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Found 15 results

  1. General MOC-Discussion Ahoy! Ever felt like there's not enough general talk going on here about what matters most in these waters - MOCs? Ever got frustrated over a certain issue with a WIP that you could need help with? Ever thought about posting a WIP but didn't think it would deserve its own thread? Ever wanted to announce a huge, mind boggling, or simply your next project and ask your fellow EB members what they think about that idea? Or have you ever just felt the urge to tease everyone with a blurred picture of your creation or some facts about it before releasing it for good? Well, hesitate no further, this is the place for you! Use this thread as a vessel for all the otherwise unmentioned MOC related talk, use it to discuss sail sizes and capstan designs, ask for ideas, help others with their MOC issues and tease your fellow mateys... with pics of your creations, of course
  2. Hi there, I made a movie trailer for every Lego city builders worst enemy. Who is familiar with this problem? ;)
  3. Peppermint_M

    Winter Village Contest 2022

    It has been a while since we last visited the Winter Village. In December we will return for a new Contest! The theme and rules will be revealed in December.
  4. Youtube Link Under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, the NX-01 crew answers an urgent distress call only to quickly find themselves deep over their heads on a planet without any land mass. A Pritchard Studios Production. For more information, and to follow the progress of the film, see here. For some time I've been developing the idea for a Star Trek fanfilm. It's finally to the stage where I have something to show off! While the teaser here is entirely CG, the film itself will be mostly stop-motion, with effects shots and scenes of the ship rendered in Blender.
  5. Hi guys, here is a little MOC I made of my favourite star wars poster, the Episode 1 teaser poster entitled 'Every Saga Has A Beginning' DSC_2328 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr I loved the poster, thought it was so evocative and I wanted to try and recreate it in lego as a 3d Model. 2016-11-21_02-01-55 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr The shadow was a bit tricky at first but I am pretty happy with how it turned out - if anyone has any other ideas on how to improve it I would love to know! Episode 1 - teaser by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Anyway, there isnt much to this post as there is really only one angle this MOC works! Hope you enjoy and any feedback, comments and advice welcome. Thanks
  6. Hello Eurobrickers! I recently (Just today) made a recreation of the shot from the Rogue One Teaser of the Death Star Radar being inserted into position. Here is a look at the image: Now, while it is not absolutely perfect, keep in mind that I used 10143 which obviously limited me from getting the trench in the shot. However, I feel that it does the job pretty well for something that is just meant to look cool, not absolutely perfect. Now, all of this is CGI, none of it is from an actual picture of Lego. I used LDD and then worked that model into Maya, then After Effects for some touch ups.
  7. This is my first teaser :3 (I'm so proud of it ) i want to open this thread in order to ask people if they could be interested on my work, so, going to the main topic: I joined a small exhibition here in Rome where I showed four simple RC lego cars, three of them are mine (showed also in only one of my post here on Eurobricks :3) the fourth is the Dawnbreaker and I hope I can film a video for it, so I can add to the original thread a comparison with the other chassis, that are: -green stylized trophy truck -yellow stylized Tyrrell P34 -black stylized hot rod (maybe with driver that make it drift really well muhahaah) "stylized" because I want to build small car and I don't have lots of pieces for the aesthetics, but I guarantee the look nice ;) My problem is that I don't have time to film (for the offroad ones I need a whole saturday free of tasks, so for me isn't a simple work to fully present a MOC) and some times i know that the look of my creations don' catch the attention of lots of people I don't want to make empty topics ;) so i decided to ask how i should organize those "simple chassis series" topics, my idea is: -3 different topic -topic as review of the car -techniques used in the cars -small test video -video with description and some clip running outdoors -a final topic (yes :3) with the video of a tournament between those cars the same kind of LTIR competition The different topic (posted with a gap of 3-4 days) could be a tutorial for people who want to start building something funny with lego, and they will find 4 different cars with 4 different difficulties and 4 different kind of pieces (common or rare); I also want to build LDD file for each car and change the file for the dawnbreaker in a better one. What you think about this organization of the topics? should I post only one topic with all the cars together? Also if videos will be uploaded really late? Also if you want to suggest another kind of chassis that I can make to substitute the dawnbreaker feel free to suggest it, and if you have built a chassis of this kind i can build and review it as one of the chassis but not mine, so we can see which is the best during the race! Goodbye!
  8. Around mid-March of this year I decided to fool around with the new pdf versions of the LEGO Magazine, specifically the July 2014 issue, found here. I discovered some links in the page's source code that lead to the zoomed-in images of the first three pages, and I realized that those links were the same except for the page numbers. This surprised me, since this isn't usually how LEGO makes links, and I thought that maybe I could replace those numbers with later page numbers, with a view to recreating the Guardians of the Galaxy centerfold found in that issue. This worked, giving me two images to combine into one, which I did, giving me this image: Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser (centerfold from Jul-Aug 2014 LEGO Magazine) by Silent Nomad, on Flickr Then I thought about a website I'd used in the past to basically dissect PDF files, so I took the PDF version of the magazine and separated pages 24 and 25 from the rest with a program that does something similar to one of the things this website does, and ran it through the first website, which showed me two images that I was able to piece back together into this image: Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser (centerfold from Jul-Aug 2014 LEGO Magazine, without extra text) by Silent Nomad, on Flickr I then took that image and did a little editing, which basically consisted of adjusting the ppi (pixels per inch), and cropping just a bit off the top and bottom, which then gave me a 24x36 inch image, which I then made into a PDF file to preserve the size, as well as make it a bit harder to edit, and I finally decided to share that PDF with all of you as well, so here you go. I wanted to share the process I went through to get that poster so I could share my discoveries, as well as the resources I used to make them, so any one of you can do something similar if you find something worth using those methods on. -Nomad
  9. Hello everybody! I making this topic to showcase my first ever real MOC. I have made things before, but never something exceeding 20cm in length before, or something complex. This MOC is inspired by those beautiful long-nose semi trucks I see on the road everyday here in Canada. I am also inspired by the works of 2LegoOrNot2Lego and Sariel, two people who I say make some of the best trucks out of Lego, visually and technically. For my MOC, I used LDD since I do not have many parts for a semi truck in general, and money wise, I can't afford much right now. This is also my first time using LDD. I have no clue how to use those more advanced programs like LDraw. I am rendering better photos (POV) for my MOC, and an in-depth description of my MOC will follow shortly, but here are some crude teasers :D I made 2 models. One black and one red. Visually, they look the same, except for the color, but internally, they are a bit different. Can you guys guess what features this truck will have? This is my first real MOC, so it is a bit simplistic, but you can still give it a shot! Don't be disappointed to find out it will probably not have most of the extravagant function you guys will hope for :P Aside from the teaser pictures, I didn't make this post for nothing :D I have a questions to ask. I used LDD to make these trucks, and it allows me to generate instructions. But how can I convert the animated instructions into some readable copy? Like a PDF or something, something I can print? I am never gonna sell anything, so I also want to have a PDF file for you guys!
  10. Hi there, Only a few days left until the last Hobbit film starts playing in theaters - in the meantime enjoy this LEGO remake of the teaser trailer coproduced with Dominik from Rainlight Animations (! We really hope you like it and appreciate feedback :)
  11. Hi, I have good news. My YouTube channel reached 3000 subscribers. And here is my latest MOC Teaser.
  12. Alright so I've been pretty quiet around here recently and I've felt a bit out of touch with the hobby since I have all my MOCs dismantled or just carcasses lying around. Last night I decided to start a small project which I'm pretty much finished with by now, but I finished the entire bodywork and didn't realize the wheels scrap the body when they are turned fully. Plus I used an odd suspension setup which makes it very plush and soft, causing the whole front of the car to sag and touch the wheels. I know it's not much that could be done, but I would like to here your solutions if any. Here's a little teaser picture: I will post a full topic on this MOC when the hood thing has been sorted out.
  13. Hello Eurobricks! Let me introduce the teaser for the second part of my Xenoarchaeologist story which takes place in Warhammer 40000 universe. The far future of humanity The planet of death, covered with impassable jungle The dangerous heretic is at large and wields an absolute weapon And it is the Inquisitor's duty to find and stop him Humans Orks Eldar The eternal war will start this autumn (The photo of the heretic is taken from the first part of Xenoarchaeologist made by Illarion, Artlego and me)
  14. -Carson Haupt-

