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Found 20 results

  1. Villa Del Balbianello is a lakeside villa in Italy built in 1785 expanding on an existing structure from the 13th century. With later additions added throughout the years such as relics added from an explorer. It was also featured in films such as Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and James Bond: Casino Royale (2006). Also a set on LEGO Ideas:
  2. Anne Mette

    [MOC] Finland

    In Finland forests, lakes and saunas are very characteristic. I have tried to include this in this LEGO model, which should illustrate something typically Finnish.
  3. At the lake of the windy mountains, far up north, a lone tower stands to guard the hideout of the band of the Wolf. After pillaging the villages down river, Asger looks as his men bring in the loot. The band of the Wolf hideout by Ids, on Flickr The band of the Wolf hideout - details by Ids, on Flickr And the band of the Wolf: The band of the Wolf by Ids, on Flickr A fearless band of robbers of the north, led by Asger (middle). From left to right: - Bjørnar, as strong as a bear, wielding a double bladed ax. - Karina, quick in the night, with her two daggers, she can strike down any soldier before they even see her. - Asger leader of the band of the Wolf, who is a master with his spear. - Ingólfr, right hand man of Asger, always keeping his calm, even when Asger is in battle, he always keeps an eye on him to keep him safe. - Agnar, fearless with a sword or a crossbow. This build started of course with the minifigs, then I build a boat for them because they somewhat reminded me of some Vikings (especially when I named them), thus I gave them a Viking inspired boat. The tower originally was planned as a tower in the lake, but I moved it to shore and added a docking area for the boat. Thanks for looking, let me know what you think.
  4. Gabor

