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  1. The Maestro

    Landspeeder Contest Voting Thread

    Cat A) 1 vote for #4 and #9 Cat B) 1 vote for #3 and #4 Cat C) 1 vote for #2 and #4
  2. The Maestro

    GoH Book III

    I am just so surprised by the activity that has picked over the last few days. At the moment there is a post every few minutes or so! Far better than the eerie silence that was this forum a month or two ago...
  3. The Maestro

    GoH Book III

    Nah this is too good to be true...
  4. The Maestro

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Why Titus, maybe thats why we are the best guild? You Avalonians are so civil, Political turmoil is where its at!
  5. The Maestro

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Oh this looks interesting... For the Glory of the De Ceretos! (Will edit once I have built something)
  6. The Maestro

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Absolutely not, I think. Varlyrio would love to have new members. And yes, from what I have heard Nocturnus has been replaced by Varlyrio. However you can still build in Nocturnus, your character just has to be based in another guild.
  7. The Maestro

    AoM: House Phase 1: Summer Mountain Hut

    Great first build, I have been hoping you would join the guilds, and I cannot wait to see more builds like this. Great texturing and I love the turf roof. The blocky base is awesome too. Hope to see more builds like this from you soon
  8. The Maestro

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Well that was easy enough. Cheers
  9. The Maestro

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Cheers @Henjin_Quilones for getting that back up and running, I look forward to getting Ostia on the map. Valyrio is an interesting place, and as a trading hub, it would bring together all the latest technologies. I have seen this discussion many times before, but it could go differently in this guild. Would it be correct to have some soldiers from Valyrio armed with primitive forms of muskets? Not an entire army, but just a regiment or so? Whats your opinion on this matter?
  10. The Maestro

    The Busy Streets of Ostia

    Great work man, this is pretty much what I was planning for my first build too. Same style as well. Great docs and buildings, I love the white highlights on the blue buildings
  11. The Maestro

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    And here is Matthias de Cereto, declaring for Valyrio. An old family, the De Ceretos are proud and stubborn, and have built an industry out of trade with the mainland. Known for driving a hard bargain and risking it all, the De Ceretos are a family grew wealthy fast, and as their industry expanded the family members became less and less involved in the business.This allowed them to pursue a role in Valyrian politics, giving them even more prominence on the island that was their home. Their homeland was the eastern countryside of Valyrio, with the port city of Apri located on the north-eastern coast became their capital. This gave them close ties with many Avalonian Cities, including the small island of Eolas. However after decades of intelligent well-mannered heads of families, their luck finally run out. Matthias de Cereto was known to be a swine from a very young age. Handsome, charismatic and very, very flamboyant, Matthias was a hit with the ladies of Apri. However that gift also came with the lack of any rationality, with the family's famous head for business made no appearance in this young man. Matthias preferred to leave his education to his younger siblings, and at the end of the day would often end up drunk and chased by the city guard, who were only kept from decapitating him by his last name. But all was not lost, for at a young age Matthias de Cereto found a love for politics. And while he did stick around for much formal education, he read as many books as he could on the history of the guilds politics. As much as he loved drinking fine wine and getting into mischief, nothing would stop Matthias from finishing that book on the reunification of the states of Latrios, or the crisis unfolding in Kaliphlin. So now a free man with a mountain of wealth behind him, Matthias de Cereto seeks a role in the infamous Valyrian politics. Whether he succeeds or fails is yet to happen... *Will insert image somewhere here* So yea, that's my new character for this book, almost the complete opposite of myself in real life but it should be fun. Looking forward to helping build a new guild
  12. The Maestro

    GoH Book III

    Haha why do you guys say that? I am sure a mixed team would be a great way of improving relations between our two guilds.
  13. The Maestro

    Early Spring in PrenmĂ´r

    Great work the landscaping is probably my favorite part, the olive green look lovely. The wood shed is also great, the cheese slopes work perfectly there. However I agree with the other (and I know it is historically accurate), but I think it is probably a bit large for the size of the house. But otherwise, great work on the tudor, and everything else. Keep it up
  14. The Maestro

    GoH Book III

    And as ZG goes, so do I. Unfortunately I will leave the plentiful lands of Avalonia for an interesting unknown life. But I am sure that my Character will still have many journeys to the land of Green. I will post my character and his back story soon. @ZlatanXVIGustaf I look forward to working out this new land with you. I am sure we will have many adventures .
  15. The Maestro

    GoH Book III

    Fantastic work man, I feel like you really keep the flow gowing and the style of writing is consistant all the way through. My one critique is that maybe there should be a bit more on revolword, as it seems like you have kind of breezed over him. Otherwise well done