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  1. kahir88

    The pup and the whore Part I.

    Thanks guys! Indeed, I was worried about the reactions, saw many new builds after mine, and all of them already had many comments on them. But looks like the hype is gone for now, and it's my turn in the spotlight. :D As both of you @Grover and @Khorne mentioned, yes, I like a bit darker stories. Not everything must be pretty, and happy. And about the subject, let's face it: we are adults, this is a part of our lives. Someone is selling this "product" someone buying it. In the middle ages, the people weren't that prude like nowdays. :D Others already mentioned, to collect every little origin story of mine, and put them together. Don't worry, I was planning that. :) and About Scarlet's torso, yes, both are custom made sticker, by me. Years ago, sat down, fond somewhere torso ideas, and recreated them in Paint. So I got a lot of middle age themed torsos and custom Wolfpack shield and torsos. About the outdoor building, it was fun creating it, sadly, so many works only for one picture... :D But I took more photos, just used one in the story, I will upload them, when I get home from Paradise I mean work... :D This technique is a bit new for me. Not putting the long tiles tight on the studs, creating a really good looking weathered effect on the roof and on the wall of the buildings, or on the floor. I think not really visible on the wooden second floor, maybe on another picture.
  2. kahir88

    GoH Book III

    I was thinking the same before I make another religious war :D If they found this idea great, I hope, they won't make any challenge about this idea, cause I'm sure I will lose it again. :D
  3. kahir88

    GoH Book III

    I was thinking about this for a while. We had a small talk about religion in one of my builds. I don't really see many gods in our realm, there is the Aslanic believe, but not really saw any history about him. Who created this world, are there more then one god, or there is only one? Is there any big end of the world event like Ragnarok? And so on. So, i decided, to make a free build about this. I got inspired to creat a pantheon for this world, got some good ideas. Or this is a forbidden topic? Just leave any politics and religious out from this forum?
  4. kahir88

    The pup and the whore Part I.

    Not at all, just tried some of tge hairs, which is good for balancing. :) The sack trick is old, saw it somewhere else.
  5. kahir88

