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Found 21 results

  1. Elephant Knight

    Deep Freeze Scavenger

    Deep Freeze Scavenger An Ice Planet ship based (Obviously) on the classic ship Deep Freeze Defender. It features detachable cockpits like the original set, but the main body does not separate. Deep Freeze Scavenger Deep Freeze Scavenger It does feature a probe, like the original set. Deep Freeze Scavenger Deep Freeze Scavenger Let me know what you think! EKnight
  2. So almost all of my misb sets are from the 1990 to 1995 period. I have heard about "oxygen sensitive white bricks" and yellowing of sets that are still misb, so I am worried that I won't be able to keep them immune indefinitely. So far none of them have shown any signs of yellowing, even in the oldest ones, do you think that if they were going to yellow, they would have by now? I keep most of them in a dehumidified basement that gets a little sunlight (not directly) and the others in a closest that also gets very little sunlight. Is it possible to keep them new indefinitely or will they eventually yellow regardless?
  3. I have seen some wonderful remakes of SW in Ice Planet colors, see below. Have you seen or made any MOCs in past space themes that were inspired by SW ships? Maybe even improved them? Please post them to give us inspiration. This photo was found on Reddit and I would love to make my own MOC diorama as well.
  4. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] Ice Planet ARC-1 Mobile Command Ship

    The ARC-1 or otherwise known as "Arctic One by the ice planet goers" is fresh off the assembly line and has been proven reliable in its heavy armor and smooth flying capabilities. Instead of it's normal use as a cargo carrier or space police prisoner transport, this particular model has been repainted and is being used by a crew of ice-jewel seeking adventurers that are always on the go. ARC2 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Minibase 1 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr ARC7 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr ARC5 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr These adventurers spared no expense. Their modifications to the ARC-1 consist of a service robot, a portable refinery, a small survey tower, and a snow-mobile. ARC3 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr The back can open up to store the service robot. ARC10 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr ARC1 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Due to the added snow-mobile in the storage bay, the cargo has to be held on the back. That must be one strong rope. ARC9 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr The middle cargo bay can easily be released to reveal the snowmobile. ARC11 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr ARC4 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr ARC6 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Salutations by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr ARC8 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed! C&C always appreciated. Take care and, as always, happy travels, Earthling!
  5. Ice Piercer LDE-1516 At last, the Ice Piercer is once again assembled. About three years ago, in the very end of 2016, I posted the finished version one of this build, the Ice Piercer LD-118. I had it shown at a exhibition in Ängelholm, Sweden but after that I dismantled it and started to redesign it, this time in Bricklink Studio instead of LDD. Between the time I started to design the first version and until it was finished I got lots of new ideas, had learned many new techniques and there were lots of new, fun parts that I wanted to use. In early 2019 I thought I had finished the redesign and started to buy new parts. In the end I think that I bought about 15.000 new parts since I sorted out lots of bad parts and had added a great deal of new parts to the build. But every day since then I got new ideas, added more parts and bought more parts. This MOC now exceeds 39.000 pieces. In late october the building started again. Due to both vacation, sickness and work it took way longer to finish than I had planned. But today is the day to reveal it all. The new Ice Piercer LDE-1516. And this time it is complete for real. There will be no more adding, removing or rebuilding. It’s time for other projects now. Hope you like it! To see more pictures, visit my Flickr-accouny. Here is a link: Kim Cefa //Kim Cefa
  6. Hi all! I've recently finished a pair of mechs. Normally I would post two threads, but these belong together. The idea was to make a versatile frame which could serve as basis for multiple different mobile suits, which would help save time with designing complicated body components such as the cockpit and articulated waist (more on that later). In the end, I'm a little skeptical if the cockpit is actually suitable for different add-ons beyond simple colour swaps. In any case, the design uses pretty common parts which are available in many different colours. For the moment, I'm satisfied with my M-tron and Ice Planet variations, but I wouldn't rule out more colour swaps in the future. Now without further ado, let's get to the pics: General Overview It's no secret that OXON III, which I made last year (see topic), was the go-to reference for these new mechs. I adopted its angular design language, and partially copied its lower arms, legs and hands. I was also aiming for the same size as OXON, but with a great reduction in weight, which I succeeded in. The Ice Planet FOXX was constructed first, although the differences between the two are minor. Functions & Features Not much to discover here, just an opening cockpit. Any mobile suit or mecha should suit a pilot in my opinion, so it's there. Interior detail is absent, though. No hidden canons in the shoulders that OXON had, either. Most of the assets are to be found in the other departments. Articulation This is where the the main innovations were made. First of all, there is front to back waist articulation. The upper torso can raise up, come down, lean a bit backward and lean quite a lot forward, over the hips. No side to side movement or twisting of the torso. I wanted to try to my hand at functional waist actuators. I couldn't figure out a cylinder-bar construction, which would allow for independent 'pushing and pulling' on the upper torso. Instead, mine are a fixed length, so I made the distance to the torso (in place of their individual length) variable. They are both connected to a block that slides up and down the crotch (is groin or pelvis a more correct term?). This is done with 1x4 bricks with inset and 1x2 'slider plates', but it doesn't add friction. There's a technic ball joint in the spine and together with two pairs of small ball joints in the actuators there is enough friction (most of the time) to keep the torso in the pose you want it to be in. In addition, I made a number of smaller improvements. In general, the limits of what the joints can bear are exceeded less easily due to reduced weight compared to OXON. The neck follows the 'floating head' design from X-RAY³ (topic here), rather than a more humaniod ball-socket connection. It has more points of articulation and is able to look up much further, which is useful when the torso is facing the ground. Furthermore, the shoulders are less restricted in their outward movement, and made more simplified the ankle stabilizers. Interaction Mechs are more fun together, I tested it for you! Thanks for looking! C&C appreciated!
  7. I’ve always liked the classic Ice Planet theme that LEGO made, and after looking at Chris Perron’s incredible Ice Inspector and Siercon and Coral’s magnificent Ice Planet Base, I wanted to try my hand at a build in the classy blue, white, and trans-neon orange colors. I’m quite pleased with the result, and it was very enjoyable to build. The micro truck outside the main base is supposed to be a rendition of Chris’s monstrous Ice Inspector that I linked to earlier in the post, though unfortunately I wasn’t able to pack in all the details on it that I would have liked to. Hopefully it is still recognizable as being inspired by his masterpiece though! This build was my first time trying to incorporate lights into a model, which was both fun and frustrating at times. I’m pretty happy with the result, but if anyone has tips or suggestions about ways to improve it, definitely let me know! I also want to give huge thank-you to Graham Gidman for helping me out with the edit, I know it wouldn’t have turned out this well without his help! Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome!
  8. Bob Fatts

