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  1. I discussed Moyu because @Professor Thaum stated "Other brand are worth a comment if they add something new, not if they are obvious shameless copies." There also isn't any existing talk about Moyu on Eurobricks, it's only on the L**** subreddit. I have not experienced anything from Cada, the "flimsy" issues are not my opinion or from personal experience, it's taken from @kbalage's review on the Italian Supercar, ID AE86, and ID FD RX7.
  2. Can I discuss Moyu on this thread? They have original 1:8 cars of the Lamborghini Vision GT, Bugatti Bolide, Koenigsegg Gemera, and Ford GT Le Mansory. I don't know who the designer is but they look cool (don't know about durability), whoever they are it looks Lox Lego level exterior-wise. Although, Moyu is kinda owned by L**** (but Moyu doesn't steal designs) and the "brick" websites selling the products I never heard of, big red flags right there. Nonetheless, I have no interest in "Chinese Lego," and that includes Cada. As a big Initial D fan I'm tempted by the officially licensed AE86, FC3S, FD3S, and Tofu Shop, but the cars look very off and RacingBrick's reviews on the AE86 and FD3S show that they're incredibly flimsy. I also watched RacingBrick and Sariel's reviews on @brunojj1's "Italian Supercar" by Cada and it's also flimsy (small crashes bump off a lot of parts) and compared to Lego the binding of the pieces doesn't really match. Plus there's the moral ambiguity of buying something like a Cada set, I'm not a purist (love my BuWizz,) but having non-electronic OG Lego pieces just seems way more trustful and durable.
  3. This topic has always been on my mind. I always thought making a floating MOC would be a blast (check out this floating Sherp and ZeroBricks' new amphibous vehicle!! ), but I'm worried what would happen to a BuWizz 1.0/2.0/3.0 and PF/CF/BuWizz motors (also wires and lights) if the worst happens, for example, the MOC sinks. Would I have nothing to worry about if I just put all the electronics in a dry rice bowl ASAP? And if something was submerged would it affect the longevity and reliability of the electronics on board? I've also seen Lego offroaders wade shallow water and I've always thought that was so cool, but again, I worry about the water resistance of these electronics, even during a little bit of water exposure compared to submerging. (already got quite stressed when my crawler's BuWizz 2.0 got wet six months ago). Anything I should be aware of regarding MOCs and water?
  4. Or at least the option to build the headlights opened or closed (although for no clear reason this set, with its "pursuit for perfection" and all, doesn't even have headlights) would have been great. The red panels' black line prints probably won't be ideal for most MOC makers, it's sad how Lego cheaped out yet again by simply adding prints instead of realistic detail/features. I didn't get the $80 book but I would have paid an extra $80 for this already expensive set if it meant more attention to detail instead of cheap solutions. Still a great set, though.
  5. I wonder if the opening upper headlight covers are able to be achieved with the 42143. By the way @LegoHoops, any news on instructions for all your SP3 mods?
  6. Cool! This immediately brought a famous Mythbusters moment to my head. In the video below they try putting one front and one rear square wheel 45 degrees, and then test its off-road performance, maybe you can try doing that too!
  7. Has anyone tried or is considering making the butterfly doors open realistically? I feel like the scoops above the Scuderia Ferrari shields need some realistic detail too.
  8. Amazing model! I wish Lego could make $100-range Technic sets look as good as this. No 2JZ engine though. Wish it was possible to add a fake engine.
  9. Has anyone come up with a solution for the loose rear clamshell yet? (My SP3's won't stay up)
  10. @LegoHoops Are you planning to release instructions for your front fascia/hood mods? I'd like to add them to my SP3.
  11. Amazing model! I really appreciate the mix of Technic and Creator Expert building this car has, the rollcage and engine/turbo look magnificent! (Even though you have to cut a hose to make the turbo) Have you ever considered making an RC/BuWizz Technic car yet or do you prefer static cars with detailed gearboxes instead?
  12. @JLiu15 The gearbox is controlled manually, with the paddle shifters inspired by @Jeroen Ottens's DB11.
  13. @JLiu15 I agree. I built this model in the beginning before I got a BuWizz 2.0, so that and the nostalgia is why I made it an EV3 car. If you asked me, I don't think you should sell your EV3 components, EV3 robotics are still fun today. I bought another EV3 set because I liked EV3 so much, I just didn't know I'd end up making mostly BuWizz cars (I really want a 3.0 and the new BuWizz motors!), but I'm keeping the other EV3 stuff anyways.
  14. @imurvai Thanks, I’m hopeful that this would be improved in the future.
  15. Hi. Im using BC2 for the first time with my BuWizz 2.0. There’s a glitch where whatever forward/reverse button setup I have, my BuWizz when in Ludicrous can not go reverse, when I reverse in ludicrous, the BuWizz shuts off and I have to always reach for my phone and switch to fast and back to ludicrous to turn the BuWizz back on. Is there a way to solve this? I use the BuWizz app to go from forward to reverse in ludicrous and its perfectly fine. Maybe BC2 prevents Ludicrous mode from switching motors from clockwise to counter clockwise or the other way around. Thanks