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  1. you need a lot of patience to build such model, and then a much more patience to do instruction and renders
  2. I love the video. Looks like front caster angle is not enough because of raised rear suspsenison, or am I wrong?
  3. Thank you, Actaully this is not a crawler But for its size and weight it's very good off-road toy. I am infected by yota-virus Thank you Thank you. You have a nice airport tow truck. Is it legal to have own aircrat in you country? Yes, that's he. Model is approved by Madoka.
  4. Hello, and welcome back to Toyota Technic showroom. I did this model for a long time, almost 3 years of sketches, prototypes, different version. And now I am ready to stop and say: "enough" After FJ series with a bulky chassis and wobbly steering I want something lighter and more accurate at steering. So I started with a new chassis with Servo motor mounted on front axle. This is not realistic, but steering backlash is almost zero. Remembering the FJ, and its "high" frame with aux M motors inside (winch), i decided to remove any extra fucntions except driving. Hilux's chassis is thin and light comparing to FJ. And one more important thing is that the body is removable now. I can remove one body and use another one. I do not need personal chassis with all that expensive motors for every modification of Hilux (at one of the moments I have 7x FJ's assembled with full electrics at each). This is Toyota Hilux 4 door double cab version, 4-th generation that was produced from 1983 to 1988. Model of this Gen was presented both with solid front axle and independent front suspension. My is early version (83-85) with solid axle. You can see this genertaion Hilux at Top Gear "Kill a Toyota" episode, and Back to the Future movie with single cab and extra cab version. - control: Smart Brick (Sbrick) - drive: XL motor, 4x4 transmission with axle differentials - steering: Servo motor - solid axles - front suspension 4 link triangulated - rear suspension 3 link - openable doors, bonnet, tailgate - 5-seater saloon - LED front lights - removable pickup bed and cab - wheels: 62-68 mm weight:1020 gr (without power source and RC receiver) Black wheels are painted with spray-paint. Saloon is for 5, but rear bench is foldable, and this is the only place to hide battery block. Transmission is all-time 4x4 with axle differentials - front suspension 4 link triangulated - rear suspension 3 link (including pan-hard rod) - openable doors, bonnet, tailgate Removable pickup bed and cab, I can also remove front bumper, doors and front fenders for larger wheels, for example. And the last, the best presentation for 4x4 Toyota is real adventure. Video was filmed mostly at Crimea, while my Vacation this year. This is kind of LEGO Techic anniversary run much more fotos here FLICKR Thanks for watching. Comments, questions, I am ready)
  5. Very interesting blog. I have some doubts about G 6x6 transmission. Since you locked all axle differentials and there are no portal gearings, your transmission is in danger! Differentials are the best way to make it safer. Anyways, only real build can show is it working or not...
  6. No, no wish/time to read all pages I mentioned you only once and in the end, that doesn't mean I wrote about you personally, but if you want I dont mind. Wide text was about hof/ frontpage as global question. This need more transparency for those who really want some kind of "recognition", and I understand them. no, I dont see you asking... added later, Just read the first page, and saw that rules are written to prevent all I mentioned above. good
  7. I want to share my administrator practice of Russian technic community LTR. this is kind of funny when someone ask about adding his model to Hall of fame. As admin of Russian community I receive many such messages from creators to share their model on our FrontPage wall. I don’t like such messages, and usually ignore them. We have a rules, where written that author should share album in community with clear photos showing all model details and detailed text description, and only after that moderators can review model and decide to share or not on the wall. But there is also another rule: if someone strongly ask to share his model on FrontPage (add to HoF), this fact have negative influence and his model (even nice enough) can not be reviewed for FrontPage. Because we don’t want and don’t have time to explain everyone that his model not enough good to be frontpaged. Because we really want to share the best. There was also some situations when you frontpaged "not good enough" model, you get negative feedback comments from rude members, and then you also receive more private messages like "You shared that sh*t two days ago. Why don't you share my nice model?" I think adding to HoF should not be influenced by creator ask. Are you really want to be here because of your model deserve that and other people agree with that? Or you want to reach HoF only because HOF team was jealous to creator and don't want to disappoint him saying "no, we can't add you model there" because creator can think that his model is not good...dubious achievement This discussion is mainly for proposals not from EB members about their models, but from EB members about other creator's creations I don’t want to say that Aleh's model don’t deserve that. This is just the question of adding to HoF and relation of creator to this fact. As for adding to HoF: should be a clear rules. Again in our community model should be "liked" at least 100 times to be reviewed to HoF. And it usually work. And it looks like here, at EB, some members decide according to their own priorities which model add to hof. No clear rules at all or....?

    LXF is good! mail in PM thank you

    Russian youtubers promote this real vehicle for the last 2 years. And now LEGO builders army joined to this PR company (hello Avtoros Shaman 8x8) Really cool model. And I would like to build it! Take care yourself
  10. [TC12] The Toaster

    Is that bus from your School times? Your bus driver was a real James Bond. Looks like you have fun in that time
  11. Hello, Some of your may know, that we have community in Russia. We have about 8000 subscribes and about 100 active members. Sometimes we post our events reports that can be interesting for you. Since almost no-one can read our russian-language community, we will share our experience here. Our moderators are also represnted here at EB: Desert752, Filsawgood, Limga and me. We have two types of contests: building contests 4x4 trial and trophy indoor challenge 4x4 trial outdoor challenge Thanks to LEGO Group abd Vengit (Sbrick) that support our community with prizes. We will be glad to share our experince and meet guests from all over the world at our events! EVENTS (we will update this list from time to time): Outdoor Truck Trial race in Moscow(July 2015) Indoor Trial competition and DIY Trial course obstacles (November 2015) Outdoor Rally BAJA Downhill (May 2016) Indoor Jeep Trial 2016 (November 2016) Indoor Truck Trial Challenge 2017 (september 2017) BUILDING CONTESTS (we will update this list from time to time): Our latest event took place in Moscow 17th september, with 2 special guests - hosts of Beyond the Brick channel that visited Moscow. That's the preview of full video that coming soon. More photos under the spoiler Full photo album https://vk.com/technic_club?z=album-40661157_247217695
  12. Looking forward, since I am dreaming of making 41999 usual muscle someday too
  13. Love your update! And thanks for juicy outdoor video!