark place by the events of ANH and how someone destined for greatness can turn into one of the most evil beings in the galaxy. I think it's a bit more complex than a simple reversal of outcomes, but even if you look at it that way, it's still much better than the exact same outcomes which is what the sequel trilogy has been giving us so far. As for Rogue One... yeah, that movie was pretty pointless. I think the idea was to give extra weight to Leia's mission to deliver the plans to the Alliance in ANH by showing the sacrifices the rebels had to make to get them, but it wasn't really needed.
  7. That's a shame as both TMNT reboot series that have been made were excellent and Transformers Prime was great as well. I forgot to mention Invader Zim. I know there's supposed to be a movie coming out, but I'd like the series to return as well.
  8. That show was good, but personally, I think aside from that cliffhanger it was fine the way it ended. The main story was wrapped up, so I don't think it needs a comeback. In fact, I'd say that, while an inferior show, Sonic Underground is more in need of a conclusion as the main arc there never got finished. That is not to say I wouldn't want to see more of 1993 Sonic, but yeah, not gonna happen. By the way, I also really wish CN would let Tom Warburton do his KND sequel, Galactic Kids Next Door!
  9. I watch a lot of cartoons, so the shows that I'd like to see return are mostly animated shows which got canceled prematurely and should be continued so that they can get the proper ending they deserve. These include Spectacular Spider-Man, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Tron Uprising, Thundercats (the 2011 reboot), Teen Titans (CN needs to redeem this franchise after utterly ruining it with TTG), and Futurama. The latter already returned from cancellation once, so I don't see why it couldn't do it again. Sure, Futurama isn't really a story-driven show and is probably fine the way it ended, but I just can't get enough of it. Also, I grew up with the Disney Afternoon shows and Disney XD has done a pretty good job with the DuckTales reboot, so I wouldn't mind seeing modern incarnations of the other shows as well, like Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, and TaleSpin, so that today's generation of kids can enjoy these shows too. Fortunately we already got a conclusion to Samurai Jack and it seems that Young Justice and Animaniacs will be returning soon as well, so thankfully I don't need to include those on this list.
  10. Star Wars

    Well, so much for that rumor. But it will be released soon according to a recent tweet from Ron Howard which started the rumor. Yeah, all this talk about "killing the past" and all those dumb plot twists trying to break free of the mold, and yet all these movies still stick so close to the story of the OT that it seems pretty hypocritical. Let's hope the new trilogy will be a lot more original, although after how Rian handled this movie I don't have much faith. Personally, I'm actually OK with an Obi-Wan movie as I wouldn't mind seeing more of Evan McGregor playing this character, although I'm probably biased since he's my favorite character. So true.
  11. Star Wars

    There is a rumor that a trailer is going to drop tomorrow, but no confirmation so far. Nevertheless, the fact that we haven't even gotten a teaser yet so close to release is troubling indeed. It shows that either A) Disney doesn't have much faith in the movie (for good reason), so they don't bother advertising it, B) The movie is still so much of a mess that they don't have enough footage ready yet to be used for a trailer, or C) All of the above. Option B seems unlikely since the movie is due to release in a few months and it's not like that has stopped them from releasing a trailer before (*cough*Rogue One*cough*). Either way, it's going to be a disaster. I predict that this movie will be a rushed, under-advertised mess with different tones/directing styles and questionable casting that nobody asked for in the first place. And yes, I don't like any of the sponsored commercials either. My least favorite is the Walmart "Be Jedi Ready" ads. I mean, what does that even mean? Be ready for The Last Jedi? If so, why would you need merchandise to be ready for a movie? It's very nitpicky, I know, but it just bugs me. But seriously, the laziness of the commercials just adds on to the feeling of these movies being blatant cash grabs. PS: You may want to remove that somewhat spoilery part about Leia from your quote.
  12. Looks like this is the first year I didn't win. Oh well, better luck next year. Thanks again for another exciting raffle and congrats to the lucky winners! Oh, and Merry Christmas or whatever the heck you celebrate this time of year!
  13. Star Wars

