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  1. Lukewarm-take: 42172's reveal is going to coincide with the reveal of the P1's successor. I just can't imagine this set being the P1 itself since its old.
  2. StudWorks

    My LEGO Workshop!

    Didn't know where else to share my LEGO workshop/cave so I decided to make a new topic. This is my computer room/AFOL workshop where I design my MOCs, build LEGO sets, and display my work! I use a motorized standing desk I got a few months back, and I haven't used an office chair since. I recommend one to any AFOL, as my neck hasn't been killing me since. The display area is two Ikea shelves pushed together, inside a closet with the doors removed. On top is the boxes for all four current 1:8 Technic Hypercars, as well as the Defender set and my old Mindstorms-powered Lexus LC500 MOC. On the shelves below is the Lamborghini Sian, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 (in many pieces), the Creator Expert cars, some Star Wars sets, my Speed Champions collection (with brick-built car stackers by Brickengineeringdude on Rebrickable), the Technic Audi RS Q E-Tron and Peugeot 9x8, The Office set with my Dwight's Trans Am MOC along with various other sets, and some Minecraft sets I got years ago, connected together into two dioramas. I plan to post updates in this topic with more pictures of my workshop eventually as it grows and things change. The Technic stuff, for instance, will all be pieced apart in about a month so I can start making a new 1:8 scale supercar MOC. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and I'll gladly respond to any comments regarding anything in my workshop I haven't mentioned that you'd like me to show-and-tell.
  3. StudWorks

    10337 Lamborghini Countach Discussion

    The taillights look absolutely perfect, and although the rear tires may be two tires together I think they're actually new tire molds. It also appears to be 5000S "roundbelly," my favorite Countach since that's the one Doug DeMuro has. I can't wait for the official reveal!
  4. I made a LEGO Speed Champions MOC of Dwight Schrute's 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from the American version of The Office! The worn-out maroon muscle car is Dwight's iconic daily driver during all 9 seasons of the legendary TV sitcom, until the series finale where he is shown driving an orange Dodge Challenger SRT8 instead. The car has some features and various accessories to replicate moments from the show! Opening bonnet with detailed engine. Space for two minifigures. Pop-up headlights (non-fuctional, popped-down headlights must be removed and replaced). Briefcase and Schrute Farms beets that can be stored in the back seat or trunk (Back seats do not fit minifigures). Switchable roof assembly with emergency beacon from the car chase with Angela. Trash cans that Dwight rams into after him and Toby are caught spying Darryl. Orbit stroller with watermelon and rope from the episode "Baby Shower." Custom stickers from Brickstickershop are also available, which feature the Trans Am's "screaming chicken," vents, sun damage and scratches, plus the stick figure and baby that Dwight applies on his back window when he believes Angela and Senator Lipton's newborn child is his son! Instructions are available for purchase on my Rebrickable page. Stickers are available for purchase on Brickstickershop.
  5. StudWorks

    Hoovie's Garage Ferrari F355 Spider

    I made a LEGO Speed Champions MOC of the infamous Hoovie's Garage (automotive YouTube personality) Ferrari F355 Spider, the dumbest Ferrari MOC on the internet! Hoovie owned the car from March 2018 until the following August. He lent it to his friend, Parker from the YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins, to keep in his garage for storage during Monterey Car Week. While Parker took it for a drive, the F355's stripped power steering cap leaked fluid everywhere, but before he could limp the car somewhere for it to be repaired, it burst into flames. The car features an opening bonnet with detailed engine. The bonnet can be switched with a burning bonnet along with four other pieces below the car to reenact the fateful day the F355 burnt down. The side vents' design were particularly inspired by NV Carmocs' F355 MOC. If this MOC sounds a little morbid to you, be assured that Hoovie is known for being humorous and making dumb decisions. I made this MOC as a tribute to his channel and for the sake of satire. Also, I decided to fittingly post this on April Fools Day! Instructions are available for purchase on my Rebrickable page. Stickers available for purchase on Brickstickershop.
  6. StudWorks

    [MOC] Nissan R34 x Evangelion EVA01

    Amazing! I'm not an Evangelion fan, but as a car enthusiast and fan of the Mega Man X video game series this inspires me to build something similar!
  7. Mercedes just revealed the G550, which swaps its V8 for a turbo six. This might be what the new set is going to be based off.
  8. Cool! We have similar taste.
  9. Hello! I am a 22-year-old LEGO builder on the spectrum, I build mostly cars but I am also a fan of fantasy media and like building stuff from my favorite franchises. I only like fiction media where anything taking in the real world is relatively realistic (like The Office, with no superheroes, time machines, aliens, etc) and anything in a fictional high fantasy world (a closed fantasy world like Middle Earth, not something "isekai") can happen since it has no relation to the real world. Because of this, I feel like the only nerd who's only into a single fictional genre with very specific tastes. For example, 99% of Star Wars fans I see (something I like) are also into Marvel and superheroes (something I dislike), and whenever I see someone's LEGO MOC collection, it looks like they're practically into every movie/game series ever made! This had made it incredibly difficult for me to be myself and find friends who I can relate to, and has made the idea of attending a Comic-Con or anime convention seem impossible so I was wondering if anybody else here feels the same or know people that feel the same. Thanks.
  10. I can't really imagine this set being based on the old 4x4 squared. And I would love for this set to be RC like the upcoming Porsche GT4 e-performance (which may or may not introduce a new generation of LEGO RC) and I think a G63 4x4 squared in red (below pic) would be really cool. But I'm not even sure if this set will be the 4x4 squared or not as it only has "4x4" in the name, perhaps being a normal G-Wagon (without portal axles) and with some type of 4x4 system in the set. Plus the G500 (also as in the set's name) is the regular G-Wagon, the current 4x4 squared is only available in G63 AMG form.
  11. Love it! Ever since I saw it on Rebrickable I really wanted to build it too (in white and blue), but the parts cost is still a little pricey for me at the moment.
  12. I absolutely love it! I'm a huge fan of 1980s music, and I'm disappointed too that the 1980s LEGO Ideas challenge is for TV Shows and Movies only. (apparently there isn't ENOUGH sets for 80s Shows and Movies ) Please tell me whenever the general LEGO Ideas submission is posted so I can vote!