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  1. kahir88

    GOH Anniversary, 2nd count down challenges.

    I just finished my entry, for the CMF Challange, Crime and Punishment ´╗┐Collectible Mini Figures. Enjoy, and have a good thrill. ;)
  2. kahir88

    CDC2 CMF Kahir88

    This new challenge gave me an opportunity, to came up with two ideas, but after it was restricted, for only lego parts, I had to release the second idea, and go full with the first one. This time too, I want to show you, another dark part of Historica. The... Crime and Punishment Collectible Mini Figures. As I saw other entries earlier, It was mostly, about simple residents, trades, professions, and sometimes heroes. I want to show you what crimes can be committed in Historica, and how justice will be served! Every Guild has its own ways, to inflict pain, so, let's get started: ---------------------------------Avalonia-------------------------------- - Mask of Shame Punishment for various small crimes. Not every punishment requires blood to flow. Sometimes a little humiliating is good enough. It could be any, smaller disruption, like swearing, brawl, deception, etc. The person must wear a metal mask, with a little bell on the top of it. It will remind the nearby locals, who is coming, so they could greet with a nice word or some rotten food. The victim also has a sign, what was his or her crime. The time also differs, how long must they endure all of this. - Poachers Fate Punishment for poaching. The elves could be cruel too. Especially, when they caught you, poaching and desecrating their forest. First, they catch you. Then, they tie your hands back. And the fun part here starts. They put a bee or wasp hive on your head. Then they release you. They will laugh at you, but you wouldn't hear anything both from your screaming and from the buzzing insects. It could end up in different scenarios: You could blindly run in the forest till you die, from the stings, or smash into a tree, hoping the hive cracked, and not your skull. If you are unlucky, a big brown mammal will join in the pursuit, of the honey. - Witch Burning Execution method. Not everyone likes magic. The simple folks, sometimes couldn't handle it. They see magic as an evil tool, which must be eradicated. The villagers gather in big riots, dragging the suspect in front of the village elder. And he must consider, to save the girl and face the angry crowd, or just simply kill her, so the residents could calm down. Nothing extra, they gather up logs and sticks, tied the girl to a pole, and light the fire. In rare cases, they actually kill a witch, but in many cases, the trials are against girls, who are weird or someone who is envious of her, and this is the best way, to remove her. --------------------------------Kaliphlin-------------------------------- - Hot Situation Punishment for peculation. In Kaliphlin there is a lot of ways, to punish the wicked. For example, for peculation, the accused is dragged outside the desert, tied to a cactus, or buried to the neck. But they gave them hope. A flask of water is placed next to him. So, it will be ironic, die by dehydration, why the water was in arms reach. - Boiling Point Punishment for recidivism. Get punished for a crime, is one thing. But if you keep committing crimes, and you won't learn anything from the punishment, is an error, which needs to be solved. The kind leaders of Kaliphlin came up with this method. With a hammer and chisel, they carve a little hole in your skull. The next step is to boil some water, when it's ready, they simply pour it into your skull. You will never have a sinful thought. Or any other thoughts. - Artifact Compression Punishment, most commonly, for cheating. Magic using isn't a common sight in the art of torturing. It's mostly causing pain, but sometimes there are business gaps. The target audience is the cheated wifes and women, thirst for revenge! The man is lured into a trap, and the paid sorcerer casts the spell on them. Removing moisture from their body, and Turning them into small statues. They won't die, but they not lose consciousness. They remember these times, like a never-ending dream. Oh, and don't forget the thirst. If you want them, to turn back, just simply toss the little statue into water. They will suck it up, like a sponge. Soon a dried and wrinkled raisin-like figure appears. He won't cheat you again. --------------------------------Varlyrio-------------------------------- - Sleep With the Fishes Execution for piracy. Sometimes the executions don't need to be so fancy and expensive. Just grab a chain, some weight, and toss them out in the open sea. While sinking into the depths, with your last breath you can think about, "being a pirate