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Found 11 results

  1. Soldiers from across the Brick Seas were converging on Spudkirk as Corrington prepared to bring the fight to the Lotii. From Spudkirk, Corlander forces would head to the island of El Oleonda. As Private Turlington returned to his tent with a bucket of water from the stream, he paused to watch a column of newly arrived soldiers pass by. Based on their green epaulettes, he knew the regiment joining camp in Spudkirk was the 47th Regiment of Foot.
  2. I wanted to create some different areas based on the four elements represented by the four main elves, I've mixed parts from all kinds of different sets to create these places. This one is the earth themed home for Farran the Earth Elf. I wanted it to be part cottage, part treehouse. It's mostly parts from The Elves Treetop Hideaway and the Ewok Village sets. I attached my waterfall cave alongside the treehouse I also made a fire themed volcano cave with a tall treehouse/tower neighbouring it. It's mostly made from a Lego Friends set that has a cabin and a waterfall. I kept the cabin and built the tower above it and changed the waterfall into a volcano. I've created a workshop for the Air Elf Aira in one section of the tower with a bedroom above it, an observing platform with a telescope above that and a turret room on the top. The webisodes show that Azari the fire elf is homeless and just crashes with the other elves, but I've given her a warm place to sleep inside the volcano. I kept the camp beds in the cabin for the humans to sleep in when they visit Elvendale. And here's some random pictures..
  3. LittleJohn

    Forestmen Camp

    A free-build placed in Avalonia, and also part of InnovaLUG's 'Ye Old Merry Battleground' collab, for Brickfair Virginia. This was a really fun build to make, and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. I’ll definitely be doing some more Forestmen themed builds in the future. Inspiration for the rockwork goes to Brickvader. The Forestmen's camp is hidden well in one of the many forests in Avalonia, and provides an excellent base of operations for them. They have scouts placed at various locations a little ways from the camp, and a few outside of the forest to keep an eye on the neighboring Lords and Barons of the land. Most recently, they learned of Sir Ruari Leanin leaving for a tax collecting tour, which they took full advantage of... More pictures on Brickbuilt I would like to claim UoP credit for: Geography: Forest Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  4. Here is chapter 2 of my story about Aymeri and the fight to reclaim Katoren. I’ve wanted to try a desert ruins scene for a while now, so this was a rather fun build. Inspired by Markus’ amazing build. I would like to claim the following UoP credits: History Military Science: battle scene After the council meeting, Aymeri and Tierri set to work gathering a few of their most experienced soldiers, and some supplies to set up the initial camp at the ruins of Kharab fortress, just outside of Katoren. Once they had all snuck out of the city bringing their supplies and some weapons, they travelled to the ruins, as discreetly as possible. What they found inside Kharab, however, was not what they expected. "Hey-ho, look'e what I got 'ere! One 'o them merchants in town gave me all this gold for them blankets we pinched off the last caravan," Rognir declared as he proudly displayed a bag of gold coins. "Ooh! Gimme the shinies!" Ahriss immediately replied, quickly getting to his feet and rushing toward the inviting bag of loot. "Get back, you, aye got this meself!" Rognir brandished his axe and Ahriss quickly stopped, though his eyes remained greedily fastened on the bag. At this, Khatir, who had been seated on a crude bench finally spoke up:"Shut up, both of ya! We'll divvy the gold evenly and if either of you tries to cheat, I'll slit your throat. So sit down, Ahriss, and let Rognir show us the gold." Seeing Khatir's drawn dagger, and his apparent readiness to carry out his threat, the other two quickly complied. Meanwhile, the bandit leader returned from his scouting of the nearby trade route. "No new caravans going by today, the road was pretty much empty, 'cept a few peasants... What are you doing with that scorpion, Karih?" asked Zaeim suspiciously. "Why, slicin' him up fer dinner 'o course! You 'ant me to save ya the tail?" the grubby cook responded. Zaeim's countenance quickly darkened, "I don't want any part of a scorpion you fool! Make something edible for once!" "There's no 'eason for you to get yerself upset, all yer shouting will scare Fa'ar, e's still learning to trust us!" exclaimed Karih, as he quickly stooped to reassure his pet rat. Zaeim's response was cut off by a cry from Qatie, the look out:"To arms! Soldiers outside!" Aymeri's group had made it to the ruins undetected, but were surprised to hear the sounds of voices from within. Aymeri and Tierri discussed what they should do while one of the soldiers cautiously peeked around the rotting door to see who was inside. "Looks like bandits," he reported, "I see 5 men." Tierri spoke up, "With the 4 of us, we should be able to take them by surprise and capture them quickly." "I agree, let's rush them together," Aymeri said, readying his bow. But just before they started their ambush, their plan was ruined by Qatie's cry of alarm. Realizing that a fight was now inevitable, the small group rushed ahead. When the first soldier burst in, Zaeim was already facing the doors , and so he quickly attacked with his huge scimitar. With a cry of alarm, Karih promptly hurled the dead scorpion directly at Tierri. The other bandits rushed for their weapons, their gold momentarily forgotten. The scorpion caught Tierri squarely in the face, momentarily stunning him. Karih didn't try to follow up the attack, but instead stooped to pick up his beloved pet rat, as Khatir, Rognir, and Ahriss rushed towards the fight. After recovering from the unexpected blow, Tierri hastily moved to battle Khatir, while Aymeri quickly directed an arrow towards another onrushing bandit. Zaeim brought a crushing blow down on his foe, who was barely able to block in time. Aymeri's shot smashed into Rognir's shoulder, knocking him backward and out of the fight. After recovering Fa'ar, Karih's only thought was to flee. Unfortunately, his flight sent him crashing into Ahriss. Zaeim's powerful blow had hammered the solider to the ground, and the bandit chief prepared his finishing stroke as Aymeri knocked another arrow and Tierri continued to struggle with Khatir. Qatie had been waiting for the attackers to move out from the archway enough for her to have a clear shot, and now she readied her crossbow and fired. The downed warrior tried to scramble backwards away from Zaeim's stroke, but Aymeri's final soldier leaped to his comrade's aid, plunging his spear into the threatening figure. In that instant, the crossbow bolt buried itself into the ground, barely missing the soldiers Aymeri released another arrow at the fleeing cook, and hit the man's calf, immediatlely halting the escape. Tierri had finally gotten the better of his opponent with a parry from his shield and quick counterattack, while the soldiers made sure Zaeim was vanquished. Aymeri however had a new foe. Ahriss had finally recovered from his run in with Karih, and whipped his spiked chain towards Tierri, forcing the warrior to block with his shield. One of Aymeri's men started towards the orc to start a flank attack, not noticing the downed bandit in his path. As he stumbled and fell, his spear battered into the orc's armor. Despite Qatie's ferorcious attack, Aymeri parried confidently with his dagger, then followed with a left handed uppercut. The punch sent the bandit reeling up against the wall. Thus the ruins of Kharab fortress were seized by Aymeri and his men after an unexpected dispute. Build pictures: There are some more pictures on brickbuilt. C&C appreciated, on both the build and story
  5. CM4Sci

    [MOC] Family Campsite

    Hi guys! I designed a version of this set a few years ago, and when I discovered Bluerender, I wanted to remake it. So here it is! A small, family campsite complete with a tent, bonfire, barbecue grill, and more! I included three minifigures - a family; a mother, a father, and their son! All sorts of accessories are included, like chairs by the fire, a fishing pole, food, and more. I've also published this to LEGO Ideas. I know it's small and probably won't hit 10k, but any support is appreciated! Thanks for looking!
  6. After several requests, I have made an MOC of a Sherwood camp, including Friar Tuck and his faithful dogs, Marian, and another member of the Merry Men roasting a fish. The MOC includes: A hut covered in vegetation, with loopholes on the sides for archers, a table for eating using gold dishes, plenty of food in barrels and crates, and some tools and cooking utensils on the wall A campfire surrounded by rocks and places to sit, with a fish rack and a bipod for making stew The target, conveniently "borrowed" from the tournament grounds, with which Robin Hood split his opponent's arrow Three minifigures, as mentioned above: Friar Tuck, Marian, and another member of the Merry Men roasting a fish over the fire. Since Friar Tuck is such a difficult minifigure to design with existing Lego pieces, I decided to give him his characteristic look using a yellow sticker over the bowl cut hair piece (after deciding that painting made the hair indentations even more conspicuous). He is accompanied by his trusty dogs. You can see better pictures of the camp on Flickr at This is also a project on Lego Ideas if you like it enough to support it or share it: I have always wanted to portray Robin Hood through Lego bricks. I hope you like it, and if not practical suggestions are always welcome!
  7. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 8.3] First Camp

