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Found 28 results

  1. Hi everone Last weekend the Modellbaumesse Ried took place together with the LIGA+MP and the AFOL Technic Team action area. I was also there and made a video recap of the action area. New and old scale models were shown. This year the first time a large conveyer belt and gravel plant was presented and was fun to play with our models. The next exhibition with the AFOL Technic Team will take place in Fürth, Germany at the Bricking Bavaria from 18. to 20. of November.
  2. A review of Ingmar Spijkhoven Building Experience Kits Introduction and Backstory Now the late Ingmar Spijkhoven was a father, husband, and a talented builder of Lego trucks and machinery. I found his Flickr site about 8 years ago when i joined Flickr with my first account there. I followed him, and he followed me which is an honor for me still to this day. Iam even using his fifth wheel design since then on a MOC truck i built at that time. (pictures of said truck down below) Couple of years later he started his own website and business with selling instructions for you so you can build your own truck or trailer. Soon after he started selling full "Experience Building Kits". On his site it says: "Our Building Experience Kits are exclusive sets, hand picked and packed of which only a limited number are made. Each kit has a unique limited edition serial number. The complete set comes in a luxurious high quality magnet box. It comes with printed building instructions with spiral binding and with high quality pre-cut custom stickers if required. Together with all genuine new LEGO® parts, added custom parts if required and all necessary so-called LEGO® Power Functions to remote control the model. These Building Experience Kits are complete and therefore ready to build!" They also sell accesories like brick build realistic engines, like a Detroit Diesel or Scania V8. And also sticker sheets and chrome wheels for your build, if you only bought the intructions and wanna build it with your own parts. I said to him on Flickr that sometime i want to buy one of your kits. But back then i couldn't afford it... Fast forward to mid 2019... Ingmar sadly lost the fight against ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and passed away. On his last picture i wrote again that one day i will buy a kit. So last week i did... bought 3 kits. Last week i stumbled across @ritztoys thread about his Truck T17 moc which was inspired from Ingmar's builds. And it got my attention back into the whole theme. It all went quick. Ritztoys and I wrote back and forth and i wasn't really sure if i should buy a kit. A day later, july 27th, i ordered Truck T12 in yellow and lowboy trailer Tr4 in blue, both without RC stuff. Two days later i also ordered Truck T18 with Chrome and RC stuff. Expensive week that was... Nowadays his wife Esther, and probably some family members, are running the website and do the packing and shipping. All parcels arrived a week later... With this review i hope to get some attention for these kits. They well deserve it!! Disclaimer This is my first review and feel free to write some critique, sure it is needed :D. It is based on other reviews (like Jims and Sariels) throughout this forum. I don't have any fancy photography equipment so my pictures aren't the best. I can not show too much pictures of details and how everything is built. Spijkhoven also sell instructions and want to profit from that after all! This review is not sponsored by anyone. I bought all this! Truck T18 Now lets start with Truck T18 which resembles a Mack Vision. Released: 2018 Part Count: 2606 Weight: 2,20 kg Size: 47cm x 15cm x 20cm Scale 1:17,5 Building time: 6-7 hours Price: 1240€ (cheaper without optional RC and chrome) All boxes are custom and have a magnetic lid. The lid is closed and held in place by the limited edition number label, which unfortunately you have to cut to open the box. Each box is 42cm x 31cm x 16cm in size. I got edition #29 out of 100... Now there are either 71 of this kit left, which would mean they don't sell that often when its available since 2018, or they sell it random. So the next person might get #5 or so... Once you have opened it, you are greeted by a nice letter and about a million foam peanuts. Under that you have lots of bags. Some numbered and split in sections you build, and some unnumbered. The Instructions come as a single booklet with good quality paper and metal spiral binding. Everything is relatively easy to follow and straight forward. Again relatively! They are definitly not as easy to build as an official Lego set. Sometimes it is unrepetitive, you have 3 parts for one step, and 30 for the next. At some steps you have to look really carefully since it doesn't show well where a part goes, even with arrows. You have to check the next step quite often to make sure where it goes. Still, everything is possible and 99% thought through and doable! The stickers come precut from a 3rd party supplier and seem to be in nice quality. They are thicker and better quality than Lego! It even comes with extra Mack specific decals if you wanna build it in a different color. The chrome parts also come in its own bag. I think is the supplier of those. They are good quality, but on the underside you see the original part color. And sometimes you have some chrome chipped off on one spot, but you can turn that spot to the inside. These parts are for rims, bumper, exhaust, fuel tanks and other details, and replace the light bluish grey parts in these areas. Lets start with the build of Truck T18 aka Mack Vision You start with the frame, suspension, detailed engine and some interior bits. You also install a second servo motor inside the sleeper cab which is used for a mechanism to rc controll and auto-open the fifth wheel. And i can tell you right now, i don't like this feature. You span a string from the fifth wheel all the way to the servo and there is lots of backlash in that system. When the servo turns and does it's thing, nothing opens on the fifth wheel. I had the string very taut and could not get it to work properly. Also that servo is only used to turn 90° to one side. The other way is blocked and if you try to turn it that way, it stalls, which could damage it. So after taking these pictures, i took it out. Not worth wasting the servo and a second IR receiver just for that, in my opinion. I open the fifth wheel with my fingers easy. More sleeper cab wall, fuel tanks, exhaust and wheels installed Leftover parts. Everything red is used as stands to help building and get removed after you finished it. Everything light bluish grey got replaced by the chrome pack. (apart from that one dish piece which would be a chrome differential detail, which i didn't like). I had a white rubberband missing in the kit. Should not happen at this price point!! And there it is, finished in all