    [MOC] Ice Planet Chopper

    Hi there! This is my first post on the forum, but I've been lurking for a long time. I wanted to share a small Ice Planet themed MOC - it's sort of a space helicopter! Kind of inspired by the M:Tron set 6923 "Particle Ionizer", albeit a little smaller. It's going to be part of a larger Ice Planet space station that I'm working on. I'll share some of my other MOCs as well. I'm still learning about Lego photography. This pic was taken with my Phone, but want to read up a bit more on doing proper Lego photography, hopefully I will get better at it. Thank you for looking.
  9. Hi, here is my TC12 topic. Origin, plans, backstory, whatever. When I've seen this contest announcement, I was not really excited, mostly because the original game and TV show missed me. But I liked the idea, and the fact it is a contest ( :D ) , so I decieded to give it a try. Later, I was browsing my old drawings, and stumbled upon really old "monsters in hot-rods" ( series, and recognised, that they're wacky enough (especially the Yeti) to be inspiration for this contest. So, the base stone (or snowball) was laid. The build went really fast from that moment. I plan to make simple 2 axle "wackhicle" capable of travelling through every terrain (mainly snow, of course), something like snow-hot-rod. Steered will be only front axle, and the wacky function will unfortunatelly be very simple, but the name of this hungry Yeti's cart is derived from this. It will also be equipped with front snowball cannon to freeze opponents. Right now I have nearly finished the chassis. I will not show you the colour-scheme, but be sure it has something to do with another LEGO line. TC12 - Avalunch TC12 - Avalunch TC12 - Avalunch Stay tuned for more Snow'n'roll.
  10. The Mugbearer

