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Found 27 results

  1. Zerobricks

    [TC16] Hex rover

    For Mission to Mars I decidd to build more of a classical machine - a six wheeled rover. I was heavily inspired by the upcoming Mars 2020 mission ( and wanted to integrate a drone inside the model. First thing to build were the foldable Rocker-bogie suspension arms, which is unfolded with pneumatics Each bogie featurs a steerable front wheel which is steered using a worm gear mated to a small turntable. Drive power is carried through the turntable to the front wheel. The rear wheels are on their own bogie and are driven by a combiantion of Cv and universal joints: A longitudinal differntial is used on each drivetrain which allows for the speed differences between front and rear wheels when steering. Differential is especially required when steering at 90 degree steering angle, since the rear wheels do not turn at all. A driven differential is used to level the both sides of the suspension arms: Differential allows for the movement of suspension and keeps the body leveled. A single M motor is used to adjust the leveling angle via a worm gear. Suspension in action: In order to unfold the rover, a pneumatic compressor was installed near the front of the body: The same compressor also powers 4 small pneumatic cylinders which open up the tops sides of the rover: A large actuator lifts the base of the 3D camera (placeholder for Wi-Fi camera) on the top and reveals the propeller "drone" inside the rover: Since most rovers include some kind of an arm to dig and check samples, I decided to equip mine with claws. They are able to pick up and lift with the use of a single M motor: And finally the rover can launch the propeller drone using an RC motor powered by BuWizz: Here is the final wrap up of the features and characterisics: 38 x 25 x 15 cm when folded 41 x 25 x 57 cm when unfolded Weighs 1800 grams Powered by 5M, 2L and one RC motor Controlled by 2 BuWizzes Independent all wheel drive with longitudinal differentials Rocker-bogie suspension Pneumatic unfolding Raisable 3D camera arm - placeholder for a WiFi camera Leveling mechanism Drone launcher Working claws Unlimited steering angle And a quick video of the rover in action:
  2. Maybe the arrival of the Rover cutter was not as recent as suspected, at least not judging from what has been achieved at Cutlass Cay, the hideout of the Gentleman Privateer, which was now nearing completion. The last of the guns are currently being swayed onto the battlements in final preparation of the hideout The very gentleman himself, fencing with one of his mates Birds-eye view of the hideout The gentleman privateer is always interested in a mutually profitable deal, so if any like-minded would be interested in setting up a small network of hideouts, or brokering access to Cutlass Cay, feel free to pm me. C&C welcome - I find I enjoyed building something entirely piratical for a change. :)
  3. The Martian rover "Pilgrim" is a heavy multi-role vehicle designed for deep exploration of Mars, built by the Lego Space Agency, it has unique characteristics. is an AWD rover equipped with an efficient suspension system, designed for a crew of 2 or 3 astronauts, who can access or descend through a pressurization chamber, in fact the internal cabin has its own pressurized atmosphere compared to the Martian atmosphere outside the vehicle. The rover is powered by fuel cells, batteries and high efficiency photovoltaic panels, guaranteeing a theoretically unlimited autonomy. The rover is equipped with a telescopic arm for collecting materials