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  1. rm8

    42122 Jeep Wrangler

    😄Thats not an expert. Everyone here is more in technic than this hype-blogger. Should be regular yellow
  2. I wrote Roni about mistakes at the site. Tell em check email btw. we need mini version, SE, AIR and MAX!!!
  3. I've asked that qeustion) They smiled only
  4. that's it 11L insted 13L between holes
  5. Again we have new arch. Sian has 13 L betwen holes. Ferrari - 11 L
  6. rm8

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    oh, may be, so differential is possible?
  7. rm8

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    Rear blue soft axle is 11 or 12. Roof pillar black axle is 14 or 16. Look at the right rear wheel. It is connected with brown axle. All brown axles are with stop. In the model stop end is inside, and you can't insert such axle in differential. So....model is driven only rear left wheel. It is 4x1 ultimate track car without differential. Enjoy the technic, authenticity. Build for real
  8. rm8

    42123 McLaren Senna GTR

    I think steering gear is removed on the box for better look. In fact, it is easy removable on the model
  9. ...and my project is more like Sheepo's car. Keep up the good work
  10. little update Whole video is long and in russian Language. Of course you can try read autotranslated subtitiles to know some insides about building such cars, troubles we had "GEAR SIGN"=>SUBTITILES=>RUSSIAN (auto generated) Then again "GEAR SIGN"=>SUBTITILES=>TRNSLATE=>choose langauge If you want just action, watch time 0:47 PAIR RICE RACE next video will be about Nissan SX180 only, including blue drift version with "Black L motors" in case you want more photos of Nissan
  11. You told that body is your design, but from outside it looks similar to Sheepo’s. Whats the difference? I tell it because i have built it some years ago...I did a lot of improvements, including longer body, bonnet...but it is still Sheepo’s, can’t name it “my design”🤷🏻‍♂️ So it is fair to call it MOD, btw its a very good mod. https://vk.com/album177639081_232510236
  12. thnak you. This solution was already tested with Greyhound Hello, yes. We live in neigbourg cities (300 km) and decided to try some kind of competition. Well, it was cool, so we will repeat it again, since I have no time for testing my model, so I have problem with self centering (weared steering module) so challenge was not fair. I was inspired by Toyota Ae86 TRD bodykit, but I was short in time, so I build it by my own. In fact, only fenders are similar. Which modified parts do you mean? I have no modified parts in Toyota, but Nissan may be... Levin Ae111 was my first car. Silvia S15 is most beautiful car in my list, but too complex shapes...was close to buy it...but instead I met my wife😄. may be one day I can built it, cause there is no stock S15 left on our market, only "racers" and expensive showcars thank you Chinese BM are good for its price, but you need to know something - I know many pepole who burned them, as I know when voltage was little bit higher than 9V. Better let @desert752 say some words about them - he maded compare tests. with RC Brick goal was to improve control of LEGO cars and make possible to use cheaper LiPO power sources and more Amperage power for multi-motor models. All existing touchscreen controllers (buwizz sbrick) are not-good for fast model even with joysticks connected...