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  1. Thanx! The most complicated thing was the stone wall. So that the stones were not the same and generically in line, in an ever repeating pattern, it needed to be changed in many ways. That was the only part of the building that I didn't enjoy.
  2. Hi guys, I created the first level of Prince of Persia 2 in CAD-Application - Studio. I won't build it in real life, it would be very expensive. Number of parts: over 21 000 Length: 5,7 m Prince of Persia 2: Intro + Gameplay My Lego MOC: Hero and guards:
  3. Paliason

    MOC: Command & Conquer: GENERALS

    GLA will also be ready soon ! Scorpion Tank Quad Cannon
  4. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    If I do it as a static/non-RC model, these functions like opening (hood, door, trunk), fake engine, suspension ... I would probably do. But it's RC. So I saved weight where I could. I didn't want to have it like most of the RC MOCs: packed with xy features, that crawls like a snail.
  5. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Yes, exactly! Those will there probably fit better. I don't have this right now. When I get them, I'll take a picture again.
  6. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Nebulaire: It has adjustable suspension, but only imaginary. you just have to imagine it! I understand your comment. I know what a lowrider is. I just missed this chassis functionality advisedly, in favor of better gameplay. Take it so, that the chassis is set to the legal height - everyone can just imagine adjustability. and I was trying to replace the wheels for smaller ones, but they're probably too small ...
  7. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Thank you all , guys! I wanted to have the car as simple as possible, without any unnecessary features that would just increase weight. (already heavy enough) I was thinking about it before starting construction. But I had the feeling, that the adjusting suspension (and leaving the current motor/diff connection) would then make it impossible for me to discreetly hide the battery-box and PF receiver in the back of the car.
  8. Hi Guys! I finished my new model. I didn't hold on to any real car, but it is similar to the old classic Chevrolet Bell Air / Impala. There's nothing to open, it's just a riding model. Drive / Turn = standard L-Motor / Servo. There is a 1:1 transfer from the L-motor to the differential. photos: FLICKR
  9. Hello Guys, My new RC vehicle. It's such a mix rally / baja / trophy truck. - suspension: front: independent / rear: dependent - front wheel steering: servo motor - rear wheel drive: L-motor - 3 pairs of PF led lights
  10. Hello Guys, I recently created this vehicle, for my kids to play (but also for me) - 2x L-motors: one for left and one for right track - skid steering - chassis is without suspension - 6 pairs of PF led lights FLICKR photos:
  11. M_longer: If only it were that simple! I have many other lego projects that I would like to realize, and especially I am very tired of building in CAD. No chance, sorry.
  12. MxWinters: thank you for comment! Roadtrains dont really reverse.. there is too many pivot points. B-Doubles are not nearly as bad, with practice, can be maneuvered proficently. But not a Triple - well not with accuracy ------------------------------------------------------ Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw testvideo 2:
  13. KLF, brunojj1, syphoon, Magical Duck, Sariel, M_longer, Lucio Switch, Visser, Milan, brickless_kiwi, Johnny1360, Aleh: THANX for you comments!!! Wow, thank you! I would like to know, what would that Lego-designer tell about it. Yes, I know. The engine is just such a rectangular box - even with functional cylinders, just a box. I built the TITAN in 2014. At that time, I was more concerned about the engine and made it more realistic. And YES, I have more TITAN-pictures: my FLICKR-gallery of a Road Train with three trailers: ...and special photo with: BLACK CAT ... transport of construction and agricultural equipment ...and and finally empty in the B-triple configuration: thanx! I will make a detailed photo of front wheel attachment (axle) in the coming days. I sprayed most of the chrome parts. It's also not mirror-shiny like the original chrome parts, but the effect is nice. And it's a lot cheaper. BTW: back to ANTHEM-LANDOLL-SIKORSKY ... demonstration of side extensions: