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  1. Chapachuk

    WIP: 33 Thomas Street aka Titanpointe

    Finished product.
  2. Chapachuk

    WIP: 33 Thomas Street aka Titanpointe

    First little details.
  3. Building that scares Tom Hanks. :D I always liked the presence and simple brutalist arcitecture of this 170 meters high skyscraper that shiver me timbers. My very, very optimistic attempt in minifig scale and of course modular... Lp
  4. Chapachuk

    MOCs to Move

    My land Rover discovery and RV?
  5. Chapachuk

    WIP buidling

    Finnaly finished.
  6. Chapachuk

    MOC Advent

  7. Chapachuk

    WIP buidling

  8. Chapachuk

    WIP buidling

  9. Chapachuk

    WIP buidling

  10. Chapachuk

    WIP buidling

  11. Chapachuk

    WIP buidling

    Something new from me. Didnt published anything in a year, so here is for the first time wip topic.
  12. Chapachuk

    [MOC] RV

    Its history now... 14,3 kg 43 studs wide, 40 height, 118 long 18.640 pieces
  13. Chapachuk

    [MOC] RV

    And video, created by my friend, also AFOL (alenvprekrsku)