is alright with me"... - The Last Laugh Interrogating method. This time you will have the last laugh. Everyone has their weakness, which the torturer will gladly exploit. They will take off your pants, and put you in the stocks. Then the torturer brings in various equipment, to tickle you. Most commonly, they use feathers, but it could be a plant with irritating touch, long animal fur... even they dip the victim's feet into salted water, and brought in a goat, to lick it. Tickles can be really harmful, if they do it, for long, like vomiting, incontinence, losing consciousness, or die. - Belt of Virtue Punishment for fornication. Not everyone is able to close their legs at the right time. Fortunately for them, this device will not let any intruder in and will remind you all the time during your punishment. It's important, to be clean it unless you want to wear a rusty iron belt around your private parts or stink like a sewer. Don't worry ladies of Historica, there are male compatible models too! --------------------------------Mitgardia-------------------------------- - Freeze to Death Execution method for desertion. No one likes deserters, this is a fact. And there are many ways, to punish them, for abandoning their duty. In Mitgardia, they knock them out, brought them into the northeast point of the country, and left them there. If they wake up, they could try to get back to the civilization, before they freeze to death. Not many could achieve this, and the many frozen statue in his region is a bad sign for them. But, if they still manage to return, they are branded for life. The frostbites on their body will remind them for the rest of their life, what they have done. - Breaking Wheel Execution method. One of the gruesomest ways, to end someone's life. With this public execution, the viewers will think twice, before committing any crime. The victim was tied to a large wheel, and with a large hammer, the executioner started breaking the limbs. One by one. Why the wheel? It says, it was invented by a lazy executioner, who was too lazy, to go around the victim, to break all their limbs. He simply just turned the wheel, to strike down. When all of the limbs were broken, they killed the criminal, and erected the wheel, with the broken body, as a warning to all criminals. - Punishment Shaves Dwarven humiliating method. This method is most commonly used on dwarfs, but there are cases, when it was used, on other races. Dwarves' prestige is measured in their beards. It's a shame if a dwarf must shave it off. And bigger shame, if someone shaves it, for them. So the dwarf has to start growing their beard back again and earn his respect and prestige back again. And to endure the humiliation of others. --------------------------------Nocturnus-------------------------------- - Rat Torture Interrogation method. The torturers are very keen-eyed persons. The best of them don't need expensive devices, just look around, grab a bucket, a torch, and a rat, like... the usual stuff in a dungeon. Put the animal in the bucket, then squeeze the bucket into the victim's stomach, and start heating it. The rat has only one way out, and if you won't start talking, you will be in the way, for the rat's freedom... - Slow Slicing Interrogation method. Every living creature can endure pain. And the torturer's job is to find out, what are their limits. This method is simple, you will need a really sharp knife. Steady hands aren't required. And you start slicing your victim, like a juicy ham, until they stop screaming in agony, and start telling the information, what you need. - Ravaage's Stool Interrogation method. Thanks to Lord Ravaage, many exotic torturing devices were used, during his reign. This four-legged stool, with a wooden pyramid on the top. They started lowering the nacked accused on the pointy edge of the pyramid, ensuring it, to cause pain... "Where the sun doesn't shine". The time for this torture differs, minutes, hours, days, some they hang weight on the accused's feet, to maximize the effectiveness. Torturer And there weren't be any torturing without the specialist. No one knows, what twisted thoughts are in their minds, and what history they had, to drive them in trade. Without pity or remorse, they do their jobs, inflict as much pain as they could, and make sure, the accused cough up the information that they needed. It's a thankless job, but somebody got to do it, or else they would find themself on the wrong end of their devices. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope everyone liked my Minifigs. C&C welcome, as always. And tell me down the comments, which one is your favorite? (So I would know how sick you are )
  3. kahir88

    GOH Anniversary, 2nd count down challenges.