    [MOC] RC Balaton Ferry

    I´m happy to present you my newest model, a not exact copy of the ferries on lake Balaton in Hungary. Hope you like it! As I was a small kid we often spent our summer near Balaton. If someone is younger than 6 and lives normally in a small village, it is really impressive to see cars which drive onto a ship and after that they come down on the other side. That´s why it was always a highlight for me to visit and sometimes travel by this ferry. Still nowadays if I´m there I wait the ferry once coming and going away. It´s still the same ferry as 25 years ago, I still find it really cool and it brings back the old memories. It took 9 months from the idea to the final MOC. The building process included some really cool challenges and was one of the most exciting developing projects in my entire MOC-life. The idea was to build a remote controlled ferry which can swim and drive on real water, can catch the coast reliably and my older tiny RC models (Milka truck and Flixbus) have to be able to drive up and down. The last requirement was to make it possible to show the whole setup on exhibitions. At first I searched on the internet for the biggest one-piece plastic box and ordered one of them. It was difficult because most of the big boxes has small bottom wholes to let water out. I needed exactly the opposite of it. Keeping water in the box. The measures of the box decided the measures of the model. On the beginning I tried to experiment with some LEGO boat hulls. The facts that these hulls are not completely closed and the ship is without vehicles already very heavy brought me to the solution to use empty bottles. They are the most reliable things to keep air in and protect the electric parts, like Sbrick from the water. Of course you can say I could put everything to a higher position, not integrated into the deck. But no, if everything would be in the building, everything would be on one side and the ferry would be completely unbalanced. On this side everything would be under water. What I could do was to integrate the motors on the other side into the deck. It was also not enough. I needed counterweights. At first some LEGO keels, but they were not heavy enough (they contain air, too :/). So at the end I used simply some pieces of steel. The real ferry has Voith Schneider propellers. We know that it´s possible to recreate it with LEGO bricks, but not at this small size. And he depth of the box is only 15 cm. That level of reality was also not the goal of the project. The draught of the loaded ferry had to be less than 15 cm, so I decided to use 4 propellers. Of course the available propellers of LEGO are like disasters, if we examine their functionality. If they are not, they are too big. So I built my own version out of Technic pieces. The propulsion uses two channels of the Sbrick, one for each side. You can turn with the ferry that way. I thought you don’t need this feature in this thin box, which is only 10 cm wider, than the ferry. But I was not right. You really need to do turning maneuvers to keep the ferry parallel with the walls. And yes, I hope I will have the chance to drive the ferry in a bigger pool in the future! Next challenge was to catch the coast stable enough for the buses and trucks. Maybe I said earlier that the ferry is everything else than horizontal. The counterweights are good, but not good enough. The proportion of the weights of the vehicles and the real ferry are also different than at the LEGO word. So the LEGO ferry has extremely strong reactions, if the vehicles come. The real ferry has also water tanks to balance itself. The LEGO ferry doesn´t have such a help. So I decided to build the ramp so that it can take part in bringing the ferry into a better position at least near the coast. There is a hook on the ramp (see in the video). It catches the panels of the coast and don´t let the ferry go away. After that it goes down a bit more and forces the whole ferry to raise itself a bit. The coast is horizontal, so this force brings the ferry also closer to the right horizontal position. That is nice, but as the vehicles arrive, it changes. That´s why I had to develop a correct order, position and driving path for the vehicles, too. These small vehicles are not off-roaders. If you can´t follow the instructions, the vehicles stuck on the ramp. But if you do everything well, it works smooth! The most difficult one of the nonfunctional problems was to create the meeting of the deck and the curved walls without gaps. I used for it 1x2x2 panels. The deck goes actually into the wall (under the top of the panels). But the upper end of these panels is not equal high with a whole number of plates, so I had to sink the wall on the sides with a half plate. I did it by using different wholes on the Technic frame, as for the deck. 1 Technic whole is 2,5 plates, so using neighboring wholes gives us the 0,5 plate difference. The ferry had its first appearance on Bricks4Family 2021. It worked surprisingly well during the weekend. After the box was completely horizontal and the exact level of the water was also found. By catching the coast the visitors often thought, it´s enough to turn off the propellers and open the ramp. What they (and I on the beginning) didn´t realise was the fact that if the ferry drives, the water goes in the other direction under it. If the propellers stop, the water brings the ferry slowly back. One method is the perfect timing with opening the ramp. Other method is to keep the propellers on and opening the ramp at the same time. After Bricks4Family I made a few very small changes on the ferry, so on the second exhibition (Ilmbricks 2021) worked everything even better. I put for example a door on the side, so it was possible to switch on and off the battery box, without removing the captain´s deck, the life boat and the whole roof. The deck has also 4 invisible, but removable panels. If they are removed, I can hold the ferry by holding the really strong Technic frame. Now there are small Technic bricks in them. It became much easier to remove the panels with the help of a small bar or an axle. If you really read all of these, a huge thank you for it! Hope you liked the ferry! You can find the pictures in high res in my Photostream! PS.: The next exhibition where I plan to show the ferry is Bricks am Meer 2022 in Bad Zwischenahn, Germany. Hope we can meet there!
  5. soccerkid6

