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  1. ParmBrick

    I'm back the the WW2 Carentan project!

    Love hystorical representations! But the battle of Carentan lasted about 5 days, and saw the intervention of an immeasurable amount of forces. It would have been the best if the video had retraced the most important phases of this battle, day by day. But even in this way you have shown great professionalism and ability in making these videos! Keep it up!
  2. ParmBrick

    Batterie "Longues sur Mer"

    Very realistic! The corners and edges are reproduced almost perfectly. Here is a pill of history: probably the landing in Normandy would have failed if it had not been for the sabotage operations conducted by the allied forces parachuted in the previous days in the French territory to disable the supply routes to the coast, especially blocking the bridges of the roads leading there.
  3. ParmBrick

    [MOC] German checkpoint Paris 1941

    Wonderful building facade! And really lovely scene. A curiosity: A.H. when the allies took Paris, he ordered his army to raze it to the ground before retreat. He thus commented, "Does Paris burn?". But his generals refused to carry out the order.
  4. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego LAV-25A3

    Thank you very much, sir! It's not so difficult to reverse engineer, the main problem in my opinion could be the lower part of the front area, but you're free to ask me, if you want, the technique to realize that.
  5. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego LAV-25A3

    Today I show you my updated version of my LAV-25. The LAV-25A3 is a updated version of the LAV-25A2, upgrades include improvements to the powerpack to improve reliability, cooling capacity, diagnostics, and fuel economy, a new drivetrain for improved towing capability, a steering dampener to improve road feel and usability, and a digitized drivers' instrument panel. Main gun is M242 25 mm chain gun, plus an automatic fire suppression system, with additional survivability kit against IED and direct-fire kinetic energy weapons, ITSS, and new armor.
  6. Great Job here! These cannons were a thorn in the side for the conquest of Soalon mainland, one less line of defense for the BS! Btw nice design of the cannons, and great story as always!
  7. Hi guys! Today I show you one of my last creations, the B2 Centauro Tank Destroyer, the latest Italian military masterpiece. It is the evolution of the B1 Centauro. The B2 Centauro has been designed for the modern doctrine of Network-Centric Warfare, to serve in OOTW (Operations Other Than War) missions and for urban warfare, where a wheeled platform is far more functional than others in terms of mobility and firepower. With HITFACT-2, ATTILA-D, ERICA, LOTHAR-SD, TILDE B IR camera, SICCONA technologies. It has a 120mm OTO-Melara as main gun and it's armed with a HITROLE ROWS. It has also GALIX13, RALM sensors, Jammer Guardian H3 system, CBRN, BRUKER, composite armor. Is moved by a 8V IVECO-FPT (Fiat Powertrain) VECTOR 720 hp engine.
  8. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Great work! I admire you and your work! Ida it was an damn beast, as the Italian media described it, luckily there were few victims even if the damage was substantial. Can't wait to see what news might come!
  9. Evolution of the Russian T90MS Tagil MBT. Is improved in term of protection, mobility and fire power. Main armament of the T-90M Model consists of one 125 mm 2A46M-4 smoothbore gun. Is mounted a remotely operated weapon station armed with a NSVT 12.7mm heavy machine gun. The T-90M features a new all-welded turret design protected by the Relikt ERA armour fitted at the front and on each side of the turret. Is motorized with a 1,000 hp engine. The T-90M is also protected by a soft- and hard-kill active protection systems (APS). T-90M is also fitted with a modern fire-control system, an enhanced dual-axis gun stabilizer and automatic target tracker that can operate in hunter-killer mode. Inspired by Brickmania model.
  10. Oh my! It's spectacular, seeing it at work is even more so, with these proportions you really managed to perfectly represent the original model. Only note, it would have been even more beautiful if the hull had kept the punctuation of the bolts and rivets (for what i see on the images on the net, but maybe the final real model actually has smooth surfaces, so my criticism would be sterile xD) instead of completely flat surfaces, but this takes second place compared to everything else
  11. You're also right. Just think of cities like Dubai and Doha which are much more Asian and American with all those skyscrapers, or Baku, which in turn has a purely European style. So the diversity of architectures is welcome
  12. Exactly, given the style of BoS I think we are in the eastern hemisphere of this fictional world, maybe it would be time to introduce a complete world map
  13. ParmBrick

    [GBW] M13 - Koszmar - Exploring the Mine

    Not so obvious for me xD
  14. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    That's strange, he has always been punctual in sending the WARs, maybe he is on vacation, but in this case he could have sent them earlier, taking turns just starting. Anyway I hope he's fine, with the covid around I don't want it to be infected ... In any case, is it not possible to choose a representative among the KLR faction aware of the movements of this turn and momentarily take the place of the team leader by sending the WARs in place of Faladrin? Otherwise for them the turn could be skipped with considerable repercussions on the game. Just an idea, of course.
  15. ParmBrick

    Little Raptor

    Well done! Despite the proportions (in this case lego city style), there are details that immediately strike the original F22 Raptor, such as the shape of the post burners and the shape of the wings, at this point you just need to try your hand at making larger models, detailed and functional, I can't wait to see how everything will evolve!