    Great, another chance for not winning! :D Can we use, Brickwarrior and Brickforge parts too?
  4. Just a small build for the 10 years old Guilds of Historica. Everything is Awesome, and hope it's stays this way! :D
  5. kahir88

    VOTING topic CDC1 Tale

    And all my votes are sold, in this topic: 1 point for Grover 1 point for Niku
  6. The hardest choice | Kahir88 | Avalonia Guilds of Historica is Awesome! | Kahir88 | Avalonia´╗┐
  7. kahir88

    The hardest choice

    Still didn't know, where to put my votes on both voting topics. Any suggestion? Or anyone wants my vote? Write here, or PM. me.
  8. kahir88

    CDC1 Tower: Nocturnus Watchtower

    Heh, Bob. Now, he is your trademark character. :D
  9. kahir88

    Bianca Family

    Now, this is hilarious! :D I too really like the dark side of humanity, every little shady business, every little illegal thing like gambling, drugs, and other delicate bodily pleasures. These little details can give a bit of dark thone, into the grand picture. Most of the stories focus on the pinnacle of society, and not everyone shows us, the slums. It's always, looking behind the curtains of reality. Meet with those, whose life isn't fame and luxury. Classic Varlyrian family introduction, with funny scenes. I like them. I see you too find a way, to use CMF costumes. I really like the Breaking Bad reference on the first family member. Never saw the show, but know some of the characters from there, and you recreated the good! I also hope, you didn't want to change Avalonia to Varlyrio. :D
  10. kahir88

    CDC1 Tower: A Very Light-House

    Thanks all. I'm glad, all of you liked it. I was planing the floating rock concept for a while, and maybe this was a perfect time. Also, I was able to try out the lights too. :D Sorry for the dull story, but not really had time, and also the story is not important, only the build, in the end. :D I tried to make a more interesting story for the other category, but it looks like no one is interested. :D
  11. kahir88