that are deposited in an independent container. Also on the front there is a second and smaller telescopic arm, with a digging, extracting and study function. Still on the front we find a useful winch, just in case. This rover has a wide range of tools for the analysis of the Martian soil and for communications: in front of it we find a photopolarimeter, a magnetometer, a composite infrared spectometer. On the upper part we find a UHD color / infrared close range camera, an radiation assessment detector, antennas for long and short frequency communications, satellite dish, a UHD color / infrared long range camera, and an atmospheric / meteorology package. Finally, the rover also has a rear tow hitch to allow the hooking of special trailers. Lego Mars Exploration Rover Pilgrim by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego Mars Exploration Rover Pilgrim (2) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego Mars Exploration Rover Pilgrim (5) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego Mars Exploration Rover Pilgrim (inside) (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr The mobile laboratory module consists of a trailer equipped with a pressurized capsule inside which a protected environment has been created for two astronauts, who access it from a door with a pressurization chamber from the outside. The module is a small laboratory equipped with optical microscope, spectrophotometer, computer, incubation room / cold room, stove / sink, a bed, to increase the habitability. The mobile laboratory module is energy self-sufficient thanks to photovoltaic panels and batteries, and has replaceable air reserve for 3 days. It is also equipped with communication systems. Lego Mars Exploration Rover Lab Module Trailer by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego Mars Exploration Rover Lab Module Trailer (5) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr The "Pilgrim" rover mining trailer is equipped with a state-of-the-art drilling system that allows reaching depths of up to 100 meters, and is able to extract soil core samples with special tools. It has a mobile refillable cartridge containing the drill rigs pushed deep by a mechanical hammer at the top of the apparatus. The speed of descent and perforation can be varied according to need. The system is completely independent and manoeuvrable from the safety of the rover. Lego Mars Exploration Rover Mining Trailer by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr Lego Mars Exploration Rover Mining Trailer (3) by Jordan Parmegiani, su Flickr For other photos visit my flickr page!
  4. The Rover privateer The Rover privateer has recently arrived to Terra Nova, its origin unknown. Its commander is known only as "The Gentleman Privateer", and easily recognisable by his bowler and rapier. The only hint as to his origins is his distinct high-class Corlander accent and his noble manners. The cutter itself is swift and manoeuvrable, and well suited to snap up unsuspecting merchant shipping in the rich sea lanes of Terra Nova. It is manned by a hardened crew of buccaneers, and armed with 6 heavy carronades, and will be a match for most smaller traders, while being able to outrun most patrolling warships. Only time will show what mischief the Gentleman Privateer and his bunch of Buccaneers is up to. ______________________________________________ Thanks for watching - this was a fun little build I made for the quick start guide, and I figured it was worth trying out the black flag mechanics. C&C is as always welcome - more pictures can be found in my flickr. :)
  5. Orange Leader

