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Found 14 results

  1. From The best way to imagine the off-road vehicle is like a quad with six wheels. The color of the vehicle is orange and white. There is a black loading area in the rear area. The vehicle is also equipped with suspension and a winch. 4 built tree trunks and an orange chainsaw are included as accessories. The set consists of 764 parts and will cost 74.99 euros. Set number: 42139 Number of parts: 764 Release date: March 01, 2022 RP: 74.99 euros
  2. When I first saw the 42139 set, I knew I had to get one. From the functionality aspect, the set for the relatively small price tag has a lot to offer, and it's an amazing parts donor as well. But I believe that I wasn't the only one that thought the 6 wheel ATV is quite an unconventional vehicle and it would look rather cool to see this as a more common 4x4 quadbike. So I made an alternate / mod that turns this into more classic looking quad. The front and middle part of the build remains almost unchanged (switched 7 long beams from white to orange to make better looking rear mudguards), also there is an extra part at the front to secure the winch hook. Almost no changes means that the functionality remains the same: winch steering Suspension 2 speed gearbox Working cylinders The cargo box on the back is fixed, so the dumping bed mechanism has been removed. To compensate for this there is a place to attach a trailer. Leftover parts are a great source material for the trailer itself, sadly no pins were left to make a proper trailer to complement the quad bike. Oh, and the best part is that it's still possible to assemble the chainsaw If anyone is interested. building instructions are available at REBRICKABLE Cheers!
  3. Please suport my project on Lego Ideas. Power functions: 3x L-motor 1x IR Receiver 1x IR Remote Control 1x AAA Battery Box 1x Control Switch 1x Extension Wire Description All openable doors. Model have fake motor V6. Color: Black and Yellow Number of Pieces: 800-100 Thank you very much for your support! Military version: Hägglunds BV 206s
  4. Hello everyone! Since TLG released 76023, I had been waiting for affordable Technic set which includes so-called Tumbler Tires. So I jumped at 42050 Drag Racer. I also bought some extra tires separately, then revived old project which had failed three years ago. Avtoros Shaman 8x8 Building instructions: Rebrickable Weight: 2550g - 4x L motor for 8 wheel drive - 2x Servo motor for 8 wheel steering - M motor for switching steering mode (AWS and crab) - M motor for winch - 3x LED for front and rear lights - 2x SBrick powered by 2x 8878 rechargeable battery box - Independent suspension for all wheels - Working steering wheel - Openable hood, doors and roof hatch Back in 2013 As you may know, real Shaman is which can go through almost any kind of terrain. It has three steering modes and can scale 45-degree incline. On top of that it is amphibious. Seeing pictures and videos, I instantly fell in love with it.When I started the project, I was too ambitious to realize all features above. Sadly I could not build even steering mechanism while keeping all wheel drive and independent suspension. So I changed the project to building another 8x8 vehicle. It ended up as my Tatra 813 Trial Truck, but that is another story. Focus on characteristic features Two months ago, I suddenly came up with an idea that enables both normal AWS and crab steering. In the case of four-wheeler, you can do it by switching rotation of second Servo motor for rear axle. But in eight-wheeler like Shaman, you should change turning radius of second and third axle. In normal mode, the steering angle of inner two axles is smaller than outer axles. But in crab mode, all axles should be steered at the same angle. This is the basis of steering idea. I used the way of fixing/moving pivot of steering linkage. A: There are two 7L steering racks connected to 7L beams. Front rack is connected in the middle of beam, rear is one stud backwards. Both ends of beams are connected to steering arms of each axle. B: In normal mode, rear rack is fixed by 12T bevel gear. So the fixed pivot of 7L beam is its 5th pin hole. Which makes front end of beam moves twice as rear end does. That means the steering angle of 1st axle is twice as 2nd axle. C: In switching crab mode, 12T bevel gear moves one stud forward and fix front rack. Fixed pivot is 4th pin hole of beam. Which makes both ends of beams move equally. That means the steering angle of 1st axle is the same as 2nd axle. And there is one more twist. D: I put main steering rack (moved by pinion gear) on one stud forward of 7L beam's front-end (which means 9L beam’s front-end). Seeing from the pivot point, this rack is connected to farther than the point of front steering arms connected. So front steering arms always move slightly shorter than main rack does. When Servo fully turns 90 degrees, pinion gear moves the rack in one stud sideways. Steering arms move less than one stud. This was necessary for keeping CV joint (connected to steering hub) rotate smoothly even when fully steered. Challenge and compromise First of all, this MOC is NOT amphibious. It is too heavy to float. And because of driving motors of low position, chassis is not waterproof at all. So it is not recommended driving it through even shallow water pool. My aim was to achieve decent crawling capability. But I had to lower the bar because there was no room left for portal/planetary hub reduction. Without them, heavy load from 81mm tires directly goes to 12T half bevel gears. First attempt was using two XL motors geared 25:9. I put each motor for left/right side of axle. The result was unsatisfied. Even when climbing over small obstacles, bevel gears often slipped and got damaged. So I replaced them with four L motors geared 3:1. Each one drives a pair of half axles. Thanks to their good speed and smaller torque, new drivetrain proved to be more reliable. Although bevel gears were still slipping a bit, I accepted overall performance. The picture above shows two L motors for driving right side of axles. The power functions switch for changing rotation of rear Servo motor is synchronized with moving steering pivot mechanism. In crab mode, rear 4 wheels steer opposite the same direction as front wheels. As always I used few of non-Technic parts. Big roof tile was used for saving weight, curve slope parts were better choice for filling the gap. LBG axles sticking out the roof are visible indicator for steering mode. They are mechanically connected to switching mechanism. In the video you can see how they work. Instructions available at Rebrickable. Building it in red is possible by using red parts instead of white. I hope you will enjoy building!