    [Moc] Throne Room

    Here's some teaser pics of the Moc I've been working on. It is a part of the story I'm writing, which I will post here. Teaser by Carson Haupt, on Flickr Throne room enhanced by Carson Haupt, on Flickr
  15. Dear all, *Special thanks to Eurobricks Bionicle Moderator, Brickthing for the design of the teaser poster* It's highly uncommon for me to put up a topic like this in the Special LEGO Themes forum. Perhaps, some might felt it is unnecessary to highlight something which is of a past news but I do like to emphasis the objective and the rational of this topic. With the assistance of our EB Bionicle Moderator, Brickthing who have kindly designed this teaser poster on behalf of Eurobricks. This CMF teaser poster is meant to signal and reinforce the upcoming exciting news of the 71000, LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 9 which is done in a well-coordinated fashion by releasing of teaser information in an authorised source by TLG first. This excites many because none of us had actually got any idea on what Series 9 is going to look like until 26 November 2012 which they first revealed a collage of these nice teaser shots of the Series 9 minifigures' back-view. It all started with the TLG Teaser image provided by the Facebook official LEGO page, a new approach to outreach its fan through social media platform. The comment left by the official TLG representative indicates as followed, Thus, I come to believe that 3rd December 2012 could be the very date of unveil the true story behind Series 9 which will take the LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series into another whole new level. What do the rest think? Do you think TLG have done a great job to keep this information until an appropriate time of release? Or will you like to see waves of preliminary images flying in and out to spoil us? I am putting this discussion across is like to find out what our community thinks? What will you like Eurobricks to do to celebrate the new Series 9 launch and its continuation? I am leaving to you guys for discussion. In less than a week, it will all be reveal. You may find the Eurobricks discussion on Series 9 in here p.s: I am equally excited as you are. WhiteFang