    Please Judge this build! The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Sorry markus, Rebel trooper again. The build/story: Beltar and his team have just landed after getting shot down before arriving at the drop zone, due to this delay the team sets up a camp at a later time. 2200 (10PM) Log: Nest Alpha (First Camp) is up, setting up Communications Beacon now. Beltar: So, Sarge, I don’t think all of us are going to fit in that tent over there… Sarge: Well, we are takin’ shifts kid, we always do. We don’t have enough supplies nor people to get anymore up. We lost our second tent in the drop...Poor souls… Because of our current predicament, team Two is moving as we speak. They have to make more ground because the missing medical team is farther. Beltar: Hmm…Sarge, how long do we have till the men we are rescuing, well, d--? Sarge: Best not to think about that son. Beltar: Alright, so with this setback we are, how many days behind schedule? Sarge: 2 Days behind schedule. Rodrick is setting up the coms over there, so that our ships don’t pick us up too early. Rodrick: Aight’, Borry, this things all powered up now, I’ve just sent a level 7 encrypted message to the fleet about 2 systems out. Boris: Dumb it down a bit Roddy! Rodrick: Alright: The fleet now knows that we are behind schedule. Boris: K, I’ll deliver the news to Sarge. *Boris comes over to the fire and takes a seat after removing his helmet and putting his blaster aside* Boris: Alright, so the fleet now knows that we are behind schedule. So, when are we starting are campin’ ritual…..? Sarge: Not today Boris…If you do that, you’re telling that to Kirk. Boris:…Nah, on second thought, we won’t do that today… Kirk: *Snore* *Snore* *Snore* Boris: yeah… I’m not going over there. He’s protective of that ‘MP while he’s sleeping. Sarge: Yeah, yeah, and yeah. Wait, wait. I’m getting a signal from our scout. “Sir, I just checked the wreckage, the pilots are dead. Other supplies from the men who were shot down mid-jump are either burnt beyond use, too heavy, or pulverized.” Sarge: Roger that, come back to Nest Alpha. “Well, I see something that else that may be of interest to us, I’ve found what looks like a Rebel Flak tower with maybe four or five guards around it. Permission to take it out?” Sarge: Permission Granted. Sarge out. Indianaan Jeans: Hey everyone look, I’m an Imperial! Mastrach: Hahaha! Great scot man! The resemblance is totally uncanny!!! Remey: Stop foolin’ around down there! I’m tryin’ to work up here! Mastrach: Fine mate! But we gotta pass the time somehow! Remey: We gotta pass the time somehow… Mastrach: Wait, I got something on me scanner! Scout: Surprise Rebel scum! Indianaan Jeans: *Wilhelm Scream* Pilot: Yearhhhhgg! Mastrach: Come one, load gun, load! Scout: Too late! Mastrach: Ksshzz Remey: Wait, we can strike a dea--__ “Target neutralized” Sarge: “Okay, come back now, so you can get your rest.” “Alright, one second, I need to pay some respect to fallen comrades. Poor Souls.” Beltar: What does he mean by paying his respects? Sarge: Well, if we ever find a fallen Imperial, we try to do something to honor them in one way or another. He must have found something there… Poor Souls. Beltar: Saddening isn’t it. That the Rebels think that all Imperials are bad, when most of us are just following orders. Or the fact that they shot down an I.M.E.S (Imperial Medical Evacuation Ship) which had about two guns, which didn’t fire till they fired at us. Returning fire is protocol. And we needed to survive that to try to save some lives. Sarge: Agreed. Sometimes, I wonder if being on the Empire is truly the best job for people like us. Of course, there are the ‘bad’ and ‘evil’ Imperials, but as you said, most of us are just following orders…Following orders….Like droids almost… Alright, I’ll take first watch! Everyone else, in the tent or somewhere or do something. And Rod, stay out of the storage tent this one time please. Rodrick: I won’t do it again! Hopefully! No promises though… Sarge: Wonderful. We move out between 0500 and 0600. Got it? (Everyone) Got it Sarge! Sarge: Kirk? *Loud Snore* More pictures in the spoiler! (Because I take to many ) Hope you enjoyed this chapter in Beltar’s story, just trying to move my story along before the next episode! (While using one of my last 2 freebuilds and I think the episode is coming out soon I think) C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  8. Here is my entry to Category C of Challenge III. Hope you enjoy the builds, especially Slowbelly Keep which was my big project of the year. And I tried some new stuff with it, including SNOT walled buildings with interiors. The events here take place just after my Category A build: link. Several dwarven clans had been given the mission of invading Avalonia from above ground while others advanced through tunnels. So far everything was going as planned for the dwarves. The groups on the surface used tents to set up temporary camps as they journeyed to the border: Thanks to Jonathan, Glorfindel now had a good idea of what the dwarves' plans were, but he still needed more specific information so that he could stop the dwarves before they crossed the border. Therefore he payed a visit to Kenan, the candlemaker in Hradheim, and one of the best sources of information in Mitardia: Hradheim was located just south of Amortug, which made it easy for Kenan or his apprentices to pick up bits of information about the dwarven invasion from dwarves traveling through the town. Kenan was able to supply Glorfindel with the routes several dwarven clans were taking to infiltrate Avalonia, and which clans were most in favor of the attack and which were just going along with the others. Realizing that quick action was called for, Glorfindel dispatched messengers to arrange a meeting involving Elves, Dwarves, and Men at the great hall in Fjollum, a city located almost on top of the Mitgardia/Avalonia border and often used for diplomatic meetings. Then Glorfindel himself led a group of calvary to capture the Anarfell clan leader, one of the staunchest supporters of the invasion: Surrounded and outnumbered, even the stubborn dwarves realized that surrender was the only option. After disarming the group, Glorfindel and his men escorted the dwarves to deserted Slowbelly Keep (rumoured to have been the cage of Slowbelly the dragon in ages past), which would serve as their temporary prison. After securing the prisoners and mounting a fresh horse, Glorfindel rode for Fjollum... See here for continuation of story. A section of the dwarven army had already reached Avalonia and moved into place to besiege Myrr Castle, a strategically placed stronghold vital to the success of the invasion. The dwarven siege engines were in place and they had already made good progress on a tunnel under the castle, when a dwarven messenger mounted on a warg charged in to deliver news. Fortunately the message arrived in time to prevent bloodshed. The catapult and ballista work, watch here: And you can see a video of the build process as well: And that concludes my Challenge III builds. C&C appreciated
  9. George and Steven sneak in to the Brathmor slave camp to free the slaves. Thought i would try my hand at something new. Inspired by Nick Runia's work. Should i revisit Castle at a later time?
  10. Wat Tambor

