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  1. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Thank you! Now it's clear.
  2. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Hi @TheBeeze I just read the rules for the next phase, and I have a few questions about it at the moment. 1) Is there the possibility of regaining a quadrant that has been lost to re-establish the supply line? If so, do you have to act as in the case of conquering any enemy quadrant, or is there a different method? 2) Is there the possibility that a moc / diorama can be built as regards the "Presentation Builds" that contain more than one characteristics than those listed? For example, a moc / diorama with a national flag, leader and commanders all together. If so, does the count of the final points to be assigned follow the sum for the points of the individual criteria, always if the criteria are exceeded? See example above: 5 + 5 + 2 = 12 points, does it work like this? Or should we create individual creations centered around those individual criteria? 3) Can we present mocs, men and vehicles already seen during the old phases, or must they all be new mocs to be able to enter the maximum evaluation criteria (and therefore exceed the mission) for each type of mission? Thanks for the attention.
  3. ParmBrick

    [MOC] Sdkfz.251 ausf.D

    Impressive! The use of an RC system makes it without a doubt much more realistic, its dimensions are such as to allow you to put in all the details of the case. I would also be curious to see a test video, and see how the tracks behave on an obstacle
  4. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Thank you very much! I imagined that there was already something boiling in the pot regarding the game map, really well done, rich in detail and colorful from an environmental point of view. It will not be an easy task to advance and conquer territories in this region. I imagine that the starting quadrants for each faction are congruent with their task, I mean, I imagine that PSIC can start from a naval port, an air base, or near the border, characterized by a certain environment favorable to the occupation itself. The KLR in turn will be able to start from similar points on the map, as for PSIC, and finally the BS will have its own starting dials in some city, village, or region within the map itself, in line with its task and role. Obviously this is just my imagination, as one could think strategically about a possible start of the game, it could also be otherwise. Finally, I think that at the beginning all the sides are in different positions from each other, a minimum of spaced, to allow greater freedom in the first phase of the game, before moving on to the actual clashes between the factions themselves.
  5. ParmBrick

    [MOC] 1:200 Iowa-Class Battleship

    WOW! What a model! Being able to design such a moc is not for everyone, I imagine how much study behind it, and hours of hard work to succeed in this undertaking. I am also impressed that you were able to translate the project concretely into a real model. This is dedication. I would be curious to see more recent ship mocs, like Cold War and modern wars. Keep it up!
  6. Nice plane, very detailed! Not everyone remembers that the Soviet Union also had a military aviation during WW2, and that it churned out iconic aircraft like this one, it is a pleasant surprise to see such a model, as almost all follow the maninstream of American, German, British and Japanese aircraft, forgetting the Soviet Union and Italy.
  7. ParmBrick

    [MOC] MV-22 Osprey

    Very nice! One of the best Osprey models I've seen so far. I envy those who have the talent to create such detailed, beautiful and functional aircraft. Unfortunately, I am only able to achieve very well land military vehicles and related settings, and only if I am truly inspired can I succeed in other areas xD
  8. ParmBrick

    [GBW] Justice Served - Plighia - The Yeti Lair

    Thank you! The final effect I wanted to give to the tower was precisely that of a building worn down by time and from a bygone era, as well as inserting and harmonizing it in a mountainous environment. I am happy that the general execution of the walls was successful.
  9. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Hello mates! I was wondering if there is already a game map for the next phase, or if this is still in development. It would be interesting to have a general idea of how it can be made and articulated, even if it were a preliminary and provisional map, also to get an idea of the different types of environments that we will have to face in the campaign. Also I would be curious to know if there is already a flag for each faction.
  10. ParmBrick


    Plighia will join the PSIC. Cpt. Gabriel Parm is gonna be my representative. After the recent conflict, Plighia's power and international influence have grown considerably, but now a brief period of peace has opened and the troops have been recalled home. However, the government seems willing to enter a new conflict again, not as a single military force, but alongside a coalition of nations to restore peace to Soalon, in fact public opinion has pushed in this direction, given that the previous conflict cost the country a lot in terms of financial resources. But all this is not enough, the government wants the country to emerge internationally and be recognized as a true world power. Cpt. Gabriel Parm, is currently on temporary leave. For the moment, he has nailed his uniform, and away from the reality of the army and its loyalty to Plighia and its patriotism towards the values of the constitution, he can devote himself to his secondary work, being a mechanic, the only activity that manages to remove him from the war and all the bad things he has seen and experienced. Despite this, he always remains ready for the call to duty if the army needs him and his men.
  11. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    Yes, it is an aspect that must be taken into consideration, I already imagine that there must be a directing center for each faction, or a general command, where each member of that faction can coordinate with the others and decide how to act. I also think that there should be no competition in the same faction for the same territory, that is, it is decided together who attacks who and how such attacks are carried out, for example: in turn 4 "player x", "player y", "player z" of a faction wishing to attack territories, it is decided in a civil and democratic in the general command, way that "x" will attack territory A, "y" will attack territory B, and "z" will attack territory C, depending on their possibilities at that moment. Then at that point you can apply either one or the other conquest option mentioned above, or others that maybe come up in this discussion. Of course the competition remains the one that everyone must gain as many territories as possible to win in the end. Finally, I think there must be a bonus for the faction that wins the war, that is a small prize for each member of that winning faction, after all it was also thanks to them if that faction managed to win over the others.
  12. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    I agree with ODA, the second option it seems more equitable and fair, as well as interesting from a conceptual point of view.
  13. ParmBrick

    Phase 3 Discussion

    ParmBrick reporting! Good evening comrades, I have followed the evolution of the program for the third phase since the beginning, also sharing some of my ideas about it, but only now I have decided for which faction to take the field. Following my style of play, I opt for the Peace Securing International Coalition (PSIC). We will fight for an ideal of peace and union, facing the situation with firmness, to guarantee security and future for the next generations, because the future belongs to those who are preparing for it today (cit.). Soon, if necessary, the presentation of my character will arrive.
  14. The RV-5 "Squirrel" is a light reconnaisance vehicle, developed to meet the army's needs for a vehicle adaptable to different battlefields for fast and deep reconnaissance. The "Squirrel" is a light vehicle, without armor, fast and maneuverable, small and agile, as well as silent, thanks to its hybrid engine, and which can accommodate 3 soldiers and their equipment: we will have a driver, co-pilot and gunner. The gunner can use his elevated position to spot enemies and lead defense or offense operations. In addition, the gunner can take advantage of two missile launchers mounted on the roof, which can be armed with different warheads depending on the mission to be faced. The vehicle is equipped with a powerful radio antenna that allows secure and encrypted communications with the operations center. Finally, the "Squirrel" is equipped with advanced suspensions to tackle rough and rocky terrain ensuring the task of the missions even in the toughest conditions.
  15. Thank You! I built this model inspired by the Canadian LAV and the American Stryker.