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  1. Thank you. Stable picure is a half succes of the video. Unfrtunately, many telented builders can't do good presentations, becauwe they don't have enough filming experience and equipment (sadly expensive). So, gimbal cost its money when you are regular LEGO builder. I usually watch Sariel and his equipment, then follow him Well, I must say that driving downhill is not a big cheat here, but cheat. The place where I have to film is hilly with little horizontal surfaces. Car can go uphill well, because I increased gearing from 1:1 (work good on horizontal surface and drifts like insane indoor. ) to 12:20. In some footages it drive uphill, but of course not such effective as on horizontal or downhill surfaces. Again, thank you for comments. I dont't like idea of judging contestants by flying/jumping, so I prefer not to concentrate on jumping. I do video as I usually did... And also buying BuWizz is a strong barrier for many desingers to enter contest. It't like contest among clients. Since Buwizz is not cheap (but it cost its money) these list of Buwizz buyers is shorter that it can be...sadly Watch another models closely, there are very good among them, that deserve your attention. https://buwizz.com/buwizz-fast-car-competition/
  2. That's my entry for Buwizz fast car contest. The model is a mix of supercar and offroad truck. No, Lamborghini Urus is a bad example. I have heavy duty suspension of Baja truck and rear wheel drive. Body type (not design!) is inspired from Ferrari GTC4 Lusso - long Shooting Brake. I have only one seat - driver's. Other side is reserved by Buwizz. There is a place behind the driver, but long travelling rear axle with Buggy motor need a lot of space in the back. Specs Propulsion motor - RC Buggy motor Steering motor - Servo RC and power - Buwizz 2.0 Front independent supsension with postive caster angle and negative camber in the lowest point (different length suspension arms) Rear live axle suspension Fake winch and roof lights Brown "leather" luxury seat and dashboard (that's luxury Trophy truck) openable doors and bonnet Front suspension arms are 5L and 6L, so in the lowest point frone suspension have negative camber angle. Don't know if it help or not, but it is a fact. In addition, postitive caster should help in straight fast driving. But it is not. Thank you for watching.
  3. Lada itself is a trash car (hello from 70s') but have strong army of fans, in loving hands it can be a masterpiece. Thank you for building Lada following all the details of original project, instead another sport-, super-, hyper car. big like from Russian LEGO and LADA community
  4. Epic work! my respect to your patience and attention to details
  5. OMG, gaps, holes... I'll skip it and save wallet for 2h sets.... its a sarcasm
  6. Very good work. Hope, one day, you will get Buwizz. One can replace 2 LEGO Battery blocks and 2 receivers....
  7. Very detailed presentation with history of creating and upgrading from Lucio's inspired truck to Trial winner Still can't believe such huge construction can handle truck trial heavy transmission load.
  8. Guys, we need alternative app for Gamepads! Please don't reject this app! Keep working!
  9. [MOC] Truck 6x6

    Love your truck. Nice and clean design. Strongly advice you to reconnect shock absrobers.
  10. Attika already posted info about fitting these wheels... 1) buy wheels from Aliexp......look for 1:10 drift/touring wheels 2) increase middle hole slightly for LEGO axle (axle should fit but very tight, not easy) 3) insert 12Z bevel gear from the inside and glue it. Check this video To follow the topic, I should say, that Buwizz gives enough power even to drift with Rubber tires (for touring) like on my video. There are also plastic drift wheels that are more slippy and easy to drift even with regular 9V power source. But for me, these wheels are, first, very aestectic and realistic. They have realistic disk offset and have enough space inside to fit brake calipers (fake of course) and even portal gearing (not 9398/8110 part of course)
  11. very cool! don't stop it! Was the chassis a reason to stop?
  12. Two new Live Reviews at my channel. Both with english subtitiles.
  13. Nice chassis. What do you have in mind now? What kind of SUV?
  14. yes! That's possible. But there is a ball joint for head, and old plastic is very fragile, so I have a crack on one technic body after removing head