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  1. [INDEX] Ships of BOBS

    Does this list reflect the latest "updated" ship stats and classes?
  2. Howdy folks....Finally have some time to start building again! I've been following things (loosely) around here....but need to know what to do about my ships and getting them registered again. Will I have received a refund for the previous license? I ended up adding another hull section to "Antigone's Fury" so I might just be able to start it out as a new ship...and I'm working on another, Anyway...good to see everyone is doing well and let me know anything I might need to know about jumping back into things....
  3. AT-AT MOC (plus-sized -- but not super big)

    Thanks for posting the imagur link....just finished mine with a few parts substitutions....
  4. Can anyone give us a summary of what being changed (or possibly being changed) about the game rules whenever that actually happens (perhaps an estimated timeline on that, too)? I've been "checking in" for months, but it seems everything is nearly at a standstill since May....and no real clear indication as when (or if) it's going to get fixed and running again. anything concrete in place...or is it all still a toss up and undecided? What is actually in the works? Thanks in advance...and please link me to any new posts I may have missed...
  5. 14181, molding problem

    you see the same effect using 1x2 bricks on a a long wall, but successive rows or thickening the wall with some 1x6 or 1x8's flattens it back out.
  6. Hey, did you end up coming to one of the meetings? I know we had a couple of new faces there and at Denver Comic Con....but I never know who is who from
  7. Like many other LUGs and LEGO groups, we general hold a small parts draft at each of our meetings (usually every other month). For those not familiar, a "Parts Draft" is (usually) an activity where 3-30 folks purchase and bring an agreed upon set to the meeting. There, we open all the sets and separate the different parts into piles of like parts. A random order of participants is chosen and then we take turns picking bags (or lots) of individual parts we are interested in. (depending on attendance levels and interest, usually its about 7-12 participants) There are several "special situations" for certain types of parts, and various groups have come up with a variety of different rules and methods for holding a parts draft. I am curious about the various rules and methods you all sort of build a "Guide" for others seeking ideas for, or an understanding of, Parts Drafts. For instance, we commonly (not always) use the following: 1.) Minifigures in set are assembled and count as one "lot" or pick for a turn (A "minifigure" here would consist of Legs, Torso, head, head covering and any worn accessories) 2.) Minifigure utensils/weapons are grouped as their own individual lots of parts 3.) Detailed animals (dogs, cats, baby dragons, hamsters, etc.) are individual lots 4.) Simple animals and food items (frogs, snakes, fish, apples, bananas, etc.) are grouped in lots of parts by type. 5.) pick order is chosen by random number generator (usually an iphone app, but dice would also work) 6.) list order is down and then back up, with the last and first names on the list getting two choices when the order flips (That is, with 4 participants: A picks 1, B picks 1, C picks 1, D picks 2, C picks 1, B picks 1, A picks 2, B picks 1, C picks 1, etc until lots are gone) 7.) stickers are sometimes grouped as a lot (usually decided for each draft) 8.) Tires and wheels are separately grouped lots of parts. 9.) When one part is present in "huge" quantities, it may be subdivided into multiple, equal sized lots at the discretion of the draft group. There may be some others, but you get the idea... We usually use a set that is $24.99 or less that is decided either by an individual running the draft or a poll of members. in the month between meetings. However, I have heard that some groups plan drafts months in advance, sometimes using pricier sets....I've also heard of groups that take advantage of sales to purchase larger quantities of sets and then offer a "buy in" to members that want to participate.... So, what methods do you use? What have you found works...what have you found does not work? Let's share knowledge and learn from each other!
  8. Thanks so much all! Had quite a "birdie windfall" in a LUG support recently....these are only about a third of all that I Hrmmmmmm......a new Sea Rats invasion force perhaps....
  9. Saga of the Sea Rats, Volume 1: Piraat Rhys in Bastion Previous: The Dainty Sload Bar and Grill Next: |~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~|~+=@&@=+~| Log Entry 31 Mai 616 Bastion, Nest of Thieves Capt. Rhys Flaidd DeTaillefer Some weeks ago, we welcomed a graduate of Master Kurosawa's school to Bastion, one Yves Truffault, originally of Olean... Truffault Aviary on Flickr He brought with him a love for birds and unique talents in training a local variety of dove to carry messages... Perch on Flickr His little friends carry messages to and from various ships in the fleet and trade ports, where other Master Birdsmen ply the same trade. Yves Truffault prepares a courier on Flickr It provides enormously informative information, as the bird can fly nearly 7 times the speed of our fastest ships... Inside view of birdhouse... on Flickr With each message received, he meticulously updates his maps and charts, using a tool called a "Pantograph" to precisely copy markings between maps.... Pantograph on map table on Flickr This often requires referencing various books of charts and using tools for timing and sighting the birds.... References and tools on Flickr Keeping birds is a full time job, requiring Yves to take on many other tasks....such as carpentry.... Aviary - Roof repair on Flickr He's obviously doing a good job, as the birds seem quite happy in their roost... Birds pondering their next job..... on Flickr Bastion is full of enterprising folks these days.....this young "Trapper" hopes to start a "pet shop," whatever that is.... Little trapper on Flickr She should do well, as this island is full of fuzzy little critters.... Catching pets on Flickr Bonus shots: =========================================== Thanks for visiting!
  10. Account Summary

    Is this post a replacement for the old monthly "scorecard," or is the scorecard still going to be posted as well?
  11. Oh, in case it needs to be publicly noted: After considering the discussion in posts 1153-1165 of this thread, I submitted an adjudication form to change the "Far Horizons Salvage and Shipworks" from Factory-Large to Artisan-Large. A separate adjudication form was entered to change "Brotherhood of the Red Dragon" from Commerce-Large to Education-Large as that category was unavailable when the build was originally submitted, but fits its intended use.
  12. Sea Rats: Sign-up and Discussion

    I've still got one to do.... *why am I sitting on this PC and watching Ant-man????* lol
  13. Woo Hoo! That's a nice "haul!"