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  1. rm8

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    BBC Studios has signed a deal with The LEGO Group to launch the first-ever LEGO Technic set inspired by the series “Top Gear.” The set will be geared for children, ages 9 and above. It will launch globally in early 2020. As a Technic set, it will provide a more-challenging build and include real-life functionality designed after its real-world car counterparts. “We are extremely excited to have partnered with LEGO Technic,” says Jason Easy, head, licensing, U.K., BBC Studios. “Both brands enjoy a very close relationship with their fans; it’s certainly a natural fit for both, and we’re really looking forward to seeing the LEGO Technic set hit the shelves next year.”
  2. I decided to move from Range Rover style to Lexus. So front bumper with lights moved up 1 stud together with front windshield, that was moved one stud forward. front arches should be rounded with flex axels now, because they are too big now.
  3. Finally I am on rebrickable! RC 4x4 Toyota Hilux with removable body and on the chassis that was tested for years before release. You can check partlist and compare with you inventory. If it will work good, next instructions will be there soon. I am planning to release extras to this model: Front power bumper and expedtiton bed. Then, may be X-tra cab verison or even single (top-gear). 4Runner? Why not!? Thank you for your support, appreciate that:) I am open for your feedback. https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-29256/RM8 LEGO Garage - BrickGarage/toyota-hilux-double-cab-n50-1983-1988/#buy_parts
  4. Wow, that's a budget of small african country🤔
  5. yes, of course they are in the same scale
  6. rm8

    [TMC]8081 6x6

    Wow, just imagine. You can do papa-mobil with glassed sallon on the 6x6 chassis.))) REbuild the WORLD!
  7. Very good. I think I also need higher roof. Thank you Jerry, join us
  8. I must say, it is not in scale of contest rules
  9. @TheItalianBrick you are lucky one to work on that projects. And you also have a good work
  10. in the 110 they cover wide pillars holding roof. And at 90 they was done just to be in one style with 110. that is MHO of course
  11. Well, very functional good looking set. Real LEGO Supercar with reasonable price and lot of functions! First time from 8880...