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Found 1444 results

  1. StudWorks

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    This is my first 1:8 Lego car and my passion project for over three years. I had just finished the chassis and the bottom of the grille before a big move meant I had to wait a whole year to work on this again. Here are the blueprints for the model using Sariel's model scaler. Pic 1 is in inches and Pic 2 is in studs. This is my first accurate Lego exterior job so any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hello All, Recently I bought the lego 42114 volvo dumptruck and before I would build that I wanted to build an excavator to go with it. While Flybums excavator is a very good one I wanted to try myself to build an excavator. Here are some WIP pictures. As you can see the top part of the excavator uses the normal power function motors. 1 x L-motor for swinging, 2 x L-motors for the main boom, 1 x L-motor for the stick and one m - motor for the bucket. The main boom houses two motors and is my own design, the stick is an exact copy of flybum's excavator. The motors use use two AA-battery boxes and the AAA battery box is used for ballast, and will later power the lights. The crane uses a normal turntable, as i find the big ring gears too big for this scale of excavator. The top part wobbles a bit while turning but it's definitely within limits. The trackbase uses 2 control+ XL-motors integrated into the tracks with a worm gear and normal gearing. The battery box is situated just below the turntable.
  3. Lego Technic MOC - Technic Tractor Free Building Instructions: Lego Technic MOC - Technic Tractor (Free Building Instructions) by makushima Lego Technic MOC - Technic Tractor (Free Building Instructions) by makushima
  4. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! Volkswagen Beetle 1968 "Bugzilla" This time I collected cars from a very cool computer game Wreckfest! The assembly was very difficult, especially because of the spikes! Description: - Drive - 1 Buggy motor - Steering - Servotronic - Power supply-Small BB - The steering wheel turns the wheels - Open doors, hood... - Fashion salon - The receiver is hidden in the cabin - 2000 + parts - Two bridges, front bridge with Ackermann angle, rear with two Panar rods (for better stabilization) All this business is supported by the combined traction of 11 students. Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link:
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to share a MOC I have just completed: Ferrari F2004 F1 car It’s in 1:8 scale with 1700+ parts. Some features: working V10, pushrod suspensions, steering wheel, removable front wing, rear wing, headrest, and engine cover I have uploaded some pictures to bricksafe: F2004 Bricksafe Instruction is also available here: F2004 Instruction
  6. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! But today I present you this epic American truck!!! Length 58cm, Width 23.5 cm, Height 34cm , Weight 4kg Description: -2 XL motor for drive -L motor for steering and steering wheel -1M Motor for cab lift -2 Small power supply -Detailed interior -Led headlights -Doors and hatches open -Semi-automatic coupling Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: Enjoy your viewing! Rate, comment! Thanks!)
  7. TheHarrower

    UCS Star Destroyer Technic frame

    Aloha! If you're willing, I'm in need of some help. So I took notice on the UCS Star Destroyer of how the underside of the stern has a bend to its technic frame. Is there any way to fix this or did I miss a step in building? Heres the link to the image.