    Calbridge Castle

    This is my fifth entry for the Colossal Castle Contest XVI. I always enjoy building microscale castle scenes, so I certainly wasn’t going to pass up the Micro Medieval Mountain category, even if the prize wasn’t very desirable for me… The micro ship design was inspired by @Henjin_Quilones, though I did modify it slightly for us here. The fortress of Calbridge is built right into the Fjall mountains and its mighty walls protect the harbor and village along the coast. Looking for a better pictures of a specific detail? More images available on Brickbuilt. I had a lot of fun with this build, hope you all enjoy
  6. This was the last of my Colossal Castle Contest entries (number 6). The Fantasy Fortress category really intrigued me, and I hoped to have more time to make an entry for it, but still had fun with this small citadel. The colorscheme was definitely inspired by John’s Gondolin build. You will also want to see John's CMF series, and Forest creation, which both give more detail about the Isle of Alnya. Not all Dwelfs (a smaller than average people with pointed ears who are skilled in craftsmanship and animal husbandry; they are also fun-loving to the point of being mischievous) live in the forest, and the nobility of the race often have beautiful palaces built. Such is the case for the Norya family, who have long dwelt in a fine citadel built on Posel Lake. Today Oryn and Ailas had visited The Green Goblet in Allanar Forest. Tanelia was scheduled to perform, and it had been a few months since they had last heard the minstrel's lovely melodies. And while they were there they also enjoyed some of Nyna's delicous dishes - even bringing some home for their father Arun. "You should have come along, Ryfon," called Ailas as they approached the dock. "Another day I would have been only too happy to visit The Green Goblet, but you know I am on duty now," replied Ryfon. He had served the Norya family for years, and was now the head of their men-at-arms. Oryn quickly winked at the soldier and stated, "Well, we brought some fresh treats back from Nyna, and gave her your regards. Rydel said to let you know you can hunt with him tomorrow if your old legs can still keep up." The three continued chattering about the trip as they docked the boat, and headed up the steps into the palace. More pictures on brickbuilt. I was hoping to get more built for the Safe Haven challenge, but unfortunately wasn't able to complete anything else. Still, it was a lot of fun creating Alyna with John, and I'm having just as much fun admiring all of the other new lands!
  7. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Most of the Imperial troops are near the Generator, as well the rebels. Our squad just reached the sector with a little difficulty. Shock Trooper - We need to find a way bypass this lake. The good news, we can see the shield generator from here. TG-0222 - Yes finally we're so close to the objective. BN-0303 - Sir, I receive an incoming message. the enemy has reached the generator and it activated the security systems. So our troops need to find a base and switch off the force field.
  8. Hi everyone, We (me and my brother) have created a landscape based on the Adventures theme from 1998 and 1999. The landscape was shown at Lego World the Netherlands 2017. The landscape contains a piramide, a temple, a lake town, a village and many vehicles. You have already seen the development of the vehicles and landscape in Various Adventurers Creations The piramide was build by my brother and it contains many rooms with traps, treasures, mummies and action. The Jungle was created by me and for the first time we added trees and more plants to make it look like a real jungle. I am glad that the water worked out fine. Someone told me that the river should be bigger compared to the ship the river is small. He had a point, but it was already expensive to purchase all the transparent pieces. For more pictures visit my Flickr album. Land of Adventure Questions and feedback are welcome. Sander
  9. soccerkid6

    Steinn Fortress

    Micro castles are always something I enjoy building, and this one was especially fun due to being set in the winter. I incorporated quite a few technic parts into the castle itself and was really pleased with how well they fit in. One of Mitgardia's stronger citadels, Steinn Fortress is built into Mount Mitgard and features many soaring towers. Even during the Algus invasion, Steinn Fortress wasn't breached. More images on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, comments and criticism always welcome
  10. I wanted to create some different areas based on the four elements represented by the four main elves, I've mixed parts from all kinds of different sets to create these places. This one is the earth themed home for Farran the Earth Elf. I wanted it to be part cottage, part treehouse. It's mostly parts from The Elves Treetop Hideaway and the Ewok Village sets. I attached my waterfall cave alongside the treehouse I also made a fire themed volcano cave with a tall treehouse/tower neighbouring it. It's mostly made from a Lego Friends set that has a cabin and a waterfall. I kept the cabin and built the tower above it and changed the waterfall into a volcano. I've created a workshop for the Air Elf Aira in one section of the tower with a bedroom above it, an observing platform with a telescope above that and a turret room on the top. The webisodes show that Azari the fire elf is homeless and just crashes with the other elves, but I've given her a warm place to sleep inside the volcano. I kept the camp beds in the cabin for the humans to sleep in when they visit Elvendale. And here's some random pictures..
  11. Here's a quick overview of the MILS standard. For those who haven't heard it of it, it is a standard published by the Hispabrick magazine to help coordinate diorama building between Lego builders. It also is a great foundational tool for learning how to make more advanced builds. Hope you enjoy! I have other videos on my channel with instructions on how to make the various modules.
  12. High in the mountains sits a small temple above a serene lake. Disturbed only by the sound of the falls, the mountain is home to a peaceful tribe of monks. This is a very large piece that I've worked on for several months now. See the flickr for more information: Other side and overview shots:
  13. soccerkid6

    Leanorll Manor

    This was a commissioned model based off of Leanan Manor. This version is a bit larger and features a full interior that can be reached via lift off floors or the hinging function. All the doors and window shutters actually open and close. It is also an entry into the small miscellaneous category of the Colossal Castle Contest. Leanorll Manor sits on a rock island in the middle of a placid lake. This morning, one of the servants brings in fresh water and kindling while the cook peels an apple. Lord Leanor makes his morning rounds and checks in with the roof top sentry. While the area has enjoyed a period of peace, terrible rumors from Nocturnus keep everyone on edge. See more on brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, another Avalonian build is coming soon
  14. Full Plate

