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  1. And again, my merceneries are up to something again.
  2. Dangers of smuggling

    The sewers under Albion, is a dirty place, There can be anything, what a man can think of. Except patrols, the guards not really often visits the network under the capital. So,it's a great palce, to avoide the toll, and smuggle in some good ale. If you got the stomach for that. And... if you ready to face the unnamed horrors, that lurks in the sewers...
  3. Lesson one: Distraction

    Yeah, I knew it, there is something not right in the wall. The green masonry is too much.
  4. Scavenging

    About the wagon, i was thinking a similar design, when i saw the GoH picture above the forums, I smiled. About again the colors, I wanted,tocreat a dread wasteland, showing that, even the nature is damaged here. But I see, i fell the other side of the horse, again.
  5. Not the healthiest profession

    Thanks guys! I was thinking of the border, but it would be hard, cause the to many edges. The colors, it my first time trying use many colors, look like this time, it was too much. I agree with Henjin, about the theory of the cross. It was easier to introduce the tombstone, wihout saying anything else.
  6. Next Brootherhood deed. Enjoy!
  7. Poaching

    The soldiers not only fighting againts their enemies, but againts fatigue,thirst, and hunger. While most of the guilds fighting againts Raavage and his minions, the brotherhood decided, to suport their comrades at the front. And some times there is a dark secret, in every bite of the boar-steak... A picture from the two poachers from the brotherhood, and from the wild boar.
  8. My next freebuild is the first part, of the deeds of my little company of mercenaries. I hope you all understand, it is hard to lead so many former outlaws, and it's more harder to keep them in check. Please, enjoy.
  9. The brotherhood accepst any outlaw, and mischief makers, in their ranks. It's not cleane, but easy money, if you got friends,who will help you.
  10. The second promised freebuild. Enjoy!
  11. Scavenging

    It is war. Death is everywhere. In this desperate times, people do unusual things to survive, or to gain more money. Bandits, outlaws wanders the battlefields, looting everything they can from the corpses left behind.
  12. I'm back! Wow... was a long summer, didn't had time to create someting. But got a good ide for the "safe heaven" challenge, so it is time to post some freebuilds,to participate in. I will try topost many freebuilds, what i was working in a past few days. So, let start it!
  13. The dead don't need those shining things. Neither the living, but he can buy food for himself, so he wouldn't starve to death. Or, they still need their shining things?
  14. About the crew: There can be only 1 driver, or there can be 2-3 others, who helps him, on the veichle?
  15. Book II Challenge V Voting

    1. TitusV 2. MKJoshA 3. Faladrin