    [Render] Ice Planet Exploration Mech

    [Render] Ice Planet Mech by Artemiy Karpinskiy, on Flickr An Ice Planet exploration mech based off the concept art from this page. Took me about 18 hours to render this monster. :D Back view | Cockpit * * * If you like what I do and you want to see me create your OC, a favorite Bionicle Character, or something else, feel free to look up my Commission Info! I also now have a Patreon page, so please consider supporting!
  11. Hello guys and galz! I'm Kim, a new member here from Sweden. Just got back into Lego and thought I share my first projekt with you. I've always liked Lego and I loved Ice Planet since it was released. Had the entire set when I was young but sold it. In recent years I've managed to collect everything again and at the same time my brother bought another set for me so got almost 2 complete sets now. Some time ago when I googled Ice Planet MOC's I found this awesome vehicle. Got very excited and wanted to build something like it for my self. But my skills and brick count was nowhere near what I had in mind and thats when I found LDD. Have now been building my own Ice Planet vehicle in LDD for I don't know how many hours. The inspiration comes mostly from the creation I linked but also from other MOC's I found when googleing. Since there was no instructions for that entire creation is made by me in LDD. I've been told on a swedish forum that taking inspiration from others, and even copy some of there work is often fine as long as I reference to the source. Hope its the same here :) Now its just the small matter of getting the cash to buy all these pieces and build the thing IRL. Its almost 20k pieces. (Donations are welcome ) You can find more pictures on my recently opened Flickr-account. Sorry, having a bit trouble to embed it in the text atm. Now have a nice day everybody and hope someone like it
  12. A self contained Research Base, built on a planet in the cold icy depths of space. The first floor houses the main access airlock and the lab and bio-dome where the scientists carry out all their experiments. The second floor houses the habitation block, with bunk beds, a kitchenette and toilet facilities.The third floor has a store and laundry and a second airlock allowing roof access.The roof contains all the communication equipment and an observation (or angry) dome. Larger pictures of the interior are on my flickr page.
  13. Wat Tambor

    B-Tron Research Base

    Hello Eurobricks Sci-Fi community, i want to share my latest space creation with you. This creation was something completely new for me as I have never built someting in Micro Scale before and for my first try I am quite pleased with the outcome of this creation. I hope you like it too. This MOC is inspired by the "Ice Planet 2002" and "Blacktron Future Generation" themes from the early 1990s. I first started with building the micro spaceships as an entry for my LUGs christmas raffle/advent calendar, I liked them so much that I decided to build a MOC for them. I also showed this MOC at a LEGO exhibition in Austria last weekend next to the very inspiring Ice Planet 2002 - Battle Tank from my fellow LUG member markus19840420. Blacktron Research Base on Krysto by Jonas Obermaier, auf Flickr More pictures on flickr and Imperium der Steine. I hope you like it! Jonas
  14. Cecilie