    Well, I liked parts of The Last Jedi, in fact it might be my favorite out of the Disney era films, but let me be the first to say that overall I was not impressed. Like that YouTube reviewer above says, lots of things happened and yet it seems like we are in the same situation at the end as we were at the beginning of the movie. At first it looked like the franchise was going in a new direction, but I feel like in the end it just fell back to the same-old-same-old which is disappointing. While I do like what they did with the classic characters, the new characters had the same problems as they did in TFA and did nothing to win me over. Many questions remain unanswered, the lightsaber fights are weak, and the locations, ship designs, and battle sequences are very uninspired. Even the humor (which there is a lot of) is not as good as in TFA. I did like some of the themes in it and there were indeed some surprises, although not necessarily for the better. Sorry, but this is not nearly as good as ESB or RotJ which it borrows heavily from, even if it's not a beat-for-beat remake like TFA was.
  14. I understand. That's why I said "kind of pointless" as I do know that the whole point of movie adaptations is to bring those great stories to people who don't play video games (and make more money out of them). True, Hollywood seems very much bereft of originality these days, but isn't adapting a popular video game just as unoriginal as adapting a popular book? Just a thought. I disagree. I mean, I'd definitely want to see Rapture in its prime as well, but only as a flashback during the film. I don't know how much you know about BioShock, but there are many plot twists which are revealed the more you learn about what happened before the events of the game, and one of the best parts about the game is being dropped into this dark, mysterious place and gradually unveiling its secrets, so I'd want the movie to have the same feel.
  15. Honestly, seeing how every single movie adaptation of a videogame has been terrible or mediocre at best, I'm not sure I want to see any more. The only movie that was somewhat successful is Wreck-it-Ralph, but that was just an original movie about videogames in general, not an adaptation of a specific game. Ready Player One is in a similar category, although it remains to be seen if that one is any good. I think the problem is that classic games like Super Mario Bros. have such a simple and/or weird story that it will be hard to make a movie about them that is realistic, entertaining, and faithful at the same time, whereas modern games have become so cinematic that they are essentially interactive movies already, so turning them into live action films would simply remove the interactive element and therefore be kind of pointless, especially since most "live action" movies are made up of at least 50% CGI nowadays anyway. Now, does that mean that a good videogame movie can't be made? No, of course not. If you get a good director and cast and pick a property that lends itself to a movie adaptation, it is possible to make a good movie out of it, but at this point it seems unlikely to happen. That said, I hope the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot will be good. I am a fan of the game which it's based on and since it's one of those games that was so story-driven and had such realistic graphics that it was essentially a playable movie, so I can see it working as an actual movie if they don't change too much, and so far the trailer looks like it is fairly faithful to the game. But then again, we've been burned by a Tomb Raider movie twice before (although the first one is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me ). I kinda hope that the Uncharted movie will get out of development hell at some point as I think it has a similar chance of being a good movie, considering the recent Tomb Raider games have been an effort to copy the style of those games, although it will be hard to find a cast that has the same charm as the characters in the game. It has been announced that Illumination is working on an animated Mario movie and I think this is probably the best chance we have at a decent Mario movie. The colorful and cartoony nature of the Mushroom Kingdom and their residents can only be done justice in animation in my opinion, and say what you will about the minions, but Illumination is one of the best animation studios in Hollywood right now, so they have the talent to pull it off I think, so fingers crossed. Speaking of Nintendo, many have been clamoring for a Zelda movie since forever, and even though I've never played any of the games except for a bit of Twilight Princess, I get the impression that it is a fairly generic fantasy story, so I do think there is potential for an epic movie or at least TV show there. I have never played any of the Five Nights at Freddy's games either, but the characters do look pretty creepy, so the movie that is currently in development could make for a good scary movie if done right. That is to say, if they use ACTUAL animatronics and not some CG crap. Maybe we could even get a clear answer about what the hell the story of these games is. I'm getting tired of seeing theories about FNAF lore. I like the idea of a BioShock movie, and I also think that a Portal movie could be fun if it has the same clever writers as the games, although I'm not sure how interesting it would be to watch a silent protagonist go through testing chambers while being berated by an AI for two hours. Maybe they could make it like Hardcore Henry by having the whole movie in Chell's POV and give a good reason for why she doesn't talk (a side effect of her hibernation perhaps?). One of my favorite games of all time is Jak & Daxter, so I'd love to see a movie based on those games. It's never gonna happen, but considering that the big screen debut of their more popular cousins, Ratchet & Clank, didn't go so well, perhaps it's for the better. Sorry for the long post, but those are my thoughts.