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  1. Vedauwoo

    [L14 - Yag'Dhul - CS] The Givin

    I think I'm going to end up putting those white robot arms on my LUGBULK order because of this...... Very nice!
  2. A great number of galactic refugees have found a home of sorts at the Tatooine compound of the Ithorian known as Otee'fo K'vos, among them Olesa Squad...which K'vos assigned to barracks block C.... The recently refurbished barracks feature cozy sleeping berths for the squadmates... The "Interface column" allows residents access to all their personal logs and data as well as resources from around the galaxy... While the "Logistics Station" allows their droids to organize and plan mission gear and schedules... Each resident is assigned space for gear stowage and weapons storage. The communal nature of the space leads to lots of interesting discussions.... Though, some squadmates have enjoyed the opportunity to sleep late recently.... Overall, pretty cozy for a hanger in the middle of a desert on a planet out on the edge of nowhere..... Thanks for visiting....extra images below.....
  3. Vedauwoo

    L7 - Korvaii - CorSec

    Wow! Fantastic Bar...I love just about everything about it!
  4. Thanks for all the comments! Yes, i rekon it is a bit size impaired.....prolly needed a second 32x32 of open sand to make the scale better.... but, it's the first thing I've built recently and the first project since moving to my new place and building, tearing down and rebuilding my LEGO build Looks like I forgot to submit my build form for January, so hopefully it can still count for February?
  5. Vedauwoo

    Episode I: No Place Like Home

    Is there a limit of "one entry per player?" Or, could a player (of factions) submit additional builds of different living quarters for other characters in the player's fold?
  6. Vedauwoo

    Faction: Socorro Trade Guild

    Oteefo and his mates head for home after signing on with the Guild....
  7. The meeting in Mos Taike had been seemed that the Socorro Trade Guild may have some need for Oteefo's Engineering skills... But now there was the task of rounding up the crew, Z-5 and Frax were waiting at one of the many dilapidated harvestors scattered throughout the desert, this one had been claimed and repaired by K'vos when he arrived on Tatooine. Traveling in the cities with his droids could be problematic... Frax had done most of the repair work on the harvestors....he was a real wiz with machinery. Z-5 was a bit of a mystery, a garbage heap on Geonosis. He was clearly quite an advanced prototype's unclear why his like never saw production. After emptying the harvestor's hopper, the three settled in for the long ride back to the compound, they would surely not be there by night fall.... Bonus Images:
  8. Vedauwoo

    [S12 - Nar Shaddaa - BS] Sewer Rat

    awewome build as always! I love that jet pack!
  9. Vedauwoo

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Yeah, had to disable downloads when I moved back to Charleston and found several of my images being used (without permission) by various city agencies and architecture firms.....
  10. Vedauwoo

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules's the link flickr gave me...i'm not sure what you mean by "right click version.." you need a "headshot" version? Can it be higher definition than the one we have to use for the signature panel?
  11. Vedauwoo

    [M11 - Corellia - CS] CorSec Headquarters

    What are you currently using for your images?
  12. Vedauwoo

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Ithorian Engineer seeks opportunities with Socorro Trade Guild: Currently based near Tatooine in the Outer Rim.....please contact Otee'fo K'vos with appropriate information via "The Rancid Dewback Saloon, Mos Taike"
  13. Ahoy Mateys! Been lost in a Fog at sea for a bit.....but in rl finally getting unpacked and settled after moving from Colorado to Charleston.... era? Do I need to start a new character and introduction thread if I plan to start building again? Also....what about all the Credits and FIP's and such earned in first era? Worthless now or do they transfer somehow?
  14. Thanks! That will work...but i could've sworn I saw a post where someone had listed the current ranking of each settlement....maybe I dreamt it....that happens
  15. Is there a post that shows what the "level" is for all of the player created towns? I thought I saw it but can't seem to find one now....