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  1. kahir88

    Dieselpunk Tatra T5 Tram

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) Yepp, we still got many older trams on some lines. Maybe this inspired me further, and send me on the path, to recreate this. :) Anyway, thanks guys, i'ts good to all of you liked it! :)
  2. Before I start talking about the build. In the last few weeks, a picture appeared on my social network. It advertisement something, which I didn't really care about, but the picture looks great. It was in my mind and annoyed me, so I started to research what is this. Finally, I found it. The artist is Alejandro Burdisio, and he creates dieselpunk concept arts. This one was a dieselpunk tram station, where three or four Tatra T5 type trams are docking and/or leaving. I know, this was the time, to try to recreate, at least one. :D Please enjoy, and comments are welcome.
  3. kahir88

    The tower near Oldfell (+HSS)

    Oh damn. Thank you for warning me, I corrected it. Wao, so much happened, never thought I would reach the front page. :D Thanks for all the positive feedback, it is great! I saw this roof technic somewhere, sorry, I can't tell, where do I first saw it, even if you stone me. :D But I really liked it too, it was a great hunt for them, visited so many shops. For the night time picture, I must thank that, my fiance. I only asked her, to help with PS, so I could add some more details for this, but she took control and made the whole picture. So, the idea was mine, but all the credits go for her. Next time, I will do it. Also, thank you @Grover for giving me tips and tricks with photographing. Looks like it really helped a lot! :D
  4. Mortal Wombat!| Kahir88 | Avalonia The tower near Oldfell (+HSS)| Kahir88 | Avalonia
  5. - This is robbery! - shouted the pig herder, to the guard. - I won't pay one and a half pig for safe passing on the road! This is madness! It was a lazy day in the middle of autumn. The small outpost was filled with pigs. Their loud grunting could be heard from miles. The gentle wind started moving the stench around. In this situation, everyone could lose their patience... - Madness or not, this is the toll, to keep you safe from the brigands in the woods. - reply calmly the officer. He was a bit tired, almost every fourth traveler or merchant argued about the high taxes. This year wasn't too so pleasant in the country, so Conrad raised the toll, for using the roads crossing Deep Garden. - If you wish, you can try to use the wilderness, to travel, but for your own risk. - Fair enough! - and the herder started driving away his pigs. - I bet the brigands won't be that harsh! "Fool" ran through the thought in the officer's mind. "He will learn it the hard way, hehe". He watched as the herder navigated his pigs away from the post. The next two travelers tried to avoid them as they approached. Not much happened with them, they simply paid the toll, and they were on their way, to the market. But the next one. An ox pulled wagon, with a huge slab of marble. With each turn of the wheels made, the whole wagon squeaked painfully. The owner was a merry fellow, he whistled an unknown tune, while he arrived at the barrier, and made the wagon stop. - What's your business here? And what's your shipment? - asked the officer, but he already knows it. only formalities. - By the grace of the Traveler, I came from Mitgardia, to deliver this huge marble block, to the local sculptor. - He stopped for a brief moment, just to pull ut a paper from his pocket, to check something. - To Markol's Stonecuts. - Marble you say. - smiled the officer. - Fair enough, just let me check this week's charts, how is your toll will be calculated. What is the weight of your shipment? - Actually. - the man interrupted the officer and handed over the previous paper. - This document provides us safe passage on every road and free of taxes. - What? - took the paper, and started to read it half aloud: -"... the owner of this document...", "... free passage in Avalonia..." ... Hm.. hm.. hm... By the Pick-a-Stone stonecutters? - wondered the officer. - And for what reason? - Markol ordered eight huge white marble blocks, from the stonecutters. But one of them was damaged in the unloading. The dwarves quickly dispatched this block, and gave this document to me, so no one will bother me with taxes. - I see. - scratched the back of his head the officer. - Why does the sculptor need that much marble? Not curious, I just need to write in the... In the daily report, yeah! The officer looked to the other soldiers, maybe one of them heard about this Eight Patrons or at least one of them. He looked back to the man and shook his head: - Never heard of them. Who are they? - They are our gods! Each of the guards a profession, and help those who belong to that profession. Like: I'm a traveler, so, my god is The Wanderer. He is the god of exploration, curiosity, adventure, and so on. And every god has a counter god. For example, The Wanderd's counter god is The Wife. She is the guardian of the house and family, patron of women, and so on. - Alright... - said the officer, and ordered his man to lift the barrier. - I bet you are in hurry, so we won't keep you here any longer. - and he stood aside, so the wagon can go on its way. - Boss... - a guard walked next to the officer after the wagon was far. - What was this blatter all about? Have you heard anything about these eight pardons? - Patrons... - corrected his man the officer. - And no, never heard about them. But I'm sure Conrad didn't hear about this too. - he sucked his nose. - Get me a pigeon... A few moments later the bird was on her way. The officer followed it as far as he can, with his sight. Daylight turned to dusk and followed by night. The traffic slowly decreased, but life in the small guard post didn't stop. The soldiers outside just finished dinner, the officer inside filled the charts, about the income. - Boss! - shouted the lookout. Brem has signaled to us, is it safe for them, to come? "Finally" Now we can see the day's real tax. - Yes, tell them, the coast is clear! - shouted back. The lookout grabbed the lamp next to him, and wave it, in the air. A few minutes later, three black-cloaked figures emerge from the darkness, with some cattle. The officer came out from the post - Good evening. - greeted them. - I see, you meet with the pig herder. - pointed towards the pigs. - Aye! What a fool! - laughed the one who was called Brem and the others. - What else is did you get? - wandered the officer's look from the pigs to the sacks. - Not much. - shrugged Brem. - Spice, some coins, and other small valuables... - Boss! - interrupted the conversation one of the alleged robbers. - When will our shift end? Those berries killing my tummy, and we got only big leaves in the forest, which feels like sandpaper... -Don't worry about that. Conrad will send the next shift, to replace us. - he looked around at his man and smiled. - Maybe, they won't be little princesses like you. The outpost filled with laughter. And grunting. And pig stench. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HSS entry. Also, wanted to start my HSS too, with this build. Military - Tower The small tower of Oldfell was recently raised next to an abandoned house, to monitor those who visit Deep Garden. To ensure road safety the guards take a small toll, on the passengers. There are still dangers in the wilderness. *wink*
  6. kahir88

