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  1. This is ASSAULT3R, a Lego Mindstorms EV3 Assault Vehicle. After getting a second Lego EV3 set, I knew that I had to build something awesome. Features RWD and Steering Ultrasonic Sensor Infrared Sensor Two Color Sensors Dual Ball Shooters Gullwing Doors Detailed Interior and Exterior The ASSAULT3R's front sports red lights that will strike fear in enemies and their machines. Its dual ball shooters will shoot a total of six Lego balls, three for each side, high or low. That's twice the weaponry used by EV3RSTORM. The gullwing doors allow easy access for operators and it makes the ASSAULT3R look futuristic yet sinister. I had a lot of fun building this, and I'm very happy with the result. And of course, here are some photos as always.
  2. TECHNIC PULLBACK CONTEST RESULTS Congratulations to all the winners! 1st The Tiger Pull Bug by MegaRoi Discussion topic 2nd Pentagon Clock by Didumos69 Discussion topic 3rd Top Fuel Tractor by Anto Discussion topic WINNERS1. The Tiger Pull Bug by MegaRoi - 295 Points2. Pentagon Clock by Didumos69 - 205 Points 3. Top Fuel Tractor by Anto - 115 PointsRESULTSCONTEST RESULTS1. The Tiger Pull Bug by MegaRoi - 295 Points (53 votes, entry 10)2. Pentagon Clock by Didumos69 - 205 Points (39 votes, entry 24)3. Top Fuel Tractor by Anto - 115 Points (32 votes, entry 2)4. Steampunk Clock by Ludo Visser - 84 Points (19 votes, entry 15)5. Wind up tracked racer by Marxpek - 79 Points (16 votes, entry 19)6. Mini table clock by Davidz90 - 78 Points (15 votes, entry 8)7. Bridge by nick97 - 73 Points (18 votes, entry 9)8. Volvo Iron Knight by Jurss - 66 Points (18 votes, entry 12)9. The Click Counter by schraubedrin - 66 Points (14 votes, entry 25)10. Powerful Racing Truck by super-jaschka - 49 Points (14 votes, entry 14)11. Twinrotor Helicopter by Rudivdk - 48 Points (14 votes, entry 22)12. Roadster 2 by Zerobricks - 44 Points (17 votes, entry 16)13. Pullback Motorcycle by Offroadcreat1ons - 38 Points (12 votes, entry 13)14. Crossbow by Seasider - 35 Points (12 votes, entry 11)15. Mini Tumbler by bastie77 - 28 Points (8 votes, entry 18)16. Retro-futuristic Racecar by Xewyz2001 - 26 Points (9 votes, entry 5)17. The Thunderer by juGSI16V - 23 Points (6 votes, entry 1)18. Sprite by februar88 - 6 Points (2 votes, entry 21)19. Traxxas Slash by DamonMM2000 - 4 Points (1 votes, entry 6)20. Super Shock Buggy by TechnicRCRacer - 4 Points (1 votes, entry 20)21. Formula One by Cogliostro - 1 Points (1 votes, entry 4)22. Pull Back Race Buggy by Horace T - 0 Points (0 votes, entry 23)CONTEST SUMMARY Scores and stats don't entirely match due to disqualification.
