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  1. Hi guys! Today I present you my new heavy mod to the set 60348. The "Sleipnir" is a human-piloted rover, for exploration and sample collection, with large load capacities. It has independent suspensions that allow it to move easily on interplanetary soil. It also has 6 independent electric motors, one for each set of wheels. It has articulated arms on the front for preliminary analysis of the terrain in front of the rover itself, while on the back of the vehicle, there is a telescopic arm for collecting large samples, plus a winch. The "Sleipnir" is driven by an operator at the command post, who can be accompanied by two other astronauts, who can disembark from the vehicle and explore the surrounding area. This is made possible thanks to a decompression chamber that isolates the passenger compartment (at 1 atm) from the outside. Finally, the vehicle has a high-performance electric battery pack, rechargeable thanks to the various solar panels arranged on the vehicle. Communications between the rover and the base, or the satellite network, are permitted by the presence of several antennas and a satellite dish.
  2. Hi guys! Here we go with another creation of mine! The "Erikson" rover is a medium-sized rover launched to explore the Moon. It's a rover equipped with advanced instrumentation that allows it to move easily on the difficult lunar soil. it is equipped with a front telescopic arm to collect and drill soil samples. It's also equipped with an independent suspension system. The rover is powered by a large solar panel and an RTG generator, which guarantee it unlimited autonomy. Finally, the rover is equipped with an advanced computer, sensors (including various optics) and advanced telecommunications systems.
  3. Hi guys! Here we go with another creation of mine! Hope yo like it! The ILMEV (Interplanetary Light Manned Exploration Vehicle) "Karve", is an agile and fast two-seater electric rover, suitable for interplanetary exploration and the preliminary study of the extraterrestrial environment. It has a speed limited to 30 km/h in order to preserve the internal and external components. It has a sturdy, reinforced titanium chassis, roll bars, and a carbon fiber body. The rover is equipped with two seats spacious enough to accommodate two astronauts with their equipment. Still on the subject of equipment, the rover can comfortably carry several pieces of gear and has enough space for collecting and transporting samples. Finally, this vehicle is equipped with advanced communication and control systems, as well as photovoltaic panels for charging the batteries.
  4. ParmBrick

    [MOD] Lego Evee FFFV-8 "Boxer" Forestal Fire Truck

    Thank you very much!
  5. Hi guys! Here we go again with a new creation of mine, hope you like it! The "Boxer" fire truck is an emergency off-road vehicle produced by Evee Automotive, used for the control and intervention of forest fires. It's very versatile, thanks to the fact that it can deploy a terrestrial and an aerial drone. Furthermore, it is equipped with a powerful fire lance capable of rotating 360 degrees on the roof, a fire lance on the nose accompanied by two smaller ones facing the ground, a telescopic ladder, 4 large internal compartments for storing accessories and tools, a winch, advanced suspension system to tackle any type of terrain, 2 hoses, external roll bars, and a large cockpit capable of accommodating 5 firefighters and their equipment. This is a heavy modified 60374 set.
  6. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego Evee UFFV-3 "Land Whale" Urban Fire Truck

    Thank you, both! Thanks for the compliments!
  7. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego Evee UFFV-3 "Land Whale" Urban Fire Truck

    Thank you too! Appreciated! And thank you all for the frontpage!
  8. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego Evee UFFV-3 "Land Whale" Urban Fire Truck

    Thank you for the feedback! I specifically wanted to keep those external details to recall the style of the fire trucks produced by Lego, but obviously from a more realistic perspective, as you meant, these are completely superfluous and inconsistent with everything else.
  9. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego Evee UFFV-3 "Land Whale" Urban Fire Truck

    Thank you very much!
  10. Hi guys! Today I want to show you my new fire truck, a European style fire truck, hope you like it! The Evee Urban Fire Fighting Vehicle 3, or UFFV-3, nicknamed "Land Whale", is a state-of-the-art European-style fire truck supplied to the Lego City Fire Department. It's a heavy vehicle equipped with 7 compartments, and a spacious interior, which can accommodate 5 fully equipped men. It's equipped with 2 fixed fire hoses and a fire lance on the roof, which can be piloted from the cockpit. It has large internal compartments which house a vast range of accessories. This vehicle was designed to operate in urban, city or suburban environments, given its compactness and equipment. It features a hybrid engine, which moves the vehicle, plus a heat engine to power the on-board systems. This motor is able to generate approximately 5 kW, which powers a 3 kW headlight column and two additional 220 V sockets to which it is possible to connect the electric pump, a spotlight or anything else that requires electricity to function. The internal tank is 3000 litres, plus a 400 liter foaming tank. Finally, it is equipped with a hydraulic connection to be able to power additional hydraulic accessories supplied. This vehicle can generally be seen towing an emergency dinghy trailer.
  11. Hi guys! Unusual place for me, but in this period I am particularly inspired with the Space theme, I hope you will like my creations! The ICINC satellites are a constellation of advanced multi-frequency, multi-band interstellar telecommunications satellites. They were born from the need to create an integrated system that allows telecommunications between the Earth and the other planets and moons of the Solar System. Currently the ICINC constellation has only been deployed around the Moon and Earth, but in the future the project envisages a wider deployment, around Mars, Venus and Jupiter. ICINC satellites feature some of the most advanced communications technologies in the world, enabling, among other things, high definition video communications, positioning system and wireless internet. Each satellite is powered by a system of high-efficiency photovoltaic panels, which powers a powerful on-board computer (accessible from the outside), which manages all on-board systems and telecommunications systems. Each satellite also has trusters to allow changes in orbit and inclination. The ICINC constellation was the first step for the current colonization of the Moon, and for the future colonization of the Solar System.
  12. Thank you, very appreciated Thank you too!