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  1. 42093 - 雪佛兰 Corvette ZR1 - Chevrolet Corvette ZR11 (previously was introduced as Super Car) $49.99; - 579 parts 42096 - Porsche 911 RSR (previously was introduced as "GT Race Car"), $149.99 - 1580 parts. No one told us, that this set will be large as 42039, 42000, 8070 and 42077. We've been surpised this year already with Mack, that use 49 mm wheels instead usual 62 mm (I was the one who was sure that Mack is new truck as previous trucks with 62 mm) So 1580 parts is not that bad. If this porsche will be at 62 mm wheel or 56 mm. May be wew will see a lot of non-technic elements on both Corvette and 911 for better scale look, again look at the Mack.
  2. I see good performance of 4 L motors on simple lightweight chassis. It can be really great, but not with 1 battery block and 1 Sbrick. You need at least 2 Sbricks and 2 battery block to power 4L motors in model that have normal body, not just simple chassis.
  3. Hello, Almost all of us use Sbricks as just "long range remote control with smooth speed control", right? It take time to know more about Sbrick functions that can be programmed using Profile designer. New possibilities, opened with Sequence and Circuit, was not presented and described well in guides (SBRICK Team should do a detailed guide and how-to manual). So I have to learn them by myslef. Car is just a mule for all functions we planned. So no need to describe design. We did it with my son for robotics contest in his School in January. Functions Independent suspension openable doors, including motorized rear door Rear wheel drive and steering Auto turn lights (+ manual buttons) Auto emergency lights (+ manual button) Auto backward drive light (+ manual button) Daylight and rear lights powered with solar panels All electronics 2x L motor for propulsion Servo motor for steering 2x LED for turn and emergency signals 2x LED for front and rear daylights 1x LED for backward drive signal M motor for trunk door opening WEDO tilt sensor for safe/dangerous drive control 1x LiPo batery 2x Solar panels 1x Smart Brick 1x Smart Brick PLUS Control profile is a mess of buttons. I think I need a real designer to design something nice in designer profile Small buttons are circuits, that are ON on the start, and no need to press them. So that's why I make them small (May be, hiding them is the better design decision) For example, circuits was used to make aut turn light: left or right turn LEDs are on depending on SERVO motor rotation direction. Circuits are like "IF" functions, that can be linked any port of Sbrick, but it is not described in Manual, so I have to expore it by myself. Round sequence buttons work like ON buttons but with programmed timings and power. So I can do blinking lights with described intervals of LED on and pauses between. The same I can do with motors. When driving, you can see that some sequence buttons on the iPad turns ON automatically (I don't press emergency, backward or turn rights at all) Another experiment: solar panels. They work well with LEDs. They even make work Sbrick. But too weak for motors. I saw some moving cars on YT with one solar panel and one motor under bright sun, but I can't name that "CARS" - just some liftarms and wheels with solar panel and M motor. My car is too heavy. Almost all functions can be done only by Sbrick. Sbrick PLUS is only used for connecting WEDO Tilt sensor. Tilt sensor detects "agressive driving": fast acceleration or brakes, crashes, shaking and roll over of course. Then circuit sends command to emergency lights. Another function I planned, but failed: automatic rear door opening detecting hand or leg under the rear bumper (like modern cars do). Unfortunately, I can't set up WEDO distance sensor. It should detect leg and open door only at small range. But everytime it detects surface under the car - it opens the door I also have to do some tricks, for example "all off" circuit, to prevent manual turn off emergency and rear drive light after every auto turning on... I think, this can function can be useful for big supercar scaled models or truck, especially for events. But Sbrick team shoud do a user friendly predesigne profiles for that and do a detailed manual for every function in profile designer. And I am also waiting for iOS support drivers You can turn on english subtitiles in the video. Describing how to programm all that buttons in Designer Profile need a separate video. Thanks.
  4. Perfect design with flexible modular building design in such huge scale is something insane for my mind I love how you managed to build manual and RC with different motor configuration. My personal choice is manual, even without gearbox it will look awesome next to 911 and Chiron.
  5. can't wait to see the end. Bodywork is and 13 months is not the record))))
  6. Rusty!? That's a postapocalyptic cyborg
  7. 42093 Super Car, $49.99; Of course it will be a sport car, super car, but not in term of functions. Something small with 2-3 functions, on 49 mm wheels. 42095 Remote-Controlled Stunt Racer, $99.99; Hope there will be no another 42065-type lik enew Batmobile model. Because another side controlled vehicel is too much! I believe, it will be something with Train 2 channel BT Hub, L type motor for driving, and Servo for steering. 49-56 wheels will be maximum for such weak configuration. And Stunt Racer is something like Trophy Truck in my mind. 42096 GT Race Car, $149.99. GT Race car is something we usually can see in LeMan races. But Since 42039 was a prototype car, new car should be closer to real civil car-based race car: 2 door with rear wheel drive: Aston Martin, Porsche, Toyota Supra or GTR adapted for track races. 8070 supercar is a good example of GT car. So in race version it can be rainbow colored with big GT wing, front splitter and low suspension. In fact, it will be another car full of holes and lack of details, that we can upgrade and improve by ourselve. Another question: will it be 3-rd model on 68 mm sport tyres after 42077 and 42039, Or.....??? May be Bugatti's gearbox parts will be here... I also can't see new motorcycle. Looks like there will be no BMW GS substitute in lineup at least till 2020... What do you think?