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    Well, if you are interested in animal building, you could try spider-riders of Nocturn. :D
  7. kahir88

    The Nightwolves, Monster Hunters for hire.

    Looks great! I hope Avalonia is big enough for a second wolf-themed group. ;) Keep up mate!
  8. kahir88

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    Aww cool! They look awesome! I didn't know, the elven clubhouse is already out. And you already have a herd of stags. Good job mate! Fine addition, to your bear cavalry! :)
  9. kahir88

    Mortal Wombat!

    Indeed, they are totally different, I mostly used them as moles. But I needed wombats, to more likely refer to the title of the build. It's a fantasy world, and the wombats here are these smalls, maybe, in wilder places of this world, there are bigger ones, who knows? ;)
  10. Greetings! I hade little trouble finding the right theme for this entry, but, LotR builds are welcomed here, I thought another, fantasy-themed book is allowed too. I hope some of you know the author and his work. He is Joe Abercrombie, and he's the author of the First Law trilogy. The series is set in an epic fantasy world called the Circle of the World, which is reminiscent of medieval Europe. Magic was once a force in this world but now seems to be fading, to the point that most people don’t believe in it. The action, for the most part, takes place in or regards people from the central realm known as the Union. The Union appears to be in a state of near-perpetual war, constantly maneuvered into seemingly useless conflicts by a dysfunctional government and an uncompromisingly proud foreign policy. In the frigid north, it rumbles towards an inevitable war with the Northmen, a rough alliance of barbarous, warmongering tribes. In the heat-ravaged south, the Union and Gurkish Empire are in a conflict over control of the city of Dagoska. The story follows the fortunes and misfortunes of bad people who do the right thing, good people who do the wrong thing, stupid people who do the stupid thing, and, well, pretty much any combination of the above. Survival is no mean feat, and at the end of the day, dumb luck might be more of an asset than any amount of planning, skill, or noble intention. (from wiki) I would like to show some of the major characters from the books. I hope you will like them, and if you like a good fantasy story, this will encourage you, to start reading it. I started a year ago, and I almost finished the trilogy. :) --- Harding Grim “Uh.” –Harding Grim. Harding Grim is a Named Man, a masterful archer, and well known for hardly saying anything. He's part of Logen Ninefingers's original crew. --- The Dogman “Damn it, but he needed to piss. Always did, at a time like this.” –Dogman before every fight The Dogman is a Named Man famed for his scouting and marvelous sense of smell. He is Logen Ninefingers' oldest friend and a member of his crew. --- Tul Thunderhead "The Thunderhead was a different animal. Once that big ox got properly riled there was no calming him. Not without ten strong men and a lot of rope." Tul is truly a giant of a man with a thick beard; most people consider him the biggest man they've ever seen. Few men can stand against Tul's massive bulk and big heavy sword in battle. Tul has a deep, booming voice, and a laugh like thunder, which is probably where he gets his Name. He's probably the most basically decent member of Logen's band. --- Black Dow "This ain't for you, to kill a man tied up. It's for work like this, you bring along a man like me." Black Dow is the loose cannon of Logen Ninefingers' original crew of Named Men, one of the most bloodthirsty and violent men in The North. He earned his "black" reputation for attacking in the black of night, and leaving villages behind him black from fire. --- Rudd Threetrees "Rudd Threetrees. Rock of Uffrith, they called him. No bigger name in all the North. Great fighter. Great leader. Great friend. Lifetime o’ battles. Stood face to face with the Bloody-Nine, then shoulder to shoulder with him. Never took an easy path, if he thought it was the wrong one. Never stepped back from a fight, if he thought it had to be done. I stood with him, walked with him, fought with him, ten years, all over the North. I’ve no complaints." –Harding Grim. Rudd Threetrees is part of Logen's crew of Named Men. Threetrees is a great, broad-chested old veteran warrior of great renown with grey creeping up in his beard and tangled hair. He's known for his patience; always taking his moment to think things through before making a decision, and is very tactical in planning his attacks. He holds to the "old way", a now old-fashioned Northern sense of honour, despite his circumstances. --- Collem West "I owe you a lot, I know. It’s just that… you’re too angry for me. That’s