    Pizza to Go

    This looks damn good! Fun fact, just sold one of the original version, maybe a month ago. Also, this gave me a good idea, to recreate so many old school city sets, to recreate them in medieval style. Keep up, mate!
  6. The pup and the whore Part I.| Kahir88 | Avalonia
  7. Conrad met many interesting people in his life so far. Most of them become his allies, few of them his enemies. But there is only a handful of them, who has remarkable stories, how they joined, to the Wolf Brigade. This is their stories: This is the story of Scarlet, the Courtesan. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Click* The door of the small cellar opened and filled with dim light from the other room. Three persons came in and strode down on the stairs. The first with light, soft steps, the second one with powerful steps, like he struggled with something. The third one slowly and accurately, watching to bang his head on every step. Scarlet quickly lighted the candle on the table, and while she lighted every other one in the room, Conrad chained the third person on the wall. - Alright. - Conrad put his hands together and turned to the woman. - Give him the antidote, and interrogate him. Darlin. - Smiled Scarlet. - If he didn't wake up after you dragged him down on the stairs, my potion won't make any difference. Conrad scratched his beard. -And how long should we have to wait? - I don't know that either darlin. He got too much from my cocktail, it would take a while. Scarlet was sure he heard a quiet curse from Conrad. The man turned around, and took two seats and hoarded in front of the chained man, and sit down on one. Scarlet joined him, on the other. They sat there for several minutes. Only the low sound of their prisoner's breath could be heard, and some mice screwing behind the wall. The woman noticed a small smile on Conrad's face, with a little blush. She was almost sure what was in his mind. - This reminds me... - broke the silence Conrad, but turned his head away, so the woman would think he searches the source of the mice behind the wall. His real intent was, to hide his blush and blithesome smile. - Do you remember... - How did we meet? - continue the woman, and she smiled the same was as his partner. - Of course darlin, that was a night, I can't forget easily. - and she winked, then paused for a moment. - I still can't believe, you chose me, to be your first. - Well, me either wasn't sure about that too. - continued the mercenary, and flashbacks came in in his mind. - It was after I received a larger amount of share from a previous encounter. We were in Avalonia, and our leader wasn't pleased with the local garrison status of prisoners. He called the day, and give us free time, till next sunrise. So we could spend some of our money. Back in the camp almost every night the main topic was about girls and women. I felt ashamed, cause I never shared a bed with one. And I taught this is my chance. To become a real man! - So, you walk in our brothel? - Yes, I walked in. The Madam was kind, she showed the establishment around, and started introduced the girls. Before I saw you, I almost choose the red-haired girl. - What? -giggled Scarlet. - Lice Lucy? Woaw, if you had chosen her, you would have been in more trouble. - she kept laughing. - Anyway... continued Conrad - You know the rest of the story. - Oh, I do! - stoped the laughing, but kept the smile on her face." - The last great deception of my life. Or at least I thought it would be that the last one... You could not look away from my breast. As soon as you made your choice, I grabbed your hand and suddenly we were in my room. Do you remember, what did I asked from you? -"Do you want to know how I got these scars." - answered Conrad. - Actually, you never told the story about how did you get them. -None of your business! - she replies - I used, to start the conversation. Like a little roleplay. But you were just stood there and didn't have any idea how to answer back to me. Then I understand the situation, so I changed tactics, and asked directly. But when I asked how to do it, you simply turned to red like a crab. And then you came up with that strange request... Where did you hear about that? - Some soldiers from the camp talked about this... Let's say.. It kept me awake for the next nights. - Truly, you couldn't make my job easier, maybe if you willingly gave it to my hands. - winkled the woman - I just simply tied you to the bed, as you requested and stuffed your mouth... - Catapult... - Conrad interrupted the story. Scarlet looked at him in confusion. - My safe word would be the catapult. Awkward silence. The mice stopped the act of their reproduction. Maybe one of them used their safe word too. - I never thought this could be any worse for you - said the woman, mixing pity and sarcasm in her tone. - Worser then letting me watching you, as you undress, then dress up, packing all your shit in a bag, including my whole payment, and bragging about leaving this hole, cause the Big City Life in Varlyrio. - mimicking the quotation mark with his hands. - I was different back then. I just wanted to leave Avalonia, and all the bad memories behind, and start a new life on the island. Well, I thought I could... - she paused. - In fact, you never told me, what happened to you afterward? - I hade plenty of time thinking." - Conrad recalled most of his thought, how to torture the woman, who robed and humiliated him on that night. Including Whipping, drowning, maybe impaled. - No one was looking after me in the night. Only in the morning, came my boss accompanied by the madam, to find my naked, and tied to the bed. On that day, I learned an important lesson. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of Part One. Conrad's and Scarlet's flashbacks will continue a bit later. please, wait for it. :)
  8. This is what I'm talking about. Lovely plants! I think this is a great idea, to show the flora and fauna of Historica. If there will be any challenge about that, I'm sure you would win it! Keep up, can't wait, to see the animals part. Maybe later I will provide a guide, how to cook them. :D Of course, I will share the cut with you! ;)
  9. Hm.. true. Maybe the story's length and the sudden change of the scene confused me. Dunno, why I was thought, was a dream. :D Still, great story and a gorgeous beast! :)
  10. That beast looks really good! When I first saw the build and started reading the story, I was curious how they will fit in the "not sending troops" challenge, but the classic "it was just a dream" twist was well placed. :) Keep on!
  11. kahir88

    La Cospirazione (Story)

    When I first read about this challenge, I don't have any idea, how, or what to build. Slowly I learned a lot from this guild, from the others, and from the guilds builds and stories. The builds are great! Really gives the feeling, maybe this collaboration has the best builds. And the story, This is what I was looking for! Betraying, backstabbing murders in every corner! There were so many names, I had to start drawing family trees.:D At the end, I lost in the story a little, but later everything becomes clear, Great job guys!
  12. Indeed, the flora you created @Aurore is unbelievable! You should make a pop-up-book about them :D Really liked that scene. The Regos hall, the battle scene is really great, but the Kolgari throne room is the best! I don't know what to see on that build. :D The story is great, simple enjoyable, filled with little details about this country. And Amanico's escape leaves the story open.
  13. kahir88

    Rise of the Baiamontes (Full Story)

