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  1. Good to get my hands on mine today, thanks for everything Ecc, I look foward to more comps like this in the future.
  2. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hey guys come on, no need to put us down. Just because because your guilds can't grow proper trees Up Avalonia!
  3. Old Mage's Tower

    You already know what I think o it from flickr, but I gotta add, it makes me want to build a wonky tower again. Also the photos look way better now, and it doesn't have that plastic look anymore. Honoured that you should take such inspiration. I definitely think you out did any of mine though
  4. I have sent my shipping info to Ecc, but then again, I live in NZ, so not the best person to ask
  5. Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Haha, come on man, this ain't something to joke about we all know Avalonia is the champion guild In saying that, I have finally built something for your guild. I hope it fits in, I tried to include as much of an empty sandy wasteland kinda vibe as possible
  6. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    New(ish) build from me, but this time set in Kaliphlin. Good to hear. Member are always welcome in the greatest Guild in Historica! Sounds like you will have plenty of inspiration and a good part collection is always a good start. It means you don't have to drain your wallet on bricklink.
  7. Oasis Retreat

    After being forced out of his home by the Kaliphlin Civil War Badr the Botanist fled the capital, and took refuge by an oasis, the perfect place to continue his work. He lived a lonely life, but he was at peace. That is until a messenger from his former university stumbled upon his simple abode. Finally he builds for Kaliphlin! Fist official build of the year, I built this in early February, but only got round to posting it now because of school (and trying to stretch out my builds to make it look like I post regularly. A new sub-genre for me and I thought it was about time I branched out. Also two things have arrived in the mail (a while back now but till of great importance). a) Kingdom Come: Deliverance, look it up if you haven't heard of it. It has become my number 1 game and if you love anything medieval, you should consider this game. I mean it doesn't only look amazing, but the game play is great as well. b) I finally used up my CBC prize and got some Brickwarriors stuff, which has given me some much needed inspiration. I don't love using custom stuff, but when trying to make stuff realistic, its kinda a must have. C&C needed and hope you enjoy :)
  8. Shinmizu Village

    Well that's certainly something you don't see everyday. What a weird but wonderful combination. I would certainly like to see the idea expanded upon, because so far it looks sick That rock work is great, and the buildings look on spot as always.
  9. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Yes would be correct Lord Bevis, to formally join the guilds all you have to do is post an image of your sigfig and write a small bio about him/her/it. Welcome to the guilds, and I look forward to seeing your Mocs
  10. The Legend of the Nocturnus Werewolves

    I have never seen many mocs where they continue to develop like this, and I certainly like seeing the evolution here. The size is impressive, but you are very consistent with your quality, which can be hard when building something so big. Keep it up and I look forward to the next update
  11. Oh geez, maybe I shouldn't be so inactive on the guilds.... Congratulation to the other winners, and I loved seeing everyone's fantastic entries. Also thanks to Ecc for an awesome comp, the concept of the whole thing was great and I hope we get to build on it
  12. ["A Safe Haven" Challenge: Cat. C] The Nagra Luca

    I think I have already mentioned somewhere (must have been of flickr) that I love the oriental vibe coming from this . Reminds me a lot of a Chinese Junk and no that's not an insult, as well as the other ships you mentioned. The jumping fish are awesome, and the colours work well together. Certainly an interesting and unique entry.
  13. The Ruins of Lythell

    Thanks man, the horse is a favourite of mine too. Thank you Kai Thanks man, I am glad you think so Well it may not be quantity but hopefully you think it's quality. Thanks mate it means alot. Thank you I didn't either actually, I changed what I planned to do last minute, and I am think I am better off for it. Thanks! Yes it was certainly a challenge, but one night a light bulb popped over my head and I set to work. The secret ingredient is stickers (official lego ones of course ). Thanks Lasse, I do too. Thanks Henjin, I have no idea where that horse came from, but I wish I could build like that more often Go ahead, it's a pretty simple design that involves a lot of lazy snot and a ton of travis bricks. If you ever (although I doubt a builder like you would need one) want a breakdown of the basic design, just flick me a message I look foward to seeing it in use.
  14. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I have had it pretty good the last two years with school, however the last three years are where the actual testing begins, so I am afraid I am plagued with homework. Combine all this with the Hockey season starting and I am a little bit stretched to find building time. Once I get a handle on this I should be right, and you might start seeing my builds appear again
  15. I am so far loving these figs and this new lands. I really like the sound of how they came to be and the figs all fit very well together. I would love to learn about the rest of this lore and the fascinating religion of these people. The fig combos all fit really well together, and I love the colours used