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    And World-Last! Here is my two entry for this challenge: Category 1:CDC1 Tower: A Very Light-House Category 2:CDC1 Tale: The Birthday Massacre
  12. - I'm ready Daddy! Draconius look back from his shoulder. He needed to look turn more further, cause the quiver blocked his sight. He saw his little daughter, running down the stairs, her nanny couldn't keep up with her. - Daddy! Daddy, I'm ready to go hunting with you! Look! - and she started waving her makeshift bow, made out of a stick and colorful ribbons. - Look what did I make! Can I come with you, pleeease! - Excuse me, your highness. - the woman finally arrived. - I couldn't keep the princess in her room. She wanted to show you, her bow before you leave. - It's okay. - smiled the king, and pat Ysphet's head. - She will be a great ruler. - he looked down at the girl and kneeled next to her. - I'm sorry darling, but you can't come with us. Hunting is a dangerous pastime. Maybe, if you will a bit older. - But daaad! If it's dangerous, why are you going? "Good question" ran through the thought in Draconius mind, but he couldn't answer it, cause Ysphet continued her arguments: - I already made a bow to myself! The string is made out of unicorn hair, and only a pretty princess can fully draw it. Watch! - with that, she started pulling the "string". It wasn't a surprise to everyone in the large hall when the stick snapped quietly. But, It was everybody's duty, to pretend that, it was unexpected... - Nooo, my bow! It's broken! - cried out loud the little princes, and tears started appearing in her eyes. Draconius was fighting with his emotions. He wanted to smile about what happened now, but a father can't do that right now. He remained calm and tried to cheer her little daughter up. - Perhaps you are too pretty for this bow. - smiled. - Don't worry darling we will find you a bow, that can handle your beauty. Know what? Go to the kitchen and ask the cook... in second thought. order the cook to bake something for you. And after I came back, I will tell you how was the hunting. - Okay daddy. *sob* - then she turned around and start walking towards the kitchen. Pulling her broken bow behind her. ----------------------- On the next birthday of the princess, she was escorted into the palace's garden. It was already decorated for her tea party with colorful ribbons. - But daddy! I'm ain't ready now! I only combed my hair 88 times! And the other girls aren't here! - Don't worry darling. - smiled the king. - You will enjoy this. As they arrived in the center of the garden, where the princess's tea party would begin much later. The place was filled with adult men. Many of them were familiar to Ysphet. As Draconius arrived, all of them stood up and greeted the king and the princess. She recognized some of them. There was Batlin, the old advisor, Marrik, the treasurer. The guy, who always accompanies his dad on hunts. In uniform, Admiral Gasgor, and one of the castle's criers, Olmil. The two other men were unfamiliar. - Ysphet. - started Draconius. - You know most of the gentlemen, who appeared here. Let me introduce you Waldrat, ambassador from Mitgardia, and Hagmund, who came here to make business about... About what exactly? - Your Majesty. - bowed down the two men. Hagmund continued: - I'm here to make contracts about bath oils and other luxury products, from Kaliphlin. The king nodded. However, Ysphet wasn't sure, what will happen now. She must have a long and boring conversation about bath oils, and how his father will buy and ship them? As the king looked down at her daughter, he also saw the confusion in her eyes. No more delay! - Dear Yslphet. - and kneeled down next to her. - Today is your birthday, and these gentlemen volunteered to make this day memorable. - he signaled with your his hand, and the hunter appeared behind him, with a wrapped present. - This is your first present today. Don't worry, there will be more. Ysphet quickly grabbed her present and started tearing down the ribbon and the wrappings. She was amazed at what she found. - This trainee bow was crafted only for you princess Ylsphet. - bowed the hunter. The bow was very light. Its hilt was silver plated. She quickly grabbed and pulled out. This time it didn't broke, nor tore apart. -This means... - she asked with sparkling eyes. - I can go with you hunting? - No sweetheart. - laughed Draconius. - Not yet. First, you must practice. - But how do I practice, if we don't have any animal around here? - We can fix this problem. - looked up the king to the standing man with a commanding look. All of the guests reached behind their back and pulled out the next surprise. It was hard for Ysphet to determine what were those. They look like animal furs and animal parts sewed together. But when every man put them on, she started realizing, what's going to happen. They looked hilarious. - These fine gentleman agreed to help you practice hunting. - said Draconius, while tired to not laugh. - But I will need them later. So instead of using real arrows, I ordered the royal Fletcher to make practice arrows. - and handled some of them, to her daughter. The end of the arrow was covered with a small sack, and it felt soft, thanks to the fabric inside. - Indeed Your Majesty. - stepped forward Batlin, the advisor. - Should I remind you about today's programs? Draconius let out a sigh. Then he looked down at her daughter, and winkled: - Sweety, would you be that kind, and start your little "hunt" with that pig over there? - and pointed on the advisor. - Sure daddy! - and with that, she placed the arrow on the bow pulled out, and started chasing the old man. Everyone enjoyed that noon. The adults tried everything, to hide and avoid the little girl's arrows, while she does her best, to hunt them down. - No Ylsphet, no! The gardener isn't playing with us!
  13. Near the borders of the continent, where the Mystic Isles starts. There is a floating rock. Thanks to the strange nature of this place, it is a very common sight. The lighthouse, erected on the rock, serves as a guide, for those, who lost in the dense mist. Or more likely as a warning, to turn back...
  14. kahir88

    Dieselpunk Tatra T5 Tram

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) Yepp, we still got many older trams on some lines. Maybe this inspired me further, and send me on the path, to recreate this. :) Anyway, thanks guys, i'ts good to all of you liked it! :)
  15. Before I start talking about the build. In the last few weeks, a picture appeared on my social network. It advertisement something, which I didn't really care about, but the picture looks great. It was in my mind and annoyed me, so I started to research what is this. Finally, I found it. The artist is Alejandro Burdisio, and he creates dieselpunk concept arts. This one was a dieselpunk tram station, where three or four Tatra T5 type trams are docking and/or leaving. I know, this was the time, to try to recreate, at least one. :D Please enjoy, and comments are welcome.