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  1. Vedauwoo

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    As my faction has leader has been entirely absent....I might be interested in hoping on the madalorian bounty cruiser.....
  2. Vedauwoo

    [M12 - Exodeen - TT] Clone recon mission

    Fantastic! Love the rusty rebar action going on there!
  3. Vedauwoo

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Seconding Basiliscus' question.... Is there a summary sheet for total scores for each player? Also, how do I fix my "sig card" image has never worked properly in it and I don't seem to have any of my earned xp showing....
  4. The struts underneath are fantastic! Well done!
  5. Great use of the fly head! and cool Monk as well...
  6. Fantastic Ruin! I love all the little details and your minifig is cool as well!
  7. Vedauwoo

    Limited Time Challenge! Updated for June

    Ooooh neat-o! Me likey!
  8. Very cool Minifigure and stellar build.....looks like we were both thinking about neat ways to use those missile bricks....
  9. Ooooh! Thanks for bringing that part to my attention....I had no idea it was out there!
  10. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Vlourix recognised the unique sound of a stereophonic voice.... "Z-5..... I have an unusual mission for you......" Otee'fo handed Z-5 a datapad with directions to proceed to Hakassi, in the core worlds, to meet with Voo'srik and his new friend... The meeting was to take place at a shipyard on Hakassi...Z-5 was astonished (well, as much as a droid can be) by what he saw. Voo'srik was swift to greet Z-5 and introduced him to Jarren Darklighter, an "excommunicated" B'omarr Monk exploring the core worlds... Z-5 warmly greeted Monk Darklighter...."We must move swiftly, this world is not entirely safe and I only have Plift here for backup..." -------------------------------- My "Brick-built fig" is a Monk from the B'omarr Order - an example is shown below: ---More Images Below---
  11. Vedauwoo

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    Not sure if these changes were updated in the main rules page.... as it still says 150 xp to "form own faction"
  12. Vedauwoo

    [Factions Ep. I] A balcony look at the Galaxy

    I agree the two floors concept is awesome! I love the "fusion power plant" and who knew that news from hogwarts traveled so far and wide!
  13. Vedauwoo

    [Factions Ep. I] Hangar 37

    Lovely! I gather from the images that the "roof" comes off? Any chance of additional images of how the roof is built and how you did the edges?