  5. Hello Guys, I recently created this vehicle, for my kids to play (but also for me) - 2x L-motors: one for left and one for right track - skid steering - chassis is without suspension - 6 pairs of PF led lights FLICKR photos:
  6. Hi everyone, I am quite new on this forum so I thought that the best way to say hello will be to present some MOC. I came back to being interested in Lego Technic after two decades of dark ages, as you call it in here. After recovering and putting on the shelf my childhood technic sets I bought couple of present ones. Oh man, so many things have happened in Lego Technic during this twenty years. But back to the business. I started to build something of my own. This is my third creation which I hope is good enough to show you guys (I think that the first two ones do not deserve on separate topic, but at the very end of this post I will write a couple words about them and give links to photos. Mainly to show some of my progress/development, I guess). After buying tractor tires my first thought was: I will build Russian ATV – SHERP (at that time I didn't know it is so popular among Lego designers). And here it is – my creation of this small ATV monster. I tried to achieve the low center of the gravity and at the same time plenty of power. That is why I used 2 XL motors connected directly to portal hubs and I skipped differentials. I was afraid that this amount of torque and this size of wheels will cause this small gears to slip. I also wish to mention that the starting inspiration was Kevin’s Moo Orange Sherp, which gave me an idea of general shape of the body and smart and compact way to distribute propulsion between wheel axes. So big thanks to him. More details are listed below, if you have some questions, I will be happy to answer (Please have in mind that my part collection isn't large. To build Sherp I used 3 sets, supported by a couple of small orders from bricklink). I hope you like what you see Details and functions: - scale: 1:14 (approximately) - weight: 1369 g - dimensions L x W x H: 29 x 25 x 23 studs - clearance: 5 studs - hill climbing capacity: max 30 degrees (tested) - RC, communication via BT - power source: Buwizz 2.0 (but plenty of space to use Lego PF) - skid steering - drive: 2 XL motors (one per side), geared down 3:1, all-wheel drive - working front lights - openable front and rear hatch (with stops preventing from pushing hatches to the inside of the vehicle) - easy changeable gear ratio to adjust speed/torque (red axes in portal hubs) Status: assembled, part count not known, no instructions (but I am pretty sure that thanks to photos most of you are able to replicate this creation, it is not very sophisticated ) Video: Some photos: More photos can by found here: This are promised couple of words about my first two creations. They are using wheels from my sets from childhood and parts from 42065 and 42069. - The first one – The Jeep. Goals: must be RC, must use those nice wheels from set 8286 and it must have a lot of functions. The result can be found under link, with the description and photos. - The second one – The Rally car. Goals: still RC, let’s make some good use of wheels from set 8414, it should be smaller, faster and prettier than my first creation The result can be found under link, with the description and photos.
  7. Hi Lets start whit fact that Im new to Lego Technic, and english isnt my first language and im terable at grammar:D I started couple of months ago purchasing some Lego sets, and now im around 15.000 parts. It helps me to relese stress after work Im seen so many very good Mocs , but Im not seen a lot of ATV. Is ther any reason of this or they just not mainstreem to built. Im will be tempting to build my all time favorite Can Am Maverick X3. I hade oportunity to drive one on my holidays and I felt in love since :D I would apricaate some help and tips for new builder.
  8. I' ve made a scale model of this russian all terrain vehicle. I've tried to make it as detailed as possible. Video: Functions: - 4x4 driveshaft with differentials (XL motor) - Steering: brakes that block wheels on one side of the vehicle. (M motor) - Working differential lock (M motor) - Working LEDs - Tires from 42054 - Openable front and rear hatches and windscreen, working wipers Everything is controlled remotely using SBrick. The drivetrain with differentials and portal axles: The steering mechanism is, I think, more interesting. Wheels on one side of the vehicle may be blocked using the driving ring. Than differentials transmits all the power to wheels on the other side. (that red connector represents driving ring) And the differential lock. The driving ring connects right and left differential outputs. And photos of side without wheels and the underside: Please watch the video to see this machine in action and for more details. I hope you liked this model.
  9. Hi All, The iconic ARGO 6x6 XTV (extreme terrain vehicle), made by ARGO Industries in Canada, was my inspiration for this project; a remote controlled Technic Power Functions version of the real life machine. The ARGO is a formidable little amphibious all-terrain vehicle that will take you deep into the wilderness and get you back safe and sound. You can see some more photos on Flickr: This model uses disk brakes to lock the left or right wheel-sets to skid-steer. The wheels are connected with chains like the real ARGO. The handlebars are connected to the disk brakes using flex cables. The handlebar assembly decouples the left and right brakes, so when you twist the bars only one side is activated. The brake assembly is very compact. When you want to control the ARGO remotely, you can drop in the handlebar servo assembly. Here's a video of the ARGO that shows the different functions. If you like it, please check the ARGO out on Thanks!
  10. MaxxusBricks

