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  1. Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Looks like they must of, unless the guilds are considered action figures
  2. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    As always for me I am still pumping out free builds, even if not as rapidly as the last half of the year due to various reasons (mainly school). I will start working on a historicaly accurate early 15th century village for a show soon, so that will take a lot of time but should look very avalonian, I will probably share some wips on here. 100x100! Thats Huuuuuuuge! And that reminds me I need to get a hurry on with this challenge
  3. Watchtower at Fahrin Falls

    For many centuries, the watchtower has stood below Farhin Falls, keeping guard over the river and the surrounding woods. A tower in a water fall, because why not? My project for the last few weeks, it was a real challenge to get everything to work, especially the water fall, which uses nets. It was fun to do some flat stonework again, after building so many round towers. And the rock work was just a bit of this and that. I also really don't like the head of the tower, but I wanted to try something new so here ya go, hope you enjoy and C&C needed.
  4. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Even if I don't build this style man it will never get old. The bushes and shrubs are great and the bridge works well here. As for the manner, I love the tudor but I wouldn't be myself if I don't say it needs more texturing Even just a few masonary bricks might help. The cornerstones are a great idea too. I agree with DG about the tree, Trees in lego are very difficult things, I tend to try and avoid them at all cost Also the border is great
  5. Sea Haven

    A superb entry to this fantastic series, and it is nice to have a break from the snow of mitgardia's far north. I think lie everyone, I admire the brave choice of colour, it works very well here and the landscaping of course is spot on. I also love the dark blue as water Although maybe some wave shapes could help.
  6. A journey to Mitgardia

    Excellent build, I love the tudor and snow, the path through the cliffs is also fantastic
  7. The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    Thank you Zoth Thanks Titus, although I am useless at posing, it was Sirwilsonbricks that did it all :p Thank you Faladrin, I cannot wait to see what you cook up Thanks De Gothia Ha, I suprise even myself sometimes Henjin We were planning on including patches of dk green among the normal green but unfourtuantly we forgot. We are planning another collab next year (with even more collaborators ) and I hope to include patches of sand green or such to break it up. As for photos: Windmill detail by Jed Cameron, on Flickr Village detail by Jed Cameron, on Flickr
  8. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    A rather large new build from me and a friend (collab): And another one coming soon
  9. The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    For many years the forces of Arbenheim have tested their neighboring kings power by pillaging border villages. In an attempt protect his people the king ordered small encampments around the borders. One location was the homestead of Maerwynn, an important location as it was host to one of the few mills in the area. The kings intuition had been right, for only a fortnight later did the horns of Arbenheim sound in the village of Maerwynn. A collaboration between SirWilsonBricks( ) and myself for the CBS 2017. His is the left, my side is on the right. Hay, after me finally finishing editing (which is a bit sloppy in places) here it is :D This was our main build for the show and it is the biggest build to date for both of us. It was great fun planning, skyping, planning, bricklinking, more planning and finally building this whoppa. If I could change a couple things I probably would (namely the ground texturing on my side) but it still came out looking incredible. The reception we got at the CBS was also great, with loads of people loving. I must say though, I may have stared a kid to death after he said "Hey mum, look NEXO KNIGHTS" Speaking of the CBS, it was a real blast and getting to know people better, meeting new people was awesome :) and of course seeing new creations (cough David Hense... Cough) Cannot wait to next year to see everyone again. Another creation on the way and hope you enjoy, C&C always wanted.
  10. Book II - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Another Freebuild is up:
  11. Waldred the War Master

    From a young age Waldred had an unhealthy interested in war. But now as his days grow short, he retires from his years of advising and training to live peacefully in a small tower. This has been busy gathering dust while I am rushing to finish my other Brick show mocs (not to mention a very, very large moc (Hype!)) I am very proud of this, to me the stone work is good, landscaping great and the Tudor/roof better. The roof was the most challenging part, but thanks to 40+ angled plates I was fine :P Credit for most, if not all techniques go to of course @Legonardo , who gave me the inspiration for this build a couple years ago at CBS (yup this thing has been floating around for two years). This and the rest of my mocs were on display at the Christchurch Brick Show last weekend, It was great seeing the public's opinion and they seemed to love the "Rapunzel" tower. Hope you enjoy and C&C needed.
  12. Lleidr Citadel

    Thanks Kai, agh... I am sure the door leads somewhere? And yeah, I had seen the rifle used like that on a build a while ago and had always wanted to use one. Of course, it is The Maestro you are talking about remember? The tree was alot of work, and the leaves very very frustrating, I had them perfect once but I accidental them and could never get them back that way again Thank you Titus Thank you Blufiji, and I agree, the style is getting a little over done now, which is why I am beginning to try working towards a new style at the moment. Thanks alot Muakhah, and I am glad to see that you can fit them all together, that was the aim after all! Thanks you Gunman The heads were one of the first parts I came up with and I just had to use them. Due to lack of parts I couldn't have done too much but I agree, I should have done something at least. Thanks you Zlatan, The hose was the first part I worked on and I am happy you tink it came out well, it was based heavily of one of Derfel Cardan's Mocs
  13. [AoM]:popcorn, anyone?

    Great use of that corn guy! Very original and the smoke is awesome. The building looks ok although i agree with Henjin. Looking forward to phase II
  14. Moruth Swamp Outpost Redux

    Oh my, that texturing on the Tudor really sells it and so does the stonework, it complements the atmosphere very well. The trees are also great but the wooden dock would have to be one of my favourite parts of this build. The details really make it stand out! As always brilliant build and I love the use of smoke in the last photo
  15. The Western Wall of Lleidr

    ahhhhh, this has to be my favourite castle build in a while, and not only because of the superb texturing but the trees are also incredible. I think you definitely won it for us, and it is definitely my favourite Also I think as other people mentioned everything kinda blends together, which is a fault mine also suffers from. I guess these are builds that look better in real life I really enjoyed your advise and having you in our team, hope to see you next year again.