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  1. As I was shopping for the real bricks on Bricklink to make this LDD design a reality, I noted that many of the elements used didn't exist in the LEGO parts catalog until just a few years ago. It's inspired by the Dorvack Powered Armor designs from the early 1980s. I used LDD to design the model, then Bluerender to render the wire frame views. I used Photoscape to put the views together into this animated turn-around.
  2. Done. Thank you for updating and improving an already great tool. Kudos to msx80 for having the patience and politeness to entertain requests, too. Some of the suggestions are useful and of great benefit to many users, but others...I shake my head, and hope that Nick doesn't waste his time pursuing a solution that brings no or low added value to the majority set of users (or paying supporters) of Blueprint.
  3. THANK YOU for the recent update to Blueprint.  I loved it the way it was, but you've made it even better with the shortcut key rotation and step rotation inheritance!

    1. msx80


      thanks man :) glad i helped :)

  4. sparkart

    [MOC] Star Wars themed 50-piece MOCs

    Thanks for checking them, guys! These were made for a contest on Reddit.
  5. These MOCs are made from 50 pieces, no more, no less. Click on the images to get a breakdown/parts list, and you can make them for yourself!
  6. sparkart

    LEGO Batman fanfilm, "Pants, man!"

    This was my first stop-motion project in, literally, (30+) years. A few benefits of using LDD: 1) Easy to reset "the world" to a previous position either with CTRL+Z or a saved file. You can even test what a movement looks like with CTRL+SHIFT+Z and CTRL+Z, like how a hand-animator looks through a series of drawings on several pages. 2) Smoother zooming and tracking using the on-screen rotate & zoom controls. 3) Easier to hide the supports for mid-air parts positioning and easier to just build things in mid-air, too, in the virtual world. In this video, when Batman and Man-Bat are tussling and tumbling in mid-air, falling to the rooftop, they are traveling down the studded pathway of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) 1xN plates that's been angled to trace a falling path. 4) Don't need a large inventory of LEGO. I guess I could've built a more detailed city, but my old computer was starting to noticeably slow down when the "sets" got more parts-intensive, so I made the movie "sets" simpler. I used Windows Movie Maker to assemble the screen-caps into a movie, and to add sound. The musical soundtrack is a simple ditty I made up. I tried to make it sound Batman-ish, without actually playing a Batman theme.
  7. sparkart

    How Lego OCD are you?

    Nope. When I was a kid, I had OCD. I would lock the door before I left home 16 times, checking the lock four times in four sets. When I read about OCD behavior at the library (no Internet when I was a kid!), I made up my mind to not be a slave to the irrationality of it. There's too many fun things and more important things to do in life than to be held hostage by irrational OCD behavior I told myself. I used to call myself a LEGO purist with my MOCs, until I found out that my favorite building style and techniques were NASAL builds (Not Acceptable Stress Allowance Levels), in other words, would never, could never appear as a construction assembly in an official LEGO set. So now, I relax, just like the great poet and philosopher Frankie (Goes To Hollywood) urged.
  8. sparkart

    [MOC] Jester from Titanfall 2

    Here a model of Jester from Titanfall 2. Jester is a simulacrum, an AI robot imitation of a person, but doesn't realize or accept that. The model is about 1/10 scale, 7 inches or 18 cm tall. He's packing a couple of weapons that are actually throwbacks to the first Titanfall game, a white, black, and orange CAR SMG (Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun) and a RE-45 large caliber handgun on his right thigh. Red grenades hang from the green tactical vest he wears. The Wampa/Taun-taun horn hanging from the back of his head is supposed to be a raccoon tail. I haven't seen any art that suggests there is a red rising sun motif on the back of Jester's vest, but I like the red design on that dark green, and the boat-stud keeps those plates together and helps hide their unsightly undersides. The fanny pack is a rocket pack that grants players enhanced jumping and parkour mobility in the game. The model has 14 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, abdomen, hips, knees, & ankles. The base holds a polycarbonate bar (light saber) that inserts into the bottom of a ski that forms his feet. I had to shorten that bar by about a millimeter to get the foot to be flat and flush against the tile flooring of the base. The abdomen has a couple of 1x2 grille tiles that aren't attached to anything, but trapped by the geometry of the surrounding parts. These move up and down as the chest and hips are posed to simulate pivoting pistons. Thanks for stopping by and having a look!
  9. sparkart

    Review REVIEW: 21030 United States Capitol

    Good review, thanks for sharing the interesting photos and thoughts. It definitely is a good start to making a nice model of the US Capital Building. I'm sure soon enough we'll see DIY builds of the complete building with a West Side from interested builders with a lot of extra brick handy. Ironic that you show the instruction book open to a photo of the West Side of the building which is completely missing in an out-of-the-box build. I'm only guessing that the original development model for this is set in Billund is complete, and it was not the design teams first choice to merely provide 3/4 of the building. The omission of the West Side kinda is a big deal, though. It's the pretty, photogenic side with a big lawn, and a side of the building you see a LOT in media, where all the US Presidents have been sworn in for the last 30 years. If anyone wants a mini-model of the whole building, I made plans: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers by SPARKART!, on Flickr.
  10. sparkart

    Benny's UCS X-wing Spaceship!

  11. sparkart

    [MOC] Godzilla! (with instructions)

    I just made of MOC of Big G, and looked at a lot of photo stills from the movies and posters. Onscreen, Godzilla is dark gray or black. I think we all remember him as green because that's how poster artwork, animated shows, comic books, and toys have depicted him, but if you go to the source material, like the color movies, he's not green.
  12. sparkart

    Architecture 2016

    Here's a mini version of the US Capitol Building! The Flickr page also has a link that leads to an LDD file for this, too. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers by SPARKART!, on Flickr.
  13. sparkart

    [MOC] First Order Speeder Bikes

    I haven't seen a "canon" or fan-produced First Order Scout Trooper, yet. But it's easy to imagine one!