all." Collem West is a common-born Major in the Union Army, West is a tall, gaunt, worried-looking man with a sharp, lined face and thinning hair. --- Ardee West “Would you care for a drink?” –Ardee to ... well, almost everyone Ardee West is the sister of Major Collem West, a country girl new to the big city. Bored with her station in life and what is expected of her gender, she finds distraction in self-centered young noble, Jezal dan Luthar. Ardee is quite a beauty with long dark hair, slightly tanned skin, and dark-brown eyes tending towards black. She has a shapely figure - not skinny, but far from fat - and often wears a crooked smile on her face. Her appearance is not what would traditionally be considered the beauty ideals in the Union, but men tend to find her attractive nevertheless. Ardee is clever, witty, and not afraid to speak her mind. Her relationships with the men in her life are always messy, and she's prone to drowning her sorrows, drinking heavily when she starts to contemplate the wreckage of her life. She can sometimes be quite a mean drunk. --- Sand dan Glokta “Body found floating by the docks...” Sand dan Glokta was a former champion swordsman and dashing war-hero of the King's Own, before his capture and years of torture by the Gurkish. Now a shunned cripple, he has turned torturer himself, as an Inquisitor in the King's Inquisition. --- Practical Severard “Not really, she fucks like a madman. I’d thoroughly recommend her, if you’re interested.” Severard is one of Inquisitor Glokta's two Practicals. He is a tall and thin man, with long greasy dark hair. He has a nonchalant attitude to violence, and is a bit of a knife nut. Also, quite an accomplished lock-picker. He has a snarky sense of humour, and his eyes constantly seem to be smiling. He habitually whistles tunelessly to himself. In secret, even to Glokta, Severard likes to feed stray birds. --- Practical Frost "Etherer." Frost is one of Inquisitor Glokta's two Practicals. He is a massive albino with extremely pale skin, and red eyes. He is the personification of stoicism, rarely displays any kind of emotion at anything. His speech is badly impaired, through some chronic swollen tongue problem. Frost's speech impediment doesn't stop him from occasionally making snide remarks.Surprisingly enough, Frost has beautiful handwriting, and takes great care when preparing confessions for the prisoners to sign. --- Practical Vitari "A Styrian, from Sipano. Cold as the snow, those people, and she’s the coldest of them." "Shylo Vitari is a Practical in the King's Inquisition. Vitari is tall, svelte and sinewy woman, with short spiky red hair sprouting all ways from her head. She’s a formidable fighter, even holding her own alone against Logen Ninefingers for a while. --- Jezal dan Luthar "He wiped his face, and then—his favorite part of the day—gazed at himself in the looking glass." Jezal is a noble-born, whose life of much ease and little responsibility, has made him shallow, naive and self-centered. He’s quite vain and concerned with his clothing and appearance. However, his main interest is his own advancement, which he considers he’s entitled to by virtue of his birth; he views the lower classes as inferior to himself. When he’s finally exposed to the real world, it quickly becomes apparent that he’s out of his depth. --- Bayaz, the First of the Magi "Power makes all things right. That is my first law, and my last. That is the only law that I acknowledge." Bayaz, the First of the Magi, is an enigmatic ancient wizard with eyes and ears seemingly everywhere. Having lived in isolation in his library for centuries, he's now considered a legendary figure in The Union, famous for founding the realm. --- Malacus Quai "Well enough? That’s all? You have learned to stay silent, then, at least. How did you teach him that, Bayaz? That I never could make him learn." Malacus Quai is an apprentices of the Magus Bayaz, originally from The Old Empire. Malacus Quai is a pale, gaunt, sickly-looking young man with dark rings round his eyes. He has long hair and a nervous smile --- Ferro Maljinn “megablocking pinks!” –Ferro Ferro Maljinn is an escaped slave of the Gurkish Empire, now the most feared rebel, who puts her thirst for revenge over all else. Ferro has short, spiky black hair and dark skin. She has a long thin scar across the right side of her face, starting at her eyebrow and ending across her lips. However, her most distinctive feature is her eyes, deep, rich, golden coloured and slightly slanted. --- Logen Ninefingers “You can never have too many knives.” Logen Ninefingers, also known as The Bloody-Nine, is an aging Northman with a black name and even blacker past, who strives to turn from the path of senseless violence he has followed for so long. And all of them:
  11. kahir88

    Mortal Wombat!

