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Found 57 results

  1. [GBW] Episode 17 - Navajo by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 17 - Navajo by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 17 - Navajo by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr The design of the VTOL belongs to Vincent that unfortnally is lost from Flickr for 2 years now - I only did many different connections so to make the whole build more stable and playable - my kids loves it
  2. My apologies to fellow players and judges, but i wanted a quick way to present a new character in the game. [GBW] Episode 18 - Kira by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  3. Lucky LEGO finds

    I have been lucky twice with lego : The first was when i was about 8 and i was walking with my dad past this charity shop by my house. When i look in i was astonnished to find a huge box with what i would later find out to be : 6376 breezway cafe 6666 ambulance (best ambulance ever) 6552 rocky river retreat 6398 central precinct HQ 6472 gas n' wash express (the one that the new garage comming out is based on) 6595 surf shack 6670 rescue rig 6593 blaze battler 6353 coastal cutter 6658 bulldozer and many more including some big truck with a space shuttle on it! and baseplates, cars, trees, and a load of figs! these sets created the best city ever made and all my friends were sooooo gelous! :-D and all for
  4. [MOC] Command Car

    Command car building instruction Parts list
  5. Army Vehicle - Hummer/Humvee building instructions
  6. Hi guys At first, we want to introduce ourselves: We are three excited Lego builders: Budo, Paliason and Bedo. Each of us has built many of our own MOCs in the past. Before the recent, we decided to do something together. The main condition was to do something untraditional, original and with many details. This is the Lego project, which we will introduce to you now. It is the scene from the PC game Command & Conquer: GENERALS and its expansion ZERO HOUR. Three factions fight against each other: USA, CHINA and GLA. USA: CHINA: GLA: Our common goal is to make a large map of approx. 6.25 square meters and on it the combat scenes of vehicles and the infantry of all three opponents. The map will also include several civilian objects (farm, houses), industrial buildings (Oil derricks) but also large USA base. The model will be dedicated to exhibitions and commemorations of the great PC game C&C: GENERALS, at this year's 15th anniversary of this masterpiece. Finished 3D CAD models: USA - Vehicles: USA - Structures: CHINA - Vehicles: GLA - Vehicles:
  7. [MOD LDD] AT TE

    Here's a MOD of captain Rex's AT TE. I removed the platforms and added as well as modding the turrets The main turret. I will be building this soon in real life.
  8. [GBW] Episode 13 - The Green Door by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 13 - The Green Door by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 13 - The Green Door by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 13 - The Green Door by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  9. [GBW] Episode 11 - It's raining men... [GBW] Episode 11 - It's raining men...
  10. [GBW] Episode 9 - FALCON's NEST by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 9 - FALCON's NEST by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  12. "Once you take the King's shilling, your first pay, you become a soldier. For at least three years you'll serve our country aganist our enemies, whoever they will be. Honour your vow and you'll be rewarded with glory, respect and regular wages; defect and you'll be court-martialled. I'm not an officer of that kind always calling for salute and impeccable uniform, but I require absolute loyalty towards me and towards your comrades. I personally selected you among those who wanted to enlist... I know that you are a good sailor and a good fighter, and also that in the past you were on board the Fantome, a ship "slightly" suspected of piracy. I think you are the kind of man we need to defend our colonies and our interests in the New World... Am I mistaken? Today you are considered a pickpocket and a loser... Are you ready to become a respected defender of our Motherland?" "You are not mistaken, sir! I'll do my best to clear my name and serve Oleon aganist our enemies!" "A fine speech, some money and the promise of a fresh start... - thought Tristan, looking at the new recruit- That's enough to turn a group of lowlives and beggars into a formidable fighting force". He led into battle men of this kind, when he was a young officer garrisoned on the troubled Western Border: scoundrels with a bad reputation and a past full of mistakes, but with their heart at the right place and surely more guts than the average regular soldier. "Yes- he thought while the recruit took without hesitation the King's shilling- these are exactly the men I need". Soldiers and sutlers storing supplies A cavalryman leaving the camp Soon the military unit will be trained and equipped. Until then, probably I should choose an appropriate name for it!
  13. I was sure that I've already shared it on weekend, but seems that it was lost ... I've published a book with a complete set of table about the Austrian army during Napoleonic wars. Base for that were the decal set I started years ago on the base of Mosana's designs. They get a complete relaunch with all the necessary changes to be as historical accurate as possible representing the different Austrian Units. See here the decals used for the Austrian Landwehr and partly a s base also for other units: . The 2nd topic were all the custom hats and helmets for the Napoleonic times where the first item ever done in the 3d printing technology was started here after a longer discussion how the rare shakos can be recreated with other means. The 3rd part were all the renders I can do now with LDD, LDD2povray, stl2povray and povray. During Christmas I recoded a bigger part so that doing these tabels with figures in diferent positions can be done more easily. See one of the results here (Hungarian insurrectio troops): Finally I have added some textual clue mainly referencing some historical or military explanations (with references to the text in Wikipaedia) resulting now in the book published by .... Since a lot of topics and techniques created for this book were first discussed here I want to thank all the member which have contributed with their ideas ... Woody64
  14. Advice for Military Moc