    Garheim Mountain Camp

    Now that I have holidays, there is finally time for LEGO again! So I decided to build someting for the online RPG "Lands of Classic Castle". "Journal II Less than two months have passed since we had to leave our home behind and fled to the barren wilderness of Garheim. The last provisions are on the decline, the cattle is sick and wasting away and to make matters even worse, winter is just around the corner. A long and dark winter, as we only know it in the northern regions of Garheim. The winter, it is told for generations, is the time in which the evil roams the land. At night, in the dark, so rumors whisper, the cry of accursed and outcast can be heard. Thieves , murderers and other scum that is resistant against the cold due to the long time in the wilderness, became one with the winter. To be prepared against all this evil, archers patrol on the old wall at night, to sound the alarm when needed. For those of us who went north , this will be the hardest winter of our lives so far. Solely the thought of returning home some day keeps us alive out there." -> previous Journal I know the title says "Mountain Camp", and yes there are no rocks...but I wanted to improve my wall-building-skills, so let's prentend that this scene takes place in a valley. Hope you like it, comments and constructive criticism are welcome!
  11. Once, a very long time ago in ancient times, there lived a man who was a druid and a wizard... But many people says thats just a myth. In the legend, a temple was built for him. But no one knows where. Until now. The temple was found, and because some people said "the temple has magical force", Styrbjorn decided to make a war camp there. The idea with the tall pillar with the ruby was a solar calendar. I had no more dark tan or tan pieces so I say the sun is on one side of the roof, and shadow on the other. The inspiration to the temple was some temples in legend of zelda games and roman architecture. The great oak grows on the temple, maybe magic forces makes it to grow? Styrbjorn in a new hat is planning. The minimicrofigures is meaned to was a figure for a army. The soldiers are training. More soldier training, and a wizard (with bandit's head) is trying toopen the gate with a carrot and a ancient axe. (People says he is mad... Maybe he is, maybe not) The baddest pic of them all... The house! It shall be more houses like this behind but the moc is too small. Sorry for bad pics I must buy a camera. And sorry for my english (i am sure everything is wrong) C&C is welcome. Edit: maybe I should have womens in this moc... No one is to few... Too late now! Edit again: My younger brother said that if this was a lego set he would buy it. That's good, because he Says often "thats really bad" or something like that. *happy*