it's glory. The included RC control. Wheels for driving and one of the lever for the fifth wheel opening. Features: Fully RC controlled tractor unit. Openable hood and doors. Highly detailed interior, exterior and engine. Very sturdy model. Yeah some detail can fall off, but the frame is sturdy and everything feels well put together. Full suspension on all axles (solid axle suspension front, walking beam suspension rear). Truck T12 Next up is Truck T12 which resembles a Mack Granite. It is available in full yellow, or in orange with red stripe and white roof, but this one wasn't available at the moment. I ordered it without RC or chrome. Released: 2017 Part Count: 1920 Weight: 1,70 kg Size: 45cm x 16cm x 20cm Scale 1:17,5 Building time: 6 hours Price: 563€ (more expensive with RC pack) The box. I got edition #8 out of 100 After opening you have some numbered and unnumbered bags. For building you have to open all bags at once, since some chassis parts where inside the bodywork bags Stickers, same quality as T18's. Also has different colors available This Truck comes with some 3d printed parts for the steering. They replace some older hard to come by parts. You start building with the frame again of course. Everything pretty straight forward. Though, i had a cracked u-joint right away. Either this was a used part, or just bad quality... An L motor would go into this build, but i didn't had those, so i used some XLs instead. Pretty easy to adapt, more torque and they look like fuel tanks. Speaking of torque. The kits comes with 3 different set of gears. So if you need more torque or more speed you can choose. Both XL motors combine to one driveshaft under the cab, but splits into two driveshafts shortly after. One for each rear axle. Cab, engine, wheels and hood almost finished. The hoods of both trucks have some interesting building techniques inside to get the half hight steps for the wheel arches. Leftover parts. Building helpers, different gear ratio gears and some bits i had to remove for the XLs. I had two missing parts: 2 black 2l beams with a bar sticking out at a 45° angle. Again, should not happen at this price point!! And there you have you finished Mack Granite. Features: Fully RC controlled tractor unit. Openable hood and doors. Highly detailed interior, exterior and engine. Very sturdy model. Yeah some detail can fall off, but the frame is sturdy and everything feels well put together. Full suspension on all axles (solid axle suspension front, walking beam suspension rear). Trailer Tr4 Trailer Tr4 is an RGN (removeable gooseneck) lowboy trailer. I ordered it without RC or chrome. It can be ordered in blue, yellow, red and black. Released: 2014 Part Count: 1440 Weight: 2,00 kg Size: 95cm x 20cm x 14cm Scale 1:17,5 Building time: 6 hours Price: 610€ (more expensive with RC pack) The box. I got edition #25 out of 100. Inside you will find only unnumbered bags. So lets go puzzle. Leftover parts. Everything red are build helpers. The other parts... i don't know. You don't really have spare parts in these kits, but i checked the instructions back and forth... And there you have your finished trailer. I have already put some LED cables inside while building. In this picture of the underside you see some axles running through the framework. These are the parking break. There are cam pieces at the front which push that long axle against the wheels when you lower the trailer to the ground. Features: -Fully RC operable lowboy trailer -Solid axle suspension on all axles -Rear lift axle -Removable gooseneck -Parking break when lowered -removable side extensions Accessories Spijkhoven also send me some smaller accessories kits with my purchase for free. I didn't order them, but it was a welcome surprise. Tanker Trailer Tr11 It's an american style tanker trailer, which resembles a model from a manufacturer called Polar. It can haul fuel, chemicals, oils or acids. Now this is not a kit. I only bought the intructions, stickers and chrome rims from Spijkhoven. Most of the parts are from me or from bricklink. So this is a budget build. Also a full kit of this trailer is currently not available, and probably won't be anymore. Soon after ordering, i received the instructions as a PDF and couple of days later, stickers and rims arrived. I also customized mine a fair bit. I didn't use anything RC in this build. Parking brake and landing gear is RC operated original, but i made them manual operated. I also added LED lights powerd from the tractor unit, and a spare wheel where the battery box would sit. Spijkhoven has this trailer (and many other cool models) on Rebrickable Spijkhoven/trailer-tr11-dark-bluish-gray/#details so you can export the part list to Bricklink and just buy everything you need. I had about a third of all parts in my collection. Released: 2018 Part Count: 1430-ish Weight: 1,80 kg Size: 71cm x 15cm x 20cm Scale 1:17,5 Building time: 4,5 hours Price: about 300€ (includes stickers and chrome rims, and when you buy all parts used of bricklink) When building you start of with two frame sections. Rear with suspension and front with landing gear and king pin. Then you build the huge cistern basically from ground up. The top is on the front, so you build a giant silo and lay it on the frame. It is quite fragile while building but once everything is connected, it's very sturdy Stickers are great quality as usual. The trailer also has a parking brake. You turn the gear and some levers press on the front axle tires and blocks them. Again, this is originally a RC controlled function. Features: -fully RC operable (landing gear and parking brake, if you build it after instructions) -Solid axle suspension on all axles Are they worth it??? might ask. Hmm tough question!! I'd say yes. They are well built models with cool features and building techniques from a talented builder. It really is an experience! Still, it is a stupid amount of money. If you just don't have it or don't want to spend that much money, just get an intruction and your own parts. But you won't regret it either way! Additional pictures
  3. Hey everyone, you must check out the share your trucks forum for many talented eurobricker’s inspirational truck designs! But this topic is for those who have made their own custom trailers and mods that they are proud of! I will start first Here is my trailer for my custom Semitruck. I am currently designing a nice off-road capable caravan which I hope some of you would like to see, I am almost finished and I will post it here when I am done.
  4. Hello, I start this topic to share with all my work with Lego : MOD MOC Reproducing your MOC Bargain on buying/selling The Lego convention I participated on To begin, please find a MOD of the mystery machine. I modified this nice and gentle van into a Carmaggedon version : I like the thumbler tyres, they fit very well to the Mystery Machine ! Hope you enjoy
  5. CodyCorvetteZR1

