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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to Feel Good Island! This is your Captain DoubleBU speaking. Thank you for chosing Air "Feel Good Island" for your trip. We're ready for take-off in about 10 minutes, so please switch off your mobile phones and fasten your seat belts. During your flight with us you can experience and enjoy the following features: - Power Functions as well as (switchable) manual mode - Many rotating/moving elements - Detailed environment (with some Easter Eggs) for nice display - Also a stable and heavy structure for heavy play - Accessible battery box withoutdisassembling the whole island, completely hidden inside the structure - A landing mode, optionally with or without the specially designed tensegrity stand. - A tensegrity stand that very stably supports the island in a floating position but also allows you to easily pick it up for play. For further information please refer to our brochures "Feel Good Island" or "Tensegrity Stand" right in front of you. Thank you very much for your attention and I wish you a pleasant flight...!
  2. I wanted to create some different areas based on the four elements represented by the four main elves, I've mixed parts from all kinds of different sets to create these places. This one is the earth themed home for Farran the Earth Elf. I wanted it to be part cottage, part treehouse. It's mostly parts from The Elves Treetop Hideaway and the Ewok Village sets. I attached my waterfall cave alongside the treehouse I also made a fire themed volcano cave with a tall treehouse/tower neighbouring it. It's mostly made from a Lego Friends set that has a cabin and a waterfall. I kept the cabin and built the tower above it and changed the waterfall into a volcano. I've created a workshop for the Air Elf Aira in one section of the tower with a bedroom above it, an observing platform with a telescope above that and a turret room on the top. The webisodes show that Azari the fire elf is homeless and just crashes with the other elves, but I've given her a warm place to sleep inside the volcano. I kept the camp beds in the cabin for the humans to sleep in when they visit Elvendale. And here's some random pictures..
  3. Pate-keetongu

    [MOC] Cielan

    Goddess of skies, winds and weather. The creation was more "high fantasy" styled at first, but with those white boots and rainbow hair it became more glamorous and striking; but then again I think people should use more colours in their creations. Too much grey gets dull with time. More on Cyclopic Bricks.
  4. DwalinF

    [MOC] Cloud Catcher

    Inspired by viking's ships, The Fifth Element movie and the art of Ian Mcque, I've built this bright rusty-junky ship.
  5. The alpha direwolf tears through the brush, it's legs carrying it as fast as possible. The sense of urgency and danger was foreign to the great creature, and so his mind was only focused on one thing: fleeing. An ear-splitting noise booms from behind him. His brain can only process it for a moment before the sound crashes into his body. Bones break, muscles snap, and the direwolf meets his end. It's early morning when five adventurers set out. Another day, another quest, and another uneventful trek through the streets of Eubric. Now perfectly familiar with the winding corridors of the city, they keep their eyes on the road, trying to avoid confrontation with Eubric's more eccentric denizens. Their luck pulls through, and the group of five heroes have already almost made it to their rendezvous with the young boy. Those five were... The Party: Sylph Solanum (Dannylonglegs) unknown age, unknown race Druid *Immune to Sealed* Level: 25 Health: 35/35 Ether: 30/30 Gold: 85 Equipment: Shrapnel Bow (WP: 10, Bow. Every successful hit drops the target's SP by 1), 20-20 glasses (headwear, +1 turn of effect for scrolls), Robe of the Archmagi (Bodywear; SP: 3; Max Ether +5, immune to "Sealed") Inventory: Scroll of Frailty, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Blindness, Scroll of Sealing, Scroll of Confusion, Scroll of Ice Armour, 2 Potions, 1 Grand Potion, 2 Tonics, 1 Venom, 2 Fire Bombs, 1 Ice Bomb, 3 Water Bombs, 2 Lightning Bombs, 1 Floral Bomb, 7 Bones, Trial Brew x3, Helmet (Max. health +1)), Emerald, Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Signet Ring, Saber Teeth, Journal of The Bleeding,Tale of the Invincible King, Psych