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  1. kahir88

    GoH Book III

    The Wolf Brigade is still in Avalonia,and they will remain in this great Guild! I kept my sig.fig, just made a little upgrade for him, and his two generals: Conrad the Sly Zan the Black Arrow, And Lok the Wild One
  2. My entry for the contest.
  3. The best bounty hunter in the galaxy. You can run,but you can't hide from Jango Fett. He will find you, even if you hide, under the swamp. Star Wars Bounty Hunter I choose this game. Never had a chance to play it, but i really liked the trailer, which i tired to re-create. I uploaded the video of the trailer, cause the build shows more than a single picture.
  4. Alright, you won this time! :D
  5. Actually, i would like to see the results, for the pumpkinpie challange :D
  6. kahir88

    [Save Haven Cat. B] The People of Alnya

    Hah, nice figures, looks like not I am the only one who used little people for the challenge.
  7. kahir88

    Safe Heaven Cat A. Coghallow

    Thanks- thanks, I know, I'm a very poor user of the canon... too many options, too many choices, can't figure out, what to use, for photos... The buildings was really fun to build it, wit all the moving parts. I'm not a big engineer either, so it was challenging to figure it out, how to do them. As for the choosed theme, steampunk, I really like this, not as the classical medieval age. I tired to creat a story, why they are up here, insted down there :D I think, this is an, "all in" it would be an epic story, to be told, and to becontinued, or just a loss. :D
  8. They are from brickforge, and brickwarriors. I was collecting a tons of legs, for this challenge :D
  9. The Isle of Steam got only one huge city on it, Coghallow. Almost large of the isle it self. Deep in the island, there is the heart of the engine, that keeps it in the air. They are the descendants of the builders, who created this steam powered eden. Mostly gnomes live here, they are 58% of the population. They are higher ranking officers, tinkerers. The next large group is the dwarf,they are 27% of the population. mostly guards, craftsman and workers. The goblins population is low, 15%, they are the reasons, why the city needs guards. Also, thecity is full with golems, and clockwork workers, who helps the residents, in their life. Golden Golem These guardians protecting high ranking members of the society. It says, they are useing the same gold, what the buyer gives to the golem maker. Steam Golem The pinnacle of golem making! They bound the wild airelementals in this enhanced armour. On that day, the golem serves its master Clockwork Nurse In this so much tinkering, sometimes the parents forget to take care their infants. The ide was to creat some one, who can tutor the next generation of tinkerers. Clockwork Carrier-bot This machines are stationed at the docks, ready to carries your bourden. Just simply wind them up, and put your things in the hands, it will follow you. Goblin Crime Lord Not every society is perfect. This too isn't. Not every member works together to achive their goals, someones are making troubles, makes accidents, or just steals the good ideas. And yes of course, they are mostly goblins. Goblin Electician It's not true, to call them "electician". They are simply brave or dumb enough to touch the wires, and to connect them. At least, they are using something protection. Dwarven Vault Guard They are guarding their precious metals. Some times massive 3 lb. thick steel doors can't keep the thieves away, a grumpy dwarf needed to stand there too. Dwaren Forge Master Master blacksmiths. They are not crafting, just supervising the process. Equiped with a hammer and a welding tool, he can give advices, or can correct, or quick repair the work. Dwarven Steam Guard The main law enforcements in the city. They are patroling with the latest weapons, to serve the public. Steam powered blunderbuss both efficient and intimidating. Gnomish Council Member The huge city on the Isle of Steam is governed by the Council of Minds. Each member also the mayor of their own district. With the Key of the district, they can wind up any construction, or building. Gnomish Maintenance Sometimes a clockwork worker isn't efficient for the job. Insight and improvisation is required in some situation in the Heart of the Machine. Gnomish Mailman Huge amounts of information exchanges hosts day after day. The best ways notyet been discovered, so they relies on mails. The best mailmans can deliver a hundred mails in a day. Gnomish Skyknight Don't think them, wearing shining armor, and swinging great swords. It's a title for the best pilotes in the islands aircraft. Gnomish Alchemist The Philosopher's Stone is no longer a goal. To create new materials, help fight diseases, impove, and make the life easier on the island, thats their new goal. Gnomish Engineering Graduated Fresh from the University of Engieering! With that paper in his hands, now he can legally thinkering, and making experiments, without the society banish them. Gnomish Paramedic Broken bone, fever, migraine, leaking oil tank? Dont worry you need to find a Paramedic on the street. It's sure they got something to save your life. Or make worse. Gnomish Golem Creator Pillars of the created society. Their constructs helped,to build up the city, Coghallow, almost from nothing. After the elemental crisis, even more take refuge here. Gnomish Outcast G The residents don't believe in death sentence. They simply banish the person,who comited the crime. They make a complex calculation about what was the deed, and they can't return during that time. If the time is right, the outcasted must find a way to get home.
  10. Conrad left the boat. He now stads in the docks of Coghallow. As he looked around, he saw many flying ships, from the smallest, to the bigest. Many strange metal man carrying barrels and boxes in the nearby warehouse. - It's good to feel solid ground under our feet. - Cogfizz smiled next to him. - Come, I got thing that may you be interested, and I can give you as payment. Conrad started following the gnome, while he was looking around. Anywhere he looked, every building moved. Wheels and cogs turned, smoke came from every chimney, huge machines hummed gently. They walked away from the docks, and arrived to a square, with a fountain in the center. The residents stopped for a moment, everyone was looking at Conrad. - What's the matter with them Cogfizz? - Conrad lowered his voice, and asked his companion. - Most of the never saw someone, from the outer world. - replied Cogfizz. - Actually, you are the first outsider on the isle. But don't worry, we aren't gonna throw you out, like, you almost did to me... The residents of Coghallow accepts everyone, in the city, sooner or later. This way please. They continued the tour, as they went deeper in the city, Conrad had, more and more questions. And in the same time, he got more and more amazed, about the things he saw. - If there anything you want to know, just ask it. - Cogfizz broke the silence. I Conrad did't know, where start: - Erm... How did you keep this whole island in the air? Is it magic? - A bit of both magic and science. Our ancestors created a crystal, which can float, and increased its power, with energy, what we can create. They a conversation started between them. At first, Conrad asked, and Cogfizz replied to him, but later only Cogfizz was the only one, who talked. The Lore of Coghallow, and how science and magic can work together: Many centuries ago, the ancestors of theisland, were lived on the main continent. They were, engineers, scientist, scholars, tinkerer and philosophers. Many profession, but common in one thing, they weren't acknowledged. The mages and sorcerers didn't accepted their studies. They didn't wanted to fuse science and magic, they don't believed, they can achive much more, if they work together. The mages outcasted them, so did the society. They decided, to move awayfrom Historica. They went to the west, with ships. They found a island, full with natural resources, including heat sources. They start building their little society, from pebbles and sticks. Later, they were able to creat golems, to help speed up the process. The heat sources give them new ideas, how to make use of them, and that was the dawn of the Age of Steam, which, is still on. Their Ancestors achived, what they couldn't achive on the continent. Created a society, where magic and science can create a better life. And pictures about the building, and others:
  11. kahir88