    My LEGO City and Car MOCs

    Hey guys! CodyCorvetteZR1 here! I joined the Eurobricks because I want to make LEGO buildings and cars. I make MOC's because I want to experience building my own designs. I also make story models here to make short stories in here.
  6. After some fits and starts with figuring out the render process and the like, I'm finally ready to post some of my work. Let's start with something kind of plain, and see where it goes: LXF File This is a full-length European-style truck and dolly/trailer combination, based heavily on the "LEGO City Scania Truck Instructions" video by "custombricksets" (the front of the cab mainly), and the official 3221 Delivery Truck set for the trailer, but with my own flair on it (three axles and a ball socket at the back so you can connect another dolly if you want), and the truck has a ramp that's based on a MOC by Are Helseldal I found on LEGO Ideas. It's built to a 1 stud = 40 cm scale, which works out to six studs wide, and 62.5 studs long for a 2.5 x 25 meter truck, which is pretty much spot on. The truck is around 28 studs long, the trailer is 33, and there's 1.5 studs of room between the ramp and the trailer.
  7. Hi friends, You know me for my big scaled one of a kind ship models that i build in commission for ship onwers and shipyards and have build many of them, but the most time i create and design and liver very exclusive construction kits for my clients. The last 3 year i have created more than 10 different kits and sold a couple of Thousand of them. My designs with the construction kits are nothing, without the great work from my great friend JunkstyleGio for all the renders and instructions and Jaap Technic for his sticker sheets. This year is a very busy and the first 4 sets are ready to deliver out and here is the first sneak previeuw of the first construction kit that is gona be deliver to a client in Brasil this week. It's a Tugboat that is build at the scale 1/87 and have 1457 pieces and is for my client a new build tugboat that is liver by Damen shipsyard design 2412, build in Brasil and is sailing in the second week of August. Here are the first pictures of the construction kit and later on more news of her. I hope you like it, and this is a set and not a one of kind model where i can go mad in details. And JunkstyleGio and me make a joke in the disclaimer and the client must laugh very much on it and have to stay in the final printart. Regards, Edwin
  8. The right forklift for every circumstance. My latest build has been commissioned by a german leading pallet truck and forklift manufacturer. I've built the entire line up of its truck range plus three different warehouse scenarios: unload/upload, storage and picking scene. Every scene is fitted with the right forklifts. The three different subjects are the advertising campaign of the company and in these days my work is featured on many logistic and transportation specialized magazines. It's been very challenging and even funny building all the pallet trucks and forklifts and the company has been really satisfied by the work. Below few photos. Unload/upload: Storage: The entire line-up in all its glory : More info and pics on my flickr. Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas to all of you Eurobrickers!
  9. My new lego truck, a Kenworth T600 with daycab.
  10. Sir E Fullner