  3. Foremost is a Canadian company specialized in oil & gas, heavy oil, mining, water well and construction equipment. You can have here on Foremost’s website a complete overview of their activities and product. Note that @Erik Leppen is also working on a Foremost truck; the Delta III, which can be viewed here to discover a great modular big MOC. On myside, I prpose youthe Commander Tri-Axle. The main and only goal of this MOC was to test the “tri-axle” design. The Commander C Tri-Axle was launch in 2011 and is a 8x8 evolution of the classic 6x6 Commander C. “by adding a third axle to allow for an extended oilfield deck while maintaining low ground pressures. This also increases the maximum payload capacity from 60,000 lbs (27,216 kg) to 80,000 lbs (36,287 kg).” says Foremost. In the main line the truck is an all wheel drive articulated truck mounted on Terra tires, equipped with a 500hp Cummins engine, a 11m bed and a 58t winch. The full documentation of the Commander Series is available here. The MOC. The truck is a 8x8 articulated RC truck. The full Album is available on FLickR There is three power function controlled through a SBrick controller plus a manual one: 1 PF-XL motor for propulsion (redution 1:1) 1 PF-M motor for steering (12t-36t-Worm-24t) 2 PF-LED for headlight Manual winch with locking system The tires used are 68.8 x 40 Balloon Large. The front axle is only pendular, just to simplify the construction. The 3 rear axles are pendular and independent from each other. The forward axle has stiffer shock absorber to support the weight of the 2 motors and the battery box. The winch is manual and equipped with a locking mechanism. There is only few details in the cabin, it is actually hard to find pictures, it is a simple three seats cabin. The driver’s seat is equipped with some instruments. (the music in the video may not work properly ) Some Bonus. The Commander fitted with a "special" load for delivery: The commander fitted with gopro mount for outdoor filming: Nose 360 degrees mount Lateral 360 degrees mount (can bee fitted on both side) bed upper mount The aft cabin support used in the video has been included later so picture available Thank you for reading ! All my other MOC available here below ↓
  4. For those who are interested, I put together a review and Lepin vs LEGO comparison on my blog. Details are here.
  5. Hey! Check out my Lego Boeing 737-600! Working: aileron, rudder, elevator, control column RC: flaps, slats, spoilers, landing gear, thrust reverser Length: 110 cm Wingspan: 125 cm Height: 40 cm Weight: 2,8 kg Video here:
  6. Hello, a few weeks ago I made a molding factory GBC module but it was not very reliable. This new version is much more reliable and uses even less parts. It is made to look like a lego molding machine with the marbles taking the place of the bricks. Free video instructions.
  7. This is the second mod I have done to Lego's 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS set. I used the same height lift as I used on my previous Porsche mod and moved forward the bottom arms in the front and the rear of the chassis to add negative camber. The car was able to roll without the body on, but once I put it on, it couldn't roll. This means the car is now purely a display model. As much as a JDM fanboy I am, I'm kind of upset with the result of the car not moving, but at least I'm glad that I stanced this car anyways just for the fun of it. Although, quote automotive YouTuber GasKings, the camber angle does seem a bit too much on here like "a baby giraffe taking its first steps." So, what do you think of this mod I have done? Is it CamberGang worthy? I think it looks neat, but I would like to get rid of the camber (and the height lift) so I can roll this car around again. Here's some more pictures of the car I took. Thanks as always for checking this out, and I hope you'll stick around for my next builds.
  8. Captains log, stardate 67433.5. During the galactic battle of sector 8. Class-44 repair stations were sent to repair our starfleet. They are equipped with four repair arms, capable of fixing massive phaser fire damage in a matter of weeks. Container ships were sent out to replenish the supply container on top of the ships for spare parts. The drawback of class-44 repair stations is that they're completely unarmed as they're mostly civilian controlled. They however have four massive thrusters in each corner to give the station enough agility to retreat if in danger. These massive thrusters are as big as the ones in our battlecruisers. Our scouts have found a wreckage of an unidentified ship that's bigger than what we've ever encountered. The massive engine has been sent to the repair station Alpha-4. Our research vessels are en route to the repair station. A ship with an engine as big as this one, we can't imagine what devastation it could bring. Captain out.
  9. To be honest this video was supposed to be my video releasing a new version of the RC Car with Sbrick along with some instructions. However, after a request for a build battle by LEGO Technic Mastermind, I have decided to postpone that video, but that will happen sometime in the future. In the meantime, I have made a rear-wheel drive sports car with an opening hood, small-cylinder V8 engine, functional headlights and taillights with PF LEDs, full independent suspension on all four wheels, a steered front axle with toe in (steered by a PF servo), and a four speed manual gearbox driven by 4 PF L-motors. To control all the powered functions, I have used two Sbricks, each connected to their own AAA battery box. I have not much else to say, just enjoy the video and photos below.