    [MOC] Celestial Ice Scout

    Specialized for orbiting frozen worlds, the Celestial Ice Scout collects data and pictures, searching for areas rich in resources needed for setting up a new base. Celestial Ice Scout by Cecilie Fritzvold, on Flickr My attempt at a Vic Viper (a little late for Novvember, I know, but it just took me too long to get it the way I wanted it). I chose to use the Ice Planet theme for my viper as it's a favourite of mine from my childhood, and a fun color scheme to work with. Although quite challenging at times! This started with an idea for the wings, but then as I made the body, I suddenly found out I hadn't thought of how to connect the wings, so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to do that! Hope you like it
  15. A day after telling someone that "monorail is dead forever" I post my latest in-denial manifestation: Monorail Train This train runs just as the original monorail trains from Futuron, Unitron & Airport in the 80s & 90s, using the 9V battery box and electric connectors. Ice Planet (released in 1993) vehicles & structures had uniform colours: white, blue, black & trans neon orange. The construction of the train has attempted to follow the general colour scheme appearance. I have not tried to limit the construction to parts available from the same period, but at the same time have tried not to make it look too far removed from the 90s set aesthetic, in an attempt to integrate the train into the original theme's setup. I also built it so that replacing the 9V battery wouldn't require much disassembly. Original sets: Monorail train: Unlike the Unitron train (whatever purpose it served), but like the Futuron train, this one is made to carry cargo & personnel. The cargo for Ice Planet is satellites for their rockets, which are launched from the base Ice Station Odyssey (set 6983 above). I would've liked it to carry rockets but that would sacrifice the 2nd cockpit - and we can't have that! Why would the Iceys use a train to transport their satellites instead of their other vehicles? Well obviously it's faster this way! However, the bubble wheeled & ski/sledded vehicles are better at snow travel, so the rail wouldn't take the direct route through the rougher terrain that they would. The extended cockpit seats 3, with the battery box located behind it. Inside the cockpit is a (non-flashing) LED that is lit up when the power is on. Above the box is a twin flashing LED that is also active when the power is on. The shorter cockpit seats 2, with an enclosed sides cargo tray. The satellites are placed on 2x2 jumper plates, which then slide on & off from the rear. The tile/plates are held in securely by bricks with slots. See below for illustration. The cockpit also houses a modern light brick, which is activated independent of the other electrics by pressing down on the chainsaw pieces at the rear of the windscreen. Thanks to friction the light can stay on until the chainsaw pieces are pressed down again. On either side of the cargo is a hend-held chainsaw. On both sides of both cockpits (plus on the motor) a pair of skis are in place for the occupants on departure. The motor section also has a (non-flashing) LED that lights up when the battery power is on. 1/3: The satellites are held in place by hose nozzle parts. 2/3: Turning the nozzles to the side allows them to slide out onto the black curved slopes. 3/3: Up to 3 units can be stored. Well at least it's more than the official sets had. 6 or 8 would be better (something like those battle droid carriers), but would probably reduce the aesthetics & aerodynamics or make it too bulky. Replacing the battery: The windscreen is only held on by 2 studs, and is easy to deliberately remove without causing catastrophe. The battery box (and the assembly on top of it) simply lifts off (the bottom corners of the battery box don't clutch to studs, but they sit without moving horizontally). A sneaky look at the light "switch" for the 2nd cockpit: By request - additional detail Here are some close-ups of the front section: Here is the back section: Yes, the lights work. In motion! I don't have much track out to demonstrate it in full swing, or the other Ice Planet sets out to compare with. I may update this post when I get a chance to do those. Comparison with my other trains: From the top is the Unitron train from 6991, Futuron train from 6990, Space Police II train (version 2, just finished) & Ice Planet 2002 train. More/bigger photos on Flickr
  16. Hello everyone! So every now and then I look at this page and get inspired by many illustrations presented here or just try to remember them, and it inspires me to think about how would I reboot the "classic" Space themes, such as Blacktron, Ice Planet, Space Police, Spyrius... These thoughts has led me to some results that are posted here. And today I want to show you some of my ideas of how would droid/robotic helpers would look like in a rebooted space? Ice Planet Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr The Ice Planet robot was the first that I made. The role I had in mind is a fast-moving scout/courier. Space Police Patrol and Apprehension Unit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr For Space Police robot I had a more specific role in mind. This droid is for patrol and apprehension, which means it must have a sturdy frame and be mobile enough to scale the distance between itself and perpetrator. It hovers above the ground and uses it's shoulder boosters for steering. Blacktron Intruder Bot by The Mugbearer, on Flickr The latest robot I made is the biggest among them all, and there's no surprise since it's an intruder battle droid that disguises itself as a recon probe. It's armed with plasma circular sawblade and a laser gun, and it's sole purpose is to sabotage the work of M-Tron's facilities. That's all for now, enjoy!
  17. Hello, I wanted to ask whether anyone has ever attempted recreating the classic images from the Lego catalogues in the early 90s, in real life. I'm really getting into post-classic (?) Space such as Ice Planet and Blacktron II, and would really like to recreate the snow and ice, especially the ice-frozen Blacktron guy as shown here, but obviously out of something that won't melt !!!!. Has anyone got experience or links to ideas on how to recreate the snow and ice in this picture? Thanks
  18. When not working, the inhabitants of Ice planet 2002 go home to their small but functional apartments. The apartment complex is fitted with a garage, and high speed satellite communication. Rooms are rented fully furnished, but some choose to add their personal touch. More pictures on flickr
  19. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Ice Planet 2002

    Ice Planet was always a great theme. I mean, it brought us the world of trans-neon orange! "Utility" "icewing" (cockpit from 6973 with a detachable wing unit) "Ice Defense" "APC" (expanded version of 6898) "Winged Defender" (smaller version of 6973, same cockpit and same rocket w/launcher)
  20. The Mugbearer

    Space Themes Reloaded

    Greetings community! I am here to share something like an unfinished project of mine. Maybe someday I will finish it. Spyrius Minifigs Spyrius Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Well, nothing special about minifigs, but here's surveillance drone and assassin droid. Spyrius Vehicles Spyrius Reloaded - Recon Mech by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Spyrius Reloaded - Recon Mech - Open Cockpit by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Recon Mech. Revamp of my favorite Spyrius set 6889 "Recon Robot". Spyrius Reloaded - Spy Saucer by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Spy Saucer. Something between revamp and independent MOC. I was obsessed with idea of transformable vehicles for Spyrius. Space Police Minifigs Space Police Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Here's three Space Police outfits made after old SP designs. Ice Planet Minifigs Ice Planet Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Two Ice Explorer Outfits, and my pride - service droid. Ice Planet Vehicles Ice Planet Reloaded - Snow Skiff by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Snow speeder with two slide rails for maneuvering. Ideal for long single trips out in the snow plains of Ice Planet. Equipped with some instruments and survivalist's pack. Blacktron Minifigs Blacktron Reloaded - Figures by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Simple Blacktron operatives. Traditional Blacktron-II color scheme. Metallic parts represents artificial limbs. Blacktron Reloaded - Agents by The Mugbearer, on Flickr First Blacktron color scheme is great for making some shady persons like raiders and secret agents. I don't know when but I'll upload more stuff.