    MOC: Vintage Town Vehicles

    Being off school for the summer leaves a lot of free time on one's hands, along with a load of Lego bricks at one's disposal. Coming straight from this load of bricks: Vintage Town Vehicles Each of these vehicles is made using old-school techniques with whatever parts I happened to have at the moment. Most are based off old-fashioned vehicles in order to fit in with my pre-1980s town aesthetic. 1900's Oldsmobile Runabout This little car is built on a basic 4x7 chassis with small wheels and an area in the back to store a briefcase. The driver is dressed in 1890's-1900's style clothing, complete with deerstalker cap. 1910's Rolls Royce 40/50 This smart-looking red car is for use of a select few nobility, with a folded-up hood made from 1x3 slope bricks in case of rain. 1920's Ford Delivery Truck This delivery truck uses some interesting building methods. For example, the headlights are made from grey socket wrenches, the back door is made with window shutters, and the mirrors are simply 1x1 clips attached to a 1x4 wheel axle. Inside, there is room for even a 3x4 crate. 1920's Ford "Tin Lizzie" This car uses some techniques from the old Adventurers sets, along with new parts from modern Lego sets. The convertible hood is made using old-fashioned hinges, with Ninjago nunchuck handles and Technic pins to hold up the roof. 1950's Motor Coach Based off the Bedford OB Coach used in the film The Titfield Thunderbolt, this model has a red-and-blue livery, with luggage rack on the roof and enough room for two minifigs plus a driver. 1980's Ford Transit Post Van This van is built on a 2x8 sloped wheel chassis, with window shutters again being used as back doors. The back has enough room for letters or packages, but still no room for Jess... 1970's Milk Float This milk float was a very difficult build, but got pulled off nonetheless. Inside is enough room for twelve bottles of milk, whether red-cap, yellow-cap, or cream. 1990's COE Repair Pickup Truck Based off the truck from set 4561 Railway Express, this truck has a pickup bed in the back, with clips for attaching a wrench and hammer (the latter for when a job doesn't go according to plan). They're charming vehicles, to say the least, paying a large homage to the vehicles of yesteryear. Feel free to comment below or ask questions about the builds. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  11. Imanol BB

    off roading trucks

    hello everyone, my name is Imanol Berecibar, i am mostly a technic builder and particularly new in Lego Town, but i want to show you some trucks i have made that fit into minifig scale and have working suspension using lego rubber parts, and they are good for make more trucks from the chassis (also it would be good to replace the radiator parts with some plates and put stickers on them): unimog u423 (compatible for attachments) unimog u5023 these two vehicles have fully working live axle suspension, the u423 has attachment points for various implements, like mowers, buckets... , and the u5023 its built more for off roading; more pictures at my brickshelf gallery. i hope you like them, i will try to make some more vehicles, thanks.
  12. Cornelwine

    Epic Split :)

