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  1. The Legend of the Nocturnus Werewolves

    I have never seen many mocs where they continue to develop like this, and I certainly like seeing the evolution here. The size is impressive, but you are very consistent with your quality, which can be hard when building something so big. Keep it up and I look forward to the next update
  2. Oh geez, maybe I shouldn't be so inactive on the guilds.... Congratulation to the other winners, and I loved seeing everyone's fantastic entries. Also thanks to Ecc for an awesome comp, the concept of the whole thing was great and I hope we get to build on it
  3. ["A Safe Haven" Challenge: Cat. C] The Nagra Luca

    I think I have already mentioned somewhere (must have been of flickr) that I love the oriental vibe coming from this . Reminds me a lot of a Chinese Junk and no that's not an insult, as well as the other ships you mentioned. The jumping fish are awesome, and the colours work well together. Certainly an interesting and unique entry.
  4. The Ruins of Lythell

    Thanks man, the horse is a favourite of mine too. Thank you Kai Thanks man, I am glad you think so Well it may not be quantity but hopefully you think it's quality. Thanks mate it means alot. Thank you I didn't either actually, I changed what I planned to do last minute, and I am think I am better off for it. Thanks! Yes it was certainly a challenge, but one night a light bulb popped over my head and I set to work. The secret ingredient is stickers (official lego ones of course ). Thanks Lasse, I do too. Thanks Henjin, I have no idea where that horse came from, but I wish I could build like that more often Go ahead, it's a pretty simple design that involves a lot of lazy snot and a ton of travis bricks. If you ever (although I doubt a builder like you would need one) want a breakdown of the basic design, just flick me a message I look foward to seeing it in use.
  5. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I have had it pretty the last two years with school, however the last three years are where the actual testing begins, so I am afraid I am plagued with homework as well as a job which is about to begin. Combine all this with the Hockey season preparing to start I am a little bit stretched to find building time. Once I get a handle on this I should be right, and you might start seeing my builds appear again . Also I plan on doing some not-guildy stuff, so it might be even longer between builds on here
  6. I am so far loving these figs and this new lands. I really like the sound of how they came to be and the figs all fit very well together. I would love to learn about the rest of this lore and the fascinating religion of these people. The fig combos all fit really well together, and I love the colours used
  7. ["A Safe Haven" Challenge, Cat. A] The City of Bandari

    Nothing short of amazing, the shear scale of this blows me away and I cannot wrap my head around how detailed it is. I love this different style of architecture and that sand green roof It works so well with the black. The smithy is fantastic and the varied species really seats it apart from historica. The trees are different, and I like that you tried something that you might not usually see on the mainland. All up this is a fantastic build, I look forward to seeing more in this style
  8. [A safe Haven] Cat C : The Bouncing Frog

    I must say, that is an unusual, but very good name. As a person with almost no ship building experience I cannot really offer critique, but I do like gold highlights and the frog on the front. I cannot wait to see this Isle of Roses
  9. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    My entry into the current challenge. I am loving seeing all these Avalonian builds coming in
  10. Here is my entry into Cat B: Thanks for the awesome categories Really enjoyed building it.
  11. The Ruins of Lythell

    The day had started off as any other. The water was calm and the sky clear. Once out to their fishing grounds Leif called out to Isdir to drop the anchor and grab the nets. As the day dragged on storm clouds began to brew to the south. Luck, hopefully would be on their side and the storm would head towards the mainland. However only a few hours later, they were battling with the storm. Their small vessel being thrown around like a child's toy. Waves toward and crashed above them as they struggled to stay alive, almost as if they were caught in between a battle of gods. After a long rough night the water finally began to flatten, and they found themselves no longer being able to see the coast. Praying the gods were on their side now, Leif set sail for wherever fate would take him. He had heard the tales of the origins of the Elves. But that was all they had ever been. Tales. However that all changed when a towering arch rose from the horizon, A magnificent structure large enough to fit their boat through. A prancing horse with a rider top the somehow remain atop of the crumbling arch. behind it more structures rose from the seas depths, weathered but years of of harsh winds and high waves but still astounding in size and beauty. He heard Isdir mumble about the lost cities of the Elves, and I did not doubt him. Finally Leif gathered his wits and yelled to Isdir, we will camp on the rooftop over their, and then we shall sail south, just as the Elves claimed to have done. If they had truly found the Elves homeland, then who else knew what lay beyond? (bonus shot) Entry to Category B: A safe Haven. You can probably see I am no writer but I did not want this build to go with out a proper story. I built this back in October, and kept it to see if it would fit into the CCC. It didn't so I have just got round to post it on here now. I have lots of other builds ready to post on the guilds as well so watch out for them. The arch was difficult to make at first, but came together quick enough. the boat was also quite a challenge as it is my first. Hopefully you guys think it came out ok. The base was inspired by Jaapxaap and Legofin and I think it worked well here. Hope you enjoy and C&C needed
  12. [A Safe Haven Cat A] : City of Salonica

    Haha, the idea of the yellow figs suppressing the flesh figs is hilarious! Although if I had to choose a side I think I would go team flesh though. Up wit the rebellion On a more serious note, I love this build as it is really unique from what we see alot of in Historica, and the backstory behind it is great. I love the different style of armour for the soldiers and the buildings in general. I also really love that windmill, the stonework technique used there is awesome
  13. Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Haha, welcome to the guilds Imic! Tell me about it, I live in New Zealand and a fast package from germany comes in 1-1.5 months good old NZ postie Now wheres ye pot of gold?
  14. The End of the Hundred Years' War

    Hey man, the armour and soldiers look good, do you have any lighter infantry troops? As a builder who is about to begin on The War of the Roses, I love seeing fellow builders create figs/builds with historical accuracy. I am looking foward to one of my favourite battles in medieval history However I may suggest moving forums, because while the guilds of historica sub forum is good for medival-ish builds it is mainly fantasy, so your creation would probably be better off in the lego historic themes forum, which houses more realistic builds. I think one of the admins will be able to move it for you if you can get there attention. I look foward to your moc and will probably borrow some of the troop desighs for my own mocs