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  1. Paliason

    MOC: Command & Conquer: GENERALS

    GLA will also be ready soon ! Scorpion Tank Quad Cannon
  2. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    If I do it as a static/non-RC model, these functions like opening (hood, door, trunk), fake engine, suspension ... I would probably do. But it's RC. So I saved weight where I could. I didn't want to have it like most of the RC MOCs: packed with xy features, that crawls like a snail.
  3. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Yes, exactly! Those will there probably fit better. I don't have this right now. When I get them, I'll take a picture again.
  4. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Nebulaire: It has adjustable suspension, but only imaginary. you just have to imagine it! I understand your comment. I know what a lowrider is. I just missed this chassis functionality advisedly, in favor of better gameplay. Take it so, that the chassis is set to the legal height - everyone can just imagine adjustability. and I was trying to replace the wheels for smaller ones, but they're probably too small ...
  5. Paliason

    [MOC] "VOODOO" Custom Lowrider

    Thank you all , guys! I wanted to have the car as simple as possible, without any unnecessary features that would just increase weight. (already heavy enough) I was thinking about it before starting construction. But I had the feeling, that the adjusting suspension (and leaving the current motor/diff connection) would then make it impossible for me to discreetly hide the battery-box and PF receiver in the back of the car.
  6. Hi Guys! I finished my new model. I didn't hold on to any real car, but it is similar to the old classic Chevrolet Bell Air / Impala. There's nothing to open, it's just a riding model. Drive / Turn = standard L-Motor / Servo. There is a 1:1 transfer from the L-motor to the differential. photos: FLICKR
  7. Hello Guys, My new RC vehicle. It's such a mix rally / baja / trophy truck. - suspension: front: independent / rear: dependent - front wheel steering: servo motor - rear wheel drive: L-motor - 3 pairs of PF led lights
  8. Hello Guys, I recently created this vehicle, for my kids to play (but also for me) - 2x L-motors: one for left and one for right track - skid steering - chassis is without suspension - 6 pairs of PF led lights FLICKR photos:
  9. M_longer: If only it were that simple! I have many other lego projects that I would like to realize, and especially I am very tired of building in CAD. No chance, sorry.
  10. MxWinters: thank you for comment! Roadtrains dont really reverse.. there is too many pivot points. B-Doubles are not nearly as bad, with practice, can be maneuvered proficently. But not a Triple - well not with accuracy ------------------------------------------------------ Sikorsky H-19 Chickasaw testvideo 2:
  11. KLF, brunojj1, syphoon, Magical Duck, Sariel, M_longer, Lucio Switch, Visser, Milan, brickless_kiwi, Johnny1360, Aleh: THANX for you comments!!! Wow, thank you! I would like to know, what would that Lego-designer tell about it. Yes, I know. The engine is just such a rectangular box - even with functional cylinders, just a box. I built the TITAN in 2014. At that time, I was more concerned about the engine and made it more realistic. And YES, I have more TITAN-pictures: my FLICKR-gallery of a Road Train with three trailers: ...and special photo with: BLACK CAT ... transport of construction and agricultural equipment ...and and finally empty in the B-triple configuration: thanx! I will make a detailed photo of front wheel attachment (axle) in the coming days. I sprayed most of the chrome parts. It's also not mirror-shiny like the original chrome parts, but the effect is nice. And it's a lot cheaper. BTW: back to ANTHEM-LANDOLL-SIKORSKY ... demonstration of side extensions:
  12. to MajkSpajkl, I_Igor, grum64, braker23: Thank you for comments! When I finished my nose on that helicopter......I'm looking at it.....BOOM!!! - that's The Punisher skull logo!