    I've been researching miltary moc's for months now, and finally have a couple of vehicles built and I was wondering how other people would start. I have a decent sized collection and was hoping to do the moc in a grayscale (white, gray, black). I was wondering if you had any advice for moc's of any size. Thanks- kartracer21
  15. Hello eurobrickers, I have been working on a castle themed MOC with a setting in the far east rather than the usual England/Germany settings. It's a simple design and I still have much to learn. I've added in heaps of minifigures to accompany the architecture too. Bricks and minifigs were sourced all around the world from ebay/bricklink and costed in the thousands >.< Some non-lego bricks were used for the curved slopes on the roofs to mimic the eastern architecture better. Some slightly modified Orient Expedition sets are evident and also a ninjago set in the background to add to the setting. Hope you guys like it =) Pic1 Pic2 Pic3 Pic4 Pic5 Pic6 Pic7 Pic8 Pic9 Pic10 Pic11 Pic12 Pic13 Pic14 I got the idea from this classic Orient Expedition set and my Main MOC is loosely based on it. I will work on improving the designs but for now, need to save $$$ ^_^
  16. General Murcielago on Demagogue the Cold One Cold ones are the Dark Elves' mount of choice during all seasons, but foremost in winter, when shadows get frosty and the lizards thrive. General Murcielago and Demagogue share their hate of warm beings and flowers of any kind. General Murcielago on Demagogue the Cold One (1) by MWardancer, auf Flickr General Murcielago on Demagogue the Cold One (2) by MWardancer, auf Flickr List of customization techniques and products: - painting the beast: the Cold One is a knockoff brand mini Indominus Rex, they cost about 1 Euro, painted with thinned Citadel Games Workshop paint - always wear your hat in winter: head armor is a knockoff brand mini Triceratops head, sawed and sanded to fit, painted - you wear a hat, too, son!: the fig's helmet is made by Nicebricks, custom painted by me - look Ma, to eyes: the eyes are painted on yellow paper - Eternal flame: a Brickwarriors Naginata sawed off and combined with a flame - always bring your coat: furry cape is from CapeMadness - leg'o' lego: my usual fake leg technique for unmountable creatures: saw off legs, glue them on, conceal side with thickly painted paper - armore ohoo: armor and arm armor are from Brickwarriors, painted
  17. INDEX: Armies

    Armies Index What is this index for? The Armies Index is for Eurobricks members' LEGO Pirate/Soldier armies How is this indexed? The Armies Index is very unlike the other indexes in the LEGO Pirates Master Index. This index is indexed by member's own posts about their armies. Anyway you can help? You can help by simply posting your own army. So go ahead, show us what you got! To what extent is this updated? This index is updated through member's own posts. Thus, this index is not maintained by the Eurobricks Pirates forum staff. Bonaparte's French Army: Bonaparte's British Army: Sir Nadroj's Imperial Soldier Army Madoka's Imperial and Pirate Armies Sir Norman Ray's South Essex Fordo's French army Fordo's British army Woody64's Austrian army Tordenskjold's British army: Shinohara's French army Dreamweb's English army Dreamweb's Spanish army Dreamweb's Dutch army Dreamweb's French army MasterKenobi's Imperial Army KrakenBits' Vistula Legion
  18. Task I and Task III.

