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  1. Killian

    2024 Friends sets

    The comic has taken a different turn this month, retelling the story of New Beginnings with images from the show. Interesting they've changed Leo's description as a 'Unit' from the show, probably due to it being an insult in parts of Europe 🤣
  2. We're getting 2 themes where that's the case towards the end of 2024. They're both minidoll themes though
  3. I think there's a difference in China factoring in Lunar New Years etc.. Basically it's 5 years in China's viewpoint
  4. Cragger and Laval hung out at The Forever Rock a lot. I wonder if they know Ras?
  5. 1414falconfan leaked CMF series 25! It looks like Izzie's sword is coming in a new colour with what looks like some kind of Celtic warrior. Also there's a new mushroom hat that could be interesting to put on a Dreamling.
  6. I wonder if we'll get more rooms? They went on clearance really fast here, so maybe they didn't sell well? I hope we get them though, maybe Autumn's Room will have Milo or/and Popsy? Technically Autumn and Paisley already got rooms in their respective houses, but it'd still be good to get proper detailed room sets. It seems that Zac lives with Aliya canonically, so maybe his room will feature in an apartment building set that I think was rumoured a while back? We need a room for Olly covering his interests, though it can be argued that part of the Community Centre is already covering his fashion designs.
  7. Killian

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    1414falconfan leaked minifigure series 25! The Afghan Hound with the dog groomer is an odd looking animal. Glad we have the Goat back 😁
  8. 1414falconfan leaked series 25! The goatherder we're getting looks pretty cool. So excited that Count Batlord is back 😁 Anyone know what's going on with the train kid's eye?
  9. Killian

    Minifigures Series 25 - The Guessing Game

    1414falconfan leaked series 25! The goatherder we're getting looks pretty cool. So excited that Count Batlord is back 😁 Anyone know what's going on with the train kid's eye?
  10. Killian

    Horror/Spooky Themes

    I have the Adventurers Yeti set Was thinking a theme based around a world travelling group of paranormal investigators would be cool. Each set could be based around the Cryptid lore or general mythology of certain countries. Or an international school for monsters. Imagine Lego Baba Yaga with her hut on hen's legs, Black Annis or Jenny Greenteeth Hag sets, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, Wild Hunt Ghost Riders, Spring Heeled Jack, Mothman, Troll Bridge, Gorgon Cave, Kitsune Shrine, Werewolf Biker Bar, Wendigo Lair, Slenderman Attack, Graveyard Ghouls, Zombie Apocalypse, Hoodoo Loa, Bloody Mary Mirror, Cthulhu Aquatic City, Alien abductions, Charon's Boat, Phantom of the Opera, Jekyll and Hyde Lab, Jotun mountain, Grendel Longhouse, Yule Cat, Krampus etc...
  11. If we couldn't have licenced moulds, we wouldn't have Liann's pet Popcorn. I think the cubes just didn't sell well. I think I'm the only person who bought lots of them (think I have about 16 of them). Wish we'd got them for the new Friends squad, it would be a good way to introduce all their interests to a new audience. Like a Martial Arts Zac Cube, Tailoring Olly Cube, Novelist Aliya Cube, Leo with a Chef's hair/hat combo etc.. Though it wouldn't fit with the new practice of including at least 2 minidolls with each set.
  12. And apparently Mateo can have his dream face in the waking world according to the mistake in the comic 🤣
  13. Ah yes. The episode where Autumn tries to cripple a pig; then fat shames it, then gives it a codename that's a euphemism for a female body part. 🤣 Good to see another appearance of a sober Jonathan. His AA meetings are at the Community Centre in my headcanon. We need a Layla sub theme where Paisley lives out her best Jem and the Holograms/Hanna Montana fantasy 😉
  14. I hope we get them. I mostly want Logan's hat/hair combo that's a recolour of Jack's from the Hidden Side theme