    Challenge: "A safe haven"- ENTRIES!

    A: B: C:
  12. Somewhere, west from the continent... - What is happening up here? - shouted Conrad, while he climbed up from below. He saw Fiko Cogfizz, sorrounded by his men, with drawn weapons. - Boss, he got a torch, he want's to set the ship on fire! At this point Conrad regret, to accepted this task. He remembered the day, when he first met with Cogfizz, and also remembered what promise he give to himself... It was the last days of summer. Conrad visited every harbour on the coasts of Deep Garden. There, he found Fiko Cogfizz, a gnome, talk and act strange. He got an unusual request. He talked about banishment, island and nothing more. He needed a ship, but every one refused to help him. Conrad felt pity for the gnome, he almost rejected his task, but Cogfizz mentioned a big payment, if he gets home. The sound of money, and a chance to expand his influence, to an unknown island changed Conrad's mind, and accepted the gnomes task. And, if there aren't anything, he simply throw the gnome overboard. It seems, he will fulfill his promise. - It's not a torch, it's a signal flare. - apologized the gnome. - This is a completly safe device, so others can now our location! - Can I ask who? - asked Conrad, while he stepped forward. - There is nothing here! No island, no ship, not even a chunk of rock, where we can leave you! Tell me a good reason Cogfizz, why souldn't I fed you with the sharks? The gnome stood there motionles. And without a word, he twisted the end of the flare. A green flame almost blinded Conrad and his men, the gnome kept the flare high as he could. For a brief moment, Conrad regained his sight. He saw the gnome, between dancing colorful spheres. He focused, and grabbed the flare, twistd out from the little hand and throw it overboard. - Why did you do that? - screamed next to him Cogfizz. - I just hope now, my colleagues saw the signal... This was the last drop, befor the gnome could finish his sentence, Conrad grab him, and lifted. The spheres still danced in front of his eyes. - Don't worry, you will follow your flare, down to the bottom, tell my what's going on! Enough secrecy. Fiko Cogfizz got completely paralyzed, Conrad considered his action, as a no, so hi started lifting him, for a throw. - Boss! - shouted the sentry. - Something is approaching. The gnome fell down on the deck. Conrad quicky looked around, the spheres almost faded. - Which side? - rubed his eyes, tried to remove the last spheres. - From above. Conrad looked up. He saw something coming down from a cloud. As the object came closer, Conrad recognized it, is boat, with a balloon. - Ready your self boys. - Ordered his men. Then looked down to Cogfizz. - We will deal you later. A small airboat landed next to the ship. A gnome pilot leaned over, and asked: - Who used the signal? - he looked around, and stopped at Cogfizz. - I suspect, it was you. I am Skyknight Silverbrass, do I know you? - Salutation knight Silverbrass, I am Fiko Cogfizz, - stepped forward. - I have returned from banishment. - I see, then let me be the first, who welcome you home, hop on, and we are off to go. - Hold on a second! - Conrad interrupted the talk. - No one flys anywhere, befor I get my payment. - Is that true Cogfizz? Cogfizz looked back at Conrad, then sighed. - Yes, I own them, for the help and patience. The leader of these great warriors will come with us, can i ask you, if I paid him, to return him, to his ship? - The council will not be pleased, for bringin an outsider to our city. But if you want to continue your banishment... Conrad and Cogfizz boarded the airboat, then, they take off slowly. The leader of the mercenaries looked down both in terrified and amazed, as his ship shrinked. Moments later, they were in the clouds. - First time flying? - laughed Silverbrass. - Dont worry, it is almost over, look! - pointed foward. From the couds, a floating island emerged. Conrad was speechless. - Welcome, on the Isel of Steam, in the city of Coghallow!
  13. kahir88

    The Streets of Daydelon

    Awsome as always, good job!
  14. kahir88

    Safe Haven Cat A "Mesozoic"

    Really great building! I wasthinking the same, dinosaur/dragon themed island, but a week ago, i find a better idea for my safe heaven :D Keep up, want to see the minfigs too :D