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  1. My BuWizz 3.0 brick keeps on shutting down after 10 seconds of BuWizz motor fueled fun and will only turn back on if a charging cable in inserted in and then out. This happens repeatedly and the battery is fully charged. Does anybody else experience the same issue and what is the solution? I really don't want to have to return or exchange my 3.0 brick.
  2. I have just added smaller balloon tires to the buggy and it no longer shuts down! So I fixed that issue, the problem is that the center steering function for the Control+ motor is still frustrating me. I’ve been tuning everything and yet every time I stop steering it either resets the steering off-center or doesn’t reset the steering at all. Any help?
  3. I’m going to try using smaller tires and wheels. The original instructions for the buggy I’m building called for the Zetros tires. Thanks for the suggestion.
  4. I don't think it's any of the problems you mentioned. I have huge 42099 tires connected straight to BuWizz motors, could these tires be too big for the BuWizz 3.0 to handle?
  5. I have just upgraded from a BuWizz 2.0 to a BuWizz 3.0 with two BuWizz motors too and was very excited, so I built a buggy to learn how to use the new BuWizz and the crazy-fast BuWizz motors. Unfortunately, the moment I make the buggy go, either two things will happen. 1: The buggy will go a single foot and then stop, and the BuWizz 3.0 will either lose connection (fixed by resetting app) or be totally unresponsive (fixed by putting in charging cable and then taking it out). 2. Exactly the same as situation 1 except the buggy will go extremely fast and when stopping, the BuWizz 3.0 will either lose connection or be totally unresponsive. And this happens over and over again. I also have had trouble with the BuWizz app's center steering function for Control+ motors, where only when steering right the motor will return to center and when the motor does return the center the wheels themselves are always off-center. Finally, ever since having BuWizz 2.0 (and still experienced with 3.0) the app will have to reconnect with the BuWizz every single minute, which has been annoying. I have been extremely excited to start building MOCs with BuWizz but unfortunately my experience with my new 3.0 has so far been awful. Should I exchange my 3.0 brick for another one that hopefully works? Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. At first when I saw this MOC I thought the round roofline was kind of awkward. It's great to see it fixed, the model looks beautiful! I do think there is a lot missing in the front of this model. The front end should be facing straight like the real F40, instead of looking down. As for the headlights, the white bit should be taller than the orange (this could be achieved with a flat 1x2 trans-orange tile and front-facing trans-white 1x1). The red arch in front of the headlights would also look better if it's made a little less curved, and the mirrors would look better IMHO in red, plus longer and rounder. Finally, the front bumper vents on the real F40 are very rounded; the grille's "smile" is a detail I really enjoy myself, as it reflects the car's fun personality. @paave used red macaroni Technic pieces to achieve the rounded vents and smile grille on his 1:10 F40, I think this would benefit from having the same. I'm quite keen on these details as the F40 is my all-time favorite car. P.S. Please consider making a BuWizz/RC version. Ever since the Carrera GT I noticed you've made more of a shift to static MOCs with gearboxes, and I would love to see more RC from you! Also, is this MOC mostly made from SP3 parts like your Carrera GT? (Which was 75 percent I believe)
  7. After adding its very needed headlights, I've spent days trying to move the Ferrari Daytona SP3's "pop-up headlight" panels 3 studs back to match that of the actual car (with some extra red panels to enhance the flow from the front bumper to each fender) and have had no luck finding a reliable and Lego-legal (no bending) solution after several attempts . (Also trouble finding a way for it to fit) Could someone please offer me some assistance? The set desperately needs this facelift.
  8. I added thegbrix's headlight mod from ReBrickable since his modded area above the headlights match that of the real SP3. The issue is, they're very flimsy. I have tried finding a way to reinforce the assembly so panels won't move, but I couldn't. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. I'm thinking the 42154 Ford GT set might be the just-revealed track-only Mark IV. I think it makes sense judging that Technic vastly prefers race cars (911 RSR, 488 GTE, Senna GTR, Formula E Porsche, McLaren Formula One, Bolide) over other licensed vehicles. I love Technic cars but can we finally get one with new entertaining functions other than steering, suspension, and fake engine?
  10. Wow, really special and kind of sad with the letter since it's the end of Mindstorms and all of that. Did you get it from being an ambassador and is this the only one in existence?
  11. StudWorks

    Need help to make figure's legs able to rotate

    Thanks for the advice! I ended up finding a way for the knee to rotate, getting the articulation I was going for.
  12. StudWorks

    Need help to make figure's legs able to rotate

    I built it IRL and yeah, while it works it's too fragile. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.
  13. StudWorks

    Need help to make figure's legs able to rotate

    It’s the upper thigh. Any tips?
  14. I have never built an action figure with Lego before, but after tons of trial and error I'm happy how the legs came out so far. My only problem is I need to find a solution to keep the articulation the legs already have while adding the ability for the legs to rotate for even more dynamic poses. Photos from Studio are below, any advice would be very appreciated, I look forward to making many more figures in the future and I want the articulation to be accurate.
  15. Just saw the Bolide leak on Brickset. The first thing I noticed is that the front end looks way too flat, and it took me a few seconds to spot the headlights, which happen to be on the fender pieces? With an ugly gap where the piece's left pin hole is? It doesn't look like the real Bolide at all from up front, which is curvy and extremely wide. Surely this set is best appreciated when viewed from the side. Other than that the design looks good for the scale, even though I think the Senna GTR set certainly looks better. I don't think the yellow is a new color, but I'm quite happy to see a yellow sports car in Technic. Finally, something I haven't seen others talk about, the CSR Racing logos. With it on the bottom right of the box and the CSR and Lego stickers on the side of the car, this seems to be a collab with the CSR app. I first played that app even before I became a car enthusiast, and even though it is part of what got me into cars, the app itself compared to the Forza Games is just boring and annoying pay-to-play. CSR somehow still is relevant over six years after I stopped playing it, and even Ken Block has moved from Forza to CSR. So I'm expecting a Lego Bolide (like the Speed Champions cars on Forza Horizon 4) is going to be a gacha on the app (or free if you own the set). If you haven't heard of or played CSR I can tell you more about it if you'd like.