    Avalonian Countryside

    Avalonian Countryside The beauty of rural Avalonia have few peers. From ripening fields to towering forests, the countryside is the heart and soul of the land. Local farmers have been tilling the earth for generations, and would like nothing more than to live out their lives in peace. However, the ambitions of greater men regularly disrupt these desires, and the young men sent to battle seldom return; some caught by the stray arrow or a sharp spear, while others are drawn in by buzz and adventure promised by the capitol. But for the people who get to live here in peace, there is no place greater. It's home. Have been wanting to build a more sizable representation of the Avalonian landscape for a while now. Tried to include different aspects of Avalonia, like fields, grasslands, moors and a few different types of forests. Hopefully it is an accurate visualisation of rural Avalonia This is my first time dabbling in microscale, and I found it both more fun and more challenging than I thought it would be. The main thing is that it allows for representing a large area with few pieces, which, with my current lego budget, is pretty critical. I definitely see myself building more in this type of scale. Thanks for watching, hope you enjoyed it! C & C always welcome
  15. danielvermeir

    MOC Mirror Lake Cottage

    Hello all, I would like to share you guys my first 'Historic Theme' worthy MOC. Mirror Lake Cottage is a peaceful cottage where friends join to have a great time. Relax by the lake, take the boat for a trip, chop some wood and play with the dogs. For someone who wants to have a chat with the lady of the house, it tends to get slippery. Hope you like the MOC. Feel free to comment! Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr Mirror lake cottage by daniel vermeir, on Flickr
  16. Hey Guys I've been wanting to do a ruins build for quite some time and thought that the mighty forest of Avalonia would be the perfect for it. Continuing his long journey trough Vanhorn enchanted forests, Adam manage to get a small boat to go up Green Lake river and get to the next village so he can get some supplies. Passing trough the lake he stumbles across an old watchtower, so old and decayed that a magnificent tree was able to grow from inside and the branches and leaves sprouts from every cranny and hole! He realizes then, that he must close to a village... Finally he will be able to get some rest and a proper meal. His task is daunting and it's finally close to an end... The size is 2x2 BP (48x48) and I used 3000 tiles 1x1 in trans-green! :/ Hope you like it! Green Lake Tower Ruins Green Lake Tower Ruins Green Lake Tower Ruins
  17. soccerkid6