    Again, great and magnificent builds! The Dwarven gate, the crumbling cave, with the Piraka spine. The wonderful and huge canal square, beautiful. The story is well written, I would like to read more staby-staby, poisoning, and plotting. The usual things, when a whole guild is well known about these dirty deeds. Revenge is a good motivation, but they are in every corner. And in my opinion, there start to be too many dragons. :D
  14. "I knew this trip would be a disaster!" grumbled Arnth, as he looked after the ship disappearing on the horizon. Five days earlier, he and the other crew members of the Rego's ship, the Golden Fortune, were preparing to set sail to the continent with their guild leader on board. Arnth got up early in the morning and took a walk to the docks, only to learn about the bad news when he arrived. Larxi and Venza, two of the other crew members, were missing. Captain Larze ordered Leuithu to visit the local taverns and pubs to recruit some extra hands for the journey. By good fortune, as Arnth considered it at the time, Leuithu arrived shortly after his departure with three new crewmen who all seemed to be old salts, willing to sail for very low pay. This should already have raised Arnth's suspicions, but he hardly noticed the fact. Everything else went smoothly - the Rego arrived with his bodyguards, and they were able to set sail with the morning tide. The first three days were admirable smooth sailing. Everybody worked hard to fix the bump at the beginning of the journey - everyone except the new hands. The three replacement seaman were hardly worth even their low pay. They were clumsy, slow, not that precise - or at least that's what they told the captain. But the sixth day dawned the worst in Arnth's life so far. Everything seemed to be working against them on the Golden Fortune that day. The winds were low, the compass had gone haywire, and many knots came strangely loose during the night. And on top of all that, the three new sailors claimed that they had eaten some spoiled meat for lunch and were out to lynch the cook. Strange! - thought Arnth - none of the others were sick at all. In fact, one of those three puked all over the deck that morning, Rego and captain notwithstanding. Captain Larze was furious! He couldn't just simply throw them in the seas or he probably would have; but without the manpower, the ship would never arrive at its destination. But he determined to punish them after they had docked in Avalonia... a good old keelhauling would do the trick... The sun had burned in the heavens for several hours already. On lookout duty, Arnth yawned at the noteworthy-nothing on the horizon. In his boredom he peered down to watch the happenings on the deck. The Rego and the captain were charting out a new course to gain some time. A glance to the other side of the ship showed him two of the newcomers cleaning the deck... after one of them puked out his breakfast. Arnth lazily wondered how he could have managed to vomit out some carrots if he had been eating biscuits and hardtack. On the other side, the guards stood next to the captain's cabin, the wheel was stirred by Tite, one of the original crew members, and the captain and Rego seemed to have settled on some new plan. But before the day could turn into a moderately decent day, something appeared on the horizon. Arnth only noticed it when he glanced back to where they had left the Varlyrian coast astern. A ship was sailing swiftly in their direction, gathering shape and form as it bore them down. And of course, the sails were pitch-black. "Captain, Captain Larze!" Arnth shouted down from the crows' nest. "Sail, Ho!" The captain grabbed his spyglass and, with the Rego quickly following him, headed for the stern of the ship. "Indeed Sire," Captain Larze exclaimed, handing the glass to Amancio, "it looks like this journey is no longer undercover. Those are pirates, beyond a doubt, and I'm sure they will gain upon us." "And what is your suggestion, captain?" The Rego turned on the shipmaster with a frown. "Glancing around on this crew, we don't have stand much of a chance if we must fight." "Argentum willing, we won't have to," exclaimed the captain, dashing off a prayer. "ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!" The upper deck soon teemed with seaman. Running up and down, unfurling the sails, stowing away everything that could be in the way on deck. They all looked busy. But in spite of all their efforts, the ship didn't pick up nearly enough speed to outrun the pirates. The black ship slowly but surely crept up on them. The cheering and laughing of the pirates sounded in their ears. "They are going to try to board us!" cried the captain. "You, bring up the weapons from below, and you," grabbing one of the guards - "go down with the Rego, and protect him with your life!" The guard nodded. "Aye, captain!" Then he turned to the Rego - "This way Sire!" - and both of them disappeared below deck. At the same time, the other seaman appeared with some weapons, which the captain distributed to the crew. "Listen up, men! We are outmatched in an open fight" - the captain looked sternly at the three weakest links in the chain - "The only thing we can do is to keep them away from our deck. We can't allow them to board too many men on our ship at the same time. If we can deal with them one at a time..." But as he was speaking, the pirate ship appeared behind them. Countless nasty-looking pirates glared back at them, their faces crossed with threatening grins and sneers. Arnth gripped his sword tightly in his sweaty palm. He had never been in combat. Only, once he fought back in a brawl because a drunken sailor bothered him in the tavern... "Hooks!" screamed the captain. "They are trying to board us! Don't let them, men!" The pirate ship collided