    Benny's rover Rover ROVER!

    Here is my Febrovery entry for this year. I was mostly inspired by late Classic Space with the colour scheme and set 1580.
  6. New FebRovery MOC, Mighty Micros: Classic-Space Rovers. Mighty Micros: Classic-Space Rovers by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More information in my blog!
  7. KamalMYafi

    [MOC] Tanker Rover

    FebRovery is on again! Now I came up with a Tanker Rover. FebRovery Tanker - Front by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr FebRovery Tanker - Rear by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More information in my blog!
  8. Concept - Search and Scout vehicle (SASV) More pic here: few dramatic views:
  9. For my final post of this year, I am proud to introduce the Range Rover Evoque with air ride. Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions in my WIP thread to create a better SUV. The car was too black so I added white, it was too low so I raised it a stud and the hood wasn't slanted enough so I re-created the front of the vehicle. I reduced the weight to 6.3 pounds (2850g) This car has 4wd, air ride, torsion bar suspension, 2 XL motors for drive, 2 m motors for lift, V8, servo for steering, gear shifter turns on the lights. The car is finally to a perfect scale. The hard parts of this build was the air ride, torsion bar and having the doors start low at the front and higher at the back. I bought a pair of custom chrome exhaust pipes for this built. flickr: MOC-Pages: Instructions: Inspiration: Inspiration by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Below is the car in comparison to the 42052 helicopter set Air ride Range Rover Evoque by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Back end was super difficult: Air ride Range Rover Evoque by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Everything opens: Air ride Range Rover Evoque by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Front View: Air ride Range Rover Evoque by lachlan cameron, on Flickr I'm ready to take my helicopter to work... Air ride Range Rover Evoque by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Air ride Range Rover Evoque by lachlan cameron, on Flickr underside shot: Air ride Range Rover Evoque by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Side view: Air ride Range Rover Evoque by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Interior by lachlan cameron, on Flickr Framework video:
  10. Hey everyone, Did this one last month, finally got around to posting it... goes out to all the fans of late classic space and playability! This is a mid-sized Explorien ship made for intergalactic exploratory missions seeking planets with life or key resources. My goal was to fit in as much playability as possible in an aesthetically pleasing package. But first, I'd like to introduce the crew in front of its main play function, an actuated elevator cargo bay! Here is a list of features within the four main areas - livable conditions for all four crew members - 2 floor modular interior with 4x sleeping chambers on lower level - biomedical lab - 4 seat lounge - bathroom with shower - large cargo bay with surface exporation and assessment equipment - play function to open back and lower entire cargo bay as elevator via linear actuators - working airlock to enter cargo area from living space - Roll cage rover fits 3 minifigs and includes drilling /grabbing platform - tracked power suit with cutting torch and grabber - storage for 4x space suits and minifig equipment - communications and sensor arrays - Intergalactic comm dish - planetary sensors for life/resource assessment - intragalactic comm arrays for more detailed communication in local galaxy - 2x interior seats for comm/sensor operators - long and short range transportation equipment - 2x dual engines equipped made for long range warp and short range thrust - retractable landing gear - adjustable front and side landing/takeoff thrusters - front of ship equipped for navigator and pilot The main shape and inner technic structure came about from 4 integral pieces I wanted to include for the sake of the Explorien theme, the front canopy, 2 SNOT large transparent panels in midsection, 16x16 white plate for removable roof to house comms, but most of all a large elevator cargo bay. Also visible are the retractable landing gear. Upper level interior visible from outside, sides equipped with flight sensors and antennae as well as front thrusters White dish is intergalactic communication to relay their findings to home base, but due to the limited information it can send and energy usage, there are a number of local arrays they use for local galaxy communication and sensor instruments Upper level of interior includes front navigation/pilot area, comm/sensor stations, biomedical lab, lounge, suit storage, and bathroom Upper level removed to showcase the sleeping chambers for long range transport, the chambers are used for storage when not in use Rear cargo area includes rover, power suit, airlock, and engines. The actuator function for the cargo elevator is visible form here, but can be operated when the vehicle is closed. Note that the sliding door for the airlock doubles as the door for the bathroom, assuming the crew would not need to use both at the same time! Rear cargo bay open and lowered, rover and power suit rolling out to go exploring!
  11. Just wanted to preface this by saying I am a complete noob when it comes to engineering and HATE asking others for help with homework. However, I desperately need help in my engineering class to maintain my high honor roll grades. I need to come up with a comprehensive design by Monday and have been procrastinating for the past week. So the final of the class is to design a rover with four wheels that can drive through the obstacle course (It's basically a turn and a hill). The requirements of the rover are: Must "stand" on a cardboard platform Use 2 motors Have at least one worm gear have a mechanical advantage between 72-120 using LEGO gears must have "vertical" axles meaning the axles go from the front right wheel to the back right wheel and the same for the left. Must be less than 9in by 9in including wheels Can only utilize worm gear, 8 tooth gear, 16 tooth gear, and 24 tooth gear although using a differential or whatever it is called is also ok. have wooden structural pieces that strengthen the chassis The motor cannot be glued down Must be able to turn while "stationary" by having wheels on one side go in reverse and the wheels on the other going forward. Thanks for the help everyone! I'm sure you guys think this is really basic but engineering really is not my forte.
  12. KamalMYafi

    [MOC] Boxy Buggy Rover

    February has ended, but not for FebRovery! Just interested to create more and more Space creations (MOC) , for now a Boxy Buggy Rover. You may want to see my FebRovery Mini Van.. Boxy Buggy Rover by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Rear view: Boxy Buggy Rover by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More information in my Blog!
  13. KamalMYafi

