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Found 5 results

  1. The Lunar Year of Tiger! The Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 are coming as Electric Vehicle. Don't miss the Footage! Click to Watch With Camellia Mini Controller to control 2 DC motors and 2 Servo Motors. Copyright © Camellia Café 2016-2021 Camellia Café and its LOGO are registered trademarks.
  2. Ron Dayes

    [moc] The Pier - 90ies Nostalgia

    Hi, this is a collaboration between Fictictious Pasta and me - our biggest installment, completely digital. Build with mecabricks and finally rendered in Blender to completion. Maybe some of you remember the late 80ies and early 90ies TLG catalogues depicting Harbour scenes and Piers with a collection of all sets in the same picture. We tried to do that era some justice by putting that scene together showing vehicles, BURPs, the classic Palm trees and a Paradisa inspired restaurant and beach hut. Enjoy a day at the pier! If you look close, there are a lot of old sets remade in here, including the Sand Dollar Cafe, the Beach Hut, a Town Delivery Van, and so on. There are also two new cars for the collab, a Nissan Skyline R31, and an Jeep like vehicle. The Pier - 90ies Nostalgia by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr (1/43 scaled environment and vehicles) Pasta: - red van - blue japanese car (R31) - gillnetter boat - palmtrees - beach hut - minfig design - RENDERING and final edit Dayes: - black sportscar - yellow 4x4 (Jeep) - Restaurant - water - wooden pier - rockwork - LAYOUT and arrangement
  3. After shortening the travel required to shift gears in my improved paddle shifter unit for the Porsche (42056), I put some effort in trying to use the same concept - a lever knob gear driving a central knob gear - as a base for a 90 degree stepper. I was able to make a compact setup with the shift lever directly operating the shift axle that could in turn drive the clutches of a gearbox (the gearbox is not part of this unit). By using the knob gear inside the shift lever, the rotation speed of the central knob gear is twice the rotation speed of the shift lever itself. As a result each shift requires only a relatively short travel. The stoppers that catch the upper knob gear when shifting are the crucial part of this mechanism. They had to be reliable when it comes to catching the knob gear and needed to allow for a smooth return at the sane time. The whole setup relies on its interaction with the simple 90° limiter., which has been integrated in this unit. I'm very happy with the result. EDIT: I've been working on this a little more. I'wasn't completely satisfied about the return of the shift lever. It requires a lot of silicon power and I couldn't get it working with a new set of red silicon bands. Apparently the old ones (+/- 8 years old) are stronger. So I decided to skip the auto-return completely. The return is not needed for a full shift and a completely manual operation of the shift lever gives a nice feel. Returning the lever can actually be postponed until the next shift. This also allowed me to make an even more simple version of the stepper. In that simple version a different 90° limiter now operates directly on the lower knob gear. The limiter allows for some free movement of the orange paddles, but my guess is that this won't give any trouble when they operate the clutches of the gearbox. So all together I now have two versions: The compact stepper with separate 90° limiter and the simple stepper with limiter directly applied to the lower knob gear. Compact 90° stepper with separate limiter (LXF-file) Simple 90° stepper (LXF-file) Comments and (suggestions for) improvements are welcome!
  4. Rail Co

    [MOC] 90-Degree Crosstrack

    Hello all fellow train folks, today I have another MOC but it isn't a train, it is a track piece that we haven't been able to get in 10 years. Here it is more info to follow. 1). It has to be the same size as previous tracks. 2). It would need to use minimal parts and be easy to construct. 3). It would need to be as quiet as possible or be as quiet as standard Lego tracks when the train rolls over it. 4). It would have to be stable and would not fall apart in use. I hope you all enjoy my MOC and this track piece. I you feel inclined constructive criticism is always welcome! If you thought It was brilliant you can support it here:
  5. !!PROJECT IS ABANDONED AND DISCONTINUED!! Hi everyone! I'd like to present to you my WIP Land Rover Defender 90. First, some explanations. The goal was to make pretty accurate car with two live axles, 2 gears (slow and fast) and 2 differential locks (middle and rear). I started from scrolling throug Unimog instruction to get some inspiration. The first try at building chassis was successful, but the steering tended to break and gears slipped (PF Servo in the middle of chassis, PF XL on front). Both differential locks, based on Sariels minimalistic differential lock, worked correctly (sorry, no photos). So I rebuilded everything with Servo on front axle on two PF L in the middle. Still I wasn't satisfied with front and gears slipped . Then came the third version with PF XL on the back, good gears design and front independent suspension (differential locks were ditched in the process). But... The basic TLG double whishbone suspension (3 and 5 studs high) tend to be wobbly if assembled poorly (read: assembled by me ), especially with big wheels. I got pissed of and in result dug the internet in search for something good. Finally I ended up with nicjasnos' McPherson suspension. It works perfectly btw . To summarize this a bit long introduction, Land Rover now has front independend McPherson suspension, live axle on back, 2 gears and 4WD with PF XL motor, no differential locks. Without the locks it's pretty unusable in terrain, but runs smoothly on flat. And now the meat part, photos! The plan is to make the bodywork detachable in case I want to improve both cassis and body separately. Also it'd be great to make front live axle with portal axle and correct kingpin inclination and positive caster angle, and both differential locks switched with PF M motors. Please write any suggestions and comments!