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  1. kahir88

    A mercenary's story: Part I

    Achivement Unlocked? :D Anyway, thx Henjin, and i take your advice, with the size of the pictures. I don't think so. His parents not really cared his escape. One mouth less to feed. And I thank for every comment, it's good, you guys like the simple stone fence :D
  2. A free build, for Avalonia. Also the first part of my SigFigs backstory. Enjoy.
  3. Many of you guys already told the backstories of your SigFigs. Now is the time, to I join too. Hear the story of Conrad, the Sly Many of the ladys and lords of Historica came from great families. Legendary ancestors, heroes, merchants, explorers. But there are, who didn'tcame from a wealthy family, like Conrad. Conrad was a middle child of an Avalonian farmer. His early years, he lived, as the other kids, in the countryside, Helped his family, around the house and farm all day, and sometimes he played with the other kids, like cow tipping, ferret legging. But one night he overheard his parents talk, and he learned that night. The truth. And what fate, his parents planned for him. As the second son, he can't inherit anything from them, cause his older brother will inherit it. They wanted him, to become a priest. "- A priest? -he asked him self...- I show them... I will become the greatest warriorin the world! Not a muttering monk..." The next night, when everyone sleept, he got away. Grabed his slingshot, and jumped over the fence. The night, the wilderness, the thrill called him. "- I will show them" -repeted him, as he gone in the darkness... Follow his story, to learn how this farmboy become a fearless mercenary...
  4. kahir88

    CHALLENGE I: The Ruined Granary

    Thanks, thanks, its good to see, how many of you liked it. A little help is required. Someof the pictures didn't open my flickr withthe selected picture, instead, reload this topic again. Any suggestion what can be the problem? The real credits goes to my girlfriend. Thanks to her, the granary fell from the table, so i hade to almost start again, adding the huge hole on the corner, :D And the guy with the saw, this is one of my favorite head, he looks so dumb, I can only imagine him doing this. For the finished building, I will use it, for the HSS challenge.
  5. kahir88

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    My Entry,for the rebuilding Challenge.
  6. Around the ruined granary, the rebuilding process started to take shape. Both peasnts and soldiers worked hard, to rebuild the storage building, befor the start of the harvest. Winter was far, but with everyday, it came closer, Conrad wanted tobuild, of fix many buildings, capable, to store food, for the time of need. "- If neccesary the lords of Avalonia can give shelter to the refugees. But if we are not focusing, to store our food,for the winter, we can't feed even our soldiers." -Said Conrad, every time, if someone asked him, why not building, or repairing the houses.
  7. kahir88

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    I just finished the building, now, next step: leave it next to the end of the table, and leave it for the cat, to do his "magic"...
  8. kahir88

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Aye, as a leader of a mercenary army, gold is everything. And don't came with the, "you can't buy happiness" talk. You can buy kittens, and kittens are happiness!
  9. kahir88

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I re-post my Sig-fig too. Just to be sure. Conrad with his band of sellswords, the Wolf Brigade, will keep Avalonia, as their headquaters. His most trusted generals, are on the road, to spread the word, and expand their little army.
  10. kahir88

    GoH Book III

    What will happenwith Noctornus? I saw four guilds new bookIII topic ,already. it will be closed for the next chapter? Can we still create freebuilds, inside Noctornus?
  11. kahir88

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Then, when i have a settlement, for task 4, or a castle for task 5. I simply mark it, on themap, with a dot? And if i have more time, to build, more and more settlements/castles, can I have more, or there is a limit /member?
  12. kahir88

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    And what happened, to the realms, inside Avalonia, What was the decision? Can we keep them, or they are removed?
  13. kahir88

    [MOC] The Wood Tryptichon

    On the middle picture, how the wood chips are presented, is a bit unfortunate. :D looks like, he always cuts his hand down :D Just kidding, these are awsome MOCs, the forest is awsome!
  14. kahir88

    GoH Book III

    And finally! my entry, for the Lore Challenge! I hope, i can still participate. I wasn't able, to entr, the challenge, with myfirst idea, with a build, so I made a "plan B" and write a poen, about the lore. First of all, this isn't my native lanuage, I cant write, first time creating a poem, and also first time creating an english poem. Oh, and i joined the guilds, during Raavages, so, don't expect anything, from me :D Here goes: " It was a rainy thursday, in the Scarlets Scars inn. Everybody was busy, with their drinks. The bard decided, to end the sadness, jumped on top of a table, and while strumming his lute,he started the song: Before known time, long ages ago The land saw battles, from sand to snow. Clan againts clan, Race againts race, The bodies of men, feed flocks of crow. They fought againts beasts, orcs and the dead, Darkess fell, it was good to be bad. To unite the land, And make the war end. A plan came, so no one will be sad. Wisest of them, both women and men, Form a council, to gave peace to them. Green Avalonia, Snowy Mitgardia, Dark Noctornus, Kaliphlin on sand. A fair king was elected, to rule, In Cedricia, the kingdoms jewel. Trading opened, Conflicts ended. The four guilds learned, how not to be cruel. Historica found peace, for ages But darkness came, from evil mages. Revolword was his name, Uprising was his game. Broke the ancient law of sages. Land was torn, by angry regiments, Victor used, the Helm of Elements. But heroes ride, To stop the tide. And save Historicas settlements. The bard stopped, to take a sip of beer, from a nerby mug... But the brave guild members couldn't rest, From every corner rose new threats. Algus, Drow, Ancient King, They came to aid one thing. A warlord, named Raavage, from the East. Joining together, the guilds were strong, But only with a heir, they lasted long. Raavage took his last breath, The guilds found Queen Ylspheth! She sits on the throne, where she belongs. What the next chapter brings, no one knows, Only one thing remains, what all knows: Clan againts clan, Race againts race. Thats how Guilds of Historica goes...