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  1. Cool truck you designed here! Do you plan more HQ photos, video and features descirption?
  2. As I said before, level of detail, presentation and overall look of your models is the same as top-builders do
  3. Love it! Very cool. Just reposted to LTR
  4. I love your style of custom car models! Also exhaust-turbo-intake looks like working design, not just cool decoration without any idea how it work in real life
  5. Love it: small, clean and recognizable
  6. Love it, evene it is still WIP! Shape is
  7. Actually that was Madoka's ramp in both our videos. But I want to build one for me)
  8. Take two pulley wheels joined together with pins, drill middle axle hole for wheel bolt from chinese online RC shop and DIY adapter is ready. Will it work?
  9. thank you for creation of my favourite car brand I love both models. Grey is great for playing and black with its transmission shoud be good for models with less powerful motors for driving, for example 1 or 2 L motors. Can't wait to build white TLC80 with black bumpers and arches! Come back again with or without new MOCs)
  10. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    Collaboration video with Madoka and some Mods for Jeep Wrangler. It is some kind of review + some mods for base model. Please turn on english subtitiles. Madoka's Jeep is well designed car. But stock small 62 mm tires are only needed to roll the car from factory to dealers's room, and then to closest tuning company. Forget the 62 mm. Even 68 mm wheels on the video above no enough. Unfortunately, I can't wait when LEGO produce realistic and aestethic wheels. Life is too short. So I've bought a lot of RC wheels (like Attika did earlier here) Such wheels like on the photo have about 75 mm diameter. Very soft, but fitting on the axle need some modding (drilling and glueing 12 tooth gear inside nut's hole) And we also have to lift body 1 stud higher above the chassis. Since model is modular - it was a easy task. Then we have to limit front suspension wide articulation to prevent wheels touching front arches. Yellow Jeep is less unique. It is based on Toyota Hilux chassis. That's all for today. Thanks to Madoka for this great base for creativity! Happy building
  11. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Very impressive model with a lot of functions. Not for everyone, but work is unique and definitely cost its price.
  12. I like rear suspension linkage! One more independent and driven suspension for narrow models. I am not sure it can handle high troque, but overall idea and model itslef looks cool!
  13. you need a lot of patience to build such model, and then a much more patience to do instruction and renders
  14. I love the video. Looks like front caster angle is not enough because of raised rear suspsenison, or am I wrong?
  15. Thank you, Actaully this is not a crawler But for its size and weight it's very good off-road toy. I am infected by yota-virus Thank you Thank you. You have a nice airport tow truck. Is it legal to have own aircrat in you country? Yes, that's he. Model is approved by Madoka.