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    Technic Bugatti and Creator Ford Mustang

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    Building Lego Technic MOCs and I am also a car nut.


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  1. Thank you for your reply. You’re so right, I have shelved this for a while because I know it’s going to be so difficult but I must figure it out. The hardest part is the exterior and I have never done one so I am struggling with where to start. Any advice?
  2. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    I finished the grille design, and I'm pretty pleased with it. The gray 12L piece on the bottom is for adding slope bricks when I get some.
  3. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    @TechnicRCRacer Thanks! I started out my Technic career with EV3 before I got BuWizz and Power Functions motors. Why I chose this powertrain option is just for sentimental value.
  4. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    This is my first 1:8 Lego car and my passion project for over three years. I had just finished the chassis and the bottom of the grille before a big move meant I had to wait a whole year to work on this again. Here are the blueprints for the model using Sariel's model scaler. Pic 1 is in inches and Pic 2 is in studs. This is my first accurate Lego exterior job so any advice would be appreciated.
  5. I'm now working on the car's grille and need a bit of advice... I made the bottom part of the grille, on a slight incline just like the bottom section of the grille on the Lexus. My finger is pointing at one of the inclined beams right against the light gray frame piece. Is this the right way to build this? It works at keeping the grille in place at an angle but I'm worried if the pins holding the beam grille become loose from the beams pushing against the frame piece. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hi @Sariel... Just wanted you to know there wasn't any issue with the scaler at all. I just had to ignore what the scaler told me the scale was (in this particular case, 1:8.3 was not the scale) and place the measurements I found feasible for 1:8.6 scale. Here's a measurement chart I made in studs. Happy building!
  7. @Sariel The “measurement lines” I am referring to are the lines that show the measurements (in inches, studs, etc) when you make them on the scaler. Thank you for letting me explain this. At my experience level I really rely on the scaler for a simple way to get precise measurements.
  8. I did get the right scale myself but it’s not going to work with making measurement lines for the blueprints on the scaler because it got the scale calculation wrong.
  9. Hi @Sariel, Could the rounding error on the scaler be fixed?
  10. No worries, thank you Sariel.
  11. Good points, thanks for your replies. So I was attempting to start measuring my car with @Sariel's Model Scaler when I came across a confusing situation. The wheel/tire combo used on the MOC car is 3.21 inches, and according to the blueprints, the real car's wheel/tire combo is 27.7 inches. When I enter everything on Step 2 with the Model Scaler (10.2 stud wheel/tire, and 27.7 inches) it calculates the scale at 1:8.3. However, 27.7 divided by 3.21 is 8.6, not 8.3. What am I doing wrong or missing? I appreciate the help, thank you.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! It's okay but it doesn't lock as well, and I don't want it mixed with real Lego.
  13. Thanks for your helpful replies, I will certainly benefit from all of your great advice. I'm currently trying to find a way to replicate the engine cover of the car with bricks, it's a really complex shape and I have to make it as slim as possible. I understand it's not going to be perfect, but whatever works will do.
  14. I ordered some pieces on BrickLink and this one piece looks different than the other pieces that were obviously real Lego. This piece has "BL" logos on the studs instead of "LEGO" and there is no text on the bottom. The piece also feels different when connected to genuine Lego pieces. As this piece was ordered on BrickLink, the "BL" makes me a bit confused, though I believe Bricklink wouldn't intentionally make a fake Lego piece. Any thoughts?
  15. After finally building a functional chassis for my MOC I'm ready to start on the exterior and interior detail. Since this is the first time I'm making a 1:8 sports car, I would really welcome some advice from the community. When looking at the chassis photos please note that the EV3 IR sensor will not sit on the large motor for the final product. My car MOC is a 1:8.3 scale replica of the Lexus LC500 in Porsche 911 GT3 RS orange. The most challenging parts for me will be replicating the body with panels (I never replicated the shape of a car for an MOC), as well as the headlights, taillights, center console, and an engine cover with details under the hood. I will also be putting a medium motor in the trunk to power the small retractable wing as seen on the Premium Package for the LC500. Chassis Pictures: Blueprints and exact measurements (in inches) for the MOC according to Sariel's model scaler: Thank you.