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  1. thank you Marvel83 - roller coaster, find him on youtube. A lot of nice retro music
  2. Hello EB members Here is my improved Toyota Hilux SR5 with new Body version, like in "Back to the future" movie. Previous version I've posted here chassis remain the same, as in 4 door version. Now 4 door and 2 door version use the same chassis. My model is a copy of Marty McFly's Toyota Of course you can build stock SR5 Toyota Truck mixing design of my previous 4-door Hilux and this 2 door version. Some things were improved after 4-door model: - new bonnet - new front doors (lower section) - new 1-piece arches inside cargo bed - detailed dashboard with higher placed steering wheel, updated seats. - improvements done to cab fixing points: now I have 2 extra points in the front, and there is no need to fix long pins with bushes under the hood. - control: Smart Brick (Sbrick) - drive: XL motor, 4x4 transmission with axle differentials - steering: Servo motor - solid axles - front suspension 4 link triangulated - rear suspension 3 link - openable doors, bonnet, tailgate - 5-seater saloon - LED front lights - removable pickup bed and cab - wheels: 62-68 mm Video review with ENGLISH SUBTITLES (turn on manually) Instruction is availbale as complete chassis+body and only body versions at Rebrickable
  3. rm8

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I am not answering his message, I just mentioned him as he did the same presentation of model before You should be his subscriber at least to understand what I mean. I admire @mahjqa filming skills
  4. rm8

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    @mahjqa by the way...
  5. Ok, Ok, i understand you. But I mentioned that it was in my instagram as sketch (do you want to compare it part by part?), And I wrote to admins a question long before this post topic - they can prove that fact. Btw how can you check if model was started after contest opened? What if model is in the head already? That’s not the reason to keep entry legal, but in the rules there is note about “previously shared model”, 1) i did not shared final model 2) I know what it was before contest, and what model is now, there is no need for me to lie to myself or someone else, I only keep simple configuration of panels the same. Also, there is no need to write you anything in my defend, because you see only configuration of panels... I will not enter in the contest with it to keep contest simple and fair, but finish model for fun.
  6. That would be Hachiroku
  7. Afraid to be late... Progress Btw, what do you like more? 1) TRD Rally Porscheyota with offroad tires, extra lights and roofrack 2) Japanese Police car with police lights on the roof
  8. There are at least 7 reasons to ban me, what a impudence. I am OK if moderators decide to do so. 1) my previous sketch 2) Thirdwigg 3) apachiapachi 4) noexist 5) Paave 6) Mahjqa 7) Sirslayer
  9. There is nothing I can do with him. He have personal reasons for that. I am building for fun. Better wait for final model and decide is it violation or not. @Silvavasil Bravo "captain obvious", I did not hide that fact and moderators was noticed before. But why don't you see another entry from your community, that was started before contest? I won't do that, let it be your secret that you consciously cover but you better play your rules both side.
  10. For quicker design fine tuning I moved to Studio platform. For those who wondering: "why not Toyota?"
  11. yes, I can play body width +/-1 stud without problems, I can't help with height if it need to be corrected only 0,5....And 1 Stud lower is too much. So, yes roof should be lower, but I cant🤨
  12. Thank you for your feedback Let's continue Day 2-3 result. Still work on air cooled heart. Need to add filters, intake pipes, exhaust pipes. But first - strong body. After - details. Back is too weak now. Need to reinfroce roof and pillars. Gold rims are awesome. But final model should be used with narrow 43x14 wheels. 43x20 are more than 15L wide. Reailsed that width should be 14 stud, at least front arches and doors section. Rear arches will be 15 stud wide. Model is inspired by 1971 version, not exact 1:1 copy. I would like to use some ideas from custom restomods like Singer. For example, different variants of rear lights. So, can I call it Porsche? No) ё I have sketches of 911 long before contest, but proportions was wrong in all dimensions.... 3 days left