    An Embarrasing Encounter

    The wonderful story you're about to read, was a collab effort. See if you can guess the authors (Setting: A simply but tastefully adorned room in a chateaux near a lake at the border of Kaliphlin and Avalonia. A young lady leans on the windowsill. Enter spy.) Spy: (bowing) Good day. Lady: (turning) How is it you are back already? Why, you're all wet! Spy: (embarrassed) Yes...yes... but I think I have discovered what you were looking for. Lady: Well? Spy: Early in the morning, just as the sun peeked up over the horizon and shot a gleam of its crimson rays across the dark and foreboding sky, kissing the golden dome on top of the magnificent stone edifice that loomed... Lady: I've seen the castle. There's no gold dome. Spy: There isn't? I was so intent on my task I hardly noticed, you see. Never mind - as I was saying, early in the morning I began to climb the walls, hanging at times only by my nose to the jutting angles of the stony walls, scraping my arms and knees, my heart thumping in my chest for fear I should fall. Once I looked down, and a cold shiver ran through me... Lady: You're making that up too. Spy: (embarrassed) Yes, I was. Well, to proceed. I climbed the walls and got in through one of the windows. It was an incredibly tight squeeze I assure you! Not only is the window itself tiny - as I'm sure you noticed when you visited (with a bow) - but the bars that crossed it were so small I had to exert all my strength... Lady: Really, can't we get on with the story? There aren't any bars either! Spy: I'm sorry. I had no idea you were so observant! Lady: (in an aggrieved tone) That's not the point! I didn't send you so I could hear some fancy story! I want to hear about his day. Spy: I promise, I'll stick to the story. Lady: Then begin! Spy: Over the wall, in the window. I was on the top of the castle, and could just peek over into Chillon's bedroom - he was just getting up... Spy: (grunting) So there he is! He sleeps in late, I'll say that much! Chillon: (stretching) Welcome morning! (jumps out of bed) Ouch! Canopy beds! (rubs head) (yawning) Caleb! (snaps fingers) Where's my breakfast? Caleb: Right here, sir Chillon. Chillon: Ah, delicious! Lady: (interrupting) What was his breakfast? Spy: Cherries, apple, and chicken. Lady: Hmm. That's an interesting breakfast. Spy: (shrugging) Probably part of why he's looking for a wife! To continue - Spy: (twisting) What is that in the corner? A second ago it looked like another bed, now - goodness, it's a mirror! Chillon: (humming to himself) Thank you! (continues to hum while walking toward the mirror) So far so good! Here, help me with the rest of my armor. Spy: Well, whatever you can say for the master the serving-man is even worse! The clown is putting the armor on backwards! Chillon: (angrily) Whatever is wrong with you, Caleb? You put it on backwards! Caleb: I'm very sorry. Just a minute sir. (fumbles with the straps) Chillon: There! You've knotted the top left to the bottom left and the right bottom to my belt! Oh, let me alone, I'll do the rest myself! Caleb: (penitently) I'm very sorry, indeed. Let me fix it (advancing). Chillon: No! Go downstairs and tell Mathew I'll be down for a sparring bout in just a minute. Caleb: Yes sir! (disappears down stairs) (after fixing his straps, Chillon walks over to the mirror and makes sure everything is just right) Chillon: Much better! Ah - my cape. (Caleb returns) Chillon: Did you tell him? Caleb: Yes. Chillon: Here, help me with the cape. Caleb: Of course (advances, stumbling over chair). Chillon: Never mind! Spy: (to Lady) You see? He certainly needs a wife! Lady: I'll have to admit that much. But I don't know that I'm so desperate! Spy: It gets better. Chillon: (fumbling with the wrong side of the cape) I could use some help! Lady: I thought you said it gets better... Spy: I meant, in a little while. Lady: Go on, then. Spy: (clears throat) Caleb: (picking the chair up) Coming! Spy: At last! Perhaps we'll be able to see the 'sparring bout' now. Spy: I noticed as they left that he hadn't eaten the apple or the cherries. In fact they might have been fake. Lady: Nothing but chicken for breakfast?! Spy: Nothing but chicken! Continuing - I snuck down the stairs after they left and got down to the armory just when the sparring match started. Chillon: There's nothing like the sound of steel clashing on steel! Matthew: You're right there, sir Chillon! Chillon: (waving his sword wildly backwards) Here it comes! Matthew: Watch out sir! The candle! (Chillon's sword cuts through the wax and the candle crashes to the floor.) (A long pause.) Lady: Well, what happened? Spy: (awkwardly) I think I laughed. Lady: You laughed? What kind of spy are you? Spy: I know, I know, but it really was funny! Matthew was trying to beat the flame out with the sword, but Chillon hadn't noticed it yet and he was attacking Matthew... Matthew: Sir Chillon! What are you doing! Can't you see you cut the candle down? Chillon: (in surprise) You're right! I knocked the candle down! Ha! Eat dust, flames! (Chillon runs to another candle.) Take this! Matthew: (running up) Sir! It's just a candle! (laughter from behind pillar) Chillon: What was that? (spots spy behind pillar) Look! A spy! An enemy at last! Get him! (runs after spy) Spy: (apologetically) Of course, I turned around and ran. I couldn't let him catch me. Lady: Of course not. Spy: So I went up the stairs. Lady: Naturally. Spy: And Chillon followed me. Lady: Not surprising. Spy: Then I went up the ladder. He kept following. Lady: Proceed. Spy: He's very fast. Lady: What is that supposed to mean? Spy: He caught me. Lady: What?! Chillon: What on earth are you doing here? Spy: Sir, I assure you my intent was friendly... I.... um... Lady: I hope you didn't tell him why you were there. Spy: (clears throat) Um... Lady: You didn't! Spy: (hurriedly) No! No! Not at all... er... at least... not all... Lady: Tell me what you said. Spy: I think I said... that you sent me... and... that was all. Chillon: Really! How did you get here? Spy: See that boat? Chillon: Can you swim? Spy: Er... yes. Chillon: Then do so! (throws spy out window) Chillon: (shouting) And tell your lady that I'll be there in an hour to see if it's true! Lady: What?! Spy: (apologetically) That's what he said. (enter Serving-man) Serving-man: (announces) Sir Chillon! ... More pictures of the build: This build was based off of the real Chillon Castle from Switzerland, in particular this section: link It's the first castle I've done that is pretty realistically scaled. On the first floor is an armory, and on the second floor is Lord Chillon's room. The layout was rather challenging, as were the roofs, but I'm pleased with the final result. The thick walls let me use some new window and arrow slit designs. I experimented a bit more with a SNOT wall design, as the tower gradually gets thinner. The bartizan (overhanging corner turret) is my first, and I'll probably be doing lots more of those in the future. Hope you enjoyed the story and you can see lots more pictures here: link C&C always appreciated
  18. soccerkid6