    Hi! Today I had some inspiration from this fantastic video: So, here is my version: Thanks for checking it :)
  13. We've just finished up the 2016 season today, resulting in what is very likely my best Truck Trial video ever (out of many), so I thought I'll share it with you. Plus, if there are any questions about the trucks or the competition (and there usually are), post them here and I'll try to answer.
  14. Hi there, my name is Terry and my son is Ben. We love Lego and like to see other people's creations. I would like to share our Lego Land Rover project with you which is on Lego Ideas. We need your support! Will post properly on the forum but here is the link if you would like to register
  15. Hi =), recently I created many city vehicle MOCs to go with my modular houses. Unfortunately only few of them do exist in real bricks. But I am planning to build more ;). So here`s my city... The scale is a bit bigger than the original TLG scale. Cars are 6 wide+ and trucks 8 wide+. I think they fit quite well with the modulars. Civil - Cars hatchback blue car minivan_taxi sportscar3 sportscar4 red suv pickup_truck sportscar limo sportscar (original design by ER0L) fullsize pickup truck Civil - Trucks dumper truck container_truck tanker truck garbage truck mobile home transporter pickup tow truck (mod of 60081) truck Emergency Services baywatch_pickup fire engine (front inspired by ER0L`s fire engine) ambulance2 ambulance (inspired by Spacy Smoke's Ambulance squad adu_truck adu_suv highway patrol (orginal mustang design by ER0L) police patrol car unmarked suv surveillance van (front inspired by Spacey Smokes ambulance) C&C welcome ;)
  16. Hi I'm trying to make a goosenecked trailer for a modified Arocs 6x4 cab, but have run into a bit of a problem. I want to have a detachable trailer, but building a fifth wheel in a life like manner puts too much strain on such as small piece. Is there a generally known method of constructing a strong coupling, that is also detachable? I did think about using the turntable in the Arocs set to act as a load bearer, with a frame on the trailer which would rest on the turntable, attached to the truck chassis, but it makes for a very high coupling height. Any and all thoughts welcome.
  17. Take a classic '32 Ford Hot Rod, paint the whole machine in bright yellow, add a crane on the back and you've got the weirdest Tow Rod ever created! My latest work is based on my previous Ford Roadster cutomized with a classic LEGO crane from early era. I love using old pieces to build my models and the "string reel winch with metal handle and crane arm complete with string and metal hook" fits perfeclty on this crazy Tow Rod. Below the back with the vintage crane and the custmomized license plate The Green "T" seems having some troubles...the yellow machine tows the "T" at the Speed Garage for mixing up, soon it will be back fit. If you have a problem with your car, now you know who to call: Norton74 24 hr Towing Service. You call, we haul! Cheers Norton74 @ Facebook
  18. Hi everyone! Tooday i would like to show you my trial truck 6x6. 3 XL motor for drive. 1 m motor for steering. 2 AAA battery boxes. 2 v2 receiver. 3 pf light a few photos: Goog suspension travel worked steering weel and piston engine and of course video indor test: outdor test : what you think about it?
  19. Nemo57

    Trucks - Nemo57.