    Have you ever wondered, how the people in the fields spend their days? Just like the ones, in the city. They work hard, and after that, they gather up to spend their time with their friends or families. Sometimes they gamble, but not with cards and dices. They leave them to the man of the city. Sometimes the fields are infested with a medium-sized rodent, Wombats. They eat almost every kind of vegetables, causing big troubles to the local farmers. If they manage to capture at least two, the fun begins there. The males could be very aggressive if another male enters their territory. The fight is fierce between these two little animals, some farmers claim: If you never saw two wombats fighting to the death, you don't know what bloodshed is. During the fight, te viewers can place bets, which one will win, and stay alive. The price of the winner is a quick and clean death, from the judge's cudgel. This seems cruel to most folks, but, after all... they are vermins. They gave many names to this amusement. The two most common are Mortal Wombat and Wombat Combat.
  12. I'm a little disappointed with the results... I know, my builds are shitty, my stories are dull, and my photographing skills like using a potato, to take pictures and edit them. When I first read about this challenge, I wasn't sure, I wanted to participate in it. Didn't know anything about Varlyrio and it's politics. Also, who would want a no-skill-builder in their collaboration? Later I got an idea, which sounded great (at least in my mind), and it could be fit in cat.A. I made research, read a lot of about this guild. Who hates who, who conspiring against a third person, why, etc, etc... Planned everything, who and what to say, how the entire build should look. I read others are complaining about they can build only for cat.B and I thought maybe it's my time to shine. This one sentence helped me to start: I thought this guild is mostly about this, this is why I made my entry about this theme. Yet again, I failed once more. Who needs planning, making researches, investing their time so their story could fit in the lore when you could make a giant monster, and craft a long story about it, and then telling the cause in two-line: "I have no more soldier to send". The entry was good, both the build and the story, my compliment isn't about this entry. More like the choice... Go on, call me a whimper, cause not my entry won. I don't care about the prize, but I'm interested, why this entry won.
  13. kahir88

    The pup and the whore Part II.

    Thanks guys, really good to hear you liked it. As I said earlier, not every fairy tale must be shiny, clean, and "happily after". There are dark corners of the world, And if no one will, or want to show it, then I will. :D The huge cistern was a mess, I rebuild it almost three times, the dome-like ceiling never took the perfect shape, so I hade to hide it, with the horizontal wall, and planned photographing. The dark green water was the perfect decision. I was too amazed at how good-looking was! Jabba was a last-minute change, First, I wanted a pimp, dressed in pink or purple, and have this little gangster guild down here. But someone bought Jabba in the store, and I was able to lend him and make a better villain for our heroes. As you mentioned @Grover, I heard stories, and this inspired me about his backstory. I hade so many good (and disgusting) ideas, what to build here. If I have to choose, maybe the huge turd pouring out from the tube, and under that, there is already a load. xD I finished their stories, now I try to recap, and start building something in the present too. :D Next: Gods of Historica, and connect the builds with HSS. :)
  14. kahir88

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    As many of you waited for this moment! The collection of the origin stories of my mercenary band! The Wolves of Avalonia Hope you will enjoy it, but most of you already read about them. :D Now is time to leave the past, and start building something in our present!
  15. kahir88

    The Wolves of Avalonia

    Now, I have finished all of my little wolves backstories, it is time, to collect all of them in one topic, so you guys don't have to spend hours to find all of them. The order of the links now in chronological order, not as I posted them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conrad the Sly. Leader of the Wolf Brigade, and Lord Protector of a small Avalonian country: Deep Garden. His story: A mercenary's story: Part I A mercenary's story: Part II A mercenary's story: Part III A mercenary's story: Part IV A mercenary's story: Part V A mercenary's story: Part VI. Epilogue ------------ Lok the Wild One. Former bandit and highwayman. After Conrad beat him in a duel, he and his crew joined the mercenaries. His story: Taming the Wild One ------------ Zan the Black Arrow. A killer and poacher. Conrad gave him a choice: the gallows, or to serve in his army. His story: I'm not afraid of wolves... ------------ Scarlet. Call her a harlot, or a whore, but know this. She is the only one, who was able to trick Conrad. Her story: The pup and the whore Part I. The pup and the whore Part II. ------------ Boris the Houndmaster. An old and famous bounty hunter. A reliable ally of the Wolf Brigade. His story: The Lone Wolf