against the sides of the Fortune, scrapping loudly against its hull, and the pirates threw over their grappling hooks, catching in the ship's rail and rigging. With the lurching sea, the pirates lost momentum for a moment, but luckily no one lost balance on the Golden Fortune. Arnth saw the captain and two others, as they charged without hesitation to cut off the hooks. He felt the adrenaline pouring through his veins, and, letting out a regretful sigh for the life he figured he probably was about to finish, collected himself to join in with his comrades... All of a sudden his ears rang, everything was blurry around him, and he had never felt so dizzy. Next thing Arnth knew, he found himself on all fours on. What had happened? His blurred vision started to clear up, he began to regain his hearing, and he felt a bump growing on the back of his head - but everything around him was still a mess. The captain's familiar voice near him shouted out, "Traitors!!" Something wasn't right, he felt it. Arnth reached out to find his dropped weapon, but a heavy boot stepped on his back and pushed him down on the deck. "Don't be a hero, lad!" a wicked voice sounded behind him, and he felt the rum coming from behind his ears. "You don't want to be like him!" Arnth groaned as his attacker jerked his head up by the hair. "Look!" His vision was still blurry, but Arnth recognized the blue uniform of the bodyguard, and saw as other blurry figures disarmed and tossed him overboard. The skirmish ended quickly, and the prisoners were lined up on the Golden Fortune's deck. Arnth felt a little dizzy, but he watched as the pirates escorted the Rego out from the deck. The pirates' bloody axe reminded him - the Rego hadn't been alone down there. "Good day gentlemen," came a calm tone from the other direction. Arnth and the rest of the crew turned to the voice. A black-cloaked figure crossed the plank between the two ships. "Sorry to interrupt your journey," the pirate smirked in a sly tone, while put his hands behind his back. "But during our trip, I remembered that I missed a good old friend of mine," - he stopped and turned on his heel, his eyes skimming over the lot. "We're visiting the ships in this muggy latitude, 'case maybe one of you have seen him. This tall, white beard and hair, usually dresses in red..." - he paused again to look into the eyes of his prisoners. - "Anybody?" He stepped next to the first seaman in the line. "Who is the captain of this lubberly barge?" "Captain Lar.. BLUAGH!" - the sailor collapsed on the deck with an uppercut to his stomach from the pirate captain's fist. The captain left the man on the deck and stepped to the next seaman. "Who is the captain?" he repeated "Capt.. Fwaah" - but again, the sailor couldn't finish the sentence. He was slapped across his face before he could. Then the pirate captain stepped next to Arnth. "Maybe you, young man can answer my question," he smiled. His face was bristly and rough from lack of shaving, but Arnth had not regained enough of his vision to notice it yet. "Y..." Arnth gulped, - "You?" "Blimey! Looks like you are the brain on this cog, dear sonny!" said the pirate with a relief! "Now then, would you be kind as to show me around?" "Enough of this farce, Xari!" exclaimed Amanico, stepping out from the line. "Here I am, leave them! They have no quarrel with you!" "Blow me down! Is it truly you, Amanico?" And Xari started to approach the Rego with opened arms. "We were so worried about you! And what wond'rous luck! The first ship, and you are on it? I should play gambling more often!" "Cut the comedy, Xari!" exclaimed the Rego, with a wave of his hand. "You are working for the de Fioris, are you not? What do you want from me? Varlyrio, I tell you, will not bow to them!" "I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about," Xari smiled. "But please, come, we have much to discuss." He pointed commandingly towards the gangplank to his ship. "And what," began Amancio regally, "what if I don..." - but he fell to the deck unconscious. Two pirates picked him up, like a sack of potato, and dragged him on to their ship. "Rogle..." Xari approached the pirate who had knocked down the Rego, "I said no violence!" The pirate just shrugged. "He talked too much." And with that, he followed the others back to the ship. The pirate captain nodded over to the line of prisoners, and the three "new hands" walked out of the line and over to the pirate ship, just turning back to wink at the crew as they swung over the side. And, as promptly as they had arrived, the pirates disappeared again with the Rego, leaving everybody tied to the ship's mast. The crew looked helplessly at each other, as the pirate ship vanished into the horizon... "I knew this trip would be a disaster!" grumbled Arnth. ----------------------- Arnth gulped down his tenth cup of grog, and sighed at the memory of that awful day. He turned again to the group of old salts gathered around him, soaking up his story like rum. "Yesh, maties," he swirled his cup, with a slovenly gesture - "thatsh just wut happerned to the Reger, sho I say! Ashk any o' my maties, and they'll tell ye jush the same thing!" One of his listeners in the back corner of the tavern leaned back in his seat and laughed softly to his buddy. An eyepatch and well-kept mustache altered his looks, but if anyone looked at him closely enough, they might recognize him as the second mate of Xari's ship - one of the "replacement hands" on the Golden Fortune. "I'm sure they would," he whispered with a wink to his companion - "if they were drunk enough!" ----------------------- I would like to thank @Garmadon, who invited to his team, and also checked and corrected some of my mistakes from the story! And also here are pics about the ships: The Golden Fortune, and the Black Parrott