    Custom LEGO Fire ATV

    Hello! Today I decided to build custom LEGO fire ATV. And this is what I've done. I like the colors and size of the ATV. I think, I will put it in the LEGO forest, near the city. By the way, I like all official LEGO forest fire and police sets. On my opinion, LEGO forest subtheme is good and I'm waiting for some new sets. Do you agree with me?
  11. Hi! This is my first technic MOC, and I think it turned out pretty well, I really like the rear suspension. With my next MOC, I hope to improve the color scheme, without random colors poking through as they do here. Feel free to leave tips and suggestions. Also, I have pictures, but Eurobricks says that my image extension isn't allowed in this community. Help please?
  12. Trainmaster247

    MOC Small ATV Shop

    This weekend I worked on a small shop for a few ATVs I built. Below are some images of them. In total there are three (I ran out of pieces to make more) with trailers for two. One of the trailers is slightly larger since it is meant for more industrial loads while the smaller one is meant for gardening. As a final note my photography has improved so enjoy. Here we have Robert the gardener someone who will become a usual in my models. You can recognize him for his hat (a hint is look in the roller coaster car for my fair.) The heavy duty industrial trailer being loaded with poles/pipes and some tanks. A close up of one of the ATV's. Two workers in the shop. Here we have an overview of the model which just goes over the edge of a 32x32 base plate.
  13. Lazarev N.

    [MOC] Military ATV

    Small jeep in Warthog-style. RCI Military ATV (Warthog style) by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr RCI Military ATV (Warthog style) by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr RCI Military ATV (Warthog style) by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr RCI Military ATV (Warthog style) by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr Thanks for watching and if you like the model , you can use the instructions.
  14. sidekick2461

    MOC Bat-All Terrain Vehicle

    MOC Bat-All Terrain Vehicle This is my latest MOC, a cross between a 66' Batmobile and a Tank. I was trying to think of a way to incorporate tracks with suspension that I had designed. I looked at the 66' Batmobile I had built and thought that would be an interesting project. The tracked suspension is full independent on both sides and works great. I've added all sorts of launchers and equipment, so now the villains of Gotham City have no where to hide. The storyline for the existence of the vehicle goes thus: “It’s 1968 and Bruce Wayne decides that he needs an extra vehicle to help control the villains of Gotham City. He contacts his friends at Gotham City Engineering and asks them to build him a new vehicle loosely based on the 1966 Batmobile but a major feature has to be its all-terrain capabilities.” Let me know what you think.