  10. Hey everyone, Presenting my last 42054 C model for a long time. This is a 2-stage tractor, a very interesting model (at least in my opinion) because of its steering system which features articulated steering and front wheel steering to create 4 steering modes. I also added a lawn mower attachment which has 2 motorized functions. Additionally, the whole model is very detailed. How about some pictures? Well, that's it. I hope you enjoy this MOC. I sure had a ton of fun building it! Please leave a comment! BbBT
  11. Let's keep them all in one thread for clarity, shall we? I will be adding videos to this first post as they are released. Be advised of the possible animal content, including angry hamsters and sleepy pugs ;) First, the 42078 Mack Anthem: 42077 Rally Car: 42076 Hovercraft: 42074 Racing Yacht:
  12. This lego great ball contraption module uses "forks" attached to a conveyor belt to move the marbles. The forks are just tight enough to hold the marbles while still being loose enough for them to come out easily. Here you can see the unload mechanism:
  13. (sorry for my bad english) I'm thinking which suspension type should I use for my race car. I'm doing it outta LEGO Mindstorms (NXT/EV3). It's suposed to be RWD (with differencial) car for racing on flat surface. But on the the track the is one jump - it has 15 cm (or 5.9 inch). And I need suspension that is going to be light, kinda robust (it has to survive fall from 15 cm (5.9 inch) and also simple. I was using multilink suspension in the back and something like McPherson in the front, but it didn't worked as i wanted. So I'm thinking about using still multilink in the back, but double wishbone suspension in the front. (I'm using soft springs because car weights 850 g (or 1.87 lbs)). What do you thing is it allright or should I change it, or are there some bad sites of this two types of suspension ?
  14. [WIP] Monster Bike

    Hey guys, I know this post is kinda early since I just posted a WIP of the Monster Bike yesterday, but I think the progress I made today is worthy of a new post, since this is a lot of progress for a small project. So basically at this point the entire rear section of the bike is complete. I've installed the SBrick (which is hidden behind the shock absorbers and between the panels) and I've completed a good chunk of the body. Due to this being a small MOC, I thought of this as a good opportunity to use a lesser-common color within the Technic realm: orange. (I've done the same thing with my Azure Racer and Lime Tracker from the fall of last year where I took advantage of the MOC's small size to use a more uncommon color). Most of my orange pieces come from the 42052 and 42060 sets, which is not a lot but sufficient for creating a small MOC. The only part I'm not so happy with is the exposed 5x7 frame. Pretty much everything on there right now is held together (or at least reinforced) by the two frames, and I can't cover it up easily as it would make the model too wide. I've also done some speed tests with this thing, and I found the speed to be pretty impressive. However, I may end up changing the gear ratio if the motors start to get sluggish later on in the build. There's also the issue of it being unstable when fast driving, but thankfully the SBrick app allows proportional control of the motors, so I can always drive it at slow speed when necessary. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Photos:
  15. Hey guys, here's another project I've been working on alongside the Monster Bike. This is going to be a much bigger project, and will very likely be my first MOC going to BrickFair VA in August. It will be a truck and trailer MOC - the trailer will have several motorized functions and a pneumatic crane, and the truck will contain no electronic components - it will be all about the details, just like the 42078, and it will be built at a similar scale. . At this point I have finished the distribution gearbox that will control all the motorized and pneumatic functions. The gearbox is set up similar to that of the 8110 (or 42070) - the "main" side will determine whether the motor drives the pneumatic compressor or the 2 motorized functions, and the "dependent" side will determine which of the two motorized functions the motor will drive. The motor is only connected to the main side, as the dependent side requires the main side to direct drive to it. As for the truck, I'm planning on a Kenworth T600 in black. The trailer will have a platform made of 5x11 panels in light bluish gray. The functions of the trailer will be: (This plan is tentative) Motorized functions: Trailer stabilizers Crane rotation (will have a worm gear somewhere in the gear train as this prevents manual rotation) Pneumatic Functions: (all will be on the crane arm) Elevation Second Section Extension (if space allows) Grabber If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Photos:
  16. Hey guys, here's a new MOC I've just started making. It's going to be a motorcycle, and so far I've completed its rear wheel module, with the drive motors already in place. It will feature: Drive, with the 2 L motors, geared 1:1 Steering, which will be controlled by a M motor The final design will be similar to something like the Batpod, with the front wheel far in front of the chassis. This means steering will probably end up like that of a wheel loader, where the vehicle turns on an articulated joint (hopefully that makes sense). The front wheel module will be attached to the chassis via 2 large turntables, and the bike will steer simply by transferring gear drive to the turntables. (The steering motor will be geared down of course to ensure stability) Rear suspension The entire model will be, of course, controlled by SBrick. A rechargeable battery will power it in order to reduce weight. I'm making this MOC to give some out-of-the-ordinary applications for the Claas tires, which, in this case, is using them on a bike. I also think that my first remote controlled bike MOC (the Stealth Bike from 2016) was not so great, so I'm making a second bike to see if I can make it perform better The video will be, of course, filmed outdoors. This MOC is, of course, going to be pretty simple. But I'm already making plans for my BrickFair VA 2018 MOCs, one of which is already underway. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Photos:
  17. Afte the success of the Jaguar XJR19 Le Mans prototype (of which I will still to the photos of the complete model, and instructions) I decided to do a new WIP. Again it's a model I've prototyped over the last month and will now do the second, hopefully better buildup. And again, I will use a photo of an existing vehicle as my inspiration, but it won't be an exact scale model. I use the photo as inspiration and will deviate where needed for the functions (and it will be needed, because i want a 4-function switch box similar to 8258). It's this truck. It's called Foremost Delta 3 Wheeled Carrier and it seems to come in several configurations, one of which has the crane below. On this picture, it's not finished, because outriggers seem to be missing. Several other pictures of the same model show that it has one set of outriggers near the crane. My other source of inspiration will be set 42070. I want to make something with a similar size, which will be in a way "my own take on that set's theme", i.e. "off-road truck with crane". (That's all I will use from that set). So I'm thinking of something in the range of about 2000 pieces. (In practice though, it will always turn out to be more.) Another thing: the colors will be very different. My first prototype was obediently yellow, but when I arrived at the cabin I wanted to deviate a bit, so I threw some less-used colors in the mix, and went for Dark Turquoise with Black for the cabin, and consequently also for the crane and bed. The chassis will be Dark Gray and for the body I am torn between Yellow and Red (main reason being the colored axles I want to use, for example for the ladders). I will be copying the crane from 8258 (with different colors), because that one seems perfect for the scale and type. But everything else will be different. I will be using Tumbler wheels. The profile is not exact but the shape and size seems fine. Also, currently I have only 4, so I will temporarily be using someting else for the front (interestingly, the Porsche wheels have the same diameter and width). I started with two important modules: The one on the left is the 4-function gearbox and crane base, and the one on the right is the rear axle unit. What I like personally is how a 4-way gearbox and outriggers using the new gear rack pieces introduced in 42043 fit in a pretty compact module. Here's the gearbox unit from below. The dark-gray axle joiner is the motor input. I plan on using my newly acquired L-motor. Here's the rear-axles module: Each axle is mounted on two 1x5 suspension arms and two 1x6 links. These 4 keep the axle in place and nicely horizontal. The free ball-sockets near each wheel will connect to the springs. Also, as you see, with the parts used, doing this part in dark-gray seems impossible... Of course, the 15L beams will be replaced by the chassis. It will be a challenge to get this strong though, because the gearbox module has some gears in the way, so little room to connect things firmly. The functions I want to have: Manual steer and drive (so no RC) Electric crane rotation Electric crane first boom element Electric crane second boom element Electric outrigger horizontal deployment Manual outrigger vertical deployment (similar to many sets) Suspension It's not as impressive as 42070's six electric functions in three modes and four nice large-range outriggers, but instead of that, this will have suspension. Next up will be connecting the two modules, and doing the front axle and steering modules.
  18. Below some pictures of a WIP i'm working on. Plan is to make it fully working with rc pf. This means, forward-reverse, left-right, working PTO, and rear hitch. This is my first ever MOC using pf, rc and studless building. You might say i'm kind of a 'old school' Technic builder. Hope you enjoy, comments and questions are welcome.
