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  1. kahir88

    Riddlers Guild

    - Good job Gang! We finally captured her! - said the blonde swordmaster, to his gang gladly. - Jeepers Dred! - wonders the elf sorcerer. - Selma was right. We don't need a huge difficult trap, to capture her. A simple bear trap was very effective. - Zoinks! Yeah! - said the bard. - And you wanted to be the prey once more, Right Doob? - Woof! - barked his loyal companion. * - Enough talk. - Dred ended the conservation, about his unsuccessful traping plan. - Let's see who really is Queen Ylsphet! With that, he grabbed the hair, and pulled. Surprisingly it came off very easy, with the rest of the mask. - Jinkies! - the dwarf girl almost dropped the torch. - Lord Raavage? - the gang was surprised when they saw him. - No you fools! I'm his brother, Ravaage! And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!
  2. kahir88

    Prenmôr Forge

    Awesome and lovely build! The seagulls in the roof really catches the coast town feeling. And tge interrior is well made!
  3. kahir88

    GoH Book III

    Thx, it's a one-year-old poem, from the start of Book III. We were tasked, to tell the Guilds story so far.
  4. kahir88

    GoH Book III

    Last year a new challenge was up to, Tell our tale, in one minute or two. Everyone was astir, to the Loremaster. But who won? Dear Moderator Crew? Hehe, sorry, just wanted to... "refresh" the post from exactly a year ago. I was on holiday and also wanted to build something for this challenge. Then came this poem, and now a small build for this too: " It was a rainy thursday, in the Scarlets Scars inn. Everybody was busy, with their drinks. The bard decided, to end the sadness, jumped on top of a table, and while strumming his lute, he started the song: Before known time, long ages ago The land saw battles, from sand to snow. Clan against clan, Race against race, The bodies of men feed flocks of crow. They fought against beasts, orcs and the dead, Darkness fell, it was good to be bad. To unite the land, And make the war end. A plan came, so no one will be sad. Wisest of them, both women and men, Form a council, to give peace to them. Green Avalonia, Snowy Mitgardia, Dark Noctornus, Kaliphlin on sand. A fair king was elected, to rule, In Cedricia, the kingdoms jewel. Trading opened, Conflicts ended. The four guilds learned, how not to be cruel. Historica found peace, for ages But darkness came, from evil mages. Revolword was his name, Uprising was his game. Broke the ancient law of sages. Land was torn, by angry regiments, Victor used the Helm of Elements. But heroes ride, To stop the tide. And save Historicas settlements. The bard stopped, to take a sip of beer, from a nearby mug... But the brave guild members couldn't rest, From every corner rose new threats. Algus, Drow, Ancient King, They came to aid one thing. A warlord, named Raavage, from the East. Joining together, the guilds were strong, But only with an heir, they lasted long. Raavage took his last breath, The guilds found Queen Ylspheth! She sits on the throne, where she belongs. What the next chapter brings, no one knows, Only one thing remains, what all knows: Clan against clan, Race against race. That's how Guilds of Historica goes... And also, waiting for the results. :D
  5. kahir88