  8. Title says everything. Does someone know?
  9. Hi everybody, I'm newbie to the EB, so I'd like to introduce myself with this humble MOC. I'm a fan of LEGO Technic and pneumatics, especially RC ones. I hope I will meet here more fans of LEGO Technic pneumatics. I'd really appreciate any discussion and suggestions. Features: Powered and controlled by BuWizz 2.0 + 2 x Sbrick + PS4 controller + BrickController 2, 16 RC functions (12 can be used at once); 7 x PF motors - 4 x servo motors and 3 x L motors 6 x PF LED RC AWD powered by a PF L motor - with a central differential and gearing including the difference in the wheels’ diameters; pendular driven front axle controlled by PF servo motor - the pivot point is above the wheels’ axle to limit overlapping wheels on the front loader - like in a real tractor; differentials on both axles; 7 RC pneumatic functions controlled by 3 PF servo motors - 3 of them can be used simultaneously (selected manually). 3 at the front to serve the front loader, 4 at the back - one for 3-point hitch, and 3 outputs for additional attachments; pneumatic pump powered by a PF L motor and connected with all RC controlled pneumatic valves. It works proportionally to the opening of the pneumatic valves what ensures smooth work of pneumatic functions. Front loader with 4 attachments - brush grapple, wrapped bale grab, pneumatic sliding pallet forks and bucket; PTO shaft - powered by a PF L motor; trailer hitch; opening hood and doors; lights - front and rear, roof spotlight, blinkers, beacon lights; simple interior - steering wheel and driver seat; Here you can see it in action:
  10. Hello, I'm here again presenting my 36th review in Eurobricks. Let's have a look at Dom's Dodge Charger! Before that, I want to thank LEGO for providing us with this set for review. Overview Name: 42111 Dom's Dodge Charger Theme: LEGO Technic Pieces: 1077 pieces Minifigures: 0 Price: £89.99 / $99.99 / 99.99€ Box Square boxes are quite uncommon in LEGO. However, this is actually my first technic set in my life so let's move into it and I'll let you know what's inside. Like usual, the back of the box shows us the play features in the set and we get to see the actual car picture at the top corner. At the side, we can see the actual size of the tyre. The Content We get four numbered bags with smaller same numbered bags so there are 8 bags in total. The instruction booklet is sealed in a plastic bag together with the sticker sheet. The frame and the tyres are not sealed inside the plastics. I've scanned the sticker sheet here in high resolution. The comparison photo of the actual car and a dog. This is found at the back of the instruction booklet and LEGO is trying to tell you they are rebuilding the world. Different version of Dom's Dodge Charger. The parts list. This is quite clear and you can zoom in to see the parts numbers by clicking at the picture and zoom in. This is an 11x15 frame in dark bluish grey with the part number of 6265646. I suppose it is new and currently exclusive to the set. It is still not catalogued in bricklink yet. Tire 56 x 28 ZR Street. 6035364 is a tyre produced in 2001 as seen in the left one. Technic, Shock Absorber 6.5L - Hard Spring. 6027566 is an old part but it is considered a new piece to me as this is my first technic set. It contributes to the suspension of the car making it bouncy. After finish bag one, you will get a set of bones like this. It feels fascinating building technic for the first time. I feel like building a car. (What am I talking about? IT IS A FREAKING CAR!) There is a sticker underneath the frame. I suppose the license is a serious issue here. Technic, Engine Cylinder without Side Slots, 4234251. Going towards bag 2, this appears as the engine part. It is released since 2009 and it is new to me here, haha. Technic, Engine Piston Round, 4112203. This is even older and it comes in blue too since 1990. Okay, 6276854. This one is new and currently exclusive to the set. Quite a nice and versatile piece for some Star Wars ships I think. As I said, this is new to me and I find these pistons build very interesting. After building the second bag, you'll notice the 'steering wheel' is at the back of the vehicle and the pistons of the engine at the front are controlling the rear wheels. Technic, Steering Wheel Large, 4125213. Since 1988. This wheel is useless in the vehicle and it controls nothing. Haha. Technic, Panel Fairing # 2 Small Smooth Short, Side B 4566249 and Technic, Panel Fairing # 1 Small Smooth Short, Side A 4566251. This is an interesting part to me as LEGO is very considerate in putting numbers at the parts so that we won't be confused of the right and left side of the piece. I love this kind of small details LEGO put in. Bag 3 is actually wrapping the front part of the skeleton. I really love the trans clear boat studs coupled with that sticker with the word Charger. The front of the car really looks gorgeous. Bag 4 completes the whole build and this is the rear view of the vehicle. The white California 2JRI424 License Plate is produced as seen on the 1970 Dodge Charger driven by Dominic Toretto. More info. Side view of the Car. I wonder why the technic pin is not 'finished' sticking out the rims. Hmm... It is quite hard to pull the lever inside the car after the hood is installed. It is too narrow inside. The grey technic part at the middle is the lever. Easier when it is still the skeleton phase. The front hood can be opened to reveal the engine inside. I love the look of the engine but imagine if we get chromed parts for this! Okay wake up. The bonnet is filled with 2 bottles of Nitrous Oxide can. I am Groot. *Groot is not included in the set.