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  1. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego BTR-82AT APC

    Thank you too! BTRs are very stylish in my opinion xD
  2. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego BTR-82AT APC

    Thank you very much! I work hard to build always the most realistic models
  3. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego BTR-82AT APC

    The newest version of the famous Russian armored personnel carrier BTR-82 - the BTR-82AT armored personnel carrier - was being demonstrated for the first time at the Army-2019 International Military-Technical Forum in Kubinka, June 2019. Wheeled armored personnel carrier BTR-82AT is manufactured by Military Industrial Company LLC (MIC). Combat crew of 9-10 people. Diesel engine power - 300 HP. BTR-82AT is a deep modernization of the BTR-80A armored vehicle, designed to improve the basic combat and operational properties of an armored vehicle. It's armed with 30mm automatic cannon, 7.62mm PKTM, heavy armour against rocket propelled granades and missiles.
  4. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Battle of D6 - BANDAUD - M1117

    Aaah I see, you're a man of culture as well
  5. ParmBrick


    Welcome! Glad you join the right side Can't wait to see what you are capable of building, btw nice minifigs choice
  6. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    It's a first step, so that's okay with me.
  7. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Battle of B5 - Plighia - Shore Raid

    Thank you very much! Thank you too! You can find the ship in my flickr and in the military subforum for other photos!
  8. Given the rugged nature of the northern coastal region, PSIC decided on an approach from the sea to conquer some positions along the Soalon coast, in this case a raid was organized in B5 to free the quadrant from the control of the BoS terrorists who are monitoring the allied naval activities from its bunkers.
  9. ParmBrick

    [GBW] J11- Vislania - beach recon

    Good scene, little but detailed, love the cliff and vegetation. Maybe you could differentiate the cliff with pieces of other colors, adding some stones, to make it even more realistic the overall scene.
  10. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Heavy Figthers 3 in 1, 1:144

    That's awesome! I didn't think you could achieve such a high level of detail on this scale, great job!
  11. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Nebelwerfer in action

    Nice scene and rocket launcher, very impressive!
  12. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Lego M1117 "Guardian" ASV

    Thank you very much! Always kind!
  13. Congratulations! Love the design, reminds me a lot of Russian BTR!
  14. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Reset Poll

    I know, but will changing the organization of the map solve the problem in its entirety, along with other small changes to the game? I don't know, but the way I have lived the game in recent years, obviously my opinion, not entirely, perhaps at first, then continuously fight with each other, using moc against moc to conquer and defend, and endlessly (maybe?) repeating this gameplay, it will tire playing as it is now, and players will walk away again. We are paying for the "repetition" factor that none of us had originally calculated, and we should now reevaluate it for future circumstances. Today is conquest and conquest, tomorrow it will be defend and attack (if it goes well), defend and defend (if it goes wrong). Without the slightest advancement of the storyline, because once the fronts have touched, everyone, in my opinion, will go to attack and defend themselves from the other faction, forgetting about the BoS, Soalon, side mission, contracts, etc.
  15. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Reset Poll

    I voted no because: I think a drastic change in the gameplay is necessary, not to make it faster, perhaps by changing the map from 150 ca. quadrants to 75 (maybe?), to allow over time to meet first and fight against each other. Also, how should we divide the controlled territories between those who played and conquered them? It is an unfair situation where in the end for someone like me who has occupied many territories and finds himself with such a large budget, he would find himself too above those who have just started playing. If you really had to decide for a reset, let it be reset in every aspect of the game, obviously keeping the map which is well done. If the gameplay does not have to be changed I see it hard for us all to see a greater influx of players over time from one side and the other, already so we practically play 5-6 out of how many subscribers? I would not want it to become a kind of game in which only the hard core of the forum interested in this topic participates ... The beauty is in diversity, participation, comparison. I have seen this game change over time since 2016 if not before (first as a spectator and then as an active player), its golden age, but now I have the feeling that something is missing to us all. I know, people come and go, people change, interests change, and that's why we have to go out to meet the masses and their tastes if we want something to change positively. So for me the answer remains: we must be braver, we must face the future head on, a simple reset of a few game dynamics is not enough. This of course is just my humble thought. Whatever decision will be made I will be happy all the same, because I like to play with you, I like to reinvent myself new constructions and models and mocs, I always like to test myself.