    Kaldrfell Castle

    Well here is what I've been working on for just a bit over a month: Kaldrfell Castle. I took inspiration from many different castle builders, but here are some that inspired specific sections or details in the castle: Ecclesiastes, Kayne, Eklund, peggyjdb, Buurli Burri, Andhe, and legonardo. There is a full interior in every building, and the keep lifts off and hinges open. Also every door/trapdoor, and the drawbridge and portcullis are all functional. Interior buildings inside the castle include: a smithy, servant's house, stable, and chicken coop. And I think I came up with a new archer slit design, it can be seen on all the buildings except the rounded tower. Basically you center a 1x3 arch so that it has a half stud offset on each side and the use brick modified with stud to hold tiles to fill the gaps. You could make pretty much the same windows with going to the bother of centering them, but I like the texture you get when you do. The pictures should explain the design much better than this description. Kaldrfell Castle looks out onto a small lake in the Heavenly Mountains and protects the city of Kaldrfell which is built around the lake. Lord Nordan and Lady Deonne, Glorfindel's parents, rule Kaldrfell. Here Glorfindel pays them a visit: There are tons of details so be sure to check out more pics here: link All C&C greatly appreciated
  19. Digger1221

    MOC: Hunting in the Loch

    Here's one of my most recent MOCs, Hunting in the Loch: The man grasped his spear tightly. Squinting his eyes, he peered carefully into the dark, swirling water. Something dark seemed to be moving about under the water…or was that just a reflected raincloud? A bright flash of lightning broke through the cloudy sky, and the rain began to beat even more heavily on the hunter’s head. Suddenly the water in front of him exploded into the air, and a black, writhing shape burst out. The man never saw its head; by the time the immediate shock had passed all that was visible was its scaly back, capped with large, menacing spikes. Shaking rain out of his eyes, the man prepared to throw his spear. Soli Deo Gloria! Thanks for viewing! :)
  20. Not my first MOC by far, but one of the first that I feel is worthy of this site. And yes, 90% of Doctor Who MOCs are posted in Sci-Fi, but this doesn't have the TARDIS or anything, so I felt it belonged here instead. (Although I am looking forward to the day when DW MOCs belong over in "Licensed" ) The Burning at Lake Silencio Lake Silencio, Utah, 2011 The Doctor has summoned Amy Pond, her husband Rory, and River Song via blue envelops to Lake Silencio. He told them not to interfere as an Impossible Astronaut rose from the lake. It shot The Doctor, he began to regenerate, but it continued it's assault. He fell, it returned to the depths as his three friends ran to help him. But it was too late, he was dead. They set his body on fire, and sent it out into the lake. They watched it burn as the sun set and the waters glowed red with the light from the flame. Because this event is a fixed point in time, there is nothing that they can do. The Doctor, who has cheated death for over a thousand years, has breathed his last. The scene is somewhat from The Impossible Astronaut. That being the opening episode to Doctor Who Series 6. And yeah, I kinda played a bit loose with the source material for this MOC, but I like the more dramatic lighting. A few wires have been photoshopped out, but the lighting effects are all in-shot. I used one red flashlight, and 16 Lifelites in this thing. Hope you like it! Oh yeah, for sake of simplicity, I left River out of this shot, and poor Canton out altogether. Sorry if that disappoints you. Comments and critiques are more than welcome! SteampunkDoc