* Review summary Playability: 6/10 - Yes you can play with the car and as the steering wheel is at the bonnet of the car, it is quite convenient to control the front wheel. Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - The design is very nice at the front and back but please don't view from the top. You'll only see a black rectangle. Minifigures: -/10 - At least give us a minifigure without any hairpiece. Price / Value for money: 6/10 - It is a nice display set for a Fast and Furious fan. Don't display it inside a Koi fish pond (If you know what I mean). Haha Overall: 6/10 - I think this set is only targetted for Fast and Furious fans as normal LEGO fan would only see this as a black car. However building this makes me feels like I'm a real mechanic especially when you build the spring part. Thanks for reading! I hope you like this review. Do share your thoughts in the comments below!  My reviews in Eurobricks. Review: 76060 Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum Review: 60134 Fun in the park - City People Pack Review: 70911 The Penguin™ Arctic Roller Review: 70818 Double-Decker Couch REVIEW: LEGO 76051 SUPER HERO AIRPORT BATTLE REVIEW: Short comparison of various sized Antman. Review: 9469 Gandalf Arrives Review: 31015 Emerald Express & 31054 Blue Express Review: 79018 The Lonely Mountain Review: 9474 The Battle of Helm's Deep Review: 21029 The Buckingham Palace [Review] 30611 R2-D2 Polybag Review: 9473 The Mines of Moria Review: 41103 Pop Star Recording Studio Review of City of Wonders Gift Sets in Malaysia. Review: 75030 Millennium Falcon Review of 76084 The Ultimate Battle for Asgard and 76088 Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash Review of 76099 Rhino Face-Off by the Mine and 76100 Royal Talon Fighter Attack. Review of 76031 The Hulk Buster Smash and 76104 The Hulkbuster Smash Up Review: 75230 Porg [REVIEW] 5005254 - Harry Potter Minifigures (Bricktober 2018) [REVIEW] 5005255 - Jurassic World Minifigures (Bricktober 2018) [REVIEW] 5005257 - NINJAGO Minifigures (Bricktober 2018) [REVIEW] 5005256 - Marvel Infinity War Minifigures (Bricktober 2018) Review: 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition Review: 70841 Benny's Space Squad Review of 76039 Ant-man Final Battle and 76109 Quantum Realm Explorers Review: 79003 An Unexpected Gathering The Fellowship of the Ring Collection. Review: 30452 Iron Man and Dum-E Polybag [REVIEW] 76048 Iron Skull Sub Attack [REVIEW] 40343 Spider-Man and the Museum Break-In [REVIEW] Four SDCC minifigures [REVIEW] 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue [REVIEW] 21313 Ship in a Bottle
  11. HONDA ACTY 1983 Dragster The inspiration for creating such an unusual hybrid was the car of a blogger from YouTube) Description: -1 Buggy motor -Servo motor for steering and steering wheel -Small power supply -Detailed interior All the photos on the link: Instagram: Join my group in VK:
  12. Here's another topic that may get booted out of the Technic section for looking too detailed Ideas link: Photos: I present a simple, nearly minifig-scale truck based on the classic Kenworth W900 in a flat top sleeper variant. The idea behind submitting it to Ideas was that since LEGO keeps making simple RC cars such as 421090 and 42124, then why not a simple RC truck? I was inspired by the excellent Mack Anthem set, but eventually drifted towards building the body with System pieces because at this scale I couldn't get a decent detail level with Technic. So it's a System body on a Technic chassis, and the functions are as follows: remotely controlled drive & steering with a working steering wheel opening doors and hood removable back of the sleeper (for changing batteries), the Control+ hub activated by turning the round tile on truck's roof trailer with parking outriggers and opening doors reasonably realistic hitching action (the trailer lowers onto the fifth wheel when you manually retract the outriggers) Any votes are appreciated and a full video is below:
  13. Hello guys, let me introduce my latest creation - this Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB VIII generation. I was always dreaming to build something like this, so it last I could implement it. Car is fully manual! It has complex suspension - Front with anti-roll bar, akkerman, pneumo disc brakes Rear - Multilink with pneumo disk brakes V12 fake engine, connected with Didumos 8th speed gearbox Openable doors, hood and bonnet. Rear doors are opening via big linear actuators. Interior has dark tan installations, imitating natural leather, each of 4 seats is adjustable in two dimensions + support for head Adjustable support for legs, two TVs, remivable tables, vine glasses. Front interior has crystal-installation above the glove box. Stereosystem with 8 dynamics Video of it's features is in the progress. All photos:
  14. Hello everyone! Today I'd like to show you the model that I've been working on for more than two years, it's my first MOC in this scale that is actually close to being finished. It was rebuild from scratch dozen times and still requires bodywork. The MOC is LaFerrari in 1:8 scale: Origially I had a lot of ideas and great ambitions, but over time I realized that I just don't have enough skill to make everything I wanted. So current version has following features: independent suspension; 2 L motors for driving; Servo motor for steering; working steering wheel; 8 speed sequential gearbox driven by M motor; spacious interior with low seats positioning; powering with standard LEGO PF. Proportions: width - 29 studs; height - 15-16 studs; length - about 70 studs, don't know yet. Originally I wanted to use bigger wheels but then I stopped on 68.8. The thing is that front section of the car are too low so there won't be any place for arches with bigger wheels. Battery box is located in front of the car because everything behind seats is one huge gearbox. It just lays on its own weight and will be covered on the top with something black. This way you won't see most of gray and light gray parts through the bonnet. Distance between seats is only 3 studs and every seat is 7 studs wide. There's no free space between them - only a few hidden cables there. This is how it looks without seats: Top and bottom views: The whole core of the car is basically done. It's pretty sturdy and doesn't bend when you hold it. In current state it has about 1600 pieces. The most challenging part of the build at this point is a gearbox. It had to be very compact because car is so low. In this LDD file you can investigate all gears: speed gearbox.lxf Here are some renders of gearbox without stepper. Green axles are input from motors. There are 3 clutches here and they give 8 unique combinations of their engagement. L motors are slowed down significantly. This is because they are not powerful enough to make this car fast. Here's a stepper mechanism that I used to move all 3 clutches: Green things should be connected with white rubber bands, they hold axles in fixed 90-degrees positions. There's a strong resemblance with 42056 Porshe's gearbox here, I know it. That model helped a lot with the inspiration. My plan is to finish bodywork but it's the hardest thing for me. This is the exact reason why I'm creating this topic - to get help/critique while I'm finishing the model. LaFerrari has quite complex shape and I should have chosen something more simple for my first MOC. But I already spent way too much time so I have to finally finish it. Leave your thoughts here, I'm very curious of what you might say. Thank you!
  15. Hi everyone, this time I want to show you another work-in-progress MOC, but this one is more recent. The reason why I want to do this is quite obvious - LEGO releases their Lambo this year, and I am also aware of at least one Aventador MOC coming soon. We should have even more Lamborghinis, they are awesome and I can't wait to see these models. My version is a dark blue + white model in 1:8 scale with some basic functions: Steering with working steering wheel. Openable scissors doors. 7+R gearbox. Remote control using a single Control+ hub: 2 coupled XL motors for drive; L motor for steering; L motor to change speeds. This time I decided to build everything independantly and simultaniously. It actually helped me to become much more productive. I'll start with the bodywork. It's not completed and is built around a very crude carcass. I'm trying to concentrate on the shape only. There will be enough space on the inside, I'm taking this into account while building. As you see, it's about 60% completed. Front section is not done yet, but the back looks almost completed and I really like how it turned out. Reminds me a "snowboard glasses" a little (don't know how to call them but I'm sure you get what I mean): Of course, these gaps will have black background in the future and I will add some filler to them as well. Rear wing also looks completed, it might be my favorite part of the build, here you can see it from another side: Now I want to show a door closely. I tried to replicate scissors mechanism as closely as I could. First version used shock absorber and was way too big. The proble is that it has to be very close to the front wheel, it's pretty hard to do. Second version required 3 small rubber bands to hold door's weight. On the following photos you will see a third version. This is how it looks being closed: This is the first step of opening when you open it just like a regular car's door: And this is how it looks when you open it in a different plane. It holds itself locked with two rubber bands that you can see at the bottom: Here's a shot from the front with both doors opened. You can see that the door on the right has "old" design, I improved on it already: Next two pictures are showing caliper on the front wheel. I wanted it to be angled just like on the real car so I had to be creative: Yes, this is a sausage piece. Calipers on the rear will also be angled, but with more conventional build. I don't have it right now so the picture will be in one of the following updates. Now car's internals. Here you can see a gearbox and rear wheels. 3 motors are clearly visible. 4th motor will be in front of the hub. The idea is that L motor will change speeds by rotating by 180 degrees, this can be done programmatically rather then mechanically. But it doesn't mean that the build is simple, because it's not. I used only one of those new orange "wave selector" gears, everything else is basically a huge improvement over the gearbox from my LaFerrari MOC, but it's 1.5 times bigger because of that "reverse" speed I added. It's actually pretty fun that I managed to use a 40 tooth gear in this model. I guess I could use 36 + 2x28, but I don't have 28 tooth gears yet: Here's a view of the bottom. A huge con of the model can be seen here - it has no central diff, but still I expect all 4 wheels to be driven. On the other hand, I left a lot of holes so I can see gears turning: This construction is not rigid enough in several points, I think I will have to completely rebuild it and ensure that it is strong enough. It's already pretty smooth and if motors won't be able to handle the weight then I can play with the gear ratios from motors - there are dedicated places in the gearbox for this exact purpose. I hope that it will become a good model and you'll like it. Thank you!