    I continue to collect strictly formatted Lego City style. I look forward to comments. Probably. Thank you for such a grueling viewing.
  20. (This may apply to the Action & Adventure theme forum, but since it's just a bunch of vehicles I put it here. Sorry if this topic needs to be moved!) Tramp Steamer I built this ship from two Adventurers sets: I used the boat from set 5975 (T-Rex Transport) and modified slightly to resemble set 5976 (River Expedition). The ship features a boiler, steering wheel and a bigger smoke-stack. I have also added a complete bridge with removable roof instead of the open topped one on my previous version of the ship. The top floor of the ship is the bridge - this area contains a nautical telegraph (to control speed) and the wheel (to control direction)... and yes, there is a piece out of place. I fixed it after taking this photo. The lower floor features the boiler room. It is empty right now, but could be re-purposed into a captain's cabin. Island Hopper seaplane This is a seaplane based off 2008 Indiana Jones set 7628 (Peril In Peru), along with inspiration from 2000 Adventurers set 5935 (Island Hopper) thrown in for good measure. This part goes on both sides of the tail: http://alpha.brickli...=87079pb006#T=C The plane now has a interior that seats five people: 1 pilot and four passengers. Treasure Chaser - Johnny Thunder's ride This model was inspired by sets 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure, and 5918, Scorpion Tracker. Ford Model AA truck This one was heavily inspired by set 10222, Winter Village Post Office. I originally built it from the pictures before instructions came out. 1922 MOON Automobile This car was originally a Rolls Royce Phantom MKII first designed by Carl Greatrix that got transformed into a MOON Touring car. (no, the the jalopy from the Apollo Moon missions, but the car company from St. Louis MO!) once I realized how close they were to each other in style cues. I guess I did the usual car building process backwards: build the car, then find a real life counterpart, instead of building the car off a specific type. Roaring 20's Gangster Sedan This model was modified from set 7682, Shanghai Chase. Perfect for smuggling illegal alcohol or setting up a drive by for friendly meeting with the rival gangs. Gasoline tanker truck Built from set 7683, Fight on the Flying Wing and modified to have a radiator grille and a better fuel tank. Island Racer mark II I modified my copy of set 5920 to have a longer wheelbase and a spare wheel. I also modernized the engine area with special attention paid to the grille. Lord Sam Sinister's personal vehicle This model was inspired by the recent announcement of the Super Man "Action Comics Number 1" exclusive San Diego Comic Con 2015 LEGO set, which I then extended and improved into the model seen here. This part goes on the rear license plate spot: http://www.bricklink....asp?P=3069bpa1 and as a bonus here is my favorite picture: A Sinister Encounter In case you wonder what is so sinister about the picture, the name of the person who owns the house is Lord Sam Sinister, an evil man who hates the owner of the plane: Johnny Thunder and his friend and aviatrix of the seaplane, Pippin Reed.
  21. Lord Sam Sinister is in a evil partnership with Lord Ogel, dictator of the industrial country of Vladeck. They are currently (as of January 1925) scouring the world for an artifact named Poseidon's Trident, with the latest lead having them head for the southern tip of South America. Sam is accompanied by his personal battleship named "Sinister Purpose", two diesel-powered submarines, a new series of stealth aircraft and a small battalion of troops and land vehicles. He also has all his underworld contacts, including but not limited to: Senor Palomar, Alexis Sinister, Barron Von Baron, Max Villano, and more, ready to help him with his quest. Lord Sam's mission is to find the Trident and with it, help Ogel conquer the seas (and the world). His only real opposition is Johnny Thunder and his friends Major Quentin Steele, Jake Raines, & Pippin Reed, plus their small fleet of vehicles. This is Sam Sinister's personal battleship, the "Sinister Purpose". It features two anchors, three smokestacks, and four turrets. I have given the turrets the ability to move the triple-gun barrels up and down and swivel side to side. (In the real world, this battleship was originally designed for my brother, Austin, who later discarded the project.) Here is one of the two identical submarines used by Lord Sinister and his forces. This one is named the "Red Fox", while the other is named the "Black Wolf". (In reality, this submarine was gotten from Brickshelf back around 2011. I don't remember who did it, but it is Studs Not On Top, also known as SNOT, for 90% of the build.) Here is the LDD file for both submarine and battleship: This prototype stealth aircraft is nicknamed "The Stalker" for it's ability to creep up on a target and follow without being noticed, before it blows the enemy craft into oblivion. (When Indiana Jones set 7683's (Fight on the Flying Wing) pictures was first leaked in dark grays, I was impressed... but then they went and changed it to dark green in the final, released version. Well, now I changed it back! I removed the unavailable parts, turned the regular green and dark green to light and Dark bluish gray. The cockpit is no longer hinged, making it much stronger, plus the rear guns no longer swivel, eliminating that weak point. The cockpit is supposed to be the Star Wars Jedi star fighter dark-bluish gray-print-on -transparent-black part) The fleet of vehicles at Sam Sinister's disposal includes two dozen fighter aircraft. These fighters are not as advanced as the flying wing above, but