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  1. Good work! do you have a video of train? By the way, we have similar contest in our RLOC LTR. Some models have gears instead of train wheels - yeah, not every technic fan have train parts) All contestant photos https://vk.com/topic-40661157_39227788
  2. rm8

    Show us your Working Place

    BrickGarage LEGO room tour 😃 It's in russian, but you can try watch at browser with susbtitiles autotranalsted on the fly to any language!
  3. Buwizz is a good. But be carefull on LDCRS mode) If you did not bought Buwizz yet, you can use my affilated link https://buwizz.com?ref=45
  4. rm8

    [APP] BrickController2

    At RacingBrick channel I saw that android verison work well with PU L motor as servo. Playing with 42109 I can't make steering work right - no return to center. Is it it the problem of iOS version?
  5. rm8

    Powered Up 3.0 update

    Balazs, thank you for review. Dissapointed again. But I have another question. In the end you tested BC app with gamepad. I also have Gamepad and last BC app on iOs. Playing with 42109 I can't make steering work right - no return to center. Is it it the problem of iOS version?
  6. yes, but only one side, if you use it in the rectangular frame. The same as with old version
  7. rm8

    [TCM1] 8081 110 Pickup

    That's what I like. Your model is the most conservative redeisgn among all others. So, how many projects we have now except your and @HorcikDesigns, @johnnym, @sirslayer?
  8. rm8

    [ MOC ] TESLA CyberTruck

  9. rm8

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Do not want to repeat previous members. Of course, monopoly of any kind is bad for customers. We are living in democratic (or "democratic") world, where is no place for monopolies and everyone want to have own free choice. In the other hand, If I was a TLG I see BL as independent worldwide network that can both increase LEGO-hobby potential (in fact BL have positive influence), and in oppostite can be dangerous. Copycat bricks already at BL, and since potential market of cheap toys is larger, than exepensive original bricks market, one day cheap bricks can kick original LEGO out of BL, and ruin this marketplace as place for LEGO fans worldwide. I can say, that this can be a sensitive punch on LEGO hobby and community. And we will ask lego "why don't you protect us?". The same question was asked by many of us when some manufacturers start to copy our MOCs and sell them...BL growed to element that have influence on LEGO market. So, at least now TLG can protect this important element of growing LEGO hobby, and of course TLG businnes. You can play politely correct, but your contestant will be bold and dirty. To stay on the top you shoud think many steps forward in all directions. That's what LEGO doing now, protect the business. And after all, BL is a large amount of data in the era of data🙄 . Hope TLG have enough wisdom to separate main business and BL.
  10. rm8

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Milan can cover any B-model demand. May be that's why they decided not to design it in rush
  11. rm8

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    It should be new motorcycle. Since TLG and Harley Davidson work together, there is a chance to get new Harley Davidson cycle with the same tyres as in creator expert. Sportbikes and cross bikes for many years are boring... Do you know something?
  12. Yeah check here https://vk.com/topic-40661157_43444785
  13. Lancia we deserved this year Serious: new diff, a lot of arches incuding white, app with AT and MT gearbox mode - a lot of fun😴