  16. Scoar Sonander

    Technic Car designs

    Hi, this topic is something different. Here you can share either designs for cars, or single parts of your design. Such as a central column, seats or even a complete drivetrain. If you have something interesting to share, something innovative, stylish or complex, feel free to display it! I'll start off with a center column design of mine. Here's a picture linked via Flickr: Center_Column_Render_202194 | Scoar Sonander | Flickr As you can see, the upper fairing is tilted at a slight angle so as not to interfere with the bottom one. This makes the center column 3 studs wide, it looks very cool and has space for a wire or an axle leading through it.
  17. Hello everyone and welcome to another MOC release. First, i need to say this MOC was not designed from scratch, it is a modification of my previous original MOC, the "Sand Cruiser", which was a C-Model for the set 42095, but i saw it had potential and decided to expand on its design using extra parts. Since this MOC is based upon another one, it has some weird or uncommon building choices and inherited all features from the original MOC: - Return to center steering using one l-motor and a rubber band mechanism; - Another l-motor powering one of the rear wheels. It's not a technical prowess, but that wasn't also the objective: this MOC is easy and quick to build, doesn't require too many or rare parts, it's light and sturdy enough for a child to handle it, ideal to do some races around the house. Funny enough, although i made this for my son, it is actually my wife who is picking it up all the time, go figure XD If you like my creations don't forget to show your support by following me here, or on rebrickable, or also my page on Facebook where i always share first hand when a new MOC is coming out. Hope you have fun playing with this one. For anyone interested, building instructions are available on this page. Hope you like it.
  18. The car definitely needs a topic like this to look more like the real thing and make it better overall. Here are some ideas: lower the car, fill all holes in the chassis and the bodywork, flip the small panels on top of the the doors around, get rid of all visible blue pins and coloured axles, different wheels, improve the interior by filling all gaps, make the side skirts out of some technic beams like on the 42096 instead of these stupid rotor blades, different steering wheel, ......
  19. With a new Pneumatic truck possibly on the horizon, I decided to give the Redux treatment to one of my favourite models.This is due to its complexity and that it was the first large model that i bought for myself that was not a Christmas or Birthday present. And judging from a recent post on the forums a lot of you like it as well. I have still to model the tubing from my IRL model but I may have to switch to LDCad as is still not the best at this. As with most of the models of the old studded times, to convert to studless you have to switch the width from even to odd so the truck is now one stud wider. I have tried to keep as many details from the original and made changes where the new beams demand it or where newer parts allow a better build. With the redux models I make I always try to use the most current parts available so people who don't have the original have a chance to build it as well. Please let me know what you think especially the front of the truck as I have employed a few odd techniques to keep it looking like the original. Plans will follow eventually when i get the tubing done.
  20. Hi eurobrickers! My name is Vinc, I also use 20100 as nickname, I'm 34 IT ingeneer in health care and live in France. As many 30s AFOL, I played Lego when I was young with system (city now), space and technic sets. I remember two sets of my childhood, ModelTeam #5541 blue ferry and the Technic Front Loader #8459 which was incredible with its air tank pneumatic system ! A long dark age and then passion si growing since 6 years. I'm found of building architecture in the early 1920s, so I have several modular but I don't spend time to MOC in this theme. I mainly build technic and GBC. Before the "covid age", I use to join friends on french exibitions where we have plenty of RC handling equipement or vehicle to carrier fake rocks. Here is a list of my main MOCs (all are full rc with SBrick or Control+): - Compact Forklift - Front loader - Telehandler - Tipper Grab Truck - 2 Hooklift Trucks - Tipper trailer with previous hooklift trucks I often challenge myself in these creations with combined mecanism, as an example with a 4 channels hub I find a way to have 6 to 9 functions On the GBC side my main creation is a writing text GBC (EV3 WRIT3R can be found on Youtube) where I use my IT skills to succeed. Happy to see you in EB topics !
