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Found 6 results

  1. Hello My review of 42077. There is a lot of thoughts and ideas there. So I translated it to english (turn on subtitiles). Contents of review 1) foreword 1:00 2) exterior 1:18 3) functions 6:18 4) designer 11:05 5) set contents 11:57 6) cosmetics promotion 13:00 7) adding stickers 16:16 8) modifiŅations 17:27 9) pros :34 10) cons 20:04 11) Alternative model thoughts 25:55 12) final thoughts 26:26 In the end, set is very good as resource set for buulding cars (especially if you have other DARK Azure sets like 42077). And you can add a lot of mods here: that's much better to do mod with such hatchback than with Le-Man or F1 racer. You can add saloon, dashboard, rear seats, move engine to front, even 4sp gearbox can be placed here. Thanks for watching
  2. Hi, I have good news. My YouTube channel reached 3000 subscribers. And here is my latest MOC Teaser.
  3. Hello, Did not planned to take part in Mini, but idea was born in 1 evening after playing with 42001 set , which was built for my 4 years old son. As for 42001 - great idea of interchangeable bodies on simple frame. I am wondering why LEGO did not ask communities to do a contest like with 9398's chassis. But both A and B bodies of this set are ugly. I understand part limit for this cheap set for beginners, but they are ugly - thats fact) So, after some trying with 42001's chassis I have to make it longer, but main idea of rubber band suspension was saved. First version was built in ldd Functions: - suspension - openable doors and bonnet - detachable hard top And here is first real prototypes. This WIP, not final version. May be this MOC is a bad idea, that was born in the head of toyota fan:))) Anyways, glad to listen your critics and advices.
  4. Hi everybody, Here is my review of 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition "BOSS Crawler". Set that was coCreated by me and TLG. Hope you like the review. My reviews Full review Comparison review of 9398 and 41999 (use translate button at the right side of page under LEGO Technic logo). Comparison with 9398 Review from Masked Builder ( http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84293 Review from Anio ( Review from Conchas ( Part I Part II Official Building Instructions:
  5. You may have seen the detailed reviews of the upcoming 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition Set. Written by rm8, Masked Builder, and Conchas), these reviews may have convinced you whether or not to buy one or more 41999s when available on in August 2013. Only 20,000 have been made. This is a private poll -- your answers cannot be identified as being from you. Please reply in an honest, truthful manner; you can come back later and change your answers if you wish. Thank you.
  6. This is my second entry for Lego Technic Challenge. Foreword After posting first entry I understand that it is too simple for challenge. Theme of "pickup" is not enough attractive, because there many pickup sets from TLG (original 9398 also). After analyzing already posted entries I have made conclusion that most popular creations are based on next body types: pickup offroader, wagon offroader. Both types are usually big and heavy. Since the 9398 chassis has high center of gravity, making high body will decrease stability of final product. Original 9398 set is not based on body of offroader, but on body of light pickup (also called Ute). No matter how cool entry looks, if it is higher than original set body - it will be unstable at obstacles. Almost all entries (that are based on 9398 chassis and satisfies all challenge rules) are heavy and UNSTABLE, thats true (I remember only Efferman`s test videos of challenge entries). Many LDD designed entries never tested. I am really wanted to build big offroader, but it was not easy to make it stable. After analyzing of "what is popular?" I found that Muscle cars are very popular now: many old model names was revived last 10 years (camaro, mustang, challenger, charger). Building modern muscle on crawler chassis meet 2 problems in my mind: 1) modern muscle with lifted suspension and big ballon tires looks ugly 2) building modern muscle needs using of flex axles and other techniques to create rounded shapes. Final product will be not strong enough (body) After that I found many pictures of lifted classic muscle cars of 50-70's. there are many "squared" model of 50-60's that are easy to create strong (no flex axles) In other hand: TLG have never offered us something like this, only modern supercars. Lets move to my entry. The BOSS As I said, this is classic car with squared shapes. It is strong, even while rolling on roof. Roof is powered inside the saloon to be strong. Body is 2 door 4 seater coupe with long bonnet and trunk. Original shape of door was inspired by some real models. Flat lines are boring, i needed some complex lines. In my mind this car is powered by big block v8. So I applied a self-made sticker "v8" to side panels.4 Exhaust pipes are on the side of the car (2 for each side). Side placing of pipes is better for such type of car: crawler can damage front and rear overhangs while driving big-angled obstacles. Pipes are metallic gray. Hope TLG made them chromed:) There is a little spoiler at the back. Such type of spoilers was standard thing on some cars of that time. Doors are opening and locking. There is no way for them to open while driving obstacles and rolling. Trunk door can be opened, but there is no bottom at the trunk (but possible). "Opening trunk" is needed for free body lifting: back is long, and rotating point is in the trunk, so lifting body with closed trunk is impossible. Bumpers of the car are classic style gray. Hope TLG will make them metallic or chromed. Car includes some additional equipment: 1) front bar 2) front winch. Winch is hided under the bonnet after front grille. It is compact and powerful. Winch is motorized by medium PF motor. It is powerful enough to lift car in the air. Motor is powered by additional IR receiver 3) roof bar with 4 additional lights 4) LED lamps at front lights. Powered from second channel of additional IR receiver. Unfortunately I dont have enough other than black details. My entry is black with yellow stripes. But I wish TLG to make BLUE with WHITE stripes or WHITE with BLUE stripes, ORANGE with BLACK stripes. First variant is preferable. So we can receive many blue panels, liftarms and connectors. White is also good, but a) looks GLAMOUR, b) coming in 2013 grand prix racer will give us many white details... My next wish is: bigger and wider balloon tires. Power pullers are the best (they give 9398 chassis phenomenal stability) but we need something with the same size and lighter weight (to prevent transmission from overload) I need 1-2 days for posting video. Wait a little. Hope you like my entry. Please vote here, for the dream to come true:) VOTE HERE