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  1. sorry, no. MOC is easy to replicate.
  2. Thank for every kind word Drift safely!
  3. [MOC] Ford Focus ST

    Very Juicy model. Not much cars are known in this color. And orange Focus ST is the first that come to my mind. Shapes are not ideal (not your fault-small scale), but very recognizable
  4. Hello, May be only youngest readers don't know this car from middle of 80's. Some sources tell that Toyota Sprinter Trueno/Corolla Levin AE86 is the first drifting car, thanks to Keiichi Tsuchiya. And Initial D is world known japanese animation film about drifters (I have never watch it). That's a small model with small 37 mm wheels from 42048 cart racer was built for indoor fun. Because Buggy motors are too fast for small indoor cars, i decided to build this one with L motor - optimal for small models torque/speed. I also added LED just for the video. Car is so simple, so I decided to be more creative in video presenation, than in model itself. Scale is small, so it does not look realistic in terms of proportions and forms - too squared. As I said, it is driven by one L motor with gearing: 36-12 and then 14-14 with old style differential. Steering motor is Servo. Control thru Smart Brick. And Fuel by small LiPo block. Car can also work with IR receiver with the same performance. Model is decorated by self made stickers. There is also modification of Sbrick. I joined black down and white top + added Trueno and Initial D stickers. just for fun with little a hope of small boost in performance. But that was useless. There is a place only for one seat. And LEGO Belville male doll take driver's position. To say the truth, model was built for my son, because he can't handle Buggy motor powered models. And I planned this model fast from the start. I also have 2 beta versions of this car. One is with one RC buggy motor. You can see how it performs in my Buwizz Prototype 2 video year ago. And one more body using large 43 mm wheels instead 37 to reach faster speed with....2x RC buggy motors. But this is just a sketch. Larger wheels need rework of body for larger arches and complex steering system to save front arches from hypersizing. More photos https://vk.com/album177639081_246152710 p.s. Interesting fact. My first car in 2005 was Toyota Corolla Levin/Sprinter Trueno. Unfortuntely this was a modern AE111 version (2000) with front wheel drive. In fact 1.6L engined corolla chassis under the 2-door "sport" exterior. Most of all I loved it's doors without frames, like in "big" premium coupe cars:)
  5. [MOC] Jeep Wrangler

    So many attention to details For small scale shape is perfect! Can't wait to put my hands on it
  6. Finally, someone decided to stop this "topspeed" infection
  7. 42070 retail Price in Russia will be about 280-290 Euro. But we can buy it cheaper online for about 220 euro, if we can find it for 200 - that's a good deal, life is beatiful
  8. Oh, come on, don't merge "product cost" and "total expenses". If you don't want to pay anything except "product cost+some profit"- watch for copycats...pure production cost+ more margin than TLG have. Hope this is not surprise for you "Significant investments were made in building capacity and capability to deliver the group’s long-term growth ambition". You also pay for that.
  9. calm down Sometimes people should understand business processes, but they think as consumers. Consumer only want to consume, consume and consume. And it seems that LEGO consumers are the smartest. But companies do not owe you anything: buy or good bye you should also notice one moment, TLG do not count cost of each part in set and then, multiplying grand total, set the price. Usually there are some price levels, that they should fit with every set. Some sets are less profitable, and some more profitable. 42030 was a "present" for fans: set full of electric with such good price, but people start comparing this box of PF with every new set. Some sets are more economically succesfull in our eyes, some less. Try to live with that. p.s. dear reader, you may not agree with me, I think we both can live with that. So let me leave my opinion with me, and leave your with you
  10. Yes, new cars are not always better than previous. I don't want to extend this discussion. I just wanna say: relax your hobby, pay extra 20-30-50$ for quality product with excellent customer service, instead of complain on higher prices. TLG is not stupid: If they raise prices - theу have a reason for that, or they will loose money.
  11. We don't know economics of TLG, but you should look, for example, at car dealers. I never saw that new cars cost cheaper than previous. TLG is not an exception, even you think nothing changes: the same plastic and rubber... For those who whines about high prices there are some advides: work harder - earn more money for hobby don't wanna work harder - buy cheaper sets It's absurd, like when someone have bought powerful car but complain about high fuel consumption...
  12. Wow I love the panel work. It's gonna be huge. It is very similar to minivan from Japan domestic market.
  13. [MOC] Prerunner Suv

    I always told young technic fans: wanna start building your own, start with modding of other's MOCs /sets. Nice mod stricekfido!
  14. crazy record breakers What is your maximum running speed?