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  1. RC4WD MT are too smnall and narrow. Chinese version from Aliexpress is wider, larger and cheaper - they are also under my video.
  2. you need smaller wheels check this video, wheels on 10:40, but full video can be useful- it is about easy fixing of known issues and below the video link to best rc tires
  3. yes, I noticed that in my review the problem of resistance is the front axle 1) rounded wheels have tendency to turn easy instead of driving forward, especially on bimps - not much rolling friction 2) steering rods behind the axle 3) too many backlash, front suspension arms are too wobly 4) wheel hubs with 2,5 offest. So all that thing front axle increase toe out but rear axle is also have resistance more than usual btw, I will be glad if you'll take a look at my review (with english (auto) subtitles) I've overviewed rolling resistance problem at 34:16. different wheels check 25:30 motorization 33:09 (actually not) You can turn on english subtitiles (they are auto translated)
  4. Ok, LEGO, try not to copy us) - Oversized images removed - Source https://vk.com/topic-40661157_47446646
  5. Hello, yes my review with autosubtitilesi s available here, thing you may be intereseted in: 04:54 Trying new wheels for other models 06:27 27:52 Best tires for a model 32:05 Trying on different wheels on the Zetros
  6. Test drive using cheap RC tires for 1.55 wheels
  7. Raptor in one picture
  8. LEGO con is a big disappointment
  9. because generic AFOL gets income once a month, so best is releasing sets monthly)
  10. Only way of locking mechanism that LEGO can approve - locking using cluthc gear (limited slip diff lock sound likea freak). Then you just replace clutch with simple gear and that's it! No claims ot LEGO and everyone is happy! But yeah, why not?
  11. He sent his CV and have first intrview after 6 month, and then another chance (first was not succesfull I guess) after 1 year
  12. Yes, Denmark is expenive country with high taxes. Even after Moscow it is still expensive. Don't forget, it take years for Milan Reindl to join LEGO as designer after he send them CV. So send it now, and then wait.
  13. 9 or 10 (less likely) stud diameter