Documents, Journal of The Wound, Suffering's Journal, Robe of the Magi (Bodywear, SP: 1), Smoke Bomb, Ranger's Quiver (WP +1 to bows and crossbows), Orcish Morning Star (WP: 9, mace), Mulled Wine, Spinning Bolas (WP: 8, deals the Slowed effect, but the effect is removed when retrieved, throwing weapon), Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), Hide of The Suffering (Bodywear, Power +7 when under a negative status effect. Doesn't stack.), Merry Bow (WP:7, ranged, steals 1 gold with each successful hit except Shield-skills), Emerald Hood (SP: 4, headwear, protects from Fragile), Sterile Gloves Annienal Anavir (Kintobor) "19" year old elven female Knight *Bonaparte Reputation* Level 13 Power: 30 (12+18) Defense: 7 (2+5) Health: 24/24 (13+10+1) Equipment: Bonaparte Cutlass (WP:9, doubled if the user has reputation among the Bonapartes; longsword), Plain Shield (SP: 5), Pauldrons (SP: 2, suitable for knights, dragoons, and skirmishers; accessory), Helmet (Max Health +1, headwear) Gold: 660 Inventory: Ammit (WP: 6; greatsword, user gains 5 ether for every kill), Wicked Javelin (WP: 7, throwing weapon, retrievable, 1/6 chance to slow), Sanctified Rito Longsword (WP: 4, Hits doubled against flying enemies, longsword), Training Sword (WP:4), Throwing Knife (WP: 3, throwing weapon), Shark’s Tooth (Power increased by 5 against Aquatics, Accessory), Tridentian Cape (Max Ether +3; protects from Blinded effect; suitable for mages, clerics, necromancers and scholars; backwear), Tobacco Pouch(1/2 Chance of Blinding with attacks, accessory), Locustoid Greaves(+4 Ether, immune to Earth Class, usable by all Ether-based classes) Emerald (Wood), Sapphire (Wind), Aquamarine (Water), Amethyst (Darkness), 5x Potions, Grand Potion, Field Rations (Restore 15 health), Banana (restores full health to the user), 2x Phoenix Essences, 3x Remedies, 2x Mead, Venom, Smoke Bomb, Fire Bomb, Bedroll, Shovel, Telescope, Pickaxe Scrolls: Scroll of Fire Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to fire for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Ice Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to ice for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Water Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to water for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether), Scroll of Wood Warding (1/2 chance to make the target immune to wood for the duration of one battle at the cost of 1 ether) 37 year old, Male, Half Giant, Level: 21 witch *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Fire, Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, Weakened, and Sealed Effects* Attacks Are Poisoned by 11, Dual Striking Power: 31 (21+10) (+10 to healing) Defense: 3 Health: 37/37 (9+20+8) Ether: 30/30 (5+20+5) Gold: 562 Equipment: Twin Sai (WP: 10, dual strike, dagger) Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened effects)(lent by Benji) Fiery Robes of the Archmagi (SP:3 Bodywear +5 Ether, immunity to Sealed Effect and Fire) Gloves of the Hypocritical/Hippocratic Oath, Handwear, (Adds +10 to healing for characters with the Healing job trait and + 10 Poisoning for characters with the Wicked (or future equivalent) fighting style ) Inventory: Consumables: 5X Remedy, 5X Potion, Grand Potion, 3X Smoke Bomb, 4X Mead, 5X Tonic, 3x Venom (poison -1), 3X Deadly Poison (Poison -10), Banana, Poison Bomb, Grand Potion, 4X Hurricane - This exotic drink grants the Hilariously and Luckily Drunk-effect, doubling the power of every attack, provided the consumer can state a pun related to his attack with every attack for the duration of one battle,3X Smelling Salts, Grating Stone, Weapons: Spark Hammer (WP:8, (X2 against Aquatic, Flying, and Mechanical) lightning-elemental hammer), Very Pink Parasol: Broomstick, WP:1, Male enemies are Enamored with the hero, Verkenner (WP:10, Darkness elemental Broomstick,(X2 against Humanoid and Holy/Luminous)ranged) Artefacts: Wonky Shoes (footwear, SP: 3, suitable for all classes)(lent by Benj), Toxic Hood: (Headwear. The green hood worn by the Rosalia Pestilence. Changes the poisoned effect, to Blessed for the duration of the battle if poisoned while wearing the hood, Usable by all.) Ten-Gallon Hat: Gives the wearer the "Tourist" effect, causing no one to take them seriously) Witch's Talisman (Causes the witch's poisonous attacks to deal poison 10 instead of poison 1; suitable for witches, accessory) Ethereal