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  1. ParmBrick

    GBW Hot Zones- Open Discussion

    Hi guys, I started university again to complete the path I started years ago, and I'm currently away from home, away from my Lego collection, all the time. I will not be active in these weeks, at least until Christmas, when I hope to find some time to build something for the game. I miss playing and building with you, but building my life, even from a working point of view, takes precedence. So I pass the PSIC scepter of command to anyone who wants to seize it, because I can no longer actively follow the game, for now, and keep up with all the new decisions and news. My presence here will be fixed, I will continue to follow, comment and advise, and I will try to keep myself updated as much as possible. Hope to be back up and running soon, but for now, good game to you all!
  2. Great story and great diorama, full of details! I like the photo frame, that remind me of a old video recorder
  3. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Mission - Roskilde - Goodwill

    Lovely scene, humanitarian aid to the population is always welcome!
  4. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Mission - PDSRE - Gorkonnam Checkpoint

    That's a impressive build! Love the city layout and modulars, very realistic.
  5. Beautiful little military base! I like the vehicles also, keep it up!
  6. Nice story and diorama, love this scene! Great work!
  7. Nice scene! Love the design of the building and these interiors, well done!
  8. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Down the Net, Saipan 1944

    Nice scene! Love how you catch the moment, very realistic!
  9. ParmBrick

    Options for US Navy/Naval Aviation figs?

    For pilot minifigures I made custom minifigs with pieces from modern Star Wars rebel pilots, with the helmet and oxygen mask from City Air Police theme, you can see one of mine here. Hope I helped
  10. ParmBrick

    [GBW] - Mission - Sabotage

    Love this build! Well done! That HAAR... erhm, communications facility is a gold mine for top secret info
  11. Very good! Nice vehicles and missile pod trailers, very detailed. Maybe you could have inserted the scene of the impact of the missiles on the targets, it would have been very apt in my opinion. Btw, I see you're a man of culture, that Simpson reference in the end
  12. Nice! Love the Indiana Jones vibes here, and love that cactus xD
  13. Thank you too! Hope this helicopter can be deployed in our armed forces as soon as possible, perhaps even embarked on our new aircraft carrier, the Trieste.
  14. Thank you very much! This is, by far, my best military helicopter, with my BlackHawk. Was a bit hard to gain the perfect curves as the real one, and maintain the correct proportion overall. I'm very happy with the result, and I'm glad you like it!