    Challenge III - Category B: Palisade

    Nice little build, reminds me, someone else's palisade :D Maybe, it would be more realistic, if the pales aren't the same size. Saddens me, you weren't had enough time for your build. :( But I think both of them nice little entries, and the huge duplo chicken is hilarious :D
  6. Hmm.. in that case. I will rename them. If there is trouble with his name...
  7. Thanks! Not really imagines him as a reptilian. There are some weird videos, about this topic. Some of the so-called reptilians in our world sometimes lose concentration and we can see their yellow eyes (lol). I wanted to catch this moment, and I was glad to have this surprised crocodile head. :D The mirror effect is very simple: Precise figure posing and a window panel. :D You can see it, in the hidden picture. A small EasterEgg: I made a little research about this, and find the main conspirator about this... theory. His name is David Icke. ;)
  8. My entry for this challenge A category: This topic always interested me, and I really like conspiracy theories. :D
  9. After a hard day, it's good to take a rest in the local tavern, with your friends. Deerhill was a known hunting place, now only the name reminds the locals what was this place. The fields around the small hill are now full of orchids and gardens. The animals already moved away, deeper in the forest, only small rodents give troubles to the local farmers. Three friends having a good time and cold beer together at the Tipsy-Owl tavern. Talking about their trade, the weather and about the women. The Sun almost got behind the horizons, when another band of refugees arrived from Noctornus... Ravaage was stopped long ago, but the country was still in peril, and not everyone was prepared for that. This is why the Avalonian High Council, allows them to take refuge here, while the things turn good. And the new king, De Gothia, won't reject them. Only the locals arguing... - Another band of those... - said Icke, the blacksmith, while he raised his eyebrow. - I can't believe they allowed them to came here. - Relax mate! - David the farmer tried to calm his friend down. - They have their problems, don't give them more. They are escaping from war, it's isn't their fault. - We can't trust them! Nothing good came from Noctornus! - answered Icke, but lowering his voice, when the next traveler passed away near him. - I like the Nocturnian pumpkin pie! - the third man shared his opinion. His name is Tom, and he works as a tailor. - Like I said. - Icke turned to Tom with a cold gaze. - Nothing good came from Noctornus. Who eats pumpkin pie? The Nocturnians are barbarians! - Why you hate these folk? Did any of them harm you? - David tried to calm his friends once more. - Didn't you hear about them? - the two others shook their heads. Icke took a long sip from his drink, and continued his story: - I heard a rumor, about a race of lizardmen, they are shapeshifters! They can take anyone look, and can infiltrate to anywhere. They were spying for Ravaage, they are evil I say! They are kidnaping folks from all over Historica. Drag them to their underground caves, and took their look, and blend in, and continue their life like they are the same person. No one knows, what they want, but they are spying for a new overlord, or just preparing for an invasion. I'm sure some of our rulers are already replaced by them! The two others were listening to their friends' conspiracy theory. - I don't believe in this nonsense, I'm sure they are friendly and don't want any trouble. Right, Tom? - and with that, he patted Tom's shoulder so hard, he dropped his drink. - Oh sorry mate, I spilled your drink. Here let me get you a new one! - offered David. - Ah, don't bother about that. It's already late for me. My... wife and... kids... are waiting for me. - rejecting Davids offers Tom, and with that, he waved goodbye to his friends and went home. Just a minute passed. David and Icke suddenly looked at each other: - When did Tom get married?
  10. kahir88

    Challenge III Mirandor Castle

    Nice castle mate! One thing: you forget ti mention the challenge iii in the title. Judt warning you, for not getting into trouble for that.
  11. My entry for this challenge: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/171752-challenge-iii-category-b-to-protect-our-own/
  12. For the people of Deep Garden, the constant fear from danger isn't unknown. Between their runaway landlord and Conrad's arrival, the region was infested with bandits and renegades. They already knew, how to defend their homes, farms, and gardens. But thanks to their new protector, they could rest easier now. But this is no longer an option. Conrad is planning something, and he split his army into smaller groups. Some soldiers still patrol the roads, but there are rumors about new threats. And the locals no longer feel the safety. The town leaders are tired to talk to Conrad about how they feel right now, but the mercenary leader always looks too busy. The towns decided it is time to take up again their tools and defend their self once again. They tired their best, but the region only has forests and orchards. There aren't any quarry, and most of the residents don't know the stonecutting trade. The only way to make new fortifications are to sacrifice many of their local trees. It was a hard decision for them, but everyone came in the same conclusion: dead man can't harvest the corps. Axes, shovels, and pickaxes are gathered from the towns, and the works started. Digging trenches, cutting down trees, raising planks, road blockades are made. This is the only way a poor man can defend themselves. The trenches are filled with traps and sharp wooden spikes. Even simple watchtowers are raised, to overseer the surronding area. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was hard, to find anything to fortify in a region there aren't any bigger town. I pictured this region, like in the Witcher 3 Velen, small farms not too far away from each other. The farms are a collection of 2-3 families, who tends the land. There are some bigger villages, they serve like junctions. They fortified them mostly, so the local farms can take shelter there... whatever danger they have to face it. They are simple people, so they had to use simple methods, to protect them self.
  13. Really cool stuff mate! I was too thinking, to build a large ballista, to protect my towns against, evil or untamed dragons. But it wouldn't work in a smaller community. My country doesn't have larger towns and cities. I had to think and build smaller. The stonework is really good. The progress too.
  14. kahir88

    Ninjago Polybag Contest

    My entry for the polybag contest