  19. Even before the release of the Lego 42069 set, I’ve always wanted to make a 4x4 vehicle with triangular tracks. Seeing that the season is perfect for vehicles like these (the snow!), I decided it’s finally time I make my dream come true. The build started out with, obviously, making the 4 triangular tracks. Drive is transferred to the tracks via a large sprocket, and two small sprockets form the triangular shape. There are also two small wheels at the bottom that guide the tracks and help reduce slack. The track modules are attached to their axles with a small turntable, which allows it tilt back and forth and also keeps it well attached to prevent it from falling off. The axles are attached to the chassis with 4 suspension arms, 3 links, and 2 6.5L shock absorbers. The entire vehicle is driven by 2 L motors, with 1 per axle. A servo motor at the center of the chassis controls steering, with the front output controlling the front axle and the rear output controlling the rear. The drive/steering setup is similar to that of the 9398. Since there are no mechanical connections between the two driven axles, I added an extra M motor just to drive the V6 piston engine. The fake engine is chain-driven and can be seen by opening the hood, which can be locked in place. The model also includes Lego LEDs that light up the front lights. However, due to the bright sunlight when I filmed it, I could not demonstrate this feature. As for the performance, the model could drive on snow pretty well. The use of tracks over wheels was advantageous in that it has better weight distribution, which reduces stress on the motor. However, since tracks are a lot less grippier than wheels, even a small obstacle means that the tracks will slip, so I had to omit differentials in the drivetrain. The lack of differentials meant that one of the tracks on each axle will be stressed when making a turn, which is why one of the tracks can be seen driving slightly tilted when making a turn. Using rubber inserts, however, may have helped with the tracks slipping, but unfortunately I do not have any at this point. The tracks also feature stoppers on the back that limit their maximum tilt, as the tracks would often tilt too far in its initial tests, especially when overcoming an obstacle.The entire model is powered by a rechargeable battery, which, despite delivering less voltage than the AA battery box, gave the model plenty of power. Overall, I am very satisfied with the result. The model was a success not only in performance but also in aesthetics. In fact, I think this is my best-looking pickup truck model so far. Video: Photos:
  20. My Lego Traxxas Slash is a short course truck based on my Lego Technic Pullback Truck with suspension. The chassis is nearly identical - but I redesigned the suspension setup, incorporating a smaller shock absorber with a custom linkage enabling extremely long travel of the rear suspension. I modeled the styling of this truck to the popular Traxxas Slash R/C car. The traversely-mounted V6 engine is non-functional - HOWEVER, you can adjust the pistons into 36 different positions to your liking by turning the 36z gear. YouTube Video: IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO: Please consider subscribing to my channel and sharing this video. According to the new YouTube Partner Program policy, my channel must reach 1000 subs & 4000 hrs watch time in the last 12 months by February 20, 2018 - or I will be kicked off the YPP. So I really appreciate ANY support you can offer! More Pictures:
  21. Hi all. I’m hoping to find out about any groups or events in the UK that are particularly interested in Technic Mocs, mods etc. Or at least include some in their collection. I see lots of videos and photos of gatherings on YouTube or Flickr in the US and Europe. I am aware of adult Lego groups in the uk however they are not really interested in Technic. I know that the Technic side of the community will always be smaller and I think that by nature we are more solitary creatures. I do wander why it is so hard to find this kind of thing over here though, I know there are many talented builders In this country. Are we just a miserable lot? Do I really have to get on an airplane and cross the channel to see some of these custom creations in the flesh? Many thanks Troy
  22. This Miniloop has a "cup" attached to a lifting arm (the mechanism was inspired by Akiyuki) It can be powered by a motor or a hand crank, it is also very very reliable. I have free instructions here.
  23. I'm not sure if 2 stage tractor is the right term, but @Milan posted this beautiful picture at some point and some lights turned on in my head: CURRENT STATE: So I decided to build one. It will have the same 4 steering modes shown above. Referencing the picture down below, the yellow axle controls front wheel steering, parallel track, and combined front wheel and chassis. The black axle only controls articulated steering, in order to align the chassis to let the other modes work. Therefore, everything must be aligned in order for parallel track and combined front wheel and chassis. It is all controlled by a gearbox. Additionally, there will be a PTO and I will make a lawn mower attachment with 2 functions (both motorized). Here are some pictures. First (2nd-5th picture) are the 4 steering modes and then how they are controlled. Please excuse the photo quality: That's all. Please leave criticism and comments. I will post a video of steering soon. BbBT
  24. Anyone knows how to install rc to 42078 mode B? Is the sbrick necessary?
  25. So most everyone i've seen likes to add drive to their front axles. I'm having trouble building a dead front axle for my truck. I'm no good at steering geometry either. Here's what i've come up with so far. Right now it works for what it is, but could use improvement. If anyone has any ideas or links, please share. I'll try to add some pics.