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  1. There was a problem, when axle slipped out of gears in differential. It happened because the axle was moving in the cardan ball. Adding one bush solved the problem
  2. Hey! It's been a long time since I started this project.. But neverthelss it's finished! On to the photos! Then it comes to the technical stuff, I changed the gearing on L motor, because it was undrivable with all the weight from the body. This also led to swapping front suspension, to stronger yellow ones. Due to this, the motors had to be moved, so the fake engine got ditched. Now it drives slower, but at least it does . There is an issue with small gears in differential. They tend to fall out of it when going backwards and turning. Has anyone got a solution for that in this suspension setup? Since it's a very common suspension, there should be something. All the features and details are shown in the pictures. The front lights are just for the sake. I do not have my plates box with me here, so they look how they look The steering wheel does not work. ..aand there is nothing more special about it. It's just a regular car If you have any questions, please ask!
  3. I tend not to compromise on steering angle. I'll try to make a video as soon as I get camera stand, but that won't be in imediate future. Today Lancia has recieved a second XL motor. Runs smooth as never
  4. Hi there! As you probably know I'm an a middle of building Lancia Beta Monte Carlo in a rather big scale. You can see it here: http://www.eurobrick...opic=104575&hl= In the mean time, while I'm waiting for new parts to arrive, I've started a new project. It's a delivery van loosely based on Fiat Ducato (best blueprint I've found that matches). So the goal is to have two L motors powering front wheel drive with independent suspension and floating axle on the back. I've planned to put all engines on the back or under the seats but, as you can see below, everything fit perfectly in the front There was no plan on making fake engine, but the space between two L motors was begging for one Due to front wheel drive, rear axle is minimalistic as it can be. It's two link floating axle with pan hard rod (am I correct?). The floor looks really funky.. I have only ONE gray panel... will be having a lot more after the Arocs Front axle is an old standard. It works well, but has a very large turning radius. Also, it's pretty fast. So the turning radius works well with this speed. I think that's all for today.
  5. I had a bus with remotely controlled doors. They worked pretty well. Too bad it was disassembled a long time ago. You can see some pictures in this topic ( ), but they are really crappy, and the mechanism is not clearly visible.
  6. The new gearbox looks good. Everyone is posting gearboxes, but what I would like to see is gear switching mechanisms with servo. I use one in my latest MOC, but it tends to jam in between gears when switching gears one way. So you can say that it works only one way Also it needs a lot of space. If anyone have some comapact ones, please share! [EDIT] Ah, one more question. Did the gear ratios change?
  7. More updates! The bumpers are ready! There are two white pieces, but I'll swap them with black ones as soon as I get some The battery box is easily removable. Just unlock two red pins and it's out! My conclusion from today is that it's getting big... I might not have enough red bricks to make whole body. I ordered another XL motor and some soft axles. I hope it'll help me get those curves right
  8. @VKTechnic, because it is a bit boxy
  9. Update! I think that commentary is not needed to this update .
  10. @TheLegoExpert How is it possible that L motors, with less torque, would make it go faster on high gears? I always thought that more power counters the backlash on gearbox and weight of the model, so it runs faster.
  11. There is some progress! What I managed to do was to finally get some free time to tinker with this. The gear changing mechanism got 2 studs narrower, and it also made the construction a bit stiffer. I also started building interior. This is the second version of seats. As you can probably see there are big holes in seats . It's mainly because the gear changing mechanism takes a lot of space and has to have space to move, so they are necessery. Another thing worth noting is a space next to the L motor. There used to be fake 2-cylinder engine, but it was just pathetic, so this space waits for another XL motor . It should drive better with two XL motors. The next goal is to make dashboard and bumpers. More updates soon, I promise
  12. Let's have some updates!! It's the third gearbox I've tried. This one works properly at last It's the new Piterx design. The only problem I had with it is that the highest gear works smoothly when turned one way and works badly the other way. The gear switching mechanism is from some russian (or other eastern european country) website, and works pretty well with servo and Piterx's gearbox. I also managed to fit one XL motor, fake engine and battery pack on the back. Fake engine can easily be switched for another XL motor, but I only have one at this point. IR recievers are in great position right now, I hope that I won't move them. I also do not own the AAA battery box. There is a plan on buying one, but that's not a near future I works well just how it is right now.
  13. 9L shocks are too long. This car is pretty flat.. they would not fit under the hood. I did notice that all yellow shocks perform pretty even slightly flexed. In this suspension they do not flex much. They are fixed tight at the wheel, otherwise the suspension wouldn't work The problem with front suspension is the top mounting. During steering the point where the force is applied at the top mounting shifts outside the black blicks supporting the structure, which couses unwanted flexing. If it's not clear, ask My plan is to make it in read, just as the picture in the first post. But the piority is the fully functional chassis. Also the plan is to make detachable body to be able to work on both body and chassis independently. I do not plan on making it drive fast. 2 L motors would not handle the gearbox, and the weight of completed model. Best for speed would be two RC motos, but I do not own them, and they are not a part of the plan. Part of the plan was to use one XL motor, but two L fitted better Don't be discouraged if I do not post anything new, but I do not have much time, and sometimes I'm just too tired to even think about building. Ah! One more thing about the steering. I do not use the 20T gear for steering, there is standard 12T. The big one is used to transfer steering to steering wheel
  14. Rear suspension works great, front works a bit worse, and a lot worse when wheels are turned. Sadly, it's not fast.. but enough to have some fun I'll try to find these new desings, and try them out. The key is to fit the gearbox between rear suspension, and leave space for untouched interior.
  15. Hi everyone! So, during christmas I had a lot of free time and decided it's time for another attempt at build a supercar. I've chosen Lancia Beta Monte Carlo. Mainly because the body is not round. Well, at least not very round and the car looks good. Let's get to the technical details: - The engine is on the back, and it has a rear wheel drive. It's R4 engine (4 cylinders in a row) mounted crosswise. - McPhersson suspension on both axles. - 5+R gearbox - aaaand.. nothing more out of the ordinary What I'd like to have in it is: - Full independent suspension, of course McPhersson (with at least little geometry) - Full RC - at least 3+R gearbox - fake R4 engine mounted crosswise (that would look cool) Now, my hands made this thingy : Some commentary is needed. It's full RC, as you can see. It drives pretty neatly with two L motors, but skips one tooth in some gear at third gear (only one! and only when driving forward). Also it's Piterx's desing ( It's small, compact and functional. I'd like to see it with Servo Motor, because it's easy to miss gears... A bit of research (first result on google ) led to this beast , but I'd have to order some parts to assemble it. It's a bit smaller than Piterx's and there is nothing sliding out of gearbox. Also, Servo This may even make some space for, now absent, fake engine. The suspensions is a combination of nicjasno's McPhersson and Sheepo's MPS. The second battery pack is a bit redundant, but I just couldn't fit one in, to have a symmetry. They have to be disassembled, because they take space where chairs should be I'd like to fit one on the back, but it's too tall.. Same problems on front. That's something to think about, and experiment. The chassis falls a bit short on stiffness, but a good bodywork should fix it. If anyone have an idea how I could make this gearbox and engines more compact, feel free to comment! I'd like to hear what you think about it