    Salute! As a leader of a mercenary group, it is my duty to introduce them, to the Relm. (TASK I. -Avalonia) Conrad the Sly and his two second in command: Zan the Black Arrow, and Lok, the Wild-one. Lok commands the infantry of the Brigade. Zan commands the small group of crossbowman. Master sapper, and his cannoneers. Assasins, the unseen part of the army. Marauders, the heavy troops. Scouts, and poachers of the gang. Siege engineer, with two siege assistants, who helps the engineer with the siege weapon. Cavalry. Altho, the rest of the army using guerilla tactics. They still need to pursuit the escaping enemies. Boris, the Houndmaster. Members, of the Brigade, who not count, as the army, but they play important roles. From left: Winifred, the courtesan, Some smugglers, the gangs torturer, and the young lad: Pell, who is the banner bearer. TASK III. -Avalonia We take a lot of pleasure in the beauty of the landscape. Although the area's lords are not frowned upon if an army of mercenaries in their fields pass through , somewhere even had to settle down . Then we found Deep Gardens. Along the coast tiny fishing villages, farther inland forests, plenty of apple trees. The locals do not belong to any lord , freedom, but the cost, to no one defend them. They need our help , as we are to them . One village chief told us, about a ruined castle , it might be a good start. (I hope, that region is still available )
  19. The Troups of the Apple Felipe de la Manzana received a letter from Captain Santiago asking him help in Duke Prio's name. It was about helping the Duke in his fight for independance against Mardier. Felipe being no good friend of Mardier, as a proud Eslandian, decided to recruit some men to send to Prio. Here is the first troups he hired : the 4th MAESTRO platoon of infantry also known as the troups of the Apple. Thank you for reading.
  20. From the Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the Ring. After separating from Frodo, Aragorn prepares to face the Hand of Saruman. Aragorn- "I swore to protect you... I would have gone with you to the end. Into the very fires of Mordor." Frodo- "I know." From the Movie: LEGO interpretation of the above photo:
  21. So I just wanted to list my top 5 favorite clone troopers in my collection currently... Please post yours so I can get your opinions. Thanks for viewing my topic~~~~~~~ NUMBER 5: 442nd Sieze Batallion Trooper (7260) I don't know why, most likely since I grew up with these in my child hood, but I am quite the sucker for classic, older clone troopers. I love this one for that reason, and it's unique color scheme. NUMBER 4: Captain Rex (7675) I love captain Rex for his rare blue color scheme, as the 501st was the only official group to wear blue. It is also kind of cool to hold an iconic piece of clone royalty. NUMBER 3: 327th Star Corps (7655) I love this one for it being yet again original. And as it is one of the oldest kind of clones in my collection. I also used to think this was Obi Wans 212th. However, that was when this came out NUMBER 2: Commander Fox(7681) This clone is totally awesome for perhaps the most elaborate detailing on any clone. It has so much detailing, though I was never a fan of CW figures, I have to include this one for its pure awesome. And as I have a crazy high detailed clone trooper at 2, 1 is the polar opposite NUMBER 1 Clone Trooper (4482, 7163) The oldest clone... This one has by far my favorite kind of helmet and armore, for being the "real" phase 1 clone trooper. This is THE clone trooper, the predecessor and birth giver to everyone's precious clones today. I have a large quantity, and I love these for their originality, and rarity. Thanks with much Lego love, Jedi Master
  22. [pid][/pid] 253B Hi everyone, I have just updated my Napoleon's La Grande Armée. It contains more than 225 minifigures, including 130 regulars, hussars, grenadiers, artillery men, heavy cuirassiers etc. I hope You'll like it. More photos: jackdaw2211, on Flickr. army10 by jackdaw2211, on Flickr army4 by jackdaw2211, on Flickr
  23. This is my LEGO military mini figure's car from the '50's. It is supposed to have a bunch of printed parts on it... please see the pictures below for a picture of them all. Also, after much editing and modifying, this car can now fit a mini-figure in it: I just tested it in Lego Digital Designer. Here we see the car with it's owner, Admiral Oswald Lyons, who happens to reside on my futuristic space base with my Imperial gray scale set 9515: "the Malevolence" inspired space ship, the Nevermore. But today he's just about town in his vintage Army car. As you can see, the car features covered rear wheels and a removable roof to place a figure inside. The rear of the car. The car is supposed to have these prints on it. I don't want to add all the links from Brick Link to this page, but you can find them all under this tab in the "sand green" color section: http://www.bricklink...=P&colorPart=48 Their are missing prints in the LDD file that are detailed i this photo. They are supposed to be placed as follows: The two sand green 1x2 bricks go on the sides where the dark tan bricks are, while the sand green 1x4 tiles go where the dark bluish gray tiles are. The car maker logo is to be placed on the trunk, while the star goes on the hood. NOTE: their are 7 pages of 50 items each on this tab, but I'm pretty sure you can find these parts by the picture above and cross referencing it with Brick Link. ALSO: Their are two parts that are double in quantity, so their picture appears twice instead of once. LDD file for the car and Oswald: http://www.moc-pages...1462053664m.lxf NOTES: I will probably will build this soon, most likely during / right after May, so watch this space for real life pictures either in mid - May or early June!
  24. My Temple of Shanara presented in Expo LUG Brasil 2015. Temple of Shanara is an elven temple to one of the last Trees of Life in my Elven Kingdom Hybrasil. Comments and suggestions are welcome! Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr Hybrasil - Temple of Shanara by FantuX, no Flickr