    [MOC] Mini Van Rover

    Hello! New MOC Here! It's a Rover Mini Van, made for FebRovery.. I call it RMV-121: Febrovery - RMV-121 by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Febrovery - RMV-121 by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr More Information in my Website!
  14. My previous crawler (Rock Beetle) won second place in LTR Truck Trial Competition in Trial category, and then I started to build new one for next competition. This time I decided to participate in the other category. First, I started with the chassis: Two L-motors for propulsion, M-motor for steering. The next step was the body, and the design of this MOC was inspired by Bowler EXR-S. I tried to copy this SUV, but in the end I stoped trying. So it is not the most accurate copy of this vehicle, just inspired. It has a lot of details that the original don't have, like the air intake on the hood, the spoiler and two chrome pipes. The last competition was exciting and I can't wait for the next one in April. I hope you like it! More photos: Video:
  15. Hi all, I don't usually build space stuff but I did do something for Febrovuary (spelling?). This build is to extend the theme that I want to design around the CMF figure from series 12, as I see a lot of potential in them. Anyways here's a little blurb about the build: Model: Persei8 Mobile Collection Rover Make: Middle Xealand Motors Specs: - On board sample tester -bΣclass scooter storage deck -1500L iridium-platinum alloy storage container [inert metal for alien atmospheres] -Twin fusion core fuel supplies - 2 50,000lx LED lamps -2 secondary 23,000lx support lamps -Heavy model-P engine Seating: - 1 Operator -2 Passenger -Droid storage deck Front: Backside:
  16. After few month i finished my largest Model Team creation so far. As i am not very good with technic bricks, this is one of a kind, special edition, only rear wheel drive Land Rover :) Its motorized, working steering and lights, but cause of the weight i didnt connect IR receiver and cables, but its ready to do that. Weight with batteries is over 5000g so it hardly stands on wheels, for that reason there are 16 shocks absorbers, 8 didnt hold the vehicle up. Weight: 5000g Lenght: 553 mm, 70 studs Wide: 264 mm, 34 studs (including mirrors) Height: 260 mm, 33 studs Stickers are temporary, must find better font. More photos and details. A small vignette with the car:
  17. The goal was to make a robot base without up nor down to get out of a ravine, for example. On Mars of course ! What I like most about this project is its funny look.
  18. Hi everyone! This is my new MOC, a small scale version of my past Land Rover Defender 90, with which I got really frustrated. ( ) It's approximetely technic figures scale. It has hand of god steering and suspended rear axle. Also you can open doors, hood, and back. Hope you liked it! See ya soon!
  19. !!PROJECT IS ABANDONED AND DISCONTINUED!! Hi everyone! I'd like to present to you my WIP Land Rover Defender 90. First, some explanations. The goal was to make pretty accurate car with two live axles, 2 gears (slow and fast) and 2 differential locks (middle and rear). I started from scrolling throug Unimog instruction to get some inspiration. The first try at building chassis was successful, but the steering tended to break and gears slipped (PF Servo in the middle of chassis, PF XL on front). Both differential locks, based on Sariels minimalistic differential lock, worked correctly (sorry, no photos). So I rebuilded everything with Servo on front axle on two PF L in the middle. Still I wasn't satisfied with front and gears slipped . Then came the third version with PF XL on the back, good gears design and front independent suspension (differential locks were ditched in the process). But... The basic TLG double whishbone suspension (3 and 5 studs high) tend to be wobbly if assembled poorly (read: assembled by me ), especially with big wheels. I got pissed of and in result dug the internet in search for something good. Finally I ended up with nicjasnos' McPherson suspension. It works perfectly btw . To summarize this a bit long introduction, Land Rover now has front independend McPherson suspension, live axle on back, 2 gears and 4WD with PF XL motor, no differential locks. Without the locks it's pretty unusable in terrain, but runs smoothly on flat. And now the meat part, photos! The plan is to make the bodywork detachable in case I want to improve both cassis and body separately. Also it'd be great to make front live axle with portal axle and correct kingpin inclination and positive caster angle, and both differential locks switched with PF M motors. Please write any suggestions and comments!
  20. sidekick2461

