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  1. kahir88

    Knight's Quest [Ch II Cat B]

    Thanks, Go on mate, I gladly see others Ideas. :)
  2. kahir88

    They are hungry like wolf! [Ch II Cat A]

    The simply answer: I dont have brown round tiles :D and I didn't wanted to put round plates with studs. The really, I can say, "lorefriendly" answer: The barrels were opened long ago, by smashing the old lids. Then, they cleaned the barrels, filled them, and put newly crafted lids, and they are not yet darkened yet.
  3. kahir88

    Knight's Quest [Ch II Cat B]

    Yeah, When the Challengecame out, the Hungarian Ninja Warrior was broadcasted, and I was inspired from that too a bit. First, I wanted call this "Assasins Warrior" but I thought, calling the race Knight's Quest sound better :D Anyway. Thanks the comments, it was a fun and challenging build, figuring ot, how to build the moving obstacles, and then hide them, under a medieval theme. :D About the story: I wanted to make it, like the cheesiest broadcasting, like in the TV. An attention-focused host, a female host, who dosn't belong there,just to attract more viewers, and a guest star. :D
  4. kahir88

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    My next entry, for the II.challenge! This time, category B, Circus And befor I forget to mention: 59 brick long, and 20 brick wide
  5. - Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Knight's Quest! - the men announcing the event, on top of the stage. - I'm your host, Rolet de Rivel, and also welcome Syelrehe! - Hi there! - the elf woman waved, and smiled to the crowd. - We got a specal guest here! - Rolet continued. - The last years champion, of Knight's Quest, Lance A'lot! - Just call me Lance. -Smiled, and waved the young knight. - Alright Lance, lets start it. There are so many, who don't know, what is Knight's Quest. Please, tell us more what is it. The knight coughed, to clear his throat. He was expecting, to introduce the race, but he was a bit nervous, in front of so many people, who came to see the entertainment. - Knight's Quest, is a sports entertainment competition. The competitors attempting to complete a series of obstacle courses, similar what a really knight must face during their heroic quest. - Sounds fun! - said Syelrehe, trying to look like, she isnt here, because she looks pretty. - In deed Syelrehe! - noded Rolet. - but there can't be fun, without a little danger, am I right Lance? - Yes, the obstacles are dangerous, but not deadly. If you are unlucky, you will have some bruises. - Don't worry folks, the previous competitor is good hands, But let see, the next one! He is climbing up the ladder, and ready to go! Lance, can you narrate us through the obstacles, as the competitor progress? - Sure Rolet! - and both the knight and the two hosts turned around, to see the show, and narrate it. - The first obstacle is the moat. You must cross it, on the wooden logs, without falling in the water. - Next, you must climb up, to the tower. The wind working againts you, and you have only a hanging vine, on the walls of the tower. - Now, you are inside, the crumbling castle! Make hast and cross the ruined hall, befor the celling falls down! - Watch out! in the courtyard, there are the lackeys of the Black Knight. You must avoide them! - And the all time favorite, the Pendulum of Death! You must get over it, in the right mome... Ugh.. well, that wasn't the right moment... The herald of the race quickly ordered the troll, to stop the mechanism, so the cleaning brigade can clean up the bloody mess, at the end of the race. - And thats all folks! - ended the grievous moments Rolet. - We thank again for Lance, to come up here on the stage, and tell us more about Knight's Quest! - the knight smiled and went down from the stage. Rolet continued: - and we will stay here, for the rest of the month, so if you think, you are brave enough, comeand try out Knight's Quest! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope most of you will enjoy it, cause I really liked to creat this gauntlet style entertainment. I was inspired, from the "First Knight" movie, where Richard Gere beats it, for a kiss. Oh, didn't I mentioned, the whole race was designed, to move. So, you don't have to imagine the crumbling halls, or crossing the moat part. Checkthis video out: And also, some pictures too: "What dou you mean, You need to be this tall?" "Do you want a lick Mr. Troll?"
  6. kahir88

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    My Entry, for Category A (Bread)
  7. Northgrove is a small hamlet, near the north border of the region. The last destination for Conrad, to visits the hamlets storehouse. The Queen's lieutenant came to the mercenary leader, and took half of the winters stock, without permission. Altho, he left some hefty sacks of gold, as payment. "-And with what should i fed my soldiers? With coins" - Conrad's commentary still haunts his mind. The lieutenant didn't looked back with his answer: "- This is not my problem, you got plenty of storehouses across Deepgarden, solve it!" He still grumbled, while got of the cart,with the workers: - Moron, he thinks, i got time for this... Meanwhile, in the storehouse, the keeper just finished the charts. He heard a cart stoping nerby, then knocking on the window. He opened it, a man stood befor him, black hair and beard, wearing armor, with a wolf insignia. He never met with the defender of this region, but he had a guess who stands befor him. - Greetings good man, I would like to see the stocks in this storehouse. - Sure,amoment please. - answered the keeper, and picked up the keys, and went to the door. Conrad came in, signaling to the workers, to wait outside. The keeper ran back to his desk, took the charts and gave it to Conrad. - Is there a problem my Lord? - asked the keeper humbly. - Yes, there is... But a little reorganization could solve it. - and with that, he gave back the paper, and turned to the workers: - Alright boys, load the cart, with the followings...
  8. Next freebuilds: Wolfs in the Sand (Part I.) | Kahir88 | Avalonia
  9. I did not lost! Just had a really s#@& years end in my workplace,and also tried to build a couple of entries to the CCC, (if any of you interested) I returned, and I will continue Conrad's strory,but first, the Bread and Circuses Challenge! To understand my C category entry, we must look back to that point, when Conrad ordered three of his most trusty generals, in secret missions. (here is the recap: Scarlet's Scarlet Brothel) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story of Zan the Black Arrow. Zan was tasked to travell south, to the sandy land of Kaliphlin, with a small company of mercenaries. They traveled in secret across Avalonia. When they crossed the border, they were advised by a merchant, to buy a camel, it will help their journey. - Stuborn animal... Come on! - one of the soldier beging for the camel, while trying to force his will on the animal. - I told you, camelss are different from horses. - the other mercenary tired to caml the other down. - Can you remember the command word? - "Can you remember the command word?" - the mercenary stopped pulling the camels chains and started mimicing the other. - Wanna try it smartass? If Zan didn't arrive, the two soldier surely kill each other. - What are you arguing again morons? We must reach Barqua, as the boss tasked us, and you two thought it woud be a good time, to show which one has a bigger mouth? - he went to the camel, picked up the chains and pulled it. - Hut hut hut! - said the words, and repeated the pulling, and repeated the words again. The camel started to move again, the two soldiers speechless. Zan give the end of the chain to one of them, and continued the journey. He looked back: - When this is over, I will advise Conrad, to teach all of you some command words...
  10. kahir88

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    And done! The hardest part for Cat B is finished. Now I need to add more details to the build, and ready to take pictures, video, and ready to upload!
  11. kahir88

    Book III - Challenge II: Bread and Circuses

    Ploting againts the Queen isn't a wise decision? :D Hm... this seems a little harsh... I just wanted to know, only againts guilds can be ploting, like the examples.
  12. kahir88

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Santa and his Wife maintaining and updating Robo-Santa.
  13. Hah! I like the name of the MOC, brilliant! Also,the idea is great to every day post a little picture about Kaliphlin.
  14. kahir88

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Grats for @Wineyard, for his challenge I entry!
  15. kahir88

    Raffle: Making a Monster!

    Efreet Lord Efreet were unpredictable creatures with fiery forms and spectacular magical powers. They were a type of genie native to the Elemental Plane of Fire.