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  1. Great looking truck and presentation! Waiting for video!
  2. @gyenesvi on my tests, steering is little bit underpowered - sometimes car can be steered only the go (as on real cars without power steering ,we still have such old cars on the roads). The problem is big scrub radius because of bulky portal hubs. I can gear down steering shaft to increas torque. Unfrtunately, there is no more free gears and free space to increase steering torque. Also, adding pair of gears can ruin centering logic, i did not tested, but most likely it will happen. Increasing steering arm's length to make steering angle wider is not good because of insufficeint torque. Better to rebuild steering system. If you are not limited by parts of one set, you can try use regular (not angular) motor with gear rack. This is the best technical decision. One more moment - steering is better using Controlz app comparing to Brickcontroller2 (2 apps I usually use) I don't know the reason, but frist app's servo control is more resposive and quicker. Try both. thank you for your detailed feedback. p.s. may be you did not noticed that, but cab design was stolen from Markus Kossman and his Arocs. I've only adden a nose)
  3. Thanks for idea. You are right, that’s the only issue of model. I thought about that. Making 3L steering arm make it steer wider angle, but steering strength will decrease. So I thinking about 2,5L arm using cams from set.
  4. By the way, I've tested it we reversed gearing for faster speed and Buwizz 3.0 watch 4:53
  5. thank you. Hope you will find something useful for your skills!
  6. Before you blaim me "it is NOT alternative🤨" I have a special video for you my friend😀
  7. Hello model is improved and finished. Codename "Zetros Killer"(they did not met in the octagon yet, but sooner or later...) model was improved comparing to previous verison above in next directions longer wheelbase for better look and stability reinforced steering system with limiter (to pervent large wheels touching chassis). better modularity for best building and modding experience snorkel was removed - it was too fragile cooling radiator with fans was added in the back - hub was too hot🔥😁 The model is assembled from 1x cardan joint + LEGO Technic 42114 Volvo 6x6 A60h. Almost B model. Original set contain only 1x cardan joint, to build 4x4 I need 2 of them. So it can be true 42114 B model too, but it will be RWD. 2in1 model: DAKAR rally truck or light truck for Trial! Easy removable rear body part to drop down weight! 4x4 transmission with axle differentials. Front axle - L motor control +, rear axle - XL motor control +. The motors are NOT shaft connected to each other (like in 9398, 42099) Rear differential manual lock Steering system: Control+ large angle motor Suspension: long range swing axles with torsion bar system Transmission 16:16 - 12:28 - 8:24. 16:16 gear can be changed to 12:20 or 20:12 for more speed or torque. With 12-20 mod it can climb 50 degrees uphill (in trial body mode) Cabin and cargo platform - removable modules Steering angle is the only thing I am not 100% satisied with. It is ok, but can be better. Indoor trial test Also I use alternative APP for LEGO control+, (Buwizz, Sbrick) control One more detailed video review on my native language More model photos here model instruction at https://clck.ru/hibGq OR https://reb.li/m/113177
  8. cheap austar MT's are wide and ballon-like. So they are perfect on 43 mm wheels of zetros A lot. All 1.9 fit on 56 mm rims. Including touring/drift RC tires
  9. Well, rim is wider than tire. It's pure aesthectical moment. Extra foam inserts can solve this btw check this also https://aliexpress.ru/item/1005002564060104.html?spm=a2g2w.productlist.0.0.51d91bdfp08fh8&sku_id=12000021167705129 https://aliexpress.ru/item/1005002950390290.html?item_id=1005002950390290&sku_id=12000022926643357&spm=a2g2w.productlist.0.0.51d91bdfp08fh8
  10. I use cheap one again from ALiexpress - PXN 6603 Speedy mfi controller check it 25:09 with autotranslation also in this video this video I've played outdoor with it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP5bkY6jQMU&t=382s
  11. Ok, understand you now. Original RC4WD 1.55 Mickey Tompson Baja MTZ are SMALLER and NARROWER than cheaper analog from Aliexpress with the same name 1.55 Mickey Tompson Baja MTZ (austar brand). RC4WD too small and narrow for truck. Also, thread pattern of this tire is not realsitic for trucks, it's for SUV's. As for me, I like how austar tires fit the truck - size and proportions.
  12. 1.2 RC 4WD MT are small for Zetros and for its rim generally. They are 68x20 mm size and fit only rims from 42043 Arocs set.
  13. 42133 Telescopic Loader was not offered to reviewers
  14. Love it! So smooth! Wanna hold it in my hands forever
  15. Interesting fact: 42110 LR wheels are the same design as real Toyota 4Runner Limited edition wheels https://hooniverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/IMG_0113-14.jpg