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  1. rm8

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Don’t worry. I think, TLG just mixing cards, including for Chinese fake sets producers. And that old PF remote control is just a hint for retail catalogue target users: this thing is remote controlled. So, just wait for final box design with right pictures.
  2. Hello, we've just finished our online building contest "summer adventure". And I have to say: we a have a lot good content, that we don't want you to miss. 1 st place Camper Ford F350 (1970) author: Baranov Alexey 2 nd place Range Rover SVA autor: Stas Revin 3 rd place Camping truck with extendable wall section author: Alexander Radyushkin other detailed info about all MOC's here https://vk.com/topic-40661157_41584258 Have a nice building and inspiration
  3. rm8

    Build The Impossible

    I am more than sure, that was Nico's idea...or there is one more Honda-head in French community
  4. rm8

    Build The Impossible

    You should know hidden rules, material and time limit, before expectate something from such first-time ever project sponsored by LEGO. I am more than sure that that was pure volunteer work. IMHO better be more respectful or say nothing at all like there is no internet wall between you and people, because your subjective critics is absolutely non-objective "I don't like it because they promised something BIG that I will like (or not?), and I dont care how it works and how hard it was". For example, If you say "video presentation is poor, we don't see building, setup progress, and closeups of working mechanics" - i can agree, and this is more objective. Critics should be constructive and leave place for peaceful dialog. If someone say me "you do s@%t", I can tell him from eye to eye in the same language from "So, in that case what are you looking here?" to "I don't care what you think" - rude, but fair.
  5. rm8

    Build The Impossible

    Expecations of your feedback was greater than your real emotions. That was not your birthday present project. Go and do better
  6. rm8

    Build The Impossible

    You had a lot of fun there! thank you
  7. rm8

    [WIP] Sports Car

    Keep building! I love this style and scale. What about smaller engine like in Mack?
  8. rm8

    Lancia Delta Integrale

    Awesome work with small scale!
  9. rm8

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    If they will release mustang, then we'll clearly see that Sheepo is a LEGO employee and one of the next sets will be something from his YouTube channel. (Of course this is not true)
  10. rm8

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Hello @efferman Could you design this part? I need it for Akiyuki GBC module 36 pcs https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=x85&idColor=22
  11. Will be happy to get such product with RC-like remote control, and proportional control, even sipmpified with 3-5 speed steps...
  12. Looks like their mission is to "sell" as many as they can, telling "it's a new presell product" and then disappear together with site. Until there are not only poor people, but also stupid - there is a place for those who can use this situation for profit. And possibilities to do this are unlimited. Free chesse is only in the moustrap.
  13. No offence to China, I think the problem is somewhere in government structures that protect chinese companies and help to develop economics (and its growth last years is a good result of such politics). But in the other hand is often violation of IP rights. This doesnt mean you don't have innovations: we have a lot of examples of chinese companies-leaders with quality products (DJI, Zhiuyn...right?). I also understand people buying cheap porducts - we also have the same situation in Russia. As LEGO ambassador I should protect our community from supporting copycat stolen products, but by my heart I also understand people and even more kids who have no other choice. As a kid I remeber how expensive LEGO was for my parents, and even small 50-piece LEGO town set made me happy. Thank you for your oppinion
  14. Very well done! FJ70 is also in my list to do. Is that Baltic sea?