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  1. @Didumos69 I am just about to get back on this. Would you agree with my plan above?
  2. Thanks so much to each of you with your helpful comments! @Rudivdk Great idea! I'll try this out and see what happens. @Didumos69 In the picture above, you can see this piece next to the gear to the right of the black bracket. It's a fairly weak connection and I'd thought I'd replace it with something else. A connection with one of these: I also forgot to mention that this is only connected by the axles with the tan gears. I guess that could also be the problem.
  3. In a previous post I explained how a tan half-gear in this piece was having its axle pulled out of it, while the axle drills through the gear making it unusable. After a first attempt fix, the car drove good without any clicks, but under high torque, the same exact thing happened... Here's the issue: When under high torque, the half-gear to the right unnaturally gets pulled out, while the axle chews the inside of the gear. The gears here are part of a DNR shifter alike to the one in the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. One thing I'd like to note is that when shifted to reverse, the problem disappears, meaning that there is a structural problem where the drive gear (bent gear) is. Here's a picture with the panels removed... I've tried my best with this and I would really appreciate helpful advice from the experts who have worked through this before. Thank you.
  4. StudWorks

    Problem: Gear Gets Pulled Out

    @Gray Gear This setup is for a DNR shifter. My MOC had a problem when under enough torque that axles get pulled out of axle inserts, and one of the axles pulled out of a gear that caused the car to not move. A day after making this post, I placed some 3L beams between four red axle inserts, and the half-gear's axle now slides a lot less then it used to.
  5. StudWorks

    [MOC][WIP] Mazda RX7 FD

    Sweet! The RE: Amemiya Mazda RX7 is awesome, and the FD is one of my favorite cars ever, I look forward to seeing the final result.
  6. Recently while testing for gear skipping in my EV3-powered torque heavy MOC sports car, I found this... The 5L (I believe) axle holding the half-gear I'm pointing at, which is clearly visible from the issue, moves out of the half-gear every time it skips. Indeed the axles with axle connectors connected to this gear have a "sliding axle" issue. I made a light fix by adding another axle connector, but I don't know if it will stop the sliding. Here above is the axle being pushed in... and pushed out to its maximum. Above is the issue: This piece my right finger is pointing at is in where my left points at, and it seems to wiggle enough to be the main cause of the sliding. However, I can't fix it because there is no place to reinforce the small piece. It seems from the pictures above with the axle sliding in and out that it will keep the half gear in place, but I don't know if it would under torque. Here's what happened to the last gear I had in here... completely chewed out by the axle. Have anybody else dealt with this? Some helpful feedback on this issue would be appreciated. Happy building.
  7. Hi. I'm a Lego Technic MOC builder but when I got into Lego years ago I have got a lot of sets and made some... interesting MOCs. I'm considering to change up my display setup to make it look better, and I thought asking for advice and suggestions would be a great idea. Here's the collection as of now: The left shelf has my MOCs and the right shelf has sets and space MOCs. (The posters above are going to be removed) Left Shelf On the top of the left shelf are cars I made over 3 years ago. They're not pretty, and I probably won't be taking them apart for new builds since I'm giving my full time to Technic. On the middle of the shelf is some custom Bionicle figures I made as part of a weird story I made on the now defunct gallery. On the bottom of the shelf is a... quirky house with a living room, kitchen, closet, bathroom, and bedroom that I made probably four years ago, broke, and rebuilt. It serves no use and its use as a display piece is kind of worthless, but it's one of the biggest things I built at the time. The playground on the middle shelf used to be connected to the right of the house. It hurts to remember having it on my dresser not playing with it because the house wasn't pretty. I should rebuild the house into something new but I'm keeping it as a memory and since all the pieces are a different color and I have no idea what to build. MineCraft Display A ton of MineCraft sets I got to connect to each other and make a cool display. Unfortunately I ignore it often and never got to my plans to put a MineCraft wallpaper up to make it look like a set box, but I'd like to. Right Shelf Just built sets and space MOCs I made forever ago. Top Shelf I expanded the shelf above by placing two poster frames and holding them up with a bar mounted in the wall, making it easy for removal and since I don't want to use a permanent structure. I like it but it's impossible to see items placed all the way back, so I don't know if I want to keep it or not. Here's the bar it was on... And here's the shelf I put the boards on top of. A lot of the items on the shelves are builds I don't have as much interest in as the large Creator cars I want to display here so I'm open for ideas. If this was your space to display your Lego collection, what would you do? How would you display creations you like and the ones that are not as interesting?
  8. @Didumos69 That's very interesting... one thing I wanted to point out was that in 4th gear the 4-speed gearbox has a 1:1 ratio. It's a lot of force to move the car at the same speed as the two EV3 large motors themselves, especially with the huge wheels from the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. I think I should make a gear reduction somewhere in the car with a 12t gear driving a 20t gear. Here's a picture where I point at a 4L axle with stop. This piece tends to slowly pull itself out during the slipping.
  9. @Didumos69 I tried it with the knob gears know and I still hear clicking. I can't find where the gear skipping is but I believe it's with the 24t and 8t gears because I normally can't see them with the reinforcements in. What do you think is the problem?
  10. I replaced the knob gears with black 12t gears and tested the car. The gear slip kicked in as the driven 12t gear moved but the one connected to the gearbox didn’t. Thanks for the idea, but it didn’t seem to work in this situation. I am going to swap in the knob gears and try again. I will let you know how that goes.
  11. Thank you. Do you think I should I replace the knob gears or not? I like them the way they currently are. Fun fact: A year ago when I was building this car it used to have the chassis from your modified Porsche 911 GT3 RS with the tilted steering wheel and everything. It was too out of scale with the car I'm trying to build so I built something else. That makes me happy. I have been through that before and inspiration from other goes a long way. I was working on this car for almost two years and now I'm very happy with the progress. Would enjoy seeing your MOC progress in the near future!
  12. @Didumos69 and @agrof I finished rebuilding the rear axle. Here are some pictures: Before After My finger points to where the 24t gear is now. The axle has room in the front now without the gears being in the way and everything is much smoother. Very excited for whatever result I get when I put this in the chassis. I'm curious about the knob gears I am using to transmit power from the motors to the gearbox, are these the best gears for the job?
  13. @agrof and @Didumos69 I had an idea. This is a mock-up of my gearbox. Instead of having the gray gears on this side... I'll put them on the same side as the black gears. It seems to perform exactly the same way as it did before. Any thoughts?
  14. I was working on my MOC and I found there was a lot of gear skipping. The skipping comes from this, a small gear with bracing on only one side. The finger on the left points to what pieces the right points at. If I remove the bush that the right is pointing at, there is no other piece to put there, because it will rub against a 24t gear. I also can't make the axle longer because right in front of the bush is a 4L with stop with a different gear ratio. I can't find a solution in how to support this axle and I would appreciate some help, thank you.
  15. @Didumos69 and @Void_S here's the pictures of the problem. There is a 4L axle with stop below the big gray gear. That axle has to be there. The spot where the gray bush is on the gear is where there is no place to reinforce that gear. The clicking comes from no bracing in the axle with this piece I am pointing at. I can't replace it with any other piece because it would touch the big gear. I'm thinking of swapping the 4L with stop with a normal 4L and replacing the normal 4L with the gear and bush with a 4L with stop but I'm not certain if the stop being buried into the beam's hole is enough to stop the clicking. Any advice for fixing this would be appreciated.