  21. Hey guys, here is a long-anticipated project of mine that I'm finally starting. It is a model of NJ Transit's 2020 New Flyer XD60 articulated bus. My model will be fully motorized, with remote-controlled drive, steering, and opening doors. It'll be either controlled by the PF IR system or by SBrick. The model will be propelled by a PF XL motor, which is already in place. The power source is a PF 8878 battery sitting in the very rear of the chassis. So far I have the rear portion of the chassis built - just missing most of the seats. I've already been building the model digitally on for about a month, mostly working on the chassis, so this part should be done relatively soon. However, this is not taking into consideration any potential issues that may arise as I build the chassis in real life. I also have prototypes for the doors' and bellows' mechanisms ready (not pictured), and they seem to work pretty well. So overall, it'll just be a matter of putting these mechanisms together into a coherent chassis. Aesthetics wise, my model will mostly be about the outside appearance, which means I'll focus much more on the bodywork than the interior details-wise. However, the seating layout will still be identical to the original bus, with a total of 59 seats. This is definitely a project I'm really looking forward to. It'll be the first time I model a particular real-life vehicle. I'm a huge fan of NJ Transit's buses and buses in general, and these artics IMO are some of the best buses they've ordered in recent years. And because I'm doing a digital build while simultaneously building in real life, I plan on publishing instructions for this MOC when it's finished. Photo:
  22. Hi, guys Remote controlled Pickup with Top Gear Rally Car profile Lambo doors, adjustable height of the rear axle (manual) Download for free at Happy Easter!
  23. Hello guys, few days ago i finished and released my latest MOC. And here i want to share it with you and it a bit more technical aspect of it. if you are interested. (My english may have few errors) Main one is the tractor, as you can see its Case QuadTrac 620 articulated tractor, aimed for 1:17 to match with trucks and other farm machinery, mainly eric´s if there is collector who appreciate that. but this scale is also big enought to pack everything needed and look good, and small enough for not needing large uniform boring surfaces. On the outside it may look like pure system thing, but on the inside its packs 6 PF motors. two of which are L motors for drive, 3x M motors, two for pneu/switch combo (two independend systems) and third is in the rear of the body for PTO output. and last is standard servo which uses opposide steering rack system for quick response in oposite of standard linear acctuators, this system is in my opinion even more compact, reliable and more enjoyable to play with. However if exposed to very large resistance it may throw timing off. (i dont recomend steering while stationary on carpet or floor). Secondary features are : Connected steering wheel to the servo system while the cabin itself has suspension. Driver seat is rotatable to the right side as the original. left staircase swings away from the path of tracks while being steered to the left. and full suspension on all 4 tracks and also rotating rear section for compenstate for uneaven surfaces. Everything is powered by 2x buwizz 2.0 bricks. It may seems like an overkill for instructions but i chose to not make too much compromises. i wante model that can do it all, exept it cant lift things because its lack of three point hitch. About the trailer. Its mostly System bricks and creator style creation with minimum of technic features so i will not talk much about it, but it has three functions. first is PTO input which powers conveyor on the floor of the bin and it also diverts into auger conveyor to spin worm gear at the end to look like there is actual function to it. However it cant move real stuff. Second function is pneumatic support leg at the bottom, so after attaching it to the tractor with pin and connecting all the hoses. you can remotely operate entire trailer. Third feature is extending auger conveyor to simulate real operation of this kind of machine. I am aware of few off-scale bug on this model. main one is taller track system due to including suspension. and shorter trailer bin. If you are interested in instructions they are on my RB profile: There is one independent video review and one video of my own. i hope you will appriciate and enjoy both of them.
  24. This is an older MOC that I made a month or two ago. It is a full rc front loader garbage truck. Power Functions are: 1x AA Battery box (for power) 2x IR receiver (for control) 1x M-motor (for steering) 1x XL-motor(for drive) 2x L-motor (for front fork and rear crusher
  25. Inspired by the Volvo EC750 Excavator with the new Powered Up motors All motors in the rotating platform Tracks with subtractor mechanism and two differentials Tensioner regulated tracks