    MOC Bat-All Terrain Vehicle

    MOC Bat-All Terrain Vehicle This is my latest MOC, a cross between a 66' Batmobile and a Tank. I was trying to think of a way to incorporate tracks with suspension that I had designed. I looked at the 66' Batmobile I had built and thought that would be an interesting project. The tracked suspension is full independent on both sides and works great. I've added all sorts of launchers and equipment, so now the villains of Gotham City have no where to hide. The storyline for the existence of the vehicle goes thus: “It’s 1968 and Bruce Wayne decides that he needs an extra vehicle to help control the villains of Gotham City. He contacts his friends at Gotham City Engineering and asks them to build him a new vehicle loosely based on the 1966 Batmobile but a major feature has to be its all-terrain capabilities.” Let me know what you think.
  21. SamuelHKHon

    MOCs: Small spaceship and rovers

    Hi everyone, haven't had a chance to do any new MOCs, thought I would post some I did quite a while back. These all use very basic techniques, as I am still learning. Would love to know how you would do things differently (e.g. I feel the MR-401 vehicles should have been wider with a lower centre of gravity). Thanks. :) LL-459 Stellar Observation Craft (SOC): Equipped with Doppler Shift detection gear, cargo pod, and StarShield Technology (Mk I). StarShield protects pilot by blocking up to 75% of unexpected outbursts of stellar energy and radiation. More photos: MR-301 Soil Analyzer: Used for scientific analysis of a planet's topsoil. Equipped with soil scooper, camera, and a mid-range data transceiver. More photos: MR-401a Supply Transport: A short haul vehicle used to transport supplies between outposts. The supply container typically holds commonly used tools and equipment. More photos: MR-401b Outpost Patrol Vehicle (OPV): A military variant of the MR-401a Supply Transport, the MR-401b OPV features thicker rear wheel guards and a reinforced driver's cage. Armaments consist of a roof-mounted auto-track missile launcher and a rear-mounted dual laser cannon platform. Not suited for intensive combat, OPVs were generally used to provide security for small outposts during the Pre-Blacktron days. More photos:
  22. Off roaders in their "natural" habitat :) More photos: Car with more details: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=100721
  23. Four years ago, in this galaxy (as opposed to that one far, far, away ), I made a model in LEGO Digital Designer called the MX-2 Rover. Shortly thereafter, I ordered the pieces to build it via LEGO's ill-fated Design byME program. This year, the realization hit me (like an asteroid crashing into an uninhabited planet ) that the steering mechanism was too weakly mounted to the chassis. So, I made several attempts to rebuild the chassis, eventually starting the entire model over from scratch in LDD. Even the shuttle on the back got a revamp. When I felt my design was satisfactory, I took apart the old rover, ordered the additional pieces I needed from Pick A Brick and BrickLink, and built them into... MX-2 Rover - eXtreme eXpedition Edition Now there is suspension on all six wheels and a folding communications dish that is independent from the steering mechanism (on the old model, it was connected to the steering). I also added glow-in-the-dark headlights in the front. Click (or tap, if you're using a touchscreen-enabled device) any picture to see a larger one. Headlights aglow! That gear on the back controls the steering. Here you can see the suspension in action. In addition, the communications dish has been unfolded, rotated, and aimed skyward. The shuttle has been detached from the rover and is "flying" on clear bricks. Browse the Brickshelf gallery, or download the LDD file. This model was designed by Toa Of Justice.
  24. MikroMan

    [MOC] Red Rover

    As always, ideas come best when you know you should be building something else Red Rover vehicle was built for the purpose of exploring nearby planets. It features communications antenna, a multitude of various senors and a sturdy structure for navigating rough terrain. C&Cs welcome
  25. Si-MOCs

    Rapid Racing Rover

    While the Rover's utilitarian origins stem from man's exploration of distance worlds. Man's need for excessive speed transcends all else and can be found on even the far distance worlds. The Rapid Racing Rover is Orion Corporation's luxury Rover, combining speed, style and engineering all for your off world off roading pleasure.