Cloak (SP:2, Max. Ether +4, suitable for mages, clerics, necromancers, scholars and weather mages; backwear. Raw Horsehide (Worth 10 Gold, or can be worn by Barbarian classes for SP:1) Gems: , Topaz , Emerald X2, Diamond, Opal, Aquamarine X2, Garnet, Sapphire Decamon Cards: Cherub (Luminous 3) Tools: Bed Roll and Shovel Warlen Melimane, The oft-drunk gladeborn. (The Chosen Minifigure) Attacks deal *Enamoured* *Immune to Darkness, Fire* 23 year old male half-elf Mage Level 14.5 Power: 23 (14+6+3). Health: 23/23 (5+14+1+3*) SP: 6 (3+3) Ether: 28/28 (5+14+4+3) Gold: 101 Equipment: Charred Love (WP:6, deals *Enamoured* effect, wand), Fenarian Robes of the Vampire (SP:3, Max. Ether +4, Immune to Darkness, backwear), Anniversary Medal (SP+3, Power+3, Ether+3, Health+3, immune to Fire, accessory, belongs to Lind). Inventory: Weapons- Eagle Shield (SP:4, protects from ether reduction), Plasma Shield (WP:3, absorbs electricity, belongs to Lind), Sean Cole's Sword-handcannon(Can be used alternatively as either a Handcannon or as a Longsword; each function can only be equipped by classes with the pre-existing ability to equip it; WP:8; as Longsword, pierces SP, as Handcannon, deals Bleeding-effect by 1) Artefacts- Magicians Glove* (Power +10 to spells), Feathered Cap (SP:1, Head-wear, wearer is immune to Petrified), Counterstike Gloves, 7x Ten-Gallon Hat (Gives the wearer the "Tourist" effect, causing no one to take them seriously), Locustoid Greaves(+4 Ether, immune to Earth Class, usable by all Ether-based classes) Warlen's Spellbook- Amethyst (Darkness), Aquamarine (Water), Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), Sapphire (Wind), Opal (Ice), Garnet (Earth), Topaz (Lightning), Diamond (Light), Scroll of Sleep (1/2 chance to make target fall asleep at the cost of 1 Ether), Scroll of Antimagic (1/2 chance to make the target *Immune to magic* at the cost of 1 ether). Must be RPed-Fireball (25 fire elemental damage to all opponents, bomb), Lightning Ball (25 lightning elemental damage to all opponents, bomb), Small Frost Ball (10 ice elemental damage to all opponents, bomb). Consumables- 2x Potion, 2x Grand Potion, Health Core, 2x Tonic, 2x Remedy, 3x Mead, x2 Smelling salts, Nostrum x2 Smoke bomb, 2x Banana, 2x Milk (15 HP+Ether), 6x Hurricane (This exotic drink grants the Hilariously and Luckily Drunk effect, doubling the power of every attack, provided the consumer can state a pun related to his attack with every attack for the duration of one battle). Other Junk- Bedroll, Shovel, Telescope, Magnifying Glass, Pickaxe, 6x Bones, 2x Shiny Gold Rocks(worth 1 each gold at normal shops, or worth 5 at magic stores for the mica). Throlar Wineghilm 135 year old male Dwarven Knight. *immune to ice and weakened* *Counterstriking* Level, 13 Power, 26 (13+12+1) Defense, 5 (5+0) Health, 27/27 (22+5) Gold, 50. Equipped; Mopagsaber (WP 12, ice elemental longsword), Poncanis Shield (SP 5, ice elemental), Lion's Plate (Max health +5, Power +1, Immune to weakened, suitable for knights and barbarians, body wear), Counterstrike Gloves (if the wearer is damaged by a free hit they counter with strength equal to their level, handwear). Inventory; Weapons; Elven Sword (WP 5, longsword). Shields; Elven Shield (SP 5, All elves in the party gain an equal amount of SP so long as the wielder is standing.). Artifacts; Crow Helmet (SP 1, flying enemies do not deal free hits to the wearer, suitable for Knights and Dragoons, headwear). Consumables; x2 Potion, Remedy, Hint Coin (Gives the user a hint about a puzzle or a tricky situation, Useable only once, Has no monetary value.), Bone, Floral Bomb, Air Bomb, Dirt Bomb, Water Bomb, Lightning Bomb, x4 Fire Bomb, Ice Bomb, Holy Bomb, Smoke Bomb x2, Deadly Venom, Phoenix Essence, Feather of Flight (allows the user to flee the battle when used), Ambrosia (causes the reinforced effect, double the targets SP for the duration of one battle). Equipment; Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Level up Mushroom (for The Demon Germ). Treasures; Amethyst. Decamon Deck, Magic Carp (Aquatic 1), Volt Ant (Electric 1), Will-o'-the-Wisp (Fiery 1), Tweetybird (Flying 1), Toxic Toad (Plant 1), Ursa Minor (Eithereal 1), Specter (Dark 2). With only a minute or two more trekking, they find a young boy perched by his telescope - presumably, Manny. "You guys are the heroes I hired, right?" QM Note: You folks have 24 hours to confirm. Let the fun begin.