still can hold their own against almost anything thrown at them. (This model was originally set 6745. (Propeller power) I turned into that micro scale model into a plane that a mini-figure can sit in. it was turned from red, white, and yellow into a slew of military-looking grayish hues.) LDD file for the aircraft here: This fearsome piece of machinery is used to cut down trees in the path of the land forces. It is currently being heavily used in South America as the search for the Poseidon's Trident grinds on in the Amazon Jungle. (I bought the original set 7626 (Jungle Cutter) in Summer 2008. I wanted to make it it in dark gray to match my two trucks but gave up after trying to order the parts from Lego. (I didn't know about Bricklink at that time) Well, now the shoe is on other other foot and here it is, in full grayish glory!) Here is a fuel supply truck of the convoy currently running back and forth from the battleship Sinister Purpose to the head of the group pushing further inland. These trucks are the weak point of Sinister's forces. Destroy them, you halt the progress towards the Trident. (This model is almost a stock part of 7683. (Fight on the Flying Wing) I simply redid the rear tank to keep it from spinning.) These trucks may be empty now, but usually they are filled with troops protecting the convoy searching for the Trident. (These are made from 7622. (Race for the Stolen Treasure) Since the fabric part is so VERY expensive, I found a solution in the Eurobricks Official sets LDD topic. I took the cover from the trucks built by user ADHO15 and redid some portions to be cheaper (I.E. thinner tires) and better coordinated color-wise.) This vehicle is one of many used by the forces of Evil to search for Poseidon's Trident. This particular car usually holds an officer of the Vladeck Armed forces, Special Recovery Division, which looks to capture objects of power through less-than-legal means. (The car seen here was originally part of set 7622, Race for the Stolen Treasure, as the machine gun hauling support vehicle. I have put a roof on it and turned it into a officer's car.) Here is the LDD file for the land vehicles: Johnny Thunder will need to bring his A-game to stop Sam Sinister this time. Comments, questions, and complaints welcome!
  22. I just found some of my older moc's, and i thought i would share it with ya'll. The MAN KAT 8x8 is one of my first trial trucks, and still a pretty good one. The Rubber Duck from the movie Convoy is an icon to me, and one day i decided to build it. I came as far as completing the truck and a small part of the trailer, due to the shape of the trailer i couldn't afford it so i didn't finish it. I'm thinking of re-doing the duck to make it stronger and i regret taking it apart. Truck and trailer were inspired by 2Legoornot2lego's trucks The real truck
  23. Hey there. I figured I'd start a new topic to document my current LEGO projects. For the time being this will all be LDD designs I've created, as I wait for some extra cash to spend on bricklink. 1. Scania Rotator Tow Truck Parts Count: 4400 Progress: 90% Complete Features: - Drive (RC) - Steer (RC) - Air Compressor (RC) - Outriggers deploy in/out (pneumatic RC) - Outriggers lift up/down (Pneumatic RC) - Towbar deploy in/out (pneumatic RC) - Towbar lift up/down (Pneumatic RC) - Boom rotate (RC) - Boom lift (RC) - Boom Extend - Winch 1 (RC) - Winch 2 (RC) - Battery Set switch (RC) You'll notice this truck has more than 8 functions. In total it has 7 PF IR Receivers. First IR Receiver controls the battery back switch, which is a PF Medium motor and two polarity switches that will turn on either battery back 2 (with 3 receivers) or battery pack 3 (With the other 3 receivers) This way I can split the functionality of the truck into two sets: - Drive - Steer - Towbar - Outriggers and - Boom lift - Boom rotate - Boom extend - Winch 1 - Winch 2 You'll notice I also took a lot of inspiration for the design of the cab from Efferman's doctor brick community project of the scania flat bed. 2. Firemen Movers Freightliner Moving Truck - I work for them, its a Toronto-based moving company owned and operated by firefighters Parts Count: 3200 Progress: 65% Complete Features: - Drive - Steer - Custom stickers - Pneumatic Powered tail gate (incomplete, working on the trigonometry of it) - Removable top with fully designed interior, including equipment 3. OshKosh Tactical Firefighting Truck Parts Count: 5800 Progress: 95% Complete Features: - 8x8x8 (8 Driven wheels, 8 Steered wheels) - Independent suspension - Bumper Nozzle rotate and elevation - Roof Nozzle rotate and elevation - Water tank - Water pump - 3rd Party Tires
  24. Farnheim

    MOC: Fire Station

    As a request of lightningtiger I want to take the chance to show you a few pictures of my small fire station I built in 2011. It's a mixture of the 2009 official headquarter (#7945) with a few more realistic extras based on a classic baseplate. A little garage extension on the left side completes the look. As you can imagine, this station shall not be a headquarter, just a small institution placed in the suburbs. There are only an engine and a ladder for fire prevention. The engine is also equipped with apparatus for technical asstistance. The little car is for every day deliveries between the different fire stations. An old school oberhead projector I put some more more details on it like the exhaust gas hoses or a big foam nozzle There is room for two big trucks The small garage A neat little garden for recreation The fire apparatus And these are some of guys who are on duty. Well, the ballons are in german language only, 'cause they are part of a comic... Hope, you'll have fun watching these pictures. C&C very welcome! Best regards, Farnheim