  8. This is the rare situation when I will be happy to buy this adapter even from Aliexpress and other sites, where licensing is no problem since LEGO don't plan this adapater by themselves and ignoring our needs but still hoping for happy end
  9. Bold truck! Almost like Tundra. Genious transmission than should handle even Buwizz power! Thanks for ideas. Little advise: reconnect cardan shafts pairs like on the picture for a little bit smoother run. I also prefer servo motor on the axle at my last models for less bump and backlash steering... As for the wheels: do you have larger wheels? Check LEGO 68 mm wheels or may be RC4WD 68 mm tires will be good here, except fact that they are little bit narrow for such bold truck.
  10. Thank you for feedback. The problem was with one of front CV's, in the simpe words: I lost front axle drive Problem was with steering knuckle. Now it is solved. Those Wheels are from 1:10 Touring/drift/rally RC cars. I also I did his Shaman 8x8. It's a great and useful experience to build other creator's models. I can do it, I told you
  11. Hello, Madoka's JEEP Wrangler for me is most beautiful JEEP build from LEGO ever. That was a love from the first sight. And it is also fit my favourite scale - 15 stud wide body, like my Toyotas. Since I saw it - I want it on my shelve. Comparing to Madoka, who's every new model is a Challenge and he never use previous model's elements (no matter body design or internal structure of chassis), I am quite conservative. My every next model is evolution of previous if talk about chassis. Madoka's JEEP Wrangler chassis is awesome, but I prefer my own with springs, links and gear rack steering. So I stretched his Jeep from 3 door version to 5 door, added rear seats with foldable backs. Put it on the Hilux chassis with minor changes and that's my "own" JEEP. specs - Driving - XL motor - Steering - Servo motor - Body removable from chassis - Openable doors - Removable 2 section hardtop roof - Suspension on both live axles - 4x4 transmission - LED lights - Smart Brick for RC with iPhone / ДУ через Sbrick - 1 stud lift possibility - Winch is fake (like all beautiful things in modern world:)) The hardest part for me was rear doors. That sounds funny, but making them tapered with the right angle was impossible using standart angle connectors. So I have to cheat and use LEGO System bricks and inverted slopes. No, I never miss this bricks while playing Jeep, but this element is still bothering me. May be someone could offer better design - I will be glad to use your idea. Front axle is little bit long, shifted forward may be half or one stud, than should be. But this was done to fit larger wheels, because stock wheeled JEEP Wrangler is the worst looking offorader in the world, especially long wheelbase version I also left possibility for body and chassis to be connected on two ways: standart and 1 stud lifted. This is lifted verison with 74 mm tires from RC4WD Jeep is modular like real model with removable doors and 2-section roof, thanks Madoka for design. Front lights are still LED ready. Expeditional stuff increases the weight of the model, but this is Jeep's calling to be like that. Roll cage, roof rack, spare wheel holder, baggage and cans, fake winch, extra lights, snorkel and extendable rain/sun tent. With minor changes in the axles, model can stand on RC 1:10 tires that have wide variety to choose from And my favourite: Buggy Mode with RC4WD Mickey Tompson Baja MTZ tires about 81 mm diameter. And this is not just shelve model, because Jeep without roof and doors is really light. If you put Buwizz in it - you will have a lot of fun with it ;) Many more photos here My advice to novice builders: don't hold your sets under the dust on shelve, and don't try to build your own model from scratch. Modifiying sets and models of other designers is the easiest way to increase your skills. Don't afraid, just try:) You can also see some other wheels variations in the next video. And of course, test drive in different conditions, including rocks, mud and water. Have a nice time;) How it performs with BUWIZZ? Check it out p.s. You can also watch review of Madoka's model. TURN ON SUBTITILES. or original video Jeep Wrangler (red) designed by Madoka
  12. about sweaty scrathing fingers? I have a talk with Bugatti's bodyguard there, he was a Bugatti employee...
  13. I think that was not only a clear cheat, but also they defended paint from scratching sweaty fingers of lego-freaks
  14. Thanks for review. Even I did my own review, I am still enjoying your "paper" reviews. As for real bugatti blue color in LEGO House - It is was not painted like everyone thought. That real bugatti was covered by foil. Actually it was silver under foil, and since Geneva's blue-dark blue model already sold out, for these event they cheated. That was a secret, and I don't think someone noticed that... p.s. I didn't have LEGO USB flash in my bag, only bugatti (with corrupted media files).