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  1. Braving Nocturnus

    Haha, I was tempted to do an extra shot with that across it. Thanks mate, I liked the sound of a market however probably outside the limit of my bricks Thank you Titus, and maybe one day I will build something non textured, if I will ever stoop that low Thank you HQ, yes I decided to make this tower slightly more solid, as it fitted the scene better and I am glad you approve. The lighting was a bit of an experiment, and I can see why it put you off. Thanks Puvel and I agree, two arches just wouldn't look as good. Plus I probably would have ran out of peives on the second one Thank you Blufiji Thanks Man, I am glad you like the shaping on the left, I took lots of care in makeing it right Thank you SK, The base was one of my favourite parts, along with the tower and everything else Haha, thank you Gunman, I really appreciate it.
  2. As I have already said, brilliant build amd it reall captures the Tíre atmosphere. I agree with your wife, it definitely is one of your best builds.The stonework is also some of your best, and the hexagonal tower is ingenious. Ugh thanks for reminding me of the challenge deadline. I am slowly chugging away a the first catrgory, but I had better get a hurry on
  3. Once again you capture the elvish architechture perfectly, I love the details such as the statues you include to break up the wall. I also love the flowers, lavender works so well with olive green
  4. Steinn Fortress

    Beautiful SK, great part usage. Now i cannot wait to see you build it in microscale, that would be a sight like not other!
  5. Solitary Existence

    Excellent build, the snow, rocks and path are all great but its the trees and shrine that really make it stand out, especially the gold highlights
  6. The Exetrius Saga (17): Grave Discovery

    Lovely scene mate, the colours work nicely and the detail is great. I really love the use of the bubble, its ingenious. As for the story, it becomes more intruiging every step of the way.
  7. The Vengeful Ranger Ch. 1 - Ruins of Erendir

    Man I am diggin this blocky stonework, it works really well as ruins and is a nice change from the usual. Not only that but the colours are great too
  8. Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Do not apoligise for the truth! Up Avalonia
  9. Book II - Nocturnus: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    A new free build set in your dreadful lands:
  10. Braving Nocturnus

    A lone Avalonian champion attemps to brave the harsh world of Nocturnus, fighting off all kinds horrid creatures, to please his lovers father . A romantic story of sorts, which unfourtuantly comes to a rather nasty end... For the CBC - RPG category Inspired by the game "Dark Souls III" the build is not based on any location in particular but the area "The High Walls of Lothric" was probably the biggest inspiration. It also doubles as a ruin in Nocturnus. An absolute pleasure to build and would have to rank very high on my favourite builds list. Unfourtuantly I am suffering from writers block (an thing I haven't come across before), which is not great as I have a convention in 3 weeks and I have hockey tournuments on both weekends to make matters worse. So after a couple failed concepts I don't have much of a idea of what to do. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoy and C&C welcomed
  11. Watchtower at Fahrin Falls

    Thank you Ha thanks Titus, you non textured peasant And I probably have gone crazy, those rocks sent me to some dark places... Thank you HQ, I believe you have hit the nail of the head when you say the darkness of the wood is off putting, looking at it again I completely agree. Wow thank you, I am glad you think so. Yes, the sand green is over done in a few places, especially on the dock Thank you SK Thank you Gunman
  12. The Exetrius Saga (16): I found something!

    I didn't even think of using a crystal like that, awesome part usage Adn over all you portray a desert secene very well, impressive for such a small vignette. I am also intersted to see where this story goes.
  13. Double Trouble on Staor Mountain

    The stone work as always is stellar,and of course the snow is superb, but what really stands out for me is the style of architecture, it does feel very Dwarvish and fits the scene perfectly As for the polar bear I did not even see it untill I read the Desc, so I guess that its camoflauge is working
  14. Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Looks like they must of, unless the guilds are considered action figures
  15. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    As always for me I am still pumping out free builds, even if not as rapidly as the last half of the year due to various reasons (mainly school). I will start working on a historicaly accurate early 15th century village for a show soon, so that will take a lot of time but should look very avalonian, I will probably share some wips on here. 100x100! Thats Huuuuuuuge! And that reminds me I need to get a hurry on with this challenge